Blue Yonder Workforce

4.6 (48.5K)
144.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blue Yonder, Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Blue Yonder Workforce

4.57 out of 5
48.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Belike_ntruc
Don’t know what to do with the Error
At the time using this app, I haven’t gotten into any troubles since my first day of working. However, it seems like the app doesn’t go well as before as time flies because I can’t log in to my account. It just makes me spend a lot of time waiting, but I don’t even know how it’s gonna be like. Although I’ve tried all the ways I can to log in like delete and redownload the app or just waiting for so long, but it still doesn’t work. I am confusing enough for this app!!!
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2 years ago, yugakures
Worst :)
EDIT: sassily replying that I should contact FedEx, months after I wrote the review which clearly states that I reached out numerous times and handled it appropriately with my manager twice and it is clear through your reviews that FedEx was NOT the problem! consumers have issues with your software regardless of where they work! so that was a stupid reply! OG REVIEW: So FedEx decided to start using this app apparently two months before I was hired. My manager and I have made two different passwords, and every single time we make a password, I am able to logon once before I am forever booted off of the app. The app itself is extraordinarily disorganized and glitchy. The fact that I can’t get into my account more than one time before I have to make a new password is really annoying. How am I supposed to look at my schedule like this? I am also not the only person experiencing this. It pretty much every single worker at my FedEx hub has this issue. I’m wondering if anybody else has similar problems, although I saw on the Facebook page for FedEx ground package handlers that this is a common problem. Get it together this is so annoying!!
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2 years ago, LynnMandy
Is this a joke?
I’m not one to leave negative reviews but honestly I’m not finding any positives to this app. Frankly the company I work for is dumb to want to use this and rely on such a bug filled app. I have been having to constantly call a 1-800 number for a new password every time I want to log on, (because y’all haven’t made it to where I can’t pick my own password), currently I’m getting an error and then the screen goes white. When I could log on I couldn’t change information about myself. Monday of this week ppl who logged on thought we started at 3:30, we started at 3, but not what the app said. Frankly I give this app an F and recommend that Fortune 500 companies stop being cheap idiots. Don’t try to switch over to unreliable apps for ppl to know their work schedule and vacation days, (which always get rejected).
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3 years ago, SeriouslySonya
Have to uninstall and reinstall daily!
Most times I log in I get a page stating the page has expired, or it’s just a blank white screen. I have had to uninstall and reinstall for a week now, please get this fixed. Developer response was to install new version, did so and still experiencing the same thing, wish I could add this screenshot. I’m still experiencing this issue! This app is crucial for my work now, we no longer have the call in line they no longer post the start times in the hub we must rely on this app! I realize part of the issue may have to do with my cell service, however the entire issue does not! If I log in with one or two bars the app does not load. I can leave it and reopen it doesn’t require me to log in again, I can see the reader and request website settings, etc… Other than that it is a blank white screen with “done” at the top left corner. When I tap done I have just a blank white screen, absolutely no options, I still have to uninstall and reinstall! Add a logout option at least! Also, I wonder if it’s this app that can keep you logged in for days that is the culprit draining the battery of my brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max so fast?
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2 years ago, King bishh
New to Fedex
I just got my login for this app not too long ago, I’m still figuring out how ts works. But this here app gets frustrating, I accepted shifts nd woke up to none of them being on my schedule anymore. I offer up shifts nd still be scheduled for them. The app closes out on me mid use. I ask for approval of vto nd they approved on there end but the app still shows I wasn’t so in the system it was a no call no show even tho the manager himself approved verbally nd physically in front of me. I do like the concept of what’s going on tho. Just need a lot of improving. Edit: I hear you, but FedEx is blaming y’all so someone needs to communicate to them as far as what they need to do. Because they saying they fixed everything on they end nd it’s still messed up.
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2 years ago, ms.spicer-alley
This app worked fine till it didn’t
I work at FedEx ground and the app was fine till this week now when you click on it it starts to load then just stood on a white page and never loads. There’s no way to move past it it or log in tried deleting the app and reloading it which did nothing very frustrating Update : that issue resolved its self hopefully itdoesn’t happen again
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2 years ago, 71N4
I am a scheduling admin here at my hub at FedEx Ground. I would like to recommend if it’s possible to fix something. When some Package handlers sign in, it gives them a message saying “incorrect user figuration please contact HR”. Which is fine. The only issue is it does not allow them to try to log in again unless they keep deleting the app and re-downloading it. There is an option when that happens to “log in again” but all it does is refresh the information instead of bringing it back to the actual log in screen.
