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BulkLoadsNow LLC
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12 months ago
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User Reviews for BulkLoads.com

4.78 out of 5
542 Ratings
2 years ago, Rsst00
Great app!!!
I would highly recommend bulk loads app especially if you are just getting started. It has so much information you will need!! The washout locations we use a lot and the option to create an invoice is an excellent tool to have. I have tried other apps and I can say they are not even close to as user friendly as bulk loads app. After using bulk loads I was not able to navigate the other apps Because nothing was explained how to navigate through it. Bulk loads has every tab you will need right there on the Home Screen. The ability to search for loads in the verity of ways offered is like no other app available. This app was seriously a game changer for us to find loads, complete invoices and get paid quickly!!
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3 years ago, Ryan Express LLC
Wonderful support
I’ve been in trucking for over 20 years but now I’m a new carrier on my own and fairly new to bulk/agricultural transport. During the run up to getting my authority the folks at Bulkloads (especially Dalton, who’s reached out a couple times with offers and encouragement) have helped a lot by letting me tryout the pro version. This has been extremely helpful in learning what loads are available near me, what rates I can expect, and even which route I should go down (hopper, end dump). Now that I’m official I look forward to building my business and networking with the help of Bulkloads.
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3 years ago, Grain Cart
I had looked at the listed loads online for quite awhile but once I got into the subscriber part it is a whole different ball game. The load listings and contact information are very straight forward but the thing that impressed me were the broker ratings and user’s reviews that give you a “heads up” or a “thumbs up” on brokers treatment of the truckers and their payment history. Length of time to pay and if they paid agreed upon rate. A must have in this business world.
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2 years ago, 3T911
From retirement to Owner Operator
I’ve grown up and been around trucks and trucking all my life I’m fixing to retire from my in town job of 35 years in March 2022. I’ve been looking around to see which avenue I want to take. I’ve been on Bulkloads for about a month now and I’ve had three representatives call and visit with me Zachery, Andrew, and Levi. They have all been very encouraging and helpful about the transition from retirement to an Owner Operator. Looking forward to the future. Thanks, Kenneth
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2 years ago, hdkdhbfjd
Pretty handy when needing to find a load
Bulkloads has turned out to be pretty handy when a load cancels and you need to find another load. For the most part the brokers/shippers I find are pretty quick in responding. Even if the listed load is already spoken for sometimes they’re able to find something else near by. Bulkloads has definitely helped keeping our hopper bottom moving.
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4 years ago, trav money
Travis W
Just downloaded this load board a few days ago. Customer service has been top notch far better than any other load board. They have guided me quickly to get familiar with this board so far so good. I have no complaints if you plan on hauling bulk this is deff the board to go with even if it’s just to try to find back hauls. Staff is super friendly in very responses. I would deff recommend this service for your bulk needs
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3 years ago, Buddy Miller
Best load board for Bulk
I will not lie, I was skeptical at first about getting a subscription, but once I did, I made the most money I’ve ever made in a truck. It had also saved me a few times from getting a load coming back home. If you want an load board for bulk commodity, this is it. Everything is extremely easy to use and the people I’ve met have been phenomenal! Bulkloads is awesome, and I will always use them for as long as I am in this business!
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4 years ago, DoubleGlg
Double G
Hands down the best way to find loads. Personally, I run a dump trailer and was looking for a back haul. A friend recommended this app and within 30 minutes I found a back haul and more. Most importantly, the crew at Bulkloads call me frequently to see if there is anything they can help me with. The customer service has literally innovated the trucking industry to make it much less stressful for the average owner operator trying to find a load..It truly is a pleasure working with these people!
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4 years ago, TwilightTransport
Great app!
We run hopper trailers across all 48 and were referred Bulkloads. Right after downloading the app, we found loads for all 5 trucks and even loads for after their first drops. I like that the broker information and rating is available so you know a little more on who you’re dealing with. It has definitely helped us not only find good paying loads, but find business connections along the way.
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1 year ago, henadamluck
Would Recommend
It was a very helpful app getting started with our trucking business. Helpful service and support. Useful app to search for available loads. A lot of the underpaid and unwanted loads unfortunately make it to load board as well. But overall very happy with the relationships we were able to establish through this very helpful app.
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2 years ago, Beaver17504
Great for new drivers just starting out.
It’s a great app for new truckers just starting out. Lots and lots of good information can be found on the app including truck wash outs. But, just like everything there are a few bad things you will run into a few bad apples in here that want you to haul there stuff for nothing just don’t haul there loads. overall very good app…
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3 years ago, Renea Baker, JRB Trucking LLC
Awesome Company!
In 2021 my husband and I started our trucking company, JRB Trucking LLC, I was new to the trucking business and bulk loads has been my go to for booking loads and connecting with brokers and shippers. The App and website are easy to navigate and full of useful tools and information to help streamline the process from booking loads all the way to billing them out. Going “pro” is the only way to go!
