Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

4.4 (26K)
30.5 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

4.45 out of 5
26K Ratings
2 years ago, FoxxyGirl14
Beautiful 🤩
I’m actually surprised by how great this app is. When you first download it you can put your private photos, videos, audios, documents, contacts, walet infromation, notes, and more behind a pattern, Face ID, Touch ID, a pin, or the calculator. The best one to put is definitely the calculator, the way it works is.. When you open the app you see the calculator and it works, just a real malfunctioning one would. Then you put your 4 digit pin and that’s it! You have all access to your photos video and all of that stuff! The only thing I think should be a fix is… If you don’t pick the calculator to hide all your privates, let’s say you picked the Face ID, when you open the app it won’t show a calculator, it will immediately show Face ID. So, if anyone opened it up they will probably would get suspicious.. Other then that, this app is 10/10 👌
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5 years ago, MusicLovin'Momma
Warning! Don’t trust your photos solely to this app!!!
One star is even too much for this!!! I was somewhat happy with this app, until I decided to send a video to a friend. I couldn’t figure out how to do that since that app was the only place the video was stored. I decided to purchase the app to see if that could solve my dilemma. Nope, once I purchased the app, it would immediately crash and not even open! I emailed the company and have gotten no response thus far. Hopefully you don’t need their customer service for anything because it seems non existent. So as far as I can see, it’s a functional app as long as you don’t pay for it. I wouldn’t trust photos/videos to it solely though. You may not be able to send them to anyone or retrieve them if something happens to your phone. I’m out the money I paid for the app, but it’s money well spent if I can warn others about the potential problems. It’s an iPhone 7s Plus with iOS 13.2.3 I just upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro Max, all of my apps were transferred. I tried getting into this app again and there seems to be no way to login. It seems like you have to create a new account. I even used the same email address and passcode as originally. Even if I didn’t, theres no “forgot user ID” or “forgot password” to help me get back into the app that I paid for. The account I logged into, there aren’t any photos there. Don't waste your money paying for this app. What a nightmare!
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11 months ago, Queen_Skye🥰
At first the app was good, now after having it for some time it is not letting me access my photos/ videos. There is no way to get in if you have forgot your password. I believe I put in the correct password it didn’t log me in so I tried a few others but I am certain I put in the correct password now I cannot access my personal items. There is also no alternative on the app if you have forgot your password, want to reset it, or log in. I am very upset with not being able to access my personal items so be mindful that this can happen to you and if I find a way to access my items again I will be removing them off the app. Hopefully I can get some help with accessing my personals. Overall I think it’s a smart concept but it’s not worth the risk of not being able to get your personals back. The app also has an option to delete photos from your phone/ gallery once in the app which I’ve been doing so now o have no kind of access to the stuff I put on this app. If there is any way to get my items back/ log in I would appreciate it. (And no I never changed the password I set one password and it’s not working)
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2 years ago, 82flavors
Am I missing it or is this app very flawed
Update: To the developer response: I don’t need to email you about which categories are the important ones. Maybe I wasn’t clear in my Review but all of the Categories should be backed up. Actually my first sentence said that lol. Original Review: As far as I know this app doesn’t back up all the categories to Dropbox. Important categories with information I would like to backup. Unless it doesn’t tell you inside the app. If I’m understanding correctly that it doesn’t back up some categories. I would like the company to add that information to the description. I actually thought it was at one point. I could be remembering wrong. Either way it should be clear in the description that this app doesn’t backup certain categories of information. I don’t know why it doesn’t. I don’t wanna use it because of that. I still have it installed and a subscription. But really it’ll be canceled before it renews. It would be a great app if whatever reason they can’t backup some info vs others is fixed, 6 stars. but it’s worthless to me unless that was to happen.
