Blinq: Digital Business Card

4.9 (64.8K)
347.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blinq Technologies Pty Ltd
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blinq: Digital Business Card

4.89 out of 5
64.8K Ratings
6 months ago, Jgg20
Loving this!
I recently heard about Blinq and decided to try it out. After all, my business is paperless with the exception of business cards. I have to say that I’m now 100% paperless and love the Blinq digital card! I even got a friend to try it out since he never has business cards with him. He’s also impressed. Since we refer business to one another, a great feature is the ability to share our cards via Apple Wallet. Now, we always have each others cards when referring business. Needless to say, I’m excited about the opportunities with our new digital business cards. Wish I had done this sooner!
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1 year ago, Robzsteak3
Started well, then went sour.
When I first got it it was great and was an easy and useful tool for networking. But when I got a new phone it went down hill fast. First my contacts wouldn’t load on the app, then the app itself would not load my card. I tried uninstalling and the reinstalling the app multiple times but does not have a way to load your previous information/card so when I tried to remake the card it would say “sorry an error occurred” or something like that. I sent an email through the help center and have not received any response a month later. No way to upload previous information, glitching out on the newest iPhone, and no response from customer service.
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2 years ago, #loveinspireteache LITE
Business owner and busy Mommy
I absolutely love this app! I was introduced to it by a vendor from Chicago Urban League solar career fair and they mentioned that not only does their company use it but that they thought it was black owned. I’m not sure if that’s true but I do know that I’ve used it several times and many of the people have used it with her so they want to look into it as well. I am planning on buying one of their NFC tag soon. But this is definitely a high recommend on my business tool list. Part of me wants to do a podcast feature on it so I may plan that in the coming months.
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3 months ago, C@peon
Internet sales
"Blinq offers a seamless and straightforward process for obtaining a free business car. From start to finish, the experience was incredibly smooth, with their user-friendly platform guiding me through every step. The variety of available cars catered to my specific business needs, and the whole process was hassle-free. I highly recommend Blinq for anyone looking for a convenient and efficient way to acquire a business vehicle." Or etc 5 all the way
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3 months ago, FlipManJack
A fantastic way to have all of my pertinent contact information available at all times. Business cards aren’t always handy so this app has helped me connect with potential clients in a new and creative way that is also user friendly to the end user. I’ve had several people comment on the convenience of having my website, my sales deck, my LinkedIn, social platforms and even my Venmo for splitting dinner with friends.
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2 years ago, George Hassan
Absolute best app for business
I absolutely love this app. The paper business card is so archaic at this point, I recently came from a conference with over 3000 attendees. While some of them had a digital business card, none of them are as nice as blinq. I did find other attendees with a Blinq business card, and others asking me about it so they could download and create one for themselves right away. Again five stars amazing
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2 years ago, Bing55
I wasted money on buying a “dot” from another digital networking company and it required users to have an NFC reader turned on. So embarrassing when I went to a networking event with it and nobody could scan my info. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Just a few days later I found Blinq and I loooove it! It’s everything I hoped the dot would be, and more! I even have the link to my Blinq in my bio on socials so people can see and save all my contact info.
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8 months ago, Fresno $lim
Elevated Status !!!!
No more fumbling around, looking for business cards or telling someone you’re out of business cards. No more spending precious time manually typing someone’s information in your phone. Time consuming and unprofessional. With this app, I not only provide instant and easy access to contact information in real time, but it makes me look savvy, contemporary and relevant. So sexy. Five Star rating for sure !!
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2 years ago, resia77
Blinq is great! I am a Master Barber and this is so easy! Using Blinq eliminates the need for keeping up with annoying paper business cards. Also I’m able to put more prevalent information on my Blinq card. With regular paper business cards I can only put a small amount of information. Blinq is working well for me and I recommend everyone with a business get Blinq today!
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11 months ago, Isthisanicknamethatyouwillaccept?
Getting there - I hope
With the recent fix (?) now you can actually set up a profile with picture and phone number and so forth. That was not possible before despite multiple previous versions. Not sure whether the other reported issues were resolved (losing contacts when changing phone, getting locked out during log-in, unresponsive support), but I am cautiously optimistic and glad I did not delete the app last month when I first tried it.
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3 weeks ago, aajwscrd
Glitches on new phone
Similar to previous reviews, I cannot seem to get my old contacts and blinq card on my new phone. The app is glitchy and keeps saying I need to create a card because I don’t have one. This is a bummer because I really liked this app but now I have a new phone and all of my contacts are lost in the bliq-a-sphere somewhere and I can’t access them. A year of contacts gone because I trusted this app.
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2 years ago, EmiiilyD
Networking is a breeze now!
