Brother iPrint&Scan

2.5 (1.8K)
37.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Brother Industries, LTD.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Brother iPrint&Scan

2.55 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
5 years ago, pootie_tanng_
Ruler needed
Its a good app but i cant count how many times my images i print out for my clients tattoos were either too big or too small not due to client but due to the fact for example ill want a 6in image i have to guess and hope for the best im using the PocketJet 773 airprint the app doesnt show a reality layout of the paper i wish the app had a ruler for width and length on bottom and one side for the actual measurements of paper so you can size and edit it accurately also app doesnt have a label to show which side is the top or bottom of sheet that leads to my next concern i don’t understand why we cant add multiple images in one sheet you gotta keep rerunning for each image and thats when the problem with which is up and down ive printed out a image over another image several times because ill forget which is top or bottom of layout a app update on that would be fantastic honestly
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2 years ago, zzamuluss
The UI is sorta bad but the functionality is there
I would rate the user interface as “fine” by 2009 standards, and just not up to date compared to today, but this app works shockingly well for faxing out, scanning to Files app (big one for me), printing (though I usually just use AirPrint natively in files), and machine/ink status for my 7 year old Brother MFC J480DW on my iPad Pro 3 11” running 15.4.1. The fact that I can do this stuff relatively smoothly from my iPad to my ancient printer on a different VLAN’d subnet is insanely cool*. Four stars for doing the job reliably and in some cases above expectations (for the most part), but not five because boy it hurts to look at. *Since mDNS and therefor Bonjour is a multicast service, the printer is only “visible” to things on its own subnet; you need to get Avahi Reflector running somewhere on your network to cheat and bounce the mDNS Bonjour packets between the subnets for interVLAN routing, EVEN if your interVLAN firewall is set up correctly, or the app won’t see the printer advertising and therefor won’t know where to find it; same with Airplay and AirPrint and Roku across subnets. Once Avahi is reflecting packets between the subnets, you’re home free. Make sure to set Avahi’s cache size to 0 or the printer and device names start to get real funky after a few weeks.
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3 months ago, Vicpopsicle8
A Clunky App
This connects online and almost always my ink will suddenly show that the cartridges are low or empty…. Even when almost half full. But even with out that nefarious aspect, the fact that it tries to control you in that they make it a constant struggle and irritation to just use the machine. The machine that you own. That you shouldn’t have to be tethered to this company forever. If you want to use a different ink, even though it’s none of their f’ing business, they make the machine turn against you. Sometimes it’s working fine… other times it’s acting like it should have a say as to what you do in your home with YOUR MACHINE. The company said they sell their machines cheaply but expect ink sales to make it worth while. I hope that congress steps in like they did with Apple and the right to repair. We need laws preventing intrusive controlling software on any device we buy . Also, this app is the bare minimum that they could provide their customers / mainly pushing ink - the formatting and printing options are sub par. Especially coming from a company that makes printers. This app hasn’t gotten better over the years either. You can only upload 1 image per printing- why better to use up paper and ink!!! Why not?! The ink prices are another slap in the face of anyone who has one of these machines. They are price gouging to the extreme.
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2 weeks ago, Unhappy customer1123
Do not buy the brother printer!
I never give reviews, but I felt so strongly about this printer/scanner that I wanted to save someone else from the frustration I have experienced over the past few days trying to figure out if there was a glitch or not and they printing process, printing from an iPhone. I paid over $700, thinking if I paid more, I would get better quality. Their iPhone print and scan app is not very compatible with the printer! You have to physically go into the printer, each time to tell it whether you want it to be letter or legal. That is insane! That defeats the whole purpose of printing from your iPhone. I have had many printers over time and every single one of them would allow you to print from your iPhone and you could select from your iPhone what size paper you wanted to print it on. Had I known this, I would not have brought this printer. Had I not thrown the box away I would be returning this printer! I called Customer Service and her only response was, it’s because you’re printing for your iPhone and that’s the way it works. I am so very disappointed in the poor app that was created to complement the brother printer. Unhappy customer!