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3 years ago, Jmikej
This seems to be a fair price app
I have used photo vault for years but I ran out of memory on my phone due to photo vault. Apparently when you delete videos, photo vault doesn’t free up that memory. I deleted the app and gained 35 GB. I then went in search for a new vault and discovered this one. So far; it seems like a very good vault and with the $5 per year full feature version , it has a lot of bells and whistles. One feature I like is the error message that displays if someone launches the app and don’t follow up with the proper procedure to access the contents. Like I said, I’ve used a similar app for 5 years, this one is a strong competitor. I am in no way affiliated with the developer. I was a bit reluctant at first due to calculator icon but it has proven itself valuable. Good to hide your porn and “home videos”, (wink wink nod nod) .
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3 years ago, adidas_911
Great way to keep your private stuff out of sight and out of mind.
The days we live in now tend to be filled with tons of info and for that matter as individuals we just don’t like everyone knowing everything and often times it’s important to keep information from getting into the hands of others. Weather it be a plain old password or confidential files or documents it’s nice to have somewhere you can store all of it together and keep it organized along with encrypted and hidden if you choose. It is so easy to use and so complex it’s easy to let someone see certain things in the app without them knowing there is more and at the same time another person looking could access something completely different but still hidden I really like the way you can disguise different things in the app so many layers of disguise.
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9 months ago, TopStroker
Great App
The app itself is honestly amazing. When you first open the app it asks you to input a pin. This pin will be able to open the app by typing it into the fully functioning calculator in the app. The app is very discreet, the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was due to the app being named Calculator # on the home screen. It gives away its not a real calculator. Other then that the app is perfect. You can choose to enter a password, use face/touch id, use a calculator pin, or use a pattern. You can also have the app play a fake error message when opening the app. If the user doesn't tap the error message two times before clicking ok, it kicks them out of the app. There are more features if you purchase premium, which is only $5 a year. Great app.
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1 year ago, .,??'mm
so cool 💗💗
I first download the app, thinking that I’ll get caught, but it actually disguises very well. The app itself just says Calculator # then once you enter, nobody knows the pattern on how to go past the error notification. But this app is so prepared that even if someone figured it out, it still looks like a simple calculator and works like one too! I feel like a spy, putting in my pin and or Face ID. It lets me put secret videos, pictures, money, or any notes. This app really works better than I thought it would most importantly. It shows me when it looks like someone. Was trying to hack in it like what type of app has that, it’s so cool. If you’re looking for an app to hide secret picture videos, money, and or notes this is the app for you! I definitely recommend!!!
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2 years ago, Changing Spots
Pretty good, but needs a bit of work
A brief starting manual would be a great help to get you started. For example, how to I get documents from my phone: notes or word processing, into my documents? Even pasting? I managed to figure out the other needs, but still can’t find this. I suspect there are some higher level things that can be done too, so perhaps a more detailed manual too. Part of the subscription. This is my 3rd such app, and is already found to be vastly superior. I just hope this one doesn’t lose photos like the others. Photos are stored at your selected image quality, a nice touch. Update. Sorry, but my rating dropped. Again, a manual would help. To backup files to the cloud, the only choice given is Dropbox. I already have a cloud service provider, and certainly don’t need or want another. I only want to store a small amount.
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2 years ago, Spacypinup
Was a 5 star app for 5 years. Now a 1 star app.
Was a 5 star app for 5 years! Now it’s a 1 star app. Only reason i am giving it 2 stars instead of one is because I used to love this app. I have used this app for over 5 years. It was perfect! Always my go to app! Definitely my favorite app! I used it pretty much daily! Never had a issue with it! … until recently... Now it crashes more then it works. I can’t click open a photo in gallery. Whenever I click anything on my gallery it crashes. I can open and select photos in my albums but that’s it. I can’t save them back to my phone or share them or do anything. It either dose nothing or crashes. If I try to use this app for over 5 minutes it crashes. Can’t use Dropbox to save anything because it crashes. I also wish I could use more then just dropbox to backup my things. I got so many things I don’t want to lose on this app. Please fix it!
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4 years ago, Madi🤠🤠
Great!! My thoughts...
