Blue Iris

3.8 (327)
34.7 MB
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Current version
Ken Pletzer
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blue Iris

3.85 out of 5
327 Ratings
5 years ago, Edward Seago
The app is worth purchasing but badly needs a refresh
Really stable and reliable app that compliments Blue Iris really well. It does its basic job, which is to allow you to reliably view your live feeds and clips from your mobile. However, the app is in dire need of a refresh. The UI is just dated and the layout isn’t the most user friendly. For starters, I would love to see the PTZ controls go away from from the camera view and for the playback controls to allow for jumping backwards and forwards by preset intervals.
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7 years ago, whine Zlover
Nice Companion to Blue Iris NVR
I’ve been testing remotely for about a week and it has been rock solid for the basic function of viewing motion alerts—definitely worth the price! I have much to learn regarding the various features and configuration of Blue Iris NVR and the iPhone app but I’m already a believer because core functionality on both work so well. I’m getting ready to work with Support for using a Samsung/Hanwha PNV-9080R and it will be worth the effort. I’m moving to all 4K+ cams and I’m optimistic the foundation can handle it. So much better than my old dedicated NVR which was full of bugs! My NVR has robust hardware (8th gen I7 / 32G RAM) and responds well—the responsiveness continues to be good using the remote app, so it seems well designed. I was under the impression the NVR supports H.265 so it would be nice if the remote does also as do my new 4K cams. I’m not sure about the description saying no router config needed...I set up port forwarding for remote access to NVR as documented, but it works just the same.
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3 years ago, Don't collect my data!
Stable for years
I’ve had a BI setup for over 5 years. While I’ve had minor qualms with it here and there, it’s got significant bang-for-the-buck. Like several other comments, most recent software updates have introduced new features or settings which has somehow dropped the automatic counters on the phone app. However, the app is powerful, software is extremely powerful, and the software runs with professional runtime without crashing. It’s been quite reliable for us. The downside of flexible software is that there is a higher learning curve. It’s really not for the faint of heart. Folks wanting something easier to set up might look elsewhere. The developer is advised to remember his target market as he makes changes, and watching for the competitors and see what they are doing. I’ve considered going to another system but to date, BI has still been the best fit for our use.
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2 years ago, Morgretracing
Very Buggy
This app has a couple glitches for sure that I have come across. Plus the Tech support from this company is very hot & miss. I have been waiting 2 weeks for an answer to a simple question. Cant get a reply. I am using this app with 2 different servers. My home & my business so when I get an alert from the business for example. If I click on the alert to open it up sometimes it will duplicate my home server so I will have 2 home servers and the work one with be deleted. Very frustrating. Also sometimes it wont connect to the server remotely saying it can’t connect and when I get to the server in question there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong but I will have to go through the remote wizard again to get it working. Needless to say I can’t delete my actual camera remote app as it is very reliable. It is a backup for when not if the BI app fails. They got my 10$ though. I guess they put my email address on blocked.
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4 years ago, Pac-PhaseMan
Worth buying 100%
I was slightly hesitant to buy the app since a lot of recent reviews have low ratings, but I’m not disappointed at all. As long as you have the server (works with v5) and your cameras configured properly, all the functions of the app work perfectly. Even 3D push notifications (notifications with an alert image) work perfect, and if you have an Apple Watch, the alert image notification pops up on your wrist without ever having to pull out your phone or laptop to see what triggered the alarm. The UI is a little outdated but all the critical features like streaming options for LAN vs WAN/LTE, browse alerts and clips, do basic management of the server, and getting alerts all work perfect which makes this the perfect companion app for Blue Iris. A+
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6 years ago, Mb1818714
Hate to say "Perfect" - But pretty close!
This works seamless for me. Now, I run the Windows version as a service - which seems best for me. Also, when I move from WiFi to LTE I do get a blip - but that can't really be blamed on the app - my network signal is changing - down/then up. I just back up or move forward on a camera and voila! all perfect (whoops-said it again). I'm running 4 POE fixed lens, 2 Wired PTZ's and 2 wireless PTZ's - never see any glitch. Have recently started having 100% issues not being able to reach via WAN. All IP’ have stayed the same, removed and added forward rules, removed and reinstalled on a different PC - still no luck. Once I figure this out - an answer will come immediately!! Thanks and keep up the good work. Worth every penny.