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2 years ago, anoyed4889904678
Useful app
As a small business this helps link us up with loads wherever we are. It’s hard since businesses no longer want to deal directly with the shipper so this is my favorite app. I also like that if our truck is down or not running, I can pause the service so that we are not just wasting money while not using it.
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2 years ago, Danascar
This app is a must have for any shippers and haulers. The app has helped my business find loads. The map and search features are great. There are also very useful forums that have good information. And to top it off, the folks that run the app are without a doubt the friendliest and helpful people. If you haul or ship bulk commodities you are missing out without this app.
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2 years ago, 04powerstroke
Been pulling hopper for a few years now…and this app is hands down the best for it. They even have a lot of tanker and live bottom loads listed. This app has made me a lot of money. And the customer service is top notch if you have any problems. Seems like a family run business. Very easy to use and understand 10/10
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4 years ago, chevyman7546
Great app and company
I love the app. It alerts you of new loads wherever you go. They always have freight so you will never be left sitting. They are always updating the app to make improvements and make it easier. You can search loads by state, shipper, route, or even use your past searches to find loads easier. I would highly recommend them and this app for your business.
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2 years ago, CharlesJohnson20
Awesome Support!!!
I had been looking into the trucking industry for a little while now for a opportunity to bring home a income during the off season on the farm and Bulkloads was and is every answer to that!! I’d like to say a big thank you to Cale for all the help and always being willing to go above and beyond to get me a answer on any questions I had.
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2 years ago, Boyle T
Highly recommended
Bulk Loads is a great way to find outbound and inbound loads to keep me moving. The app offers useful information to keep me up to date on news, podcasts and finance options. Using bulk loads lowers my fuel costs, reduces deadhead miles and increases my revenue. It saves me from making cold calls and finding new business! Thank you Bulk Loads!
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1 year ago, mzender
Great app
Would recommend using this app/service for all your bulk load needs. Been a repeat customer and have developed a couple customer based contracts from using this service. The guys at Bulkloads really knocked it out of the park with this. I will continue to do business with them to find good loads when I’m in a pinch!
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4 years ago, jmuhl 660
Decent app
Shippers do not put true rates on this load board, I waste more time calling shippers to find out rates. It would be interesting to see a load board that required shippers to list the actual city that the load Originates in and actual Destination and the real product and the rate they plan to move it for. This would save truckers a lot of time and eliminate the Cheap Brokers and their Cheap Freight. But Bulk loads does a good job keeping their stuff up to date.
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1 year ago, Zimmerman Ag
Great load board app.
We have been using bulk loads for about 6 months now and love it! It’s a great board to connect with brokers and shippers. Also like the ability to advertise equipment and see what’s for sale and see what’s going on out there with the forum as well! Would recommend to anybody looking to get started in the ag world of trucking!
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4 years ago, O-3 Trucking
Amazing App and Even Better Customer Service
Started using this app 1 month ago and have been impressed with everyone that I have dealt with. From Customer Service to the Brokers everyone is professional and do as much as they can to make your life easier. Will definitely be using this app for all my loads.
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2 years ago, CHB Trucking
This load board has tons of loads on it
I just started using this app and everyone is so willing to help and easy to talk to if you have any questions they will help you and I haven’t yet not had someone not answer your phone call. I have been talking with Levi and he is willing to go above and beyond for you.
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5 years ago, Howard Robert Trucking
Must have for bulk haulers!!
Such a great resource if your in the bulk freight business. Not only a great load board but also a lot of extras like PC miler and washout location. I have been a member for about a year now and sense I joined I have made so many great contacts that I use on a daily basis to keep my trucks moving! I use their service daily and would recommend it to anybody in the industry!!
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4 years ago, Big T 1488
Best app for commodities
Bulkloads hands down has changed the game when it comes to efficiency and outstanding customer service. Finding washout locations on the go is amazing and finding loads that fit my schedule. Truly an all in one app to access everything with a touch of a button. Thank you for making my day to day stress free.
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5 years ago, Kingpin 14
A Must Have!!
Great App with a lot of features!! Has been a great resource in keeping our trucks a rolling and producing revenue. The Bulkloads team is constantly reaching out trying to improve their service to benefit their customers and when there is a problem they are friendly and go out of their way to resolve any issues I’ve ever had.
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1 year ago, tommywlly
Best bulk board in the business!
I’ve been using bulkloads for about 12 years now and I find it most helpful in a variety of ways to compliment and grow my business. It’s an excellent way to not only find loads but to keep a finger on the pulse of the bulk business. Well worth the investment!
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2 years ago, DGTUVA
Best load board
This load board is so easy to use and has been very helpful in finding good freight. Their support team has reached out to me personally to see if they could help in any way and to welcome me as a member. I have been able to make connections with good, reputable brokers through Bulkloads!
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4 years ago, M$tephens
A great app to have on hand at all times when hauling in the bulk industry. Easily find the nearest loads in your area and the ability to search out your next load at the destination before heading out! Also a great way to determine which brokers to haul for. Outstanding customer service if you need them for anything!
