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Mike Wesemann
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2 years ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Calc

3.77 out of 5
26 Ratings
15 years ago, nomoreradio
The "tape" makes this worth having
Listing the last 10 or so previous calculations makes this very handy. You can also pull the answer from any of the previous calcs into the current equation by hitting the "ans" button (hit several times to scroll through old answers). My only gripe is that I wish it could load a bit faster. It takes about 4 seconds. The stock iPhone calculator starts instantly. Follow up: I have downloaded quite a few calculators in the search for the perfect one. This is still the one I use most. The "tape" still makes this king. Once you use it for while you'll see that the tape takes the best features of an RPN calculator "stack", but also frees you from having to think much about order of operations. It's not an RPN calculator, but it really is the best of both worlds. Still my favorite.
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2 years ago, K480b
By default, opening app should auto-scroll to the last calc.
Sometime in the last couple of versions, a change was made to open the app to the top-most (oldest) calcuation. Was this change intentional? Because it doesn’t make sense that I would care more about the oldest recorded calculation than the most recent. Now every time I re-open the app, even if I enter a new calculation and hit ’=‘, I have to manually scroll all the way to the bottom to see my answer! This makes no sense. Please restore the old behavior, showing the most recent calculation at the outset. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Darth Ed
Love this calculator app!
This was one of the first apps I ever installed on my iPhone 3G so many years ago when the App Store was a brand new thing. I’m so happy to see it continued to be developed. Thanks for the theme support and especially the themed icons. The support for a large “tape” area, parentheses(!), and the “ans” key (which quickly and easily inserts the answer to the previous calculation into your current calculation) make it far superior to all the other iOS calculator apps I’ve tried over the years — and I’ve tried a bunch!
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5 years ago, VA feather
Miss the old view & ability to remove noise
I, too, have used this app from the get go & have generally embraced the updates until now. I enjoyed the ability to toggle between the classic/simplified view to the more complicated functions if need be — now, it’s a nightmare to use. There’s way too much going on the screen, which is only made worse by the nightmare color scheme. Then there’s the keyboard sounds you cannot opt out of using (all of my other keyboards are silent for a reason). Please give your users an easy way to make changes to the look/sound of this app.
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5 years ago, vvarlock
Still my favorite calculator.
This has replaced the default calculator on my home screen. I was worries the update would have ads or something but it is a great update to my favorite little calculator app. The history ticker an parentheses being on the main default screen is great. The answer “ans” button lets you start your next calculation with the result of your last calculation and pressing again cycles to previous answers.
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5 years ago, DOP1222
Developer fixed issues quickly
I’ve been using this app for years. It’s been great but the update added key click sounds that couldn’t be turned off. The developer quickly fixed this and other complaints and it’s back to being a really great app.
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5 years ago, singhstallion
Was amazing till update!!
Been using this calculator for years. Simple, done the trick and could see your working. But the update has overly complicated things. Can you make a toggle to go back to original? Or simple calculator instead of part scientific functions therefore button could be bigger?!?
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2 years ago, SonnyC's
Default to top of the tape
I used to love this app. But now it defaults to the top of the tape. So you have to scroll way down to see the answer to your problem. Also you used to be able to clear the tape but no more. Please fix.
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5 years ago, Taylor115
Why did you change?!?
This has been my favorite calculator app for YEARS. Why did you change the layout and colors? If you’re going to give us color options, please include the previous style!!!!
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5 years ago, NCIPHONE
Great calc app. The best in the app store
How do you change the color of the themes
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5 years ago, Danhatesthisapp
First & only review I’ve ever written
This calculator was great besides the fact that it would cancel my music every time I wanted to do a simple calculation . But now with hideous update It’s too much .
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15 years ago, compute
perfect mobile calculator!
This is how a true mobile calculator should be. The graphics may not be as flashy as the other options offered by the appstore, but it being a simple, no-frills calculator that incorporates the tape feature and scientific functions makes this the perfect iphone calculator in my book. Unlike the others, this app's parenthesis function is visually-present on the lcd as you type it as well. Update: after almost a year of using this over the default calculator, i must say that it is absolutely perfect. being able to see you past computations proved to be it's most powerful feature. and, as always, the visually-present parenthesis function in the equation is always a treat which is terribly lacking in the default calculator app as well as other much more expensive calc apps. this app has worked flawlessly through all my firmware upgrades up to the present. for a free app that does everything the default calculator does not, this app sure does the job perfectly.
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16 years ago, singletontv
Awesome, but Ouch
Display is far to bright for those of us with vision issues. I believe Apple realized this in their design work on their own calculator. I believe many iphone app developers have caught on to this as well. Many apps are quite comfortable to use in low light situations, and even while studying in bed. If a user has vision issues like I do than the app probably hurts their eyes. Of course we can change the brightness settings, but for one app is not preferred. A landscape mode would be welcomed also. But as many have said I have a number of calculators, but this is the first one I hit every time. Just wish it didn't hurt my eyes so much. Almost forgot to mention my gratitude at this being a free application. Like everyone else, I'm more than willing to pay for said improvements.
