Best Flash Light - Flashlight

4.7 (40K)
40.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
RV AppStudios LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Best Flash Light - Flashlight

4.72 out of 5
40K Ratings
7 months ago, whYTekashi
Love the App; but the icon is misleading..
The icon shouldn’t show multiple colors coming out the flashlight because I’m honestly searching for an app or if the iPhone 14 Pro Max has the ability at all; to actually project multiple LED like colors. This icon looks like this app does exactly that & while the app gives you multiple lighting options outside a regular factory flashlight; it doesn’t do what the icon looks like it does & therefore it’s very misleading. I think they should change the icon.. it’s almost 2024; maybe in the update? Don’t wanna sell old apps? Should update it with a 2024 mark & no colors unless the update can actually do it!? Then ride that rainbow icon forevermore. Thank you for reading.
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5 years ago, Revvyrev333
This is by far the best light I’ve had in all of the years I have been blessed to have a cell phone, and I have had a cell phone since they made them pocketbook size. It is the brightest light by far, but the wonderful thing about it is that it includes the ability to magnify things. When I wake up in the middle of the night, and I need to go make an adjustment to my heat thermostat, unfortunately I hadn’t realized that the movers had partially blocked it with my bookcase, and I couldn’t see the dial....even with normal lighting. The magnifying option brought it right up in front of my eyes! It was so close I had to take a few minutes to adjust myself. With each upgrade I make, I simply check for a light option geared for the iPhone, which takes all of about a few minutes......I open the app.....Test drive the new addition, usually at night to ensure accuracy......And I have always been very pleased with the outcome.
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2 years ago, SGT MAYHEM
Fantastic Flashlight
I really like this app, it’s always worked flawlessly. It’s got a good number of features that even work in the free mode. You get set it to turn on and off by clapping and the flash feature can be set to strobe or a very slow blink. I especially like the flash feature in an emergency situation being able to signal could save your life or someone else’s. If your looking for a flashlight app this is the one you want.
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4 years ago, for Him☝️
Can I say to all of you out there that when you get into a situation that requires a flashlight it is so great to grab your phone and your problem is solved. This flashlight app is your answer. If I know one thing it is that I always carry my phone, but not a flashlight. This app solved my problem. I highly recommend it for your life. You will see how important it is to have such a bright light available with just a touch of a finger. Brett A Strong
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1 year ago, Gypsy1Autumn2
Mr. James C. Rosenberg
This light is the greatest light between all the other lights I have to give this one a five Star rating, where some of the lights don’t do what I want them to do and so that’s why when the time comes the other Flashlight get at Best a 3-4 star rating because of their uncomfortable nature of the lighting and it’s effective nature of using the light is not near the best ! However I would have to say about “this” Flashlight that it’s the BEST!!!....
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3 years ago, Dee1942
Saved by the flashlight app!!
I had dropped something just when the TV went off schedule (it shut down). That’s when I totally recalled I had a “flashlight app” — it helped save the day by focusing on the item MIA, as well as allowed me to turn on the room light. It’s a strong light, which comes in handy for those moments when light is scarce — or in my situation, none at all. Totally BRILL application!!
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4 years ago, I bit the apple
Update is better but still isn’t quite there
Dimmer function still doesn’t work on my iPhone11. App starts and the light on my phone comes on like it did when I first installed on my iPhone6 (6s plus) but when I dim on the iPhone11, the light goes out completely and will not come back on at all. I have figured out I can tap the magnifier and get the light to come back on. Was a great app on my 6 but seems to have this particular bugs on my current 11. Like the app and do not want to delete if issues can be fixed. Hope this review gives some valuable feedback on some bugs that needs exterminating.
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5 years ago, jakalmikey
I can rarely find a flashlight when I need it; and quite often when I do find it, the battery needs replacing. My iPhone flashlight is right where I can lay my hands on it and is quick & easy to power up. On the rare occasion I have misplaced my iPhone I just dial it up on my land phone and inevitably hear it ringing. Now if I could just find my glasses that way. And the best thing is how bright it is. Nice!