I like how you can keep all of your pictures hidden and still use it as a calculator! I had a calculator app and a Photos app and they were taking to much storage, so I got this app! It is great! I only kept certain pictures in my camera roll but honestly this helps so much! I used to have around 700 photos, crazy right, but now I only have 10!! I was running out of storage and this saved my behind! I give it a 4 stars for a reason though, I wish you had to press a button to get in after you type the password. If I’m trying to do a math problem with that number, it will take me straight to the pictures! But it is still such a good app and the problem is minor! I can deal with it! 🤩😅
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3 years ago, Annzee
Disgusted user
I have had the older version of this app for a few years. I paid for the premium app and now they have changed the format and did not update the older version to accommodate the iOS 14.5. This app was put to replace the older version. I had lots of videos and pictures stored on the older app. Now that the older version is no longer being used, I lost all my videos and pictures of my family. I am very upset about this. I have sent 3 emails to the developer and they did not even give me the courtesy of answering my email. I will call Apple to see what can be done. The photos are not replaceable since they were older photos of my deceased parents and family members. If you are the developer, please give me the courtesy of an explanation why I can’t access my photos from the older version. This is a very poor way of doing business. Thank you.
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1 year ago, TundraTheWolf
I love this app!
I really enjoy this app and have been actively using it for years now! I will continue using this for sure! Though I do have some gripes with the app that I hope maybe can be added/solved! Firstly I would greatly appreciate a more proper filter system that lets you set a preferred filter like “added most recently” within the photos section. Another thing would be more easy file/photo transfer system between the phone and my computer, it’s so tedious and I have to download one picture at a time, I would really like if I could easily access all of them in one place like the app does! Thank you so much and I hope you consider these additions.
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4 years ago, FNAFForever pop rocks
No subscription needed!
If you want an app that allows you to store a lot of photos then I recommend this one! A lot of apps that allow you to hold photos separately from your camera roll only allow a certain number of photos before you need to pay for some sort of subscription. Luckily, this app hasn’t given me any problems with that and I‘ve been able to put a lot of photos on it! No pop ups asking for payment! I’m not very adamant about giving apps reviews, (in fact this would be my first) but I felt the need to write a review after having gone through so many apps that were unreliable and finally finding this seemingly flawless one! So, thank you to the developers of the app. :)
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3 years ago, anonymous0258
Needed updates and a small review
To be able to store many photos and apps is surprisingly well, up to 300 (or more) is basically what the average person will use up anyways, and the way that is is discreet is well enough to not notice when it’s at your screen, looking like an ordinary calculator and functioning like one, but the reason why I don’t give it a full 5 stars is that, well, you cannot store gifs nor files, and I feel that if that feature was added, this app would receive even more downloads and reliability. Overall, this app is pretty good at doing the thing it’s meant to do and does it effectively, with some minor tweaks, this will definitely be a 5 star app!
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3 years ago, Sarafina101
I lost everything
This app was working really well! Today I went back to check my pictures and documents I saved and all I get is "unfortunately calculator has stopped working " what am I supposed to do then? UPDATE: My bad, please read the developers response below: "Sorry for the inconvenience, we would like to inform you that this is not an error, it's a feature which is known as "Disguise Mode" and you enabled this feature. Please tap double click on "Unfortunately, Calculator# has stopped working" and then tap a single click "OK". We hope this would resolve your issue. Thanks, Calculator# Team."
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2 years ago, rsdufrane
I have had and used this app for years after losing photos with a different photo vault app due to iOS updates and the developers of the app didn’t update the app for updated iOS The developers of this app are now doing the same thing. The developers of this app do not keep this app updated for the most recent iOS updates. I paid for the annual fee, but have been locked out due to the app needing to be updated for the up to date iOS. So this app is a joke… and now I can’t get my photos at all from the app because it won’t let me in the app because it’s not being updated. They took my money and my photos. I have been locked out of the app and my photos for more time than I have been able to use it. Don’t fall for this expensive subscription that ends up blocking you from getting your photos.
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2 years ago, Otsiaf
Good app, but needs clear instructions
I like having an app with longer password to store private things that I don’t want to just put in my “hidden” folder. But it was very difficult to figure out how to move videos back to my phone, especially since it’s different from how to move photos. You need to press and hold on the video, and then more options pop up. The developer has kind of explained this in response to other comments, but he says “photo” instead of video which throws people off because they’re asking about videos. You need to hold down the thumbnail of the video. Do not click into it.