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5 years ago, seanagretch
Horrendous compared to HPs App
I decided to update my printer from my 8+ year old HP work-horse to the brother INKvestment. The printer itself has superior printing/scanning features compared to my last printer, but I LOVED the HP app. I scan almost all of the paper documents in my home and print a lot for work. The HP app’s scan function is so awesome and I do it all on my phone. Even the interface on the old HP LCD screen on my prior printer was somewhat modern and very intuitive. Why is brother a) so outdated looking and b) so insanely complicated! Updating firmware was automated and easy with my HP and I’m still having issues getting my new brother to update it’s firmware. Sadly, the app and brother’s website for changing the printer’s features, is so awful, that I think I’ll be returning this, despite how awesome the hardware is. Why isn’t the website that controls how to edit printer features integrated into the app?! Why do I need to go into 2 different things to get settings changed? So disappointing. Great machine, but if I can’t use it simply and easily when I need it, what’s the point.
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10 months ago, SistineKid
Needs help
So...the app finds my printer just fine, but integration with iOS is seriously lacking. It doesn't show up directly as an option for "print" (note: HP Smart does...hmmm). So instead, I found that I can "pinch out" on the print preview to turn my pdf into a (wait for it) pdf. Then--and only then--can I select Brother Print & Scan as an option. That seemed to work fine until today when I tried to print a pdf with filled out fields. The Apple iOS option to print fields was selected (and the fields showed when zooming in on the iOS print preview), but those fields were missing when viewed in the Brother Print & Scan app and missing from the printed document. What a disappointing waste of time, paper, and toner. It blows my mind that in 2023 a company can't get such a universally needed (and expected) feature--printing from a mobile device to a wireless printer--right. I'll likely look to a different vendor when replacing this printer.
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8 months ago, WhosYourRedeemer
Antiquated, but works…mostly
My main issue with this app is that when I edit a PDF in Google from my iOS device adding text, and then try to print that PDF from my Google Drive from an iOS device through this app, this app shows a blank preview document and prints a blank document, leaving off the text I added to the PDF. If I go to my laptop, open the PDF in Google Drive and tell it to print, it prints perfectly. Why? Because this app is not involved with that print job. Additionally, when a document is saved in Files on an iOS device, this app does not read the local Files so you can print a document. You HAVE to move it to a cloud space to even print it. This happens all the time. I use my iPad or iPhone to edit PDFs because I’m not always at my laptop. I love my Brother printer, but this app is the only reason I’m considering upgrading to a different brand that works completely with iOS devices.
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2 years ago, wasp604
Many little printing errors
The size of the page in the print preview is not the size of the actual printed page. When printing from edge to edge on an 11" long page, the actual printed image is cut off by a few millimeters. In short, printing an image of an 11" ruler from edge to edge on an 11" paper will not print an accurate ruler. It will be off. Also, iOS has built-in options for selecting media type. When printing a document, iprint&scan doesn't let you select media type, forcing you to use whatever setting was last used. This can be worked around by selecting a photo and instead of printing it, but actually just selecting the proper print media type, but that's a lot of work for something that should be a setting that *doesn't* disappear. iOS native print also allows for selecting paper source tray options, while this app does not allow choosing paper source trays for photos.
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1 year ago, Bcraap
Why can’t I print emails directly?
I can easily set this up for my Epson printer, but why can’t Brother allow print options from my email directly in iPhone, yet can allow me to copy/paste into a clipboard? Huh??? Or I can print directly from google docs? It makes zero sense as most of my printing i so is printing off emails so I can take action on them later. Simply being able to print like any other printer can (atleast for an Epson or Canon printers being able to be accessed via the print function natively within my Mail app) should be an easy thing to do. Can Brother update their app to handle that?
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5 years ago, Moglerin
Doesn’t recognize printer
Well, it’s easy for me to figure out how to set it up manually since it won’t recognize my printer in the first place. Neither in the same network, nor with this app. If you have people coming to this place to download the app. And have only one wish.... FIND MY PRINTER WITHIN THE SAME NETWORK.... and what’s happening? It can’t find it, that’s why we came here for. We are no computer tec. 1. So now I have to find out in the settings of the printer itself what’s the IP address is of my printer. Nobody tells you this, when you download the App. Ok, I’m on my printer located the error button until machine info comes up,pressed ok, print settings , hit ok again searching for IP ADdRESS type this in the iprint app by manual and finally it finds the printer. I like to ask the developer of this app. HOW ON EARTH does a normal person could know all this? Thank you guys for reading this. It was just a prospective from a nobody who like to have an easygoing life.
