Calculator Plus with History

4.8 (3.7K)
103.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
DigitAlchemy LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Calculator Plus with History

4.82 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
5 months ago, L Kabong55
Great App as calculator apps go.
Over the course of 5 years or so, I’ve put this app on three Samsung phones and most recently on my Apple phone. It’s worth the space it takes, very easy to read and nice to look at. I’ve paid to remove ads but the ads are small, unobtrusive and on a thin banner that runs across the bottom of the screen. I’m sure most wouldn’t object to the small ad space. I’m anal about scrolling things on my screen and gladly paid the $2.99 to make them disappear. Unfortunately there is no sign in mechanism so if you change phones, you will have to reinstall and pay again if you paid for add deletion. I would install it again and again.
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1 year ago, mjrdn
Too many praise requests
I’m a busy person and it bothers me when I get programmed triggered request for reviews, especially when they are repeated and numerous. Receiving your request for reviews breaks the rhythm and spontaneity of needing a quick calculation. So I’ll say this once, I like your app enough that I bought it. I actually think it’s great and would recommend it. I would like it better if you would switch the location of the C/AC key with the +/- key. I have other calculators that have the C/AC button on the right side of the calculator. I would simply find using it a more comfortable and intuitive location. I’ll give it 5 stars for now.
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2 years ago, NanaGna
It has a back space button!
This is a lot better than the standard app that came with the iPhone. This app has a good response when pressing the numbers and calculations buttons. I mostly use it when I want to calculate my spending and banking but most of all I like that it has a back space delete button for the mistakes I make during input. I would get so upset with the standard app that came with the phone every time I made a mistake and had to delete the entire entry and start all over. This is a good little calculator; responsive, easy to use, read and it had a back space delete button!
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2 years ago, 65pas
This app is just what I was looking for. I like being able use backspace to change a number that I entered wrong. I also like taping on my answer and looking at the history to verify my entries. If I had a number wrong, I can tap on it and change it and continue on from that point. I can clear history at any point or I can keep it running until I’m thru. Or, I can come back at any point later and look at it again until I have cleared the history. This is great, and I don’t know if I have experienced all that this App has to offer. I have been impressed! Thank you developers!
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3 years ago, YouAskedImTellin
Great Product
This is a ‘go to’ product that is simple, appealing in appearance and basic enough without all the unnecessary buttons and gadgets that aren’t needed. I have this loaded on multiple devices (at minimum-5 devices) and will continue to use it for years to come. My only draw back is my own. I’m cheap so, I am annoyed by the advertising but, I find it is worth the cost, just don’t want to pay for it over and over for each device I own. It would be great if you could pay one fee and somehow it recognizes you as the owner on each of your own devices but, that’s the business. No worries for this software, safe, affordable platform.
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2 years ago, Jack in TheCloud
Keep it simple, dummy
This is the best of the allegedly simple calculators for iPad Pro that I have found. It does the basic arithmetic that I need. It has a backspace key. It has memory buttons. It works in the landscape view required on iPad Pro with a keyboard. When was the last time I needed to calculate a logarithm? In the days of slide rules. How often do I do trig or calculus? Never. So why do I need all that in a calculator? I don’t. The ads are from Ad Choices, which is a notorious cross-site tracker. But they are tolerable in this app, no worse than what you get in most news apps.
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4 months ago, Arguss
Stop Looking, This Is The One
Clean looking, large, easy to see, and nice to look at. Has a bunch of good extras if you need them like advanced math and several other things. The calculator I was using disappeared one day and I looked hard for a replacement. I really liked this one. It even shows you all the steps you took to to figure out whatever it is you’re figuring. I’d like if there were some direction somewhere.
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3 years ago, el6151
Exceptional calculator app
I have used it for many years! I started using it when Apple took the memory keys off of their front page on the Calculator. The only thing that could make it better would be to be able to put it in the bottom of my iPhone where you scroll up and it automatically comes to the Calculator. I would definitely get rid of the apple calculator then!
