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User Reviews for Bitrix24

3.97 out of 5
481 Ratings
6 years ago, Umm Khali
Great compared to others!
I switched to Bitrix24 from Zoho and Hubspot (yes, I used two services for different reasons) about a year ago. The free version gives you so much more than any other CRM. Some of the free tools I had last year are now paid tools but for the price, you still can’t beat it. I give them four stars because I think support should have an 800 number. Something’s can’t be solved via chat. Otherwise, this site is great for starts ups and rather young companies.
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5 years ago, ellisdj
I use b24 for everything.
I have tried over a dozen productivity apps, websites, planners, you name it. Probably several dozen, if I’m honest. Bitrix24 does everything I need to organize my life and the myriad of roles I have (wife, mother, employee, boss, contributing member of society, daughter, etc.). This tool has allowed me to create recurring checklists (templates) which I use for routines throughout my day (morning routine, bedtime routine, etc.), as well as specific projects and tasks (college assignments, work projects, planning surprise parties, you name it). Plus I can assign tasks to people in my life (partner, kids, etc.). The monthly subscription is extremely worth it to me, but I also did enjoy the free version. I just wanted to create many dependencies between tasks. The numerous views for task reporting (Gantt, Kanban, list, planner) really give me options for how I best pull in info. The calendar view is super helpful, and integrating with my gmail calendar saves my bacon all the time. I only use b24 for task and project mgmt, and to host one website. I barely scratch the surface of its power. This is a hidden gem.
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3 years ago, urlandscaper
Customer No-Service
Customer service is only available via chat. It takes days to get answers on questions tech support should know. The MAIN reason for purchase was to integrate with Quickbooks. I read several articles stating that desktop integration was made available in 2017. After purchasing the product and paying $948 for a one year subscription, tech support could not tell me how the integration worked. Short story after many hours of trying on my own-This product does NOT integrate with Quickbooks Enterprise 2021 unless of course you want to pay a Gold Partner upwards of $5000 to figure it out. It ONLY integrates with Quickbooks Cloud. Then to pour salt in the wound of all the wastes time, I was told they would not refund my subscription. I have submitted a dispute with our credit card company. In our 40 years in business I have never had to do anything like this. Terrible customer service. Do NOT purchase to try it out!
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8 years ago, Jwhaiku11000
After much searching, experimentation and disappointment I stumbled onto a program that actually works the way it says and even more. I use the free version and I am super appreciative of the amount of powerful tools available. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that needs flow amongst their multiple other apps. I don't experienced one minor issue but in light of the many other features it's barely worth mentioning. When I use the mobile app there are times when it's necessary for me to delete my profile and then re-add it in order to log. It adds about 30 additional seconds to my login but I'm just happy there's a mobile app!
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5 years ago, lhelmuth
Horrible UI
Our office just installed this, and now we’re getting ready to move away from it, simply because of its alarming lack of ease of use. If there is a word that would sum up what I think of when I think of Bitrix24, it would be “Archaic”. It feels like a software that was developed by someone who had a good idea, but had horrible follow-through and did NOT listen to his customers. The UI on this app is nothing short of slow, clunky, outdated, and ugly. And can we talk about things like no access to the entire emoji stack, latency of the message appearing on your screen when sending a message? Information is scattered all over the place, making things confusing. New messages do not appear at the top, you have to scroll, notifications often do not want to go away, the video call feature DOES NOT work.
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3 years ago, Business22
Worst app and even worst customer services
Paying the most expensive of they cloud services and the costumer services is extremely poor, but the worst experience ever is when they make random upgrade with non notification at all and all your configuration and your data get screw, missing and disorganize. Very expensive experience, problematic and energy consuming. So, use it if your want but be aware the cloud services will be at they mercy and at the same time you are on your own. Hope this review allow you to evaluate all your decision before make a decision or at least please try out the services before you switch your whole company to operate with this system because it can really be frustrating, aggravating and very expensive.
