Burner: Second Phone Number

4.7 (65.4K)
54.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ad Hoc Labs, Inc
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Burner: Second Phone Number

4.71 out of 5
65.4K Ratings
3 months ago, KD1589
Used to love it!
The app used to work well. Then in December I purchased a verified number. I’m fine to purchase the service but since then I’m no longer receiving messages. I can see the tagline on the Home Screen yet when I open the conversation, there are ONLY my messages. That’s it. I deleted and reinstalled the app since nothing would work. Now I don’t even see messages in the conversation that I JUST sent… what the fart??? For a paid service and two paid numbers, the app should work!!! I don’t think that this is an unrealistic expectation! I reached out to customer support yet based on the reviews here, I may never hear from them. Very disappointing and frustrating 🤬 I was able to connect with customer support. It took a couple of attempts yet in the end, they reset things on their end. I then deleted the app once more and now everything is working again so I changed my 1⭐️ review back to 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Thank you for setting things straight!
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2 months ago, n3t5g
Not working as of last version (5.4.11)
Similar to other reviews, it used to work - albeit with hiccups - before the last update (5.4.11). After that, messages/conversations show empty when opened. That is, a tagline is visible for text messages or voice mail notifications on the Home Screen / conversation list. When opening any conversation, however, no text messages or voice mails are visible, rendering the paid number useless as no messages in the history can be read nor voice mails listened to. Even more unacceptable is that contacting support via email - the only option they seem to allow - has been ignored and unanswered. Will see if a negative review is as incentivizing to garner a response as it has proven to be in the case of other poor reviews here. Edit 1: 3 x 3 = ZERO: 3 weeks since this app’s support email was contacted and 3 days since review was posted. ZERO responses, app still not functional while being paid for. Edit 2: Thank you for the developer standard response to contact you by email. I had contacted you by email only to be told in effect that this is a bug that cannot be resolved other than by a new version of the app. No time line for when such a release may be planned. Also declined to provide access to an earlier version of the app without this bug or provide a refund for the months the app has been not functional. Zero stars review stands for zero resolution over more than a month.
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3 years ago, K-Poff
I had a client pay nearly $500 USD to have my phone number. I chose this Burner app because it offered picture messages that I could send and receive. Once I paid for the best plan, I quickly realize none of my photos were going through. I couldn’t send them to myself or my client. It looked like they went through but we never received them. I messaged support and they told me it should work, and to uninstall the app and reinstall... so I did that, and when I logged back in it actually made me pay AGAIN, but tbh the money wasn’t the issue. I can afford a few bucks, but I NEEDED this to work as someone paid me hundreds for it. So reinstalling it didn’t work. I messaged support again and they said they could offer me another line for free, which I didn’t want bc my client already had “my number,” so it would be weird to change it so soon, but I said as long as it worked I’d figure it out. Setup that new line, tested it out, same exact issue. I’m using an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Taking the photos within the Burner app itself. Their latest email said the specs of my photos are correct and that it should work... (but it doesn’t). And then they said the only thing they can do is offer a refund, but since it was purchase in the App Store, they CANT process a refund... LOL they contradicted themselves in the same sentence. Ridiculous products. If you need picture messages. DONT USE THIS APP!
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2 years ago, Janae L
Hello, could you please make this app more cleaner, a more accessible for people with disabilities who use screen reading software on their phone such as for the iPhone their screen reader is called voice over. For Google it’s called Google talk back. I don’t know if Windows has a screen reader for any windows related phones. The buttons on your app, and how they’re set up, and other options are not clearly defined and easily accessible when trying to create a voicemail message, or how to make sure that your account is active. Please make these adjustments. There is a federal law called the Americans with disabilities act of 1990 has been amended and in that act all companies need to make their websites and apps and other things accessible for people of all types of disability. This is a great app. You just need to make it more user-friendly. For everybody. Especially people with disabilities. We are important too. More companies need to pay attention to making things accessible. For people with disabilities. If companies do not. They can be sued. I encourage companies if you’re not sure how to make things accessible. Reach out to Apple. Reach out to Google. Find out what their best practices are for making their website an apps more accessible.
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2 years ago, Burned by Burner
Caution: Disreputable Business Practices
Like others, I had my service terminated without notice for reportedly ‘Violating Terms of Service’. The phone number was used, as per the advertising and their own Terms of Service acceptable practices, to be forwarded to my phone. Couldn’t have been a more low key and compliant customer. A year paid in advance yielded about 6 months of utility. Cut off. No warning. No reason given by Support (quick to respond as they were, which gave them the star) when contacted other than ‘Terms of Service’ (not indicating to which one they are referring) and ‘contact legal’. To date no response has been received by legal despite multiple requests for justification. Not a business I would recommend supporting. It seems that any issue A: Is not brought to the attention of a customer to address, which, in the least is just good business practice by reputable firms, and B: Is met with the same rote answer, hiding behind some ‘catch all’ that, while on paper seems clear, is interpreted by them and therefore ambiguous at best. When asking for any clarification, you will receive no real response. But on the bright side, they’ve prohibited me from wasting more money as I’ve been banned from the App for bringing the matter to their attention with an inquiry. Buyer beware, it’s a crap shoot.
