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Buildertrend Solutions, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Buildertrend

4.49 out of 5
3.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Lowellii
Almost Perfect
It has a lot going for it, but the one area that needs to be tweaked is the email functions. I would like to be able to send emails without the formatting that BuilderTrend applies. Also it would be nice if the emails that are sent through lead generation would be copied over to the jon once a job is created. And finally I would like to have multiple contacts from the owner of a job, and be able to list their titles and areas of responsibilities and be able to contacted them individually, and keep the email thread linked to the job.
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4 years ago, ALP111466
Game changing platform!
We started using builder trend in 2014. It has profoundly changed out business approach for the better. We do high end custom Home building in remodeling work. It keeps our project organized, subcontractors in the loop, and our clients informed. We use the change orders tabs, schedule feature, and to do lists for subs and internal items to keep track / not forget small detail items. We use the project patent tab and daily logs feature. We also post global documents, product specs under the selections, and things like tile install details (location, direction, grout color and sanded/un sanded. We do have someone in the office who loads all of the selections. A cost analysis has determined that this is well worth the additional time cost to upload vs the reduction in mistakes and increased efficiency. It also will send a reminder to a sub a week (or whatever you set down) in advance of their their scheduled scope. It is user friendly and not difficult to get the hang of. We love it!!! We hope our competition continue to be slow to catch on!
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11 months ago, Construction manager 1
Constant changes
The app/desk top full site version are in constant change. Every time you get used to a new change some IT person has to justify their existence and create an extra step or move a box to the other side of the screen all in the name of making it better. They don’t know their audience or don’t care. Construction workers are about getting the job done and having proven processes that don’t need to change for the sake of change. I have posted constant feedback to tech support with no results or updates that truly benefit the user. Our company processes are written around Buildertrend and their need to change or move things on the screen has negatively impacted our business on occasion. We had to shut down and revert back to paper contracts after the estimate updates they made. Most recent change was on the To-Do. Now you have to click on another tab to get to the created checklist instead of just scrolling down the screen. There is delay with the screen loading to the checklist which creates efficiency issues. Loss of time every time you go to that screen.
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5 years ago, rbdabc
Using the app as an end user is painful, issues not addressed
My builder uses the “daily log” feature of this app mainly, with the rest being mostly unused. Several months back the “notes” section of the daily log entries on the IOS app broke to where anything over a few sentences does not fully show. It used to be that one could touch the area to expand out the text, and this is no longer the case. I called the company and got a hold of someone who said they would submit a case to fix this, but it never happened, this this review. As an app developer in a past life, this is pretty basic functionality and it’s surprising to see regressions like this, and then not get any feedback when trying to get it fixed (i emailed him back and never got a response either). Another thing: viewing the daily logs page on my desktop hangs the browser for about 30 seconds. We have a lot of logs with embedded pictures etc. it seems that Buildertrend does not do any paving of any kind for their daily log page on desktop, so if you have dozens of entries, it loads everything and hangs your browser. Come on, guys... this isn’t rocket science!
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6 years ago, on target remodeling
Extensive platform with unrivaled customer support
My company has been using Buildertrend for just over a year now and the results are astounding. Many tasks that had to be done using multiple platforms can now be done using one platform. The ability for customers to have their own project site where they can view progress payments, change orders, pictures, videos and documents is invaluable. Add to that the ability to pay my subcontractors through the system when connected with We Pay, and you’ve got the makings of a robust system unrivaled in the construction industry. All along the way there is excellent customer service available Monday through Friday to take care of any questions or issues that might arise. Simply put if you are not using this or something similar I just don’t see how your company can grow effectively.
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2 years ago, Hartman H
Looking to go a different direction (for a while)
I’ve had this software for 15 months. I am an owner operator with a 5 man crew in the field. If you do not have an office staff to constantly keep things orderly and up to date on the sales & pre construction side of the business you can forget it. Not flexible for viewing from the initial lead inquiry to the final invoice of a project. The app is difficult to use with all of the filters to click on or clear before viewing. Also, $400+ a month is one of the more expensive softwares I’ve ever used or found. The iCal sync is lacking because you have to leave Buildertrend and manually add an alert. Text messaging with clients & within the company needs to be integrated without question. Clients can only approve 1 proposal and the rest automatically expire once approved. “All in one solution” is a bold claim.
