BookScouter - Sell & buy books

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42.9 MB
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Bookscouter LLC
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3 weeks ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for BookScouter - Sell & buy books

4.36 out of 5
1K Ratings
2 weeks ago, EsTEBan_fROm_newyork
Funny side gig
I saw this app as an ad and at first I was like “nah” but my wife has been bugging me about selling my old text books. I kept telling her that they are to old and wouldn’t sell. I took a leap of fair and tried it. I was surprised that some of the books were still worth some money. After going to the individual venders that the app offers I was able to get my prepaid shipping label and sent out the next day! Obviously this is a side gig but it was enjoyable. Now my wife and I are planning on looking around the house for more books to sell. It’s like a scavenger hunt, looking for books, looking for codes haha. I am giving a 4/5 stars because I feel the app and the computer version should have it were it syncs. It would be cool to scan a ton of book codes on your phone and then have all the books you scanned on the computer. Also why is there a login on the computer but not the app????
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5 years ago, Coorrtt
Part-time job!
Love this app! I go out 2 or 3 times a week and scan used books at thrift stores, etc and have made enough money for a nice vacation! The app scans the book and then 10-20 different companies show the price they will pay. I pick the highest price, print off the free mailing label and box up the books. 2-3 weeks later I get a nice check in the mail. Now I am getting 5-10 checks a week. Takes a little time and work but a great part-time job working as my own boss and own hours! The app used to have problems but lately it’s working fine.
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11 months ago, Goldar17
Why didn’t I know about this sooner!
I inherited a lot of books from my dad (he was an English professor) which have sitting around for years. Now that I’m trying to get rid of them, I really just wanted to do checks to see if any of them had any value before they got dumped. And this bookscouter app seems to be exactly what I need . The only thing I wished the app could do is pull the “answer” from just imaging the ISBN # with the camera and not need the full barcode as that often doesn’t exist for older books and typing in the codes slows down the process greatly, but otherwise it has worked great and has helped ameliorate my fears that the majority of these books had any street value beyond certain collectors.
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3 months ago, em shot
Older books
There should be an option for really old books (which is why I use this) and I have to bounce back and forth beween google image and this app. If there was an option to take a photo or type in search of a book other than the apps “scanning” for ISBN option would make this 10 stars!
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3 months ago, fun in a barrel
Exactly what I was looking for…
Was looking for an app to sell some law textbooks and actually spotted someone at goodwill scanning books … I stole a glance at her phone and saw the scout logo and hit google to figure out what it was and low and behold the holy grail of book selling. In addition to textbooks, I’ve also posted some self-help and other nonfiction that are worth profit. I feel the resale value is far and will, return to the app and recommend to others for all book selling needs. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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2 years ago, Jfridapope
Good app
I never knew they were so many books out there that were broke something that I would just have laying around that I can find this app is really going to help you to rack in the dollars it helps you to maximize your space and in your phone and everything and attach it to the bookshelf for you I just wanna let you guys know if you wanna check this out it’s really good I give it five stars I can see right here a fire fire fire app lets go
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2 years ago, richdaddybbc6969
Scanner has NOT been working for months
I used to use this wonderful app for years, but now that their scanner on their app has not been working, I will no longer use it. This has been going on for at least 2-3 months…. I’m NOT too happy about this as they are loosing a valued consumer and college student. I used to tell my teachers, deans and fellow colleges students about this wonderful app, but now I will be telling them to just delete it from their phones because clearly it’s not working! So thanks for the short time we all loved it… when it worked!
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3 years ago, ShiLoLo
Everyone needs this app
I love love love Bookscouter. It is so well organized and aesthetically pleasing. Very simple, clean, and easy to use. Great for searching for children’s books, college books, any book. I highly recommend this app and keeping it in your back pocket any time you want or need to purchase a book, use Bookscouter first!
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6 years ago, ~ginny~
Great resource!
This app is great for getting the most money possible for your used textbooks! I think the problems most people are upset with in the reviews has to do with the book buyers that BookScouter connects you with. You have to really look at that individual buyers requirements, some are more strict about the condition of the book than others.
