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User Reviews for Booker Mobile

3.74 out of 5
741 Ratings
7 years ago, BeaarHair
I don’t like that I can’t see numbers & emails, especially when I entered them or they are MY clients. I don’t like that the payments recorded in the mobile app do not match the payment displayed on computer connected to it & actually received. I also do not know which notes are private & which notes are presented in the computer booker version regarding formulas & thoughts about clients or why there are things that are only accessible on one or the other. I don’t like that I cannot see the history of services recorded or that if I could see the service history then the price history would still be wrong. & as a busy stylist I rely on the convenience of this app & I assume that is booker’s purpose. To be Convenient. I recognize I AM SPOILED so I rate 4.5/5 because it has made my life so much easier & made me not only build & book/adjust my own appointments wherever whenever but also I’m able to assure my appointments are always correct.
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5 years ago, melissaesti
It keeps me organized
Pros: I love it, it has made everything so much easier between the alerts for when a new client booked with me and seeing the clients profile in detail of allergies, progress notes, medications, etc. Cons: Theres a lag sometimes. For the progress and customer notes, I wish there was an edit/delete button for that because sometimes I need to go back and redo something I said and can’t because there’s no way to do that.
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3 years ago, NewhookA
A lot of things off
The app has a difficult time reloading, whether on wifi or not, in the middle of a busy day when my schedule needs to be constantly refreshed, it takes so long to reload so I can see updates. It also doesn’t have the freedom to separate the reservation name from billing name. When someone calls to gift a service, we have to search in notes for the details. Sometimes that intuitive thought doesn’t register in busy moments causing confusion. It also doesn’t restrict clients ability to book online. If a trade worker doesn’t want to work with a client again, that worker can’t be protected from the client rebooking them. They will rebook and then admin has to switch it around and the client gets email notifications, then they switch it back and the unnecessary cycle continues. I know this because I experienced this and wanted a permanent block. That needs to be available.
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6 years ago, jjwillhoite
Not a fan - workarounds galore
There are constant workarounds being suggested, just to use the app. So many processes are manual and so very time consuming. To even book a mobile appointment now, you can’t just click and create as it won’t select the appropriate time if it’s not on the hot or half hour; you have to make it so big (just the right amount or it won’t work) and then you can do it. You cannot see how much people paid for their appointment in summary nor track their membership benefits info. If you select a progress note and press done - it updates to your name and that new date/time and allows you to edit (none of this should be the case). As someone who mainly uses a mobile to work, I have to use the computer most of the time anyways. Hoping this system gets better over time, as we are mandated to use this for our business at present. As of the last two years, I haven’t been impressed - there are some other cool and easy to use systems out there.
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1 year ago, Crystalnc704
Poor customer service & over priced.
I’ve been using them since July 2022. It is now February. The app is very time consuming. This seems very complex to navigate to certain things. It’s just a lot of steps. Vagaro pro has probably been the best one that I’ve used and best price. The customer service is poor. He got put on hold for 35 minutes to an hour. They lock you in a contract the contract we have is $540. If you wanna add on another location it has another $540 as you have to have the same level of platform for its location. Even if one is a lot smaller than the other location. I started out very slow at my second location and asked to put a pause on it and they simply said no I couldn’t but I’m in a full contract and there’s no way out of it. I’ve never been locked into a contract with a platform before that I was not able to get out of. I think this is ridiculous and now I want to cancel both and go back to Vagaro.
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5 years ago, cjs_95
the booker app adds so much extra stress to my booking. I wouldn’t use it but it’s what we use where I work. The app is awful. It logs you out repeatedly and sometimes it just won’t even let me log in for days the app will just go black and force close even if I delete it and redownload it. I have to text my coworkers to view my schedule for me sometimes because this app is awful. I will say it works fine on the computer but sometimes it’s hard to book things and you have to mess around for a while until it will actually let you save it. I personally will not use booker for myself unless it’s required by my place of business. Just get square. It’s so much easier. I never really write reviews but booker wastes so much of my time daily that I needed to. Please fix your app.
