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User Reviews for Big Cartel

4.76 out of 5
6.8K Ratings
7 years ago, Name taken 20162017
So far so goo
I would love it if we could get to our dashboard from the app so that we are able to get to our discounts page and create or delete discounts codes for our customer as well as do other things right from the app! Also to the developers can we get some templates with notification/welcome bar if at all possible. I love how easy it is to access my inventory but that notification bar is something I think would put big cartel over the top! I would’ve gave you all a 5 big after my last update I can’t access my app all I see is black! I have an iPhone which is updated to ios11 if that helps
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2 years ago, nottabouttitt
Constant glitching
Updating 1 1/2 months later to say it has somehow gotten even worse. the app is absolutely useless. Seriously what is the issue? Nothing works and it constantly glitches and crashes!! It used to work perfect a few years ago and now it’s completely insufferable. Can’t add listings, can’t even view listings at all. Can’t view orders. Can’t even open the app without it crashing instantly. Honestly not sure what it does do besides take up space in my phone. I have a perfectly working iphone 12 pro so my phone is not the issue. FIX THE APP!!!!!!! I have had big cartel for two years and have tried to be patient but it seems that with every update something else stops working. for some reason you can’t click on listings from the order page. there’s just no link to the actual product anymore and when you click the product or the picture nothing happens when before it would pull up the listing. Also every single time i go to my products page to try and search for an item it just glitches out and won’t search anything. so the only way to find a specific product is to scroll through the hundreds of items i have to find the correct one. the app constantly logs me out for no reason and will randomly crash while i’m using it erasing all the work i’ve done. If it wasn’t going to be so much work to move all my listings to another platform i would have given up on big cartel years ago.
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2 years ago, rerekhalid
Major Improvements need to be made
This app works so slow that it’s actually impossible to use sometimes… it shouldn’t take 5 minutes for me to simply change the price of a product. It crashes, glitches, etc. every single time I’m on there. If I don’t have access to my computer, I’m forced to use Big Cartel on my phone and I literally hate it. It makes it so hard to complete simple tasks. I also feel like Big Cartel is past due for a new payment method.. I mean, just Stripe and PayPal..? We definitely should be able to offer our customers an actual card payment option by now instead of having to go through another company. Letting us offer a buy now, pay later option would also be of use. Our outlets for customization of our own websites are also very limited. I think Big Cartel is stuck in the past and should definitely take several notes from Shopify. I’ve stuck with Big Cartel because it’s more affordable and easier to navigate, but we as sellers should definitely have more apps and tools to help us boost our sites….
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1 year ago, bsjuxjaiuba
Constantly Freezes & Crashes
I’ve had this app for over a year and while it’s convenient to be able to edit products and check orders from it, that’s ONLY when it decides to work, which is very rarely. If you even try to go to another page, (like if I’m looking at my orders and want to go to a look at my products) the app will freeze and you’ll have to close it and try again. Tho you’ll also probably have to wait for it to load anyways. Editing products is also a pain as a listing will load partway and you can see the options but can’t open anything to edit. You have to wait even longer for that part to load. I will always advocate for Big Cartel over Etsy. But at least Etsy’s app works. This app is complete garbage and it’s been like this since I’ve downloaded it. I hoped it would work better eventually, but it’s seems obvious that the developers do not care.
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5 years ago, whatever louie
Was so good now just frustrating.
Been using this for 5 years and I used to 5 star this to everyone, now won’t recommend... This app was SO on point. It was the main reason I chose big cartel in the first place. Now it’s just frustrating. You can’t individually delete product photos anymore. You need to make the one you don't want anymore the main photo, save it then delete and save again. You also can’t view them on the app product page individually. So you need to make the one you want to view the main, save it then you're able to view in full size. Revert it back already. Trying to improve something that was already perfect makes zero sense to me. I’m going to check out other platforms before moving on. Hopefully there’s something better than the old BC app. Using on iOS 13.
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3 years ago, KennedygotWings
Getting there
EDIT:: They have been updating the app, for the better. Working out the bugs. For someone like me who uses an app like this daily i just cant fathom why they would roll out a completely new version without actually making sure it worked first. But progress is coming and im happy about that. Will update as it gets better The app was great until they completely ruined it with this last update. Ive been a BC user for nearly 5 years and i will be switching now. The app is garbage, it makes you sign in over and over again, nothing ever loads, why would you fix something that wasnt broken. Mobile order status is such an important part of small businesses and they ruined it.
