BlackBerry Work

1.7 (609)
106.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
BlackBerry Corporation
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for BlackBerry Work

1.65 out of 5
609 Ratings
3 years ago, HelpHelp2020
Notifications Suddenly Stopped
Can’t seem to find or get basic app support for for Blackberry Work. Notification badges stopped suddenly and I can’t seem to get the issue fixed. My company’s IT desk doesn’t know what is causing the issue. I tried reinstalling the app, wiping my iPhone (ouch), reloading the Work app, but nothing has worked. Apple says it may be related to a new version of iOS but Blackberry hasn’t seemed to have caught on to it yet. No badges or notifications for new emails. Sudden problem that developed about April, 2020. Hello?
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4 years ago, sspiegel11
slow to update
This is a commercial app, so the developer probably doesn’t care too much about the app rating, since it is very difficult for the user (company) to change vendors. However, over the long run, if this doesn’t improve, I hope companies take the feedback from the users (us) to switch to a better email system (office?). So the best thing to do is to complain to you IT folks, in addition to writing reviews! IOS update last week, the majority of apps had day 1 updates to be compatible with IOS. Why was the last update for this app a month ago??? This is not a free app, it’s a commercial app that is very important to users. Please fix this! I also have the external keyboard lag issue.
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3 years ago, Critical Narrativist
It should be better
I’ve been using Blackberry Work for years. Prior to that I used actual Blackberry devices. Honestly they were great, in 2008. But then they stopped developing. I get that it’s secure and companies have the architecture, but the email client tool is so so. The search function is very good but that’s it. Tasks are awful, calendar is ok. Shouldn’t we able to expect a better suite by now? Why don’t they give up and sell to MicroSoft. It would be so much better to use office. Again not great but better. Even better would be if Apple bought them. It’s time for this relic to vanish.
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3 years ago, Shoopdatwoop
Worthless app that somehow only gets worse
Started getting the infamous lack of notifications glitch that many other reviewers have discussed. That causes real issues at my job because I’m on call 24/7 and responding to urgent emails 20 minutes late is unacceptable. In an attempt to solve the issue, I downloaded the most recent update. Now I can’t log on at all. I just see the blackberry work logo for a full minute and then the app crashes. Utterly baffling. Email apps are at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of technical complexity and yet BlackBerry still manages to screw it up. Excited for the company to go bankrupt.
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4 years ago, TQJesus
Email stopped working with last update otherwise great app
I have used this app with much success for 6 years through my company. I heavily rely on the email. Unfortunately the latest release 2 days ago broke my ability to pull email from apple iphone. Uem controls in place, no changes. Work starts loops a bit then closes. I still at least get calendar notifications. 4/18 still broken for a week
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4 years ago, apsjfnwkowkxbfbenqldncndjwanbx
Why can't you view your own emails?
It is inexplicable to me why Blackberry has designed this app so that, when clicking the up and down arrows to scroll through an email chain, not only does it skip right past the emails that you have sent, it's impossible to view them as the main email you're looking at in the chain. This ridiculous oversight means that if I ever want to reopen something I've sent that someone has replied to, I have to exit the main chain in my inbox, navigate all the way to "sent mail" and find it there. Shoddy design all around.
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3 years ago, 95B1811
“The Request Timed Out”
If you’re ok with the above phrase, then this app is for you! You will see this message over and over again even if you have 4 bars on your phone. This app is so bad and so slow to respond, that productivity suffers greatly by just wanting to open the application, if it opens at all. If that weren’t bad enough, someone at Blackberry thought it was a good idea to put a cartoon type party scene (complete with a saxophone player and two people dancing) with the message “The request timed out” only to add salt to the wound of frustration. Flee this app...
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3 years ago, Constitution101
Notifications are NOT working!
I only have one basic function for this display notifications for incoming email. Epic fail. Notifications stopped working the night I was on call and thought it was odd nothing was coming through. Luckily I checked manually and did not miss anything important. Uninstall/reinstall fixed it for a while, now the same problem is back and the fix I did last time is it working! All settings are correct. PLEASE FIX THE ASAP!!!!!
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1 year ago, crewjb
Feature Request for Improvement
Feature request to improve app functionality: Please build in a multiple signature feature that can be either based upon an internal or external recipient domain. When sending to external parties, I have to remove my mobile, private line, etc. Understanding it’s two different systems, but Outlook allows this. Please incorporate. Thanks.
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3 years ago, KieveJacob
Been decent but latest update ruined it
It’s been decent with this app with enough capabilities and speed, but the recent update seems to have completely bricked the app. Email notifications come through, but you can’t see the preview anymore. Once you open the app, takes forever to load and show the content of the email. First thought it’s my employer who’s having issues with their server, but app is working who haven’t updated to latest version yet
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4 years ago, RedTiger2010
Password issues
I was forced to change my password and have not been able to sign back in since. When I “forgot password” it prompts an access key from my work email, and the key provided does not work. Why can’t Work be like every other app on my iPhone and either allow password saving or to use a third party Authenticator like Google? One headache after another.