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4 years ago, ipod@gmail
The app looks great and trusted and i especially love the error disguise mode and the variety of different types of passwords u can choose from. But there is a bug that keeps happening for me that i think needs to be kept into consideration. Every time i try to add photos (works for videos) it shows they are selected from camera roll but then takes me to a blank white page. It says they are selected but they aren’t. I say make it easier to add stuff from the camera roll. Like once you select just press done and it gets added into the album. I have an iphone X so i’m not sure if that matters but if you could please fix this bug that would be great! thanks
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3 years ago, Ex 12
Not much to say. Read more.
Title says it all. It does what it says. Does it pretty well and has ways to customize it to your liking. User friendly enough to use. Also, tried many others but this was just worked and no subscription needed. I have one problem and another sort of gripe about it. I don’t like ads but I understand free apps don’t pay bills so I’ll sit through an ad or two. My only concern is the image scale to the smaller side so when I look through photos not everything is in view. A little annoying but everything else makes it worth while. Better than the rest In my opinion.
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4 years ago, Sk-Double-y
I think it’s very useful because you know you can hide things from people and they’ll just think that you have a Calculator on your phone like normal people do I didn’t get an unsettling feeling about it when I downloaded it because when you make the videos put in your bank account passwords and all of that they have your information and I know what you look like so I feel like somebody’s talking you kidnap you or something like that nothings happened so far though I was about to make a video and I kind a got scared at first but nothings happened and I’ve had it for a little while now
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2 years ago, sh0ck3r34
WTH happened(my apologies)
It was working fine first month and now I go to open it and it pops up error message and automatically closes won’t let me get any farther.. so what happens to my pics are they gone since I can’t access the app? That’s definitely not cool this needs fixed right away if fixed I’ll update my review but for now it ain’t working for me on iPhone 12 Pro Max… Update I enabled a disguise mode so that’s why it kept popping up and they emailed me back how to get out of it so it was always working just didn’t know I enabled that mode lol… good app
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4 years ago, SergeyKlochkov
Forgot Password
Amazing app, I’ve used it for months and had no problems at all, very good interface and easy to use. But I stopped logging into it a couple of months ago and now that I needed to go in I could not remember my password. I’ve tried looking for how to recover the things I’ve had on the app but could not find a way. The description says that I can recover the password but I cannot find a way to do that. Developers please help me out here. Otherwise a great app, this review is more of a help message to the developers due to a user mistake. This is a great app and I recommend anyone who needs something like that to download it.
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4 years ago, .anon.456.
Some problems, but overall good
Please please please remove the initial logo when you go onto the app. It completely gives away the fact that it’s a secret photo/video vault, and thus defeating the purpose of even having a secretive app if it gives it away instantly. Regardless, this is probably the best app of it’s type rn, all the other ones are weird and/or sketchy or just have features that aren’t suitable, so kudos to that. My only real complaint is the ads, every time I add a new photo or video I get an add. It’s incredibly annoying and off putting, the only reason I keep the app and don't delete it for another one without ads is because of what I previously stated, this is in general probably the best. Other than that, it’s a solid app. Calculator works just fine too, nothing suspicious (other than the super obvious logo. but im sure I can make some bs up to explain it should the situation arise). Im not noticing any problems with it, aside from my two complaints. 3.5/5. Also, warning: it puts stuff out of order if you pick more than like 3 things to add at once.
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3 years ago, Shadow_Spector
Video sound bug
Everything about this app feels too good to be true, but it was. It’s amazing, but I have a huge issue with the video section. When I put a video from my gallery to the video section of the app, a horrifying screeching noise is heard through the entire video. I put it back to my regular gallery and listened again and that sound wasn’t there. I put it back into the app storage and it came back. I feel like it’s enough to make me go deaf because even at 1 volume on my phone, it’s causing my ears to be in great pain. If this wasn’t the case, I’d give it 5 stars without question, but not being able to see videos unless you take it out of the app is kind of frustrating.