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13 years ago, telesthetic
All in all, a good scientific calculator
I have yet to find a very good iPhone scientific calculator that has everything I want. But this is the one I settled on after trying out about 15 of them. It does everything, shows you what you're doing on the screen, you can move up and down to see what has gone past, etc. Could be smarter about when to use exponential notation, but hey I can figure that out with a little work.
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15 years ago, dieburnbot
I have been using this calc since it was first released on the app store. I replaced the Calculator app that comes with the iPhone with this one. I have gotten used to using large screen graphing calculators that show you a "tape" over the years and I have to have that feature in any calculator that I use. This is the only one I found that had it on the iPhone and its free (don't know why)! Get it now I bet you won't be able to go back to the old one.
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16 years ago, KPRussell
Very useful
Caculating scenarios for customers and moving up and down tape for history of entries is great. Recalling last calculation is handy, however allowing direct entry into a calculation would be better than having to delete back to the number or function to change. Recall of last answer very helpful too! Extremely useful application that replaced the included application.
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16 years ago, djc0
With some minor improvements I'd gladly pay!
1) It's great the way "ans" scrolls back through previous answers. Why not make "ret" do the same (rather than just the last expression). 2) Why not allow the user to move the cursor back through the expression to edit rather than having to delete to move back. As per editing email text etc. Otherwise, really good!
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16 years ago, Coldar
Finally....a calc with a %
So glad to see a Calc (and free) that has the % on the front and even has a bigger keypad than regular Touch calc. Standard calc on Touch has a % but have to turn it each time to put it into landscape mode and becomes annoying when need to use quickly. This is a Perfect calc and will use this from now on. Thank you for making this free. Good Work Mike!!
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15 years ago, Yaara Inbar
Exactly What I Needed!
This app is exactly what I was looking for. The interface for entering expressions is nearly identical to the TI-8X graphing calculators (I.E. Entering expressions in their natural form, "ANS" button to reuse previous answer in new expression, a button for re-entering the previous expression, and a long record of previous calculations). Well done! P.S. I would pay a dollar or two if the design were spruced up a bit.
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15 years ago, hoover411
very good app with one nuisance
I needed a calc with tape and this works great. I really like that you can enter parentheses for longer equations. My one gripe is that, once you quit the app, when you launch it again, the tape is scrolled up and you have to manually scroll down to see where you left off. Seems it should show the most recent calculations on launch.
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16 years ago, New apple
One thing did it for me that you need too.
The ability to backspace...... I searched for it in the other like six free ones and I couldn't find it! Like a carpenter without a hammer they all are without the ability to erase one last number at the end of the ardous calculation without having to re start by having to press the C and FAIL.
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16 years ago, granny99
The best calc
I really like this calc. It seems like whenever I' m trying to balance my checkbook I always get interupted & have to start over because I loose my place. That doesn't happen anymore. It saves so much time. You can see all your work and it's there even when you exit out and come back to it. Thank you!!
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16 years ago, berndoggiedog
Luv it, luv it
I also moved the default calculator to a later page and this is my primary calculator. The ONLY thing I would improve and I mean the ONLY thing would be that if you start a new calculation with an operator, it automatically assumes you start with the last ANS so you don't have to keep pressing ANS. Otherwise it is fantastic.
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16 years ago, Beauty56
Best Calculator Ever!!!
This is the best calculator I have ever used. Clicking the FN key takes me to other keyboard options, including clear all, which I love! This is a calculator I definitely would have purchased. I am amazed it's free. Thank you so much Mike for making this available. I too would be happy to buy items you've created.
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16 years ago, spracko
Great App.
I've been using this for about 2 weeks and I love it. I like being able to see all the calculations I've done. The previous calculations don't go away when you quit the program. As soon as you start up the program again your previous work is still there. It's worth a couple bucks to me. Thank you Mike. Good job.
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16 years ago, Aetnaria
Excellent, but...
Excellent free calculator, great to be able see previous calculations done. But I do wish it would remember & use the most recently calculated result when I start off the next computation with an operator, instead of just tossing up 'syntax error' because I didn't reenter the just-calculated result.
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15 years ago, Dan and a bunch of numbers
Better than iPhones default calc
One deal breaker was the lack of a "back" button. This app added that. I love the tape. This helps a lot when I make mistakes and I'm trying to figure where I made them. A deal killer would have been if the buttons act funny or if this app is unstable. Neither are the case. A bonus is the "fn" button, which gives u the extra functionality without sacrificing screen space. If I were to give any suggestions to make this app even better, it would be to make the buttons larger I guess. But try are plenty big for now. 5 stars guys. Thanks a bunch.
