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User Reviews for Calculator

3.05 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
6 months ago, Nji6
Omg, I just have to laugh!
Nowadays before you use anything or do anything you have to read reviews so that’s what I do! But good lord, the cry babies leaving reviews here is hilarious! If you want the history function then go get an app that has that! Before you ask where’s the delete button, um there’s the clear button sweetie! If you’re typing 35+ and the 35 goes away, you probably need a new phone because it’s not the app! This is meant to be a basic app I’m sure because there’s 13 year olds with phones and they don’t get taught basic math in school anymore! Get a grip people! Ha
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2 weeks ago, Ed1….
It is borderline simple and im using it for high school education 🤦‍♂️
It is way too simple and simple in a way that makes the more complex functions confusing. The calculator is good at doing simple tasks for everyday life so i can’t complain too hard. However when doing algebra equations it is just way too simple, I can’t see what i recently inputted and honestly if you put numbers too quick sometimes they wont register(?) that part really annoys me because it often makes my calculations wrong and im confused why. Its pretty annoying, putting the wrong makes you restart. Someone mentioned “thats just laziness” but i don’t think you understand just how complex these personal finance algebraic equations get, sometimes im not aware until after i do the equation and having to put THIS MANY NUMBERS BACK IN CAREFULLY, is just annoying. I do like that the review that person left was nice, basically saying “cut them some slack” and i really do get that but it’s kinda not the point of honest reviews, this calculator isn’t good for anything more complex then % and negatives. Even putting in negative numbers tweaks out sometimes. Wouldn’t recommend for school, work or anything you have to be accurate and careful in. Good for calculating tips and dividing restaurant prices between friends. Thats it.
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9 months ago, Mûšhøøm
This is great!
Everyone is saying bad things about this app like if you type one wrong number then you must restart the entire problem which isn’t even a big deal just get over it. This is a great app and has a lot of different options to do an equation with and all everyone is talking about are the flaws. I understand that it’s the point about reviewing so that they can fix it but no one actually appreciates how good of a job this app does. Whenever me or my sister needs to do homework we use this since regular calculators don’t have as many buttons or options to use. This is a great way to figure out problems both basic and advanced. Most calculators don’t have these options so if you don’t like the app then just stick with that. Also not to mention that on iPad you can change the colors and background of the screen. This is such a great way of doing math even if it’s advanced and like the other review says, Apple works hard to get us apps we could use every day but all we are doing is hating on it. Please just get over it. That’s all I have to say. Thank you
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2 years ago, Hexadecimaul
Awful & outdated
If you hit one wrong number you have to start the entire problem over again. This is iOS. Not a 1990’s calculator. Please create a more modern version that shows every addition/ subtraction/ action being performed- please show the entire input! And please allow a backspace/ delete option for if you want to change what you just entered- that way if you press the wrong button you don’t have to start your entire problem over from the beginning. It’s so unnecessarily tedious. This is a basic function that maybe you all should focus on rather than any gimmicky thing you might be thinking of/ working on for the future. And the iPad. Really???? Get your basic functions modernized please Apple!!!!!!! Surely some creative millennials can accomplish this if you give them enough trophies and breaks/ extensions/ delays/ time off for therapy/ whatever it takes!!!! Also just want to add that I want everything through iOS. That’s why I want more from this calculator app. I don’t want a bunch of 3rd party apps who profit off my information and behavior.
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2 years ago, Periodddddd🦶🏽🤓
Ok and?
I don’t see why people are making a big deal out of this app? Apple tries really hard to make these apps for us to use them on our devices so at least give them some respect. Yes I understand that when you do type in the wrong number you do have to restart the equation all over again but it’s fine! If you guys don’t like doing that, that’s just borderline laziness. So if you guys really wanna write bad reviews at least appreciate that Apple put in the time to make this app. Think about it, out of all of Apple’s apps do you think you could make them exactly the same but still just to get bad reviews? Yeah I didn’t think so. Anyways I do rate it a 4/5 stars bc yeah when you do type in the wrong number you do have to restart but that’s ok. Thank you Apple for putting in the time to make amazing apps for us. Appreciate it 🥺👍🏽.
