Birthday Reminder & Countdown

4.7 (8.3K)
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Current version
New Marketing Lab, Inc
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2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Birthday Reminder & Countdown

4.71 out of 5
8.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Zdogruss
The is far and above the greatest app I have ever downloaded on my phone. It’s just so easy to use, and anytime you remember someone’s birthday, they are just so happy. I show this app to my friends, and they tell “that’s so stupid, just enter someone’s birthday in your contacts and use the Apple calendar.” But they could not be more wrong. First of all, because you don’t always have the contact for everyone, and you can sync birthdays to contacts later if you wish. Second, because the Apple calendar doesn’t really notify you of anything unless you have set it to alert you. This app promptly puts a notification on your Lock Screen at 8:00 AM telling you who’s birthday it is and how old they’re turning (if you have the year entered in the app). You can even set it to remind you days in advance so you have time to get someone something or want to send them a letter or something, as well as change the time of notification if you want it earlier or later, maybe if someone’s in a different time zone. The only thing I would change is for the app to show you how many people you have entered in the app on the bottom of the app, but beyond that this is the perfect app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, frankly what are you doing?
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11 months ago, CLily131415
Never forget a birthday
I’ve always wanted to be someone who remembers everyone’s birthday, but it’s super hard to keep track of everyone’s birthday, and just having it on my calendar has never worked for me. I need to see it at all times, so the fact that this app also has a widget that lets me have it on my screen at all times has been a game changer. I love seeing, “Amy has a birthday today”, “Sarah has a birthday in 3 days”, “John has a birthday in 16 days”, “Xavier has a birthday in 37 days”, etc. I use this app in conjunction with the Felt app (not good for birthday tracking), that lets me digitally create a birthday card, which they mail for me (can be set to mail asap or on a specific date). Between these 2 apps, I’ve become the person who i’ve always wanted to be to my loved ones when it comes to remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and important events.
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2 years ago, MiscStuff64
Fantastic App!
I've had several other birthday reminder programs & they were sloppy in my opinion. I tried the free unpaid version of this app and it didn't take me very long to buy the full lifetime version for $5.99, & so far I am wildly impressed with its simplicity and very nice built-in features (see below). I can see some careful thought went into creating the app and the reviews by others speak volumes to the credibility of the Developer & the reviews are originally what got me looking at it in the first place. Also, under "Help and Support" the Developer himself can be directly contacted via e-mail. I actually did that b/c I had a question and he responded within 2 hours & that my friends is a very good sign that he's on top of things and wants the user to be happy with his program. Some features with the paid version (all of them I really like) 1. iCloud sync (Nice) 2. Auto import of birthdays from your iPhone contacts (really love this one) Every time you add a birthday in your contact list, it's automatically added to the birthday program. 3. Export feature to Excel , CSV or PDF formats (awesome) 4. Hidden birthday feature 5. Auto-check for leap year 6. Sort list by Alpha or by Date Good job Sebastien! Ron Reynolds
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3 years ago, matbrottog
Easiest to manage birthday tracker out there! Nothing fancy, just a simple and very effective tracker to manage your birthdays. It also includes a few extra features that I don’t personally use but could be handy for businessmen or other people. The only issue that I encountered (reason for a 4 star review, and I hope the administration can fix this) was that the notification system is a little bit sketchy. I had all notifications enabled, set reminder times etc, but it still failed to remind me when birthdays came up. Rarely would I even get a badge on the app when a birthday was up. This defeats the purpose of this app, which is to help remind you when a birthday comes up. However, I do recall the notifications working a few times, I just wish it was more consistent. Hopefully I am not the only one who encountered this issue.
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3 years ago, Jendayi781
Can’t Get the Widget to Work
I bought the Pro version of this app awhile back and I recently updated when I saw an update was available in the App Store a few days ago, but for some reason I still can’t get the widget to display any data on the home page of my iPad Pro. The widget itself shows up, but it’s empty. I can tap on it and the app opens and *then* I can see all my data for the day but I have to open the app to see any data. Nothing has *ever* shown up in my widget since I first downloaded the app. I tried to contact support through the App Store link but my email keeps giving me an error that the address listed in the App Store is invalid.