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4 years ago, Htlcrtk
Frustrating app
I’ve been using Bitrix24 for about a year. It’s a very powerful system for a really affordable price and my company uses it a great deal. This rating is about the app. The app is barely functional for what I need. I get phone calls on the app, but it frequently will not allow me to answer despite being logged in and the phone is ringing. The app remains buried in some unrelated ui. If I’m scrambling to connect my headphones, forget about it — theres a 0% chance I will get the call. When I go to the deals to call the person back, there’s no timestamp to indicate which call was most recent. If I attempt to listen to a voicemail, it is not in the deal, I need to go through several other screens to find the voicemail in recorded files. Once there, there is no way to click to call the person. I literally will have to write down the phone number and then go through several more pages to get to where I can call them. Technically it works. But it is a terrible terrible user interface.
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4 years ago, IsabelleLavinia
Superior customer service
Their platform is beautiful. And they have a lot of cool options. I know everybody likes free things and they do have a free option. And that kind of is the industry standard. But they’re worth every penny that you pay for them if you get more options. Plus their customer service is amazing. They’re very responsive an email and they’re very customer centric. I’m getting tired of these applications and programs where you can’t even get anybody to talk to you. And whenever I see in a review that there is no customer service I don’t care how great everything is, I will not do business with a platform or trust any part of my workflow with a company that doesn’t have Customer Service or doesn’t care. Bitrix24 customer service is great and the platform is superior!
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7 years ago, JacquelineAttali
Absolutely love Bitrix!
Finding Bitrix has been the best! Most effective tool we have implemented. Flawlessly track projects and tasks to make certain nothing gets left uncompleted. We are a small team and everyone has many responsibilities, Bitrix takes the stress of it. Our International associates can change the language to meet their needs. Mobile app sometimes won't let you clock out (Professional Version and yes it's worth it). No complaints otherwise!
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5 years ago, JSCard25
Great but the Canned responses features is a must have functionality
We love the services that Bitrix24 offers. Currently we use most of their CRM functionalities, however the app have a few lack of functionalities, for example canned responses and custom fields in leads.
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6 years ago, 6577guy
Lots of features, even on the free version
I’m a realtor who started just out of high school so I don’t have a large budget to use on a crm. I was using the free version of hub spot until I came across Bitrix24. I was quite amazed at how much features they offer, even on the free version. You can even build your own website for free! Anyways, I would recommend them to anyone who wants an affordable crm that can get the job done.
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7 years ago, Magicpumpkin889
Bitrix24 is great, app still can be improved
Missing key features that would make app interface would be search function to search chat history. Present in web but not in app. Also search the files in my drive or company drive. Right now the so called “search” feature is really more “filter” function. Web is great on desktop, app can be so much better. Or should make the web version mobile optimized instead of just minimized version of desktop interface.
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7 years ago, Gynjah
Simple The Best
I can't say enough good things about this. OMG! I love it! The best collaboration app I ever used. It's simple, customizable, awesome cool user interface. I have no complaints...well just a simple one. It took a while for my task to sync up from my mobile device but I realized I may have to go to streaming first on my PC to see them sync. I will call support for that but please get this app. Let's make a great tool like this survive!
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5 years ago, Fister14
I have 2 notifications that won’t go away so basically the live chat feature on my website I planned to use to let me know when someone views a particular page and has a Question or wants help is useless. I can’t get it to reset. Nothing is pending and app shows no notifications but the iOS badge showing “2” won’t clear... how can I trust this to be accurate If I get further involved and planned on doing more? Good concept, but not looking like a reliable source of organization and prompt accurate notifications.
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6 years ago, DShelly Bomb
UNBELIEVABLE what this app and accompanying software offer at a freemium level! I’ve researched and used many CRMs, and I feel this is the best balance of usability, flexibility, power, and simplicity. If you really want to dig in deep with some of the tools, it can take some customization- but I think they’ve really nailed it. I highly recommend for either an individual or a team.