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4 years ago, kmisha
Typing lag with the introduction of iOS 14
Love the app but the latest iOS update causes the typing on the ipad pro with the magic keyboard to be way out of sync. I am usually done typing and have to wait for the text on screen to catchup. This is not the case in any of the other apps. Kindly address with an updated app!
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3 years ago, ThisNicknameistaken1999
Touch ID implementation failure
The latest Blackberry “feature” is the app now, I assume, times out versus closing itself as I find the next time you reopen it it goes straight to requesting your special password (yes the PITA one) versus prompting you for touch ID or Face ID input. So you have to close the app and restart it to get to the friendlier ways to open the app. Corporate email administrators find a better choice than this app. It is terrible and is getting worse.
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4 years ago, SouthLooper
This used to work fast, had no problem starting up and getting latest emails and calendar updates. Few months ago it started being very slow, and it’s getting worse. Very long time to connect, and it reconnects every time you return to it after briefly going to another app like zoom. Please fix! Used to be 5 star, it was a lifeline.
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3 years ago, Fhfffggggv
No Longer Receiving Push Notifications
I have been using this app for about 1.5 years now and it has been working fine. However, recently, Blackerry Work has stopped providing me with push notifications. My company IT is useless, but after reading some of the reviews on here, it may be a Blackberry Work app issue and not an IT problem. Fix this ASAP.
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1 week ago, RL_005
Widget is awful and tasks are separate
Not a very well thought out app. The widget for Apple shows only 2 or 3 when there is tons of room to show more. Instead they give you blank space. Tasks are a separate app. This app gives you the bare minimum functionality.
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4 years ago, Pesanater
Log out issues
Literally the worst app I’ve used. Randomly locked out even though the password is correct. Then that locks me out of my work account which is another huge issue. I’ve reset my password no less than 50 times (not an exaggeration) in the last month. When it works, it works fine but, when it doesn’t it’s a nightmare. I would NOT recommend. If you have to use it good luck.
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2 years ago, duffman2113
Notifications work but can’t open to read emails
Been happening for a month now, idk if it was from an update but I’m definitely logged in and getting email notifications even with titles showing up but can’t actually open and read them, it just keeps asking me to login and spins forever and just errors out.
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2 years ago, Dilipkumar19
Had to take my word back
Latest version is amazing fast especially on the new phone.
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4 years ago, F0gl0ver
Hours with tech support & it still doesn’t work
This rating should be 0 Stars. After downloading the app 3 weeks ago (and about 10 deletions, reinstalls, installing on 2 additional devices, with WiFi , without WiFi, etc), BB Work will not open. Each time, I receive an error message that the connection failed. It would be great to get work email on my phone. Evidently it won’t be with this app.
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2 years ago, Mbihc
I hate this app
I wish my company would find a different option. This application has a horrible interface. Worse, it constantly has issues with passwords and the only solution my company has is to uninstall the app and start over which takes much more work than a normal application since it’s through my employer.
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2 years ago, D Lizzle
Notifications suddenly stopped
I’ve used this app with no problems for 2-3 months then overnight my notifications stopped working. I tried everything to get them back but nothing worked. I see that several people have had this issue, has this ever been resolved?? This app is unusable without proper notifications.
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3 years ago, Ta1w1nd
Great work
Latest versions have been amazing Work still is work but at least now it’s easier
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2 years ago, CObenj59
Doesn't load emails
Regardless of whether I'm on LTE or high speed home wifi messages take forever to load. Just says updating or connecting but doesn't finish. Despite multiple updates to the app this issue has remained for a LONG time.
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7 months ago, jgold
Worst thing to happen to the financial services sector since the Panic of 1907
Constant glitched and lags. Opening my inbox can be a several-minute wait. See the email you’re looking for? Too bad, this app will snatch it away from the search results to show unrelated junk. Quite possibly a foreign attempt to cripple productivity in this country.
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1 year ago, nick632568
Easily the worst app in history
I’ve been forced to use this for years now because of my company. It literally never works. I’ve had it on 5 different iPhones now, didn’t work on any of them. Countless versions, doesn’t work. Emails load MAYBE 50% of the time. App crashes constantly. This company deserves to be bankrupt.
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4 years ago, BamaBlueBell
Email no longer works
App automatically closes when I open it to view email. Can no longer access my business email. I saw other reviews fir the same thing. I hope this will be corrected soon.
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4 years ago, DET222
Work slow to respond while typing with iPadOS 14
It is extremely difficult to type email (perhaps more) while using Work. The app responds extremely slowly while typing—meaning that frequently I will have finished typing a long sentence while the display is working the 2nd word. I have not observed this problem outside of the Blackberry apps.
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3 years ago, Koko123s
Customer service non existent
After one update the app started having massive performance issues. Submitted multiple tickets for the past 3 months together with logs and got no response. All my colleagues are having same issues. We finally figured that we can reinstall the app to solve the issue.
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4 years ago, Abdullah H Abdullah
Manage Synced Folders option disappeared
The "Manage Synced Folders" option disappeared after installing the latest version, now I can't choose the subfolders that need to be synced. I have to go into each folder and refresh each time to check my mail..!!
