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User Reviews for Booksy Biz: For Businesses

4.41 out of 5
8.5K Ratings
2 years ago, ssshimizu
Working together to make a better platform!
I was a former very happy Genbook customer at the time that Booksy had acquired them. Initially I was very concerned that the migration and integration would be difficult. Initially, the ride was a little bumpy. My customers were confused about how to sign up and there were some problems getting over that learning curve. However as time is progressed things have gotten better. While Booksy has some features that are missing from Genbook, their Customer service has really improved over the last six months post integration. Suggestions and things when I requested for help thru their chat feature that took a little longer in the past to get done are now getting done in less than 15 minutes. I remain hopeful that Booksy will strive to continuously listen to feedback and make improvements so that both business owners and customers can have a great platform experience.
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2 years ago, super mad, mad, mad
While I like the layout of this app, it’s a bit tricky to navigate. I’m not a fan of all the various payment options. There are to many and only two of them process payments through the app. What is the point for the others. In trying to use two of those, it generated receipts that say paid but clients didn’t have to run their card. I had to go back and contact clients to check their bank accounts for payments then send them a payment link (a feature that you should off) from square to collect their payments. Now I’m strictly running my payments through the square option ( my previous booking app) but, the sales are not showing a zero balance in the Booksy app. So I have to go check my square app to see the transaction went through. Also, if Booksy had a debit card and held funds in the app, that would be extremely helpful. I prefer keeping my business funds in the app and using my debit card for my business purchases from the same app. (Like square does) lastly, when I’m trying to chat with a live agent and get handed off to 3 different people, that takes about 10 minutes between them to respond to me, that is extremely irritating. Time is money, if I have an issue and need to chat with somebody for a few minutes, that conversation drags out over 30 minutes. I’m probably going back to square, but I’m trying to give this app an opportunity to meet my needs and fix these issues.
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2 years ago, geemaroe
They tried to charge me for cancelling an account that doesn’t exist
I am a very small college town nail artist doing nails out of my dorm room and I though this would be a good way to just organize my clients. I didn’t realize it was a subscription but it’s fine because I didn’t buy it and I didn’t even get to finish setting anything up before I got 5 calls in a row from a Florida number I didn’t know and when I picked up it was the Booksy people. The guy on the other line started explaining that people were “trying to find me” specifically and calling them to get my account finalized which I just know isn’t true because I hadn’t told anyone I was using this yet and I do not advertise except through friends. After explaining that I did not want ads posted anywhere or for random people to be able to get my contact information I apologized and said I had downloaded the wrong type of app for what I need with my business and I wanted to delete my account. That’s when the guy said I had to pay $5 to cancel my account that wasn’t even set up or active? I’m not going to give any money to someone over the phone regardless but definitely not for something like that. They also do not have my billing info because I don’t have that set up so It’s not like they can charge me I haven’t agreed to any sort of payments. TLDR: got spammed with calls from this company until I answered and then they wanted me to pay them $5 for doing nothing and I hung up.
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1 year ago, korpor86
By far my favorite
So I moved over to Booksy after using two different booking apps, and so far my experience have been nothing but good. I do like the fact that I have the opportunity to set up my pricing and services as I like I also like the message blast option, and that I can upload as many pictures as I like to my profile. I love that I can share my review directly from my booksy onto my different social media platform. My favorite by choice is Instagram. I love the same day cash out option from payments made through my card reader the only thing that I would to see change is payment that’s me through Booksy to have it separated from payment made through the card reader, so that way it’s easier to track of when deposit will be made directly to your bank account. I’m still confused on how that but other than that again I love using this app I love the fact that it breaks down your pricing it breaks down your the money that you’re bringing him through the app monthly weekly you could have your statement sent to you at any time beautiful development.
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2 years ago, Massage510
Worst service imaginable! Small businesses beware!!
Our booking software was bought by this dreadful company and it was a terrible experience and lost an unknown amount of business thanks to them. We are a massage business and online booking is the main artery for our business. When Booksy took over they were so irresponsible. Many features did not work like they described. When I called customer service I would be on hold for close to an hour and the representatives were less than helpful as they often didn’t know how to help and lied about when our issues (that were system wide) would be resolved. The reps I talked to often complained how short staffed they were and admitted they were unprepared for influx of issues with the merger. When I would ask questions in their online chat box it would take days to even weeks to even get a response. I know of many other small businesses in my area that were in the same boat (were using Genbook then were merged with Booksy) and all had terrible experiences and moved to a different software. If you run a massage business DO NOT USE THIS SOFTWARE! I recommend using Massage Book. They actually answer their phone when you call, when you ask a question in their chat box they answer with actual solutions that work.
