Beats Pill⁺

2.8 (581)
34.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Beats Pill⁺

2.79 out of 5
581 Ratings
7 years ago, Whiteheads
Really hhuummm
Okay so you can two together, so you can use the app to "share control " of what's being played. AND!! If you don't have two pills all you can do is fight your buddy on what gets played. Oh, and you can register the product. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for this app. Love the pill so far sounds great, more than happy I purchased it. I agree with the other make it "more". Make it have a remote power on and off, standby an EQ would be nice. Something MORE
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1 year ago, dk94402
Fix for creating stereo/amplify group in app!!!
I just switched to a new iPhone 14 and was not able to get these old discontinued Beats Pill+speakers to create a stereo pair. Apple support suggested resetting the speakers and that fixed the problem. The speakers were already bluetooth paired to the new phone. To reset a speaker while it is on, hold down the power button for 8 seconds. Do this for each speaker. Next make sure the app is open and searching. Press the power button to start the speaker. I got a flashing red indicator next to the power button and pressing the power button a second time cleared this and brought the speaker up. The app then recognized it. I wasn’t immediately successful recognizing the second speaker in the app (probably too long of a delay by that time), so I killed the app, turned off the second speaker and tried the above again for that speaker. The second speaker was then recognized and I was able to create both a stereo or an amplifier group in the app. My thanks to Scott at Apple support for saving me from having to trash two speakers that were perfectly functional by themselves.
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3 years ago, setoth96
Application needs work in terms of accessibility
This application is a wonderful app, however the accessibility for the application is severely lacking. Unlabled buttons adorn the interface everywhere you look, and screen recognition does little to help. A way to enable amplify or stereo modes without the application would also be greatly appreciated. Eventually, this application will cease to exist, yet these speakers will continue working. The ability to use both of these modes without the application is tremendously useful, and competitors such as Bose I’ve been doing this for years. Nn nbbbbbb
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5 years ago, Phxalex11
It’s pretty good
It’s a pretty good app, I got 2 pills and they sound great together. BUT not being able to change the volume of both at the same time is annoying as hell. Like when i have my speakers at work. I need to be able to turn them down quickly. And the current way takes too long.
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2 months ago, San Diego Onr
They fixed it!
A few weeks ago the app started crashing. I spoke with Apple and they fixed it. It’s working again. It’s good if you have two Beats Pill+ to make them a stereo pair or simply to play the same music at the same time. It is not for the Beats products.
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2 months ago, Z- Man 1982
I love this application. I think it really works excellent and I think it should have more than a 2.8 star review. The amount of star is at this app should have is a five star review because it does precisely what it says it does and it is developed by a very good company, which I very highly commend and respect
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4 years ago, stevie herman
Best Bluetooth speaker out there
I have 2 pills and I absolutely love them. I’ve owed more then 17 different speakers and by far the beats has been the best. I was just wondering when the were coming out with a new one. Always looking to upgrade and I’d like to stick with beats.
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4 years ago, bigaspau
Need to upgrade !
At least we should be able to turn on / off our beatpill on the app if you will agree with me . I love the app but an upgrade like this will make a lot of different for us your soul customers.. thanks ✌️✌️♥️
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7 years ago, Cadyde
Good but also wack
The features are cool but it doesn't work on my friends phone who has IOS 11 beta, please optimize! Also, add a mixer because other speaker apps I've seen have mixers built in. Don't take this the wrong way, but it has very few features compared to other speaker apps, but it has a TON of potential! Thanks!
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3 months ago, SlackPuter
When I figured out that I was to play only after uniting both speakers and setting the volume of both before uniting them it was worth downloading but now it’s not working because it crashes.
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7 years ago, Ramirez_067
Disappointed with apple
I have a iPhone 6s everything works fine I have two beats pill so I need the app to connect both. But disappointed on the limit it has for the download there's nothing "special" about this app that should have a limit. Fix the limit so my iPhone 5 can download the app till now one star. Fix in the future and I'll change my review.
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7 years ago, SVDDS
Awesome speakers but...
I purchased a second pill to play them in sync and after a while only one plays. They never stay in sync for more than a few minutes. That’s such a disappointment. Other than that, love my pills. Great sound especially for the few minutes this app actually works and they both play. Individually they are great.
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6 years ago, willbob1234
Could be better
Fist let’s start off with the fact the it’s been 3 months since this app has been updated. Still NO iPhone X support!!! Why? It’s been over 3 months since the iPhone X came out. This is you app Apple would you want it to have the best experience on your latest Products???
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7 years ago, Infinite sole
Please keep updating this app so it may work with the new IOS 10 system. And please make a bigger effort to get people to download this app. It really unlocks the full potential of the speaker. Hopefully someone reads this.