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1 year ago, darnold60
Handy light
This app flashlight is so handy no matter where you need the extra lumens. I’ve had to use it to read the buttons on our washer and dryer as well as look for our family pets in dark corners. Since it is a phone app, I don’t have to go search for a flashlight with a good battery in it. Very handy to almost every cell phone user and carrier.
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2 years ago, Cement58
Sweet lite
This app is a go to app for anyone who has to use a powerful and convenient light as needed. It also has several features such as multicolored indirect lighting, which is great for those of us that have light sensitive eyesight, allowing you to move around in the dark with a indirect color that will not blind you. Dan
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3 months ago, Spartan nw
It’s OK but
I trick my friends when I clap they don’t think that I have this app one of them ran away from the phone I really don’t know if you like it but really fun love to play it so if you like this game just keep playing the game it’s not really a game though I don’t know like but there’s nothing I can do about it so I just keep playing this and I really like this game because it’s really cool so keep playing your game ✅
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6 years ago, BellaBasenji
This App Lights Up My Life!
I love this app. It’s always reliable and comes in so handy. It’s easy to use. I live in Florida so when we’ve been hit by hurricanes or power outages due to storms I’ve been able to use it and it comes in so handy! Has different functions but I only ever use just the basic flashlight. Thanks for masking a great flashlight.
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8 months ago, No. 1 Son
Very short on time
Hen I first downloaded this app the light would stay on until I turned it off but now it turns off after about every five seconds so I’m constantly having to turn it back on. I am about to find and download a different flashlight app.
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4 years ago, joeyNcabbit
Best App Ever...
When I say this is the best app ever, I mean in all the history of mankind...Seriously. Why, you may ask? Not only is it a great light it has options. The options cost $1.99 OR you can watch four, four-second videos. Yup, to get the additional features you have to watch sixteen-seconds of a video. No more ads!!!! No pop-ups!!!
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3 months ago, Docdynamic
Really useful
It is really useful because I’ve been looking for a game for months now but never found it and it helps a lot when looking in deep dark areas like under a couch and the zoom in feature is really useful for looking under the couch
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6 years ago, Classymar
In our society today we recognize there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Well, the flashlight app has proven society wrong, as well as me. The quality of this incredible tool gives the user the ability to have their own beacon of light wherever life may take them. Don’t any of the users out there pass up the opportunity to say thank you and how important this tool can be in a time of darkness. Come in from the dark and illuminate your flashlight app and tell all those looking for a security tool to download this program and we can all walk in the light. Thank you for this generous gift. M. Smith
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2 years ago, LJIPP
Flashlight on my IPhone
I so appreciate this added feature on my IPhone. It sparks light when I turn it on, exactly when and shoots light where I need it. Convenient, quick, bright and broad. Thank you creating and providing this light feature!
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1 year ago, door whaler
The flash light comes in very handy.
I am an usher at our church and I use the light on my cell phone to see if the candles need to be filled before the service. The flash light is a very helpful tool to have on my phone. It comes in handy many other times also.
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4 years ago, RM.Pancho
Lots of features but frustrating
I am removing this app from my phone. I liked how easily it turned off ny simply turning off my screen or closing the app. I also like a few of its features. I grew to detest how readily it went to the App store to propose other apps. The slightest accidental touch of the screen while trying to use the flashlight turned it off and jumped it to seemingly random apps in the app store. I have had enough!!!
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2 years ago, shanns2
iPhone flashlight
You need to update the app so the flashlight stays on and you can go to other apps. As it is right now I can’t listen to music or read messages etc because the flashlight goes off is I leave the app? Please help? Thank you
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5 years ago, skinnamerink
Great app.