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2 years ago, fedex ground employee
Wow just wow…
The app is completely useless because your literally unable to log in, unable to reset your password and when deleting and reinstalling doesn’t work you have to call HR or a manager everytime but they don’t always answer how am i suppose to revise my schedule or pick up extra hours if the app doesn’t let me it keeps saying my info is wrong contact HR I delete it re download same problem and also they just started this thing where if “you dont sign into the app every 2 or so days you get written up because fedex spent alot of money” so how am I suppose to solve this problem if i keep getting white screened and incorrect problems when my info is correct?
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4 years ago, Cluckent45
It was a pain
When we started using the app it had all kinds of problems mostly problems where logging in but with the new update the app works like a charm it’s easy convenient and I love the push notifications i can see any changes to my schedule without having to open the app.
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9 months ago, NinoBrown$
We should be able to contact our companies HR through the app by chat or email. It would be a lot easier for people that have busy lives and can’t go in to speak with them because they don’t give us contact info and are only onsite Mon-Fri 9-5 our management is no help. (FEDEX) So being able to contact HR directly through the app would be very useful. Simple things like changing contact info updating direct deposit and availability. Overall, the app just needs more features for employees to use besides just looking at your schedule and picking up shifts
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9 months ago, Bellakins711
Great app
App works good but I wish there would be an update to show how many hours in total I currently have already clocked in. As well as show the total daily hours worked for each day, and clocked in/out times, for each work day as well. For a job specifically like mine, we do not have an exact set amount of hours to work, so being able to have such features as listed would be great.
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5 years ago, Girly girl5
Won’t work
Well first this is the only app my job uses but it wasn’t too bad but now it only shows my shifts in military time and then looking at this page I realized I can’t even see my schedule for the whole month like it shows in the pictures and for everyone saying they wish they could see everyone who is working on the app it’s actually your job blocking that because I could see it at the beginning when I chose swap shift but now it’s gone! If they just did small updates this app would be great
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9 months ago, wlfbst78
Time off requests
This is my second review (I hope you saw the first one). I am still having my time off requests rejected despite putting information in correctly and also will not acknowledge all days requested. I’m an employee of FedEx and this is getting annoying because it makes me fearful that even if my manager approves the time off I could still possibly be written up because the app still has me scheduled during that time off. This is a terrible app.
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4 years ago, ceh48974897
A hassle to login because it always asked for a security question or a verification. And never recognizes my password even tho it is correct every time! Crashes every time I try to login, or does not update. Takes forever for it to load. And doesn’t send notifications if there are changes to the schedule. Terrible to have to take 5-10 mins or longer to delete and re download just login each day to look at your schedule. Glad I can screen shot it although it’s not reliable when your manager changes your schedule the night before. Don’t like this app and would not recommend.
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1 month ago, TuRTLe_SuRfz
Frequent Crashes And Unhelpful Customer Service!
To whom it may not concern, There has been repeated errors logging into my account. I deleted and installed this $***hole app multiple times and it still shows authorization. failed or cannot recognize username/password. This app crashed like a week ago. Me and my other coworkers waited a week until we can see our schedule again. This app work for at least 6 days (not even a week). Then, the app crashes all over again. I need to see my schedule for this week coming and I have no access to it. I tried contacting “WorkForce” customer service about the issue and they did not respond any of my emails. My FedEx employer cannot fix it on their end. This app needs to be shutdown and be replaced by a better app that is up-to-date, has great customer service, and takes immediate action on any errors/issues. Sincerely, The FedUp Employee
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1 year ago, freebie111
Termed because of app!
I’ve been using this app at FedEx Ground for about 2 years. I recently offered up my shifts and they were picked up by another employee. The app showed my shifts were picked up. When I went for my next scheduled shift I was terminated due to not showing up for work! My insurance was cancelled and my PTO was paid out. Luckily I took a screen shot of my schedule to show proof that I had followed all procedures. I feel that I’m not the only person this has happened to, but probably one of the few that took pics just in case. C.Y.A, take pics of your schedule, and DO NOT TRUST IN THIS APP!!!
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10 months ago, Goal photo
Updates, Shift Changes, Shift Swaps, and Availability
I am a FedEx ground package handler and this app is by far the worst due to the lack of updates, glitches, and just even simple things like swapping or offering shifts. Most people say that their phones do not update schedules correctly which causes people to be late to work and getting cut out from work. Most time is a waste of gas to show up. There has to be a solution to fix these problems since this app has been out. Not enough updates and not enough time out into this app to make it work exactly how it’s supposed too.
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6 months ago, *~evie_nocturne~*
There’s a possible flaw
The one thing about the app is the ‘time off’ thing for me. My hours is very different than what my paycheck say for available PTO time. I, one day, thought I had enough for PTO (based on what’s in the app). I was told I had no time available & the app was wrong. I’m not sure if this is the fault of the app or my job…but I now take what is in my ‘time available’ in the app with a grain of salt.
