Bubble Level for iPhone

4.7 (98.3K)
56.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lemondo Entertainment
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Bubble Level for iPhone

4.66 out of 5
98.3K Ratings
1 year ago, BMGRIMNES
Best Free Level App I Could Find
Im an amateur carpenter and couldn’t find my level one day when on a job. So I looked at, and downloaded, probably 6 different applications before I ended up downloading this one. This was the only one that did exactly what it said, and more, this app works perfectly, and it has many more useful tools then just a bubble level. My only issue is that it plays a commercial ever 5th or so times you change tools. But it’s free, and I understand nothing is really free in this world😂. One piece of advice I would give (this isn’t the apps fault) is your phone case, or in my case, my pop socket, has to be removed to get a real accurate reading. Otherwise great app for the money(free)has multiple styles of levels, and many other uses. Thanks for doing such a fine job making it!
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3 weeks ago, timstring
The most useful utility here!!
I have been using this app for ages. Every major update is like a X-mas present. I know there is something great inside. I especially find the gyroscope to be extremely useful. I am a carpenter by trade and it seems like every time I take my table saw to a job site, I have to zero the blade with the table. I built a frame for my phone with magnets on the bottom and one side. Using the Gyroscope feature, I get a reading off the top of the saw, then attach the phone to the blade. When the gyroscope’s reading matches the top of the table, I know the blade is perfectly perpendicular to the table. Also, should I need to make a bevel cut, the gyroscope will give the perfect angle!! Many thanks and many more blessings!
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5 years ago, Captskinny
Very useful
I find it is a well-made app with a lot of great features when I had gotten it I didn’t realize that my iPhone XS Max already had an app pre-programmed with a lot of the same features but not all of them I do like the visualization of the Bubble Level app compared to the iPhones factory installed version so I will be keeping it and I have gone ahead and paid to have the ads removed donate a dollar why not Would love to see more features Like a stud finder and improvements on the metal detector needs improved range as your phone has to be directly on the metal object in order to register and possible improvements throughout the app in the future but I will give it a definite five out of five
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5 years ago, Hog Piginstein
Best set of tools on any device
As I downloaded this app I was prepared to feel indifferent towards yet another e-tool application on the iPhone, after all very few e-tool apps have given me much to get excited about. But this set of tools is simply excellent, both in form and function. Between the clean intuitive interface and the quality build, you won’t find a better execution in any other app. Just stop, hit the download button and forget about all the rest, you’ve found the app you were looking (hoping) for.
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5 months ago, 654evan7652588
Great app, but why can’t you skip the ads?
The app is great and does what it’s supposed to do. Problem is, sometimes you get a pop up game ad. Now normally this is fine as it is free, but no x shows up on these pop up ads! You have to watch the whole 30 second ad to do anything because there is no way to skip the ad after 5 seconds like there are on other apps with ads. Everything else with pop up video ads has tolerable ads. AccuWeather has full screen ads that can be closed immediately, most games with ads can be closed after 5 seconds, and Toolbox does the same. Now there are the occasional unskippable 30s ads on games but that’s because the ad is for a reward. There is no reason for an unskippable 30s ad on a level.
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4 months ago, TheFamousChrisA
Great app ruined by ads and subscription model
Yeah. This app would be amazing and a fine replacement for the iHandy Level (free and taken off of the App Store, sadly) but they want you to pay them $2.99 a month here for the “PRO” features. If you don’t pay for these features you get bombarded with full screen ads that constantly disrupt your work. If this just had a one time payment fee and that removed ads and let me use all of the features I would give it a 5 star rating. As of now I’ll find a different app that isn’t trying to prey on its consumers who have become accustomed to shoddy business practices and subscription services we already have every company trying to pull on us. I want one lifetime payment that works forever for all updates. A monthly sub (no matter how cheap) ruins any software or service for me. I have very few (1 or 2) live subscription services that I use and watch, the rest I get elsewhere for free when I need it. Do not put up with this. The reason this app is so popular is because people will just pay it to make the app work.
