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User Reviews for Business Card Reader

4.6 out of 5
19.8K Ratings
4 years ago, kasiamich
Perfect for what I need! (Japanese/English)
I looked at a bunch of apps, and finally decided on this one. I am quite satisfied! The scanning of both Japanese and English characters is fine, and I don’t mind that I have to revise sometimes. It syncs with my Mac and iPhone Contacts quickly, and is easily exported for backup. I love that I can connect to LinkedIn and Facebook, and that the person’s photo can sometimes come up (I can’t figure out, though, how I can determine which photo can be used). Love it! The only feature I would like is if the business card scanned image can be exported along with the other data in the csv file, if that is even remotely possible. I know I can save a picture of the card in my phone, but I prefer not to. Thanks again for creating this!
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4 years ago, htimsc01
Decent App for scanning
Has a good set of tools, but not initially easy to get to. Have to go thru screens of this and that to do so. Also, it like a number of apps these days need an annual type of subscription to use all the features. I think this should be clearer as to what it does cost. Perhaps this is an Apple issue not the developer. Finally, the previous Feb reviewer talks about 7/8 people who work live paycheck to paycheck. This is just factually incorrect - all you have to so is review the data on city by city, by job category type (using the workers compensation categories) to see cost of living vs income is not even close to 7/8. Ridiculous unsupported statements that become true because they are repeated over and over. Even above that “paycheck to paycheck” does not account for how the paycheck is spent and so this phrase just becomes a loaded phrase. But back to the review - a useful app! One suggestion would be to somehow connect it to the Apple contacts app, altho that may take away from the data base this app uses. Thanks.
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4 years ago, erinvaughn
In Theory...Amazing. In Practice...Meh.
I love this tool and I’ve recommended it to many, many people. It has been brought to my attention that the subscription based charging is problematic. If I stop subscribing, where do my cards go? Why can we not purchase it with different rates for number of cards? I’m sure subscription fees are great as a business model for you, recurring revenue and all, but for those that may be on the job search or not using it as often, it’s too expensive a tool. In a day and age when all developers are being taught to look to inclusiveness in their design models, is there not a way to make this more accessible to the hordes of people that need a tool like this but don’t have the budget for recurring charges? Since 7 out of 8 people in our country are living paycheck to paycheck, can you not design a business model that enables people to use such a valuable tool (in job searches especially) while still paying you for your valuable work?
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4 years ago, crasshipster
Wow! Impeccable fn
ABBYY BCR app is so very superior to all other business card import apps that I have tried over the years, both free and paid ones. ABBYY BCR automatically captured and imported the contact info from the card accurately into the appropriate places. I didn’t have to edit or add any info. It also grabbed a pic of the card and corrected the image angles so the pic of the card looks centered and perfect. You then have import options including to your own contacts. I like that you can keep the pic of the business card in the app. I am not a working professional so I don’t have a subscription. I would recommend it. Though I do get subscriptions just to support app development. I don’t use this often enough. I did just see that there are a variety of paid options in addition to the full paid subscription. Thank you big time for that! Thanks for a great app and for maintaining it. Even though I can’t continue to use it.
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6 years ago, Darinpf
Economical solution for card scanning
I spent $25 for an annual subscription and that seems like a good deal given costs for similar solutions. The plus side- fast scanning, simple intuitive interface, export to excel. The down side- from the first 10 cards I scanned, only 2 picked up the email address and it seemed that several didn’t pick up the name of the organization. And, if you find you want to upload a contact without a business card, you have to go into settings and select the “create your own business card” option and just use that feature to add other contacts without cards. That’s not as intuitive as the rest of the interface. All in all, my hope is I will be collecting hundreds of cards this way and making it easier to upload into Salesforce. I haven’t tried that yet. This is just my day one feedback.
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6 years ago, donjbay
Good but not great
Most features of this app are great, and the recognition is more accurate than other card scanning apps. The main downfall has to do with the text, navigation and email ‘buttons’ or lack thereof. ABBYY would do well to adopt the more user friendly interface of CamCard, when the most used features have buttons on a banner above the card info, so you can quickly call,text, email or load the directions to the address in a navigation app of your choosing. For navigation, simply seeing the pin on a map within the app is mostly useless for navigation purposes, and ultimately renders this app ineffective holistically. Please address this, I paid for the premium features not realizing this, and will ultimately switch to CamCard for its more user friendly interface/functionality.