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2 years ago, dsemansky
So bad
At first, I was getting countless phone calls to help me out from onboarding representatives. I was assured that my clients didn’t need to have the app for me to the booking system. I had to manually transfer 8 weeks of existing appointments over myself (which other companies will do for you). Then I have clients informing me that they aren’t getting text reminders for their appointments. I call customer service and they inform me that clients will only get email reminders or notifications through the app and they said it’s not as issue for anyone else that their clients don’t get texts. I don’t expect my clients to check their email on a daily basis and reminders can end up in a spam folder, I also don’t expect my existing clients to download an app and schedule their own appointments (especially when I moved months worth of appointments over myself). I also had issues with the card reader that I paid $100 for and customer service has taken over a week with the issue and my client has been waiting on a refund for a double charge. One representive suggested that I delete my app and reinstall it (as if that would refund my client) the next one hung up on me after I was on hold for 30 minutes. I couldn’t be more underwhelmed with the app and the customer service.
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4 years ago, Bas Naeco Bey
Why can’t I accept mobile payment???
So I signed up or BooksyBIZ due to the flow of how things work as far as booking. But my biggest downfall with this app is that I can’t accept mobile payments. I went in and tried to change to mobile payments and every time I message someone they consistently and asking me the same questions and aren’t getting to the bottom of my problem. And I’m paying $30 a month for this?!?!?! If I can’t accept mobile payments thru this app and charge a booking fee or cancellation fee then this app is costing me more that it’s making me. Especially in the time that we’re in. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this problem or you won’t receive $30 next month!!!!!!! Update: finally was able to fix the problem MYSELF with NO HELP from the platform but somehow someone hacked my account and changed my banking I go to a chase account. I’ve emailed, I’ve called, I’ve even “started a conversation” via the app and NOTHING! The number to call for the US hangs up on you after 15-20 of a repetitive recording stating that the next available rep would answer. AND STILL NOTHING. I need someone to call me ASAP cause I need this resolved as soon as possible because my mobile payments are suspended. And even when I put my correct info in the system it’s still telling me the info is wrong
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4 years ago, karin is awesome
Wish the creator could see my message ...
This is an amazing service!!! It can sure simplify appointment settings! I have owned my business for 15 years. Clients can find me everywhere on social media. Clients call, we write them in an appt book.. ancient, but works. Now I am loving Booksy. As I transition my older clients to use Booksy, i am finding out I cannot merge the physical book with Booksy. People are Making appointments on Booksy at a time already taken on the physical book because Booksy does not give an owner a screen to simply go in and block times already taken weather because a client called or found me on social media and walked in or they are older and don’t have a clue how to download an app. again I wish I could have a screen where I could just see my book and block times... what if I am holding a staff meeting? How do I block that time? I called the help number. A young man told me “just give everyone the Booksy link” I gather that ... What do I do meanwhile? There should be a little more control and flexibility for owner.
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2 years ago, dfw_barber
So many things wrong with this app
At first everything was fine customer service gave me his personal number to call for any issues I love the app has the boost option, lets clients leave reviews, has a card ready to take card payments. I’m starting to dislike this app for one the customer service is crap ! You can’t ever get anyone on the phone. You can text them through the app but takes at least 24hrs for a response. The card transactions don’t let you see the break down of what your being charged for it doesn’t give you the option to receive your money asap even for a fee like square appointments did. It takes 2-5 days for you to receive the money from transactions by card. I have to stop taking card because this app makes it so hard to track it. And before I bought the booksy card reader I was using squares reader but through the booksy app it would lag out and wouldn’t let me close out the service ticket. My clients are having issues booking it lets them choose a available time but when they are finishing up the process it tells them it’s not available when it is available… this app has a lot of issues it’s so bad. Just feels like this app is getting worse and worse.
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2 years ago, Taylord2UBeauty
Difficult app
The app is kind of difficult to use. You have to come up with your own way to tweak it so that it can show information. I do not like that it takes up to 5 days to get payouts. Customer service has not replied to my message on “support chat” in 2 days. The 800 number does not ever connect you to anyone it just says your in a queen and the line goes silent. They charge 30 per month plus other fees such as 2.9% + .10 per transaction. If you want your work boosted you have to wait until 5 ppl book and leaves reviews those reviews can only be made if they sign up for an account (which most clients don’t like booking online let alone signing in) my clients have told me the app is not letting them book open slots so I’m waiting to get back there is no telling how many clients I’m missing due to theses issues. Oh and when you do qualify to be boosted they may charge up to 50% of the service. There are a lot of catches on this app. Acuity was very simple to use compared to Booksy the only thing I like is that it’s a network where clients can look you find your work. After my promotion price I’m canceling the pro version for sure
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1 year ago, two way insde-out scorer
Boost promotion
The boost program takes 20% of the service price by sending you potential 1st time clients but if you already know them or were referred to you, you’re able to claim them as your client because boost didn’t do anything to help you get that client. (I claimed two people) one was a client of a barber that works right next to me in the shop that needed me to cut him on a day his barber wouldn’t be there, I ask him to book on the app. When I completed the service Boosky charged me $10 so I claimed him. One of my clients referred a client to me inside of a store and told him to book with me on the app. The client did Boosky charged me $24 I claimed him and booksy sent a notification that too many claims are happening they need to launch investigation WOW and my claims were denied!!! I contacted customer service and they ask me to give them proof on how I know them…… so I texted the clients and ask them to how did they come about booking me (embarrassing) only one reply I took the screenshot of the message sent it to them still was denied. So because I made claims they assumed I was lying even though I used the boost program and paid in the past without making claims. It really feels like they stole from me
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6 years ago, #shedidit?