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4 years ago, GUYINTAMPAFL
Very confusing termination of account.
I went to send a text and the app said. “Every once in a while we have to confirm your phone number” , It doesn’t say if they want your burner, or actual number. I tried one, then the other. Both times it said they weren’t able to send the verification text because my phone needs me to update international call settings to an approved country? No info was given how to do this. I sent a really rude email to them. Very rude. Everything instantly makes me angry being locked at home. Anyway, I get a email saying activity on my account violates their terms of service and my account is cancelled and to email their legal Dept if I want more information? I sent replaced and asked, “what are you taking about??”. Rec reply that said legal handles all terminations and to email them. I guess if your curse at them via email they will cancel your service. On to the next app I guess. I was reading reviews and someone mentioned using their burner number for Craigslist or something. I’m not sure, but about 30 min before they cancelled my account, I used the burner number as contact for a online credit account application. I used it because I don’t want 500 calls from telemarketers. I’m not sure, but maybe they don’t allow that? But how would they know anything about me giving it to credit application?? It’s strange.
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4 years ago, anicknamenooneelsehasyet
Great with a few occasional texting glitches
I used this app for online dating and it really is the best! I love how I can send pictures and also create a contact for each caller. Luckily I never had to used the “ghost” feature because there was 1 great person I ended up giving my real number to. And the other guys never texted back after I told them I wasn’t interested, so we’re good on that too. Keep in mind— you cannot use Bluetooth while using the app. I tried it once in my car and it failed. You have to answer directly from your cellphone, there’s isn’t an option to answer from a wireless source. Second thing— glitches. Twice in 2 months (90% success rate) I worked through mis-communications because a text I sent never made it to the guy and a text he sent me I never received. If the text is too long, it won’t go through. Better to send many small texts, not a paragraph. Even better to talk over the phone. Just be aware of this so you don’t jump to conclusions and think the other person is a jerk for not replying or answering in a way that has nothing to do with your last response.
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3 years ago, Bn1mbl3
Used to be great, now not so much
Used to work for phone verification, no longer works for tinder, no longer works for okcupid, doesn’t work for google verification. It’s still good to use for stuff like craigslist when you dont want to give out your real number. This problem is not completely burner app’s fault, more to do with these dumb companies who want to data mine you and sell your number. I get constant spam calls on my real number and using burner numbers is a defense against that trash. The whole phone number system is broken and outdated. We need a better way to protect our numbers from these sites that sell them to spammers. I am tired of the car insurance bot calls i get every day. So yeah burner needs to find new numbers that pass verification or at least warn users that this app will not work on certain sites. Again it used to be great and I used it with tinder and a bunch of apps and it worked fine. It still works with Bumble for now but that’s likely due to bumble not checking whatever voip number lists that google and match group(owns tinder and okcupid) are now using. I’ll still use it for giving out my number to randos on craigslist etc but worthless now for sms verification for most sites.
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1 year ago, Neverends310
This app has so much potential but…
The app is good but can be great, however the developers seem to do the bare minimum 1. The developers got rid of Face ID unlock - this was much better than having to put a pin in each time you want to unlock 2. When you edit a contact and hit save the photo, notes, and the number the contact belongs to don’t always save 3. No capability of sending video MMS 4. An option to assign a different ringtone and test message tone is missing - If you want to distinguish between your burner texts vs other texts you can’t because there is no option to pick notification tones 5. The design looks like something from the 80’s - it would be great if the UI reflected the iOS standards - rounded corners etc. Looks like a 15 year old built the app and did nothing to make it aesthetically pleasing 6. Why would you have the option to pick colors for each number but limit the color choices to just a few colors. Provide a color selection tool rather than these pail boring colors 7. Also what is the point of changing the icon of it still says burner underneath the icon.
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3 years ago, Aellus
Avoid it! New subscription model has changed everything!