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7 years ago, Nick123able
Crashing problem
When you download iOS 11 the app never opens it always crashes, still going to give it 5 stars though
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7 years ago, GPadilla1994
Good for naming your beats
All in all, it's an okay app. It was easy and understandable on how to rename my personal beats pill+ What I wish you guys can add is a sleep feature. Give an option on when you want your device to turn off via a timer. Thanks
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5 years ago, beng 22
Good enough
Its a good idea but I have one issue with it. The volume wont change for both at the same time! It only changes the volume of 1 pill at a time, its really annoying. I wish there was a way to get them to increase and decrease volume at the same time. That would be nice.
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4 years ago, abouguindo
Still wondering why they made this App.
I owe a Beats pill for more than 5 years. Have downloaded this app, deleted it and reinstalled it but Honestly I found this app useless. The only thing it seems to be made for, is to make you buy another pill.... Apple should frankly make a turn to one of the Bose music app to know what it’s mean to create a speaker app. Made up my mind, moving there and not sure i will come back !!
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7 years ago, Jeff_Purtle
Can't register after 20+ attempts
This is disappointing. And, it should be able to display the Product (RED) version I bought. This app doesn't serve much purpose to me beside the battery level that can be seen otherwise.
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6 years ago, Zbase
Bluetooth connection is buggy
I like my pill+ speakers a lot. I have 2 which I always play in stereo mode. I like the app as well but I swear I spend as much time pairing & repairing the speakers (for stereo) as I do listening to music. 60% of the time I set up stereo quick & easy but other times it won’t work or starts, then looses it in 5-10 minutes. Frustrating!
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2 months ago, YoMitch709
Keeps crashing upon trying to connect a beats pill+ speaker
Iphones se2 on 17.4.1 latest ios as of 4/9/24 Come on Apple. You own beats and its app is this bad where I already reset my speaker, turned my phone off and on, battery saving off, bluetooth on & off. It simply doesn’t work. The app always closes when speaker is connected
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4 years ago, Motorsport bf.c
Stuck at “connect to Bluetooth by swapying down
I am always connect to Bluetooth and the first step of the app says swipe down to turn on Bluetooth. Confirmed it is on, went back to app but same screen. Ok, close app, disconnect from Bluetooth, start app, prompt to turn it on, turn it on, back to app same screen to turn on Bluetooth. I gave up, screw this app. Time to think of Sony?
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2 months ago, BlHowt
Not working anymore
When I first got this app it would connect and I would be able to play both of my pills but now whenever I push the get started button it exits out of the app entirely. I hope they can fix this.
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4 months ago, ÇÇĞ®️
I’ve just recently come Switch back to apple and I have been using beats earbuds for some reason this is the only app that had anything to do with beats that apple has to offer this needs to be fixed how can you not use you iPhone to toggle your beats .
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7 years ago, Nicholas How_1989
update the app for iOS 11?
i mean i love the app but i hope you all are considering on updating it for iOS 11 because it ain’t working for it. otherwise, great app and great speaker!
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5 years ago, Billclock
So, what does the app do?
Loaded it, mated it with a new speaker, named the speaker and then the app does nothing. Nothing! No wonder it costs nothing. It does nothing. I want to be able to select music, adjust volume, do all the things a 90 year old record player could do. OK programmers. One more time. What does this app do?
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6 years ago, James Soria
Okay app
I gave it two stars because it dont have much. Only thing i like is that you can name your pill. I would like it to be able to locate your beats pill or if you can adjust vocals or bass that would be nice. ill change my review when theres some adjustments like the ones I mentioned
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7 years ago, Skunka
iOS 11 broke this app
Looks like I have to jump through hoops to get dev support. So reaching out here. Since the release of iOS 11 the Beats Pill+ app will not open. Upon attempting to open app immediately crashes. I’ve tried on my iPhone 7Plus, iPad Pro 12.9” 2017 and my iPhone SE. Please fix.
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5 years ago, braydenMM6
Wait... Ways to play? I LOVE IT!!!! PLAY 😮!!! ITS PERFECT!
Really? I just read the sentence below and I saw it said more ways to play! OMG! I love it! I probably will remind my parents about this and also you should too!
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6 years ago, jtkrpm
Not many uses
One thing I was hoping for was a automatic EQ feature, using the phones mic. Other than pairing additional speakers together the app doesn’t have to much use. It’s free though.. can’t see me using it ever again.
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7 years ago, Brian Fromme
Still the best speaker I ever got!
The codes didn't work though. No one knows what the other codes are or are able to tell me...