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3 years ago, Donbwms
Brother iPrint and Scan fails to meet my expectations
The app no longer allows you to use multiple Brother printers. The automatic printer configuration invoked by the connect to new machine button has never worked smoothly. It almost never discovers my two printers: HL-L3270CDW (a color laser) and HL-L2350DW (a B/W laser) If it does discover one, when you discover the other one the replaces the first one. I should be able define multiple printers, then when I want to print something, I should be able to select which printer use. I assume the app tries to use some form of Bonjour to automatically discover and configure a new printer without overwriting a previous printer definition. Also the printer should not need to be connected directly to WiFi. It should be acceptable to connect your printer over a wired connection to a WiFi access point via a hub or switch as long as there is no firewall blocking the ports used by Bonjour to discover and use the printer.
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7 years ago, Loyallu
Brother printer
About a year and many tears ago i purchased this printer. I installed the app and controlled it from my phone mainly ! But in the last four months the printer doesn't recognize any commands from the app, or it cant find the printer and i have to manually re enter my wi fi password every single print job which is really time consuming, then it shoots out blank pages until only one sheet of paper is left in the printer that it choses to use to finally start printing on and it completely jams and by the time i un jam it, the machine has once again lost connection with my wifi and i have to manually re enter my password ! And usually by this time i am now late for work AND i don't have the copies i need for work making it necessary for me to stop and pay to print them and now I'm even later for work then ever ! Totally frustrating ! Since I'm missing work hours its taking me longer to save up to buy another expensive printer, definitely NOT a Brother !
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2 years ago, Rusty James wallet
Brother pocket jet for stencils
The app works, but for what ever reason it seems like they designed the app to make the user not want to use it. Any time you want to add a new image to print, instead of having a button that allows you to select new photos you need to close out the app and reopen it to get the prompt that lets you select any photos at all. There are no size ques or guides that show how big your image is going to be printed. This is a follow up to the previous underdevelopment of their app, when re sizing your image it would be nice if you could just enter dimensions so you could have the exact size picture again and again instead of guessing. Lastly it would be a great addition if you were able to add multiple different pictures to the same sheet. Other then basic printer functions the app does work hence the 2 stars for a 600$ printer.
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1 year ago, MAF
Last update is a downgrade
This app used to provide a moderately complete set of support functions for the Brother multifunction machines — I had rated it at 4 many years ago. The latest update, which was supposed to be minor, has massively reduced its usefulness. In most places (other than medical), scan-and-email has replaced faxing. This app used to have scanner support that included direct “email as PDF” and “email as JPEG” functions. Those have been removed, so it is now necessary to save the scan to a file as PDF or JPEG, then to open mail, create a new message, attach the saved file, then (in most cases) to go back to the files app to delete the unnecessary intermediate file. When my Brother multifunction machine reaches end-of-life I will not replace it with another device from Brother if their software remains in its current state.
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5 years ago, shovelay
I like the App, but I wish it would upload to Google Drive
I love the fact that I can scan and print documents from my iPhone with this app. The scans and prints are good quality and I’m able to send them to gmail or save them on the cloud or directly onto my phone. But, the app offers me the option to send scanned documents to Google Drive, but when I try, the uploading window just shuts down every time. I can work around this by emailing them to myself via gmail, but then I have to send a separate email for ever scan sequence and then have my inbox full of scan emails that I then have to touch again and send over to Drive. Please just make the app send scans directly to Drive. I would give 5 stars if it could do this!!
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6 months ago, GMS777777
I want to like this App….
I absolutely love my Brother printer that I’ve had for a few years, it still prints like a beast, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for the app. I have been let down over the time frame I’ve used it and refused to write a review because I don’t like writing negatively. Tonight after battling for three days to get the app and my printer to work together…after reconnecting my printer to the Wi-Fi router each time I need to print because after each print job the app no longer recognizes my printer. The printer still shows it’s connected to my Wi-Fi, the router and Wi-Fi are working, but my app just won’t recognize my brother printer. I’m at a cross roads, I just put in all new ink cartridges, I can’t print, I’m frustrated, but I believe it’s time to part company.
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7 years ago, rymacguy
Many many bugs & glitches.