Who doesn’t have their phone at hand nearly 24/7? It’s there, always there, that’s why mobile pay is so popular, you use Apple Pay or google pay why not Bilnq? Just saying my contacts are always impressed and my contact gets saved to their phone IMMEDIATELY not when/if they (ever) get back to my card…so why not?
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2 years ago, morningland2083
Not impressed
So far, I am not impressed I’ve paid for the premium service but When I share my car with customers, Blinq has a forced pop up that asks them if THEY want to buy business cards from them. I DO NOT appreciate that it spams my customers after I’ve already paid the company Also, it is not very intuitive with add my information to my customers contacts. I pop up comes bit with a button to “save to contacts” Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m testing this with a few more friends and I will be deleting this app if it keeps doing this
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11 months ago, SuzSF
Easy Breezy
I have so many gorgeous business cars and I hand them to people, but at the end of a nice networking event, just the thought of inputting everybody’s information and having them follow up with me is not realistic. Because of this new app you get the information in your phone quickly and it just saves time and energy and makes sense!
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2 months ago, TD_theonlyone
A Revelation
Yeah I’m a boomer, but still working professionally. Blinq is a revelation to me, that I can finally ditch the stacks and stacks of yellowing paper cards with names but no contexts like, where did I meet this person and why was it important to exchange, and when will I find time to manually enter this individual into my contacts. Blinq cleared brain space I didn’t know I was missing. Yea, team!
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2 years ago, madry4
Love it!
This is the most simple app to use for your business. Unfortunately, people lose business cards then forget your contact information. With this app, you can send potential clients all your business info and social media links. Plus you can send your cash app and Venmo information. This just makes business so much easier.
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2 years ago, Rosana Hill-Thomas
Love this app!
Absolutely love this app. Easy to use, customize and share! When I share my digital card with others, 9 times out of 10 they end up downloading the app to make themselves a cool digital card. Love how you can reiterate a quick note about how/when you met or any other info you want to remember.
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3 months ago, MacBookPro 2018
So easy to use!
This is quick and painless. I used to use the dot and that became more work just to pull up for someone and it became a bit embarrassing to use. A friend of mine had his and it was so easy that I immediately downloaded the app and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Nothing complicated about it. I love it.
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1 year ago, ItsDaMan28
Brilliant! Easy! Ultra effective!
I had to attend a trade conference on short notice. No time to print business cards. Googled “e business cards” and found Blinq. 5 minutes later the App was installed and I had my QR-code enabled business card. Everyone at the conference has marveled at the simplicity and effectiveness of my Blinq card! Highly recommend.
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3 months ago, JPGJR
Better than business cards
With this, I can share the info I want when giving my personal information to someone. I never have to worry about remembering my business cards anymore. And if some data changes, I just need to edit the entry and I am current.
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Business owner
This very simplified app made doing business for me so much easier vs me having to go get businesses cards printed it’s simple as 1,2,3 and the older clients who aren’t tech savvy loves how easy it is to us I definitely have recommended this app to everyone I know I’m overall thankful for the app creators you guys are real life hero’s
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2 weeks ago, Bee hive insurance
Perfect for my first virtual card
I like it so far, very user friendly to set up, make changes easily, so easy to send in text, made it my signature in emails. Love the customizability! most of my clients need to be walked through to import but I’m still learning how the virtual card thing works myself.
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7 months ago, M.T.McCain
Easy to Use
I spent several days researching and working with several of the different cards. Hands down Blinq was the one that came out on top in cost, ease of use, formatting and versatility. Have a question they are quick to respond. So glad I found them.
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9 months ago, USW Staff Rep
USW Staff Rep
I was introduced to this from a user while sharing my business card. They had me scan her cell phone and I instantly received her business card that included date, time and place of meeting. I definitely believe this will help me to organize my daily contacts
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5 months ago, DMDINN
Best networking innovation
I’m not a fan of paper, so the quick easy ability to connect with people digitally using Blinq is amazing! I can immediately message people and set up our next connection. I appreciate having two profiles, professional and personal.
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1 year ago, beachmusicfun
Best app for seamless biz card collection AND import
Still improving they are, but so far great tool to quickly get and put into contacts and email business contact information. I’ve tried 20+ apps for this over the years - best so far! Bonus? Free, and the iPhone widget feature!
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8 months ago, PP, LA
Love this app!
We may forget our business cards but we will always have our phones at arm’s length! Also an added bonus that it shows how long you have been connected with each contact. I encourage everyone I meet to download it!
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2 years ago, Kativaz
Love this app
I got this app because I was new in a position, I was able to network day one with knmedicate results! I cancelled my order for Business cards and swear by this method. I represent several components of our business and an able to share all the web page links.
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3 years ago, mellugo85
Love the product
Love the product. Just got off a zoom call with the developers. Can’t believe the developers actually wanted to have a zoom meeting. It really shows that they care about their product and about what we think of it. Keep up the great work!!!