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2 years ago, ClintEd
Simply does what it’s made to do
5-stars for this free non Complicated app… it just checks vertically and horizontally for level. nothing less nothing more. it’s refreshing to finally get just what I need from a app with out extra crap I’m really not needing. Or over run with adds that I can’t get to my tast at hand for flipping through adds that have to be watched for 30 sec, So me personally, I would give this app ,,,,,A+ or 5 stars or a 10 and 100. It’s just a level that’s all
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2 years ago, Korynne
Too many ads to be useful.
I had nine (9!) ads pop up within the first three minutes of using the app. Then I had to wait for the ad time to be up before I could close the ad, and by that time the item I was leveling needed to be remeasured. This made the app completely unusable because I couldn’t hold the level long enough to get the item where I wanted it to be before another ad popped up. Completely useless. It would take less time to drive out to a hardware store ten minutes away and buy a real level and drive back home and use that than for me to wait for all the ads in order to actually use the app. Deleted five minutes after I installed it because it was useless.
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7 years ago, jy24
Awesome app
I don't review much but I have to say how awesome this app is. I was building IKEA furniture and was afraid if it was leaning more towards the front. We had it anchored to the wall but it still worries me how it would hold up if it suddenly fell. This accurately showed how our level was. We were more leaning towards the back then front but within the bubble circle, so it's a great reference. I also used it on leveled surfaces to test and it is accurate. It nice that it beeps so you know what the best level is. Highly recommend!
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3 years ago, Doc_holliday1111
I have an iPhone 7. On the left side there are buttons, on the right there is a button and on the back is a camera lens that sticks out. Does the app compensate for these? The only perfectly flat edges or surfaces are the bottom, top and face. For example if I wanted to check the level of a table... if I lay it on the back, the camera lens puts the phone off level. If I lay it on one of the long edges of the phone, the buttons put it off level. I think it does the job but there are times a real level is the tool to use. I love the app tho.
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4 years ago, 1gnatz
Excellent (also needs outdoor visibility feature)
I use this multiple times a day when doing field layout for drainage & erosion control. Very thoughtful app. It’s accurate and trustworthy —and it has a good feel to it, a “small thing” but I do look forward to using it for that reason. On very bright days the subtlety of the interface can wash out. I’d recommend a high-contrast feature for those of us who use it a lot outdoors.
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6 years ago, staycm2
Bubble and surface levels work great!
I downloaded this to level may front load washer which is getting loud and walking across the floor. My real level is missing from my garage. Figures. This app allowed me to see if it was level using the bubble feature during my adjustments then I used the surface level feature with the phone placed in the center of the top of the washer to be sure. This app saved the day and a trip to the hardware store. Thanks!
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6 years ago, PureRainX
More accurate level than the built-in app
The built-in level that comes with the compass is great, but I really need better accuracy to tenths of a degree for leveling a large-ish fish tank. 1 degree over 4 feet is really noticeable. This Bubble Level app is pretty perfect. And even though I don’t have AR capability in my iPhone 6, all the other features are really well done. You can try it out or even keep it for free with ads, but I paid the 99¢ because I’m going to use this a lot.
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1 year ago, Wee Man 74
Great app
I was a helicopter mechanic in the military, plus many, MANY other trades throughout the years. I have almost 20 years experience remodeling houses, specializing in flooring. Specifically custom tile shower installations. I have used this app hundreds of times, and it never failed me. I have used each of the different tools in the app at sometime or another and was always pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
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1 year ago, Plinker
Handy and surprisingly practical.
Revised review: Restoring purchases again fixed the ads this time! This app is the handiest thing I have on my phone other than an rpn calculator. The plumb bob, compass and level are very useful, easy to read and work well. The metal detector is just fun, and the camera distance measuring widget actually works well enough for estimating.