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2 years ago, kle1102
Simple and Easy to Use
This app has become a great tool for me to track birthdays and anniversaries. The next birthday is always at the top, let’s me know how many days until the event and, if I choose, reminds me of how old the person is turning. It has saved me many times from forgetting someone’s birthday. The only thing I would change at this point is to add a spot for addresses for the individuals. Not just phone, email and notes but an address too for those that still like to send things in the mail.
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10 months ago, brianrhill
exactly what I wanted
This app does exactly what I want, which is to compartmentalize birthday reminders away from my Calendar app, which I like to keep sparse so work and travel events stand out there. The one issue I am having is that notifications are erratic. Fortunately, I am not depending on that. This failed to work consistently from the get-go. I am hopeful the Aug. 6, 2023 update, which I just got, will fix this. My favorite feature is that the app pulls the birthdays from the Contacts app seamlessly and instantaneously. I was concerned that edits made in the Contacts app, might not immediately appear, but they definitely do!
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5 years ago, Cosmo2002
Could use a tweak
After contacting support I was able to have the data appear on both my phones and my iPad. By the way, support answered my l email within minutes. Very impressive. The only reasons I did not give 5 stars, is that I just started using the app today and I rated on what I have seen only in a few moments. The other reason, is although you cannot backup to your computer, you can send to the cloud but it would be nice to have the option to print the list of names and birthdates as a safety measure.
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2 years ago, chestslap
Most annoying add pop ups ever
This apps only function is to manage birthdays. I get that it’s free but I’d pay the $2.99 fee if they had one to never see an ad ever again. I have free apps where ads pop up but this app is beyond stupid. If you are in the app for more than 15 seconds a full add pops up and then you click close and get another add about 15 seconds later. I’m constantly closing the app and reopening so I can ignore the app and keep going. I try to add a new birthday as quickly as possible to avoid the ads. It also doesn’t consistently notify so I’ve missed birthdays and that’s super annoying. I use this app begrudgingly until I find a better one.
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3 years ago, donetried12namesalltaken
Hate this app after years of enjoying it deleting it ASAP
I had all birthday in this app (cause I have bad memory and the reason to have an app like this) switched phones transferred everything over from iPhone to iPhone once all was transferred and working I factory reset other iPhone (if anybody is in the same situation DO NOT reset old phone until you write down all your birthdays) when I opened up all my apps most just continued where I left off this app didn’t so now I have no ideal who’s birthday is next or when anybody's is. Very upset and embarrassed to have to reach out to family and friends to get everyone’s birthday again and most embarrassing part is asking either how old they turning or what year they was born
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6 months ago, Saqha
Loving it so far - one suggestion…
I love how simple the app is and how it will transform me from a birthday forgetter to a birthday rememberer. However!! It would be great to have a sort feature where you can find all by a certain note, category, or status (ie. Kids, Family, or the like). I’m trying to see a list of ages for children to buy Christmas presents, but even if I put a note, I can’t search by that.
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3 years ago, Doggy🌙
Highly recommend
Okay so personally I forget birthday’s all the time and this app is perfect for that! I haven’t forgotten a birthday since I got this app. You can add as many people as you want and it’s free with ads but that’s fine with me. And even if you didn’t want ads and stuff like that you could pay $1.99 a year or $5.99 one time payment. If you forget peoples birthdays then this is the app for you!!!!
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10 months ago, 🤪🤩🙂😇🤓🫠
Great App!!!
If you’re like me and you have a ton of friends and family who’s birthday you have to remember, this app couldn’t be more perfect for you!!! It sends you a notification for whenever the birthday is and you can add a widget of it to your Home Screen. It says you should buy the pro version, but it’s really not necessary. If you’re looking for a free, good birthday reminder THIS IS YOUR APP!!!!
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5 years ago, asdfgjjklctnc
Best Support Ever
Was having a problem syncing across devices (mostly my own doing). Sent an email and was contacted within minutes. Spent a long time going back and forth until he figured out the problem. I was extremely frustrated and he was extremely patient. Not used to such that level of support! Thanks. Love the app - it does exactly what I need it to do.
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5 years ago, Deda1013
Support Is Great
If you ever have any issues, email support and they will work with you to fix it. The app has the best layout I’ve seen compared to the other apps. And it will actually remind you when it’s someone’s birthday ahead of it. I had a different app before that would randomly remind me so I had to access the app daily to be sure I didn’t miss someone’s birthday!