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3 years ago, Rhinoroo
Long-time User if Blue Iris - Residential Viewpoint
I have been using Blue Iris for many years now and I appreciate both the dedication to the platform and the great support offered. I am someone who cares about my privacy and values having local automations. I have relied on Blue Iris to help keep my family safe and give us piece of mind and it does exactly that while allowing flexibility of control and the integrations that I depend on. The newer AI features are amazing and I had to do very little to adopt them. Well done and keep up the great work! The platform isn’t for everyone (requires some technical aptitude) but it has served me very well over the years and only continues to improve with time.
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4 years ago, Penh2016
Bad UI, Badges and notifications don’t work
Just paid for this app. It connects to my Blue Iris server, but it has a couple of serious defects. The count of notifications on the app icon is always incorrect until I go into the app - doesn’t automatically update. More serious, even though all notification settings are activated, the app does not create any lock screen or other notifications, making it useless for home security / alert scenarios. Given how long it’s been since the app has been updated, it’s likely that it is not able to deal with the iOS13 changes to app notifications. In any case, while the Windows software is really good, this app is NOT worth the money. Hopefully the app developer will ship a major update but until then, look for another solution for mobile alerts with your Blue Iris server.
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6 years ago, Waynertb
Terrific and essential
This program, and its support system, is unsurpassed and in a league of its own. It integrates all your cameras into a single app for desktop and mobile viewing, both at home and away. I have 4 different cameras around my house and the idea of having to use 4 separate apps to view them is not an option. BI puts them all together, allows for live streaming, remote alarms, voice exchange, and free storage to your own hard disk. This just can’t be matched. Support is great via email and remote access is available with priority support. Ken, his software and his team are a seamless part of my home monitoring and I’d pay double for what I get from them.
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Horrible software
I have several homes..and the cameras keep going down. They often go down at the same time so I have 2 different firms that need to talk and find out what’s going on. When we called for help, KEN the “independent developer DEMANDED money just to explain why his own software was not working. THEN to beat all, his new “update” SHUT DOWN ALL of the video we had for the last 6+ months - on BOTH HOMES. This guy doesn’t care abou this clients and APPLE should not sell this’s just bad and when the owner/developer doesn’t care, it a big deal. We tried and tried to get it to work...but when one needs to “buy more support”, and BOTH homes go down - the problem is not’s his. FIND ANY - ANY - other product to buy - but not Blue’s just truly the worst tech based product in our homes.
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2 years ago, Shizzavip
Will update as it improves
The server software running deep stack is a home run imo. The app could use some similar attention. For the most part it works but on occasion seems to have a hiccup here and there. Since I don’t have a static ip I’m also running noIp so who knows. It updates all the time and I also renew each month. So not sure, but overall for what you pay vs what you get. Can’t really complain, pretty much enterprise type software for super cheap cost and the deep stack part makes me want to cry tears of joy as it has pretty much eliminated all the false triggers…
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2 years ago, 4sUserReview
Keeps getting worse
It seems my previous negative review was deleted. In brief, I recommend that you use the built in html based BI browser as the navigation is mush more straightforward and bug-free. With the latest update, this app crashes and restarts (so if I had spent some time finding a certain alert vid, I must now start over with that process) whenever I rotate from vertical to landscape or back on my updated iPhone 11. The problem with that is in landscape view, navigation is extremely frustrating and in vertical mode the format obviously is not ideal since half the screen in nav controls. Since I cannot rotate to switch between views, this app has no use for me. Can I please get a refund? This is coming from somebody that recommends Blue Iris, just not this buggy app.
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4 years ago, 12reviewman
Great app but it’s more of a DIY nightmare
To start off. We used this app for about a good year. App has served well with minimal errors and has proven a sturdy app with playback being smooth and almost live playback speed on the viewing side. Viewing recordings is almost seem less as well with no studdering. It’s probably our nvr spec but it will not playback 4K level video unless you wait 4 hrs. Nightmare side. Apple did something that goofed up a tls version 1 ssl support and it cause a month of issues. I believe we have it sorted but it will pretty much only send notifications with no thumbnail but let us login. To view. U will get a positive experience just expect a longer time to get it ironed out
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4 years ago, Aesterling
Developer is always improving the apps
The developer is open to feedback and continues to update both to the PC app and this mobile app. The UI isn’t perfect but it functions well and offers a lot of customization for notifications and alerts. The app is developed and supported by one person so response times for support emails aren’t always fast, but there’s also a number of forums, message boards, and FB groups with other users who can help.