Bitter sweet
Booksy helped my business so much and I love it for the features I can use. However It's a little on the high end I only im only able to use it for booking which I will say is really awesome! I also love it for a message blast but I rarely use it there are many things I wish were available through the app I wish it gave me my potential cash intake based upon appointments scheduled daily like other apps that I've tried, the only way to find out is through going into each appointment and cashing out and I don't always remember or have time to do that at the end of each cut or day. There should be an option for that to be automatic or not . I also don't like that it doesn't link in with my phone calendar. I've been with booksy for two years and complained about these features from the start but paying $25 a month and it still hasn't been updated I may find something else for my clients to use. I just didn't want to change because that's alot for my clients bit I'm really considering it. Other than that the app is Absolutely the best of those features don't matter to you they do me.
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2 years ago, LailaLamour
1yr experience *be careful*
The only thing I like about this app as well as other beauty apps is that it will bring you clients. But I don’t like that it allows clients to defame your name in your reviews. You can block clients that you choose not to work with anymore or that disrespect you. But it will still allow them to create reviews with discriminatory comments & threats about you that are not true or not the entire story. They do not protect you or your business in that aspect. I was called several names, highly disrespected & called out because of my race. Which is very sad because all of my ratings explain my true character from clients who have been with me for years. I tried the Boost. But i regretted it & cancelled it. It charged me 30% a few times for clients that find me on my own promotion outside of this app. This app will take credit for clients booking with you that found you from your own independent promotions. I have reached out to support & they have stated that their customers are more important. Nor have they done anything about the money they have charged me.
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2 years ago, spabling
No tech support, false advertising of features
Very difficult getting customer support Updated: March 31st 2022. Run, do not walk from this app. My account was migrated over from Genbooks when they merged, and it does not have as many features and is more difficult to navigate. It advertises no show protection features, yet if a no show client does not approve the credit card charge for the missed appointment fee, then you are just stuck. Also, if a client does have the service done, you don’t get paid unless they approve the charge from the app. I also got the Booksy credit card readers, and have had difficulty getting the app to run smoothly, ended up having to send cash app and Venmo requests to my clients, because of the difficulty in getting the app to work. Booksy advertises streamlined services with no show protection and it’s anything but that. Also, they lost a lot of my client records during the migration, records that showed me the number of prepaid services and customer balances and other client nites. Customer support is like , “well sorrrr-y”. Have a nice daaaay! Is there anything else I can do for you today?’ 🤮
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2 years ago, ssshimizu
Getting better all the time....
I was a former verry happy Genbook user when Booksy had acquired them. As with any migration and integration, there were some hiccups. Although some features were lost, others were gained. As I've run into issues, Booksy's cusotmer service has really improved over the last several months. They have responded to each of my requests within minutes and have resolved most of them in less than 30 minutes. As I've had suggestions, I've submitted them and noticed slight adjustments to the site. As with any system, you have to learn how to first use it, and then you leverasge it. I'm in the process of leveraging it and helping my customers work through the transition and if Booksy listens to the feedback from business owners like me, then hopefully we'll continue to make the incremental immprovements to make this system work optimally !
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4 years ago, U Got Next Barbershop
This is the worst app. If you are expecting this app to total your earnings correctly and not checking to see if the numbers are adding up to the actual better double check it. I’ve been using the app for a couple years and the only reason I’m still using it is because I have so many people booking me on it. Other than that I’d scrap it! The customer service is terrible. I waited on hold for almost 20 min one time just for them to tell me the manager “Tas” was going to call me back in the next 15 never happened. Smh but it’s ok I’m gonna let everyone know about this service because I know that I’m not the only one going thru it with them. So make sure you look at what you earned that day by looking at the schedule and then compare it to the statistics for that day and I’m telling ya you gonna see what I’m talking about. They said run the report but why should I have to do that when it’s supposed to show you in the statistics. It’s terrible because that’s what your paying for. And they don’t give you no type of tutorial or anything about how to use it so, you’ll be using this app at your own risk.