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7 years ago, Superhawk84
A simple, well designed calculator. Perfect.
My old calc app disappeared so I went to the App Store to replace it. Found all kinds of them with bells and whistles and photo albums and junk. I wanted a good calculator, clean, aesthetically pleasing to look at, functional. Simple. This is EXACTLY right. The other things clutter up something with stuff available many, many places. Thank you for getting back to basics and developing just what, and ONLY what a calculator is supposed to do.
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6 months ago, Jumbojet7
A easily to use calculator
I love this calculator system. I’ve used it for at least 10 years. I just purchased it with no ads view. I’m happy. Do not try to charge me for this app. I only changed my email on my iphone. And I am using yhe same device. And now, I am receiving notice that you are trying to bill me. I paid my forever price more than 10 years ago….
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5 months ago, Pvtb1951
Great App
I use this app for several reasons, but did you know that you can actually erase all history you’ve created, or keep it? I like that idea. The “tape” can also be printed, if your device has a printer app or AirPrint. I recommend this app, and I am a retired accountant. Update …. Still recommend this app, still using this app, still like this app. Here it is Jan of 2024, and I still like this app!
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1 year ago, Gedeir
Best Basic Calculator
I’ve looked and looked for a well designed basic calculator and tried several. This one is by far the best! Simple and beautifully thought through. I was happy to pay the one time fee to get rid of the advertising. Crazy to think some of these calculator apps want a subscription fee. It’s just a calculator after all. Well done!
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2 years ago, Angelwingz55
Best Calculator for me!
Nice looking, easy to use and large buttons make this the best calculator app ever! Have always used this since owning iPads. When it wasn’t on my last one I searched for it, finding many more complicated ones... all I needed was what this one offered. Simplicity is most times best. Thank you for providing such a great looking, easy to use calculator 😊
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4 months ago, CLynnMayer
This app is SO EASY TO USE!!! I love the amount of memory it has. It makes looking back to verify input a breeze!! Especially while balancing the checkbook! I also love that I can change a # in memory (when I’ve made a mistake) and then carry on from there. NO STARTING OVER REQUIRED! It simplifies verifying the addition and subtraction of numbers! It’s my GO TO calculator app!!!
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6 months ago, kkmmhh&jr
I like having this as a second calculator
I like having Calculator Plus as a second calculator. I store numbers that are important to me which I don’t want to change until I change them. Then I can use the calculator that comes with my phone for every day use. I also like the looks of it.
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4 years ago, Rollingwild
Don’t waste your time with this “free” version. After you get into your calculation, an ad pops-up, such as Lending Tree, asking “how much would like to borrow?” and IT JUST SITS THERE, WAITING! No “X”-ing out! Obviously, no one in their right mind would put up with such agony! Therefore, they assume people will bite-the-bullet, and pay their toll for the AD-FREE version. NOT SO FAST CalculatorPlus. Most people agree: screw me once, shame on you; screw me twice, shame on me! So, you don’t get away with customer abuse, even if it’s free. [One wise proprietor displayed a sign for his employees with, only, two rules: #1 The customer is always right. #2 For all other questions, refer to rule #1]
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2 months ago, LouyMc
More Than I Know
This math calculator has been there when I first started college. I have used it for figuring things like chemical equations, micro calculations, fractions and the simple math plus and minus problems. Nowadays the CALCULATOR PLUS helps me to recall how to figure out the correct answer. The older one gets, the more one forgets! You younger ones, please remember.
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9 months ago, Art It Is!
Calculator Plus
This is the best free calculator app that I have found. The format they use looks to be a step up from the rest, more pleasing to the eye I think. And you don’t get interrupted with constant ads!! I’m really really liking this app a lot. Every one should at least try it — I think you will be pleasantly surprised and impressed !!!