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3 years ago, A3rynSaturn
Everything good but some suggestions
So, everything is perfect. It works just as it should. It stores your photos, videos, etc. It has extra precautions for security. I mean, I would 100% believe it was a calculator if I didn't know. I recommend to anyone and everyone. But I have a few suggestions. First, the videos come out insanely loud. As far as I know you can't adjust volume, but maybe I spaced it. I would also like the ability to re-download stuff imported into the app. So far, I have not found a way to do so. It would be very helpful. Thanks
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1 year ago, CodeiasNotDead
Holy crap this totally saved me-
I literally never write reviews but I had to for this app, it’s really useful to me (for personal reasons) and Oml it has saved me so many times. It’s actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be and I love how you can set the app so that when/if you open it it won’t work unless you tap the text twice then press ok. It’s super super helpful to me and extremely convenient. So far I have absolutely no complaints and if you’re thinking of getting the app you definitely should ^^!!
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3 years ago, georgemorris
Lame. Not protected / Encrypted on DB
This application is essentially worthless if you want back ups. If you utilize something like dropbox as your back up and you access dropbox on your computer, it’s giving you no privacy. The file storage that I use for back up on dropbox is completely unencrypted. So while your photos might be protected behind a password on your phone, their backup is accessible via your desktop dropbox program where anybody can search on it and pull up your “private” materials. Poor design. And I want to emphasize that spotlight on OS X will search dropbox as well as your hard drive so any person snooping on your computer or easily find these pictures and files.
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4 years ago, nothintohideneway
It’s fine if you’re just securing but not stealthy for hiding
Targeted ads from my online activity and use of other apps every time you click save or complete an action, but so far I’ve been able to close them immediately. When I open my app it is clearly not a calculator but a vault so if I were trying to hide something I didn’t want someone to know was on the phone this wouldn’t be the way to do it. Also only lets me access pictures from my camera roll, not google photos, even when the image is still saved on my device, rather than online only. It’s ok for my purpose of securing the healing progress of a surgery I’ve had so my kids don’t stumble upon the graphic images but not sneaky or secretive at all.
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4 months ago, twiseowl
Worthless. Loses your videos.
I have the paid version of this app. I had a lot of important information for a court case in there. Since it was paid for I assumed it would be secure yet be available for me. Now I can only open 2 out of the 10 or 12 videos I put in there. Some of which were very very very important. I have emailed and they said it’s a glitch we’re working on it. That’s been some time ago and I still cannot access my videos. This app has one job. And it can’t even do that. I have emailed them several times. At one point they said there was a new update coming out that would fix the problem but that was almost a year ago. I recently emailed them again, no answer. Do not purchase this app.
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3 years ago, sunsurfbeach
Not enough storage, can’t get videos back on your phone from the app.
This was an ok spot to store pictures and videos...HOWEVER once you run out of storage you have to buy their premium plan. I opted to use a different app, and while I had no issues moving pictures back onto my phone, videos are a whole different story. You apparently can’t move videos back to your phone unless you buy the premium plan. So how I have videos trapped in this app I no longer want to use. Very frustrating. Update: received a response from the developer that had nothing whatsoever to do with the inability to move videos off the app and back onto my phone.
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4 years ago, jcov22
User friendly app!
Well at this current moment I have no issues with this app. It’s easy to navigate though the app and its settings and secure enough to keep anyone you let borrow your phone out. Moving pictures, videos, passwords, etc is very quick and easy. If you just so happen to be hiding new or current data in the app it has a nice kill switch that switches to another app to evade sneaky trying to look over your shoulder. As of now no complaints so I gave a 4 out of 5. If anything changes I’ll make sure to update review. Over all good app.
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4 years ago, gabethebabe1121
Extremely good app but with problems
App is easily one of the best if not the best if the free versions of this type of app, and having features such as a fake prompt sayin the app has crashed only makes it better. However, when the app loads, its says the title of the company and below that it says security services, which kind of gives away the whole secret app part. Anyone with common sense would realize its not just a calculator, unless you have some excuse for why it says that. All in all the app is very good and that doesn’t make it a deal breaker but it may for some people.