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3 years ago, TiffV1984
It’s ok
I’ve been with Booksy now for over a year and found that they have some improvements that need to be made in order to make our lives (business owners) easier. I’ve joined a few of their live meetings and thought maybe it would get better but it seems as though all the features are still the same. For example you cannot book a client on the backend and have it show up in your calendar on the book say. Meaning I would have to still create two calendars one on my phone and one on booksy if a client is unable, for whatever reason, to book through Booksy. Also, you are able to set up a deposit prior to your appointment but have to ask the clients permission to charge it if they do cancel within your timeframe. These are things that are huge for us as business owners, so you need to consider them, other than these and a few others they are efficient in reminding the clients and setting up their profile. Hope this helps
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2 years ago, slaydbypee
I had to come back after using for a week I love the app don’t get me wrong they have a lot of features and it can be very useful I’ve found it very easy to navigate the only issue I have is prepayments and payouts I feel as professionals we don’t have full control over our money like we do with most booking apps. The time it takes for us to receive a payout is ridiculously too long and it is sort of an inconvenience to one. I feel there should be a way prepayments are paid out that same day instead of being split into multiple payouts that’s where it causes alot of confusion and if I do process a payment with the card reader I received I can cash out anything under $100 which is crazy I should be able to cash out any amount I’ve received i feel this is the only downfall to the app and when that systems runs better the app will be a 5 star to me.
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3 years ago, alexisomar15
Starting to consider leaving Booksy.
It’s been a good app that has helped me for some years but they won’t fix the smallest little things. For example. 1). I want to allow my clients to book up to 3 weeks in advance and no longer than that. It only allows me to choose between 2 weeks and 4 weeks. This should be a CUSTOM option. 2.) I should be able to allow certain VIP clients to access deeper into my schedule. The whole point of closing my books after three weeks is to benefit my VIP clients to be able to have an extra week or two to book ahead. I want to eliminate text messages fully. While still allowing some to have special benefits. 3.)when I send out a message blast to my clients for updates, it doesn’t inform them that it’s me, so I have to type in my name so they know it’s me, that takes up limited message space. If they have ever booked with anyone else they also get those peoples messages. I’ve lost appointments because someone else sent a message that they had Covid and my clients thought it was me. No need for that confusion. At least attach a link with my page so they know it’s me with the message blast and not just a generic Booksy text. Hopefully they fix this soon if not I’m going to have to switch.
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10 months ago, Favre81
I only have one but
I love boxy. I’ve been using it for quite some time now however, I do wish that there was an easier way to check out because when it’s not done every day, it is a task to go back and try to manage all of those sales he missed, and I would love to see a Potential total of profit weekly without checking it sales each time, from the appointments already booked. I’m usually booked a week or two in advance. Hopefully you guys will consider making this a little simpler for those who can’t cash out sales every day or every week or every month. I’m one of them but I’d like to know what my profit has been possibly a button where you can say cash out all sales or just a add up amount of what projected to come from booked appointments. I don’t know, other than that best app ever!!!
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3 months ago, MissLilSunnyPatch
I’ve been a member of Booksy for the past 4 years. My husband who is a barber recommended it. But I’m not thrilled about it. Half of the time it doesn’t notify me when someone books so I have to check consistently to see if I have appointments. When I reach out to customer service they tell me the same over and over. “Make sure your notifications are on” even after saying that I’ve been using them for 4 years. No help is ever provided. I have also lost payments and they don’t help so I’m thinking about switching to another company. Sadly but it’s been too long to continue with this. I shouldn’t have to be checking manually if I have appointments. It should be notified once my clients book. And no it has nothing to do with my cell phone provider and it’s service. I have AT&T. So upset about this. I would also like to add notes with clients formulas for my own history. Anyway I’m fed up already.
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3 years ago, HighSpeedRacer27
Changed my life
Booksy Biz is life & career changing! Thanks to Bookzy I have grown so much more it has saved me many hassles, everything is so well organized & professional, all the features and all the things you could do is amazing! Life changing business changing! It is so worth it! Customer service is great! Quick responses! There are little things here and there with Boost that needs to be worked on so we don’t consistently have to claim new clients I was charged for, its also a pain to try and track every new client, the limited text messaging is a problem, should be unlimited were in 2021, no such thing as buying extra & not all clients look at their emails. other than that Im really happy n grateful for this app! Overall its growing for the better and I been a witness I been on booksy for over 3+ years
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5 years ago, Nelly0917
I was disappointed in this app in 2017 which is why I stopped using it. I then started using theCut which is absolutely flawless unfortunately I joined a team which all use Booksy so I took one for the team and changed back to avoid customer confusion. It’s 2019 and I’m still dissatisfied, disappointed and disgusted on how slow they are fixing issues. And how terrible the app works at times. I’ve been complaining about the same issue for months. My portfolio flashes constantly and pictures are always duplicating, i have the customer version as well looked myself up and on portfolio the pictures duplicate. I don’t know why they don’t just display photos in a grid style. The photos look horrible if you don’t display them correctly and can take time to load especially if you use your portrait mode on iPhone. I would of gave a 1 star but I’ve gotten a few new clients however this app is NOT worth what they charge. They’re quick to take their $30 but slow as hell fixing issues.