I’ve used Burner for years at this point and loved it. I’ve recommended it to plenty of people. Like most people (I presume) I use it for things like Craigslist where I need to text or call but don’t want my real number out there. It was perfect. I don’t use it all the time, but every few months I’d log in and pick up a few lines as I went through selling stuff. Well I just logged back in and was disappointed to discover that Burner has joined the ranks of so many tech companies to completely misread their market and try to cash grab on subscriptions. It would be fine if I could just ignore the subscription option, but they’ve removed all but one option for the credit-based lines. Now you have to buy the 8 credit line with 100 texts and 50 minutes, there are no other choices. I used always prefer the 250 text line as it was much better for selling posts since you get a ton of texts. They’ve crippled their old business to push you towards a subscription you might not need. I’ll have to find a new app to use for selling. Really disappointed here…
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7 years ago, erblemoof
Infinitely easier than having multiple phones
If you know what a burner phone is, then you already understand the concept behind this app. Except, it's SO MUCH better because you only need a single phone to use multiple phone numbers. How it works: you pick a phone number, and give that number to people. They call the number, which then calls your own phone's number. The caller never learns your "real" number, so it stays completely safe. If you never want that person to contact you again, you can burn the number you gave them, and that's it. They can't get in touch anymore. The only challenge with using the app, which you quickly get use to, is you must press the "1" button to accept an incoming call. After you do it a few times it becomes a habit and is not a big deal. I highly recommend this app, I use it all the time and find it to be very reliable and convenient.
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1 year ago, nuts4camaros
All my calls and texts?
It doesn’t seem to get ALL incoming texts and calls. I also understand there’s an option to display the burner number when incoming calls are coming in, OR the number that is calling you. Is there a way to do both? Can the app be designed to receive a call from someone and display their number, but also identify that they are actually calling the burner number that is coming through? Maybe a symbol or icon that represents flames or the app logo to let you know that a caller actually called the burner number and not your real number, even though it’s displaying the callers number? For example, my friend calls my burner number… and I have it set up to display caller ID… but I have no idea what number they dialed… it just shows “incoming call from…”, and it would be nice if it showed the caller ID, but ALSO displayed if the called your burner number or regular number. This makes a huge difference when actually answering calls.
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2 years ago, Qjqjqjqjqjdjfgfh
Not a good choice - scam app
Update to whoever responded: The details speak to the “problem” you (burner) are having. Your support does nothing other than send a generic email that there is. I thing they can do and to contact legal. Email to legal bounces back. And I see you just charged me again, so this means you are a scam. I used this app for a long time. I launched it today and the app was reset. Tried to login and couldn’t. I got some message that the account is no longer active. I know they just billed me last week or so, so it’s not a payment issue. I emailed their support and after a long wait, they said there is nothing they can tell me. Um what? So all of the communication I have had from using this service for a year is gone. Did the account get hacked? That was my experience. I am a regular user who had regular texts and calls with regular people. What the heck? Clearly I won’t trust this app again. You should think about it before you subscribe. If you don’t care about your communication and it’s ok if it disappears, then go for it. Otherwise, if you do care, look for a different service. There are many.
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5 years ago, bnwing
Horrible, Spam experience!
This has been the most horrible experience! I signed up for a burner number, & downloaded this app, to advertise a truck I have for sale. In the past 2-1/2 days, I have received over a dozen spam text messages & at least 73 spam phone calls! Day & night! All routed through the app & sent to my regular phone number. The service is calling random people & then calling my line, with those random people’s numbers showing up. When I answer, the confused people are asking me who I am, why I called them, etc. But, they “called” me! On some of the calls I don’t answer, I tried calling back to follow up & it was the same thing... They had never called me & had no clue what was going on, even though their numbers were showing up as missed calls. So, I said “forget this nonsense!” & I logged out of the account, then deleted the app. But, STILL, I kept receiving the automated spam calls! I finally had to just block the “burner” number that I was given so I wouldn’t keep having to deal with this nonsense! It’s been insane! This will be the last time I ever use this! How do I disconnect my line completely from this burner number???
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2 years ago, Crybash
App is great, mostly for screen readers
I am a blind screen reader user using voiceover on an iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB. I have one favor update the apps please make sure that the buttons are labeled with words and as well as images. For example, one of the buttons says cigarette I don’t know what that button is and I’m afraid to push it. And I have encountered another issue. I don’t know if this is a screen, reader, issue, or the layout of the app, but when I am scrolling through Messages, it shows me an old message first, and then I have to scroll all the way up to the top left of the screen to see the new messages. All in all, I’m very satisfied with the app it helps me to stay engaged with my clients and be more productive. Thank you for making this app more accessible in the months to come.
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6 years ago, bohotechie
Terrible customer service!