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2 years ago, raysa524
Easiest to sell books quickly
This app makes it VERY easy to sell books however there are limited buyers and only profitable when they are books in a very small range of categories. But keep it up, because your app works like a charm!
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1 year ago, Renegade HR King21
Helping me clear the shelves
Kids have compiled a very large library and it as tons to clean house. Helping them start their own small business and taking the books they no longer read to resale, or just donate. App has made it a breeze.
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2 years ago, SGTSalt357
Barcode scanner
I wish there was a way to connect a Bluetooth scanner instead of having to use your phone to scan the barcode every time to make things a little faster but otherwise I love it!
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4 months ago, Danzing05
Love this app
I use this app almost daily. It works great for my needs. My only complaint is now the app updated and once you scan a book, if it’s not selling it goes right back to the scanner before I can even read the details.
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4 weeks ago, Bambambie
Easy $$ maker for used books
Getting a quote for a used book in milliseconds and the option to sell to multiple different buyers. Not only is this app super awesome and easy to use, it it makes you $$.
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2 years ago, Jen201128
Painfully slow after recent update
I LOVED this app… I literally used it in a daily basis and it was beyond great like 10 stars great… I have no idea what they did or what they updated but now every book I scan takes almost 2 minutes to return any results whatsoever which makes the app useless considering how many books I am needing to scan. I sincerely wish you guys would just roll back the bad update and go back to the app I love and miss so dearly 😢 PLEASE????
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5 years ago, Shaunnakaye
I can’t get off the ground with this app. It won’t let me sign up, I’m un able to even access the contact area to ask for help. I’ve attempted to sign up several times. I keep getting message that my user email and password doesn’t match, I’ve retyped it in a gazillion times and know it’s right but get same message. Tried to ask for help in Contact section, once I start typing everything goes blank. Was excited about using this App but if I can’t even sign up I can’t use it.
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5 years ago, tutor with lots of used books
Not useful without premium service
I have a pile of books I want to unload and the scanner works pretty well once you scrap off any extra labels but then you have to pick through each title print one label for each book and I want to ship these in bulk instead of one at a time it looks like their premium service might allow that but it’s $30 a month so not an option for a few dozen books
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2 years ago, Fishoutofthewaterfan!
Extremely useful!
Used the app to sell some textbooks I didn’t need anymore. Just scan the barcodes and they will tell you how much you can get. Easy to use and a good way to make extra cash
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3 months ago, Bookbee2.0
Best book scan app ever
Quick and efficient, finds current market price to buy and sell books on different sites. Pleased with BookScouters ability to quantify data in a timely manner.
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5 days ago, AmysRV
such a helpful App
Super easy to scan codes and love, speed and accuracy. The only thing I wish is that they had referrals to more reliable companies to sell books to.
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5 months ago, LydiaLovedWalter
I enjoy using this because it’s quick and I really love that it gives me the option to save the books I’ve scanned so that I don’t need to rescan them at a later date
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6 years ago, Samie09876
Not Working!!
This app used to be great, however, it is going down hill fast. Searches constantly fail or just does not show results. WiFi connection is not the issue as the website has the same issues. My guess is they have failed to keep up this program. Customer Support—what is that? No response. Deal Oz, a similar program (not as streamlined as BookScouter) is my go to now. It works and it’s quick. Never had a failed search or refresh on Deal Oz.
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2 years ago, deya2903
Much better than expected
I am pleasantly surprised with how fast this app works, not only fast but accurate. It has become my favorite app to scan my extensive library. Thank you
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6 years ago, Asurashor
Both books were stolen
I sent two different school book (very expensive school books) to different businesses. Both businesses said they would not pay us for the books and both would not send them back to us. In other words, they were stolen. Now I am left with no books and no money. This was the only two time I’ve used the app and the last time. Don’t use it, it could be a trap to steal all the valuable books.
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4 days ago, Annie Mom 3
Quick and easy
Keep in mind that you must get up to a certain dollar amount before they will pay you.
