Best Secret Folder

4.7 (12.6K)
110.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
RV AppStudios LLC
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Best Secret Folder

4.75 out of 5
12.6K Ratings
5 years ago, RyanM1238765
Best app out there for this
Anytime you leave the app and go to close your apps the screen in blank, and when you reopen the app it is locked. I love the app but I do feel it could use a better dummy screen. I love how you can have photos in there and delete them from your phone and they stay in the app though. It’s too easy for people to see your photos or if you have some weird or embarrassing photos scattered in your collections, you can move them to this app so they don’t have to be in with your other photos. How awkward while you’re going through your photos to show someone something and someone sees something in their peripherals as you’re scrolling. Anyway, awesome app every feature is great and definitely most private.
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6 years ago, KCHorn
Needs a better dummy screen
First, I should say I like the app a lot. The vault animation is a little cheesy and it’s kind of cartoonish, but it gets the job done. My biggest concern is with the dummy screen. The dummy screen feature is a nice start, but needs to be reworked. It says the folder is empty, tap Exit to close. The real purpose of the dummy screen is to make the user think that the app just doesn’t have any files yet. The way it displays, it makes no effort to fool the snooper into thinking the screen has any purpose other than to get them to close the app. If the snooper thinks about it for more than a second, they’ll ask themselves why does the app exist if there’s no way to add files? The dummy screen at least needs to look like a setup screen that the user hasn’t gone through yet. That’s all the functionality it needs. The way it looks now, it’s not going to fool anyone.
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5 years ago, C Bizzel
Needs better Dummy Screen & 256 Military Encryption
I am a retired US Military Pilot. I am hard fella to impress. This App is very good, I do like it. Here is what I would love to see improved. 1. 256k Military Encryption a MUST 2. I agree with a review I saw, make Dummy screen look like the apps setup screen that has not actually been setup A MUST 3. Find a way to allow users to creat a secret Vault within the app with 256k Encryption This Vault within the Primary Vault gives the ultimate security from prying eyes 4. Update the apps icon to look more Professional and not so cheesy 5. Update the Vault graphic to make professional looking Folks this app is actually very good, as a 26 year Military Retired Pilot, I highly recommend it. I would definitely pay for the above improvements and encryption GuyZ get to programming!!! Make it Happen Thank you very much NOTE: I do like the way you have us to put in password by sliding patterns I would like any comments please Last request: if you make these improvements we as users want it 100% secure in other words, you as developers have zero access to users personal and private data and encryption
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3 months ago, SLC Dad
My wife and I have been using this app on each of our phones for two months. We love it! We enjoy making and viewing videos of our most private moments. Not something we want to share with the family. This app is as user-friendly as it is private. Update. It's been two years and I love this app. My wife and I love seeing our pictures and videos. All the benefits of porn without the relationship diminishing downside. My wife passed away four years ago. I love that I have these videos and photos to remind me of the passion we shared.
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7 years ago, Ffjfmfufj
I have had this for YEARS and it works amazing. I don’t have the paid version so I think that says enough about it. Honestly, it’s just an app to store pictures, notes, and videos on it. I like it Because i personally hate having my normal photo gallery all cramped so every once in a while I will delete everything I don’t want and then move the remaining ones into this app. This app keeps it secure so no one can see it. If you’re look for an app to keep pictures or videos or notes private, this is definitely the way to go!
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11 months ago, jr.iii
It could be slightly improved
Great app...keeps everything private that you want could be slightly improved like be able to rename your videos...the function used to be available but one of the APP updates it went away... this function is still available for photos... app is well worth it... Also needs the ability to loop videos so they can replay automatically instead of manually restarting the video…
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5 years ago, #1Spy
Safe, secure, simple.
Great app for storing personal items, from files to pictures, whatever you choose. Most folks have figured out what these “secret” folders look like; a calculator, weather app etc. But who cares? If you need to disguise this app any deeper, you can if you’re creative. As for what this app does, it works and works well. Simple to use, upload files, easy access and very secure. I like it. You will, too.
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5 years ago, Dreamflirt88
Used to be great
I really loved this app. I love that I have unlimited storage without a subscription. I like that I can write a note and keep it locked up. It was a little bit of a pain with all the adds, but even that wasn’t a huge deal. The dummy screen was a little weird since it said the folder was empty, but it worked for what it was and I liked using that. With this new update though, you can’t use the dummy screen unless you subscribe to their yearly subscription. You should still be allowed to sit through the adds if you want to at least use the dummy screen, and pay to get rid of the adds. I’m looking for a new app because this just isn’t as useful as it was.