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2 years ago, Nip cowboy
Sales tax
As of 2022, BuilderTREND does not have sales tax on their platform, and a proper system for credits they talk with QuickBooks needs considerable polishing and overhaul. That application is also complicated since the last update to create estimates as a new person coming in; this probably wouldn’t be a problem; however, for remodelers, this is a huge problem. I love everything else about BuilderTREND, but their lack of understanding of the remodeling space while inviting contractors into the room is very, very wrong. A voting system on projects to get updates is very lame and backward; however, it is a good platform for everything else, but when your financials cannot be accurate based on taxes calculated by ZIP Codes, it’s a huge problem when you have to face the IRS. Your accounting cannot get to your actual numbers.
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2 months ago, MrOBrian
New version is unintuitive
This app used to be very helpful for coordinating with my contractor, but now I find that I avoid using it. It’s too difficult to find anything anymore. Right now I have no idea if I have any outstanding invoices because I can’t find that in the interface anymore. To get to Messages you now have to go under the More tab, which seems odd. It used to be on the home page. I very, very, very often run into bugs with this app, like it saying that I have no job selected after selecting a job, and then the link to select a job says there are no jobs, but if I go under the More tab I can see all the jobs. Also, every time I start a new job with my contractor I have to contact Buildertrend support to fix my account because it completely breaks. Every single time.
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4 years ago, AndrewRemodeler
This app is a good idea however, it is not worth the money at this time. To add to that, the customer service is horrible. We tried this product out two years ago and then after some time spent trying to learn it, decided it was too much of a learning curve to try and implement it at that time. We called to cancel and (without any documentaion, I know, dumb on our part) thought maybe in the future we will try again when things slow down. Fast forward 1.5 years, and come to find out we have been getting charged for this program every month. Of course since we could not prove with documentation that we canceled, there would be no refund. They did inform us that it has been 547 days since we last logged in. But that wasn’t enough. They couldn’t even offer a partial refund. Not even one month. Thanks again for the waste of time and money!
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4 years ago, DaredToDoThis
Beyond Excellent work!!! Extremely professional, prompt, honest, clean. These people were respectful, hard working and on time. They worked quickly but perfectly and their quote was identical. I cannot Recommend them highly enough! I wanted a new roof they said we can do that but can we see if we can save you money (who says that?!) clean it and showed me a patch free of charge- they cleaned it to brand new looking, patched holes ... did it quickly and beautifully. They saved me thousands of dollars! Highly highly recommend them! I’m going to use them for multiple projects!
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5 years ago, NCbuild
What a waste!
We are building a house and trying to use this app to make things go more smoothly! The ideal set up for change orders is to approve on the app and then pay for the change order through the app. Well on 90% of the change orders, we approve and then the app won’t let us pay through Buildertrend. The app has to have a ‘pay’ tab for the payment to go through. Every time we have had to go back and forth with the builder to try and make it work. This last time we have yet to be able to pay for the change through the app. Our builder has tried to work with the developer and the response is ‘well, it should work’! Really?!? My advice is skip the app and use Venmo. The other advantages of the app just aren’t worth whatever the builder has to pay to use the app.
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2 years ago, Nickname7730
Too many updates, not intended for rural areas
It’s like every few days there is an update and you have to reconfigured your settings each time. Then relearn the app. Stop changing it so much and so often. Then I work where service is in and out, but Buildertrend need constant connection. So it’s always trying to save ever little action I take. Let me tell the app. When to save I should be able to preform actions with out the app requiring an upload. Try operating the app with internet that cuts in or out. I only use this app. When required by your he bosses. But it’s really not ideal for rural field work. And the constant changing. Fix those 2 things and the app would get at least a 4 star
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4 years ago, CRDaChamp
Great for Remodel Contractors
I’m a design/remodel contractor in the DFW metroplex. We were in need of an app that would help us manage jobs and keep everything to one platform. We also needed a way to save time for the project managers from driving around so much. BT was just that solution. Since using BT, we have reduced our drive time by more than 50%. Our customers are LOVING the automation feature that keeps them in the loop with all the scheduling and behind the scenes items. The “to do” feature is absolutely brilliant. Our punch list crew is thankful for that feature and it also helps us keep the jobs clear of any confusion. Our designers are able to upload their design packets and post progress photos. I have shown this to 2 other contractors and they are going to sign up as well. So worth the money and such a great closing tool during sales calls. Thanks BT Total Remodel by Chase
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9 months ago, Traci Shields
This app has delayed the Constructio process significantly
It has wasted time as the app does not allow you to actually follow a stream of thought and show the information back and forth. If anything it shows up in e-mails and we don’t see all of those, but information seems to be lost in translation and I don’t always get notified about all info and where to actually locate the random messages. The system haphazardly puts things in multiple places and makes it really hard to find and not obvious where things are located. I am really frustrated with this app and how it is laid out!!! It does not appear to be worth the money at all. Maybe not even if it was free.