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8 months ago, O1lcan86
Not very usable
The biggest problem is that I find myself on my back inside a cabinet, and the screen is hidden by a pop up ad! Whatever they’re pitching, I am not remotely interested at this moment. I’m looking everywhere to find out where to click to close the and and get back to the level. The second problem is that my iPhone is not flat. It has a camera on the back, and volume buttons on the side, which makes it extremely difficult to lay the phone flat. I guess the adage is true, you get what you pay for.
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1 year ago, 🐠Guppy🐠
Intrusive ads
Pros: features work as expected. I like the decimal readouts on the level, this is a step up from most apps that truncate to integers. Cons: ads will take up and entire screen and block movement off to other pages. You have to quit out and restart otherwise you’re distracted for 30 seconds trying to get the interface to close the add. Not sure when this became acceptable practice for apps, but it’s hard to justify this even if the app is free for download.
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6 years ago, Dan cabinet maker.
It seems to be a fun app. Not crazy about the plumb line. But it works ok. I tried the ruler portion of this app and found it to be way off. I had a 4 foot piece of countertop and measured it with this app. The app told me it was 79 inches long, not the 48 inches I knew it to be. Then tried it on my 36 inch stove top and it told me it was 58 inches wide. So the ruler may seem fun to play with you’re better off keeping a tape ruler with you because this can’t be trusted if you are depending on it when buying materials for a project because you’ll be buying twice what you need.
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3 months ago, Duey 1994
Making a job easy
When we are pulling our large boats at the end of the year with our travel lift and setting on blocks and stands all of us have our phones but no level, after l put the app on my phone we all now use the bubble level to level off the swim platform for winter storage. Rick Langer at Fairport Harbor Yacht Club , Fairport , Ohio
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5 years ago, Cannonball Baker
Bubble level
Can’t believe how much I use the bubble level. Thinking of keeping my phone in my tool box. HaHa. Travel a lot in my van that we sleep in. Use the bubble level to level the van when we park. Use all the levels from time to time. Please don’t screw it up with having to view a advertisement before I can use it. Thanks for this wonderful feature.
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5 years ago, JFyhuhiuyt1gh
Useful And Just Darned Fun
I think this is a must-have for any technoid geek... like myself. I get a kick out of the metal detector, which I take it is magnet-driven, hence, only useful for ferrous metals but it’s fun anyway. The graphics can’t be beat with this little gem of an app! The one thing I don’t like about it is the tones the metal detector play. What is that, a piano? Needs something that sounds a bit more up to date, in my opinion.
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4 years ago, Inspectordude
Perfect for RV
For the fridge to work properly the RV has to be level How level? The closer to level, the better, obviously. According to Dometic, 3 degrees side to side and 6 degrees front to back are maximums you can be and have the fridge work properly. The coolant, once pumped up, needs to be able to flow back down by gravity. This level app shows, in degrees, how much out of level you are. Really handy!!
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6 years ago, RHilgraves
Incredibly useful app
This is one of those utilities that everyone should have. Assembling furniture, leveling a RV, building a deck...this tool makes all of that just that much easier. we always carry our phone with us, but we don't always carry a level. Well, this makes that possible -- you can carry a level and have it when you need it.
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7 months ago, Parking Nomad
Great App. Don’t use it often, but when you need it, you absolutely need it.
I’m WORKING!! I work in advertising & related areas. I like advertising. I don’t watch the Super Bowl, **I** watch the advertisement. But When I’m at work & other folks are DEPENDING on me & I can’t get to the app, & I can’t shut off the ad. I’m REALLY P. O. Love bubble level app hate that I can’t control it.
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6 years ago, skykingfred
Bubble level review
Levels work great. Used with regular type level to verify the software accuracy and it was spot on. The camera distance measurement not so good. Haven’t figured out the workings of the metal detector yet. I have a treasure type detector and verified the accuracy wasn’t so good. However as a spur of the moment detector works fair cuz don’t have nothing else at the time.