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2 years ago, rcware3
Avoid Booksy at all costs
I own a barbershop and was forced to migrate to Booksy after they bought out the company we were using. The Booksy app showed clients that we were completely booked up for multiple days when in fact we had countless openings. I had clients tell me that my schedule was showing that I was booked out for months when I had countless openings. It cost us money and lost clients as a result of it. When we contacted their customer service they were of zero help and essentially told us that we weren’t experiencing the issues that we were in fact experiencing. Once I gave them the evidence of my scheduling disaster that they requested they stopped communicating with me altogether. Operating a small business is difficult and having a booking service like Booksy that sabotages your scheduling, it makes it nearly impossible to survive. It’s unimaginable the amount of business they have cost us. For the sake of your business please avoid this app at all costs. Terrible customer service and a disastrous booking service.
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2 years ago, lower east girl
Beware of this app it is a scam. Nothing but a head ache from day one. Customer service does not resolve issues and management does not call back. I have $1000 in lost transactions because their app was telling that it had charged my clients( after I had swiped their card) after a week and no money had gotten dropped into my bank account. I contact Booksy and they blame it on me. After losing countless hours trying to get someone on the phone. now I have to hunt down each individual client from last week and hopefully get paid. This company is fraudulent, negligent, and abusive to small business owners. I wish I would have read all the bad reviews before I bought the app. Also when customers book their appointment with their credit card and you go to charge them at the end, if there is a fraud alert I their end it won’t let you know the card declined. It checks out and says paid as normal tricking you to think you actually got paid, but once again have to hunt down clients for money.
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4 years ago, beyond faded barbershop
Booksy review
Im a very busy barber i use to do old fashion way writing Appts down but it started to get overwhelming with calls, txt and messages from multiple social media apps. So i had to figure out something that would make my life less stressful. So buddy of mine showed me the app and we both gave it go and business has been running so much smoother than before. Its even helped my clientele grow! My clients can book themselves, go back on to reschedule or do any modifying with their appt. it sends reminders, I like i can block out days ahead of time for my children’s sports, vacation etc. Helps market & advertise It’s basically your personal secretary. You can give your clients your full attention and also enjoy life outside of work with no interruptions. I Definitely recommend to anyone especially if you’re a busy individual.
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3 years ago, solarpowered01
Outages and no communication
Update—- locked out of my account again- no answer on the phone- no clue what my schedule is for the day Here are the reasons this app is NOT WORTH IT 1) $400 a year for one person 2) Booksy solicits YOUR CLIENTS to try new service providers 3) APP OUTAGES : I’ve been “dead in the water” on NUMEROUS OCCASIONS. The app simply shuts down. There will be no notice , you won’t be able to reach them by phone and support takes DAYS of not weeks to get back 4). PHONE DOES NOT WORK I’m not sure why this is but their phone line can be out for DAYS at a time 5). NO PAYOUTS if you do not track your payments you could be missing out . Booksy held money I didn’t even know I had for almost a year before I found out! 6). Booksy does not have your back If a client doesn’t pay or the app doesn’t charge them automatically for a missed appointment you will get a whole bunch of reasons as to why you can not recoup your losses Bottom line It’s clear Booksy is run by persons who are NOT sympathetic to the needs of people in our industry
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2 years ago, CHE_3
A headache
I’m a licensed esthetician and a small business owner. I wanted to find a booking app that would help my clients to book their appointments at their convenience while building up my books. The booking app I was using before Booksy was fine but I needed more and some of the features on Booksy were attractive. Since I’ve subscribed to this software it’s been a headache to deal with. For example, when I’m processing my clients card payments, there’s almost always an error message, as if the payment didn’t go through. Oh and don’t even think about reaching out to chat with support, you won’t get a response. For a software company that’s been running since 2014, you would think the software would runs bit better. I normally don’t write reviews, but the straw that broke the camels back was me wanting to access my revenue for the year, nothing showed up, just a blank page. There are some great features but if want the added stress of wondering if a feature is going to work, go for it.
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3 months ago, rayray2580
Terrible customer service
I transferred to Booksy after they bought out Genbook and was fantastic at first. Customer service was great. Everyone was super helpful. Ive had them for a few years now and these last 6-9 months I’ve had nothing but issues. Im paying over $200/month for a service that works sometimes. My barbers aren't able to schedule, cancel, reschedule their clients at times that they have to call me to do it. Defeats the purpose if a booking site. Boost is also a joke. They charge me for clients we get organically, even existing clients and then argue with me to refund me the money. Ive called and called and its always the same thing, “we’ll escalate it” and nothing happens. The issue is still there. Ive called for a supervisor multiple times and its been over 3+ weeks, no call yet. Still waiting. If I was you guys, look elsewhere like Squire. Their customer service is top notch as well as their software. I have all the phone call attempts documented as well as the issues
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1 year ago, ZonumC83
Get it!!!