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4 years ago, \_UwU_/
this app is definitely the best security app I’ve downloaded by FAR! It doesn’t have a lot of ads, the fake error sign extremely handy, and most of the purchases don’t seem like it’s necessary. Except for the extending storage one. I don’t really agree with it, it feels like it’s forcing us to get an upgrade instead of making it optional. I don’t wanna have to remove some of my items so that I can fit something else. 🙃 but other than that it’s practically perfect and I highly suggest it!
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2 years ago, True Ratings
Poor UI, crashes, disregards user decisions
This app continuously asks for reviewing in the app store, upon every opening of the vault (after typing in passcode). I specifically have the setting for allowing apps to ask for in-app reviews turned OFF, but I guess the devs of this app disregard this and ask away every. single. time. So here's my review, 1 star. While I'm here I'll add that it's poorly formatted for newer iPhones because the back button becomes unresponsive when going into the settings screen (the Settings title also gets hidden behind the Dynamic Island so it's probably related to location on screen). Also managed to not only crash, but have my phone shut off entirely during its crash, terrible.
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1 year ago, HtotheOtothePE
Can someone please explain to me how to go about deleting Media from the app you no longer want or need in there like duplicates for example to make space? I for the life of me can not figure it out? I even pressed the little trash can at the bottom screen once in an individual image which does nothing and still the image is tnere Please Help Id so appreciate it and Love the App it is my favorite of all Vault apps I especially Love the notes you can verbally record into rather than type such a time savor for me just wish I could figure out how to go about deleting unwanted old media
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2 years ago, A long time Dokkaner
Great but one flaw
I store many videos on this app, and the app works great. I love the layers of privacy it provides, however there is one flaw. When you play the videos on this app, for some reason the volume is abnormally loud for all videos. If I want to watch something at normal volume, it requires me to lower the volume as much as possible. Anything above two notches on the volume bar and it is extremely loud. I triple checked to make sure it wasn’t my videos, and confirmed the videos played much louder only on this app.
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4 years ago, Hugh Jass Koda
Good, but could be great.
The app is better than most of it’s type but it could be great. It allows importing over wi-fi which is good. The one major issue that if changed would make this app great, there are no options when viewing in slideshow! It would be great to have the options of duration each photo is displayed before switching to the next one, randomly shuffle photos or even a choice of different transition types when changing photos. None of these options are available, even in the purchased full version.
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2 years ago, Vampyre444
Does the job
I use it to protect personal pictures that I don’t want anywhere but the phone.. it works great for that and it’s 100% FREE. You. can purchase additional features and additional space if you have more photos than allowed on the free version. But in my case I have a different app I used up all the allowed Number of photos, so I just got another free vault app for the other few hundred photos that wouldn’t fit in the original app I have
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2 years ago, NXendio
Minor bugs still not fixed don’t buy
Support said minor bugs were fixed a few days ago but I would definitely like to know which bugs were that? The app does not work and you will lose all of your photos and vids if you save them within the app! You can’t download or access them because the app crashes and does not let you even see your photos let alone download them! I have sent them requests to fix the “bug,” which I don’t think it’s a bug, it’s just the app stinks and doesn’t work, and they answer back by saying they’ll fix it but still waiting! Read the feedback, it’s all true! Stay away from the app and buy another one!
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1 month ago, SAD4LYF
Heartbroken over Lies
I downloaded this app to keep track of my abusive husband and the documentation that I’ve been taking of him mistreating me, and I am extremely sad to say since downloading this app, and uploading all of my files, nothing is showing as uploaded on the actual app itself, and all the videos are deleted from my phone, so I have no evidence of abuse anymore. I had been collecting this for months, and I finally was brave enough to download an app and save it all into one for court documents later on only to find out that it’s now deleted, and I have to continue to live this pain and suffering until I’m able to collect enough documentation again.
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2 years ago, pwafst
Good app
I really do like this app. I love that I can hide my photos here. My parents love to snoop around my room and my stuff. They also like to go through my phone and other devices which is not okay with me. I have nothing to hide but I don’t appreciate having no privacy. I love this app because of that but I haven’t used it in a while so I forgot my password. I don’t know how to get back in so at the moment I can’t use the app. Please help me fix this. Thank you!
