Board Feet Easy Calculator

3.9 (45)
3.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scott McIntosh
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Board Feet Easy Calculator

3.93 out of 5
45 Ratings
1 year ago, TateAustinDesigns
Great layout, but could be improved
After I updated phones, I lost my favorite board feet calculator which included a material cost list you could edit all the choices of lumber with price per board foot and when selecting your species it would pull in the cost and calculate. I had a large list in mine from my supplier and I could pick individual species from the list before calculating the board footage for different components and it would use the price in the material list. It was so handy to have a lumber cost sheet built into my calculator that would work together as long as I kept my prices up to date. Please add this idea to an update!
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9 years ago, GR_JT
Could be really great with a few additions
This is a great app and does exactly what I need it to. A few additional features though and it could be a work horse. 1) notes. I'd like to add notes to the projects section. Ex: wood species, project timeline, just general stuff. Even just a notes area, basic 2) cvs export option? Email or share option? 3) user input / species save mode. If I know my suppliers wood prices, let me add that to a database for easy grabbing later. Ex: Acme Wood Products Soft Maple Rough milled = $3.10 / BF , let me just grab that from a list and go. If the price changes let me edit it on my own. 4) maybe add photos to project notes area? Just some ideas for you guys!
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4 years ago, pdsummers
Great App
I am a furniture maker and use this appet to calculate all my lumber BF requirements and the cost. A couple additional features would great. 1. A field in each entry to identify wood species. 2. The ability to make entries for sheet goods which are generally sold by the piece not BF. 3. In the project section it be great if there was a way to calculate total project cost. Again, this is a great app and does what it is designed to do very well. These few additions would make it an outstanding app for my purposes. It would definitely be worth paying a reasonable price (define reasonable, right :-) ) for an app with these features.
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4 years ago, Cownaugh
Easy to use and great for any woodworker
Enjoying the App, but if possible could there be a button on the project page for numerical or alphabetical order? Or the ability to move them ourselves without deleting? It’s great overall but when you have 100 species of wood and can’t find that one you are looking for because you add project once item comes in but then can’t find it months later because you added 20+ more species. Just a suggestion, I would definitely enjoy that in next update if possible. Recommending app to fellow wood workers.
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8 years ago, Jason Hotze
Excellent tool for woodworkers!
Awesome little app. No more stumbling through the phones regular calculator at the lumber mill. Like stated before some increased functionality such as being able to load species and prices would make this from a board foot calculator to a project planner that I would gladly pay money for..
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4 years ago, rrdonny
Awesome - Perfect
This app is simple to use and is perfect just they way it is, please don’t ad anything or cave to the naysayers. This is the perfect app for not only someone that sells wood but also a new woodworker. I’m so happy I found and downloaded the app. It should be ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, greenwood5
Great app would be really really great if I could export the project to email or notes
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8 years ago, dianablot
I'm doing a wall project and I don't understand how this app helps me determine how much lumber to buy. How can I enter total wall dimensions (length and height) and desired board width to figure that out? The app is asking ME to fill in the "pieces" field and that's what I need to have calculated! I don't work with lumber often (maybe that's obvious) but when I do it would be great to have a board foot calculator to figure out how many stinking pieces of boards I need.
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9 years ago, Cranium Eater
It's simple and easy to use. Does what it means to. Nothing more nothing less. You can't go wrong with this app.
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8 years ago, amckimmey
Great app
Great app. I have had this installed for a couple years now. Does exactly what you need it to do, nothing complicated. Just a great BF calculator.
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9 years ago, Mick@nite
This App is exactly what I needed to go through a pile of lumber and figure how many board feet I have. Well done!
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12 months ago, bozanglezz
Unfortunately its not very good
Not user friendly and zero information on how to use or enter the info. Such as “thickness” no one uses this as a term in measuring. they should have diameter, radius and circumference on here for calculations for board feet. Such as and 8’ log that is 20” in diameter/62.8” circumference.