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1 year ago, Obidiah_Josepe
Does not display what you have typed
Why, with access to nigh infinitely malleable software, a company like apple would voluntarily choose to make their calculator work like it’s from 1973 is beyond me, but they have. The only thing that you can see is the current number you are typing, and that’s it. Once you’ve moved on from typing one number you will never see it again, not even when you’re done. That’s right, with a calculator that doesn’t display what you’ve typed you’d think you’d at least be able to review your equation in a history tab, but no, they couldn’t even do that. You gotta type every equation as carefully as a new password being double verified, because if you’re like me, you’re gonna type every god forsaken equation you have to do on this app at least twice, because the ambiguity otherwise is just unbearable. But, if you’re even more like me, you’re just gonna avoid this abomination of software like the plague.
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2 weeks ago, Wanda Galloza
These hackers from Apple technical
Has everyone on edge it’s not the application my people is employees harassing you all as they’ve done to me thanks to my ex they are all exposed to the truth they can delete all of my reviews as they’ve done many time but I will expose the truth on Facebook and TicTok enough is enough let me tell you a story a a women name Doris she said she knows how to destroy a person and these are her abilities she her self said it. Then a employee did the biggest oops ever he confused me with the other party and confessed everything he did on how they remotely connect to your phone with Technical support team you read it right. The employees from Apple and phone companies. Then they say it’s a breach. When they’ve given every information. Then he cut my lines off after I told him thank you for the information and I told him who he said it to. God is good all the time. Now they’ve changed my calculator and I cannot use it anymore. How sweet they are.
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10 months ago, Derekroetzel
Apple’s Calculator- A tool is as essential as it is frustratingly simple
Ah, the iPhone calculator—a tool as essential as it is frustratingly simple. The humble calculator app offers little more than a pocket calculator from 1985. Let's address the elephant in the room—the missing history feature. Even the abacus probably had a more advanced memory function than the iPhone calculator. Picture this: you're in the middle of some crucial calculations, adding up your monthly budget or dividing a restaurant bill by that awkward number of friends who showed up. One wrong tap, and poof! Your carefully entered numbers disappear into the ether, never to be seen again. Want to review your past calculations? Good luck! The iPhone calculator is the Snapchat of math—here today, gone in a split second, with zero recollection of its existence. Apple somehow decided that the ability to look back at your calculations is unnecessary. You know, just like how history classes are unnecessary; who needs to learn from the past? With iOS updates rolling out annually, featuring new emojis and AR capabilities, it seems astounding that a calculator history tab hasn't made the cut. Are they trying to save it as the show-stopping feature for iOS 23? While we wait for Apple to add a feature as radical as "history," feel free to jot down your calculations on a piece of paper—just like your ancestors did it.
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1 year ago, Lem0n head
Severely disappointed in Apple…
I have a few things, Firstly, the user interface is horrible. The fact that certain features are hidden until you rotate your phone is absurd, there should at least be a button to change between the two in portrait mode. And the fact that you cannot see what you have inputted into the calculator, nor what you have previously calculated makes the situation worse. Parentheses don’t even show up during a calculation once pressed, and god forbid you accidentally click the wrong mathematical symbol! Secondly, the application that they have labeled a UTILITY, is disgustingly incapable of doing simple maths such as the equation “6/2(1+2)”. In which the calculator provides the answer as “2”, when the correct answer is “1”. And while that may not be far off, it is not something that is complicated to compute. And the fact that I cannot see if I typed the equation correctly makes the situation all the worse! For such a large and wealthy company I cannot believe you haven’t seen this error. You should really look into redesigning and correctly calibrating this simple basic app and it’s functions, because at this point you’re essentially providing misinformation to the public.
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1 month ago, Puppygirl🐶❤️💛🩷🩵
Why all the hate?