I don’t have any lamp, close enough to be convenient, at my bedside. I set this app on its white screen, and its enough light for me to climb into bed, and arrange my covers over me. Then it goes out automatically after 3 minutes, because that’s when my iPhone always shuts off, (if there’s no activity)!
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3 years ago, Janell1219
This is a great app I have absolutely nothing to complain about it has everything and does everything they said it would thank you for actually being honest about your app and backing up everything you said about it!!👌👍👏
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7 years ago, fyrtamer
Works like a champ
A flashlight with toys... What is there not to like??? My only complaint is... I had a power outage at home, and I had my data turned off... the flashlight wouldn't work because it couldn't scroll ads. Way to be useful when I needed it the most.
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6 years ago, Best plumber ever*
Best flash light app ever!!
I use this Flashlight app all the time I am a plumber and it’s really nice to see in tight hard to see places to inspect pipes or see where a leak is coming from. For me this is a must have flashlight app. I have had this app for years and I love it!!! Every time I get a new phone, I make sure this app is on it.
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5 years ago, SouthTexas7777
Money down the drain!
I wouldn’t recommend getting flashlight 2019. I bought the full version to get the lighted magnifying glass but now it doesn’t work. Looks like is has been deactivated even though I paid for the option. Money down the drain.
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2 years ago, MrfixitCT
Great replacement for the original iphone flashlight
Great replacement for the original iphone flashlight, one suggestion, when using the lit magnifier zoom function the ability to snap a pic would be a great addition.
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4 years ago, Flwr ldy
Great app
This flashlight is wonderful. I use it a lot for finding dropped items & to navigate my house during the night. It’s handy and useful- always at the ready. Use it to see inside my purse, to get my keys in the door ( house & bar. So glad I have it.
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7 years ago, Sarsh2018
Purchased- still see ads & can’t access features
Love the app, but it has bugs that needs to be fixed. I paid for app to have ads removed & to access features. Paid twice & having 2nd payment reversed. Developers... fix the bugs, please. If not fixed soon, I’m reversing all payment.
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5 years ago, i'm Peach
Great tool
I have been enjoying his app a lot. I used to take pictures with the flash on so I could see if there was plumbing or electrical wires in a wall. With this app I can zoom in and light up what I want and see it real time. You do need a hole the size of your cell in the drywall.
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6 years ago, best review everz!
Best flashlight app but ads
-So I was there is my house when heard a bang I check three people dead. So I see a gun and my phone so I pick up my phone opened my flashlight app. And I strobed him with my amazing flashlight app! He never came back in fact he ran away! Thanks-
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7 years ago, Rangers 3737
Great Flashlight!
Just downloaded this and I'm already enjoying it, flashlight works great with so many features, also like the little click sound it makes when you turn it on/off, nice job!
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9 months ago, SPooOkDOGG
Total Complexity In The Base PLatForM Of These APPs…
I CaN VaMp UP so MuCh a Higher TeMp ON 13Pro MaX Developer/Beta iOS-17……….. Now My LoGs ARe FULL OF Awesome CraSh and SkiP BuRnin🔥 APPLe 🍎 And TheiR DeveLoPer Dept.’s LoVe GettiN My AnylitiCs and LoG ShEETs………… I Just Now WanT To See What This Subscribes CoLor Laser Upgrade wiLL Do When I Get This ChroMiuM GLassPaCked WiRe N BuRN DeviCe GoiNG!.!…! Awesome Job! ThanKs!…
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4 years ago, Frankie Left-foot
Power outage in Vegas
Here I am on a hot August night and the power went out I had no batteries and no flashlight and found this app loaded in a second and I could see and made it through the night thank you so much you were a lifesaver!
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3 years ago, Madre de lily y Bella
Lego savior
Currently putting together my annual Christmas Lego set. This year, Lego thought it’d be funny to create their instruction book with black pages. Black or is that a dark grey piece? What exactly does it look like? Nightmare, but lo, unto us is born a flashlight, right here in the form of an app. Yippee yahoo!
