Calculator for iPad - Free calc app

4.5 (1.1K)
4.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Studio Zebra
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Calculator for iPad - Free calc app

4.47 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
3 years ago, flight2323
I hit something ( I don’t know what ) and my calculator takes up the whole screen and then some. I’ve deleted it and downloaded this one and it’s the same problem. Anyone got any ideas to try? Kathy
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3 months ago, Biz99465
Love this calculator
I don’t understand why I have a free Apple calculator on my phone and not my Apple I-pad. I had installed a free one that made we wait for 30 seconds of annoying game ads before I could use the calculator. I found this one and love it. Big numbers, easy to use and there are ads at the top but they don’t prevent you from using the calculator.
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1 year ago, Irishgolfer3
Perfect Calculator
I was using another calculator for a few years that I found on the App Store but I was unhappy with it. It was time for me to find another one. This is perfect, easy to use and big enough to see with my older eyes. I am not going back to the old calculator and have deleted it. I’m so happy with this one.
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2 years ago, Lulu dancer
Love it
I think this is a great app because I was looking for a Calculator app for my iPad. When I saw this I was like ok let’s try it! I got it and used it and know I use it all the time!! Great app cool screen too! Definitely 10/10 would recommend! But Also on the top it shows adds but other than that great!
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11 months ago, #1nanabanana
Perfect for my needs
I was using another calculator, but I wasn’t satisfied with it. I was searching for something better when I came across this calculator. This calculator is perfect for my needs. I mainly use it when balancing my checkbook or calculating discounts on different items.
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1 year ago, younique mom
Love it
When it comes to using a calculator, I like one that is simple, fast and does what I need without all the mathematical signs ><^¥€£§|[]{}_😂 I highly recommend this one to those that keep track of adding when grocery shopping, clothes shopping any type shopping. 👍🏼
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2 years ago, LGBristol
I just needed a calculator on my iPad and realized there was not one already on there so I looked in the App Store for one. I found this one after reading reviews on a few others and decided to get it. It is perfect for what I need it for. Simple addition, etc. Perfect for me and no Ads!
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2 years ago, untired1
Visually Appealing
I love the size and look of this app on my iPad. Makes balancing an old school checkbook easy as can be. Hard to believe my online bank account app doesn't offer a calculator when I make my payments each week.
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9 months ago, DoodlebugsII
Great, simple app
I’ve been using this app for a couple of weeks. All I can say is that it is great. Simple to use, nothing confusing. Wish all apps were this easy to learn. Functions beautifully. Thx to the developer!,
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3 years ago, gtciiiiiiiii
It’s free and does everything I need
All I need is a calculator to do simple calculations when I’m using my iPad. This does the trick without constantly popping up adds. Thank you for making available at no cost.
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2 years ago, jstarrrr
Good except for the ads
This calculator is a great size, I enjoyed using it except for the ads, it kept catching my eye as I went through a long list of payroll additions. No big deal but a bit too catchy, so I had to start over.
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2 months ago, Tsismis Girl
Just what I need
The previous calculator I downloaded had such annoying ads on games that took a while before I can actually use the calculator. Thank you for this. It’s very useful to me
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3 years ago, Les10/4
Percentage wrong
I just downloaded this app because I wanted something to do simple calculations fast, and the fact it does not take much space is a plus. If I want to purchase something, that has 20%, I need that it give me the correct results and it is not giving it to me right. I will give it a couple of days hopefully they will fix it soon.
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2 weeks ago, Deebiggurl
I love this calculator, the numbers are large and very easy to use. I got tired of looking for the one on my iphone on my iPad so I got this one. It works good and doesn’t take a lot to figure out how to use it. Highly recommend this calculator app.
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6 months ago, SESieg
Accurate and Reliable
I find this calculator to be accurate and reliable. The keypad is large which makes it easy to see and easy to use. I’m very pleased with this calculator.
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3 years ago, KnkngOnHvnsDr
Tap, tap, tap
I like that it’s simple to use. But I don’t like, that it doesn’t keep your last calculation in memory. When doing checks and balances you need that. Oh well, it works.
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3 months ago, Flyingfingersus
Thank you for no in-your-face ads!
Appreciate a calculator that doesn’t make you watch 30 seconds to 1 minute of ads just to use their calculator!
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5 months ago, MawMaw03
user friendly app
This app is great that in the numbers are big enough to read without my reading glasses! Easy to use and understand!
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1 year ago, Simply peg
I love it.
I am thrilled with this app. The screen is large, it is easy to use, and the numbers are just the right size. Thank you, it is just what I needed. Simple and easy.
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7 months ago, hopeamerica1964
Great app!
I previously used another app that was not all that user-friendly. I tried this and it’s SO much better! Large numbers for old eyes is a real advantage!