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2 years ago, SquareGrouper
Great But don’t want junk Free Space application showing up on my paid subscription
App is good, bought paid version due to all junk kid garbage that came with it. Never saw that much junk before on a freee app tho but understand the developer. I shouldn’t scroll through the app and have advertisements for another application of yours and unable to remove it? If that doesn’t bother you then I recommend the app. it works well.
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1 year ago, PatientGuy
Useful but trapped by purchase screen
This app was very useful with the bubble level centering once the surface is absolutely level. However after a handful of users over the course of probably a year, I got a screen that among other options gave me the option to remove ads by buying the app. And there appeared to be no way to close that screen, so I had to close the app and go to another level app. it looks like I won’t be using the app again.
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11 months ago, Bea White
Bubble too small
Love the features of the app, especially for free. My app gives me too many ads while I’m working, and the bubble for the level is too small, making it harder to gage if it is doing its job. I love this app but hope the creator or programmer will fix this for the greater good.
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3 years ago, speakandreas
Trying to pick which of the level apps you should get? it’s this one
Every feature you’ll need, clean straightforward interface, just small ads along the bottom, and only 99 cents to go ad-free. I never write reviews, but did here because of how useful this app is.
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3 years ago, Zanesworld1
Must-have tool
Talk about a handy app - just as much as the flashlight on your phone. For me, it’s one of those apps that I consider crucial and an option I basically couldn’t do without. Sometimes I forget it wasn’t part of the phones original set-up because I use it so much.
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9 months ago, Chef Swamp Castle
There when you need it.
I’ve used this app to adjust pictures hanging on walls a quickly make level outside tables. It also comes in handy small cramped spaces. I would not use it in construction of large items perfecting a longer carpenters level.
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6 years ago, 1BigMo
Nice but needs calibration option
Nice but needs calibration option Heads up to everyone- on ANY of these “Level” apps - any protruding buttons will interfere with accuracy. Also, on most cases the plastic thickness may very and can also make it off. This app has a nice look and interface. I like that they buffered the gyroscope unlike other apps where your reading is hyperactive. My one grip is that it lacks a calibration option. I tested its accuracy like you would a traditional level and it is off a little more than a half a degree. May not sound like much but that’s about 1/4” on and 8’ wall. The problem could be with my case - which is why it needs calibration - everyone’s cases will vary.
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2 years ago, ChakaTania
I love this app but the advertisement for the soft porn game was disturbing
I love this app but the advertisement for the soft porn game was disturbing. since I love the app so much I did pay the $.99… But almost didn’t just because I thought that ad was pretty R-rated considering a child might use the app. decency in America is long gone. Very sad
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7 years ago, Al707
Re-purchase restored the upgrade successfully
I purchased remove ads. The purchase went through and was acknowledged and billed. The ads came back. The restore purchase just crashes. Update I heard from the developer, and re-purchased the upgrade. It worked this time, and I was not charged again.
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5 years ago, kaygee19
Does a lot. Not for surveying but great tool
This app does a pretty good job doing a lot of things. It’s not a contractor grade level, but the tools are really good for when you just have to be “pretty close”. Definitely worth it by if you find yourself looking for a tape measure or a level frequently. The augmented reality measuring tape is super cool, but only accurate to about 3%
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4 years ago, LazyLeveler
Great fir leveling an RV
I use this tool to level my RV. My RV did not come with bubble levels and needed something to help level out my RV. All I can say is this works perfectly. I would highly recommend this app for anyone looking for a level app. Even though I own actual levels I find this app far more handy.
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3 months ago, AcerPlanter
Bubble Levep
Level works fine, quite handy in a pinch, as well as the plumb. The metal detector? Nahh. The real issue I have is there’s no explanation available in settings or the app ( that I can see), that explains what”torch” means, how to calibrate metal detector if it tells you to ( it did). Just simple things like that instead of keeping you guessin. Think I’ll pass on the subscription until I can find out I have another 4 free days then canceling the pro version.
