Calculator for iPad!

4.7 (58K)
70.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
7th Gear
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Calculator for iPad!

4.7 out of 5
58K Ratings
1 year ago, Wyndmlgy
Best Calculator app
This is the best calculator app I have found. Both basic and scientific calculators can be used by merely rotating the cell phone or tablet. Not only is the result of the calculation shown, but it also shows you what you entered so you can check that you entered your data correctly. In the horizontal orientation you can add notes and see your history of multiple previous calculations. Either the basic or scientific calculator can be set as the horizontal display. This is Absolutely the best calculator app available for apple devices.
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4 years ago, actually helpful reviews
Decent calculator, too many premium features
This app is really handy, especially the free calculator widget. The only thing that is bad about the app is that you need to upgrade to the premium version in order to get some of the features. You can unlock the features for a day by watching a video, which is great in case you need to use one of the features a few times, but kind of annoying if you constantly need the features. Also, they are charging too much for being able to change the background and export notes. You don’t really need to change the background of the app and you can use the free Apple Notes app if you need to export notes. Overall it is a decent app for simple computing tasks. I would not recommend this for an iPhone that has the Apple Calculator app available, but for an iPad device it is great until Apple makes a calculator app for iPad.
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6 years ago, fromnv2md
Has potential
I’m not going to waste money on this just because if I can’t access notes from both views that stupid. This has plenty of dead space in this app for the notes to pop up at the bottom to accessed on the portrait view just as the landscape view. I don’t even care what other things it can do. I have a business and I could use this for depositing just to track my deposits that I don’t log prior to going but if I’m restricted and have to pay for something and it’s that simple to add a slide bar. Your silly for not adding it. Paid or free it should be available. It’s also small in size. Compared to many. You are on an iPad use the space. Especially if your a paid app. There’s free ones that are full and colorful and just as nice. Sorry. You have a good base. Become outstanding.
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4 years ago, FuliginCloak
Nagware demo
This is evidently a demo version. That is all well and good, but a more honest and less annoying way of accomplishing this is by calling it as such, and not providing the entire paid version's feature set in the UI, while locking each individual feature. For example if I tap on the option to remove leather stitches, it works, but if I tap on the option to change the colour, I get a nag screen. There is no visual indication as to what is a paid feature and what is not. It is a treasure hunt to find which buttons work out of which do not. If for any other reason at all, say crashes or other bugs, this were the case, we would rightly call this calculator garbage. So that is what I am doing, it is even worse than bugs, because it is deliberate.
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6 years ago, Deep.Thought.
Functional? Yeah. Annoying? Big yeah!
The effect an ad banner in an app has on a user is directly proportional to the user's opinions of the app itself. In this case, it left a really sour taste in my mouth. The "DocuSign" banner (which is the only one I've ever seen in this app) blinks so rapidly I'd be surprised if it didn't induce seizures in some users. Picture a strobe light at a party; Now multiply it by a factor of 5 in speed, and that's how fast this banner ad blinks across almost the entire bottom row of the app, which coincidentally also overlaps some of the functional components of the app to promote accidental taps on the ad banner, presumably to generate more revenue. This app is just click bait. I can't recommend it. However, in fairness, I give it 2 stars for adequate and reliable functionality.
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4 years ago, Gwtw1968
iPad Calculator App
Excellent Calculator that keeps a “paper tabulation” next to the calculator pad. You can always refer as many steps back or figures back as you need. You will never lose the current total. The keys were NOT super sensitive. Many computer calculators are jumpy and choose figures that were not what you wanted and often give a tabulation not close to where you intend to go. The Calculator was on the nose every time. I did not have to RE-Calculate because of machine error. Great App.
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3 years ago, rlr524
Not for stats, needs to be clear it’s a demo
The first issue with this “scientific” calculator is the same as with most calculators in the App Store claiming to be “scientific” and that’s it doesn’t include basic functions needed for statistics, such as Euler’s Constant, sigma notation, etc. This calculator is NOT a TI-36 substitute. I’m not saying they said it is, but calling it a “scientific” calculator is a stretch. Secondly, the app seems to intentionally try to circumvent the Apple requirement to state that in-app purchases are required for full or ad-free functionality. I would say, even, it’s basically nagware. That’s not horrible in itself but App Store requires more transparency around that.