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7 months ago, toostie
The Best Calculator
This is the best one I have found and I checked out a lot of them but stopped after I seen and used this one. I know you will love it So easy to use Connie
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2 years ago, zzSNOOZERzz
Annoying Ads
It works as a basic calculator, but be careful….it is NOT user friendly when it comes to Ads. If I click on an Ad by mistake it will take me to a new screen that is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get out of!! This happens repeatedly and it is extremely annoying. GOOGLE needs to tame it down, I don’t like it.
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7 months ago, glasgowrose
Great App
Have had this app for about three years. Easy to use & easy to read. The large screen makes it easy to work with
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10 months ago, Gin Gin Ginny
Great calculator!
Much easier to use than my last one. Clears with no problem, large numbers, fast and accurate.
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1 year ago, zaireqs
Very good basic calculator
This calculates basic math with no frills, which is what I needed. The size is perfect to use without wearing my eyeglasses and, most importantly, the ads do not interfere with its use.
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6 months ago, lsuralea
I use my tablet a lot and I have this app on there. The letters and numbers are so big I could see them from space. Really helps. Thanks a bunch.
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1 year ago, Keeshacat
It’s bigger than I expected but that makes it easy to see the numbers. It works well - does the job and I like it! Nuff said!
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8 months ago, Financial Fans
Great calculator!
I use this calculator for financials and other basic accounting purposes and it is exactly what I need! Easy to use on my iPad. Highly recommend this app.
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2 years ago, eagwells
Free is not always better
The app on my i phone is smaller yet more efficient and reliable. The decimal point does not seem to work properly. Very frustrating to have to hit the decimal point over and over to no avail. Not good for financial calculations.
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3 years ago, ladyt442006
It gets the job done
This is a basic calculator. The only issue I have is that you have to clear each operation after calculation is completed.
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9 months ago, Kenzi_e
Works great few ads
The ad revenue is understandable and justified. Apple doesn't offer the calculator for free so why should you? Haha. It just has a quarter screen banner ad.
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12 months ago, J4R7B
Great App - But…..
Just what I wanted, a simple calculator. There is a small bug to watch for. When multiplying two whole numbers, then multiplying that result by a decimal number the App does not record the decimal!
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4 months ago, DotKB
Love this app
It is very large which enables older eyes to see it better. The buttons are huge, again it caters to older fingers.
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7 months ago, Exrsize Momma
Excellent app
Using this calculator app has been outstanding. It is easy to utilize and I appreciate the larger numbers! Highly recommend
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10 months ago, Apple News Reader
iPad calculator
I find this iPad calculator to be very user friendly. Found it on Apple Store. A simple calculator. Ideal and helpful for daily basic needs. Thank you
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2 years ago, Donti5212
Perfect for my needs
This is set up very similar to my iPhone calculator. It’s just what I need when I can’t get it done in my head.
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9 months ago, Frustrated 365
Ad Free, For Now
A pleasure to do a quick calculation without having to wait through thirty seconds of ads to do it.
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4 years ago, Squirrel whispers
Does not support split screen on the iPad
I have found a calculator APP that is easy to use, does not immediately assume scientific mode, AND supports split screen mode on the iPad. Split screen on the iPad is the only way that I can imagine any on screen calculator being useful, unless it is on your phone for calculating tips. With split screen on iPad, I have the APP with data in it, and side-by-side calculator as a functional tool
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6 months ago, Lady of The Villages
Large numbers on my iPad
I love this user-friendly app with extra-large numbers—so easy to use.
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2 years ago, jpwest5
Too big
I wanted a simple calculator and this is what I needed but I don’t want it to take up the entire screen. I need to see other areas so I can input the numbers I need to add or subtract. It’s ok just plz reduce the screen size and make it more useable.
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1 year ago, usdreher
This is the exact calculator I was looking for, easy to read, great functions, and I prefer it over any other calculator.
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2 years ago, Mary in Crete
Works for me.
So far I’ve found the app easy to use, and it gives me the information I need.
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1 year ago, paulrhein
It does the job
Since iPad Pro doesn’t come with an app. This is better than nothing. Hey Apple why no default calculator?
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4 months ago, Snooglefritz
Love the large numbers. New phone did not have one, yet now need no other or reading glasses.
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1 year ago, alv2ejr
It does everything I need it to, and I need it at least once a week.
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2 years ago, queen of all i survey
Easy to use
Thank you for a simple to use calculator with large numbers!
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2 years ago, AtwoodAnnie
Easy, handy in a kitchen
I asked Siri to open a calculator, and it found this. Fantastic, great to use in the kitchen, huge numbers to peck away at. Very handy!
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10 months ago, Northport Gal
App for calculator
My eyesight has changed with age. I discovered this app yesterday and I love the size of the numbers. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Highly_viscous
Better than nothing
Can’t seem to , make it half the screen size, but the main calc app just added a subscription. So this is free and is better than nothing.
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2 years ago, Monch72
Quick and efficient
This app is easy to use. I like the format as well. And the keys are big for old folk like me.
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