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4 years ago, trsb11
Opening App Issues
After I use the app a couple of times, when I try and open it at a later time, it opens and says, “this folder is empty,” and you can’t access anything anymore. I’ve had to delete the app and reinstall 3 times and I lose everything that I had saved on the app. I do really like all of the features of the app, but this part is frustrating and kind of defeats the purpose of the app, if I have to start over every time. If it does it again, I will delete the app and get a different one.
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6 years ago, screach9
Hard to get photos in to app
I like the idea of this app. Problem is it’s almost impossible to get pictures from your photo roll to go into the app. Can’t tell if and when pictures have been accepted and saved. Need to make it so that when you pick a picture, it’s highlighted or checked. Fix that and you’ll have a pretty good app
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5 years ago, ieooee
used to be okay.
everything WAS sooo good. this app used to have unlimited free storage and it was the best! i relied on this app 24/7 and told many people about it. although you guys should add a restore photo/video button. every time i had to get a video that i had stored in the app, i needed to screen record and i didn’t like that. but things got worse as i updated the app, realizing they updated everything, taking away free unlimited storage and making you watch an ad for 3 free storage spaces every time if you needed to store something and that led me into deleting the app.
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6 years ago, Djdixon5326
I really enjoyed this app. I kept things I needed for work that was confidential. And when they updated the app I can no longer get into the gallery. You used to have to draw your password after the update they took it away and gave you a punch pad to enter numbers and it doesn’t work. I’ve lost files now that I can’t get back. I’ve contacted customer support numerous times with no response. Except we are working on it thank you for your patients. This has been going on for 3-4 months. If developers are reading the comments I NEED HELP. If I could get into my app this would be 5 stars
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9 months ago, Scott 470
Video playback
Videos saved on this app used to run on a loop. It was replayed over and over if you left it on the same video. I’m not sure exactly why this feature was removed, but can you guys please put it back on? I have found other ways to do it, but it takes way too much time and effort, and if it doesn’t change, I will probably just end up canceling my subscription and going with something else. I hate to do that since I’ve been a long time user. Please consider changing it back to this format? Thank you guys!!
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7 years ago, Mamagloj
Needs inbox option
I like it so far. But needs the option to put pic back in photo album in Phone. I don’t want the other options now I can’t get my pics. I had the app My Folder but the owner hasn’t updated to iOS 11. Been looking for a new locked folder thought I found one but can’t get my pics back out!! Help
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7 years ago, Sellador
No access from cloud services
I paid for the pro version because it said you could use it with Dropbox or Google Drive. What they don't say is that you can only move a file to those services, not bring a file back from them. So basically, it's a backup that you cannot restore. There was no way to test that with the free version, so I just had to take their word for it. There was a waste of $1.99. I did give it a second star because it does seem to basically work otherwise.
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4 years ago, chgjjrcudg
This is the best.
This is the best thing ever you could actually put a password in .people don’t have to be all your business and you actually could put like your pictures like a gallery notes and everything And it even have a video it is so awesome you should really try this
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5 years ago, Thevowel
Same Problems - Can You Modify The App?
Update Feb. 2019: I would gladly pay for the app if it would do a photos slide show in landscape mode, with all the other display options you now offer. Please do it. *************** Basically a fine program. Good job. 1. It would be nice to open it and run it in Landscape, rather than Portrait mode. For the iPad, that would work great. 2. When previewing files, particularly videos, the ability to “zoom” would be a big plus. Right now we have to export a video to the Photos folder to do this. 3. Why is it necessary to compress a video and not just store it as it is? It is still on the same device, is it not? No response is expected. Thanks.
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2 years ago, bdhdhdhg hdir
Hi now you see my sister is nosy so she tried to steal my phone and go through my.......everything. But this stoped her from getting in. I had uploaded some photos and some videos that i need to keep safe. So the password kept her out! I even told her a face passcode!🤣thx for reading this. Here is cookie 🍪🍪🍪
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7 years ago, AdifahD.
Now I can hide adult stuff from children.
No longer having to worry about handing my niece my phone or tablet. As now I can hide pics and other things that she has absolutely no business seeing or even knowing that such stuff exists. Thank you for an awesome app!!