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7 years ago, jps-01
App doesn’t work
I’m at a trade show with expectation of using paired Pills for my showroom. Unfortunately I upgraded my iPhone to 11. Even with latest app version, it doesn’t function. Now trying to downgrade to iOS 10. Even in the best of times this app functioned unevenly. Given that Apple owns Beats, one could think compatibility wouldn’t be an issue Very disappointed in this app
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7 years ago, Erico1975
Needs major upgrade
I love the Beats sound but this review isn’t about the sound. I’ve had the speaker and app for about 4 Hours and the app is horrid. Why can’t I turn the Pill on with the app?? Why can’t I control music played through the app with single user?? Seems like this should integrate Apple Music or at least my iTunes account. Pretty sad.
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5 years ago, andi64859
All three controls only have to do with adding a second pill. Okay??? I thought this app would be useful. Turns out it’s useless if you only have one beats pill, which majority of people do. Downloaded it, played with it, saw it does literally nothing for me, and deleted it. All within 5 minutes. Save yourself the time. This app is whack.
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7 years ago, BubblegumPrincess4
I have an issue with the app crashing. I have an iPhone 7 and the most recent software update, I’ve tried deleting and downloading the app again, but it still crashes. I love my Pill. I found the app pretty disappointing as there’s not much to it.
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7 years ago, SincereLikeNasir
How I can something work so poorly
I've never written a review before, but the stereo functionality of this app DOES NOT WORK. Sound comes in and out and constantly needs to be reset. BUY A SONOS. I bought three of these new pills and after days of frustration have finally switched to the clearly superior product. Seriously worst app I've ever used.
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7 years ago, Razeen R.
It's a good app for just personalizing your beats pill+ but it's still disappointing when you can't connect to your speaker after dozens and dozens of times trying. All in all it's a very frustrating app.
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2 years ago, ocodan31
Nice hardware, app could use some work
Love that you can pair and DJ in the app. But the app needs to be finished: 1) Once you register that option should go away. 2) Make it so that when you rename the pill the name sticks. But keep the name generator feature for temp naming for parties. 3) And yes, add some EQ settings. 4) Include auto pairing for iOS devices like the Apple and beat earbuds. 5) Add Wi-Fi option for Apple Home (matter)
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5 years ago, turnerluke88
Good features - takes a while to connect but not big deal. Love the renaming feature 👍🏻
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3 years ago, fiddlewiner
App is useless
So I got a pair of Powerbeats for Christmas. They work well sound good. I downloaded the app to manage them. The app never seems to connect to the earbuds, I can’t check the status of the charge, or do anything. I deleted the app and reloaded it, and every time I try to connect the logo just swirls around and goes nowhere
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1 year ago, Logan Smith'
It’s telling me to turn on Bluetooth and when I do and have my beats connected it still says turn on Bluetooth. It’s annoying. I would rate it better if I could atleast get into the app.
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5 years ago, Buckeyes2734
This app needs a built in equalizer the pill has been out forever and you have FAILED to add a equalizer quite disappointing. Apparently you do not listen to your customers cause I see this complaint from two years ago maybe if people stopped buying your products then you'd listen.
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7 years ago, Edseal94
Problems with iOS 11
It won’t open and when it does it just closes within 5 seconds
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6 days ago, Jazmin Velilla
You can no longer open the app to pair two beats speakers
I don’t know what happened it worked for years and now the app won’t open so o can’t pair the two speakers anymore and if it because they want you to buy something newer I won’t buy shh else from beats
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2 months ago, ciara wilson
cutie chick
i love the beats pill app but i had to delete it and reinstal it cause it keep messing up and it would not open up everytime and it keept kicking me out but after i redownloaded it /reinstalled it the app is working again and im happy and please keep it working please thanks dont ever have it stop workin ight thanks
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6 years ago, Rbeals76
I think I know this guy too!! Isn't that WRONG in some small moral or ethical way??really?? Is it! Maybe you just feel wrong hey? I don't know;)
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7 years ago, searls1994
Love the speakers but app could use some work
Only thing I get aggravated with is when I adjust the volume from my phone when my speakers are in stereo or amplify mode, only one speakers volume is adjusted.
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7 years ago, Hartkop
Not bad
Need to fix he new update and make it compatible with IOS 11. Also you need to fix the way the volume adjusts. It’s very tricky to adjust the volume on each speaker
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7 years ago, Cmaagul
Currently Broken
Ever since I upgraded to IOS 11 on my 5s this app never loads it always crashes. As of the most recent update on 11/24 it still won’t load. Please fix this I use my pills usually on amplify or stereo modes and not being able to do so is extremely frustrating.
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7 years ago, Adrian G. Perez
App not working
Ever since this new ios 11 update. I cannot open up this app....
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