I have been using the app for 5 years or so. It is as advertised. Simple to use and if you have any questions they are there to not only answer the questions you may have but make sure that your issue is resolved. The app has faulted on me twice but the booksy team stays on top of things and usually fix any problems the app is having right away. Not going to fault them but suggest that when it does happen customer service should always be first priority. Give your users a discount, you have no idea how frustrating it can be when not working properly. Other than that I still give 5 stars because it does not happen often and is fixed promptly. Use the app you won’t be disappointed!!!
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4 months ago, Felly from LB
Felicia G from LB
I love booksy I am not very tech savvy so booksy is great for me it is very user friendly. I can navigate through it easily and not get redirected to another page like some booking sights. It doesn’t force me to make clients pay online, I don’t have to force my clients to leave a deposit for every service I can choose which services need a deposit and which services don’t. I have used other booking sight in the past, and my client have had issue with there card being charged twice or even there card being used with other stylist on the sight. So I never feel comfortable making people leave there card information but booksy allows me to choose if I want add that or not.
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3 years ago, ytwynn
I searched a long time to find a booking app for my business, I was referred to Booksy my nail tech (which she did NOT get credit for). I started with Booksy on September 19,2021…. It was one thing after another after another but I was being patient because they were highly recommended and I really was ready to switch from GoDaddy. Well after numerous calls, several unresponsive chats, and just waaay to many hiccups I finally gave up on October 26th, it felt like I was in a narcissistic relationship, I tried, I wanted this app so bad but nothing worked, everything was a struggle, I have been in the hair industry for 20+ years, I am fully aware of mishaps, misunderstandings etc… but this tested my patients on a whole other level, the stress was not worth it and maybe just maybe this wasn’t meant to be, which is unfortunate because I was already starting to tell folks about this app in my salon suites building, this is before I ran into all the issues. Hopefully they get better
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3 years ago, PissedBarber
Customer service is trash
I have been with Booksy for a while now over three years. Never really had a problem always loved Booksy. Two months ago I had a client pay and tip me $45. For some reason the clients card was charged two times for a total of $90. Me being the barber I never received none of the money. It never went through on my end. That was two months ago and I still haven’t had anybody get back to me I have called and messaged Booksy over nine times now. My client has had three haircuts since the money was taken. Now I have to completely run my business another way because I no longer take payments through books. You would think something that was obvious would be completed or fixed but no. I’m still getting the runaround and being told that a manager to contact me. Meanwhile Booksy is still collecting their $30 a month payment for me. Moral of the story is they do not care about the customer( you or the people u service)
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6 years ago, dcjonesNYC
Not good anymore
When I first started using this app it was awesome. There were some things like instead of a closing time i would prefer a “last appointment” time. In the past two months clients are having complications booking appointments. They are prompted to make new accounts. The app tells them I’m booked when I’m not. I’m constantly having to make the appointments for the client when it’s supposed to be client friendly and that defeats the purpose. I’ve had clients show up for appointments that never showed up on my end nor did I receive an email for it. Client had their confirmation email to prove she booked it tho. When I try to chat with support they’re not responding in a timely manner and even when I give client names whoever had issues, Booksy’s text support can’t find the issue. Sorry but too many glitches to stay with this company. Clients are frustrated and so am I. I wished this would have worked better for me.
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2 years ago, todddrive
Worst booking site you’ll find
My beloved Genbook that I used for 10 years was bought out by booksy so I thought I’d see how it went. What a disaster. Nothing was transferred over correctly, I've lost 10 years worth of history of my business and clients. People are booking themselves but then for some reason their appointments are canceled by booksy. Don’t even try to get ahold of customer service, it doesn’t exist. Nothing is intuitive, and who starts the workweek on Sunday? I am searching for another online booking site, at this point anything would be better than booksy, (hate the name too btw) so I have nowhere to go but up from here. Addendum: it’s funny that their “customer service” is so quick to respond to these reviews, acting like they want to help when it’s impossible to chat/email/call them when you need help on the actual site. We finally gave up after a week of trying to get ahold of someone to help with our problems. Good riddance.
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3 months ago, Carrie Redelings
Booksy user for 4 years
So many barbers and stylist are using boost. It rarely brings a new client, and when it does, you have to argue for the ones that are yours after they get denied and you have to jump through more hoops, the customer service is terrible. I let them keep the commission from my last $45 service was actually my neighbor because it wasn’t worth taking the time to go through and start a claim process. A review which I believe came from someone affiliated with another barbershop. But the only fact the review stated was that I couldn’t find my mirror, which was true. Then goes on to say of rude, slanderous insulting comments, but never stated any real facts about his hair. Then implys that my tools were dirty which is a false allegation, I’m overly paranoid about my cleaning. What else will they allow new customers to say about you. I only asked of them to leave the review and mark out the part about them having an itchy head from getting a haircut. When you don’t wash your hair or blow dry the hair off, you’re going to be itchy. This to me is a derogatory remark that could hurt business and of the 1900 clients I’ve had in the past year. No one’s ever once stated this. No customer service or loyalty for the ones who pay them monthly and collect commissions from. Some of my clients hate using the software so much they just text me directly.