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6 years ago, Rick Goesinya
Don’t use it!
This app was great for me for three years until it got shut down because of financial support for it or some bs like that. They never notified me they were going to lock down the app. I lost EVERYTHING! I had pics and videos of my best friend that had died, old videos of my children when they were young and some important photos. It would have been nice to have notified me that you were shutting the app down so I could transfer everything but you couldn’t even do that. Go to hell Best Secret Folder!!
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4 years ago, user_jl
Data loss and can’t get any support
I have been using Best SF app for a few years. The app disappeared from my iPhone last week and I lost all data saved with the app. I can’t restore the lost data from iCloud backup. I can’t find any support contact from the app itself. There is an option to send message in Apple store under this app. But no one seems to be on receiving end at all. So users beware you can lose all of your data on any given day. When that happens to you, you are on your own.
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2 years ago, Fido_Montoya
Bait and switch
I got this app years ago when a lot of features were free (there were still paid features at the time, but things like the fake login screen and landscape rotation were in the free version). After a while they blocked most of those behind the paid version, but I kept using it as it was. Now it doesn’t even remember the pattern I used to unlock it with, so it’s useless and I can’t even get in anymore. Stay far away from this app.
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3 years ago, Susnurse46
Paid for features not working
I would give this app 5 stars...but a few of the features I wanted with the paid app aren’t working...and my uploads keep getting stuck. No way to contact anyone to get answers. Frustrated.
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6 years ago, Urijah James
This app really does work well. The only downside is the adverts for games etc. but the app itself is brilliant. Well done lads. The settings menu is fantastic and allows for serious lockdown, and it also lets you see if anyone’s been trying to get in it. Two thumbs up!
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5 years ago, Patzo
Changed phone
I just changed my phone because the other one was lost and now i can’t get anything back, the restore button is not working. How do we restore our stuffs back? Can the developers do or says something here?
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2 years ago, ancd1234efg567
Picture sequencing
The app is very good. It would be much better if two enhancements were made. 1. Open each file with the latest pictures first. Sort latest to oldest. 2. When viewing a picture and you go back the app takes you back to the start of the picture file instead of leaving you where you were in the sequence. Don’t reset the sequence index, leave it on the picture selected. Prevents frustrating scrolling to return to where you were in the list. Jim PS: Don’t require a nickname to submit a review and include a contact us link for users to submit non review questions and suggestions.
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6 years ago, stampinshock
Great app!
I’ve used this app for a couple of years now and I love it!! Very secure, and keeps your stuff saved. I’ve had my phone stolen and had to upload the app on my new phone and everything was there where I left it!! I was so relieved not to lose anything special!
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2 years ago, swampmoon
Works well
Have used this for years to hold my list of passwords. Simple but effective. Finally broke down and paid for pro because they deserved it and i wanted to send file. Have recommended to my friends.
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6 years ago, Caramelbutter
I like it!
It beats having your sensitive pictures, notes and videos laying around. Now you can secure them. If only there was a way to keep the pictures or screenshots in order after transferring them. The sequence gets messed up.
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5 years ago, Carnival Cruiser
I’m a little concerned now.....
I’ve had this app for awhile now and have loved the purpose it serves. I also know this app is ad supported, which is fine, because it’s mostly ads to download games. PLEASE READ DEVELOPER.....what concerns me now is the fact that an ad for a porn site seem to be pretty frequent in the ad roll. When I say ad, I mean full on, in motion, stream of porn type of ad. If this is going to be the new normal for this app, I will promptly delete it.
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7 years ago, Poo Baby
Saved my Mind!!
My husband suggested I get this app. At first o felt I didn't need it because I remember just about everything. But then I got sick and lost a lot of memory. I'm glad I listened and got the app or I would have lost access to a lot of important things.
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7 years ago, mikemishoe
This is a great app to hide photos. Just make sure you close the app after use because anyone can double tap the home screen and see the last item you were looking at.
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7 years ago, shelbylm
Without this app, there is no true way to have a private photo or video album and it even tells you when someone tries to access your private albums. Great job guys and thank you soooo much for this app!
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5 years ago, simeonz
I give up
I've been trying to get a response from customer support but to no avail. I upgraded to their $15 annual premium plan but it doesn't allow for unlimited downloads, only up to 50. Since I'm unable to receive any help (though taking my $$ was quick and effortless), I just cancelled my subscription. I really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Unless you want to risk losing your $15 and being incredibly frustrated, do NOT download this app.