This is honestly a really good calculator app! I use it all the time for homework, because all you have to do is pull out your phone or device! It has tons of different functions, like squares, cubes, or square roots, which are really helpful to have in certain areas of math! And ok, ok! We all get it! I understand that like many calculators, it can be difficult and frustrating to have to restart a problem so many times after entering a wrong number…but come on! It’s not that big of a deal! It’s one more minute of your day, and you’ll be ok! Anyway, automatically having this app on your Apple device is very helpful and useful, so please consider using it because it has all of the functions that we need, so please don’t give it so much hate for just that one inconvenience! If you got this far, thank you so much for reading and please give this app a chance! And thank you Apple for making this amazing calculator app it is really helpful to me and others I’m sure! 🥳👏🥳🥳👏👏
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7 months ago, Cecelia Her
Basic Calculator
I wish there were more perks and options with the already installed calculator. Like the option to see it’s history or how we would like to organize the calculator to fit our needs. I’m a forgetful person most times so my need is that I need a calculator that shows me what I have already inputted. Otherwise I also have to get the paper and pen out. I really love convenient things to make life simple and easy. The app is simple and easy but not really convenient. It’s a shame that I have to download a different calculator app. Having great already-installed apps that come with the phone is what I would say would make a brand also thrive and to get more noticed. To make a new phone worth its purchase and to stand out.
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6 months ago, Spiderman09_94
Calculator is a W
Everyone keeps saying you have to restart if you type the number wrong but that’s not true. This is a typical calculator and is way easier then having to by one at the store and always use it. If you type in the wrong number all you have to go is swipe your finger to the left on the number and it goes away. A lot of calculators that are bought don’t allow you to delete. So I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about a free app that everyone uses all the time. This is a 5/5 and I have no complaints.
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5 months ago, .。・゚・(ノ∀`)・゚・。.
Three things that could be better with the app
The simplicity of this app backfires on itself. For one thing, you can't see every number you imputed when doing long equations so if you messed up on one number you'll have to imput everything again. Next is that there is no clear delete for if you typed a number wrong, youl have to retype the whole thing. It could be a skill issue but then again it's not just me that has that problem. Another thing that I personally find annoying is that the calculator app doesn't have a widget you can add to your home screen. It's something that's very convenient to have but alright with forgoing since it doesn't negatively impact the app.
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2 years ago, Izabwella
Failed bc of this app...!!!!.!.!.!.!.!!!!.
Okay, first off, I can do math okay. I barely even use this app. But the first time I used it, it was for a basic problem. I was just checking my work. It said a different answer than what I got so I changed my answer cuz how can a CALCULATOR be wrong? I turned in my assignment and he marked the question that I changed wrong and put the correct answer. It WAS THE ANSWER I GOT BEFORE. I was confused and said, " I checked with my calculator. " My professor showed me how to do the problem and I had it right the first time. I was upset but figured I put the numbers in wrong. So when I got home, I tried the calculator with 2+3. It said 18!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!! Like, the answer is 5. I kept trying with other problems and they were all wrong. Please help Apple. DO NOT USE APP NEVER RIGHT.
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2 years ago, Hughca
Has potential
If it would show the things that you put into the calculator instead of just displaying the answer, that alone would make it 10x better. Things like using parentheses and multiple operations are hard to perform when you don't even see what you are doing. Also the sin cos and tan functions are weird. You have to press the number then the function which I find is not near as nice as the way a ti84 would work. Also, having to flip my screen to get to things like power and functions is really inconvenient. At least add a setting that could make this app more like a normal calculator for those who wanted it. I understand why light users would be ok with the way it is now but it is pretty inconvenient for everyone else.