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6 years ago, royalbrows818
Not as great as it seems
Honestly with all the rants and raves of how great this app is I was disappointed. It is so basic that you literally can just use your phone calendar. It wasn’t taking deposits either. The square is was better which I left for Booksy. It’s just not anything worth $30a month for. It’s just not all that. I thought because “everyone” seemed to have it and they advertise it on Instagram so much that it would be more useful. I am going to end my subscription soon. I need deposits left for my business. And the point of this is to be easy and less stress on any business owner. I still have to get a deposit first before I book them in verses booking their own appointments. So I dono. I also would like to adjust pricing for specials rather than have to ad a whole new service all over again. It’s annoying to write a note to the client about the price and remind myself that this is really what the balance is. Wack
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3 years ago, Mexticas Nails
Not at its full potential
I have a problem with not having access to mobile payments because they’re third party. So if a payment is canceled, declined, or disputed I have no way to know. Also, clients can bypass custom forms when they make an appointment on a computer web browser. Therefore not seeing custom policies. Booksy doesn’t allow you to edit payments made with credit card, or split. Which is an inconvenience. I hope these issues are modified and fixed, ESPECIALLY the mobile payments. I require deposits for a reason, and Booksy isn’t a guarantee I will receive that. Update! I have contacted customer support and I was advised there’s currently no option on tracking mobile payments because it’s a third party therefore Booksy DOESNT get notified. Clients can bypass custom forms when booking online and not on the mobile app.
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2 years ago, EniseEnee
I love the functionality of this app.
First off…I have to say that in the beginning of using the app they were very helpful. The person that referred me did not get her credit. There is no easy way to migrate information from a spreadsheet I had to manually put every price in. I offer many services so it took me forever. I did not get my free month either. The app itself is wonderful. Sometimes you have hiccups with inputting information but can be resolved easily. It seems to take too long to get your deposits for prepays and when the customer finalizes transaction. In order to complete levels some of the things required seem so far fetched it hard to reach them. I want the most out of my booking app without the stress. But overall it a great app that offers tons of organization and professionalism.
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2 years ago, Alena_ny
Cancellation policy is a scam
Beware! If your business has a cancellation policy this service is not for you! Booksy protects customers and not business owners. I’ve been told how to set up the cancellation policies, no-show protection etc by their representatives, then followed up with additional advices from customer support and was assured that everything is set up properly. When the no-show happened I was told by another representative that all I have to do is wait and I will see the money on the account. When the money never came I was told to wait. Had to talk to MULTIPLE representatives only to find out that booksy asks clients if they allow my business to charge them for a no-show! And all they have to do is click NO and that erases their card info from the system. Bravo Booksy, couldn’t be easier for our clients! Your system is a small business scam. I’m switching to Vagaro asap
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8 months ago, MadeGorgeousbyCyn
Life changing
I am a newly licensed cosmetologist that was having trouble keeping track of my appointments & my availabilities, as well as my pricing. Ever since I signed up with Booksy my life has changed. I don’t have to dig through my schedule or look back to see what I was charging for services. Everything’s there, you input your own information and available hours, then clients are able to go through your schedule and book on their own. Booksy even collects a deposit at the time of reservation which makes it simple for me to be able to go and buy products beforehand. I know everyone had paid a deposit and I just check my upcoming appointments. Life is great now!
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2 years ago, JodiHaley
I’m an owner of an airbrush salon and have been using Genbook for years, we loved everything about it!! Booksy acquired Genbook and we have been so very disappointed in the lack of support we have received. This is our busiest time of the year and were basically made to transition with little to no support! The in app chat takes sometimes weeks for a reply and most of the time does not answer the questions fully. Editing appointments and searching for clients only works half the time. All clients have to create a new account with Booksy causing clients that have been with us before to have 2 accounts, which we will have to manually merge EACH account (we can’t even merge in app, have to go to a computer) with over 5,000 clients that is not an easy task. I’m hoping after all the bugs are fixed this will be a booking system we will stay with but have definitely been thinking of looking for a new system!
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1 year ago, dcreates
So Far So Good
So far I’ve been in the game about five years. I just recently switched over to Booksy because the features they offered were better than what I was currently using at the time I’m able to have clients and future clients book on different social media platforms without having to go to the App Store and download, the app just to book an appointment. I am also able to make more adjustments to my schedule without having to contact my client. When I can just make the adjustments on my end and they can see it on their end and approve it or decline it. It’s just overall more easier to deal with so only time will tell, but I like what I’m seeing so far
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2 years ago, Officer Q/ VQ-With The Tea!!!