In the most optimistic, bare bones interpretation- it does what it says it can do. It does it so poorly though that you will probably rarely, if ever, use this app. To scan from this app you literally can only control color or b&w, no resolution, no can scan directly to a cloud service...if you go and manually save it and using iOS’s file system save options choose your cloud destination there. Also, it creates and saves in your scan destination a text file that says “From Brother iPrint&Scan” for EACH SCAN! Also from the app it just saves everything as .png format and with the name “image.” I’m mentioning all these because scanning from the device direct to cloud lets you pick the resolution (though the files scanned from app appear to be much higher resolution based on file size??) and names them with the time scanned, and gives some other good options. It’s like the people who did this app and the people who did the commands directly on the printer didn’t even talk to each other or attempt in any way to have similar features at both interfaces. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, maestro1210
Fantastic! Works with older Brother printers
This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I have several older Brother laser printers and have a number of spare toner cartridges, so I didn’t want to buy a newer model so that I could use AirPrint.... then I came across this app. Within seconds after installing the app, I was easily able to connect to my network Brother printers and it was simple to scan and print. Easy to use, highly recommended for anyone with Brother network printers (do not need to be wireless network printers, can be ethernet). I have two models that are working well with the app - MFC 7440n and HL 5250DN
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6 months ago, fleecewood
App changing my settings
For some reason I have found in the last month my paper setting for the iPrint&Scan app on my iPhone has changed from “letter” to something called “German fanfold “(whatever that is.) So it of course does not work with my shipping labels. I have no idea how to change this. I have reinstalled and installed the app, looked for a better brother app and none apply to my HL-L 2325DW machine. I have tried to go into Settings, but it’s looking for a login. It does not use my login for the website, nor for the password that is on the back of my machine and I have no idea where to change this. Very frustrating I’ve wasted four hours Trying to troubleshoot and have not solved my problem.
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4 years ago, Long_Haired_Artist
It works!
I’d love it if the third button “Machine Settings” did something useful. As it is, it weirdly opens up a web page in Safari using the router numbers, which then returns a 404 unknown error. It appears my 10 year old printer simply doesn't support wifi settings adjustments- so it seems there’s no selecting different trays... or turning the printer on with my iPad. Can’t set landscape/portrait orientation manually, or adjust size by exact number. My landscape oriented photo was automatically turned 90 degrees. Does print and scan things rapidly from my iPad. It works. If there’s any bells or whistles from machine settings, I can’t imagine what I’m missing.
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5 years ago, Deyon1984
I’m using the model HL-L2325DW. Nothing fancy ; however needed something that would be able to handle my printing demands while in Nursing school. I noticed when trying to print power-points to make my note taking easier , that it wouldn’t allow me to print a file that had more than 50 pages. It wouldn’t be a 50 page document if I was able to format 4 slides per page and print double sided. I ultimately had to download another app ($7.00 ) in order to get my information to print. Annoying yes , but wouldn’t need to print this type of volume ordinarily. I hope they fix this , and take my review into strong consideration. It would kind of be nice as well if they had a document scanner to implement with this model.
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7 years ago, jpwinkle
To print or not to print, that is the question!
Two days ago i had to reinstall printer & software with all its updates. I have an MFC9340CW that this app no longer can find & I now have to put the printer in manually. OK, but 2 days ago I had the settings option so could print in duplex, 1 hour ago I had the settings option to print in duplex (this is a duplex printer & all settings in machine & its properties are set to utilize duplex), BUT NOW the settings lost the option for duplex & keeps spitting out single pages. Its bad enough that I cannot find the fix to use my Apple AirPrint which also disappeared 8 or so months ago, now I cannot get your app to function as it had been. This is the 4th Brother printer & I was happy with them. This is the LAST BROTHER PRINTER unless it gets a lot better fast!
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7 years ago, anessavay
Saved me!
My PC has been broken for months and I was afraid I'd never be able to scan from my home printer again. Until I had the bright idea to look for an app. Even my 3 year old wireless model worked perfectly! I scanned a 19 page document, converted it to a PDF, and emailed it along with saving it to my phone. No more having to scan sensitive personal info at work! I'm so happy. I can't vouch for the power of the app besides simple set up and pushing the "scan" button then following on screen directions, but I'm thrilled with it.
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1 year ago, RICFELIU
Blackmail and sabotage from technical support
Brother blackmails his clients; If you sign up for the program to have the ink sent to you, they force you to use it; if you don't do it, the printer starts giving you connectivity problems and it's impossible to use it; when you call their technical support they make you do a lot of things temporarily it reconnects to have the same problem again until you have no choice but to use the program, not only that the link to cancel the program is disabled and canceling can carry up to 48 hours; but once canceled it continues to give problems because apparently they sabotage the printer; You have no choice but to return it or throw it away because it becomes useless
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11 months ago, Kimmyel67
Trouble after the last update!