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15 years ago, Roger Scherer
Out with the iphone calc and in with this app.
Simple app with percetage. Love being able to shut down the app and restarting without loosing previous calcs. Also being able to see a scroll of previous calcs Is great. Recomended
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9 years ago, Jerry Seinfeld1
App no longer remembers previous calculations
The new app doesn't remember previous calculations anymore. The old app used to remember everything you calculated from the past. For example, if you did something three weeks ago, the next time you open the app you could see everything you calculated from the past. Now I lost all my old stuff because it doesn't remember it. Please fix this and make it work like it used to.
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14 years ago, Gohanto
Great app
Much better than the built in calculator. It would be a huge help if the previous answer was selected automatically if the first button I hit is +-* or / though...
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11 years ago, doorsx11x
Great app!
I use this app almost daily, it's a great calculator, way better than the default apple one. The only thing I'd like is if you hit the equal sign it would put up the last number, like on my TI graphing calculator. Also wish there was a iPad optimized version.
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10 years ago, M3crazyness
Update and you delete the clear button??!!
Loved the tape feature of the app. I like the fact that you can review previous calculations. Now why on Earth would you remove the clear key after the update? Maybe to get people to pay money for the Calc2 upgrade. Nope. That doesn't have a clear key either. Please bring the clear key back. Having to hold the delete key for a few seconds is extremely annoying and inconvenient.
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16 years ago, alangenh
The desktop version of this program is my favorite calculator to use on my mac, and this app will be the one I use on my iPhone. The tape is very handy. Now if only I could remove Apple's calculator from my iPhone screen...
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15 years ago, Tqr Möbius
Better than apples, but...
Shake to clear? And definitely if you just push a function (i.e. Add subtract multiply etc.) wirhout first entering a number, it should automatically do that function to the previous answer. This is basic, graphing calcs do this. Cut and paste would also be nice. And sideways option too. Please!!
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16 years ago, bigkinga
this is exactly what I was looking for in a calculator for my ipod touch.. love the fact that the numbers stay on the screen.. honestly you(programmer)is selling yourself short.. this is worth at least .99 cents...
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16 years ago, BastKane
Great apps
People who are writing bad reviews need to make sure what they think is wrong with the apps is really what is wrong with it.... and it is not their technological ignorance being the real problem.
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16 years ago, Page Not Found
Great Calculator Replacement
I hope when a symbol is entered, the previous answer is automatically filled in. Nothing other than would make sense.
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15 years ago, User3000
Good app
There are too many of these to choose from and I happen to pick this one and it works well. I like the part that can e-mail the output.
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13 years ago, Wallace0007
Great app
Love that it shows what I entered and allows me to delete/correct numbers. Would be even better if it auto included the previous answer when I press the +- keys.
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15 years ago, George in Va.
Did exactly what I wanted it, and expected it to. The only downside is that appears to no longer exist, and I cannot recommend it to my friends any more.
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15 years ago, Sbrocks
Great Calculator
I have had this app for a while but last night I woke up a 1am with an excel formula in my head and was able to finish it due to the historical tape function of this "calc" app. Thanks
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16 years ago, vegasway
I love it.
Better than default calculator which I have moved to last page. Too bad I can't delete default calculator, because I would.
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14 years ago, .johnny5
Still the best here
Loaded it on my iPad, because this one just works. The tape, the easy percentage, the many other functions ROCK!!! No other calc comes close.
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16 years ago, Garrek
Stopped using iphone calc
It's better than the built in scientific calculator in most respects. Add more functions if you can though. (d/dx, int...) Thanks for making it free. Support our students!
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15 years ago, LJ26
Works well
I only wish that clear would actually clear ALL of the recent calculations kinda like a graphing calculator works. Also, why is 7 the only one that glows from all the keys????
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16 years ago, lkingston
Great for people like me!
I really like this app a lot. When I do calculations, I like seeing the numbers written down. This is the calculator that I will actually use.
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14 years ago, Cl8743
A must have app, its the best.
This is the best calculator for iPhone and it's so hard to find because it's under "calc" when you search the apps.
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14 years ago,
I love this app, it is the best calculator I have found in the app store, I can't believe more calculators don't have the tape. The tape is the most important feature to a useful calculator for me!
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10 years ago, Srtstp
Saves time and equations
Giving this 4 out of 5. Love that I can scroll back and see my previous maths. But I also hate this app because it kills my iPod when I open it up. Fix this and I will name my first born Calc.
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16 years ago, TxKatz
App quits after upgrade
Great App but since the upgrade it quits back to home screen every time you select it. Never get to do any calculations. Check your app.
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