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4 years ago, Elwinna
Configuration fixed finally
When I upgraded my PC to Blue Iris v5 I had trouble getting the app to stay connected to the server. It would connect with my log in the 3 seconds later it would disconnect me. If you have the same problem try making the LAN IP address https instead of the default http. Not sure why I don’t have to do that for WAN but that’s what worked for me. BTW If you have trouble getting it to connect at all then run the remote access wizard which will help you get port forwarding correct on your router.
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7 months ago, -r0b-
Works Great
Seen some negative reviews on here, but gotta say the Blue Iris IOS app has worked great for me. The only issue I’ve had is alerts seem inconsistent on some of my cameras, but that may be from not having them configured correctly. Otherwise, the app is reliable, responsive, and very intuitive to use. Worth the $$$ and much cheaper in the long run than what most smart cameras charge for monthly cloud access.
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2 years ago, 9 inches
Add Feature.
App runs great, but honestly nothing beats the web gui version, I’m asking the developer if it’s possible to add the timeline feature with the trigger markings to make video searching easier on the mobile and iPad app, also can you guys add the auto patrol function at least to the iPad version? These features will put this app on par or even better than the big name companies, google etc.
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2 years ago, Davis_1377
Best surveillance system ever had!
Been running this for years now and it’s solid 100%. Very reliable never had any issues, it’s always there when I need it to be. Ran sever up to 3 months solid with no restarts and still reliable. One option to consider adding would be Picture in Picture mode on iOS to keep a selected camera open over other apps. Thanks for such a great app!
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4 years ago, V.'s computer services
Wish speed of recording was a slider still
I have been using the app for over a week. I like it overall and it is stable. As I review recordings I miss using the slider to go back and forth while watching the recording. It is a bit tedious to go from 16x to -16x by pushing buttons instead of sliding. And only other thought is that it will stop each time you choose a new speed. Like some old features along with some new ones.
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2 years ago, Dtatadude
The Best CMS Software & Team
Ken & Team It has handled everything, everywhere, for every reason. Install sites are blown away at ease of use, ability to fine tune to any environment and handled 99% of the cameras on the market. I don’t know of any camera , BI has not work with… Remote View is always spot on, and never difficult to figure problem out when they occur. When they beyond that, the Team responds in force and quick. Just thank you, Team , for the time willingness and sincere skill sets you & programming Team has invested , All of You have made a lot of Lives better in Starke Florida, Change the future for many, especially us. Offenders had no idea how good Blue Iris is. Just saying…empirical data suggests it works well. Cheers , much Love Team Rob
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6 years ago, theoneofwater
Extremely impressed.
I've been using BlueIris along with my Amcrest cameras for years now and could not recommend a better system. It's a little technologically advanced in the beginning, BUT TRUST ME... You will not find a cheaper alternative with the options you have with Blueiris. Anything you can do with a $1,000+ system you can do with this (and much better too). The app is worth the $10 and I highly suggest getting it.
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4 years ago, ACAllias
Amazing for what it does.
If you have blue Iris and want to view your cameras remotely this app is a no-brainer. It is incredibly well thought out and easy to navigate and manage cameras. No issues with reliability playing videos back. Nothing can be perfect but this app has had very few issues. it is one of the most reliable apps I’ve used in a while. I Definitely recommend this to anyone who is using the blue Iris software.
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4 years ago, slopper
Missing logout button for newest version.
I hope someone sees this. When going back and forth between the home screen and camera screen, the logout button (in upper left) will disappear. It is still there if you press in left corner, but you can’t see it. Confused me for a while. Kind of important because the app is known to use up battery life if you don’t log out.
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6 months ago, dragerfroe
Using for 1 year plus, Excellent!
I have a small sever running Ryzen 5700G, 2tb M2, 16gb RAM…etc for Blue Iris. I also have about 6 cameras connected in different fashion (POE, WiFI, USB). No issues at all from this application. It is lightweight, not tons of features which is fine, it just works. I send “critical” updates to my phone when a person is detected in the AI of the server, that works fine. Solid app.