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3 years ago, Onstedrx
Some issues
If you don’t know the year of birth for a person, the app will list them as 417 years old. Good for birthdays, (it is a birthday app), but not really good for other things like anniversaries or other events since it will show anything entered as turns (age) in x number of days. Picked this app because iPhone will allow it to be added as a widget on the screen. Nice feature.
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3 years ago, E. M. Jones
Amazing app. So well organized. I was having trouble getting birthday reminders that were entered in my contacts, but this app solved that problem - it automatically imported birthdays from my contacts and sorted them by date. It even lets you adjust when you want a reminder. Definitely worth downloading!
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3 years ago, Marion SK
Great calendar app
I absolutely love this app. I find it far more helpful than using an old fashioned calendar. In addition to the app, the customer service is absolutely amazing. I had an issue that I was unable to figure out, and the customer service emailed with me at least 3 times to help me correct the issue. I definitely recommend this app.
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7 days ago, BubblesLover ;p
Great app, efficient, easy to use
Thank you so much for making this app. It is very easy to use, the ads are short and skippable, the interface is straightforward and the settings are very helpful. I know for a fact that I will never forget anyone’s birthday ever again. 😁
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3 years ago, Mena G. R.
I’ve had this app since iOS 14 was installed and never had an issue until lately. When I got a new phone the app would not work with the widgets, it just stayed blank. So I decided to delete them redownload it. It was working just fine until I was trying to add in birthday’s and it would not let me set a date it kept going to January 5th 2021. I have it 3 stars because I had actually liked this app a lot =(
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2 months ago, Codester456
Fantastic app
I love this birthday reminder app. It’s easy to use and it’s consistent. Highly recommend it. The notification option to send a reminder 10 days before is great. I use it to remind myself to send birthday cards, that way they arrive around the persons birthday.
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3 months ago, Noelannie
Extremely disappointed!
I loved this app and relied on it until… I was looking up some birthdays and ads came on! One would not let me close it no matter what I did. There was no X nothing. I tried for two days to get to the Birthdays, but couldn’t get through the ad. I deleted it and reinstalled it. Yes I was told I would lose data, but it was worth a risk as some apps recover if you reinstall quickly enough. All my birthdays are lost. All because of the stupid ads and the ploy to get me to pay for ad free!
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5 years ago, Mirka2019
Shifted calendar for a day after update on iOS13
After updating on iOS 13 all reminders are shifted for a day! Algthough I have not made any changes in date and time, all reminders are shifted for a day! Due this bug I have forgoten on several bithdays, until I noticed where is the cause of the problem! I’m really dissapointed!
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2 years ago, Funerjr
Liking it
I tried out several birthday apps to be able to get a quick view of who is how old and when their birthdays are so I don’t have to scroll through my calendar. This is the best of the bunch in my opinion
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4 months ago, ibarresohard
Love it except ads in Chinese
It’s overall a great app. It’s simple, reliable, no fuss. I’m fine with the ads for the free version, except when I get the Chinese ones. I then have no idea which button to click to get out of it. And it also makes me wonder why I’m getting ads in Chinese in the first place 😂.
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4 years ago, coudle cake
Could be better but it would be better if it sent you a notification date of your birthday
This app is good but it would be much better if you made it send our phones a little notification overall it’s amazing and I would get it
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3 years ago, Twweesa
Clean and simple
Wanted an app for upcoming dates and this does exactly what it says if will do. My only request is to be able to select multiple contacts and hide them all at once rather than one at a time.
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3 years ago, Nybill66
Inconsistent reminder notifications
Have had this app for a couple of years and am deleting it. The notifications are sporadic and have missed several birthday which has been embarrassing at times. Most recently I bought a new iPhone and none of my birthdays transferred which were added manually. I reached out to customer support and was given vague instructions on how to retrieve but nothing works.
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5 years ago, ccsschey
All upcoming bdays at a glance! Genius!
I have been looking for a way to help me keep all the birthdays at a glance. Have actually tried a couple birthday apps that I was unimpressed with. This is just what I was looking for! Has all birthdays by month. If it’s someone’s bday, the apps icon has a little icon to remind you that day! Genius!
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1 year ago, cbapack
Birthday calendar
Great site! I like the way it is set up. I just like to check it out and see whose birthday is coming up. I don’t have to remember. I lost my other site so I like that one. This is the same set up like the other one.
