BeyondTrust Support

3.1 (35)
8.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bomgar Corporation
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for BeyondTrust Support

3.14 out of 5
35 Ratings
11 years ago, LordKamiizumi
Not fully developed yet
Not a lot of help for me.
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5 years ago, Bomgar Customer
Upgrade Appliance to 18.2.7 and then it worked on iOS 12
We had no problem getting it to work with iOS 11. iOS 12 would work if we followed the guidance for iOS 11 but did not work for the guidance for iOS 12 We upgraded appliances to the latest 18.2.7 and now the iOS 12 guidance works and is much less cumbersome to initiate a session with a simple click of the screen sharing icon within the app. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Bomgar MSP User
Great for remote Support
Connecting was very easy for my client to understand and it helped me get them up and running!
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6 years ago, Wolfpack_1251
Screen share only works on iPhone and not iPads as advertised
Really wanted to like the newest version. But even after following all the setup stuff, it only works with iOS 11.x iPhone. Constantly disconnects when using iPad on iOS 11.x. Support Tech suggested we use iPhones instead. Really?
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6 years ago, Nietsche
First it wont start the session only "starting session" on the iPhone X. Worked on the ipad fine. Second, you can only view within the app itself. Can't provide much support with that. I would give negative stars if i could.
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2 years ago, DavidBobeck
Love this for them.
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3 years ago, Rombry09
The app connects to the console. However after the user broadcasts their screen it freezes up on the agent console side.
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3 years ago, Eclipse311
Does not work on iOS 14
App fails, never connects and crashes immediately
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12 months ago, * Happy customer *
pointer fix
kindly fix this issue - need it asap thx
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5 years ago, Pence755
iOS 13
Support iOS 13
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10 years ago, SFBaybrat
I think it's great!
Bomgar is such a good fit for remote support. You can really tell that it was built with that in mind. Unlike some solutions that were build for meetings and just happen to have the functionality to do remote support. So cool to be able to remote into a computer from mobile device.
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7 years ago, Pbclar07
Crashes. A lot.
I've used this on the desktop and it was fine. On the app though, it constantly crashes, which is terrible when you're working with direct user interactions with customer support. Having to reconnect is a pain, especially if you don't know when the app is going to crash again. It can definitely amplify customer problems.
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11 years ago, Joseph723
Great way to get 3DS master key
I forgot my PIN to the parental controls and I had to get a master key, this was great! Bomgar set me right up with a Nintendo associate and I got my master key in less than 5 minutes. It worked better than using my phone to call them.
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11 years ago, ThomasDravecz
Just ok
Sadly iOS does not allow any app to remote control the phone itself. This app only allows sharing this app in a webinar type session. Bomgar and apple should work together to be able to grant full or partial remote access if the clients install and agree. We can track a user to within 3 feet if where they are standing without heir consent but can't remote control the phone...even with their consent.. Keep working in it Bomgar... You took a long time to get to the iOS devices but progress is good. This review score is low only due to the fact that it can't do what we need it to do due to apple's restrictions.
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9 years ago, Joswe Gonzalex
Easy and simple to use!
Can't complain, very easy to use and does what it's intended to do!
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12 years ago, Severance17
Not there yet
In order for this to be a more effective support tool, remote control of the device is needed. This tool does not provide the required features to support devices such as iOS devices, but it is on the right path.
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10 years ago, SHC IT
Great app for an outstanding product would recommend to anyone in support.
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11 years ago, buryitz
3ds pin find
I used this app to get a master pin to reset pin on a 3ds xl and it works great saved my grandson from a fit lol
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12 years ago, L_A2012
Needs more work!
This is a good start but the app needs the ability to show device Settings to assist users, otherwise is not very helpful. Thanks.
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11 years ago, Marko_72
Absolute waste!
Cant do anything to the mobile device. Not even view the screen so u can walk a user thru something. Don't claim to offer ios support just to say it when your app does NOTHING!
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12 years ago, PantsAdmin
Fairly useless
The app only allows a rep to see the bomgar app itself and nothing else on the device. Frankly pretty useless as the primary reason to use bomgar is for screen sharing and remote control.
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10 years ago, Iphonerocks00
Love love love it when I'm on the go and away from my PC. Fantastic.
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8 years ago, GWKireK
All but useless on iPad
Going back to GotoMeeting. Bombar iPad client can not see a shared desktop. What is the point of software like this if you can not see what someone else is sharing?
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12 years ago, Gibius
Session key
I can't connect to a representative because it won't let me enter a non numerical session key!
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10 years ago, Or Cingilli
Bomgar User
This app is great for providing remote support via iPad.
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11 years ago, RumbleGodz
3ds mastery key
Opened my 3ds like a charm
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12 years ago, StickFigga
So Bomgar releases an App that requires a session key to start a session... Then they remove that option from the rep console! Absurd.
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7 years ago, Bowler357
iOS 11 screen sharing doesn’t work
Version 17.1 was supposed to bring the long awaited untethered iOS screen sharing. But unfortunately it goes black any time the user goes to the home screen or to another app. The appliance is running Bomgar 17.1.2 and we get the same results on both iPads and iPhones running iOS 11 and 11.03 Edit: in the next version, can you please put a button on the client app’s main screen? There’s plenty of empty space on the start session screen. I realize you’re at Apple’s mercy, but those are a lot of steps to walk the user through, and it’s definitely not obvious from the client app or the rep console that those extra steps need to be taken. Thanks for the response. I will test it tomorrow.
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12 years ago, Rommer1
The most useless app.
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