I have now been waiting almost 36 hours for a response from the Burner team, after sending at least 3 messages to their support email. I have had an auto-renewing line for more than six months. I recently changed the number (for the first time) and their system automatically burned it (deleting all the text messages at the same time???!!!) three days before it was set to renew? When I received an alert that my number was set to burn, I contacted support, expressing my confusion—after all, my subscription was paid. They eventually replied, asking for my number. I immediately answered. When I got another alert, I wrote again. And again. Nothing! No response! Then I received an alert that my number had been burned and all messages deleted! I wrote to Burner again, and that was Saturday afternoon. It is now after 11am on Monday and I have had no response from the company. That is not acceptable support and I am very displeased. Mind you, they still have my money and I fully expect to be changed again in two days. Use this service at your own risk and copy everything immediately. :(
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2 years ago, DanLLvy
Unbelievably broken
I’ve never written an app review but I have to write one for this new update of Burner. I’ve been using this app for 5 years and I am leaving 2 stars instead of 1 because of the previous 4 years. Ever since burner’s redesign my app is almost completely broken. This more closely resembles something in an alpha stage. The app is totally unresponsive every time I use it. It doesn’t register taps and when it does it’s 20 seconds late to respond. The bugs don’t allow me to type or to move my cursor through text. The app crashes or freezes and requires a force close and restart almost every time I use it (which is daily 10-20x a day) Notifications don’t show up with the contacts name ever. They show up with some phone number that as far as I can tell is totally random. I could list the problems here for days but I don’t want to spend any more time doing so. I would really appreciate if Burner reached out to me and helped me figure out how to make this app perform a little bit better.
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1 year ago, wilderj0307
App doesn’t working perfectly with contacts access ON
Greetings, recently I am having a problem with the app, when I give access to my contacts and I enter the app it takes a long time to present me the list of conversations, however it freezes, do not load my chats and do not send or receive my messages either, it takes a long time to normalize and once the app is stable everything works fine and my contacts saved on my iphone appear but if I exit the app to another one or home screen when I return to burner the it happens the same thing but if I turn off the access of burner app to my contacts everything works perfect but without having any of my saved contacts just number show up. I think it's a bug that needs to be fixed but it's very annoying and the support doesn't help at all through mail. I NEED TO SEE ALL MY CONTACT AND THE APP WORK PERFECTLY WITH THE ACCESS TO MY CONTACTS “ON”
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3 years ago, Monica00000
Great way to protect your personal phone number from data mining
This app pays for itself in value. I got sick of getting robocalls constantly, so I purchased a burner subscription in the hopes of using it in lieu of my personal number on websites etc to keep my personal phone more private. I use the burner number for basically anything that wasn’t super important/personal— every time I’m prompted for a phone number on a website I purchase something from, every time I need to give an app my phone number to “verify” an account, etc, I use the burner number. I can already tell it’s working because I’ve begun getting spam texts and calls on the burner line, probably mined from the various apps and websites I’ve used it on. Once I get enough spams etc at that number, I can just burn it and get a new burner line. Kind of neat!
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5 years ago, Papafriz
After reading another post...
You use a phone number that might have been used before. Which means you might get calls expecting someone or something else. What I do is wait and see the contact then return call/ text if it was someone I knew or expected. Best service, has saved me in ways you’d have to think about if you had a string of bad luck. Update to Dev(8:48, 13 June 2019): I love your service and I was just trying to explain to others. It’s not your number even if you get spam, the spam comes from previous owners/users of the number. Burn the number and use a different number. This service is such a useful and blessing. I’d rather give a number out that isn’t my personal number of 5-10+years to all the places that have “said they don’t sell your info” or potential crazy.
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2 years ago, MiaTango
They scam you for the first month
Before the end of my free trial I emailed to make SURE they knew I wanted to cancel. They wrote back: In regards to the subscription, that must be cancelled through your iTunes account. Keep in mind, deleting your Burner account will not automatically cancel your iTunes based subscription and you will be charged the renewal fees until it is manually cancelled. Let us know what we can do to help, and if you’d still like your account deleted, just confirm that for me and I’ll start the process. SERIOUSLY? Let them know??? What the heck do they think the email said?? That I was still considering keeping it????? They scam you for the first month and then let you go but they get $10 off of you before you leave. UPDATE: I got a second email AGAIN giving me instructions to let them know if I want to cancel. THREE TIMES I said I wanted to, how many times do they need? They said they’d send a confirmation text to ensure I’m the owner. No text ever came. They keep you hooked and won’t let you go!!
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7 years ago, ksmm
Almost as good as text messaging
This service works almost as well as the texting service provided by your cellular phone company. And it has much more compatibility than Google Voice; it works with most services that I've tried (though a few will still reject any VoIP number). And it can receive MMS/picture messages and send them too (for a fee). The app, on the other hand, has a few rough edges. Notably, trying to position the insert cursor, doesn't show you the text as you move, leaving you to guess where the cursor will land. Also, renewal reminders are hit or miss. Sometimes you'll get reminded that your burner is about to expire; sometimes you won't. And even when it works, it may only give you an hour or two advance warning. Too bad for you if you're busy when that happens. Expired Burners disappear and take your number and all your messages along with them. Also, this app drains your phone battery like nothing I've ever seen. Like streaming video. Like continuous GPS navigation. Even if you're idle waiting for texts to appear, your battery will die quickly. It makes me suspicious about what the app is doing behind the scenes. Other than that, the service is great for times that you don't want to use your permanent, identifiable cellular phone number. And it's reasonably priced.