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2 years ago, john dolittle
Works amazing, But…
Works amazing, does what you need the app to do. But there’s two things. it’s kind of stupid how your only limited to 300 pictures if you don’t buy the premium version. And also u can’t back anything up in the cloud without the premium. If I could change anything else it would have to be to add a Login thing where u have hole account so you don’t have to back up the app and it should be with email so if u lose or get a new phone u can just install the app and login
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4 years ago, soace issues
Not enough storage
So not sure if anyone else has this problem but I don’t seem to have enough storage and it requires you to pay for more.. guess it’s time to consolidate. Other than that, I love the security feature. It’s absolutely perfect with the fake prompt then the fingerprint scanner to follow if they for some reason get passed the prompt that looks like a crashed app. I am interested in finding out if there is anyway to back up the photos in the app jic I need to get a new phone and re-download it. I’ve had vaulty and other apps where that was the case and I never got any of those photos back.
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11 months ago, BigHougiee03
Not happy
So I downloaded this app in order to save files and videos ect. And I even paid the 4.99 a month membership in order to keep my files safe. I deleted the app to preserve space on my phone. And just tried to re download it to see if my money was well spent. And come to find out no it was a complete waste of time and money because it deleted every last one of my files videos and pictures. I am extremely disappointed and unhappy with this app. If there is a way to retrieve my items which I paid for to keep saved. Please email me and let me know and I will gladly remove this review and replace it. But until then this his a easy hands down!!!
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3 years ago, Halo4promethean
Only 1 Issue
This is a great app to store pictures and passwords and anything else you need stored! I just wish the calculator app kept the date that the picture/video was actually taken on the phone like how it shows in the phones photos app instead of showing the date it was stored. It makes it difficult to do things such as before/after pictures because it shows the date it was stored. Not the date it was taken. Other than that, amazing app 👍🏾
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6 months ago, juiciifroot
App stop letting me upload within the app
I like this app a lot but now when I try to send pics or vids from inside the app to messenger it keeps saying file is to big and this just started and I have the app almost a year and this is the first this happened. Now I have to put the pic/vid back to my gallery just to upload to messenger, what can be resolved in this matter because it’s almost time for me to renew and I got over 1000 pic/vids I will have to restore back to my gallery
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3 years ago, Disk egg
Can’t see my photos.
When I try to see my photos it defaults to my home page. When I hit the gallery I see my picture but can’t move or delete them. I’m afraid if I try to dump the app and reset it I will lose all my pictures can you help me or tell me if I loss the app. Thank you for getting back to me I will wait for the update. I waited three weeks and I’m still unable to see or move my photos or add to them. You told me not to delete the app and reinstall. How can I see my photos and add to them or is this a lost cause. Here we are again still can’t do anything with my saved pictures or add to them or move them. You told me to wait till the next upgrade welli just upgraded and still the same WAKE UP FIX THIS I WANT MY PHOTOS THANK YOU FOR THE FIX. I’m glad I didn’t delete them. Good job.
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3 years ago, AwitsKate
Pretty good but a question
I used this a lot and I really loved it. It was all good until I decided to delete it thinking I didn't need it anymore. (I was cleaning my storage) Then I remembered I have some pretty important things on it. I re downloaded it and now I don't even know how it works. How do you get the fake caluculator back on it? I press caluculator but it just kicks me out. I re downloaded lots of times. And its still not working. Please help 🙏that's all. Please respond as quick as possible.
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2 years ago, Jean1520
App is not synchronized with Apple ICloud
I was recently robbed for my iPhone 11 & purchased an XR hoping my photos and videos would still be there after I transferred all my applications but that wasn’t the case. I tried getting into the app again and there seems to be no way to login. It seems like you have to create a new account. I even used the same email address and password as originally. Even if I didn’t , there’s no “forgot user ID” or “forgot password” to help me get back into the app. I emailed the company & have gotten no response thus far. No customer service # to contact directly. I would highly appreciate it if this issue could be fixed.
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