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8 years ago, TmmyMarlow
Calculation input log is straightforward and indispensable
The app is simple & straightforward i.e. User friendly but also has all the necessary functions to make it an extremely valuable, efficient & effective calculator tool. Landscape mode - basic function calculator with an on-screen input log on the left side of my the screen. Rotate to Portrait mode - scientific function calculator. Highly recommend for users of all ages & abilities.
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1 year ago, Qwas@#
Just found log and notes like that made a note and see the log shows all info I had just done worked great thanks again Now got problems just did a review and gave nick name then found the log and note feature liked it so did another review now wants another nickname and can’t get out of it See what happens next.
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5 years ago, NoVATraveler
Best straightforward calculator app for iPad & iPhone
This is the best straightforward calculator app for iPad & iPhone. I’ve tried several others over the years, but this is the one I use daily. I have the paid version on my iPhone & iPad, and love them both! Easy to read & use. Additionally, it has a great feature that allows you to look back at many previous calculations. Definitely a keeper!
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5 years ago, Old Palo Alto
Best calculator app, but...
Easiest user interface, both practically and visually, but the most recent update has a glitch. When the phone tilts to landscape, then back to portrait, orientation, the graphics become crowded. Standard portrait only shows basic calculator, while landscape shows scientific calculator. When moving back into portrait the scientific calculator follows you and crowds the screen.
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3 years ago, Ads aren't your friend
This calculator is so much better than the standard calculator I had previously downloaded for Ipad. The previous calculator increased ad use to the point that I had to close two content obscuring ads before each use. This calculator has used NO content obscuring ads so far, and works accurately and quickly.
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6 years ago, Becky in Japan
The best thing about it. . .
. . . is the fact that it shows you on the screen all the numbers you’ve entered in that particular calculation so you can see exactly where you are in any calculation. Sounds like gibberish, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll appreciate it as much as I do. I’ve installed this app on all my devices and couldn’t be happier! Get it!
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1 year ago, Amberlese
Best Calculator app!
Best calculator app yet! Used a few times now & have not seen ads yet 😱 Easy to use & great interface. Love the capability to draw notes on the side & see history! And convenient BACK button, which is actually the only reason I even downloaded this app to begin with, Perfect app overall! 💕
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7 years ago, Paso,Ca.WineCountry
Best Calculator Ever!!!
This is the 4th Calculator App I've downloaded to try. Giving each one I've downloaded, all FREE versions, at least a month of use to find the good and bad to them all. I'm excited to say my search is over, I finally found the Calculator I was starting to think didn't exist. You can't go wrong with this one!!!
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2 years ago, ☮️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜RW💜💙💚💛🧡❤️☮️
This App Is Alright! 🧮🧮
This Calculator App is kind of Ok but not bad. This app is a little confusing 🤔 at first, but when you figure how to use this, it’s much better. I’ve been using this app for a few days, and I really wanted to just change the color of the Calculator. Turns out I could without premium! But only for a few days. So, I would rate this app 4 stars ⭐️.
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1 year ago, LydiGeorge
Calculator app brief review upon little use
I have only used this app for about a week, but find it effective for the simple math I’ve used it for so far. It is easy to use, easy to switch between the scientific and standard calculators, and is focused in design (not distracting). I’m appreciative and pleased so far.
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4 years ago, Angelfish001
I installed this app for specific reason, because the developer said “No ads”, and it has not shown any ads for the whole time i was using it. But this morning, ad start showing, even though i have not updates it since the initial installation. I understand nothing is free, and the developer has the option (read, right) to include ads to get financial support, but that should be made very clear on the app page!!!
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3 years ago, KimoBell
I enjoy this app over others cause it has functions I’m familiar with which makes it easier to use. That’s not to say the others I’ve tried were inconvenient, it just takes me longer to find my way around
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5 years ago, AzureMedia
Once a great app, now totally unusable!