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7 years ago, F44l3sh
Still the best
I've tried several different calculators and this one is way better than those others. The numbers & symbols I enter stay on the screen until a calculation is complete, then remain in the in the history until I clear it. Although I won't be using the new functions much it's nice to have them handy.
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2 years ago, Iwnwseb
Simple, perfect. Just what I was looking for.
I needed something sweet and simple, with a memory function, to track my daily calorie consumption. (I already know my pertinent calorie values.) This little app works perfectly for me, without attempting to sidetrack me into activities I don’t want to engage in. Works offline, too. Thank for this great application!
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4 years ago, TBHunterLady
The Best Calculator App
I’ve tried many calculator apps and this one is the best one and it’s also the only one I’ll recommend to friends and colleagues. It’s extremely user friendly for a newbie but also has advanced capabilities if your task calls for something more in-depth! Have a little blind faith in my review and try this app - you’ll be happy you did!
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6 months ago, Lady Gar ll
The Best
I used this app when after years of no math I took algebra classes at a Community College. It was a great help for this Senior citizen. I use it frequently, when I have to change mobile phones I always search for this app. The calculator that comes with the phone does not compare. I love this app.
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3 years ago, hearthdweller
Calculator Plus
Love this calculator. It does just what I need it to do and a little more that I don’t usually need, but are nice to have on hand. I, especially, like the way it keeps every entry accessible to look back on until I am ready to erase the whole transaction. Being able to backspace and correct is a real benefit, as well.
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2 years ago, Logical Linda
Colors need improvement
The app works perfectly however, the color of the app calculator is horrible ~ black, brown, gray and orange. The app itself could also be improved. Try making it look attractive and you'd probably get a lot more users and buyers. Or, offer it in a few colors. Try light blues and grays or mauves and grays. The print size and layout is perfect for me.
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6 months ago, 744AB
Calculator Plus
I have to say that this app always Shows advertisements when you clear your calculator History. Other than that this app is very useful and helpful when it comes to calculating prices while shopping. STOP Showing the advertisements, when clearing your history, then you will receive 5 STARS
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3 months ago, LHJef
Simple app with basic functions
This app is simple to use and is exactly what I was looking for because it only has the basic functions I need from a calculator on a daily basis. It works great and has never failed me in the 5 years I’ve been using it.
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1 year ago, Bonnie Playlist
User friendly app
I found this app to be very user-friendly, because the numbers and function buttons are large enough to click on and still the screen has many features on it.
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5 months ago, Gibsonland
Exactly What I Needed
I’m a person who likes basic apps. This app is great for all of my budgeting and tax and other computing needs. The screen is so clean and clear and easy to use. I use it almost every day. Since I’m an older adult the large size is really great for my eyes. One of my favorite apps.
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6 years ago, organdonor322
Da Bomb
This Calculator is so much better than the standard one that comes with the phone. You can see the numbers adding up or subtracting, which ever activity you’re doing. For me this helps ensure that I’ve captured each number correctly. And there are no annoying ads interfering with using the app. Glad I found it!
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9 months ago, MKMRN
Simple to Use: Provides More Than Basic Functions
This well designed and easy to use calculator is perfect for simple and complex computations. I appreciate that it displays the history, which is a great tool to have when performing long and/or complex math problems.
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5 months ago, Pennyruth
Love this app
One of the things I especially like about it is that you can view the history of what you are working on. This makes it easy to catch any errors. Then to be able to clear history is a great tool.
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5 years ago, MBMT04
Live this calculator
I started using this calculator with my first smart phone and load it on each new phone regardless if the phone comes with an app because this is the best. I can look at my history and backspace to change a number without a problem. It’s just a great calculator.
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2 years ago, Rebs1
I really like this version because the buttons are big and I can see and use them easier than one with smaller buttons. Functions properly every time I use it….what more can you ask for?
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2 years ago, deplorable Gary
Good choice
It’s very much like the Microsoft calculator. It has the essential items such as memory memory plus memory minus memory recall backspace and I’m sure it has more I just can’t remember right now. The basic calculator that comes with the Apple phone is suitable for a fifth grader.