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6 years ago, Sig7686
Clunky and buggy
Interface is clunky, click on a field and it deletes the entire field. Add waste to a project and it appears to lose the waste amount when summing up the project total board feet. Needs to have the ability to add supplier, species, and price lists
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13 years ago, M. Ungaro
Simple & good!
Just came across this and loaded it on my iPad. It does what it is advertised to do, and it does it well. First reviewer would like to do an entire project on multiple panes, and that may come in the future, but as a wood worker, this calculator goes a long way to assist in planing a project and purchasing materials.
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7 years ago, Cmxer
Use this app all the time.
Are y’all working on ios11 update? Thanks
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6 years ago, New Hampshire Harvey
Dimple &easy to use. Just what I need when I buy lumber.
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4 years ago, Big Branch Custom Lumber
Works Great / Easy To Use
I use it to calculate board foot when selling wood cut on my sawmill.
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7 years ago, Craig Parker 148
App updates
I love the app but need it to be updated to iOS 11
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10 years ago, TonyN6
This calculator is very easy to use. Great job thanks
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9 years ago, Dman868tt
Great app
I use this app for every project I make. Thanks!
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8 years ago, Sawmill owner
Great app!
One of my most used apps. It's great!
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2 years ago, MotoCamper
Not sure it works
I enter 12”x12”x1/2” and the price of $6.99 to get a board foot price. I hit calculate and it gives me 2.39. What the heck does that tell me?
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3 years ago, Joect$
This calculator does not calculate the dollars properly check it. It does not work on the money side
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7 years ago, Karp13
iOS 11 broke the app
Was a great app but apple will not let it open in ios11.
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3 years ago, BadBadLeroyBlack
This calculator incorrectly calculates the cost per board foot. Be care using!
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9 years ago, Nicholas183926
Need to enter decimal inches
Cannot calculate using decimal inches.
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10 years ago, Anthony Algieri
Da bomb!
Best calc dag
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13 years ago, Spinferno
Very good
Great app and can't believe it was free. I would have given at least a buck. An improvement would be the ability to store boards to reach a total BF and then store the whole project. As well as storing pricing info from various suppliers. If you add those fetchers I will gladly pay $$
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10 years ago, endurance tom
Great tool for buying selling lumber
This is my go to app for calculating board feet from the lumber I sell. I like the projects and total board feet. One thing I would add is emailing the projects.
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11 years ago, conan2280
Great BF Calculator
This tool will help you quickly calculate BF and price to help out at the lumber yard. I especially like the feature where you can make a list for a specific project. Thank you so much for sharing this tool. It is exactly what I was looking for.
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11 years ago, FeedTheChunk
Nice app but has bug!
Nice and easy to use, love it. Be aware that there is a bug in the total Bf that is shown in "project." When you add waist to you calculations the project only shows the Net BF. I feel that it show the BF w/ the waist added in. It shows the total $ with the waist calculated but not the BF and waist. So be careful if your figuring out how much lumber you need to purchase.
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10 years ago, 04 Mystichrome Cobra
Good app
Works great and also like using the project section, gives you total board feet used in the project and individual board foot used in different width, lengths, hight and price. 👍
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12 years ago, Nice Wood
Not sure how to use the thickness part? What does /4 mean? Can someone explain to me how to use the thickness part?
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11 years ago, 1 SluttyPrincess
Great app. Quick and simple. Don't change a thing.
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13 years ago, JMA46
Pretty straight forward with no frills, like it!
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12 years ago, da phat kat
Nice app! Works fast with no b.s.. Ps. The answer to last rater /4? Rough lumber is measured in 1/4's of an inch. 1 inch = 4/4 , 1 1/2 inches =6/4 , 2 inches =8/4 and so on.
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11 years ago, Gustoberfest
Works great. I use it everyday!
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13 years ago, User777x777
It's nice for one or more of the same size board. If different sizes, then I guess you have to write it down to figure total cost of a project.
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7 years ago, TwoBoardFeet
This simple app allows me to calculate prices for hardwood projects. I would love to be able to keep a list of lumber prices, such as "African mahogany, 4/4, $5.43" and "Walnut, 8/4, $10.69", the ability to edit names of projects, or to email or iMessage the list.
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