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10 months ago, ERA81*
Almost perfect
I use this app to track my aa friends sober birthdays. It’s very convenient. My only complaint would be that since I paid for to full version I’d appreciate being able to have more than 1 reminder option. Other than that it’s perfect!
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2 years ago, 420blazeiterryday
Super Useful
I love the dark mode & that I can passively glance at the widget to know if I’ll need to buy a gift or schedule a call. Dedicated app with count downs work better for conceptualizing shipping windows etc. Developer responded quickly to troubleshoot a glitch. Love it!
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1 year ago, LW401
4 star
I really like this app and it is so convenient/easy to use. The only thing making this a 4 star are all the ads which I understand, and that it forgets to notify you sometimes. For some reason it doesn’t remind you sometimes.
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3 months ago, kelsoji
I thought I was going crazy, but the app changes the dates a day off!
I hate making bad reviews, but I need the devs to understand that I’ve missed a few birthdays because the dates are changing in the app. I thought it was me at first but it’s been almost every single person I’ve entered. It’s frustrating now that I just found out and paid for it.
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4 years ago, Lovesunnynature
Reminders don’t work
The reminders don’t work and support wasn’t able to help me though I followed their advice. Finally they didn’t help me with processing refund saying I need to contact App Store.
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8 months ago, Wheelygirl
Almost perfect- please Dynamic Text size
Overall this app does what I was looking for: an easy way to track birthdays AND ages with reminders. I just wish you could adjust the font size or have it reflect the iOS Dynamic Text size setting.
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3 months ago, Christ_Is_Risen
Great! Widgets could use a little work
I love how you can see how old everyone is turning and have their profile pictures. My only problem is that the widgets don’t work a lot of the time, and I don’t know how to fix it.
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2 years ago, Denece G
This app is exactly what I wanted. If you have a lot of birthdays to keep up with, this will help you tremendously. The widgets are great! And the developer responds quickly and kindly to inquiries. What more could you want?!
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2 years ago, Alaskan Pilot
Need more reminder flexibility
This app only allows me to choose one reminder time for all birthdays. It would be far more useful to me if it would allow me to choose multiple reminder times. Better yet, how about allowing custom reminder times for each birthday?
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10 months ago, maryasrom
I wish there was iCloud back up
Recently lost my phone and lost the hundreds of birthdays that I had to saved on here for years. I wish there was a back up for iCloud so that in the future if I lose my phone or if it stops functioning, I can easily download them. Please consider adding this to the app features.
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2 years ago, Long slim
Makes it easy to keep track of special days
Easy to use and extremely helpful for reminding me of family birthdays and anniversaries
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2 years ago, skfkfkff
It’s pretty good
I honestly thought it would be a pay app like the others. I have the memory of a goldfish so this app rly helps me remember everyone’s bday and other things like that. :)
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3 years ago, Nazzzari
Great app for those who always forget b-day dates
Easy interface and handy features make this app #1 choice of such kind. 10/10 recommend!
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4 years ago, Jerry77B
Great app, great support!
I got this app after forgetting my best friend’s birthday for the first time! I really need to be reminded ahead of time. When I contacted support, the developer replied within 30 minutes—super impressive.
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4 years ago, Cid Austriaco
Need Help finding how to put Widget
Can someone reply please?? How do you put the widget on iPhone 11 Lock Screen, and if so, can you put it on Home Screen?? Overall, this is a good app!!
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3 years ago, bajsnajajanajajajaja
absolutely great!
Hi! My birthday is very soon🙂 I love this app! It makes me so excited because i’m turning 13 years old. It helps me remember and it is very fun to look at. Would 100% recommend.
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3 weeks ago, Bug123546879010
Ok so my sister has this app that keeps track of her birthday and it is wrong so I got this app to keep track of her birthday and mine and it is actually correct!❤️ I love this app
Show more
2 years ago, SunnyCharlotte
Great birthday reminder
This helps to remind me about close friends and family, birthdays. Friends always ask how do you remember so many birthdays.
Show more
3 years ago, alixander22
I couldn’t find a better app
To be honest this app really keeps you on track about all your friends and families.
Show more
5 years ago, jociebear16
So helpful for birthdays
This is very helpful to keep my friends and families birthdays so I don’t forget bc I normally do and now I have this and it helps me keep track of everyone’s birthday So thanks for backing this app❤️
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