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6 months ago, cornerstone43
Calculator Plus
I go over my payroll every Quarter and I need a calculator with running history. The stock calculator that came on the phone was weak to start with and didn't have a history. I found this calculator and problem solved, great job developers.
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3 years ago, EL in MT
Love this app. It gives me what I need including a backup button. Has all the math functions I need without going overboard. And it's free! And you have the option of not being forced to be interrupted with ads. Doesn't get any better than this.
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6 months ago, Chi_go
Very reliable
Been using it for several years. Very useful when you want to have “a paper “ background to recheck your transactions without real paper. I have never had any problem. Very easy to use!
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6 months ago, JoshBradleyPhoto
Great App!
Well thought out great functionality. Love it overall. Being able to use the app like a account register for you various banking needs is great. It’s intuitive to use and the layout overall is wonderful.
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3 years ago, H4mmer50
Excellent Calculations 💫
This is an excellent calculator that puts out clear, accurate and concise calculations. The Ads are there, but not intrusive at all. I really like that I can go back and look at my past calculations and make adjustments, if I made an error. This calculator is a must have!
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3 years ago, L8TBIRD
Love it
I replaced my original apple given calculator with this. It is so much better than that one. Now I don’t get advertisements popping up trying to block me from typing in my numbers. This is a terrific app replacement. It is just a simple calculator which is generally all that I need.
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6 months ago, penguinrek
Calculater plus
Like the history. What I really love is the fact you can look into history to see the history in case you missed a step. And nice big buttons for us senior citizens. It does the basics for me which is all I need.
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3 years ago, Goddess Gloria
Better than built in
Really like this calculator. There are a few times that it will get stuck, but I just close down and wait a few moments and it works fine again. It is so much better than the one that came with my phone.
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2 years ago, StrayHound360
The only calc
Best app I have found for my field inspections. Paste answers to forms, ck your calculations w/ history, and adjust from former entries w/ <{Delete key or backup mid calculation. Go back in the history to show work w/ devices screen shot & editing, etc. Great tool!!!
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2 years ago, Michael 49
I like the app very much, the calculator numbers are easy to see, works with speed and accuracy, all the different functions that I need for whatever I’m trying to figure, and it doesn’t keep bringing up ads.
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1 year ago, App Bulbs
Great Calculator
I’ve been using this calculator for years it’s easy to use. The numbers are large and easy to see works flawlessly. I have downloaded it on multiple phones over the years.
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3 years ago, Smartshopperalways
Best counter hands 🙌🏾 down
I love this particular calculator because it not only gives you percentages but it also records history .. so if u have to stop using it abruptly, you can pick up the right where you left off .. love .. love .. love it
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3 years ago, Jeffre 213
Nice Calculator
I’ve been using Calculator Plus for over a year. I use the basic calculator mode and appreciate the big buttons and clicks when pressing. I also like the tally line under the main entry which is very helpful when working with a sequence of numbers.
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3 years ago, mglew
Excellent calendar app
Syncs wonderfully with the calendar I use on my phone. It’s wonderful to have a printed one to put on the fridge or anywhere else you may want quick complete access to the whole month.
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5 months ago, Sethpool in Oregon
Thank you!
I have used this app on several devices. When I get a new device, such as my new Ipad, I always look for new calculator apps. I always come back to yours, because it IS the best. Thank you for letting me use it. Jim Pool
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6 years ago, praetorian2000
Good until an ad took over
I had been looking for a good calculator and this wasn’t perfect but it was the best free calculator I could find. I’ve had it for several months and last week one of the ads started taking over. For no reason the ad would pop up and all i see is the ad. Its a video of a dog. I have to do all kinds of weird things to get the calculator back. Since i use the calculator at work its a huge hindrance and no longer worth the effort. Now i have to find another calculator
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