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11 months ago, anonymous 123459928
It’s a calculator…
Is does exactly what it’s supposed to do and it will work just like a regular calculator. Also I saw Someone say they paid $5 for add removal and they had a subscription on it that renewed after one your and they didn’t know they was being charged… this app has no adds at all and it has no subscription or anything to buy that costs money. This is just a simple calculator app with no adds or subscriptions. I don’t know why people are saying that they paid money to add and subtract, but this is not true at all.😂
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1 year ago, Jslvsclf
The best calculator
I can’t remember if I wrote a review, so here’s either the first or the second! I really really like this calculator. I like its large print. I can’t see that well anymore and this is a huge help. I had a brain aneurysm several years ago and my mind is not the same as it used to be. I have a very difficult time with addition and subtraction, sometimes even with the simplest equations, like what is 6+9 or, today, how do I divide 50 between two people? Thank you very very much for this!
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5 months ago, vnhvnhv
Stop complaining!!!!
I gave this app a 5/5. I normally don’t rate apps but this one I had to. There is no way that this app deserves a 3.1 out of 5. You guys are acting like you have never used this app to finish your math homework or project. You guys are giving it bad reviews for it making you restart when you make a mistake that you want to fix. It is not the apps fault. It’s your fault that you made the mistake. You guys are giving this app bad reviews because of your mistakes. STOP THE HATE ON THIS APP!!!!! 😡😡😡
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5 months ago, Backroomsfan196
Great game!
To start, you pick a character and grab a pair of binoculars, and then you spot the treasure by the X. But be careful! As soon as you get the treasure, there’s this snake thing. But it’s okay, because you can pick up the axe, the bow or the arrow and kill it! And then just see what you got. The only flaw is that it doesn’t have any female characters, but there’s no males either so it balances it out. There’s also some glitches with certain commands, like trying to use the arrow with the balloon. So yea, pretty good game, 4 stars out of 5, would play again.
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7 months ago, that one girl ✨
Apple Calucaltor… is it supposed to be good?
Ok so… right now I’m working on Algebra 1 in math, and I don’t want to pull my physical calculator out when I have homework. So, I’m like… well I can use my phone! Except… I can’t. Fractions are a basic part of math, right? So when I want to do fraction math, I have to get out of my comfortable spot, and grab my calculator. (It sounds like I’m really lazy, but who wants to get out of a comfy blanket and position just to get a calculator on a Friday night?) So… if you could… PLEASE ADD FRACTIONS I do NOT want to keep converting, multiplying/dividing, then convert again. 😠 Thanks!! 🫠😚 In summary, please add fractions (maybe your rating will go up? 🤷🏻‍♀️)!!! And the tip thing like on Apple Watch 😁😁
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1 year ago, Raegan_thedancer
Just why???
I don’t understand, why are people blaming it on the calculator app? There is just something wrong with their phones. And I also don’t understand because one person “Thanks for notes!” And now there blaming in the wonderful, amazing, great, and totally useful( everybody’s phone doesn’t work so to them it’s not useful.) calculator app! I love just playing on calculator and just doing random numbers and adding them, subtracting them, etc. I am giving this a 5 Star review!
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3 years ago, ksarp_
Quit making your apps complicated
Just because this calculator made for apple doesn't mean you have to cut out so many features to the point where im confused if my equation has even been typed in. I wont ever know if 1/2 has been typed in for example because 1/2 wont show. It will be 1 and THEN the 2 bur the calculator wont show me 1/2. I NEED to see the freaking equation im working on to be able to make use of a freaking calculator. Quit marketing this calculator as the best looking calculator apple has ever made when it cant even do the simplest thing (such as showing my freaking equations). Your calculators only good use is for my 2+2 equations. And thats very embarrassing. Worst rated calculator in the world. And its on YOUR app store!!!?
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6 months ago, Diegoschokehold
Users are dumb
everyone saying you have restar the entire equation if you mess up a single number, when all you have to do is C out and type the correct number. it doesn’t delete the entire equation, just the one currently being entered. people are just dumb and don’t know how to use apps. the only reason i’m giving 4star and not 5 is because they should allow you too see the entire equation you’re working on and not just the current numbers being entered.
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5 months ago, Mckynlee Salisbury
A calculator on a phone?!
