Best Sand Timer

4.1 (14)
38.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Serhii Simkovskyi
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Best Sand Timer

4.07 out of 5
14 Ratings
9 months ago, ipselou
Nice silent timer
I like that the timer has a silent option and that it operates with the screen always on. It would be perfect in my mind if the current time was also displayed on the screen. I would also prefer a keypad for setting the timer rather than the scroll but that’s not as big a deal to me as wanted to keep track of the actual time while using this lovely timer.
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2 years ago, UncleSteveI
"Best" Sand Timer
Actually works and (shockingly) the app that most resembles a sand timer. Pointless max of 60 minutes time is the only real drawback. I wanted a realistic looking sand timer but this is the best the App Store has to offer.
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12 years ago, A real user 2
It's good.
I don't understand why people are saying you can't change the amount of time. You just stop the timer, press the reset button, and change time to your heart's content. As a teacher I set it for 45 seconds for transitions between activities, 15 minutes for centers, etc. However, there are ads which leaves me reticent about showing it through the projector so the kids can watch it. I'm considering the full version though, because I did like this one and it gets rid of the ads.
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3 years ago, Treker03
This app dose what it say
I uses this app for as a visual time to help keep me focused. It works great even better with some of the new focus modes from iOS 15
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4 years ago, Daycare Picture Man
No luck on this timer, or can you call it that.
Very difficult to try and learn. I would like to give zero stars!!! Would be nice if you could set a longer timer than 1 hour. Wanted to setup a timer to pick someone up at the airport in 3 hours ten minutes. No luck with this timer. You only get one hour. I will keep looking. Very sad,sad,sad!!!
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3 years ago, MAthmatic Ez
Very good timer
Pleasant way to time things. Very pleased with this app.
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7 months ago, rbhhhhhh
Is this app free?
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9 years ago, McSear
Nicely done graphics options & sounds
Well designed and smooth running app. It would be nice to have a nice 99¢ paid upgrade to remove the iAds. This hourglass/sand timer app's memory footprint is small. The deluxe app (with stopwatch, etc. included) from this developer is very nice, too. But, that premium paid app is bloated and takes up a huge amount of memory on your phone.
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11 years ago, Hiho sylvers
Does what it says
This is good for creative writing & for teachers w/timed class tasks. The timer starts at 10 minutes by default, and you only need to hit reset to choose your desired time. My only wish is that it had more quiet sounds to choose from for when I write and that I could set it so the "alarm" rang just for a couple moments rather than ringing until I manually stop it.
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8 years ago, Sbg guy
Does Exactly what it says
This is a simple app that does exactly what it says. It's a countdown timer. It remembers the last time it was set for which helps me: I use it so I don't dawdle at lunch hour longer than I should while listening to music. I keep the built in itunes timer for other uses where the times vary. It's as simple as that. Functional and useful.
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10 years ago, DWade83
Good but not totally reliable
Functions fine but alerts from other apps stop the sound. If an alert pops up at the end, or if the timer goes off when the timer is running in the background the sound stops before you can get to it.
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10 years ago, Cota barb
This is exactly what I was looking for to help support staff with a child who is deaf and doesn't yet understand a time related countdown. Nice visual effect, can be hypnotizing and calming too. You can change colors and amount of time. Used instantly and successfully first time around. Might consider a sound component for those who are hearing.
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12 years ago, kaisact
Amazing, beautiful, and simplistic. I love it.
It's exactly what I was looking for and more. The sound works perfectly with my phone and there are so many different alarms, plus it's all free. This is great and I'm glad I found it, don't let the rating fool you! It's perfect! (as long as you don't need a timer for something over one hour)
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6 years ago, KayKayKilljoy
This hourglass app is beautiful and very useful, but none of that matters if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to: alert you that your time is up! One catastrophic bug can ruin the whole thing, and it’s rather unfortunate that the sound, of all things, was what fell short. I hope you fix this issue in the very near future so that users of this app can have the full experience!
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8 years ago, ChelMarStew
Love it, but buggy! Please fix!
I love the simple beauty of this sand timer. However it force closes when the timer has ended. I hope the developer can fix this! (iPhone 6+, version 9.2.1)
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11 years ago, Badspacegame
Works good
I like it because I can set the timer and get out of the program and do other things on my Ipad. When timer go off you will see a message that the timer is done.
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12 years ago, OT_in_TX
Love this!
Loove the big sand timer! You can change the time by pushing reset. Change the colors under the settings. And change the alarm ringtones at the bottom left.
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5 years ago, desertoceansea
Great for kids!
I was trying to find a timer that helps my kids see how much time they have & how much time they’ve used. This is great. Make sure your ringer is on so you hear the ending ringer.
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6 years ago, Justinr9999
Cool concept, but sound doesn’t work
This would be one of the better timers out there if the sound worked. I’d also really like to have a vibrate function. Ads aren’t too intrusive, which is good. I’ll update the review once the sound is fixed.