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2 years ago, Aka Scott
Good but needs a little work
The map should show the address of the card instead of showing me where I was when I uploaded it. I travel a lot and wanted to upload cards when I get home, not while on the road. Also being able to add a card to more than one group would be nice as well. Otherwise this app seems to do everything else I needed. I won’t be purchasing any upgrades unless they fix either one of things I listed above since it makes it or useful to me with the upload location being attached the card. If I’m doing something wrong please let me know.
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7 years ago, 岩恩
Very creative and very practical/useful tool
Completely worth it! Great concept and fun design especially with nice features such as being able to send an email automatically, with your info in the body and your card picture attached, to those whose business cards you have uploaded. The reason it is not 5 stars is because ok the last few cards I used (which were all the same company but different individuals) it got the spelling and certain info wrong on them so that I had to go in and manually rewrite parts. Not a major issue but something that is there. Also first 15 are free and a fee if you want to add more. Yearly fee is 29+ - not bad.
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5 years ago, Ricky Rocket22
Cannot use app
Requires you to agree to ABBY’s terms regarding agreement to share personal data. If this can be revoked, then why even ask for it at all? Also, allowance of 3rd Party Advertising, which means that there is a sharing of my personal data with other companies. For myself, these terms are unacceptable. While, true, all private data might not be shared, there are no guarantees, that it won’t. As far as, GDPR, I don’t think most people know what that is, (including myself) and ABBY might want to elaborate its meaning to others and, more specifically, how being GDPR compliant provides justification for denying access to this application to the end user. I would very much like to use this application; however, being required to agree to the privacy and advertising terms, again. for myself, is unacceptable.
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5 years ago, o1o1o1o1
I’ve tried them ALL, and this is the one to get
None of these packages have 100 % accuracy, but this one comes close. Further, this app connects to LinkedIn, and it has easy editing. Finally, if you don’t think it scanned something correctly, it allows you to send an email to the developer with the details of the improper scan (assuming you don’t mind having the developer see the card). Don’t know if they read the email and do anything with it, this feature at least makes you feel better.
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4 years ago, MichaelWidener
Very Accurate Picture Taker
This software works much better than its name would suggest. A lot of programs like this have names that use Usability principles in the name itself. This leads us to believe the coding must also be as well thought out or as easy to use as the name is to remember. Not so. I’ve done Agile development as a Designer. That’s the part with the pictures and buttons, and animations, and what could bottoms how an app moves around in response to end user button-taps (in the case of a touch screen.) This app has clearly given their QA team the teeth to hold up release until all the annoying problems are fixed. There’s something called a “backlog” in software development. Unsuccessful app makers (and software makers alike) focus on release dates instead of long-term customer loyalty. This software developer clearly chose the latter. Recommended.
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2 years ago, JETTX
For the Price, I Expected Better
The OCR engine in this app is buggy. I understand some cards have graphics that are hard to decipher, but that doesn’t excuse the app’s inability to get most fonts in English correct. Usually I have to edit the contact after it’s scanned in, sometimes I have to edit so much of it, I might as well have entered it manually. So my question to the developer: If I still have to do the entry work, tell me again, why do I need this app? Right now, I don’t plan on renewing the subscription when it comes up for renewal. The app just doesn’t do the job the developer claims it can do.
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4 years ago, Eafb1234
Need some improvement
The app is good, scan and reads the cards quick and is fairly intuitive. But there are some important needs for improvement - Application crashes far too many times. Scanned +300 cards and the app crashed more than 50 times, luckily with no loss of info - App should recognize and learn from prior scanning. If you scan several cards from the same firm, it would be good that once 1 is corrected, then forth coming are scanned correctly - Scan is ok, but could be improved, specially for international business cards. Some scanning errors are not understandable - Should try to follow a format for the phones, particularly when there are international cards so they are all recorded properly - Maybe a good idea would be for the app to lear. If I don’t use nicknames, and rename it as the 2nd last name, well that could be the result next scan. Hope to see further updates to the app that take care of some improvements that could be made.