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4 years ago, Hangin'Nutz
App WAS great, now...NOT!!! Please fix all recurring issues!!!
I have used BigCartel for the last several years to push my business and it has, in the past, been great! Awesome even. But as of the last few years, less so. Every time I try and upload new products, nothing saves. I’ve tried using it on and off WiFi, nothing. I take pictures and upload them nothing. None of my products save. I can’t get the app to do anything. Why pay $10 a month for an app that does literally nothing? I can sell all this stuff for free on my Instagram without any problems. The app used to be so user friendly. The UI was easy to navigate and uploading products was a snap. Now this app has cobwebs on it I’m so used to people just taking my money, I just keep my subscription cause it’s all I know. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, ThatGirlNamedVictoria
Easiest and Most Beneficial Site for Local Artists!
My favorite part about Big Cartel is that you keep all the money, and money is easily transferred into your bank account. It is also INCREDIBLY EASY on both ends of the transaction for buyer and seller. I am able to look at insights and get 100% of the information I need (i.e name of client, address, revenue, etc.) in order to make a thriving business. If making and sending prints on your own is accessible to you, I HIGHLY recommend Big Cartel if you are an artist!
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3 years ago, FeministSlut
It’s a good app for starting out but it doesn’t allow you to list add ons under a item for a different price, sometimes I am not getting order notifications which is my biggest issue because our business provides a fast turn around time. It’s missing a few elements like allowing you to add additional products under your existing one, or creating shipping prices depending on the zone, you have to create prices and make sure wherever they order from the price of shipping is accurate. It’s a lot I feel like the only thing it helps you with is having a cheap site so I guess you get what you pay for
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2 years ago, kawaiiberry0000000000000
I wish it worked better
I was really excited to see that there was an app to go with big cartel’s website, but man have I been disappointed. It constantly logs me out, the search function doesn’t actually find the thing I’m looking for (even if I type the exact listing name), when I update inventory it automatically puts a 1 instead of a zero so constantly I have 10 in stock when there should be 0, the checkout system is cash only unless you have a specific account with another app, and today it just flat out won’t work saying “a server with the special…..ame could not be found” and I’m unable to log out to try logging in again.
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11 months ago, qqqqsavungr
Love it but…
I updated my big cartel in the morning and after that I was editing my shop making it perfect till I reached pages. I wanted to make a policies page after I did that I just put “testing” to see how it will work than I saved it and then my banner and my background picture got tooken off and my slide show and when I add say the banner back than I add the slide show or the background it refreshes and takes off the banner please help 🙏🙏 Now I resented all my stuff work and still nothing is this just a bug should I wait till tomorrow!?
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3 years ago, uloveshida
The new update has A LOT of issues
I loved this app until it recently updated. Now everything runs slow and barely loads. I keep refreshing and nothing shows up. The screen just stays black. I now have to do everything through the website. I even updated my phone thinking that was the issue and deleted and reinstalled the app. I get what they were trying to do with the update but it would be nice if it actually work right. The app is trash for now until things improve and hopefully they do or I might have to find a new site to use for my website.
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3 years ago, MrDankmenjenson
Love Big Cartel….BUT
Love the way they do things, love how the desktop site editing is so easy and everything is simple and easy to navigate. 2-3 months ago, i could say the same thing about the App. BUT, my honest opinion is that it’s got to absolute S@%T. Dashboard is non-existant. Its been updated multiple times and still can’t even view my dashboard anymore through the App. Let alone finding the dashboard has become unnecessarily annoying. The app used to be so straight forward and SIMPLE. Now its like its trying really hard to be sophisticated and modern, it’s garbage. You used to have a whole bar at the bottom of the app to navigate, almost like instagram. You can check dashboard, orders, products, and your account all at the bottom one click away. Now its much more complicated, maybe I’d be writing a much better review if the new tabs/buttons actually worked and showed me what they’re supposed to. I guess long story short, trash this new look. Go back to the old. It can’t POSSIBLY BE GETTING MUCH PRAISE.