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6 years ago, Dieggousa
Need improvement
It has a good concept but needs a lot of work! Cmon guys update the software, adjust the screen size for iPhone X users, put a nice and easy interface! It’s not even adding pictures anymore!
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6 years ago, Love driveinns
Needs very simple improvement
1) On your phone under the app it’s rutile is BestSF. Really? Most people will see secret and it gives the entire point of the app away. Should be called calculator or utilities or Misc, something other then secret! 2) Only 4 number log in, needs option for at least 6 or more. 3) The app does work very easily.
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6 years ago, Marathon
Good app
Only thing I don’t like is once you transfer photos to it you lose the iPhone camera ability to capture the brief action before and after the photo was taken.
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5 years ago, minutme
Was a good app
I enjoy the free app, especially the dummy screen. Now you gotta pay for the full version just to get the dummy screen. Sorry but no. I have used this for years and was happy with it. Time to move on.
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4 years ago, Moman333
Video will not flip after latest update
Excellent app to hide your personal photos , documents and videos but after the latest update the video will not flip I mean when trying to view it in a wide angel will not work
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7 years ago, Mikenzi
Hope it stays secure
This app has been amazing for me for the past 3 years so far. I sure hope it stays amazing and secure because I have been using. It as a diary FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS. Very reliable though, I haven't had any problems.
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5 years ago, Ash418ashash
Pretty good
Sound effects are somewhat annoying. It bugs me that it says new on photos until you open that one and not just scroll through. (Silly issue but bugs me). New albums go to the bottom not the top. Otherwise great
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5 years ago, Harry Hillbilly
Excellent app!
Easy to use and if you want to keep those naughty videos or pictures private then this is the app to do it! You set a passcode then set up your folders then just add what you need!
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4 years ago, Missing Bubble Frame
Needs improvements
I love the idea of this app. However, what good is it if I DREAD using it? The thumbnails are tiny with a huge border so you can’t see the pic or video. But god forbid you click to open it, because you lose your place and have to start back at the beginning if you do. So frustrating! Unless this app is improved, I will not be renewing my membership.
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7 years ago, crazy894509
Love it
Not much to say other than I love it and it does it's job correctly. Too bad there's not a way to hide it as a apple icon instead of there icon. But oh well. You should integrate Touch ID as well.
Show more
6 years ago, Sacninesixteen
Description is a lie
This app DOES NOT capture any kind of photo or gps after several incorrect passwords, even in the upgraded version. I tried 15 times and when I finally put in my correct password all it said was snoop stopper with the exclamation point. There was no photo or GPS. Also no Touch ID, password only. Also don’t like that it doesn’t have a decoy password for a decoy album. Not worth the money at all.
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5 years ago, heartbroken family
Useless customer service
I thought this was a great way to keep important photos without accidentally deleting them. Now, at some point my passcode was changed to a pattern and I can’t get into it. Family tragedy has hit my home and I can’t get pictures I need. I emailed for help to be told they can’t help at all and I’m out of luck. I know this developer makes other apps so I’ll be sure to stay away.
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5 years ago, 1495/3028
Lost in-app features
Had it on my old phone and was happy with it so I downloaded it on my new phone. I gave it three stars only because you now have to pay for features in the app that were free before. Also there seems to be a lot more Ads in the free version.
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1 year ago, need a secret kept
Not a secret
It’s not really a secret folder with a huge pad lock symbol on the front. Can we please have the basic app look back. So the app/folder doesn’t look like a lock box. Kinda defeats the purpose.
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7 years ago, Mobile Surfer
Perhaps if you pay for it, it "may" be worthwhile. Every time you open the free version, even the FIRST time, it asks for a rating. Then any time you change screens, it pops up full screen ads that must be closed before you can move on. Now I copied photos to the app that I cannot seem to restore! It's holding my data hostage. I'm NOT happy, I am NOT enjoying your app, and I would NEVER recommend it!
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1 month ago, James 111111
Money lost
So I’ve had the app over a year. It automatically renewed via payment subscription and today when I went to open the app, every picture I had in there is gone. I’m very unhappy. I put them there for a reason and now it can’t be recovered. These photos are now lost forever… money spent protecting them is now down the drain
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