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3 years ago, SauseboiLdurr
Best Burner Phone Number App on the Appstore
These guys charge a fraction of the price for numbers that 95% of these other companies are charging exorbitant amounts for. I have had burner for 2 years now and I have not found any other app that even comes close to what Had Hoc Labs does. Burner is extremely efficient too and I almost never have a problem making or receiving calls from other clients. Best of all, the customer service is elite, the only time ever had an issue is recently and they responded to my email within 24 hours and immediately fixed my problem within their server. I usually do not leave reviews like this but I was compelled to make one after discovering how bad these other competitor phone number apps actually are.
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10 months ago, TJATX
I cancelled
After using this app for over a year I have found the numbers accepted less often by systems but the final nail was related to the subscription system. For months as I try to create a new number it would ask me to change my subscription or pay with credits and I always have to find the right way in to finally get it to create a new number. Today when I tried to get a new number it showed that I was using 2/3 numbers available but wanted me to upgrade my subscription. I finally gave in and picked my existing subscription 3 numbers paid monthly $10, it was very clearly highlighted and hit subscribe. It took me to the App Store verification screen and showed 10 numbers paid annually $240. Thankfully I saw this and cancelled, tried it a few more times and then gave up and cancelled my subscription completely. This is either a major error or an attempted scam, either one is a very good reason to stop using the app.
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2 years ago, KuriousKat999
When it works, it's great
Have been using the app for a couple of months and in between subscription renewal time, it works great! Both times at monthly renewal, despite all going well with my payment (auto pay, Apple confirms active subscription), the number suddenly disappeared and I no longer had an account. Support has been very responsive (Thank you!) and both times this happened they fixed it, but also, both times I went an extended period of time without access to the number I paid for and without access to my old messages: this is a problem. I am waiting to see what happens for month 3: will you have fixed the problem at subscription renewal time, or will I lose access to my number and messages again? This is a potentially very useful app but not if it stops working temporarily every month requiring tech support intervention to reinstate service. Fingers crossed they have addressed the problems...
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1 month ago, CaliRya
Some bugs lately
I’ve used the app for quite a few years and it’s been very helpful. Overall, it’s been a dependable service that gets the job done. I’m glad to see group conversations were added as a feature and so far that’s worked well. I’m also so relieved that editing text has improved, especially when copying and pasting into Burner. Although the past few months there have been quite a few bugs that have surfaced in other areas for me. Firstly, hyperlinks are no longer touchable in my messages. I have to copy the whole message into the Notes app and then copy and paste just the URL into Safari. Secondly, I’m not getting notifications for all of my new messages. I do have a few conversations muted, so maybe that’s a factor. But as soon as I open the app, I suddenly have a notification badge appear. But only when opening the app first.
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9 months ago, Laura Z 13
Worst EVER ***SCAM APP***
Had the app for a couple of months, all of a sudden went to login and my account was inactive. A few days prior I started not being able to send text messages so I reached out to customer support who looked into the issue and said they were able to duplicate the issue on their end but I needed a new phone number, but would not say why or what happened. I said that would be ok but I needed client info, as their app doesn’t save “contacts” on your phone like other apps, they refused to give me any access or Information from any of my clients that were in the app. They said my account was made inactive due not following their terms and conditions. I have no idea what they’re talking about. Makes no sense and they would not give any details. I run a 501c3 non profit dog rescue and used it so I did not have to give out my personal cell phone number to adopters. This is s scam and will be reported for taking a year’s subscription fee from me and cancelling with no explanation or refund……
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2 years ago, Love these kind of movies
Use to be awesome
Now it's got all sorts of changes from original program that are annoying especially for what I use it for and have for years collections. When you type in numbers it won't show previous texts so you have to send a message to see old text of find it in list which is nearly impossible. It use to function like regular phone land pull up previous messages when you text. This also causes issues if you fat finger a number I am constantly sending to wrong people because I can't tell or see if I sent them a message before. When you copy a message and then try to delete part of the message like name or another part of it then it takes you to the end of the paragraphs and you start typing over what's already there. They broke an awesome program now it's just annoying. Don't make changes if you can't keep what was working the same and just add upgrades. I reached out about fixing they haven't done anything it's horrible service.
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5 years ago, MrWufz
Great Concept - Unreliable
Love the idea for this app. I sell things on Craigslist and using my actual # was getting me added to massive SMS spam groups. Worked great the first month. Just renewed and notifications stopped working. Only other thing that changed was update the other day to 12.1.4. Sometimes I'll get notified of texts, sometimes I won't. Even when I do, upon opening the conversation, the app hasn't updated with the text (even if it was present in the notification)! The only way I can see it in those instances is to force-close and reopen the conversation. Other times, I never get a notification and when I go back to check, the other person texted me what seems like hours ago. It only shows me the last time I sent a message, so I'm not sure. This needs to be fixed. I won't be renewing this month if it's not. Also, there should be a time stamp on every message. Either via pulling to the side like in Messages or long/3d-touching a message.