Please help! After your last update to the app when I scan from any of my Apple devices to send a PDF by the stock mail app it is not even an option. There actually is not one option to email the document. I have used a Brother printer for decades. I have used the app for years. The option has always been there. I actually have no other need to scan but to email and with that option gone I am unable to work from home. Please look into this bug as soon as possible!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, TxAdamFitz
Scan to PDF - Figured it out.
Update: I figured out after scanning, there is an option to email as PDF. Click the little up arrow, slide to the left, click more then select “email as PDF” I had an error saying the file size may be too large but it sent anyway. Would still be nice to have an option to save as PDF from the app. I believe this workaround is an iPhone feature. Original review: App works as intended. Hoping for an update to save scanned documents to PDF instead of PNG.
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5 years ago, deepseafalcon
Basic app ok, fundamental function missing
while the basic print & scan functions are adequate for a mobile end device for occasional printing, there are 2 very fundamental loopholes: 1. I found the app only works, i.e. finds the printer on the network, if and when the printer is active (i.e. not asleep). Once the printer is in sleep mode (after a certain time idling), the app just claims it cannot find it. Regardless if the correct IP address is configured. the only way to print is to powercycle it. Which defeats the purpose of a mobile device printing app. Why am I so sure this is a "bug"? if I use another app such "Fing" to LAN wake-up the printer, it all of a sudden works! 2. the printer can not configured like a regular network printer using its WiFi interface. Or, should I say, it can be configured but simply does not work! I spent hours trying to fix it, to no avail. The "support" info by Brother is basically of no help beyond the most basic of problems. So I relocated the printer to a place near a LAN outlet. Just why did i spring for the wireless feature?!?
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1 year ago, DameLiberty
Just the FAX ma’am
I came across this app because I wanted to fax from my iPhone. It does lame to fax, but there are some shortcomings that need to be addressed. The most basic feature of any fax application is being able to add a cover page. The app does not permit that as far as I can tell, I would like to have the ability to add a cover page added to this app. The next short coming is that it does not allow me to copy and paste a phone number into the address box. It will only allow me to scan a phone number, using the phone’s camera. Not very helpful if you need to copy and paste a fax number into the app please address this issue by allowing us to copy and paste into the app.
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6 years ago, Woods4000
So basic, no duplex default, can't duplex Cloudprint
I have two Brother printers, the MFC-9970CDW and the HL-L6200DW. I needed this app because the 9970 doesn't have AirPrint and then I like that I can print remotely using Google Cloud Print. However even though you can duplex a print job using Google Drive and you can duplex using the app locally, YOU CANNOT DUPLEX REMOTELY. I'm pretty sure this is a Brother problem and not a Google problem. You also cannot set duplex as the default. It isn't truly terrible, but since you don't need it with the 6200 locally since it has AirPrint and you can't use it remotely because I don't print hundred page document is one sided, it basically represents a total failure on their part to do the simplest upkeep on their app and that earns one star.
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1 year ago, kalyok
Awful color scheme
I’d like to send some hate to whomever tested the colors of the app interface: as a colorblind person I cannot see white-on-white. The screen in question is “Save to Files” screen (Files is default iOS app, so it should’ve been tested well). Once I select the directory and enter the name of the scan I am unable to locate the SAVE button. I spotted it accidentally in the top right corner of the screen. Oh, and I still am unable to find EXIT or BACK button from that screen, which would let me cancel saving to Files and choose some other option. I had to QUIT the app, RESCAN, and then choose some other sharing option, like email or whatever. Again, maybe some people can see white-on-white (white letters SAVE on white background), but I have a real difficulty… I bumped up the score to two stars because the app actually scans and I was able to send email to myself, but GOSH! this is so unnecessary! MAKE INTERFACE USABLE!!!
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4 months ago, DBSnola
Connection issues
App constantly says my printer is offline even though my printer shows it's online and has a strong signal. I've power cycled and forgotten and rejoined my wifi on the printer but the same issue happens. Same issue happens on my Mac. My printer shows as online in my Mac's printer settings but the Brother app shows it as offline. It'll occasionally appear as online for less than 20 seconds then switch back to offline. When it does show as online and ready, it'll scan but the image never transfers to my computer. My router is less than 10ft away so it's not due to poor wifi signal. Printer firmware is also up to date.