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1 year ago, smartishorts
So unfortunate
This app is like the ugly stepchild of mind/body. You can tell that they just don’t care about this app at all. It’s very primitive. We switched from Booker from Vagaro and the difference in mobile apps is astounding. If the Booker app was even halfway better than what it is now, I would confidently say that Booker is better than Vagaro. However, this app is so bad that it really deters from how great of a spa scheduling system Booker is. This app is completely living in the past. There is absolutely no excuse for an app to look or act like this in 2023 they could easily hire an app designer on fiverr and fix this. It is disappointing because mind/body is a very large company, and I know they have the funds to create something better. They should be embarrassed to have this app under their name.
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5 years ago, heinousdesigns
Needs work- productivity problems
I enjoy this app for booking use in my salon but there are a good bit of problems that prevent this app from working as well as it could. For starters I would really like the option to get appointment notifications/check in notifications. This would be great because I could get an Apple Watch and work even more efficiently. Another problem is that this crashes 1/3 times I refresh the page. This is super annoying. I have to start it up and log in multiple times in the day. Also booker as a whole goes down more often than not every week it seems. If those problems could be worked on this would be a really great app for stylists.
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5 years ago, Slimsheri
Not user friendly
Our salon switched from VagaroPro to Booker recently and have to say Booker has a lot of work to do on their app. I cannot stand not being able to see my work week at a glance. Retrieving your notes is completely tedious. It’s completely annoying to have to pinch the screen to see you week/day. Huge issues with having our clients get confirmed. We paid to have all of our client appointments transferred and there were numerous mistakes in the the point people have come in for an appointment that was scheduled in our old system and but not transferred to the new. Since they weren’t transferred, new appointments were booked in that clients spot, therefore no appointments to accommodate them. Deeply disappointed in this system.
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6 years ago, jigbgghhvh
No secretary needed
I have been using Booker for over 10 years now. I highly recommend it to the spas medical spas and individual practitioners. It makes your life much easier everything is accessible of course there are some things that can be improved like being able to upload your clients image street from Your camera and adding a health history form or client intake form on he app or at least on the website. It would eliminate all the paper and printing..... please add this feature.
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2 years ago, Cyn kellz
This software is horrible!!! The app has been failing so much, it’s beyond ridiculous at this point. First it shows that the business is closed on days that it’s definitely not. Then the app crashes and won’t let you log in, constantly showing an error message. I’ve tried using the system via safari on my phone, I’m at least able to log in that way, but the full website is not compatible with phone use. Being that I am an employee of a business it’s not feasible to walk around with a laptop so I can greet my next client by name and know what services were booked. That’s why the app WAS convenient. Major changes need to be made asap!!!
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6 years ago, Sheardesire
I like the fact that I can book my clients anytime. What I don’t like is that we can get phone numbers from the mobile app. We had a snowstorm and I was going to call my clients to reschedule them and I couldn’t do it because I couldn’t get their phone numbers from the app I had to go into the salon, (walked), the roads were so bad, just to be able to call my clients. Is there a way we could get numbers from the app? If there is a way it could make life so much easier for all of us.
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1 year ago, RoxanaCamelia
Meh and annoying
So this app and the booking system isn’t great. Glitchy and slow. Has a habit of going down when your most busy. If you are a hair salon especially, find something else. Not good for salons and how we book things and how we want client info to be accessed. We are forced to use it by our salon bc they have a contract for a certain amount of time, I’m guessing. But I know that our leadership isn’t happy with Booker. Also, the app prompted me to give it feed back so I clicked yes and it auto filled in their email address. Well my email came back as undeliverable. Sooooo I guess they don’t really want my feed back.
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3 years ago, mmancub
Fake positive reviews, scam artists
It’s clear that the majority of these positive reviews are fake. There is no way someone could find this app useful. This company is 100% scamming their clients. They will attempt to steal your money through their payment processor (that barely works by the way). I don’t know how they are still in business with all of the sketchy processes and customer service. The scheduling is not intuitive in the slightest. The app crashes more than half of the time I use it and I have to start all over again. I have so many negative opinions about this company and this app that I don’t even know where to begin. Still haven’t received my money back!!!!
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1 year ago, Pumpkin784
I am only using booker because I don’t have the time to switch but I’m about to get very motivated to do so. I have had two appointments booked that have NOT shown up on the app and caused me to show up late for a client that I didn’t know was booked there. I just noticed the second issue and worry how many more there are. I rely heavily on the mobile version and it is unreliable and inconsistent. It regularly stops working. If you’re a hairstylist you don’t need all the option it has, especially if you are an independent. Save your self the stress and find another app.