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3 years ago, jonnyb5
Burner app is not good at all
Great idea, especially for a business. But after gaining a real phone line I wanted to end my auto-renew subscription number but Burner App has made it nearly impossible to do so. There is no way to actually do it through the app. Then after having to Google how, you have to go on their website. After gaining access by entering your account information there is a link button to cancel subscription. But then a message pops up saying it’s not a web account and to further cancel the account it has to be done through the App Store or Google play store….. hmmm this being an app, I’m assuming that all accounts are not web accounts and how exactly would any account cancellations be done through the App Store? So heed my warning if you’re pondering upgrading to a subscription line number which will require auto pay. They don’t make it easy to cancel your account as I am still waiting for them to respond even to my emails let alone cancel my account
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4 years ago, Pixelwizard
Great app but could you add this feature
I use my burner lines for my business and set it up so the burner number appears to my phone, however it would be useful if I could keep my setup the way it is but the phone number of the caller is displayed in the description screen of the incoming call from burner as I need to be able to separate my incoming calls per burner number and the only way I can do that is by maintaining the incoming calls to display as the burner number but I’d like to see the incoming callers number displayed somewhere on the screen that displays my burner number as well..... My other feature request is I make 100 calls per day using my subscribed burner number and I’d like to be able to search my history of phone calls by the last 4 digits of the incomings phone number. That would allow me to easily search through my history of phone calls to find a call I may have made earlier.... Otherwise great app.... I wanted to add I realized I could search last 4 digits of a phone number in burner past calls using search of iPhone and it locates number in burner app and takes me right there. That allows me to do what I have to do :)
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11 months ago, Lemig2023
Unsafe!!!! Bad idea to use with business purposes
I got a burner number to use in my card business as an hairdresser. At the beginning it was working well for calling, texting with my customers. One day, it stop working and I downloaded again the app and asked me to pay again and my phone number just disappeared; so I just stopped using the app and missed new clients which just can contact me through the burner number. Then, a few old customers asked me about why my my “telegram app” (which connect the contacts numbers automatically) have nude pictures of teenagers in the stories; when I checked and tried to contact, someone was responding me with txt messages with se;:al content. That was a terrible experience! The customers who know me, they can tell I’m not involved with this; but those who don’t know must being thinking the worse. I’m a mother of 3 kids and I share this number with several parents in the school of my kids. Definitely do not use this app!!
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4 years ago, philmoorehead
Spam calls?
I downloaded this app for a small purpose of not revealing my phone number if I have to verify something (which verification on some apps don’t even work). I used my real phone number to get the burner. I have not ever gotten random calls from number that I don’t even know of until I put my real number into this app. Take note that I didn’t send a single message or call using the burner number, as I had no use for it, so then I burned the number right after I download the app then deleted the app. The next morning, I received random calls from people in which I don’t even know who they are. I don’t know if they are spam callers or just people who got my number somehow and one even tried to FaceTime me. I have blocked a few of the numbers because one had repeatedly tried calling me and I texted them and asked them who they are. They said a name in which I didn’t know of and then I told them they had the wrong number. Please tell me how I can stop this and why this happens.
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2 months ago, RCA_KY
Great when it works, but frustrating when it doesn’t
The Burner app presents a mixed bag of functionalities for its users. On one hand, when it operates as intended, it's nothing short of brilliant, offering a seamless and highly effective service that can be a game-changer for managing communication privacy. However, this positive experience is significantly marred by its inconsistency and the plethora of bugs that plague its operation. Users frequently face the frustration of the app only working half the time, leading to unpredictable reliability. Such technical issues not only dampen the overall user experience but also raise concerns about the dependability of the app for critical communications. While the concept and the moments of flawless performance hint at its potential greatness, the app urgently needs attention and improvements to its stability and bug issues to truly fulfill its promise.
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8 months ago, Rosettasherelle
Crashes constantly , moves slow , needs to be fixed
I have had this app for over 3 years. I like the concept of the app . But it needs work on functionality. For this app to charge you monthly for the phone lines, you would think the app would operate better because they are making a ton of money. The app constantly freezes , closes , is delayed , crashes , has tons of spam blockers that prevent messages from being sent if you are sending the same type of message multiple times for business purposes. The app moves extremely slow . I’m constantly waiting on it to catch up and allow me to send a text . I hope they are able to fix these problems. I like being able to have other phone lines for my business . But I hate how slow it runs . There are a ton of free apps that do the same thing . They need to fix their application system.