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3 years ago, SerenityATX
Built our business around Buildertrend
Before we started our company we decided to pick a system that would handle all aspects including leads, estimates, contracts, project management, invoicing, change orders and warranty but also had to have a customer facing component. Buildertrend fit us perfectly and we have designed how our business works around Buildertrend. This has allowed us to stand out amongst our competitors and makes work much easier since it is all in one place. No more quests work.
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3 years ago, Diamond State Pole Buildings
As a Large Pole Frame Builder and Custom Home Builder it’s crucial that you keep customers jobs all in one place. From Project Management to sales Builder Trend does it all and more. I have between 35 and 41 jobs all running at the same time and just my territory and I couldn’t do it without this app. The only thing I recommend is that the project management has its own Daily Logs separated from my office staff and my other departments. No matter, Builder Trend is 100% the best customer management program I’ve used yet. Mark C. Project Manager
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6 years ago, tripleHlove
My brother uses this app for his construction business. It is awesome what can be done within this app. Clocking in and out, keeping track of and exporting hours for payroll, safe place for all your contacts and job leads, calendars, schedules, to do lists. You can assign your employees to whatever you need them to do, upload pictures and videos. You can link your website to the app so new leads come thru the app and their contact info gets saved for you. The possibilities are endless. It is definitely worth the money!
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2 years ago, SunnyFtW
Nice App But Has Flaws
We’ve had the app for about 6 months it’s great but I’ve noticed now with the latest update the you can’t view the entire calendar it’s frustrating it only shows partial and you can’t upload videos only pictures. Please fix the above.
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3 years ago, robpoolguy
Best construction management software
We have been using Buildertrend for 6+ years and every year it improves more and more. Not sure what other reviews are talking about in lack of costumer service because these guys are always available. Most other softwares don’t have phone tech support, only email. Anytime I need something answered I call and always get someone to walk me through any issues and an added benefit is they are English speaking Americans, not someone in India!
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3 years ago, Moguy1973
Nice app but one glaring issue
Our builder uses this app to put everything in one place and it looks to work great so far with one major problem. Our builder uses this for communication between us and all the subcontractors. The big problem is if I have to send a message to multiple people I can’t unless I enter their email address even though all their names are listed in the app. With this being this way you can only message two people at at time with one being the main person and the other a CC. Fix this and it would be wonderful.
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4 years ago, AndrewLascano
Custom Craft Consulting
If you have a process that works well on paper, but want to increase your efficiency as an organization, buildertrend is the tool you need. It’s user friendly (when configured properly) and will streamline redundant tasks so you can manage 2X more projects and drive sales. I recommend buildertrend if you’re serious about improving your company culture and are ready to put in the work required to get the most out of your investment.
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4 years ago, Sonofatalker
Restoration project manager
Myself and my company Paul Davis Restoration have been using Buildertrend for the past two years and it has worked really well for us. The customer portal side where they can look at schedule daily log photos of work that occurred on site, etc. has been indispensable and improving our customer communication. Would highly recommend this software to anybody scheduling and running construction projects.
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4 years ago, SimpleLiving18
Comprehensive, fully integrated construction mgmt. software
I’m still figuring out all the functions of the software/app, but I’m relieved to finally have one software to integrate my client mgmt., project mgmt., leads, and finances (linked with QB). BT offers a multitude of instructional recorded trainings and they are always available to answer questions. I’m think it is going to save us hours a month, increase our productivity, and increase our lead to sales turnover.
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6 months ago, turtlestown
Used to be 5 stars
I loved this app. We are doing a remodel and our builder uses the app. The reason I knocked it down is the new version no longer shows you the running total of the job and how much you have paid (I now have to go to the web version to see that information) and the new interface isn’t nearly as intuitive to use as the previous versions. Real bummer as now only the web version is really effective.
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4 years ago, OSeanO
Buildertrend has changed my company!