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6 years ago, Teaguer Gal
Like it, but one oddity
I really like the Bubble Level but I find that when I use it and then touch release, it does not release by itself. I have to pick another level and then go back to Bubble Level so that I can start measuring my surface again. It is a bit annoying but, all in all, our use this app quite a lot and find it useful.
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2 years ago, Justchickenitout
Two Travel Seasons - Reliable
This simple app is useful and reliable for front-to-back and side-to-side adjustments. We like to go by the middle of the coach since that is what affects our sleeping quarters the most; as opposed to near the cab. We don’t leave reviews unless we are super SATISFIED or super dissatisfied.
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9 months ago, RobertStevens59
Love this app, BUT!
Use this app to level my camper. However an update has placed a flashlight icon on top of the degree numbers! Whether I turn my iPhone the darn flashlight parks itself on top! A bit frustrating- wonder if you can move the flashlight either off the screen completely or just to the side. If I could move the dang thing I’d rate this a 5 star app…
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5 years ago, Mike Wylde
Did exactly what I needed
I picked this up so that I could ensure a frame was level before it was installed. It did exactly that PLUS it had a handy tone to indicate the frame was level. If you lose a perfect level the tone goes away so you know to reset before you continue.
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6 years ago, SDPatel12
Awesome app. So useful. For all the people who are complaining about the ads: how much did you pay for the app?? Oh yeah, nothing. How do you think the developers get to feed their families? Everything costs money, either you pay for it up front or have to go through some ads.
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5 years ago, aAllank
Stopped working!
I put this on my iphone xs max last week and it worked great. I tried using it today snd it opens to a strange blank screen. Does not work now. Sad. Looks there was an upgrade 3 days ago. Maybe that broke it? I deleted the spp and re installed it. Still did not work. Deleted :-(
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7 years ago, LongTallMe
I'm not sure....
I'm not sure if this app works or not, I'm sure it will. This is pretty basic stuff. So is thinking through your approach to customers. Within seconds of opening the app I get pop ups saying, "Rate is on the App Store." In your face, inconsiderate, and stupid since I've had no time to use the app and decide whether or not I like it. I've begun to do this with all apps that show this behavior. You could have the best app in the world, and it becomes useless, when I can't use it because of your marketing processes
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9 months ago, Metanormal
Intrusive ADs
I have been using this app for several years and found it to be extremely useful. Up until lately, July 2023, the ads were minimal, and were to be expected for not buying the pro. In July though the ads became very intrusive with TikTok ads and other ads they take over your screen. If it wasn't for the intrusive ads, I would keep using this app.
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4 years ago, some one who knows stufffff
Great life changing
This changed my life I do not know what I would have done with out it I recommend it fully get this bubble level it will change you life for the better and all your stuff will be steady and level including your income and life
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4 years ago, Chairman Mow
Level App review
This is almost as useful as any level. I would recommend the user to keep their phone cover on while using it. Everyone seems to be dropping my phone when they’re using it.
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9 months ago, Used frequently
Too Many Ads
I have had this app about 4 yrs and have loved it until recently. Everytime I open the app I am getting bombarded with ads, about 3 x's as many as I used to get. A few times I've had to close the app and reopen it to remove the ad. I understand the ads, but when there are so many you can't use the app, what's the point? I am searching for a new app.
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6 years ago, very anniyed
Good app but sold out to ads
When you finally get to use the app it is great however I had to delete a bunch of ads for games and whatever before using it.... than after using it and making necessary adjustments to my project, I had to delete a bunch of ads again...... It was so annoying that I went out to the garage to find my level to finish the project than downloaded another app that does the same thing without all this “stuff” to go through first
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2 years ago, AJG1945
If you have a need for this app and are willing to pay for it go ahead and download it. For an occasional user that does not want to pay for it, the ads make it absolutely useless. They are inclusive, pop-up in the middle of whatever you are trying to do, make a lot of noise and are very difficult to get rid of so you can get back to whatever you are doing. I would not recommend that anybody buy it.
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