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4 years ago, Amandaprev
Worst customer service
After three days and no access to my account, do to the extensive “training” lol I had my first of five training classes. That’s when I immediately found out that it did not offer the same services Vagaro did. Which I was assured from the sales person it did. I was told that this was Vagaro but on steriods. Wrong!!! It does not offer the same services so I called to say this isn’t going to work for my business. I haven’t even had it a week. They told me sorry you have to pay three months regardless if you use it or not. Do not recommend and I highly recommend Vagaro. Grass is not greener on the other side I had to learn the hard way. What a joke!!
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2 years ago, M- J
Booker is an unreliable app
Bookers unreliable because the system often goes down, and the company does not bother to send out an email immediately to their clients that they’re having technical issues. If it isn’t the program you use on your computer that’s down, it’s the application that you use on your smartphone that you can’t even log into. They seem to always be having technical issues without explanation or apology. They will however send out random surveys asking how they are doing, I don't know why because they don't really improve their service. I do not recommend this application.
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7 months ago, HamiChan123
Great app
This booking app not only dazzles with its efficiency but also proves invaluable in keeping track of my clients' bookings. The seamless reservation processing is complemented by a user-friendly interface that not only simplifies the booking process but also allows me to effortlessly monitor and manage my clients' appointments. It's a sophisticated and practical solution that beautifully balances ease of use with comprehensive client management capabilities.
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4 years ago, ShouldBeASimpke
So many issues
STILL GOING ON!!!! The app is missing the ability for the customer to tip when closing out a ticket - isn’t this important in a service run business? Also missing the option to change appointment status and also charge a customer for a "no show" or cancellation. Has multiple issues when trying to remove any recover time for room and for staff. From customer side it doesn't allow customer to cancel. All of these mentioned items has been going on for over 3 years and we have made Booker support aware and they issues continue!
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3 years ago, kttnlg
Glitch Mania
I’ve been with Booker for 14 years ever since the company Mind Body took over its been a SH^T show of glitches!! The best part is it’s on a Friday when your slammed and your appointment schedule doesn’t pop up or you can’t take a payment. This has happened more than a dozen time. RUN. What is even better the support team blames your “ out dated” tablet or phone. I purchased a new computer because they said that my old one was not compatible with their system, turns out I get an email stating that they have fix the problem, it was on there end. Do not waste your time or money, move on.
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6 years ago, RIKYA taylor
It’s so helpful
I really like that my clients can put a deposit down. I like the check out process if I had one function to add it would be in the services category... I won’t like to have a option on my end if check out to do special buttons... discounts, %off, etc. it works for my business.
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7 years ago, Claritee
It's been pretty great so far (3 weeks in)
I started here as a new stylist and joined the Booker system. It took a few days for it to update me on the app AND the main site (a little glitchy). Ultimately though, it's very easy to navigate from either a pc or Mac iPad or iPhone. All of which we use at the salon. All methods of which can take payment, begin, check in, and complete transactions. Well done app in my opinion
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1 year ago, Vienkeoduong
The company needs to develop more on this app
I dont like anything about this app, crash all the time. Woke up in the morning to a not-working-app, then have to log in to use the website which doesn’t match with iOS. Then have to install Chrome, but then it doesn’t work well on tablet or phone compared to laptop or destop. It’s like a headache to work with. And a lot of features cannot be used on the app like on the website. But the website is too much to use. I’m really on the edge of cancelling the service.
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7 years ago, DenekeBobby
Waste of time
This app frustrates me. It seems to only work reliably on a computer. Using the mobile app routinely forgets that I have set it to give me access with a fingerprint. Then I put my password in which is the same password for my PC but it doesn't recognize it. If I try to reset my password from my iPhone 7 then it doesn't provide me with the email that it says it's going to provide me with so I can reset the password and look at my schedule when I'm not in front of my PC. I tried to contact support but it says that that page is not available. This would be a very impressive app if it were 1990.
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5 years ago, youweresupposedtomakeitbetter
Unfortunately this is the program I am required to use for my job. The only aspect I am a fan of is being able to book an appointment anytime. My primary complaint is the notification system. Text messages rarely come but my day will be full; yet when I book an appointment through my account on my phone I get multiple messages? If this were the only issue, I would still not be a fan. Not being able to access client files is also a big let down, as well as the interface and login requirements (these items are discussed in other reviews).