We found Buildertrend a few years ago. We have implemented the use of their software in all fascists of our building processes. It has made our company more organized, given us the ability to bid projects more quickly and accurately and saved us thousands of dollars in labor. We build homes, remodel homes and provide tenant improvement services. I have read a few reviews that mentioned that Buildertrend does not work for remodelers. This is inaccurate. I highly recommend Buildertrend and can’t imagine running our business without it. Their software and customer service is unmatched. Respectfully, Sean O’Connor Thriv’ Homes Grand Island, Nebraska
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2 years ago, Worlds best person
Not A Good Experience
We started Buildertrend with lots of promises that didn’t manifest. We kept telling them we couldn’t get into the app on the job site. We sat down and had a class. The bookkeeper still didn’t have access to the foreman’s entries. None of the guys could log in as we were too remote. Despite the obvious problems, they still tried to keep us enrolled. It took over a week to cancel the service just one day past billing, and then we weren’t refunded. Yay! Another month of service we can’t use.
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3 years ago, More_Moss
Months of Issues
There are obvious compatibility issues with the app and new iPad Pro (2021). I have been working with the “tech team” at buildertrend for months trying to work out the kinks - such as the apps inability to upload any documents from the iPad onto the cloud for record keeping, or scanning documents to the cloud. It just flat out won’t work. Pretty disappointed with their customer service process as well, as there is minimal coordination amongst the team and misinformation is abound. The app also just takes time to use, input information, lacks any integrations (huge mistake on Buildertrends part), and is just a pretty clunky experience all around - but I would say that’s the case with the entire software suite (not just on the iPad). You’re headed in the right direction, Buildertrend, but you leave a lot to be desired.
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5 years ago, LilCDamoney
Reading notes
As a client trying to use Buildertrend (I’m having my house built and they use this app,) it would be nice if I could read everything in the app. If my project manager makes notes in daily log I can’t even read the full note. There’s an update ever other day but I’ve yet to notice anything actually become better or fixed. You seem to be improving it for the builder using the app but it would be nice if it were functioning well for us also.
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3 years ago, Angell electrical
Works great when used correctly
I’m a subcontractor using BT and haven’t had any problems with the app. Works great. only thing I wish is that the when you select all jobs listed on the month schedule you can’t view it on the mobile platform. You can only access the month schedule with all jobs listed on a computer.
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2 months ago, relatedlogic
Need fundamental UX improvements
The developers of the app need to actually try using it as a homeowner. Completed verification of bank credentials, have it available as a payment method, have the method selected for payment, and when I select “Pay” it says “Error No Payment method selected”. Website is equally dysfunctional. Instead of displaying the weather forecast, perhaps focus on making sure people can send payments? From a client perspective, it seems like payment processing should be the most critical, easy to use, and best tested feature in the app.
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10 months ago, Big Bossman 706
My company uses this and they live by it. However, it’s super frustrating as a end user! They refuse to listen to customers regarding the photo feature. The app is always crashing when trying to upload photos or they won’t upload at all if you’re not on WiFi, rendering it useless for field teams. And why can’t I select multiple photos instead of tapping them one by one. This is NOT 2003! No matter how much feedback you give them, they do the total opposite just like the typical tech weirdo! Smh
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6 years ago, HorseKME!
Latest update messed things up
We have been using buildertrend for about 2 months now, and the most recent update made it so you can’t release a bid to a subcontractor! You have to do it from a desktop which is a serious pain. Otherwise we’ve been having good luck. Small things like it not auto saving to-do’s or daily logs is also annoying, because if you accidentally close out you lose all of your data!
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12 months ago, ⭐️ving
Counterintuitive and terrible support
Extremely confusing to use and buggy. I work with dozens of software applications and web portal platforms on a daily basis for work. This has to be the worst platform I’ve ever had to use. Navigation through the app has no evident flow, hard-to-find filters hide documents and complete projects from employees, and configuring permissions is an extremely convoluted process. The support staff stop responding after an initial generic response that most likely doesn’t solve your issue.
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3 years ago, Jak121710
Calendar Version 9.7.3
Version 9.7.3 I do not like this version due to the calendar. We used to be able to click on the item on the calendar in the month view and there would be a checkbox that you could click to show item completed now there is an additional step to mark completed, slightly annoying since I use this feature a lot.
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2 years ago, itwasntmesir45
We tried this service and it is so expensive, it's impossible to cancel, and they keep your old credit card data on file and you CANNOT delete it even after you speak with someone. There is absolutely no reason they need to keep that information after updating to a current one. Also the platform and customer service is slow and not user friendly. The platform does not have what most businesses need and the cost is ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Buc Fan
Reviewed as the customer (not builder)
As someone who has hired a Builder that engages in unethical and/or misleading and/or incompetent business practices, and who uses this app, it’s frustrating because the builder has far more control over past data that has been entered and can thus cover their tracks by deleting prior updates and calendar entries. If your builder is using this then I’d recommend you download or at least screenshot everything entered through this app and keep a local copy on your hard drive.