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2 years ago, Blpouncey
Best App Ever
I am finally doing something I have put off forever. De-cluttering and starting with my books! I have No More Room. Found out about this app on Pinterest and I am on my way! This is amazingly easy!
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2 years ago, kzap12
Quick and easy to use
Accurate prices from each site (double-checked on website)
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8 months ago, vswilliams214
Oh, I love this app and the fact that I am scanning the barcode or it will also scan the ISBN number for you. It searches multiple stores, may be a dozen or more and gives me the best price. It’s so easy.
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4 months ago, Circular2023
Very helpful resource
I like this app but it would be nice if you could swipe back to the camera page instead of hitting a small arrow on the upper corner. Otherwise it’s been great!
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7 years ago, Thruthteller123
Good App
Great way of getting rid of books. I got $170 from selling 4 books. The highest buyer is automatically put at the top so you can get the most for your books. I will definitely use again. 👍🏾
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3 months ago, CaliVegas23
Simply the BEST when it comes to selling your books!
Nothing compares. Have used this app for years. It keeps improving with every update as well!
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5 months ago, Los123222
Really useful app
Helpful for finding out the true value of your books and and what u have. I had this this book I was selling for $3.. turns out it’s worth $50 USED.
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1 year ago, Gideon123
Quick to start
Able to check from home
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2 years ago, Idusuduku
Quick results
Easy to determine that my tech books are too out-of-date to be useful to someone else
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6 years ago, ecoscot69
Best book scanning app IF IT WORKED!
This is by far the best book scanning app out there when it is working. They have the largest database of book buying/selling sites. The last 6 months the app and website have been very glitchy and just not working. I have contacted them several times and get a different excuse each time. They don’t really seem to care. I hope someone else recreates this same app and actually maintains it
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6 years ago, Hirsoshita5
Overall good, sometimes app has issues but support good

If you are using this as a backend software for your textbook selling business, it can be frustrating at times.  But overall its a good free tool
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8 months ago, Hbigsteve
Book madness
Well it has certainly helped me make secessions about books problem is they are all getting sold…
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11 months ago, ForevrFrecklez
This app is such a great app! I recommend using this app for others. It finds all the places it can sell your book at for you!! I always use it! 😊
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2 years ago, BDFangirl
One of my favorite apps!
It is so easy to use with my phone - literally allows me to just scan books! And this way I know I'm getting the best bang for my buck.
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2 years ago, BrazilianCoffee
This App helps me Assess my books quickly!
I’m older now and purging books. This App helps me know the worth of my books to sell and/or give away.
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2 years ago, Jo Jo Cracko
Trying out the app
I am pretty satisfied so far, it is quick and easy to use, I have not sold anything yet but it gives me an idea of what I might get if I end up doing that
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3 months ago, _Manwolf_
It’s Amazing!!!
Buy, Rent, and Sell books and earn points that can be used to donate to planting trees??? What more could you want? It’s incredible. I hope they keep it up!!!
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4 months ago, Daratum
Love this application! Easy to catalogue my books
I’m old now- my time is limited on this world, time is precious and this app helped me save time cataloging my books.
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1 year ago, GrowMajor
GmVintage Designs
A few bugs and kinks, overall extremely good tool for selling myself updates can be notified and shorter
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2 years ago, Rick Williams_315
Awesome app for inventory
I’m not sure if I’ll use the comparison feature, but it is an app that can help create an inventory list of most books in your possession. That’s pretty neat for free of charge.
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2 years ago, T.SherLovZ
I think I found the one
This APP is great so far… It compares an array of apps/ book systems to resell your item. I haven’t sent anything yet so I’ll be back with another review.
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6 months ago, AngelBNYC
Made it so easy to decide which books to save, donate, and sell. Made the onerous task of scaling down my library sooo much faster and easier.
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3 years ago, TracyL30
Great way to see value of your books
Awesome app. Easy to use. Quick answer to your books value.
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2 years ago, 801lio
This makes looking up multiple book buy back site easier
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6 years ago, aecooper9716
It's okay but could be better
I like the feature of adding books to my bookshelf after scanning their barcode but sometimes the app crashes when I try to do this. If this gets fixed, I'd use it more often.
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