Brother iPrint&Label

4.6 (3.3K)
111.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brother Industries, LTD.
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brother iPrint&Label

4.57 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Aldengiacopu
Love this App & Printer
This is about the only printing device I own that is over three years old and still working! These Products are built well, the app has many features that I use for my both my business and Personal life. I use “I print label” just about every day! Everything in my office is labeled and everything in my house is labeled. I have never liked my handwriting so I really love having this printer to label everything from taxes to flour. This labeler has been a life changer!
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2 months ago, 123不错的软件123
Works surprisingly well
To be fair I had very low expectations for software made by legacy printer companies, because I literally never had one working well before. But to my surprise, this app just works, I was able to connect to my label maker Brother D610BT at 1st try and everything worked great. To be fair, the UI definitely could use a little polish and update, and the label template can be better organized, but those don’t really bother me at all.
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4 months ago, Powmia89
If you have a brother
If you have a brother label printer this is the best thing! I’m always making quick fun coupons on the fly and printing them out
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1 year ago, Imperial01
Needs Text to QR Linked
I give only 1 star until these problems are fixed. All barcodes can have their content written in clear text as well as in barcode form except QR. Even if you have a template file that links the QR to text in a group this app will say they’re still grouped but will not allow the data between the 2 stay linked. There should also be a way to make custom links and groups in the app rather then copy a pre-made template and alter it the way it needs to be customized or by creating a template on the infuriating desktop software.
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2 years ago, OPRAHAUSSIE
Brother P-Touch
This little time saver is great for scrapbooking. My writing isn’t that great so journaling isn’t an option when I make scrapbooks and I do four a year for Grandkids that they can read the titles of the pictures clearly with these labels. I had a different one before I got the Cube and it auto-cut the tape. I wish this one did too negating the need for scissors and cutting straight.
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5 months ago, mjkobb
Terrible UI
Trying to make simple, basic labels with centered text and a frame. Something my ancient P-Touch did trivially. But this app makes it super difficult to size the frame, lets you drag the frame outside of the printable area so it gets cut off, doesn’t properly (visually) center text. Then, when you print, it doesn’t produce a label that looks like what it showed on screen. The frame and text weren’t centered horizontally and needed to be trimmed with scissors. It’s ridiculously hard to use.
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1 year ago, BrandonYoung4D
Basic but works
The app doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. But it works just fine and is easy enough to get the job done once you learn it. Would be nice if the controls were a bit easier and more intuitive when moving things around.
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2 years ago, Melparalegal
Top Notch
Absolutely love this printer! My only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner. I use mostly with my iPhone and no hiccups! Would buy again
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8 months ago, really need sleep instead
Better than these apps
For basic label printing, I prefer this app. For more creative templates and interesting designs, these two are better: Design&Print & iPrint & Label
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1 year ago, SAMim1223
Program crashes immediately AFTER I Print.
I have already uninstalled and reinstalled this App on my iPad and it still crashes. To add insult to injury, I lost all my labels from doing this BROTHER recommended FIX. Is there a fix for this that actually works? I love my BROTHER label printer but unfortunately, I can’t use it effectively with this App that doesn’t work. Can you help a BROTHER out?
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9 months ago, Mkeith121
Gosh Darned Perfection
What else can I say? This app makes my whole world better and happier.
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2 years ago, Captainchipship
Trying to print label so I can put labels on things but they don’t have a sticky background
So far I’m not too happy with this product I just got it I put the paper in and it supposed to be in says white and it comes out clear with a black label has no stickiness to it
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1 year ago, Hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
App crashes
I have used this for years and loved it crashes every time!! Lost everything and after downloading a new app and deleting old still crashes! I Have good connection ..not the problem . All other apps work. Please fix this!!! I have a business. 😡
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2 years ago, Seelad
Great App but can’t switch devices
I wish we can sign into account so our data is saved wherever we open the app. Otherwise love itt
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1 year ago, Angry Bicyclist
Out Dated 1990’s Level Templates Wasted My Time
Really what I should have known that this old dinosaur Brother was unwilling to provide an up to date level App to make it easy to create labels on its Cube technology. I got it on sale saving $20 but it’s not worth the time consuming 1990s level software. I’ll just hand write what I need on labels.
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1 year ago, Kathy McQ
I can’t get it to print properly
I followed instructions to eliminate a blank space to the left margin and no matter what I do, it doesn’t go away. On the verge of returning it. It needs better instructions. I went on the website to get a more information but it didn’t help.
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2 years ago, chad!!!!!!
Can only print photos or in-app created things
So there’s no way to print shipping labels with the QL-1100nwb by Bluetooth. It only works with Wi-Fi. The reason is that the printer will only print things via Bluetooth from this app and the app has no way to add a pdf (like a shipping label) to the label. Not very useful at all.
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2 years ago, fred463
Once the printer links up with the wifi, Which i have to set up every time I use this printer, it works great. Does not print in color on non brother paper.
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2 years ago, kaavik
Scan to text is great. Missing serialization
Better than manually typing on the printer.
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2 years ago, mamdouh soliman
Nice app. I am using it for years
Nice app. I am using it for years
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1 year ago, mtbranning
Just trying to print basic labels. Changing the text and saving, sometimes it still then prints the old text. Wastes label tape…hmm?