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5 years ago, jdiencusb
Pretty Good App!
I have been using this app for 3 weeks. In the last 5 years we have used two others, Acculynx and JobNimbus. I am pretty happy using this. It is difficult to figure out, but all in all I am very pleased with the level of support that Buildertrend offers. They have been very proactive in getting us up and running. Great App.
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1 year ago, Galena Hillside
No Longer For Small Companies
We have used the platform for 3+ years. Just recently we received a letter stating our monthly cost were going to over double. The reason was we added a few new features which none of them were useful to us. We have spent countless hours trying to find a new platform, training, transferring files etc. Buildertrend is no longer competitive for smaller companies. Price gouging because they think companies are too invested to change.
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5 years ago, dniejdndjaje s
Bad Experience
It’s my first time using the app. My first task was making an echeck payment. I went through a few steps (entering account info and such) and was then asked to accept the terms of service. Well... I clicked on the link to READ said terms (provided in form) and when I clicked the back arrow after reading them, I was taken to step ONE of the process. NOTHING saved and I wasn’t even sure if my payment went through. I give it one star because when you are dealing with peoples money you can’t make mistakes like these... terrible UX.
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5 months ago, Googleygirl672004746182958
Used to be great - but recent update is horrible for client
I used to love the buildertrend app. I could see recent photos, recent updates, my job cost, pending change orders etc all from one place. Now I cannot see anything unless I click, and my job cost is totally gone. It makes no sense and seems to have regressed a ton. I work on a product team for my day job and I can’t believe this redesign was passed through the ranks.
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3 years ago, plasma1010
Horrible App
Its just a horrible app if you try to save more then like 5 pictures at a time it freezes and doesnt work then you have to re-do your file again, its just primitive I feel like Im using a program from 2005 its not a smooth interface just pretty mish-mash, if it wasn't for them being one of the cheaper Contractor platforms Im more then happy to listen to the next sales pitch on a better equally affordable program
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10 months ago, Gerald9999
Room for Improvement
When completing daily logs it takes several minutes to upload only a couple of photos. Many times when uploading only 5-6 photos only half upload. Then in order to add the other photos it’s takes another several minutes. The time to upload doesn’t matter if connected to wi-if or using phone data
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2 years ago, DREYCOOLGUY
Month View going to waste.
I use this app daily for work/business and it’s great and works great but man do I hate the month view. It would have been really nice to see all of the upcoming jobs in there and not just one single job. By that I mean get the same schedule view we do by month on computer, but on our phones. That would be super helpful.
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3 years ago, Missyboo2
Many flaws
We thought it was great as customers to see the schedule of our home remodel. However, projects were automatically marked as done when they were not done and the company never adjusted the schedule. Our job is a month behind so far with a few weeks at least before it’ll be complete. However, if someone in the company looks at this app, it will look like the job is done. I assume it could be great if used properly.
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3 years ago, Rebuilt_ca
Killer software
I’ve been using BuilderTrend in my company for roughly 7 years. We specialize in residential remodel work and we are definitely a step ahead of the competition with this software. Everything is organized in one place and clients love it!
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2 years ago, Goldenrule3
Logged out of job
Every day I have to sign back in to the same job for clocking in and daily log I’m not sure if it’s my phone considering it’s a older model iPhone or if it’s a setting that I just haven’t found because I’m not familiar with the program at this point i expect the problem is on my end because everyone else in the company is not having this problem
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2 years ago, taradata
Best app
The app has every feature in the desktop version. It’s amazingly intuitive, even for field staff with minimal technical ability. This app really enhances our use of the software. Help desk response is outstanding.
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5 years ago, Xeyemon
Much easier than my old software.
I was using an application that was actually a better product, in theory. But it wasn’t easy to use so no one used it. An application is only as good as the stuff that’s in it, if people don’t use it it’s not very good at all.
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2 years ago, Jose V. United Construction
Great Business Tool
We started with Buildertrend back in 2015 the best decision we made. Having Buildertrend gives us more control of our projects and excellent customer communication. Highly recommend Buildertrend is a must have.
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5 years ago, blaybuilt
I’m a concrete contractor and I’ve done some work with a prime contractor that uses this app I hate it. It’s cool to see the job info but it’s not really user friendly it would be nice to see other contractors and jobs that need help. Also once u sum BMI this a scope of work it can’t be changed only added comments and the price can be changed. Their on the right track but it needs work
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