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2 years ago, Taber246
Pretty good
This application has plenty of good features. Starting with excellent reliability, the app can stay on running in an iPad for a week without crashing. from the layout manager one can run off titles and fill the screen with cameras. Continuous recording are very navigatable. One can even see Alerts by camera or all together but only for a day or so.
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2 years ago, Jakels47
Great when it works.
I wanted to open a support ticket or feedback report but the functionality for that option in the app seems to not work for me. This app is great and offers an easy way to check on your NVR on mobile, when it works. For a few months now I’ve been unable to successfully connect on LAN using the mobile app. One uninstall and reinstall fixed this, but only temporarily. I have since been completely unable to connect and have triple checked the server configurations on the host machine. I’ve added new users etc to no avail. I have not enabled WAN access as I’m not a fan of port forwarding, however, this should not be relevant when it comes to LAN access. Hopefully a solution will be brought to my attention as I really enjoyed this app.
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2 years ago, Snagro
Potentially convoluted for some, likely redundant
If all you have is blue iris and you want to view remotely, you’ll have to follow a decent amount of step, even more if you want to do it securely. If you have home assistant, the same steps you would take are the some of the same steps to send information to home assistant. Depending on your setup, you’re better off sending everything to Home Assistant. You’ll be able to remotely view home assistant through their cloud if you have the Nablus Casa subscription.
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5 years ago, JRS JAX
No longer working
This was the greatest thing about a Blue Iris Software. Even my wife had the technical ability to open the app check alerts and view the live camera feed. As you can see by update history it is no longer being supported and does not currently work. I’m using an iPhone and several iPads running the latest version of IOS 13. The app will not allow viewing a live feed. It pulls up blank screen and the crashes if you are outside the residence. I’ve been running BI and the app from it’s launch so I fully understand how it should work.
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2 years ago, Thermo83
Works but could allow configuration
It works. That is good. Wouldn’t mind the ability to create different levels of access for users and be able to configure everything that I can on the windows program itself, so I never have to open that again.
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6 years ago, Byronnnn
Great App!
Works pretty much flawlessly. My only complaint is the UI could use a refresh, something a bit more iOS like. I realize this is still a 1 man project (I think), so I understand not wasting time on the UI. However, I’d like to say that it is 100% formatted for the X, unlike some apps I have that still haven’t updated. I highly value this app. Keep up the good work.
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4 months ago, Ziaie
The Ideal Match for Blue Iris Enthusiasts!
Blue Iris has been an absolute game-changer in surveillance! Needless to say this app’s design makes monitoring my property simple, yet offering crystal clear live feeds directly to my phone and iPad. The customization options in this app are user-friendly, allowing me to finangle the settings exactly how I want. Definitely deserves a five-star rating!
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4 years ago, ShaunRLynch
It’s okay, just okay- should be free for sure
Worked fine when I had only 4 cameras. Added 2 more and it doesn’t work anymore, no cameras over 2MP. Don’t feel like playing 20 questions with tech support so I just use a favorited “shortcut” to the Blue Iris web app on my phone. Opens super fast in Safari ios and auto log’s in. I’m pretty sure I could figure out why this app stopped working but I have so much other stuff to do.... I need things that just work in my life.
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4 years ago, bfollowell
App works well, but no sharing
I like the app well enough and it does what I need it to, but I can’t get it to work for my wife. I purchased the app, my wife and I are in the same family group, and the app is supposedly family sharing compatible, but we can’t seem to set it up for my wife without her paying another $10 for her to purchase it. That’s ridiculous! I’m not sure if this is a Blue Iris problem or an Apple Store problem, but it is super frustrating.
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4 years ago, SWP466
Updated app issues
After today’s update, when you view the home screen of the app, 1/3 of the screen is blocked by the profile box with no way to close or disable it. I much prefer the look and feel of the “old” app. Please fix the profile box issue or let us go back to the old look.
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6 years ago, Dnorris60
Rock Solid
I’ve been using Blue Iris for many years. The developer has done a great job at progressively making the Blue Iris system better and better. The IOS client is rock solid and a great companion to the Blue Iris server. This is a developer that listens to customer feedback. If you need video surveillance you can’t go wrong with this system.