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6 years ago, SirSwags
After using the Bitrix24 platform for a few years now, there is no other alternative. The seamless communication, task management and CRM aspect makes this platform unbeatable. On top of that, it is always reliable and the customer support are very knowledgeable with customer concerns. 10/10 would recommend!
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6 years ago, RPerrenoud
Great for small business
We use Bitrix24 as the basis of our organization and communication. Both the desktop and app versions help to streamline and organize our business. I would highly recommend this product.
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4 years ago, Alwaysmom-ing
Calendar and knowledge base don’t show up on the app
I really like the desktop version of this, but the app doesn’t show the calendar or the knowledge base, both of which are very important for my business. It is incredibly frustrating. I am using the free plan and there is no customer support to help me with it. I set up dummy accounts and they cannot be deleted. Accounts are only deleted after 50 days of inactivity.
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4 years ago, VtheBookworm
Barely Works
If this app wasn’t required for work. I’d delete it in a heartbeat. The web page is great, the app is horrendous. The notification rarely goes away even after I have checked the messages/notifications. It says that I have more again and I check it AGAIN and it’s the same thing over. Yes, I have deleted it and redownloaded it. All of my coworkers experience the same issues.
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7 years ago, Amsterford
Great but have one Wish!
All works perfect! Please, please, add an ability to choose another language of UI inside application, different from iOS main language. I use iOS and the majority of apps in English, but your app I really need to use in Russian. 🙏🏻 Thanks!
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8 years ago, PremmyNY
Excellent one stop shop tool for business
This tool contains all of the features needed to operate a business. Prior to finding Bitrix24 I needed multiple applications and tools to handle our various business needs. Keep up the good work!
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7 years ago, Slamlethal
Wonderfully executed CRM
Bitrix24 is one of those amazing utilities that always seems to have just enough flexibility and features to tweak the app until it's set up the way you want it, and yet never feel overwhelming, complicated or busy. I tried about ten CRMs before Bitrix, this is the only one I've actually been using and benefiting from. The free version is ridiculously feature-rich, and I'm very grateful to the Bitrix team that they included this much power in the entry-level tier. Thank you, and keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, KPuserVA
Cant check voicemail or receive calls
The pbx system was a huge reason for selecting BitRix24. But it’s been tough to use it from the app. The calls skip and go straight to voicemail. When I click on the voicemail link it states “playing sound files on this phone is temporarily unavailable.” And the telephone pad doesn’t always show and I see four shapes (glitch) when telephone is selected.
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6 years ago, ed.1809
Very good
Very useful tool... keep the good work, i hope you would add the capacity of deleting account rather than having to wait for a month for the account to be deleted automatically.
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2 years ago, MrManagerMan
Please Clarify
Will you please clarify “ Stored Information and Files. The App also may access metadata and other information associated with other files stored on your device. This may include, for example, photographs, audio and video clips, personal contacts, and address book information.” Is this permission-based or constant after the app is downloaded?
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5 years ago, LBS#
Easy And Clean App
I love working on Bitrix, using this app for my auto needs has been a simple process. I love how straightforward and clean the app is. Very easy and accessible. Helps get my job done in a timely manner.
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7 years ago, Jullmann01
Great tool!
I just started using this new tool a couple of weeks ago and it is already paying off working with small groups managing real projects!
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4 years ago, DrLagbajazz
Chat function stopped working
I was really enjoying the app, until the chat function suddenly stopped working. It gives a “protocol error”. Update #1: Your support website doesn’t have my issue listed. And I am not able to write to your support team as you suggested. Apparently, this function is only available for paid subscriptions
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8 years ago, Robylove1244
Best app ever
From all apps I've tried such as base camp, ms project and smart sheet, this is the best app I've used. A little expensive if you want the full version but there is still a free version that works pretty well
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3 years ago, m.nassiri
Good app
It is a good app. But i need 2 features. 1) RTL language support specially in chat. It is very hard to write for us.. 2) Dark Mode Thanks.