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6 years ago, Inch1962
Info on app site
I cannot state clear enough information was posted on the App when you looking at it to see if it something you want. I think it is ridiculous to charge that amount for something you can do yourself by taking a photo with the business card and putting it into an album. Some of us are on fixed incomes due to physical limitations, these people have a lot of business cards from their doctors. Perhaps you could offer part of the app for free to hold 30 cards to put all their doctors cards using the app it could save somebody’s life. So if somebody has some kind of a medical problems and and needs emergency they would look in your phone for any information on doctors that you have on the phone .
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3 years ago, Amc4anyavailablename
Ready to buy… BUT…
I love the app. Scanned 10 cards during the trial. Decided to purchase the premium lifetime option,BUT The only way to subscribe to this app is through an iTunes account. I’m not buying as I will not get an iTunes account. Very shortsighted, I could pay by credit card PayPal send a check but no these options are not available. I will now go to the App Store and look for a different business card reader.
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6 years ago, redcoat90
Great tool and resource! A little clunky but that’s ok!
This app helps me organize my contacts from business. I always have them with me and don’t have to carry a big book around or use up space with pictures of cards! I don’t even have to obtain the business card! Thank you for that! This app is still a little clunky. Sometimes I have to re-enter some or all of the info that was misread or the picture doesn’t automatically take (which can be a pain when I only have one hand). I have learned to work around it, tho.
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5 years ago, appbay
Most reliable and accurate scanner
I have tried over 10 business card scanning apps and this one is the best by far. It is 98% accurate and allows you to connect via LinkedIn/Facebook .. a feature most do not offer. Try the free version if that’s good enough for you no need to pay… But for me I am a heavy user of the app and have no problem paying the developer to continue making improvements extremely happy with this product!
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5 years ago, Polpet
Doesn’t save cards on app
I am having a real hard time with this app. Basically when you scan card it saves to contacts but doesn’t save on app. Out of 20 cards scanned 3 saved on app. If you try again it keeps adding same contact over and over to your phone contact list. This is a mess. Support not easy to find on this app. I paid for the subscription but will contact apple for refund.
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5 years ago, Iscoyd
OCR makes lot of errors, almost faster to enter data manually
I got this app for my iPhone 11 Pro after seeing its excellent review ratings, but sadly my experience has been anything but good. It makes a lot of OCR errors even when the captured image is perfect, and assigns text to the wrong fields more often than is acceptable. Lastly, it takes too much time to register a card in the database (10-15 seconds per card), during which time the screen is frozen and not ready to scan the next card. I’m not sure it is much faster than entering the data manually. Unfortunately, other business card apps that I tried are no better. Looking for an app that can at least do OCR well.
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3 weeks ago, iamCid27
Not great
Had high hopes for this to use it, but the text recognition is not great. If you have a comma after last name it assumes that's the last name and the last name is the middle name you get character errors etc. This apps, data and character recognition needs to be greatly improved. Sometimes it just puts in absolute garbled letters like as if the app is cussing at you. Lol If every business card scanned has to be re-edited and double checked line for line every time I might as well just manually enter it myself.
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3 years ago, Buckeyes Baby!
Expensive but the best so far
Business card scanners are largely horrible. I’ve tried every major product and, though it’s hard to believe that in 2021 there aren’t better scanners, all of them fall short. That said, this one is the best. It has room for improvement, however, is worth the money. They even have an email that sends support a detailed email of the image and OCR results, so they are trying! I’m assuming some of this is due to iPhone XR limitations....
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2 years ago, Chungamus
Accuracy falling
I do not know why, but it seems that the OCR function is degrading in comparison to the initial few months. (This is my 2nd year in use) Obviously cumbersome to go back and manually edit each card; at that point, I might as well create the card on my own instead of using this app. I now switch to manual photo capture and retake it several times to get close enough of reading so I do not have to retype so much. Around 3rd time of retaking I can get 90% usable image. Still a way to go…
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6 years ago, Overthetop16!
I have been in sales for 30+ years. This tool has made my job easier. The most incredible thing about this application, I scan a prospects business card, it’s now in my phone and it makes itMuch easier to follow up with potential customers and current Customers! I have recommended to our Co pant to purchase this app and to have the sales force use it to win!
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6 years ago, iAskMartin
May have been a BIG mistake
Using the Fine Reader on my pc for scanning I was expecting much better product. I previously used ScanBizCards but they dropped web access. The web access with BCR is just plain crap. No import function exists. Edit is OK. Sync with contacts appears to be one way only. Scanning is just ok. ScanBizCards did much better job of suggesting correct company too. There is no rescan functionality. You have to delete and start over. Don’t pay for this!
