3.1 (417)
94.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
BoodsKapper LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bob.AI

3.06 out of 5
417 Ratings
9 months ago, Ms Teeter
Irritating app
It’s not allowing you to do what needs to be done in order to use the app correctly also nobody responds to in a timely matter on the app it need plenty work
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1 year ago, Still a waist of time
New listing won’t post
I have had no luck with the new program. I was locked out of the system for months and couldn’t get help because you had to be able to get into the system to contact support. I finally scheduled a training session with the concierge and they were able to straighten out my accounts. However, I’ve discovered I have to go through Google or my units won’t show, so something is still not right. The system doesn’t even recognize the address of my client unless I access my account through Google. Now, I cannot add a new vacant unit. It gets stuck on the appliances page and it just won’t “submit”. I’ve wasted hours trying to figure out what is going wrong. The chat function doesn’t work, so I’m getting no feedback or help. I doubt I’ll be able to rent to anyone with a voucher. Still a waist of time.
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2 years ago, domaCake
No response
Can’t get any of the landlords phone numbers and none of them respond. How are we supposed to find a rental if you can’t ever get anyone to contact you back? Please update with landlords numbers. Everytime I email it always says please wait but never says email sent. I don’t know if they are getting my emails or not but for the past few years I have been on this app not one landlord has contacted me.
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3 years ago, MzSea4
Trying to comply pouring here was wrong this link and to no avail I am not having any success nor options of rentals of the surrounding apartments that I know personally except the H TV program however they are not listed within this app.I have a deadline I just had a medical procedure and I’m supposed to be immobile however I’m going to have to seek out a residence outside of this app otherwise they’re going to retract my H TV privileges yet it wasn’t thoroughly explain to me on how to navigate this system
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2 years ago, Userofbobai
No support on this app
I’ve watched all instruction videos but still find this app is really confusing and there is no live person for support. Phone call listed on their website will go straight to voice mail and no one will reply your chat messages or emails. If anyone has any good ways to reach them please share in the review comment and it will be greatly appreciated!
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2 years ago, Barquaya
Not friendly
This app was made for the convenience of who? When you try to start a chat or get help it just stops working. This was created to keep communication with our case managers and the process of our moves to go smoothly, but unfortunately that’s not what happens we are stuck in the dark with very little time and no help. We have been let down
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2 years ago, Dale Bibbs
Waiting to Chat with my Case Manager
She was sent a message! Late nite! And Sent me a quick response that early afternoon!!! I really appreciate that quick and timely response!!!
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2 years ago, Kenyetta W
Don’t like it at ALL
This app is all over the place people don’t respond I don’t knw wats going on I’m confused to why it was even made I’ve been in a hotel with my kids for two weeks now because I still haven’t had a inspection for the property that I applied for I can’t stressed how many times I emailed an STILL NO RESPONSE THIS IS CRAZY I HAVE 5 kids all are in school I shouldn’t have to go threw this
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3 years ago, Lorabund333
App Still Needs work
Navigation in the app is great but the information available is test purposes only so looking for an apartment on top of voucher deadline is really making it difficult to find suitable housing. The ease of login and tabs are great just need more units that are actually available for rent.
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2 years ago, 🔥 Stuff
What is the purpose of the app there is no accurate information on it. I had an inspection and it was put in system that the inspector had no access which is a big lie. Then I was not told about a second inspection for today but I see one for August. Whomever created this app needs further information
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2 years ago, jimmyClaytom
Praying for Your App
I have not been able to get housing through this App. I have reached out to case manager on this app and no response from anyone at housing authority. Please either fix it or stop trying to make the housing search even more frustrating for those of us really trying to keep stable housing.
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2 years ago, been dnd
My rating
Number on here are outdated or they are people personal numbers that was a big concern with me. Some of this properties are also not up to date.
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2 years ago, chocoletk
Concept great, app useless
I get what they were trying to do however this app is pretty much useless. Landlords don’t return emails, you can’t get a number. I’ve goggles some of the places and no availability What’s the point of this app if we can’t find a place or at least talk to someone
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3 years ago, deemack12
Useless app
This is horrible all the units you cant reach the landlord. And or the landlord doesn’t respond.. I’ve been contacting tge landlords for 3 months and have not reached not one. There is no way to communicate. Is the house available or not. I don’t like this app. And why does it even exist. Its not helping no one at all.
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4 months ago, Chef Reviewman Jone III
Whoever made the user interface for this app, and for their website needs to be questioned. If I could give it negative stars, AND warn people to stay away I would. It's a shame that an app designed to help people is so difficult to use. Purposefully... -A frustrated landlord
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2 years ago, csuslady
Needs fixing
Want to rent however app sends me information on Texas and Louisiana when I need Sacramento.