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7 years ago, Small Business Mama
Two areas to improve
I enjoy using Big Cartel. It is reasonably priced and looks slick, BUT there are two big things I think the site needs. I am always back peddling with emails to costumers to compensate for these missing features, which is a waste of my time. 1. customers should be able to to add comments at check out. I understand by adding this feature it may reduce the amount of postings packages you sell, but it’s a pretty basic feature to offer. Given I sell baby crowns with a number on the front, it would be virtually impossible to do separate options for all numbers. Comments could help with this. 2. shipping notifications should be upgraded to show carrier and have a place to add tracking number for ongoing status. This is standard for pretty much all online shops these days. People don’t want to be left in the dark with their orders. Let me know if I am missing these features. Thank you. Vanessa
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11 months ago, KryStyle88
Wonder App
So far I’m loving this app. One thing I did notice I could not delete old orders made. I was just trying it out to see how it worked by putting in a fake payment made and I went to try and delete and it won’t so when I try to calculate all payments received I have to keep reminding myself of the items not really sold. If this could be resolved that would be great!
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2 weeks ago, suggashyy
The customer service itself is absolutely amazing I’m so thankful everyone I’ve come across has been beyond helpful HOWEVERRRR this app itself can be very frustrating I’ve had my site for almost three years now after swapping from wix & honestly I’d give it a 5 star review if it didn’t always exit & close out the moment I try rearranging products I find myself constantly logging back in over & over every time I’m on it & it closes out after 5-10mins of working & everyyyy time I open it it says error & logs me back out
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2 years ago, Ooooooooossushshahaba
App crashes after refreshing dashboard page
I really like big cartel for my site. It’s easy to use and the themes are simple and clean and I don’t feel overwhelmed by the interface like I did with squarespace and wix. My only issue is the app crashes whenever you refresh the dashboard page, which is a little annoying. It’s also a little hard to get in contact with support through the app, but the articles and tutorials online are helpful. I really enjoy big cartel just the glitches need to be fixed.
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6 years ago, 500?
I Love the App it Keeps My Store Going and In full affect Just one thing i wish we had on the app was To Put in Tracking Information Or a Processing Choice to Put into Our System to Let them know their order is Being processed and shipped Out & as well on the Website MORE flexible layouts and layout templates on website to get more creative with a message banner , show customers whos buying what, to Bring in More Sales !
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4 years ago, OdessaRed
Easy to use
So far I like the product overall...user friendly for seller and buyer. Unfortunately, after some time a page stays blank and won’t load..or the save button stops working so I have to uninstall then reinstall the app..a pain if I’m in the middle of entering merch. Also, I would like to see the main/home page have the ability to lock hot sellers to the page instead of photos of the last things I’ve uploaded be an ongoing stream. Thanks
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2 years ago, Krystal Bakun
Too glitchy
I downloaded the app hoping it would make things easier to access on the go when I don’t have access to a computer, but there are so many constant glitches that it’s almost not worth having the app downloaded. The app constantly logs me out and then gives me errors when I try to sign in. Products don’t load and I have to completely close out of the app and reopen it, same with the order page. This happens every time I log in. I log in, go to my orders, they don’t load, I close the app, reopen, and then I’m finally able to see my orders. It says my password is incorrect when I haven’t changed it, and then when I finally do change it to be able to log back in, it tells me the subdomain doesn’t exist. I’ve made sure both the app and my phone’s software are up to date. I’ve even changed phones but the issues persist.
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1 year ago, awesome app a little bit
The best
The best website so far i’ve seen very easy to use and very modern look only thing is when your clients want to pay they only have the option for paypal only, it will be much better if they can have an option for Cash on delivery for the ones that don’t have paypal in other countries but so far i like it! great Job
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3 years ago, Myaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Vision, Create, Sell 🥺🦋 GAME CHANGER !!!
Okay Big Cartel is CHANGING THE GAME !!!! I went months wanting to launch my business but needed a website … I tried Shopify, Wix , GoDaddy, Show it, TailorBrands, & even Fiiver 😩 BUT THIS Big Cartel allowed me to literally create the vision I have been having for MONTHS for FREEEEEEEE ! Super easy & straight to the point for all the small business shops 11/10 recommended ✨
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1 year ago, Montoemango
Please fix app
The app starts glitching and loading slows way down the more products I have on my website. Sometimes I have to wait more than 3 minutes for my page to load in the app so I can adjust something. When I mentioned this to a help chat agent, she told me to use the desktop browser for it. This is not a solution for me as I don’t have access to a desktop computer nor a laptop. Please, please fix the mobile app!
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3 years ago, S. Zulu
It’s been WEEKS now (I’m actually willing to bet more like nearly a couple of months) since the complete app overhaul and it’s been getting worse and worse with each update. Always crashing. Showing that I have no orders to ship when I have at least 50. Rarely finds the product or order Im searching for. And ALWAYS CRASHING. It’s incredibly frustrating for entrepreneurs in the go. Though not perfect, the app was much better before the big change. PLEASE hear our cries Big Cartel. Other platforms are looking more and more appealing by the day.