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11 months ago, GcSQ
Fine unless you want to scan a longer document
Using this with my ADS-2700W scanner. Works great for scanning 1 page documents and receipts (I save PDFs to Dropbox - which takes more steps than should REALLY be necessary but is doable). However, if I try to scan any document over about 5 pages, it is a total crapshoot if I’ll be able to scan the whole thing or if the app will just shut down midscan and cause a “paper jam”. It is INFURIATING. Why on EARTH has this not been fixed??? Apparently it’s been a known issue for many years now, which is even MORE infuriating!!
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7 years ago, MikeyP1024
Lame. No machine status as features show. Doesn’t offer Print in browsers. Seems backwards.
Have a Brother network color laser printer. The AppStore features show a Machine Status button. Nothing there in the app... Very awkward to print from a browser. The intuitive way would be to select options in the browser. Then there would be a Brother print button. Not there. Lame...If try to use the iOS Print get no Air printers. So have to copy the URL. Then goto the Brother app click Print then paste URL... May not work since URL doesn’t have session data necessarily if trying to print like a confirmation page in a website that are logged into. So worthless and difficult to use just deleted the app.
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6 years ago, Peter F-B
Not bad, needs one more round of UI fixes
Scanning works fine on an iPad. I like that the doc can be edited before exporting BUT, once done, there is no “back” button. Pro-tip: hit the scan button. Also, on other pages where there is a back button in the top left of the screen, hit the < character by a couple of chars to the right, rather than tapping the < character bang on. Finally, when selecting photos it would be good to preview the image BEFORE selecting it, Facebook style, for printing, rather than afterwards.
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6 years ago, 19382291
Get it Together Brother!!
Brother had a good reputation for excellent printers! However, mind as well throw it down the drain because it’s not keeping up with technological advancements. I have an iPhone X and even before with my iPhone 7 it was buggy and had similar issues. It would only print a couple pages then stop and take forever trying to “data collect” only to end in frustration. Also why in the world would I NEED to make sure all inks are minimally full to use my printer? One time I ran out of color but only needed to print in black and white and it wouldn’t allow it!! It’s costly to buy individual inks when you just need it to operate with out color on most print jobs.
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7 years ago, JHhhh1134
Long story, but my laptop is dead and I urgently needed to print, sign, scan and email a document. I happened to have an old Brother printer with wireless capability. I plugged it in directly to my router, and this app found it immediately and I was quickly able to figure out how to save the document to the cloud and print it through the app, sign it, scan it and email it all through the app. The app completely controls the printer. So cool.
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2 years ago, Elrako X. Harkonnen
Selecting printer doesn’t work when clicked (mobile).
I have Brother WiFi printers in two different offices and this app easily finds them on the network but the actual radio button selection interface doesn’t work. The printer is visible. But you can’t select it. This looks like a bug perhaps specific to the printer firmware or phone iPhone model XR. The interface direct to you too update the firmware which takes you to a website but it’s unclear how to update the firmware on such a printer from a mobile device, if that’s even possible.
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5 years ago, MakeupByKitty
Can’t find printer!!!
I bout a label printer bowl-1110nwb installed some brother apps. This is the only app that cannot connect and it’s the one I need the most!!! It has 3 ways to connect your printer NONE of them work. It’s soooo frustrating. 1st way through WiFi . My printer and iPhone is set up through the same network. I even did it manually. Says “cannot connect”. Ok fine, I tried the Bluetooth way. My phone and printer are already connected through Bluetooth. It just keeps saying add printer it doesn’t even do the search nor refresh!! This is sooo frustrating I need to make print outs in size 4x6 with this app for my growing business but I can’t even get pass step one !
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9 months ago, Sylvathedog
No way to set custom paper size for manual feed
The paper size options on the control panel of my HLL2350DW are extremely limited, including no options for envelopes. I had hoped that this app would provide the ability to set the paper size to envelope (or some other custom size for the manual feed), but no luck. IOS relies on the printer to automatically set paper size and does not allow this to be changed. Thus everything I print from my iPad gets sent to the printer as Letter size. More generally, this app doesn’t seem to provide any capability not already available in the built in IOS print function.