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4 years ago, Seandde
This app is ALWAYS crashing. At the moment it won’t let me log in. I keep getting an error message saying that my password is incorrect, but I can log in on safari with the same password. I deleted the app and then downloaded it again and it still won’t let me log in. I absolutely hate booker. I only use it because our salon does, but if I could use something else I would. Even my calendar on my phone would be better. Stupid booker. Also, at the salon the website crashes all the time. It’s always messed up in some way. 👎🏼💩
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5 years ago, MickeyWheels
Leaves room for error
We use Booker for spa services and the mobile app has given us some issues. Some of our employees have gotten their schedules mixed up because the date is shown in such small text. My #1 wish is for Booker to automatically refresh whenever you open the app. We have had so, so many mishaps because changes were made to appointments and employees open the app and see the old data, not knowing they need to press the refresh button.
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2 years ago, njsfinest
App continues to shut down
I have had the app for 2 years I need it to see my schedule for work. When you go to try and sign in it gives an error message that the password combination is wrong. So I rest the password. Try to log in with new password and the same error message pops up. But if you go to log in through your web browser “safari “ it logs you right in. So the password combination is not wrong the app is just not allowing ppl to log in. This is happening to my whole spa staff. This app has been trash for the last 6months.
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3 years ago, Nothanjyou
The worst.
This is the worst app. It’s slow, we have clients that have issues with booking constantly, and now me and my co workers are unable to even log in to our accounts through the app. We had to bring our personal laptops into work to check people out. It’s obvious nobody in the service industry actually made this app. Even the smallest features that made the most sense, they have either gotten rid of or put it someplace else for lack of efficient use. It is the CLOWN in my work’s group chat. We will be leaving it in the past once 2022 hits.
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6 years ago, Dokktor.K
Ver. 6.4 broke some basic functionality.
Updated to this version a few days ago and now both the Remember Me, and biometric login options are broken - I have to manually login every single time I open the app. And, 50% of the time the app opens exclusively to the Nail Technicians’ schedule and the option to change focus to other departments is not available (grayed out) until I close the app, then manually login again. Manually logging in 15-20+ times a day, especially if it’s just to check your upcoming schedule is really frustrating.
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2 years ago, nehehevdd
Never works properly
The schedule on the app will be missing appointments that you actually have but booker shows you are open so you miss your appointments. This is been an issue that has plagued our high end spa in Florida and for the last two weeks isn’t working AT ALL. We can’t even log in at this point, we have to use the browser to check our schedule. Worst scheduling app on the market. Use another company.
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6 years ago, Karibearw
Clients not receiving reminders
Frustrated lately, and not sure if I’m the only one having this issue. All of my clients are set up to receive text message reminders. All of a sudden this week I’ve been receiving “Can you tell me when my appt is?” text messages bc some aren’t receiving the reminder texts. I have a client who only received a reminder for her 12:30 appt, when she also has a different service booked for 12pm on the same day. Not sure why. Very confusing and frustrating.
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5 years ago, Honuclangrl
Buyer be ware
Good service but they doubled my price from $68/month to $129 after changing their billing practice to paying in advance for the month. So even tho I discontinued service on Feb 4th I have to pay for January February and March. They clearly did not want my little business but they are making me pay to leave them. Their credit card processing company is also very expensive. Not a good choice is you are small or just starting out. I found an online booker plus online store that uses square to process for $30 per month.
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5 years ago, Hcissh
App won’t load
After years of using this app without issues, all of a sudden every time I attempt to open the app the page gets stuck on the loading circle until I exit. I have tried deleting and reinstalling from the App Store. Once it is downloaded I am able to successfully login once. Once I exit the app and try to go back into it, it gets stuck again. Very irritating
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3 years ago, traceymuffin
NOT happy, ALWAYS fails.