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5 years ago, swirllytwirlly
How do we pay and how do you pay?
I have a simple question right there. If we make the merch or T-shirts or anything, is it for free? If not, how do we pay you? If yes, how do you get payed? Another question: how do you give me the money if someone bought a shirt or anything els from me? These stuff are important to me
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3 years ago, bitterhoe
really miss the old layout
the new layout is less user friendly than the old one :/ it takes more steps to navigate things and it’s too complicated to understand the shop stats and we miss being able to move items around from the app :/ very appreciative of BC but the new layout is not it
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3 years ago, shanii305
Bigcartel Got Worse
Bigcartel used to be the platform for all of my business a few years back. Now the app is terrible! I open the app and the stats, orders, none of that loads. I transferred a few of my stores to different platforms a while ago, but still have one on bigcartel. But considering transferring my last store so I won’t to have nothing to do with bigcartel anymore. We are paying monthly fees for the app to act this and don’t even have the best features. If you’re business is big, find another platform please!
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3 years ago, Meeks98$
Can’t see my Dashboard
I really like big cartel but I think it’s more functional on a laptop or desktop. For some reason on the app my dashboard is blank. & sometimes when I try to edit my shops design on it won’t let me change things so I have to hop on my laptop. Which is frustrating because sometimes I need to tweak things on the go & I can’t. Hopefully you guys can get the bugs fixed.
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3 years ago, styliish.mom31
Crashes at in person check out
I love the app because it helps with keeping inventory up to date while at pop ups, but it crashes and cuts out whenever I'm trying to check a customer out. I've restarted my phone, I've closed out other apps, I've tried on different devices and still nothing. I thought it was because I didn't have the stripe device, got it and still crashes. What is the fix to this?
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3 years ago, AndFortes
The last update ruined the app :(
It worked perfectly fine before, how the heck do ya update something and make it worse across the board? It’s glitchy, everything takes several minutes to load, & when I try to make updates it usually won’t save the update unless I do it multiple times. I really love using Big Cartel, but I find myself only being able to use it on my browser now. Please fix this! :(
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4 years ago, jamaican beauti
Please I'm asking
I took away one start because I so wish u guys could allow the image to cbange in the background when a customer try to pick on a item I would love for tht image to change so customer can know they are purchasing the right item. Please fix that that's the only problem that is making the website not 100% amazing
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2 years ago, pippykay
Having trouble with it loading
This is a great app and tool for a small business but on my computer and on my phone when I go to reset the password on my phone it says 503 service unavailable. When I go to log in on my computer to my account it also says 503 service unavailable.
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3 years ago, Bay2urheart
Hate the new Update
I’ve used, and loved Big Cartel since September of 2020. This new update makes it SO MUCH HARDER to get products on the site, to navigate, to even tell what the heck is going on. I’m so disappointed and frustrated. It already took me quite a bit to upload products, as it is a time consuming matter, but now only being able to upload one picture at a time, all of the extra steps you have to take just to get a product up is so overwhelming. Just sad.
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4 years ago, Spencewound
Love the company but unable to use the app
I’ve been using BigCartel for a number of years now with multiple bands and I’ve always found the website and app to be user friendly and helpful. However, as of recently, the app keeps auto-closing on my phone after only a few seconds. It’s made it very difficult to track orders while I’m on the go or figure out the pertinent info I need to ship the orders out.
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6 years ago, Zay from The Chosen Few
Love it
Been running my online clothing store through this service and I am a platinum subscriber becoming an entrepreneur changed my life my work ethic and my money management. S/O Alexandria she helped me a lot only thing I would love to see come to the service is more theme customization options and a direct email subscription service instead of third party. Thanks for everything.
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3 years ago, laycbuell
App is so buggy now!!
I had not problems before with the mobile app but now it drives me crazy! It seems there was a new update and a lot of changes have been made. I have found several annoying issues but the biggest one is that on mobile it keeps logging me out. I could literally be putting up items up in my shop and it will refresh and I will be logged out. It’s driving me nuts!!!
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1 year ago, NicQuinn
“Log in” over and over an over
Like once a day I have to log in, again. It’s so buggy. Many features cannot b used on the app. My biggest issue is rolling products or trying to modify one: plan to wait up to three minutes for a single post to fully load and then wait up to ten for all products, if they load at all. It’s not my services- connected to Wi-Fi or on cellular, this app leaves a lot to be desired if you’re actually trying to run a business.