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1 year ago, Strain Transportation Services
Great App
I was unsure if I would use the app much when I first talked to them about their services. But now I look everyday at it. I have made good contacts with brokers and direct shippers off of the app. I have alerts set for when a new load is posted in the areas I have set.
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4 years ago, Hokie bass
Great app!
Easy to use app. Just like the website but easy to navigate on my phone. As a bulk commodity shipper, I need speed and simplicity and this app works perfect when I am on the road traveling and not in front of my desktop all day. Very simple to post loads I need covered and update as needed. Would highly recommend!
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4 years ago, s_simm
Easy to use and full of information. We have been using it for a couple of years and it has really made things much easier being on the road. Customer service is top notch and they are always willing to listen and do their best to resolve the issue. Good bunch of people!
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2 years ago, Bennett 15
Great app! Simple to use
I’ve been with bulk loads for several years now and it’s been a great resource for my company. The bulk loads team is always helpful and easy to contact which means a lot. If you have any questions contact Andrew and he will be sure to help!
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2 years ago, Knight Farms
Great app for bulk.
This app is great for finding loads. I like being able to search per state or by city to city. It has been very helpful over the last few years. Would definitely recommend it to others.
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3 years ago, fikgdssyuoojvcxswfyhvcg
Liquid Bulk
I have only used the free version so far. We have a very niche product and therefore a smaller pool of carriers that are able to haul it. It has been difficult finding compatible carriers in general. So far, I have had a small amount of luck with the free version. I will update this if we end up using the Pro Version.
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2 years ago, Feekes75
A full featured streamlined app!
There is nothing out there better! The app makes hunting for loads on your phone a breeze. I’ve tried other sites. They aren’t as streamlined to use for mobile devices, and don’t have the content Bulkloads does period!
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4 years ago, tilmontruckingllc
Bulk loads is the best!
Bulk loads is by far the best board I have used. The load alert feature is my favorite! The website is the first thing I use every morning when I sit down at my desk and I use the app on my phone constantly throughout the day! A+
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3 years ago, Frenchfry Trucking
Best support out there
The app is easy to navigate and has not only the board but you can also list equipment for sale as well. Soon as I signed up I had a call asking if they could help me with anything and that speaks wonders to me.
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3 years ago, LWTLLC
Great load board
I have use Bulkloads off and on for quite a while now and always have had good success with finding loads and with the app and the people at Bulkloads are very friendly and good to deal with for any issues if they arise
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3 years ago, natoria13
Great People!!
We have worked with bulkloads off and on for 5 years!! I have call many of time and they are great people to talk with and they fix's anything that’s going on! I give these guys a 10 out of 10!! We will be back!!
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4 years ago, RowdyRan07
Love this app, easy to use and find loads that is close to me and to see what’s out there, sure can’t wait to use it more this fall. The guys and gals are really nice to work with and get back with you really quick if you have questions also. I really recommend Bulkloads.
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3 years ago, Aaron Zitelman Trucking
Great Crew to deal with!!!
Every time I have spoke with a member of the BulkLoads crew they have been nothing but personable and professional. They have a great business and do a great job at what they do. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a load board within the bulk commodity industry!!
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2 years ago, Corys143
Great app
Love this app!! It was so helpful when we first started out. Getting us contacts and any information or questions we had we always found our answers here.. recommend to any trucker!!!!
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2 years ago, brandenb10
Awesome app
Bulkloads app is the one to have if youre an owner op. Thousands of loads to choose from, several different ways to search loads, and very easy to use. Love the fact they have a washout list on there too. Makes life on the road easy!
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3 years ago, Cdubb79w
Great service for bulk haulers
Most load boards rarely even have bulk commodities available. Not the case here at all! Also very personable and friendly (US Based!) customer service. Can’t speak highly enough of the staff I’ve interacted with.
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5 years ago, GFL Logistics
Great load board
I use bulk loads for hopper load, very easy to work with and find loads, has a tons of loads. You can search by route, shipper brokers or state. Have a lot of features. The map option is very helpful. Customer service is amazing. I truly recommend bulk load.
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5 years ago, connJo
Satisfied Shipper
Bulk Loads has been a great investment for our company. As a shipper we have been able to build relationships directly with carriers that we never could have before. We are very excited for the updates to come that will directly enhance our experience as shippers.
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4 years ago, Carter Transport
Great customer service!
I recently downloaded bulk loads and have had nothing short of a great experience. The app itself is user friendly and Lauren reached out to me right away and helped answer all the questions I had! I definitely recommend!
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2 years ago, kodeys98
Great load board
They value there customers. They called me the same day I signed up and walked me through the app. Andrew emailed me about some information I accidentally left blank and got everything straightened out for me.
Show more
2 years ago, Trickydaman
Very helpful
I’m very satisfied with bulk load app. I’ve used it for many things such as tanker wash, load board, fuel stops too many more to name but I found it and Andrew to be very helpful and very informative. I’m continuing to use it as I speak.
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