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7 years ago, DeInfinitum
Great Platform
Tested out in our company and managed to create projects and subtasks for people to collaborate. Serves the purpose! This platform does provide efficiency at work. Currently we use the free version.
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7 years ago, Leobr2828
Excellent app
We have been able to organize our team and stay connected. Thank you so much!!!
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5 years ago, Cfs1953
My experience so far
Britix24 has exceeded my expentancies. I would like to have whatsapp incorporated with no extra payment. Great program.
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7 years ago, Niño family
Fantastic program that is just as user friendly as the desktop/web companion. Keep up the good work Cheers!
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5 years ago, Afexmusic
Don’t use. Worst CRM
For more 6 moths we have tried to work on Bitrix. And it still doesn’t work. Most of the time the server is not available. We can not call, can not accept calls. Miss a lot of calls. Cannot pick up the phone when it rings. Since then we are on 50% loss of our profit because of Bitrix. Highly not recommended!
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6 years ago, Timmy's girl619
Absolutely wonderful app for coworkers to communicate
This app works great. It is very helpful for my coworkers and I to communicate during the day and evening shifts. I highly recommend it!
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7 years ago, Spencer765
Needs improvement
It's nice having access to bitrix through the app, but I often find that my feed has trouble updating. This is troublesome because if I need information or updates from my team, it makes it difficult to get it.
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5 years ago, Arabworld
Notifications issue
I cannot receive any notification from the app, all notifications setting is correct.. and issue still there
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7 years ago, HappyClientLDS
Very well organized
Bitrix24 has a lot of features and the app has a pretty decent UX to accommodate that fact.
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7 years ago, Chelsea080612
Great addition to our Small Business!
Exactly what we were looking for and more! Very happy!
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6 years ago, RCD26
App Needs Updated To Support New iPad Pro (10.5 and 12.9)
This app needs to be updated to support the new iPad Pro models. The app scales on the newer iPads and makes the interface blurry and overly large. Can you please update this app to support the new iPad Pro models?
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6 years ago, cls241
Are you for real ?
This is probably the worst collaboration or task management tool I have ever seen in my life. It is the most messy and convoluted layout Imaginable. It’s like a developer took a pot of spaghetti and threw it against the wall and said TADA. One would be better off taking a sharpie and writing their tasks on their hand then using this program. It is an abomination to the senses
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8 months ago, blacksky420
The + button on timeline not woking
I felt bitrix24 is a good crm. But no. Often something is not working. This time all options for commenting, task, and activity are gone from mobile app. I will not suffer due to this so i am leaving. Weathered you fix it or not i no longer care. Hubspot is the best.
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4 years ago, a fortiori
Buggy, False Notifications, Horrible UI
Sometimes the only way to make the notifications go away is to delete the app, re install it and log back in. The UI for B24 was designed by people who were rejected by Skype (which is awful), at best. There is a huge learning curve for employees. The CRM aspect requires a huge amount of design work. The standard Call Report on most CRMs is absent. You get what you pay for with B24 ... it is cheap. It does many, many things, all of them poorly.
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7 years ago, Maxeus86
Major Update bug
Downloaded the update and now the menu button doesn’t work. All I can see is the activity stream and the chat.
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7 years ago, LCBAPTIST
😎 Great tool
Lacks the same features and I don't see Gantt charts. What I enjoy most is how consistent this company and app are!
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3 years ago, MikitaTs
MacMini 2018
Hello! Do you have desktop version for the MacMini (2018) computer with Intel processor and macOS Big Sur Version 11.2.1?
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6 years ago, disappointed doc1234
App needs ALOT of work
This app definitely needs a lot of work. Quite disappointed that they haven’t updated any of their customisable features after a few years now. The app is to complex and confusing. Not easy to use AT ALL.
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6 years ago, Goldenpanel
A worderful tool.
This is the most wonderful tool I have ever used. Thank you.
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2 years ago, K_R_S
The worst possible CRM app. The phone stops working after a while - notification doesn’t lead to the call. Have to reinstall the app. And then it gets lost again!!
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