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1 year ago, tmaes1
Best digital biz card
I absolutely love the fact that I no longer use a printed business card and all my information is digital and easy to share and easy to then also get other digital business cards in contacts. It works perfect!
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11 months ago, i3ctc
Digital business card
It is great to have access to your business card at all times, able to share contacts with others, and instantly download vital information for business synergy.
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2 years ago, dazedandconfuzedtoo
This is the digital business card you need
Blinq is the only digital business card you’ll ever need. Get the app. Get a subscription. Infinite usage and the ability to edit make it worth the price immediately. The customer service team is phenomenal!
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1 year ago, Marika-Ann
This app is great for Realestate agent. It keeps all your information in one place. This way when you share your business card digitally they will have all you information at there fingertips on how to reach you and follow you on social media..
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1 month ago, Just a Good olde Guy
Impressive Application
I am very impressed with the feasibility of this application. It has come in handy when I’ve attended conferences or training. It is also user friendly for others who are receiving your contact information.
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2 years ago, Amado Royola
Slick and easy to use
This app is so cool, it takes the old school concepts and flips it on the edge. The ability to share your contact and acquire others really puts you in control and you can store your contacts where they belong in your phone! Best investment for 2022 thus far!
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3 years ago, NathanLearned
Why didn’t I get this years ago! Perfection!
This saves so much time if you’re meeting new people. Not only is it a hassle entering all their info asking to spell their last name again, but this saves you from having to exchange and enter all that info.
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4 months ago, Zinmac
My new best friend
This app is incredibly easy to use and has so many wonderful options to send your card information to others. I’m thrilled with how it will make connecting so much faster. I highly recommend it!
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8 months ago, 5 Stars babygirl
Definitely recommend
This Virgil card is save me a boatload of money on printing and all that and having to carry a card to pass out. And every situation I have my phone, so I never am without opportunity. Five stars would recommend.
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8 months ago, Hhgbjj
Still A 5 Star
The card isn’t as reliable as the app. The app is always reliable and I usually share my contact information through the app. I wish the card was reliable. That would be a six or seven star review.
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8 months ago, Twana K
Great Networking Tool
Very professional and classy networking platform. Being able to share my contact information by a simple scan! I never have to worry about running out of business cards again!!!
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2 months ago, portinlaw
Blinq virtual card
Simple to use. Very neat looking, which makes it easy on the eyes! Easy to share on social media platforms and to contacts in phone! Also, can add social media links to card which makes easy to use.
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1 year ago, whocareaboutmyname
I absolutely hate it
I have been using this app for sometime which was great. However after a month or so it just won’t let me update my contact information. I can’t delete my old number and I can’t create a new card. Everytime I try it gives an error message and won’t save! I even reached out to customer service for help and never got a reply!!!! I am beyond annoyed and I can no longer access the customers who sent me their contact information.
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1 year ago, Kingp130
Worthless to me
I ordered and paid for the annual subscription and all. They sent me a blinq card with someone else’s information on the card and I have no way to contact them to fix the issue. I sent an email a week ago to their customer service and I haven’t gotten a response. I’m sure it’s a useful tool for networking but as far as I’m concerned blinq took my money and I got screwed. Use another digital card company the have a way to fix an issue in a timely manner.
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3 months ago, BestSavannahRealtor
Very easy to use with lots of social media and other page links to connect with clients. Very easy to edit and not super user-friendly. multiple ways to share with others very easily.
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2 years ago, iCommenter
Getting others to actually save your contact takes too many steps which leads to too many mistakes where the contact never actually saves into the contact file.
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2 years ago, Mike_Adventure
QR crush
Blinq is the bomb! Great way for touchless business cards with all the right info—or any BDO you like. Upgraded to premium to cover my businesses and board roles. Love this app—can’t believe we didn’t think of it before. Just blinq and you’re connected with your credentials.
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2 weeks ago, Leah Wiley
It works!
I like Blinq because it works. I’ve tried another digital business card, and I had to keep recreating my card over time. Blinq makes it simple to share and receive contact info.
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12 months ago, The Late Great KJI
Great so far
It was really easy to set-up and has worked perfectly so far, without a hitch. Had it for a few weeks so far, need to see what else the paid version does, because the free one has been great!
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1 year ago, Dr tich
Where has this been all my life
This just makes soooo much sense! Into the future we go. I can stop killing trees with every additional title I get. Who am I kidding I am still using cards from three titles ago! Thank you for this app!
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2 years ago, RyTiff
This app is Essential!
This app is truly a life saver! I am literal never without my business contact information. It’s user friendly and makes it so easy to collect, store and distribute professional contact information! I absolutely love this App.
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