This is probably one of my new favorite apps for school! It helps with my numbers and adding, subtraction, multiplication, and division. I used to use a real calculator to do math and I always had to set it up to get it ready and took forever! 😒 I’m so glad I have this app and so glad I throw that calculator away 🤣! I still have confusion on how to use it cause it just is confusing. But it’s okay cause I get better at it every time I use it! 🥰😘
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1 year ago, Reinstalled calculator
iPhone calculator
I find how to reinstall the calculator that comes on the iPhone. Swipe to your main Home Screen and wipe one more time left to right, then swipe down from top to bottom until you get pass all the news stuff and whatever else there is then you will see the calculator up there so hold the widget until u can drag it down like you do other apps to rearrange it and drag to where you want it
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2 weeks ago, ( ´▽` )-☆
Very convenient
I think this Calculator is very convenient after all if you have an Apple phone, it comes downloaded and I don’t understand why people give us such a low score. I mean after all Apple works really hard for us to have these apps and I don’t understand why people actually give it a low score. It’s not that it’s very very good but people mostly say that it’s outdated or like out rated or blah blah blah but I would give it a four star because I think it’s pretty convenient and good.
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2 years ago, maintenance technician
Ads affect functionality
The app does what it’s supposed to fairly well, but if you need to do a quick decimal to binary or hex conversion often throughout your day it gets super aggravating to have to wait on an ad to finish before starting. It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t load a video ad EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU OPEN THE APP! I work in automotive manufacturing so sometimes I need to figure out a conversion really quickly but wait a minute everyone. I know we need to get the line moving, but before we can I have to learn about candy crush for the next 30 seconds. Just put in a banner ad and save me from this madness.
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3 years ago, cutebutsad
Needs app for IPads
I have needed this app for school and to Kay count stuff and sometimes I do school work on my IPad. I do stuff on my phone too, but this app should really be on a IPad. I would think why haven’t you put the calculator app on the IPad yet? You are one of the best things to get phones, IPads, AirPods, etc, but to see you just don’t have a simple app on the IPad is disappointing. I hope you put on there now or soon. Thank you if you read. I hope you consider what I have said.
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2 years ago, Solvent Drop
Good for basic calculator and that’s it
One star because it is a default app and made me download another calculator app. As for a default app on iPhone should be promising but it lack features if you have to deal with numbers constantly. What I personally miss the most is the RPN mode, it is a must have on any calculator for me. Two features I would love to have to give it a 5 star rating: RPN mode with 2 or 3 lines of data and Backspace button. I wouldn’t think of downloading another calculator app if it had those things added to it. Already has this feature on MacOS. Other nice feature to have is a financial mode besides scientific mode when you tilt your iPhone
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2 years ago, MikaylaRene01
Ads make this app unusable
I don’t have a problem with having ads on my calculator app. But this has gone too far. You can’t open the app without multiple pop ups, video ads will come up in the middle of trying to type in an equation that are unskippable for 3-5 seconds, by which time I’ve forgotten what numbers I was trying to type in. This is just atrocious. I could live with the banner ads, even the pop-ups when first opening the app. That was fine. But whatever complete brain dead moron thought that unskippable video ads would be a good idea in a calculator should probably lose their job. This app is no longer functional.
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7 months ago, Micro Hazard
Not practical for heavy use
I work in a laboratory where you need a calculator all the time. Any mistake can significantly affect your data/results. When doing calculations, I like to revisit my procedures to double-check if no mistakes were done during the calculations. Unfortunately, with this calculator app, it is very frustrating to do this since there is no history option and no delete or edit your numbers as well. It is a shame because it seems like a good calculator that is inhibited by lack of important and quality of life functions. I would recommend another calculator while (or if) Apple ever add these type of features to its app.
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2 years ago, Friend_ljh
Disappeared from my home screen.
Some other people have been saying that this app has disappeared from their home screen. The same thing has happened to me and I have no idea how to get it back on it’s a huge pain and I’ve been trying to get it back for at least a half an hour now. I also have a newer phone so that might be the problem but if anybody knows how to get it back please tell me!