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6 years ago, SB1627
I quickly purchased the app for its export to CVS feature. After 10 min of searching for how to easily export, with no clear explanation on the prompt that told me to configure my email, I finally exported the contact list to the desktop site. I was pleased to export to CSV and dismayed to see that I will have to separate Every Single piece of info on any one contact. Instead of having it organized by name, email, company, etc in different columns...all of these things exist in one column. A complete and total waste of time and $30. The recognition software of the cards was also poor. Save yourself time and just enter these yourself the old fashion way.
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6 years ago, Great Service too!!!
Ok but design flaws
The OCR does a decent job but I hate that the send your card to others feature starts enabled. What if I grab my boss's card or some stranger whose card I just want to have for future reference? Both are true in my case, and I am now wondering if my info has been improperly sent to others. Finally, the categories it uses to keep track of the information should be more carefully thought through. Some feel repetitious while others are lacking. I will not be upgrading and since I only get 10 scans I will need to find another program.
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6 years ago, RZMarquee
Better than all the rest
Easy to use, very accurate character recognition, and syncs easily with my other apps on my phone. I had an app like this one previously and lost all of my contacts in it when apple did an update to the phone. ABBYY allows me to save to multiple apps so I never lose my contacts or business card images again. Thanks!
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7 years ago, LD111134
Easy to use
I’ve used several business card reader apps. The ABBY app is by far the best - it accurately reads a business card and thus you have to do few or no edits after the card is read. Plus, it puts the card into your contacts, unlike other readers which only store the contact information in the apps themselves, which is of no use to me.
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6 years ago, gargravar
Favorite app I’ve downloaded in past 2 years!
I can’t believe how seamless and useful this app is. Virtually every time I am shocked and thrilled at how quickly it reads and enters all the information from business cards. It is silly we still have business cards in today’s digital society however with this app I believe the cards are relevant again
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4 years ago, VOFITZ
Love the app, but...
I purchased all the apps in a bundle a while back and for some reason I cannot restore my purchases of all apps. I should be considered premium subscriber, however it’s not recognizing my account as premium and am continuously being asked to pay again. Also having a difficult time reaching customer service. App seems to be intact, however customer service has a lot to be desired.
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5 years ago, Kimi45
Only thing I don’t like...
Unfortunately, there is no way to take previously scanned business cards off of a desktop and directly import them online to your account. I have many business card I have already scanned that are available on my desktop. You are not able to login to this app on a desktop and drag business cards over for importation and synchronization. 😟
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5 years ago, techster_talk
Great concept but HORRIBLE UX!!
How can a paid subscription have no option to contact support?!! The export function is broken, there is no info on how to log into the cloud, help links are broken, and even after I managed to dig up what seemed like a ticket system and spent the time providing thorough explanation of the issues, after submitting the screen went completely blank! No confirmation, no emails, nothing! If this is the paid service, I don’t want to know what the free version does. Get it together! You’re a software company!
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6 years ago, Jradi
Almost Perfect - Needs Photo Zoom
The only feature I wish this app had, was a way to zoom in the photos per contact. When I visit a company, I want to quickly flip through the photos to refresh my memory as to who works there. Flipping through cards is good, but the photos are too small to be very helpful. Still, this is the best app out there, really hoping they add this feature.
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6 years ago, Kas2.0
Easy as chewing gum!
I had a stack of business cards just sitting there, one my to-do list but never done. With this app it was done me in an hour, scanned, exported, and added to my CRM. Now I just pull my phone out while networking and let them keep the card. With a click they have mine and we are connected. Love it!
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5 years ago, jaseinatl
Total violation of your privacy
WARNING: in order to use this app, you have to agree to let them know all of your information and send you ads from third parties. This is totally inappropriate as you have to give up all rights to your data before using the app. These 4 star reviews can be purchased from services designed to fake high ratings for apps. Anyone who cares about their personal data would rate this app 1 stat. Apple should look into this company and it’s shady business model. This is not what I signed up for when I bought a $1000 phone.
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5 years ago, JL64
Why a subscription??