Who is running this show cause I have a couple of questions?!. Such as, 'why is it that, at least once a month, I cant login to my account through this app?' 'How come I can't complete actions, that I can do on the dest top, on the app?' Truth be told, my entire workspace is not happy with the app or the system. There are always problems and it's actually causing us to have to apologize to our clientele because of it's constant issues. I hope this helps more than hinders. Xoxo
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4 years ago, sarajunegil
Not good for how much we pay
Booker is really expensive and the app is incredibly difficult to navigate as the business owner. For how much money mind-body has, I wish they would focus on the app for just a few months to get it streamlined. I would love for my stylists to see their daily totals and product sales in their own dashboard. I would love to be able to see the calendar all at once with clients names visible. I would love to not have to pinch and zoom in and out all day long. So many things I don’t like about this app.
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6 years ago, Lee0637592
It won’t let me login
This works fine on the computer but on the mobile app it doesn’t always work. It used to work with the fingerprint but Booker app forgot it, so when i typed in the correct password it says it doesn’t recognize it. So i changed my password via computer and then tried to go back to login again but it still said that it doesn’t recognize it and then locked my account!! 😡😤 please fix this issue.
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2 months ago, Mollie Elisabeth
New update
You can’t see client history anymore and thats annoying. When you click on their summary it only shows their appointment that day, no previous history. It shows past years at the top but nothing under that. That doesn’t make sense considering I have clients that i’ve seen for over a year
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2 years ago, Jothivita
Great reservation system
I’ve been a Booker user for the past 12 years and I love the functionality of the application. I’m able to book, get payments and sell products in a click.
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6 years ago, gtmassage
Love it!
I find all the flexibility both on the desktop and mobile and with the mobile if I’m having any trouble I just go to the full site option and my issues are gone. Works well with all my clients booking online about 60% and employees.
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7 years ago, SharBoote1969
I have had this software for years mainly bc I didn't want to start over with another company. IVE HAD IT.. I have clients who continually tell me they can't book and these updates are constant literally every week. I can't log in to the mobile app AGAIN. Also booker sales people work on commission so be prepared to deal with a cars saleman bc they ALL quote you a different price. Thanks booker for not working AGAIN bc this has given me the motivation to finally switch!!! If I could give no stars I would
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4 years ago, JNRagan
Much improved
Latest version has really improved the booker experience. Thank you for fixing the faceid. Additional features I’d like to see: * push notifications when a new appointment is booked * ability to default to daily calendar view to the entire day (all columns and all rows)
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6 years ago, Madusa102
I have been with Booker since the beginning
Early and there were a lot of bugs to work out, over the years Booker has become a strong and reliable platform. Occasionally there are little issues, Booker works them out pretty quickly.
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6 months ago, Tapestry Hair
Owner of Salon
I’ve been very pleased with the ease with which this site is able to navigate. Also love that I get someone to help me with any questions. Would be helpful to have representatives speak better English
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2 years ago, Drone Promotions
Booker app constantly down
We tried to get mindbody but they gave us booker. We have used it for the last 7 months and it was okay… however the last month has been horrible the platform is constantly down and is costing us clients. The app is even worse, it’s rarely working and when you staff relies on it for there schedule it makes life a nightmare. We would not recommend this booking software.
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2 years ago, Opal1020
Consistently having issues with password failure
Zero stars if I could. This app is the worst I have had to deal for any job. I’m constantly having to change my password to either get the app to work at all or because it says my username/password isn’t correct…though I’ve typed it in correctly. Annoying and once I am through working at this place, I will NOT use this again. Not worth it.
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2 years ago, myovibz
Great when it is actually functioning
This app is used by the facility I am currently operating from and 90% of the time we cannot log in or access our schedules from our mobile devices. Very frustrating and dysfunctional for a successful business. There are better options if you can use something else for your business
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1 year ago, Dubgypsy
The best booking app
I have been using this app for years. Although others approach me all the time, no one has everything that booker has and full rounded. No one can beat them
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6 years ago, rachelmk1977
Awful! Waisted of time with update!
I’m always having difficulties logging in on app! I can only log in on safari! And it’s just so archaic! I’d rather use a pen and paper! Why no prebook button for when checking out customers? And can’t you make it where it sends them a text reminding them of appointments? Also it’s not lined up with inventory! I have no idea what my product sales totals are or if I’m even getting compensated! VERY POOR! I could create a app and a system better!
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3 months ago, Spa Lotus
Very expensive
I like Booker very much but the one thing I wish that it cost a lot less. My clients enjoy using Booker better then the other software that I had so that’s why I keep it.
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