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2 years ago, Gamer-Noah
Very fun game, a little buggy
This game is awesome and nostalgic. I’ve been playing it for years. I do have some requests to the devs. Can you update the game? Like I’ve said, I’ve been playing for years but no updates. Also, there’s a bug when I use the balloon with the shuriken against another balloon, it makes a balloon. This is what happens. I do 0*0 and it comes out 0. Please fix this. Also the graphics are trash.
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2 years ago, andy58693827484
Remarkably Poorly Executed Utility
Apple is generally pretty good at these sorts of utilities but the calculator app has been sub-standard for many years. The parenthesis are all but useless, as the app is extraordinarily hostile to any kind of diverse user input. It’s functionality is on-par with a cheap calculator from the 1980s. My expectation of a scientific calculator is to be able to type a complex equation into the screen, then hit equals, and have it compute the answer according to PEMDAS. Would savable variables be too much to ask for? Any calculator from Texas Instruments or Casio can do this, just pick one and copy the functionality. Maybe Apple just makes too much money on royalties from third party calculator apps.
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3 months ago, Haroldboi7 (not ronaldOMG)
Makes no sense
This is literally a calculator. I never knew that you could even make a calculator this bad. It does not care about order of operations and the parentheses do literally nothing. You can’t even get this app on an iPad. Please just make an Apple calculator for an iPad. There isn’t even a π button on the watch version. To do a square root, you press the number that you want a square root of and then press the square root button. With regular exponents, this makes sense but not with square roots. I don’t even know how to use the things that have an x and a y on them. It doesn’t show you the entire equation that you put into it.
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6 months ago, The weather man sejun
This review isn’t a misscaculation
So I was taking a test and my teacher fainted so I whipped out this bad boy and started calculating the answers while the other students were doing CPR on my teachers foot!!!! So anyways when I was doing putting in the numbers I got a decimal and I’m no mathematician but I’m pretty sure there are no decimals allowed on a college test so I had to guess the answers!!!! At the end of the test this made me get a D!!!!! And I ended up dropping out of college because apparently u guys reported that I was using this app during a test or something. My teacher said it’s because we have cameras but I know u bailed me out!!!!! The mathematician Sejun
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2 years ago, waffle 🧇
Please read before you buy
So I got this app, right? Thinking, “hey! I could use a good app to help me with math!” So I look on the apple store and just download this one, thinking, “ it’s a calculator app. How can it be bad?” Well I was wrong. Let me explain. I downloaded the app and was immediately asked for a subscription, which confused me, because it’s a calculator app, and usually, or at least the ones I’ve had, never needed a subscription. Then I realized after like, every math problem there would be an add. Why. Then after doing 3 math problems on this, apparently I can’t anymore because I NEED to pay the subscription to use this everyday. 😬
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2 years ago, make a new calculator apple
Worst Calculator I’ve Ever Seen
I never thought the calculator app would be something I miss about my Samsung but here I am. I don’t understand how they managed to make a calculator this difficult to use. It erases all of your inputs and there isn’t even an “answer” button to input the answer from a previous problem so you basically need a photographic memory if you want to do anything but the most simple problems. Also from what I’ve seen the other calculator apps on here are equally as terrible or they have so many ads that you basically can’t use them. I just switched to apple and I’m not impressed.
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4 months ago, D'orazia
No backspace, no history
Is Apple in the pocket of Big Calculator? It feels that way, because when I use this app I start to feel like going out and buying an actual calculator. How is it possible that this app STILL has not been updated to have a backspace button and the ability to view history? We’re not asking for a graphing calculator, just for a couple basic additions to make this a truly functional calculator. I’m downloading a different calculator app because I’d rather deal with ads than with the flaws in this app.