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4 years ago, Pretty girl my cat
It’s the i
It’s the best like 💦 🌞 shine , slice 🍞 and toilet 🚽 paper 🧻 and the best sex you ever ever had!!!!!!! Other than cash 💰 it doesn’t get any better what more could you want in life 💕💕💕💕💕🎈💕🎈🎈🎈💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🎈🎈😘Love it Mickey from Philly . My first time ever making a comment my 🐈 loves it too !
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5 years ago, sassy hill
Great Tool / App!
Love it! Has a magnifying glass feature too. Like the fact that it turns off the flashlight when you close the app. The button is very convenient as well. The many ads are very annoying though.
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3 years ago, PizzNYC
Very useful
Thanks for making the one true flashlight app. With a plethora of options,you can’t go wrong. A+ in my book. Definitely recommend to everyone.
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6 years ago, Miso444
If it would only stay ON
Turn the light on, ok good. But shift the phone’s orientation or, heaven forbid try to set the phone down in order to use both hands, and the light goes OFF. Pick the phone up and the light goes in again, unless you happen to move your hand. Great (not) in an emergency! Been trying to use this useless app for awhile, even got the “paid” version. Finally I wised up and got a different app, with a light that stays on till I turn it off.
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6 years ago, Sneakypete75
Shuts off music
This app works well, however when playing music on my iPhone 8 Plus it will shut off the music at random. I will start running at sundown with the music running, then later switch on the strobe light. It will shut off the music. I will then have to play the music again. This becomes difficult having to turn on two apps while running.
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2 years ago, KChrist777
Too many ads!
About the time you need it the worst an ad pops up. I like the app a lot; until that started happening! Now, it has become dangerous for anyone walking! Now, i am looking for a new app or contacting the maker of my cell phone.
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6 years ago, Mont-y
Just downloaded the flash light on my iPone and for the last 10 minutes I have been using it and playing around on/off, it looks so far it is exactly what I had been looking for... A great App for an iPhone. Thanks
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2 years ago, CSM1957
I cannot get this app to function properly. Ot will not stay on. As soon as l put it down, turn my phone bring it close to me or try to prop it up on or against anything it turns itself off. This app is virtually useless! 😠
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3 years ago, wed2n
Great Flashlight App
Can’t count how often I have used this app. The flashlight program has a magnifying feature that’s also handy, have used it to read menus when my glasses were not handy.
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7 years ago, Amara G.
It was fantastic and helped me survive hurricane Irma in Florida. Which was a level four hurricane and destroyed many homes. I ran out of electricity and had a fifty foot tree fall into my backyard but flashlight gave me a source of light. Just like that light at the end of every tunnel
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11 months ago, girl -haha
Best app
The best app ever for flashlight ite good but the only thing about it is it doesn't have music i was expecting it to have but other than that it good very fun app for pranking that it is an update on apple. And fun app for the party's
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4 years ago, Jo_85
Works great
I’ve been using this app for years now. It lights up well and is easy to use. I keep it on the homepage and find it easier to toggle the light on in this app than to get to the flashlight on my iPhone.
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5 years ago, dlivnlife
Great App
Mire than what I had expected! Provides great lighting and it’s a magnifying glass also! Forget about. This app surpasses the other flashlights by a far stretch. However, the ads are kind of annoying but ehh...I can ignore it. Thanks designers of this app
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5 years ago, lesflo12
Just wish it wouldn’t be so sensitive and turn off so easily but other than that it is an excellent and convenient device to have on my cell phone. It even has a magnifying glass. So cool and much needed. Love it!!!!
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6 years ago, Ljay48
Love this little light
I have used this light app in so many place where there’s no light, very handy in thigh places like under my sink are under my computer table.... thank you for such a useful tool.
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2 years ago, miuse54
Really a great feature
Just returned from a retreat with no power and internet. Came in handy when I headed down to my dormitory down narrow steep trails in the dark. Where my flashlight was!
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