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5 years ago, Kathria
Won’t allow you to setup shop
The app looks promising and was super excited to try it to sell my original artwork. However, I tried twice to click and setup shop through the app. It lets me put in my email, a password and as soon as I start typing in my shop name the app closes. I’m done. Deleted the app and looking elsewhere. Why even give people the option to setup shop through the app if it doesn’t work? I can only imagine the other bugs on the app no one has talked about on here if this is happening!
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3 months ago, katieachen
Perfect companion to my online store
I sell online and in person on the weekends at my local farmer’s market. Getting my shop set up for both was super simple. Allowed me to not worry about technical issues and just focus on selling. Thanks Big Cartel!
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7 years ago, Southernbellebows
Hasn't opened in weeks.
The app started out fine for me in August when I first downloaded it. However, in the past 2-3 weeks, I go to click on the app and it's blank. And never opens anything. It's got a blank white top banner and the rest of the page is black. I have no idea how I'm supposed to work on my website from my phone app if it's going to keep doing this. I don't always have access to big cartel from my laptop because I'm on the go. Is there a solution for this? Is anybody else having this issue?
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6 years ago, TrutH (Vox Veritas Vita)
Great App for New Artist
If you have traditional art to sell or have design skill and want to create stuff for sale, this is a great way to get started, only $10 a month! You get out of it as much as you put in and great things take time- create some art and have fun selling your art with this App.
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1 year ago, fnjeubfidksk
Need more images
I had tried Shopify and big commerce now I switched to big cartel. Everything is just fine. But please ,I’m selling women’s clothing and bags, 5 images for 1 product are not enough. I want my customers to see all the details. Even platinum member have 5 images per item too. Please ADD more !
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4 years ago, Mai1313
So far so good!
I love the idea of being able to customize my store unlike other platforms out there. The only thing I would like to see is an addition where customers can leave a review on the products purchased. But so far I’m loving it!
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3 years ago, gracyfaith
a few issues
i love big cartel as far as tools, customizations, and website function. however the app is very very slow, it takes a very long time for all of my products to load & save. i never had this problem with the Etsy app before i left. i do really really love bigcartel but just not on my phone, it works great if you are on a laptop or desktop but mobile function could be very very improved.
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12 months ago, mqueenbee
Abandoned Cart
I love using Big Cartel for my business but I would like to see an abandoned cart feature added into the app. The feature would automatically send emails to potential customers that have left items in their shopping carts
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3 years ago, 𝑲𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒚
Love it
It is so easy to use! I love this for my business! However I wish there was an option to link different payment processors so customers can have more payment options. The two payment options available are high in fees…
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5 years ago, TeeC145
Pleaseeee Read!
I LOVE big cartel, best prices, really scaleable to your liking (esp if you have a laptop) & they have real time analytics...... THE ONLY reason I’m giving it 2 stars is because I KNOW it’s for “creators” & “artist” but A LOT of us “makeup ARTIST” use it to sell makeup/hair/lashes etc. it works fine! It suits our needs(well mine I know for a fact) BUT PLEASE ADD MORE THEMES!!!! I CANNOT DEAL WITH THESE THEMES😭😭 I’ve been using big cartel for some time now & the only new theme we got was “sunrise” 😩
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3 years ago, Branferd
Perfect If I Could Save Changes
For some reason when I edit stock on the app I don’t have the option to save changes, making my edits pointless. So if I’m out of the house I have to do it through Safari which is kind of eh or wait until I can access my desktop. If I could do more than look at my data it’d be perfect.
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3 years ago, mdlsndoejswks
New update is terrible
I’ve never left an App Store review in the 10 years I’ve used iPhone, but after updating my Big Cartel a few weeks ago I have just had constant issues. Products page never loads. Dashboard is glitchy. Can’t view my orders. The list goes on. I used to use the app for everything when shipping and handling orders. Even listing new products or adjusting info. Now I can barely do anything and it’s beyond frustrating.
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3 years ago, Taurean frustrated
The new app version is iffy
I hate that I have to sign in over and over again. And since Thanksgiving 2021, I can’t sign in at all. Once I get to my password the app freezes up and doesn’t allow me to login. I deleted the app over a week ago and just re-installed it & it’s still doing the same thing. I give up. I can only use my laptop which is a huge inconvenience.
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