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7 years ago, bradleygt0226
Works as intended
It does exactly what it’s supposed to. The only downside is not being able to set a different ringtone for the burner line, and still show the caller’s incoming phone number at the same time. Currently you have to set Burner to display YOUR own burner number as the incoming phone number when someone calls that line. You save your burner number into your phone’s contact list and set a separate ringtone for that phone number. However, since the caller ID shows your burner number, you can’t screen who’s calling you that way. It will display the caller’s phone number in your call history so you still have access to the number after the call. Overall good app though and I was even able to get a local area which I was unable to do through even google voice.
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2 years ago, MR.R083R70
Potential to be the best…but
It’s been a year since I purchased the monthly subscription. So far, it’s been good. It does what it supposed to do. This app uses your phone line to make a call, which i like. It doesn’t show your real number. Also, it has do not disturb feature which is awesome and you are able to control it. Sometimes, it has some glitches, but very rare. You can receive and send calls and pictures. It even supports some GIFs. I would love this app to be able to have video capabilities and voice messages. At least short videos for like 1 to 3 mins or so. Hopefully this feature will be available this year. Besides that, it’s a great app. I would of give it a 5 star but, because it doesn’t have the video capabilities I’ll give it a 4.
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5 years ago, 26Nada
Very useful application
I’ve been very pleased with this app. It works as advertised. I regularly use it so I don’t have to give out my real number on sites like craigslist. The service isn’t free, but I would not expect it to be. I like how it gives me the option to get rid of a temp number right after use, or keep it for as long as I may choose to. I can also have multiple lines active at once. The only issue I have had has nothing to do with the developers. Some of the numbers it activates receive an excessive amount of spam callers. This is annoying at times but that is a risk you will always run into when getting a new phone number, as it has most likely been used by someone else before.
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3 years ago, Penny Cow
Doesn’t cut the cake
Burner app Works for the most part You can make calls from your burner number Get texts and send them And get voicemails when the app wants to work The only problem is when the burner number rings for incoming calls it either goes straight to voicemail or doesn’t record the voicemail at all if the rings settings is turned off. When you do get incoming calls you get a notification saying missed call. If you tap the notification it calls out using your real number. Which defeats the purpose of having a second number. The app doesn’t ring for incoming calls Doesn’t matter if the settings are changed in the app or on my phone I was liking the app and paid for a month but won’t be using them going forward because the features don’t work as they say they should I never used the call forwarding feature on the app because I got a new number before using this app so I didn’t have any numbers to forward but since using the app I’ve accidentally call some people tapping on the notifications from the burner app It should of dialed out using the burner number but doesn’t That’s the biggest problem I have with the app but it’s been glitchy since downloading it
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2 years ago, Kellyfornia707
Oops - update & excellent customer service
I got this app instead of having to carry a 2nd phone for work. I paid for a year subscription, but kept getting notices that my number was going to “expire”. I double checked to make sure the subscription had gone through, which it had, so I didn’t think much of it. Well, my subscription is good… but the number I was using was “burned”. So then I had to pick a new number which meant I had to go back & update all my work info so I could be reached if needed. Update!! The Burner team was able to retrieve my original number so I could continue to use it for work. I really appreciate the excellent customer service!
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6 years ago, mr. parking lot
Six hotdogs eight buns
In the same way that it doesn’t make sense how there’s different numbers of buns then there are hot dogs in the grocery store, the same here with the number of credits that they sell in packs versus how much the different services costing credits so you always end up like just one or two credits short with you change from the last purchase. On top of that the subscription system I’m not sure if this is an Apple thing or an app thing but There certainly problems when it will either tell you that the purchase was successful or tell you it was unsuccessful because you arty have a subscription but that I would never let me make a number from that credit and repeated out reach to customer service field in them Knowledge Ing in the problem at all
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7 months ago, SpunkySpicyGoofball
Great App except for ONE thing
So I needed a phone asap that works without subscription and on Wi-Fi. This app came to my rescue. It really does work great as a phone line and texting. The ONLY thing that makes it inconvenient is the notifications does not work to your phone. For example, if you get a text you have to open the app in order to have knowledge of the text. You will not receive a notification on your phone as you would for messages from your email or social media. The calls do go through, however. You will never miss a call but you may fall behind if texts if you are not mindful to open the app periodically throughout the day. It really is the o ly reason I could not give more then 3 stars. Hopefully they fix it soon or make it optional in their settings.
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1 year ago, tash-had
You read all these reviews and think it wont happen to you
But it will. Account terminated without any reason. Was a super low key customer. I only used burner for streaming services and it allowed me to keep my real number private. Only used it for well known subscriptions services and all for valid uses (no making dupe accounts or anything shady). They suspended my account and told me they “do not disclose suspension reasoning”. Ridiculous. Have been paying for this for a year. Would not recommend burner. I saw this in plenty reviews before I started using burner and figured it wont happen to me. It did. And it will happen to you too. I should also mention that there have been little to no feature updates in the past year apart from a very small color scheme change. I would not recommend this app one bit. There are plenty of other options to choose from as far as 2nd number services go.