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4 years ago, MountainCat23
Old school style but let’s you print to non-AirPrint Brother printer
This app has been more or less the same since the beginning of time. But it does the job. And because of it your old Brother laser printer gets a new life as you print to it from your phone. Here’s how: select print from an app. The preview shows up. Now you can’t print like you can to an AirPrint printer. But if you long press or hard press the preview, it opens like a PDF. Now you can share it to the brother print app and voila!
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5 years ago, Heavensno
For a free app, not bad
Mostly the real issue is iOS anything is going to be a pain to print from, unless you want to pay $15 monthly subscription. As for my four stars, once in the print settings you gain control of resizing, which is one of the most important features in any of the paid apps. So, yes, it could use a bunch of other bells and whistles, but notably I haven’t been able to rotate in app, or, say turn off ink low level annoyances. It does have its place on my device, so four stars😎
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6 years ago, By TheView
Remote Printing from Multiple Devices
We print from two IPhones and two IPads and one desktop often. My wife prints recipes three times a week and I am always printing something. We have a Control Center App that lets us determine if we want the scanned output go to an email, file or image. Having a wireless print function that serves us from any room in our home is convenient. We like the capability of remote printing.
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2 years ago, Moe Howard III
Worked for Scanning
Worked right out of the box, scanner for devices on my network, found my scanner and was able to scan my documents within seconds of installing this ad. Was very surprised it worked so easily given I have an older printer/scanner. Can’t speak about what others are complaining about as I use this app just for scanning.
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2 years ago, K 007
Do not download! It has a separate privacy agreement not disclosed on the Apple App Store. It basically wants access to all your data and documents as they load onto your printer. These people are pure scam artists. Loaded the app onto my Mac and it will not delete. It will not close. The only option is to except their terms, or force quit the app. They are criminals, plain and simple. To sell you a printer, then have it stop working, then require you to give them your personal information in order to use it, is MAFIA stuff. Reporting them to Apple, federal trade commission, Better Business Bureau and anywhere else that will listen. STAY AWAY!!!
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4 years ago, tom_ortiz
Very convenient for sharing home office printer
This app is great. We have a Brother MFC-L2710DW in our home office. We can both work together and print and scan directly from our phones without getting in each other’s way. Scans can be sent directly to my work email address. It’s a seamless process. The app even prompts you to update the firmware on your printer when necessary and does it over the phone via WiFi.
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4 years ago, tomc08
App release won’t auto find printer
I appreciate my brother MFC-J6710DW, it has worked well for a long time and continues to work well. I’ve had some trouble with last App release not automatically finding my printer. I couldn’t reach any support from brother either. My printer wasn’t found in the list in the App to set the printer manually, although it says it’s supported in the online information and has always printed and scanned via the App. I finally got it to work again by setting the IP address manually in the App. Normally the App works great...just not this latest update. Thank you.
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6 years ago, JodyBallard
Love the printer, don’t like this app
First alarm was that the app did not automatically find my printer, but immediately found it when I manually installed it with the IP address. I have a fairly new printer, MFC-9930CDW, but only have two functions available in the app: print and scan. According to the feature/model list, many older and newer less expensive models have full features like Machine Status. Overall, I like the printer well enough to not let this app discourage me, but i will never buy another printer that is not iOS AirPrint compatible. Hope Brother improves this app in the meantime.
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6 years ago, smallville808
Requesting a few tweaks please!
I agree with other reviews. I am moving to using my ipad away from my laptop more and more often. I would love to be able to scan my documents on my brother printer from the ipad, just as on my laptop. Please add functionality like on my computer: Ability to name files at the scan point, save options or PDF default instead of PNG, and scan options on resolution so I can sort-of control the ultimate file size. If you can do that, this would be a 5-star app. I do appreciate that you added functionality with icloud. Thank you!!!
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6 years ago, xylemphloem
works but limited features
This works on my iPad but it the only features that we can change are paper size, color, two-sided, and skip blank pages. These are definitely must have features. However, the other basic features it should have are: file type (no PDF!), resolution, jpeg quality, and file naming. When I scan an A4 sheet of paper in color, the file type is PNG and it’s 7MB! I would give this app 5 stars for it’s clear and pleasant user interface, but a negative number for lack of basic scanning features that are common place in 2018. Without these other features, I can’t use this app.
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1 year ago, andy111901
Can’t send pdf via email
After a year or two scanning and sending pdfs through my iPhone email app, it seems that you’ve removed this. Can you please put that ability back in? Now I have to save the pdf first, and then open my email to write a new mail. It worked pretty well before and now it stinks.
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