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3 months ago, Void1123
It works and there are no charges
It works well there are no charges like what are you talking about there are none I wish maybe there was a backspace button but don’t be lazy just restart is it really that are to click a button then type it again but if it had a backspace button it would be better
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1 year ago, Owenazuris
It’s a calculator
I would normally give this app 4 stars as it works as intended but could have more functionality, but after reading the hilarious one star reviews I decided to bump it. Read these reviews to see either the laziest people ever or people that can not even use a basic calculator. If they are serious I don’t understand how they function in society.
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6 months ago, ryigw sayiygreny iyurt
Found a way to erase ONE number
For all y’all that are to lazy to actually FIX the problem of erasing a WHOLE problem, I found the way. All you need to do is swipe the number that you want to erase. I am rating this a 2 because Apple probably did not put that much time into the product. I don’t like the fact that you only get all the scientific stuff when you turn your phone. You also have to have something like photographic memory in order to actually REMEMBER the problem. Apple, PLEASE fix these bugs.
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9 months ago, everett271
The Worse App Apple has made.
This calculator is fine if all you need to do is a quick equation. However for people who work with money and actually do more than add 1+1… this is completely useless. The app is slow to respond to input, it doesn’t have history and it does let you backspace on numbers. I don’t know how Apple can’t make a decent calculator app, but then again it took them nearly 17 years to ad the ability o have multiple timers on their platform so I guess I’m not surprised. Apple used to make a big deal out of the little things… not so much anymore.
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9 months ago, IsaacWJones
Did you know?
This app is a great standard or scientific calculator. Lots of people complain that you can’t delete a number if you mess up and or input a wrong digit, but if you just swipe left on the number it actually deletes a single digit at a time. Give it a try, and it makes this app so much better. Apple and their little hidden features 😉
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1 year ago, ratedpaper.io2
It’s ok
The character with the arrow hat falls through the wall everytime you try to access the closet. How am I supposed to get to my inventory? It works fine with the other characters but not Spencer. The elderly character with the broken back does not interact well with the gun victim; primarily when you use a throwing star on him. Could you fix these glitches please? Thanks!
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11 months ago, Tech Guy MA
Too many ads
I used to use this app all the time. However lately it takes several minutes of waiting and clicking through ads before I can do a simple calculation. This defeats the whole purpose of a calculator for simple computations. I can do them in my head or quickly on a piece of paper faster than this app. I started with a slide rule and was ecstatic when the original Wang and HP calculators were first available. The advent of phone app calculators is fantastic but I probably will not be wasting my time on this particular app if the long delays continue.
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10 months ago, Norsizzle
Good app, dumb people
I’m confused why almost everyone is furious about this app. It’s better than they will ever be, it’s easy to use, and it’s convenient. No one cares about looks, except for ① person. Plus if you're going to school, middle school (like me) and you parents bought the wrong calculator for homework, THIS APP E̳X̳I̳S̳T̳S̳. So Idk what all the fuss is about but it's stupid
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1 year ago, chuvak22
Looks outweigh functionality
I use the calculator for work every day, but it is extremely frustrating to use. I have to turn it sideways to use parentheses, and even then I’m not sure if I’m putting the correct things in parentheses because it doesn’t show you what you are entering or what you have entered. I wish it would type it all out so that you could see the whole equation like Samsung does. Also because it doesn’t show what is being typed I have to start completely over if I made a mistake or if I even think I made a mistake
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1 year ago, SigepUt07
Beware Fake Reviews
This app is free from Apple and comes pre-installed on your iPhone. There are no subscription fees or charges. It is a simple calculator with some advanced features (think like a $5-$10 calculator you could buy at any store, not a $50+ scientific/graphing calculator). Most of these other calculator apps are shady. This one is not. Hope this helps.
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5 months ago, loce this liv
Ok stop with the bad reviews y'all! I saw a review where someone said that Apple took their time with this app , and it’s true, Honestly you guys should be more nicer because Apple DID go out of their way to make this app! 5 stars because it’s Very helpful for me and helps me a lot! Thank you apple for creating this app I love it! Until then 🫶🏽
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