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4 years ago, llithhtill
Iffy at best
This app is not very good. Functionally it have calendar and email and uses contacts, however it is better suited to be used as a reviewing tool, not as a temporary laptop even on the go. This app requests for a new password every 2 weeks and i change it. The app closes constantly and randomly when in use. Would not recommend!
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4 years ago, Ekq78
No email notifications
Latest update does not allow Push notifications to come through. It does not push sounds or badge number. I even had my work tech support try to help and deleted and re-added app. I’m on most updated version of iPhone as well. Looking forward to a fix to this ASAP.
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3 years ago, maulikshah17
Awfully slow app
When you first launch the app, it takes over 2 over mim just for the spinning to stop. Then another 2-3 minutes for ‘Connecting…’ and another 2-3 minutes for ‘Updating…’ When you finally think it is done, the mails are slow to open and there’s a terrible lag when typing. It used to be great when it was the Good app. Now it’s useless. Why are corporates still sticking to this junk of an app. They want this to be the default app on smartphones. No way anyone is going to adopt it.
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3 years ago, LesterIam
Slow as pond water
God forbid you delete something that you didn’t mean to or want to review something you just sent....this app literally takes hours to update delete and sent files. It’s maddening and I would not use this app unless like my company does, somebody forces you to
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3 years ago, Cancelled Customer
Notifications stopped working
After the latest release notifications suddenly stopped. I tried everything to fix and reading reviews it looks like others have this issue. Please fix ASAP! This is the most important feature of this app!
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2 years ago, kevin61975
Can’t type
For a few months now, there is a serious lag (5-10) seconds between typing a word and the actual word showing up. It is maddening. A 10 second email response is taking 2 minutes to type. It is wasting so much of my time each day.
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4 years ago, 26eliot
Blackberry work question
Is current version IOS 13.5 or higher? Being told requirement now for work.
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4 years ago, VictorNov
Impressive how bad an email client can be
A very consistent bad experience. I bet in 5 years no one will be using this app. It is a shame. Constant issues with authentication. Fake security that only makes your life worse. Issues with notifications. Very slow.
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3 years ago, Jude-bug
Love this app
It works on all my devices and notifications from new emails and mtg reminders.
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3 years ago, PL29Apr
In App conference calling is bad
Recent change has made the app recognition of conference call number and associated ID non-functional. It effectively requires user to manually enter the conference ID. It is not useful in a “thumb effects” environment. Please fix!
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4 years ago, cteixi20
Does the work
Able to get all my work done on my personal iPhone, that’s all I’m asking for. If it’s not working for you then maybe go see your IT and spend some time with them. Only had a bug once with notifications not working for half a day, IT solved it for me... Also love faceID, no more passwords!
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4 years ago, Logs2354
Not working with iOS update
So love this app. Keeps me I touch with work so I don’t have to carry my iPad all the time. Hasn’t worked since last iOS update. I was hopeful for a fix but still has not come thru. What’s up guys. Get on it.
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4 years ago, 14 yrs at MBC
Notifications Stopped Working
Don’t know what has happened in the latest update but notifications have stopped working no matter what the settings are.
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3 years ago, Joe from Highland Park
Are they still in business?
Seriously, it’s hard to imagine that a company intentionally designed an app that works as bad as this one. I can only assume that they’ve been hacked - and they are refusing to pay to get their systems unfrozen. Otherwise, they are setting a new standard for complete incompetence.
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2 years ago, NCtoNYC
No Calibri
Latest update deleted Calibri from the custom fonts. Odd decision given that that’s the default for Outlook… Definitely some glitches overall, but found the recent unexplained deletion of Calibri (while keeping fonts like Courier) quite upsetting.
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4 years ago, E.S Boltz
Trash app
Often freezes and I have difficulty forwarding emails with attachments. Does not continuously update. For example, if you haven’t clicked on your “sent” folder in a month, you get the pleasure of watching it load all of your sent emails for several minutes. Worst of all. It demands you re-enter your password almost constantly. I would understand a mandatory unlocking once every few hours, but really? Within minutes? Bottom line: Trash sustained because it is a legacy service / monopoly.
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4 years ago, Ahmed M Al-Awadi
I'm not getting any notifications!
The app stopped pushing notifications on any new email for months and I have to enter manually to check if any emails received. I contacted my IT department and they did a reset an provide me with a new Access Key but nothing happened. Fix your notification issues please!
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4 years ago, Broken on 6.1.2
Crashing right on start-up
The last update was crashing on iPhone 7, current IOS, right after starting. I had to reinstall to make it work again.
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4 years ago, huadiaodeer
Password does not work half of the times
Password does not work half of the times I tried to log in. It is the same password that worked a couple of hours ago. Does anyone have the same issue?
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2 years ago, anon184790
These BlackBerry apps are a plague to modern devices. Slow, poor interface, randomly logging me out, unable to paste passwords and text gets wiped from fields if you switch to another app and back. Do corporate IT and end users everywhere a favor and discontinue these atrocious apps.
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