For years, this calculator app proved extremely useful, with the free version offered in exchange for having to view an occasional ad. Regrettably, some idiot(s) behind the app have now decided to make that advertising pervasive, all-encompassing and inescapable — to the point where ad banners now cover the bottom portion of the calculator, including the zero, thus rendering it useless. The free version has thus itself become nothing more than an ad for the paid upgrade — thereby ensuring that this user, at least, will never make the leap.
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7 months ago, c#p🎯🎯🎲🎺♟🎲
Great game but.
This is great. The only thing wrong is. I don’t know if it starts A new problem because there’s no button to see if you’re starting a new problem. You should definitely get this because this is amazing calculator it is a great idea of making this kind of calculator that is why I only gave it four stars.
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2 years ago, randomcreep72
simple but better
i don't know much about math but i frequently work with large numbers (astronomy in meters lol) and apple's default calculator won't go into the trillions without using scientific e notation which i can't read (i can read normal scientific notation). this app retains the simplicity of the default calculator while being more user friendly with very large numbers (the writing just gets smaller). turning numbers to and from negative is also helpful if you're working with subtractions and not going in order. this app is free and has no ads, so i'm happy with it.
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8 years ago, PDX iPad user
Very good calculator
At least considering it's a free app. Ads are not too intrusive, the numbers/buttons are large and easy to read, and basically it gets the job done. It is a bit surprising that iPads apparently don't already have a calculator function already built in - go figure.
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1 year ago, Music_rocker
Love this calculator app!
Thank you for creating and making this calculator app available for my iPad! as an accountant, and someone who works in spreadsheets, this comes in very handy. I don’t always want to use a computer to calculate, so I’m very glad to have this option!
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4 years ago, SqnOnCapeCod
Calculator is a marvelous piece of work
Somebody should find the designer of this calculator and put her in charge of basic security for our 40 (and counting) Russian hacked agencies. This designer knows how the human mind works. I never seem to search for a keypad or a function. My fingers seem to find them by instinct. Then there is that wonderful scratch pad log which I have grown dependent on. I run a fairly complex portfolio with this calculator, stuff I use to do with spread sheets. Honestly, alert the CIA. The designer of this gem knows something easing the human mind away from bumbling and mistakes. This thing has made my days much easier.
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7 years ago, Notaflatterer
Easy to use, big, bold font, Ba Da Booooom!!!!
The app does what it should. No distracting graphics and a ticker-tape like feature that shows a running account of the last few entries (so you don't lose everything if you forget where you were). Giving my non-virtual calculator away.
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3 years ago, Fla617
Please give us the option to remove the ads
I absolutely love this calculator and have been using it for a really long time, but now it started showing ads and it’s incredibly annoying. Could you please give us the option to remove the ads?
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5 years ago, strbfields4ever
The Best
Okay, I have downloaded maybe 7 or 8 calculators, but this is the only review. I love this one. It is in landscape format! My iPad and I are always in landscape. I love the light, simple, clean lines. That says Apple to me. I do not want to deal with black buttons or a dark calculator that would be hard for me to see.
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4 years ago, JimDoggy
Love it!!
I ablusltly love this app! It’s easy, and has no adds like others I have tried! It’s east, but smart, it has two different settings for advanced and simple. You can take notes, and look at your cauculator history! I love because i use it for school.
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10 months ago, AaaAaasuka123
Way more better than the default one
I can see what I have typed before hitting the =. Compared to this, the default one made by Apple is basically unusable, yet they don’t bother to improve it.
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2 years ago, life_goes_on_
Best calculator app!! No ridiculous or nasty ads. No pop-up ads. The ads are always on the bottom. Don’t bother anyone. It can take huge numbers without having to switch to scientific
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3 years ago, Melsky311
Standard calculator without ads!
Unsure which genius at Apple decided not to include a simple calculator with iOS but this is a decent replacement. So far no annoying ads but only used it a few days.