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2 years ago, Joephxaz
Too complex to use for printing labels
Clearly designed by an engineer to be used only by an engineer and not anyone else. Consistently the biggest problem with almost all of Brother products.
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2 years ago, BB-Chill
Brother app okay, but not great
Works well once set up. UI a little cumbersome at times. App needs to find and reconnect to printer every time.
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2 months ago, DWBzzzzz
Not intuitive and you waste a lot of tape
So far all my labels come out too short (missing part of the message) or too long (wasting precious tape). I will struggle through but it shouldn’t be this difficult.
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1 year ago, wildbrazilian
Slow, really slow.
The app itself is fine, but for some reason I need to wait like 1 minute after clicking in anything. My iPad is the new version so not sure what’s happening.
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9 months ago, Domer85
Horrible Data Entry & Edit
The user interface is horrendous. Impossible to select - can’t scroll easily, nearly 2 lines show up - when selecting, entire label selects and can’t deselect easily.
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11 months ago, Library 217
Thank you for fixing
App now functions with iOS 15.7+.
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1 year ago, lovey213$
P-Touch cube
I love this products I’m like lil kid in a candy store
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1 year ago, @grantjensen
Crashes upon opening
The app crashes every time I open it. Haven’t even been able to open the app.
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2 years ago, Spiggityone
Works great
No issue here!
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1 year ago, 3409C
Just died
I was just starting to use this, now I’m reliant on it and it won’t run on any of my iOS devices. It starts and crashes, with no visible means of support.
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2 years ago, emilly.s
It is so convenient to use. Love it
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1 year ago, lmwb34
Not easy to use
This is not user friendly. I would not recommend
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12 months ago, i don't like zoom
I love this app
I love this app
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1 year ago, AlanN16
Very complicated
First label never prints correctly, so you have to print two labels to get one good one, so you use twice as much labels.
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1 year ago, nanalinda4
Piece of junk
Do not waste your money on this product. I am sending mine back for a full refund.
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10 months ago, farmer jennie
This machine stinks
It has a weird memory that you can’t erase easily the directions are not existing and I will return this stupid machine
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10 months ago, theolson
Doesn’t use my Brother Printer
I use an MFC (Brother) printer at home. What good is this app? And online help for Brother is atrocious. What’s the point of this app?
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9 months ago, paraperc
Sound tech. and Percussionist
Labels make it easy to do setups of percussion kit mics.
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1 year ago, galagalawala
Crash iOS 15.7
It’s a good app. But it always crash in Crash iOS 15.7
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11 months ago, JessaLu
The pop-ups
Is it the 90s again? One star for the incessant pop ups
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11 months ago, LcLmtz
P-Touch label maker
Complicated to center and size causing lots of wasted tape
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6 years ago, commorancy
More options than Mac P-touch Editor
Don't listen to Flair1234. They just couldn't figure out where to find the cutting options. In fact, this version has a wide number of cutting options including Auto Cut, Half Cut, Chain Printing (continuous) and Special Paper. In fact, it has many more cutting options than on P-touch Editor on Mac OS. These cut settings are toggles that you can mix and match. It even shows you a preview of how it will cut, which is very handy. This setting can be found under the gear icon. The app works well and prints just fine. Brother just needs to work on making the app's UI compatible with the higher res screen on an iPhone 7 plus. it runs at such a low res.
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9 months ago, wiseguy47
Supports very few printer models
This app only supports about 25 printers. Mine is not listed .
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2 years ago, Farah jewelery on Facebook
Prints very light
No matter what, the labels come out very light
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3 months ago, Sassmuffin7
Tape keeps bunching up in the machine, prints the wrong size, and wont laminate.
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7 months ago, Jpyeag
Formatting issue
Not self explanatory. Wasting a lot of tape figuring out formatting.
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2 years ago, BBinAZ
Waste tape and. Ink
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7 years ago, T-Bone SDC
Good idea, bad execution
The idea for this app is great. Unfortunately, trying to print a simple shipping label is a monstrous, ugly, and painful process in this app. It is not clear how to delete fields in label templates you don't need, e.g. I didn't need a company name line for the recipient. However, I couldn't delete it, so there is an empty line between the recipient name and their address. And what if I don't want that divider line between the sender and recipient address? Seems like I can't delete it. Even when I was entering text, the view of the label was so large, I couldn't see all of what I was typing. When you get to the end of a line and hit return, it doesn't take you to the front of the next line! You have to keep zooming out and in to what seems like 500% view just to enter enough text to print a label. The task took what felt like 5-10 frustrating minutes... to print a label! This app needs some major reworking...
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11 years ago, LALoverr
Great App for printing LABELS-editing options so-so..
For people who can see their printer in the app, but are unable to print to it: Make sure you have the correct app for your printer. This app is for the LABEL printer. The app for regular printers is the other Brother app: "iPrint Print & Scan". I LOVE the idea and functionality app; however, it is frustrating that you aren't able to delete unused text boxes in the Pre-formatted labels so you can make the text in the box you are using larger. Other than the need to increase the editing options I think this is a fantastic app that will be SUPER convenient in the office. Now everyone in the office can quickly make their own labels when ever they need them.
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