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2 years ago, shkaksn
Won’t let me log in with correct info
It will no longer let me log in despite my password being correct. It locked my account and I couldn’t even log in at my job’s computer. I changed my password with my manager and when I log in at work it works, but not when I try the app. I can’t see my work schedule cause this is pretty much the only thing they use. It was working before then randomly stopped. After I changed my password it worked a few times, now it’s no longer working and just says wrong username/password.
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3 years ago, Kirstine69
It’s organized but it really needs Face ID to log in. Most apps have that. And I’d rather use the Face ID than type my numbers and password in every time we have to log in. It’d possibly help more people to be more apt to log in (if they’re package handlers). I guess we have issues people logging in at our location because they always just shoot us a text every day with what time to be at work.
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3 years ago, hotheaded.....
App not working
I have emailed and got some email back stating that is due to the provider but multiple people that i work with are having the same problem. I have tried calling the support line phone number that it gives me in the error message and it tells me that it is an incorrect phone number. This app is important for my job and our whole company uses this app can someone please get this fixed…..super frustrating…..going to contact my home office about switching this app to something that works…..
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9 months ago, Update password function
Password expired - no option to update
Usually this program has been fine to use but today my password appears to have expired and there’s no option to update it. I logged on a few hours ago and now it won’t accept my password. I get that passwords can expire but I’m basically locked out because there is no update password function available on this app. How do I update the password? I have no access to my schedule!
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2 years ago, Pjacobs04
This is beyond poor
This is the worst app in the history of all applications. It is ineffective, unstable and poorly designed. The password has to be reset every three days. I had HR reset it 3 times and I called to reset 6 times. This is junk! I hope FedEx isn’t paying for this. What a waste of money, time and energy. Pat Dover PA
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2 years ago, Mikaleilah
I’m having issues logging in. It keeps saying cant log in because connection was lost but I am using my home wifi which is having no issues. Even when I use my cellular data it does the same thing
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1 year ago, GameBoyAde
Almost perfect
The app is functional and does its job but there’s some things that bother me about it. The first is that it logs you out to quickly. I would like if it kept you logged in for at least 3 days of inactivity. The second is that password keychain doesnt work in the app. I hope it will work in the future. Im currently working at Harris Teeter
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1 month ago, uke destroyer
Terrible app
I dont know if this is an issue with my job itself or the app, but i am unable to log in. it says something about my user being unauthorized but i have been working here for 8+ months already. i tried resetting my password and it still wont let me in. i feel terribly sick and i cannot call off because of this issue. but im glad im not the only one having this issue as im looking at the other reviews and they are saying the same thing. i do not like this app.
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2 years ago, signing in issue
Won’t be able to connect while trying to change password
I am not able to connect after I select change my password
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2 weeks ago, Burgerking98
I changed my password about 2 time in the past few days and the other day I was able to login to see my schedule but now all of a sudden I can’t even login but the password is brand new it keeps saying either invalid or expired but that can’t be the case tho,I know it’s not on my end it has to be something on this apps end so I really need to y’all to fix that,or either that I’ll just keep looking at the paper schedule at work
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12 months ago, blootails
Probably one of the worst apps you will ever use, I think little Timmy who just passed his 5th grade computer science course could make a better scheduling app than this. Crashes, glitches out, horrible design, literally anything that could go wrong with this app does. Mainly worst user experience ever, had to reset my password so many times before it barely worked. Can’t believe a multi billion dollar company like fedex would use such a garbage low end app like this.
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1 year ago, ericasssmon
I accidentally hit change organization on the by WFM app that I usually see my FedEx work schedule and now it won’ let me even log in to see my schedule at all. No matter how many time I’ve tried to delete the app and log back it. The app just won’t let me log in all I see is a blue yonder log in page which I don’t even know what that is. I go to work tomorrow morning and I need to see my schedule. I been playing with this app all day trying to figure it out.
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3 years ago, Cdubb86
Good but missing something
My employer just started using this app as opposed to the old jda app. I like the cleaner look to it. Very clear and shows hours already worked. My only issue is the old one I could send my schedule to my phone calendar and I don’t see a way to do that. Other than that, nice work.
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12 months ago, Princejomael
This app is GARBAGE… I am so sick and tired of going to my job only to be told I MUST login on the app… they say we should do this at least once a week. Ever since the last update the app won’t even open.. The app has always been slow, doesn’t show how many hours you’ve done(accurately, IF IT DOES). Hasn’t it been weeks since the last update? Maybe you should look into a career change. Pathetic
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2 years ago, hellwithgoogle1890
Need to throw this app out and start anew.
This app fails in many areas. First it crashes when you put password in. You get error message with page cant be found, you dont have access or a bunch of squiggly lines. You sometimes have to close it several times to be able to get into it. It does not list all available shift, it does not show correct punched hours and barely functions as a work related app. Need to throw this app out and start anew.