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1 year ago, Matthewboymee
“Account error”
Your support service is the worst have ever come across. I’ve been writing your support about my account being suspended for no reason and anytime I want to login it keep saying account error and I should contact your support for help but have done that since last week and there is no response back about reinstating my account back. I do have an active 3 line monthly subscription on it which you guys didn’t allow me to use because of your selfish interest, you also didn’t allow me to use another email to get another number since I have an active subscription for 3 lines which I find so absurd. All I want to say is that you people are a scam and a sham for ripping me off my money
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1 year ago, goosetwo43
New policy 👎🏼👎🏼
Months ago I would have given this app a five star review. it has been one of my go to apps for many years. anytime I am buying or selling online always set up a Burner it’s cheap and then when you’re done you just burn 🔥 it. The problem their new policy. you can no longer extend your burners. If you want to keep the number past the length of time or the amount of texts, phone calls that you are allotted, you can no longer just pay a little extra money and extend it. the only way you can keep the number is to subscribe and the cheapest subscription they have is $1499 per month and that’s just way too expensive. Come on burner lower the price to something reasonable like what it used to be. I think it was five dollars a month before, to subscribe ,you will get way more subscribers. As for now 👎🏼
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2 years ago, Lag fix
Awesome App for Second or multiple phone numbers
Great app easy to use and fast. The only thing that bothers me is when I receive a phone call it always starts with this annoying automated message which says, “press 1 to accept phone call press 2 to decline” or something along those lines. If the developers can remove that and just make it seamless where whenever we pick up the phone it just answers it automatically would be nice. I’m driving sometimes and get a call from my second number and then I have to press the 1 on my phone which is really just annoying. Other then that small issue everything has worked great and I like this all better then all the others one!
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2 years ago, Unlimitedorizons
I used to love burner! Truly! I used it as my second number for work calls and messages so I didn’t have to close off my whole phone when I’m off work. But omg, after they did the new upgrade it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE TO USE IT. I can’t find numbers, messages don’t get saved, it’s really hard to type if you want to add something and/or use space and/or edit anything at the beginning of the sentence after you wrote it, I can only type one letter and it gets me back to the end of the whole message so I have to delete and rewrite it, I can’t copy paste it. Disaster. If that wasn’t bad enough, burner became the slowest operating app I ever used. It freezes, slow down, gets me out of the app in the middle of messaging, I can’t talk on the phone and type simultaneously. Honestly, get the old version of it back for gods sake. The experience of using it became very very uncomfortable.
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2 months ago, Arigatomang
Avoid this
Wasn't a bad app when I had it some time ago. Now it seems they're just money sharks. The interface is clunky and poorly designed, it's really just a headache-inducing carousel that continuously circles back to upselling for premium services. Most of the functionality of the app seems to be to get you to spend more money on the service rather than actually providing one. I remembered it as being advertised as $4.99 for a number with unlimited calls/texts. I would have done that. However all I could find was a tab trying to sell me premium accounts I don't need for hundreds of dollars uptick or "credits" for X number of calls per a given period. No thanks. Maybe you still can get the 4.99/ mo unlim for a single burner deal somehow. Dunno. You should have made it more apparent vs focusing on only upselling. Will try Hushed now. Maybe the same, we'll see.
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1 year ago, JM Soul
Absolutely horrible customer support
My experience with this app has been horrible. Even after you’ve been a longtime subscriber, they don’t help you when you need issues fixed just to be able to login to their app. I’ve reached out now, 5 times over the past 3 weeks, and each time I reach out to them, both via email and through their contact link on their website, I initially get an response from customer service who seem willing to help. And each time, I respond to their requested information, I don’t hear any reply whatsoever. Then I have to reach back out to them again the next day. This has been such a horrible experience that seems to be easily corrected, and even preventable, but if you have any issues, don’t expect ANY kind of help from this developer. I will cancel my subscription and push all of my colleagues to do the same.
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1 year ago, Get them outta here
Jump through hoops “cancel subscription” method.
This site is a hardcore money grab. They offer a free trial yet immediately try to charge my card and the number didn’t even work. The very first time I tried to use it as a verification number on google I get an error telling me that the number isn’t even valid! Seriously? The whole point of your app is to provide phone numbers and you can’t even do that competently? Then when you want to cancel you have to jump through hoops to get it done. There’s no clear cut, cancel subscription option. You have to “email” them with details of your account (which is stupid because they obviously know enough to charge you right away) then you still have to go into the app and “delete” the account. Only scammers who want to take your money make it this difficult to cancel. STAY AWAY, THEIR NUMBERS DONT EVEN WORK ANYWAY.
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