Book of Shadows

3.9 (60)
28.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Nicholas Robinson
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
10.1 or later
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User Reviews for Book of Shadows

3.93 out of 5
60 Ratings
13 years ago, Starla93006
Pretty good
It's worth the money for me as you can your own info in, but would love to see a community place put in where we could post to each other. ( I have this on other apps) Also to be able to add pictures as a description of an herb isn't always enough. I am mostly happy with what I purchased; it wasn't a waste. )0(
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10 years ago, Ttraci
I think this is a nice app and I would give 5 stars IF the information you enter would transfer from my iPad to my iPhone without having to re-enter everything.
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12 years ago, nathan carr
Good but could be better
I like the app but I wish that they would make an iPad version so that I can use it in landscape. So please get on this cause a lot of people could use this app
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4 years ago, TreeHaven
Wow this really is a wonderful tool
Thank you for taking the time to make such an amazing app and resource. It’s done so beautifully as well. Really good job you guys. Thank you thank you thank you. Blessed be.
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14 years ago, Spirit Weaver Earthchilde
Great idea, but needs improvement
This is a great app, but it needs a few additions. It's great that you can add your own spells, but what about your own correspondences? I'd like the ability to add my own categories besides just spells (potions, stones, moon info, etc.). Do that and it'll totally be a 5-star app.
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3 years ago, Mansonesque
Not blind friendly! Surprise, surprise…
It doesn’t work with VoiceOver, so I almost literally purchased nothing. It’s fun if I want to know that it exists on my phone, but that’s about all it’s good for for me at this point. Please get on this.
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12 years ago, Daniel 123344583828284
Its great it just needs a few more spells in it but other than that its very good lots of things i didn't know about till i got this app
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4 years ago, Stella_Moon
It’s ok
I just started using the app but so far my only complaint is I wish they had as many herbs listed as they do the oil’s. Most of the herbs that I’m looking for are listed in the oil form but they don’t really give a lot of insight on the magical properties for them.
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13 years ago, VeggieWolfPup
Not too bad :D
The info in this app is very helpful, but the layout is difficult and going through all the tabs for one spell is a pain. Consider fixing this... And maybe lowering the price too?
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13 years ago, Erie langstaff
Every Pagan, should have one!!!
This little program is wonderful. Every pagan should have this.
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5 years ago, theclumsywitch
So excited
I’m a seasoned witch and honestly the asthetic drew me in and made me feel like someone actually got it right. Put in effort.
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12 years ago, Cope85
Pretty cool
This app is a quick and easy guide for crystals, herbs, spell guides, definitions, etc. A bunch of great apps wrapped up in one, love it!
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6 years ago, Shortone78
book of shadows
I was wondering if there are plans to get this in the windows store?
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4 years ago, Veeness73
So disappointed!!
This didn't help at all with crystals, essential oils, or herbs. No pictures to show what any of the herbs, or crystals, look like. Nothing about smudging your herbs or how to burn or hang or harvest. I want my 2$ back!!
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6 years ago, Autocorrect is my worst enema
Awesome App
Definitely worth the $1.99
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4 years ago, GeminiGreywolf
Not happy
Purchased this app and it would pause and not let me back out of it. $1.99 gone.
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11 years ago, Phoenickai87
Please fix
This is not working on my iPhone 4S idk why not
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14 years ago, kescue
Must have!
I LOVE this app!!! A friend told me about it because she loved it and knew I would use it. It is perfect for traveling and taking this BOS with you and have everything right at your fingertips. You dont have to worry about carrying the 'real' book .... Just take this! Its easy to copy & paste rituals and other stuff from emails or other websites and its organized to keep rituals, spells, invocations, ingredients and everything seperated. I hope they keep this running great.... I LOVE it!! )O(
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14 years ago, Pinktmunguia
Love it!
I love this app. so much! I wish you had pics to help out with some things. An some way to share spells with outheres that have this app. And at the right price idk if I would pay any more the 4 or 5 bucks for it but I do love it. Thanks so much for this app keep up the good work )0( blessed be
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14 years ago, Rhin
VERY useful!
This app is really useful, allowing the user to add their own spells and notes, and providing a wealth of reference information and spells. At this point, it's absolutely worth the $3.99, and with new upgrades it can only get better.
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14 years ago, kikilewis
It would be nice if in areas such as casting that the instructions were written normally and what is spoken is italisized. As it is now, it is sometimes hard to see which are the author speaking and which are to be the practioners words. I would love to see more on casting circles and more nature magic. It is looking good so far though!
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14 years ago, Wolfdancingwind
Great app
I really like the app. I would at a Feature to allow the user to adjust the font size so I could read it more clearly.
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14 years ago, shely141
Just what i was looking for!
If i could have given this app a 6/5 i would have! I use this app constantly and would recommend this to everyone!
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13 years ago, mom2twobears
Almost perfect
Two things: First, can you make it so we can make the text a little larger? Between the small text size and the font, some of this information is extremely difficult to read. Secondly, some of the herbs I use aren't listed, and I have some uses for herbs you have not included. It would be great if we could add to the apothecary section. Fox these, and it's pretty much perfect.
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14 years ago, Caseylynn1222
Love it!!!!
Wow!!! This app rocks!!! It has tons of info. The graphics are beautiful. And it's Very easy to use! Love it!!!!!!
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14 years ago, Ark_witch
I absolutely positively LOVE this app!! Im a practicing witch & the alchemy portion is EXTREMELY useful!! I would suggest this app 2 ne witch looking 4 a portable BOS!!
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14 years ago, turcotteamelie
Not Worth It
I'm a practicing witch, and this is definitely not worth the four bucks. They need to add on a lot more info. Maybe worth two dollars, though.
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14 years ago, JP663
I love this app really useful
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12 years ago, Cap'n Constance
Clunky and counterintuitive
I wish I could get my money back... The format of this app is great in that it allows you to organise spells by category and neatly compiles the ingredients, method, description, and other important aspects of a spell into their own subcategories, but the interface leaves a LOT to be desired. It only has one orientation, portrait... Also mown as the worst typing position known to man. not only that, but it doesn't let you see what you're typing once the words extend below the onscreen keyboard, and it won't let you scroll down we the keyboard is onscreen, which makes NO sense to me at all... O_o So you're typing blind, until you hit "save" and go back into the tab you were typing in, only to find what you typed was riddled with errors, and have to go back, delete it all, and guess again... Four attempts to enter one spell description later, I gave up. It's clumsy, poorly engineered, and accuracy is nigh impossible. I wrestled with this app for an hour, trying to find enough redeeming qualities to make it worth my money, and finally just quit, with a tremendous "UGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! F*** it." so, developers, if you update this app, fix those problems. The are insurmountable to the user and render the app totally useless. Until you do, it's one star you'll get from this frustrated witch.
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