Professional and informative
“UnKz” was very informative she walked me through the whole process, she gave me an option on if I wanted a bottle of water or a glass of champagne, and I also got the option to choose my own choice of music. Which I thought was very considerate. This was my first time getting lash extensions done, so the experience was different for me since I’m not used to anyone working on my eyes. I was informed the length of service will take about 3-4Hrs. So I was able to put myself in a relaxed state and dozed off a time or two. Once I woke up from my session the results were worth the process and the wait. Pros: -Complimentary champagne/ water -Complementary face mask -Choice of Music Preference -Walked me through the Process (Informative) -Relaxed environment -Beautiful results -Wi-Fi was a Bonus Cons: -Not used to laying on my back for so long -Eyes were a lil irritated from time to time throughout the process, but with a shot of her misty steam & fanning, all was well. ***Overall the service was amazing and I will be definitely be going back for my 2-3 Wk Refill! Thnx For My Beautiful Lashes, UnKz! -Jannis, J.
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2 years ago, QueenB5546
The truth
About 2 1/2 years ago I started using Booksy when transferring from working a commission salon to running my own salon suite I was told from my fellow coworkers that booksy was supposed to be very friendly to the barber or hairstylist to help with day-to-day actions it’s $30 a month. I have been a member for 2 1/2 years and I can pretty boldly say there are better options out there. Your money has a very slow turnaround. If you do a haircut on Monday you won’t be paid for that until next Wednesday let’s get that straight. If you want to know what you’re being paid out from from their system, you will have to physically call the processing fees for them are very very high. And I would really just recommend trying something else because after you load all your clients in with them, it is very hard to face them out. Best of luck to you.
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1 year ago, A.Natural
Highly Recommended!
So before I started using booksy, I used to have my clients book through my website. I made the decision to switch over to booksy because of talking to a number of my barber friends who use booksy. They all said that they highly recommend it & once I switched over, I finally found out for myself why they bragged about it. It makes everything so much more simpler & easier for you. It’s like you have a middle man that’s actually doing all of the work that you don’t have to do, so that you can work a lot smoother, easier & stress free. Basically, teamwork makes the dream work! If you’re on the fence about booksy, then get off the fence & sign up!
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5 years ago, dcardiel
Get it together
For the most part I like using the app because it helps me with my appointments and clients. But for some reason sometimes my hours change or the options change without my consent. I try to send emails or messages to clients/selected clients from my client list and it doesn’t work for me. I reached out to them at least two times about the issue and all they say is that they are working on it. Also lately every time are use the customer chat for help on anything they have been taking days to reply, I’ve asked the same thing three times in the past three days and no reply. When I first started using Booksy,Everything was great had no complaints. It seems over the last several months that there have been issues. Get it together or I’m just gonna be forced to use another booking app.
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1 year ago, spa wasted
I love Taylor!!!
I have to say I’m so not a tec girl. For some reason I couldn’t get into my books. I called and was on hold for 20 min! Booksy you need to work on that! Finally I got Taylor to help me. She answered and fixed all of my problems, and I had a lot! One of the most frustrating things about this app is the fact clients had to download the app and most hated it. I did as well because then I would have to book their appointment. I’m a busy girl and I really detested this feature. Well Taylor fixed that for me! Please if you need help ask for her! I’ve talked to other people that couldn’t help me and me or my clients couldn’t book for days as no one got back to me. TAYLOR IS YOUR GIRL!
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5 months ago, Kelli with an “I”
Income generating tool right at OUR fingertips! USE IT!!
As I’m doing my best to start this year off right. I’ve decided to take time to really look through what Booksy offers. It’s been very easy to navigate around the app and Omgosh does it have ways to help generate more income. If I don’t see an increase in my business at this point. I honestly feel like it’s me!! I’m excited to see my books fill up according to my schedule and my income goals become reality! Let’s go 2024 Mind you, I’ve been in the business for many many years to say the least. This I pray is my last shot at making my dreams goals and talents come to life. Thank you Booksy!
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2 years ago, mad ownwr
Terrible app
If a company decides they want to buy out another company and make it better or improvements at least hire the developers of that company too . Because this app is trash in a major way I’m sorry lol I say this. Navigation, payouts , clients scheduling, etc… has been a nightmare for the past week of them forcing everyone to utilize their service app… I see money in the app that I’ve made but not in the payout section so where’s the rest of my funds? They place breaks in the calendar which are hard to remove , oh I Havnt found our still how to remove that feature the tech support is slow and also where is the 800 number …. I didn’t need any tech support or 1-800 while using Genbook for the past 8yrs ..I will not recommend this to any of my friends. I have maybe missed our in a lot of clients because it’s very difficult to use.. very disappointed 2022
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