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9 years ago, Jloz66
Easy to use when working out
Plus, it's one of the few timers you can change the color on which is great!
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11 years ago, Bobk14
Has sound
For those complaining of no sound. When the timer reaches zero it will play the sound you selected. Works great on ipad 2.
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11 years ago, Jroq82
Everything works fine. Change time and color. Press the reset button and enter the time. Simple.
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9 years ago, kimbakat
USE IT ALL THE TIME!!! it for timing laundry or cooking! And its the MOST BEAUTIFUL Icon of them all!!! ...while apps like Netflix and apple's app icons are being generic and dumbed down...these timers are always eye-catching. I never have to figure out which app it is on my screen!!
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11 years ago, Kkayroyal
I like it. You're able to change the time set by pressing reset button. Also able to select different colors. Only thing is there is no sound while the sand is dripping. But otherwise quite good.
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9 years ago, Raina-Raina
Simple, Stylish, Easy to Use
This app has been working really well for me. It has simple but stylish interface, also easy to use.
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11 years ago, BlissBlessed
WoW! Love it!! 👍👍
Beautiful colors, works perfectly! I will probably be buying the paid version soon!
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5 years ago, MarkFira
Poor graphics
This sand timer is a cute idea but poorly executed. On an iPhone XR the sand is too far up and to the left of the hourglass and drops outside of where it should be. The top line of the settings screen is difficult to read as most of it is hidden. The pool alignment is reason enough to delete it and find something better.
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9 years ago, 1stlink
Nice timer
Timer works great with good graphics etc. if it offered an ad free option I would gladly donate & apply a higher rating but as others have written here the upgraded version is bloated and a memory hog.
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12 years ago, Wickmund
No Sound
A crowd pleasing app to be sure, but can't give it 5 stars because the sounds don't work. I checked the notification settings, but still no sound. Please fix it!
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10 years ago, Ruger141
Nice, Needs more sounds
I wish it had more "sounds" instead of musical melodies. The volume of each sound needs to be equalized too, they are all various loudness levels.
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5 years ago, The DJ Price
Does what is says
Great visual timer for my autistic daughter.
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11 years ago, 413Bill
Beautiful timer, but...
This timer is very nice looking, and quite useful. However, if any notice occurs on the iPad (such as a calendar reminder) the alarm fails to go off. Therefore, while lovely and pleasant, it is only reliable visually, not as an alarm.
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10 years ago, JamieLeeMD
Alarm sound no longer works
Alarm sound no longer works. Looks nice but had to uninstall since lack of alarm sound makes it useless.
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8 years ago, Randomoreston8
The ads are After me!
The ads are very annoying but not again my favorite app. Thank you
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10 years ago, Oleol67
No sound
The reason one would use a timer is so the audible tone at the end of the timed period will alert you. This app has sound settings but does not emit any sound on my iPad. I am uninstalling it until it works.
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10 years ago, A List preferred meister
Not working in iOS 8 (stuck when I tried to reset time)
The time had been great until I upgraded to iOS 8 I tried to reset the time and now it is stuck saying reset the time at the bottom of the screen Fyi, Thanks
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10 years ago, Chbu2
Great when it worked
Loved it before I upgraded to iOS 8. Now it's stuck when i try to change the timer.
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10 years ago, AlishaKitty
Love this app!
This was exactly what I was looking for!
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12 years ago, nick9087965
horrible graphics
No sound and horrible graphics
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4 years ago, aoeu321
Buggy mess
Barely works. Graphics are not even aligned properly. Some buttons are partially off screen.
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10 years ago, RhapsodicRose
Doesn't work
Won't let you change the timer. Demo only. Completely pointless to download.
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12 years ago, Sweet girl123
I love this app every one should get it!!!!
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12 years ago, Derppy fart iok
Do not get. Ads. Not stylish. Only 10 minutes doesn't let you change time. Only thing that changes is colors. Do not get. :O
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9 years ago, 2014 in Reverse!
Best app ever!
Get it sounds rock!!!!!!!
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11 years ago, CrunchyCare
Soundless disappointment
I was excited to have timer to use with kids but no sound=no help
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11 years ago, PhotoNippon
Too many ads, No alert, horrible graphics and a very annoying banner to rate app. I know it's free. There are better! ~ DELETED>/
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6 years ago, Plasmastorm
Its called an HOUR GLASS.
Too many bugs. Crashes during use and unusable at times.
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5 years ago, thegallopgal
Does NOT work on iPhone XR
App is not configured for iPhone XR screen. Nothing lines up correctly. Looks horrible.
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9 years ago, Dddddfghjytfcxss3
Still no sound
Nope! Still no sound.
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12 years ago, PJKit64
Its ok, but please add more variety of colors.
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