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3 years ago, Hungry trucker
Great when it works
It updated recently and i was able to open it. So i closed the app and tried to reopen it about 30 minutes later. Hadn't worked since. But when it does work i really like it. Not sure why probably something dumb on my end.
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2 years ago, unique_account_name
Essential part if the Blue Iris experience.
The functionality and capability of Blue Iris server is amazing. I have spent countless hours configuring, fine tuning, and troubleshooting my setup. After all of that, I can’t recall any major problems with the server software or this mobile app.
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6 years ago, Caldwellone
Great app. One suggestion
Great companion app for the official blue iris app. Just like the server itself, it is full of features. One request though is to make the preview photos bigger in the alerts/flagged section so I can just breeze through them. They are so small that I have to open most of them just to see what’s going on. Keep up the great work!
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6 years ago, Shiltsy1
Solid application that could use professional UI designer
Blue Iris is a solid, feature rich application. It works FAR better than the expensive dealer installed NVR that I came from. My only complaint is that the application suffers from poor User Interface and Experience. With that professional touch, it could be better.
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2 years ago, CiscoFreak
The app is unreliable and continuously crashes. Also, after you’ve played a video and the app doesn’t crash, which is rare, if you swipe up and move to another app, you can still hear the background noise from the video as if it’s still playing in the app. The developer makes a great piece of software, wish it worked on Linux, too, but it’s still great. This app could be just as great, but it needs a lot of work.
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3 years ago, OMM60
Wow - super quick fix from developer
Change my rating back to 5 stars after developer fixed video blinking issue within a few days of the complaint.
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2 years ago, Miles267
Needs iOS 16 update
When viewing video playback in portrait mode, video is fine. The moment you flip phone to landscape to view enlarged video, the video pane becomes very small, most of screen taken up by playback controls. Please fix.
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2 years ago, Pontihog
Delete all alerts problem
Every time I delete all alerts, the badge on the icon stays until I restart the the app. I notice if I use the mark as viewed menu then delete all alerts, the badge disappears instantly. Please fix so the badge disappears as soon as you select delete all alerts Thank you
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6 years ago, Pete Eliot
Keeps crashing
Just got the new iPhone, and this app crashes every time on start up, even tried uninstalling and reinstalling same result, found out it crashes when he tries to bring up touch ID, new phones don’t have that, needs to have FaceID
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4 years ago, LKD'H
Video save broken after update
App was a little clunky in the past, but mostly worked well. After update, can no longer save videos. The app acts like they are recording, but when stopped, they are not saved to the photos app (yes, I have given it permission to save). If this function is important to you, consider not updating.
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7 months ago, G77777777777777777!
No longer great…
Yearly subscription cost… License server, activation, failure, leaving you in the dark for weeks at a time… And then a cam talk forum that seems to exist for the sole purpose of avoiding any negative Blue Iris information. It’s time to move on… If you’re non-techie, Ubiquiti is is a great way to go for a one time fee. If you’re a techie, Frigate with its artificial intelligence alerting capability, will make you wish you switched long ago. Not a single erroneous alert in six months.
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3 years ago, Trickman2
Time to move on
Been running Blue Iris for a while. Software has been hit or miss at times. Purchased upgrade for version 5 a while back. Company is now forcing people to subscription based licensing. I paid for version 5 but they are saying version 5.x.x.x is not supported by my version 5 license. App screamed at me to update it on my PC. Find another company. Time to move on. Software has become clunkier over time as well.
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6 months ago, Adam8810
Very reliable
This app is so reliable and consistent. My only thing I wish it had was picture-in-picture support. It has background audio but not video when you leave the app.
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4 years ago, Worthmining
Can no longer connect to blue iris home server after iOS 13.4
Right after upgrade to iOS 13.4 today my blue iris app never is able to connect, both from internet when on wireless or hoe Wi-Fi. There seems to be something changed either on iPhone network or screwed the ssl as I used https on both local or internet.
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4 years ago, ahh do go
Mediocre and buggy
The latest update has broken playback on multiple Apple devices. While trying to playback, the screen is black. Press pause, and you can see the image, press play and black again. The scroll back feature is less than ideal, and coming from the Unifi app, this leaves a lot to be desired, even when it actually works.
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