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2 months ago, GameRnotLamR
No Vacancy
The app does not allow the landlords to remove their information from the website. Most of the homes are listed with full details and landlord numbers. There is no way to know if the home is occupied before applying.
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8 months ago, EriUnu
Terrible app
I’ve been trying to recertify since a week ago, when I click my info and recertification section, it just loads and continues to load and never lets me finish my almost overdue forms! This app needs to be fixed.
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2 years ago, karliblood
This app is no good
This app does not work I’m in an iPhone and can’t send email nor is there landlords number and Everytime I try to check my status on my housing it direct me here o don’t no why because it’s not telling me anything or giving me anything what do I do
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1 year ago, quaykatt
To be honest it’s probably not even the app that’s the issue it’s the misinformation that’s causing the problem. Why start with a artificial intelligence app when you haven’t properly trained the users. This is people housing we’re talking about.
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2 years ago, SexxiiLexxii3
Horrible App
This app is totally useless!!! You cannot speak with a live person as advertised. When messages are sent , no one responds ,ever!!! It’s just trash. I wouldn’t give any stars if I could , but my review won’t save . So the one star they get , I take it back!!!
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6 months ago, Kaledeni
Nothing works can't see anything can't get a response back it's more of a hassle than a help horrible horrible app needs to either be revamped or completely removed
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2 years ago, Demi60
This app is useless!!’
Does NOT work can’t submit any paperwork and no customer service response! Tenants are going to be homeless because of this site! Need to get workers back in the office until this site can be reliable!
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2 years ago, supastarr$
No Help
This app is useless.. the landlords on here never return calls or emails. Everything on this app is outdated nothing new and you cant find any housing leads or housing for the voucher you have.. this is a waste of time and app space
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1 year ago, THIS IS A SCAMMMM!
Worthless and Doesn’t Work
Absolutely nothing works on this app, the information is all wrong and it always says zero availability or it’s totally blank. Filters clearly don’t work.
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2 years ago, B.B. Game player
Horrible app
Absolutely horrible app, support is just as bad as well I emailed about to having issues accessing to the certain things on the app. They told me to go in the app and ask for support.
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3 years ago, Loveliinative
Poor communication
This app does not work!! no landlords contact back for properties, no one communicates in the chat for any reason, had to find a place outside of app and now that I did we can get an appt for RFTA. It’s overwhelming with the communication.
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2 years ago, markee9
Non professional
This app is useless . Nobody responds to your messages and it’s so unfair how we get treated. No landlords are available or your caseworker. Everything is time consuming and no one acts like it . I really hate it here
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2 years ago, QwnBee88Brit
It won’t allow me to put all of my info in this app isn’t effective on all ends
this app isn’t effective on all ends
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2 years ago, Year Recap
What I Expected
Not useful at all
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3 years ago, Lisaa12
I have not been able to reschedule an inspection
I have talked to customer service and they told me to try it again. I have tried no one helped me out.
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2 years ago, Musine
Impossible to get hold of someone
Messages posted on the chat remain unanswered. The app is not very user friendly and nobody never answers the phone…
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7 months ago, DeeDee 775
The app doesn’t work
Every single time I go on it you can’t input your information 😡
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2 years ago, AYEJEN
App doesn’t allow to remove homes after listing. Needs work.
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9 months ago, A cat named snow
Awful app
So many problems that it is not possible to fix it. Need hiring some competent staff to run this software.
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3 years ago, AfterGlowing
Poor communication
Haven’t helped me move even after being assaulted
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2 years ago, cjs012
Very confusing
This website is very confusing
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11 months ago, roliny
Absolutely useless. Does not work at all. I can’t even believe cities would contract with this app. It’s pitiful.
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2 years ago, Wood Booda
Please find another way
This is the most terrible app made!
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2 years ago, Trina49
Need another source
This app is not compatible with what needs to be done
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2 years ago, Voghz
No responses when you contact chat
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2 years ago, teenbeast 671
Trash app
This app was terrible I didn’t even know what to do half the time. The app was sooooooooo confusing
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9 months ago, PissDog22
Not very user
Old way was easier
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5 months ago, bsjehskdvh
do not download this app!
Dont download this app it has major privacy concern
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3 years ago, Aisa565
The worst app ever. What’s the point to have the chat feature if no one ever responds.
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2 years ago, charnisa
This app is a complete waste of your time DO NOT INSTALL
There are apartments here for $300 a month,like come on it’s clearly a scam
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1 year ago, PDavis3
The response to hear from someone is terrible.
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1 year ago, ChungLU4
Have houses on here that’s already leased or haven’t updated the app
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2 years ago, Fella1972
Not Helpful!!
🥺😢It will not let you write back to your landlord or housing inspector
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3 years ago, Simply_Amazin79
Poor communication
Does not work at all. No landlord ever responds back. Units for voucher are nothing but hotels.
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