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3 years ago, SandyMiller888
Must be free
This is a terrible app, my employer must be getting it free. I cannot imagine anyone paying for this app. There is no way to reset a password via the app. Does not support Touch ID. Many times I cannot see my next week schedule until the day before. Trust me, I log in over and over trying to find it. I’d love to know before Saturday if I need to work Sunday. Every once in awhile I can see ahead but usually not. My employer changes apps at least once a year, looking forward to when they drop this one too.
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4 years ago, Periwinkle Lee
Getting better !
I been using the app for a year and it was a little upsetting due the small bugs it had BUT still used because the schedule was layout in organize way and easy access . ** I’m so happy with the new 2020 update after so many crashes in the past , I’m looking forward for more :)
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2 years ago, rashidrosemond2023
App never works
“ Incorrect user configuration: contact your manager “ message pops up all the time after inputting the correct password. App is poorly built and not much being done to solve the issue
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12 months ago, CatMeow909
Crashing immediately on startup
Recently opened the app to double check my work schedule and the app immediately crashes on me. It doesn’t leave a window open. It just completely vanished immediately after crashing. Restarting my phone and checking my internet won’t help.
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2 years ago, APB11
I hate using this app
I don’t know if it’s just a poor excuse for an app, or if Harris Teeter has just done a really bad job of implementing this app for checking our schedules. From working for HT for years and knowing how behind they are with tech, and reading other reviews for this app I’d guess it’s probably 50/50. Bad app used by people who are bad at implementing it. Every week I have to change my password. And I can’t do that on the app. I have to be at a store on the company intra-net.
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1 week ago, natural.melancholy
Broken App
Maybe it’s just my company, but this app never seems to be working consistently. I’m either having to delete it and reinstall it and log back in or I do not get notifications of schedule changes. I really hope this changes soon, I’ve been a handful of times because the app stopped working or didn’t notify me of a change.
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11 months ago, kimsimpag
Not sure what the update was for…😠
Instantly crashes when trying to open it. This app is totally useless, as of now. Worked better before.
Show more
12 months ago, Wildfire6998
Fed Ex Employee
App has. Been great until the last week or so. When I click on the app, it will not open. I verified my phone was up to date. I’m in the process now deleting the app and reinstalling. However, I’m receiving the same response as before.
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4 years ago, WSB86
Won’t Stop “Loading”
So an update was issued 3 days ago for bug fixes but I’m still having trouble trying to get in. I don’t want to have to uninstall and then reinstall every time I need to look at my schedule. And I need it because it’s the only app & way my job has for seeing my schedule outside of work. When it works it works but when it doesn’t, it’s too much of a hassle. Please fix this permanently!
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9 months ago, angelavalram
Package Handler
The My Schdule App is so easy to use when I need need to call off or request time off. I can also pick up available shifts whenever they are available.
Show more
2 years ago, BigMica
Could be better
The app would possibly be more efficient if it allowed you to have more than one job schedule on there orrrr let you log out of that company and into the other without having to undownload the app. I literally have to undownload the app whenever I want to view my jobs schedules. It’s quite annoying to have to continuously do this.
Show more
1 year ago, PearlCat 84
Post the solution!
New To FedEx, Recommendation, and Worse:), I’m having the same problem!!! It makes sense to me that the problem is within the APP, itself. To WFM: To be more efficient for the user…as well as more helpful…please post the solution, rather than initiate further communication. Back and forth is annoying.
Show more
2 years ago, ScottiOSGuy
Poor threading constant errors
Poor multi threading and poor performance for an iOS app. Have to delete the app and reinstall to get rid of the hangs from the Home Screen on a weekly basis. I’m an iOS Engineer and I can make this error go away as other comments have shown. I suggest looking at memory leaks in the networking layer and updating to Combine Async/Await which is all iOS 12.0 minimum. You should hire me I can fix this easily. Terrible app.
Show more
4 years ago, Jenners1703
Updates are awful
The app worked fine on my phone until an update over a week ago. I had to uninstall/reinstall the app for it to work. Once again, I go to log in this morning and it’s just “thinking” and won’t log in...and low and behold, there was an update to it this morning. So now I’ll have to uninstall/reinstall again...I’m not going to do this every single time, that’s a hassle since I have my app settings restricted for deleting apps.
Show more
2 years ago, highly favored 2019
Not able to view PTO or request time off like the employee advised I could. Previously I had these options available. Employee advised there was an update but no update notes for Apple…
Show more
1 year ago, Life7262
Instructions are not well given. I cannot change information on my Profile from my phone, nor my own personal laptop. It hasn’t saved my PW and I have not yet found how to make my OWN password
Show more
2 years ago, Superman113
Does not work.
I am an employee of FedEx Ground. I have to use this app to see my schedule every week. This app has crashed several times since they started using it.
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