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2 years ago, Rass533
Easy to use user-friendly
I love this calculator it keeps your activity right below the tally for what you’re adding or subtracting or what you’re doing is very user-friendly in my opinion
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4 years ago, Big Max 1
nice with 2 suggestions for improvement
I love that you can see the string of calculation appear below the window so you can see what you just did - comes in very handy. I do wish the size of the number keys can be a little bigger and more differentiated in color from the rest of the keys
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7 years ago, Birds&sky
Great little calculator!
I downloaded a couple of calculators and just realized that this one you are able to backspace incase you press the wrong number and you don't have to start all over. I'm happy I found this little calculator.
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4 years ago, zb061119
Does what it's supposed to, but not fully there yet
i really enjoy using this app most of the time, but its unusable in split screen mode, as thats not yet supported. i really feel that being able to have this app open alongside others, simultaneously, would make this a standout app.
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8 years ago, AmarilloLesa
Great Calculator and I have the free version.
Really enjoy this one, it almost seems intuitive. I especially like it when figuring my checkbook, it shows your calculations for several lines so you can double check your work.
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4 years ago, bobgore
Very easy to use
Love this app because it’s easy to copy & paste amounts to and from other apps, and easy to keep track of amounts with the ongoing log feature. Also easy to delete the log with just one click. Love this app!
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8 months ago, JohnJohn O
If you like hitting buttons again and again
This calculator I used for awhile just because split screen worked with this app. However, I noticed I’m consistently hitting buttons over and over because it failed to detect. Found a better calculator app. Won’t be needing this no longer.
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6 years ago, Va.Moore
I am so grateful for this fabulous app! I was an English Major in College and taught 12th grade for many years. Math did not agree with me and it is only good fortune that I made it through Algebra 11. I could not function with out this app on my IPad and my phone. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Thenoob93
Great calculator
The calculator is very good and the notes are also quiet useful to me as a student but, I found it very inconvenient to have all my notes deleted instead of having an eraser. Having an eraser would be very useful for those of us that have a stylus and make a small mistake in our writing.
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3 years ago, Timboslice500
Nice but…
Quick, looks really nice, and does the job but I detest the pop up ads while I’m trying to calculate. Why on earth there isn’t a calculator on iPad by default is beyond my comprehension; computers are calculators to begin with and now it’s a money grubbing scheme. Not the developers fault but seems like a cheap shot from apple. No thanks.
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2 years ago, DesotoMJ
Calculator App
I love having this app on my iPad and iPhone! It has been a life saver and don’t have to depend on my regular handheld calculator which if I forget an amount I may have entered by mistake, my app shows all entries I made…love, love, love it!!!
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Ipad calculator
Excellent calculator with a nice design and no advertising. I deleted other apps due to this annoying feature, but it makes no sense to me that it was for advertising purposes only.
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5 years ago, Mr. Remark
Clear & Simple
Not only is the calculator pleasant to view, it is totally functional as a standard calculator or a scientific one by swiping up. The calculator is the perfect size for my 9.7” iPad. The default color scheme is easy on my 70 year old eyes which I have tri-focal glasses.
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9 months ago, Nawleans Darlin
It just needs one more thing
I love this calculator but I wish I had a dark background to choose. I’m light sensitive and a dark background would be more gentle on my eyes. Black velvet or dark chocolate.
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1 year ago, Spudzooka3000
The app Apple should have built
Great app. Works split screen. Looks sleek and professional - not like so many of the cheesy ones out there. Absolutely free if you want it to be and no annoying ads!!!
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3 years ago, Phylidda
Everything I Need
I have tried other calculators, but this is the best I have used. So glad I found it—especially the history log.
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6 years ago, lord_bubba
Best simple calculator. But..
The sign change button looks like the plus sign and is next to the the equal sign. Please move it. Nobody uses that button frequently. Make the function labels bigger please. I am 50 and it would make it easier to see.
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7 years ago, Cree8balance
Easy to read
Being a little dyslexic, it is very helpful to be able to have my input show up so that I can review my entries and check for accuracy of where my fingers strike!
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