I downloaded this and scanned a few cards. For the most part it works pretty good, it didn’t get one of the addresses right but I was able it easily edit that. My only issue is with all these great apps that want to get in on the subscription kick. Why?? I don’t want to pay monthly or annually...if you make this a small one time fee this would be an awesome app, but $7.99 per month is insane. Without subscribing you can only store up to 10 cards. If I only had 10 cards to store I wouldn’t need this app. Reconsider your subscription fee!!
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3 months ago, Aerostar pilot
User agreement too long
I’m not reading and approving the user agreement to try out the product. I fell into that trap with another product. An honest business wouldn’t require it just to take a look. I remember now why i deleted it before. Who knows what it says but I promise it will be big I the software house and little u the customer. The last time I fell for this with another company it cost me $84. I did finally get my money back but it cost me many more dollars worth of my time. It was the principle of the thing.
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2 months ago, Mr. Corbett
1st 10 cards free. Lies!!
Horrible way to start an evaluation. Man, why hasn’t a legitimately great biz card scan into sfdc app been created yet. Take my money already. I’ve tried 2-3 already and I’m trying to test drive this app, but I can’t now unless I pay for the app. I guess the app must not work well or they would be glad to have us scan a few cards and seamlessly sync them with our sfdc contacts and leads. They want to grab your money and leave you hanging emailing support until you just give up.
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1 year ago, Aquimini
Creating my business card
This app is exactly what I needed for my business! It was very easy to set up. Having this app makes it easy for my client to have my information without having to worrying about misplacing a physical card. I love it!
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4 years ago, tloomis61
Time saver
I have been using this app for about 8 months now and the only issue I have had is it doesn’t always read the cards completely. I then have to manually fix the issues.
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5 years ago, Suzyb63
Great app and good deal
Very convenient and accurate. I don’t need this every day but more when I attend conferences so I love the fact that you can also buy a fixed number of card entries if you don’t need a subscription. This creativity in pricing makes it work for occasion and heavy users. Love it.
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2 years ago, Jupp66
Great - if it doesn’t crash upon opening
Reinstalled it several times now and it only works for a few times. Then unusable as it crashes right with launching the app
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2 months ago, pcroy
Although in the App Store you show that it has an iPhone and iPad app, there appears to be no sync mechanism to keep scanned cards on both devices. It’s great that it syncs to my Apple Watch though. I wish there was a way other than through a review to contact your support about this
Show more
3 months ago, dirtbikemike239
Wish I could change my email
Love the app it works well, but I accidentally used my personal email not work email so when I send my business card it doesn’t look as professional as I’d like and unfortunately I can’t find any support to get it switched
Show more
1 year ago, Z rrCB
Will not sync to outlook - use a work exchange
I have tried many times to take a business card on the app and export it to Outlook, it does not happen. All I get is an email that says I need to give support step by step description of my action, the screenshots that illustrate my actions and describe the difficulties I face in more detail. if someone could just get on the phone and talk to me, I would greatly appreciate it
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5 years ago, ghuib47
All scanned cards were lost
I scanned a large number of cards. When I realized that emailing the entire batch was not possible, and realizing it would take a long time to email each one individually, I decided to wait until I had more time. I went back a couple weeks later to email the scanned cards, and all of them were gone. I recommend holding on to scanned cards until you are sure you have been able to send them where you want them.
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7 years ago, pandre1
I've used a card scanner for years. Technology advances so quickly and on a new business venture I ended up with a new batch of cards. Looked at various new Apps. And tried this one. Actually was astounded by the accuracy of this app. So much more useful than old one. Plus, once you have card in place the app. snaps photo immediately. So far I'm really pleased.
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4 years ago, ycpak
Too many errors.
If you click the check button to complete the business card addition, it is not possible to add it due to a problem that requires a Salesforce login. In particular, there are many errors in character recognition when adding by camera shooting. And the irresponsibility of not answering customer questions about errors is also a problem. You're lying to Apple that it's done troubleshooting! The problem has not been resolved yet.
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3 years ago, MCDuke53
Super easy to use, much better than other apps I have used. I was using Evernote until they canceled that feature. This is a must have if you get lots of business cards.
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2 years ago, JC'sIdaho
Capture software isn’t great
I love having a digital copy of the card that I can make notes and see the date I put this into my contacts. With all the variations of business cards it often populates the contact fields incorrectly; I.e. putting the company name in where the person’s’ contact information should be.
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