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Impala Studios
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4 weeks ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Calculator‘

4.67 out of 5
340.9K Ratings
2 years ago, VaryingDegreesOfRight
The History Function is Simply Fantastic
Your Calculator app is 100% the absolute best calculator app I have ever used. I have diagnosed ADHD, and trying to keep a budget can be difficult (I have literal notebooks filled with budgets from years of trying - lol). The history function & feature on your app has allowed me to go back when I forget whether I included a bill amount, and verify whether I need to recalculate. It has saved me so much time & money in my many years of using it. Your Calculator app was the first I ever tried on my very first iPad, and I have downloaded it on every iPadOS device since. It changed the way I do all financial calculations. I am just so happy to be able to support this company in any way, even just with the annual subscription to this app. Thank you for designing something simple, practical, and completely functional.
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1 year ago, Tired of apps overdoing ads
I switched from Samsung to Apple. It’s been two years and frankly I still miss some features of my Samsung. One of them being the calculator. I run a small business primarily through my phone and regularly need to make multiple calculations with the results I just calculated. My Samsung would let me copy a result and plug it right back in… I greatly miss that feature. I downloaded this app and have found it adequate to meet my needs. There have always been ads and I understand I’m using a free app so ads are how it is funded…. HOWEVER recently the ads have been overwhelming. As soon as I open the calculator remembering the numbers I just read from a different app that I need to calculate there’s ads now with multiple screens I have to click through and they are happening constantly. I have found myself opening the app getting through the ad and then going back to reread the figures to make sure I don’t make a mistake. It’s easily doubling if not tripling the time it should be taking me. At this point it would be quicker for me to go back to the original app and just open a note and record my own history.
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10 months ago, NoFoolmePls
Ads are out of control
As other reviews note, the app is well designed and does math as expected. I also use the “ad supported” free version. I’ve been using this app for probably four years. My two concerns prompting me to look for another calculator app is indeed the (clearly getting out of control) advertising assault. I’ve never minded the typical, fairly small bottom of app advertising scroll and -OCCASIONAL- full screen advertising hit that only took one easy to see (X) to close that full page ad to continue. BUT, recent “updates” now have this app an advertising pain. Full page ads are a constant, the “X to close” discretely shaded within the ad, with another right on the heels. While I understand what free gets me, regarding the “subscription”, one it’s not cheap, and two, RECURRING not cheap is simply a full stop. The terms of service and privacy policy already spell out how much data about me this app collects and obviously resold for company revenue. Just SELL ME THE APP for a reasonable price. And be done with me. A subscription suggests constant new material and varying product. And that would be??
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4 years ago, Ambient Lizard
An Effective #2...
I usually accomplish my calculating needs with a TI-30X-II-S, as it is ideal for the common trigonometry that pops up in daily life. However, if I find myself without it, yet have my iPad, then this calculator app is often the next logical option. It performs all the functions necessary with an acceptable visual interface, but my preference is for the feel of a dedicated device that almost becomes an extension of my hand. The physical touch of the entering data on a touch screen is less appealing to me, as I have to look at the screen to avoid input error; the TI allows touch familiarity, much like when operating a TV remote. For casual use, it is a solid option. For my preferences, it is my second option... for now.
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9 months ago, gregfcarlson
Ads keep getting worse - deleted
I’ve been using this app for many years. It didn’t used to have ads but I understand it’s a way for the developer to recover some costs. However, the ads have become obnoxious enough that I finally deleted this app today and installed a different calculator app that has very small ads that don’t interrupt me while doing calculations. The new calculator app also has an option to remove ads for 1/3 the cost of removing them in this app. To be specific about my issues with the ads in this app, when I start up the app, there’s a splash screen then an ad encouraging me to upgrade. Once that goes away, the calculator pops up so I start doing my calculations. After a couple of seconds, the next ad pops up and some of my keystrokes are lost. Both ads are full screen so they completely lock me out from doing calculations until they’re done. It’s just not worth it when there are so many other good calculator app options in the App Store.
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1 year ago, Zildjiancat
Used to be great. Now way too many ads
This calculator used to be so handy. Now ads constantly run all over the top of the calculator obscuring the math. What is the point of a calculator if you cannot see the numbers because all you see are ads? I cannot fathom why apps like this think anyone would be happy to see nothing but ads, or why anyone advertising like this would think people would be so happy seeing their ads screw up anything they were trying to do would then decide to purchase any product that was preventing people from performing their task. Ridiculous behavior by both the calculator people (allowing advertisers to be so obnoxious and ruin their app) and the idiot advertisers themselves being so greedy an obnoxious. Calculator app people: show users you actually have brains, and dump 90% of your ads. Not only are they constantly intrusive, but they drain precious battery power on devices by running in the background awaiting their chance to be shown all over the app. Monumental waste of users’ time just to use a calculator.
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2 years ago, EdWaRdW818
Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse…
Just wonder thought it couldn’t get worse than 1-2 popups a day, they outdid themselves with a smaller popup that comes up every time I either switch apps or take a while in between equations (e.g. while flipping through paperwork). Since I have ADHD, this REALLY breaks my concentration, and it went from an unobtrusive banner at the bottom to being worse than a spammy clickbait site (because at least they have an end)! I know you got bills to pay, but this is RIDICULOUS! Also, I would consider paying a one time fee to get rid of the ads just for the history function alone, but did you REALLY have to make it a SUBSCRIPTION?! I’d almost rather lug around a physical calculator everywhere, because I know that when I give Texas Instruments my money ONCE, it won't bombard me with ads or charge me for using it every year (which paying for this 3 years could buy me a TI-30XIIS)! This time I'm actually uninstalling this garbage, and anybody reading this should either ditch this app or move onto the next app!
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3 years ago, Clicker 74
Review for calculator
I absolutely love that it gives a history. It is the first calculator that I have used that I can check to see if I entered things correctly. Plus it has a back arrow to correct mistakes if I notice them right away. I may have made an error, or sometimes, I forget to press the function key of adding another item and therefore two things get all run together. Any other calculator, I would have to start all over, but not with this one. Thank you for a couple priceless improvements. I now want to use this calculator over any other one or even an adding machine.
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10 months ago, JTD99
Unless you intend to pay for the app, the adds make it unusable.
I been using this app for years. Recently the app has become almost unusable because of the full screen adds that hold the app hostage. In areas with limited cell coverage the app won’t even open the calculator because it is apparently trying to download the add. Once the add does open the “x” that you need to close it doesn’t immediately appear, so you are forced to just sit there until the little “x” appears. It is clear that this is nothing more than a corporate decision to force all users to pay for their app. This attitude towards their users is why there is absolutely no way I will pay money for the app. A scroller add at the top or bottom of the page is fine with me, but I won’t give in to corporate extortion. I will be deleting the app after this review and finding another calculator app that won’t extort me for the use of their app.
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6 years ago, BJonesSLP
Functional, but...
A huge improvement over the stock calculator, but, as other reviewers have noted, the ad coverage is annoying. I could deal with the ever-present banner at the bottom, but the full-screen pop-up that just recently started completely disables the app, and the tiny kill-switch “x” in the corner is—by design, of course—virtually impossible to engage, frequently making it necessary to exit the app and restart in order to restore function. I’d happily pay a one-time fee to get rid of the ads, but the option isn’t available. Although I do like the app, the advertising interference has me looking for an alternative.
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4 years ago, FarmGirlG
Finally a calculator that shows the history
Now I don’t need to purchase and adding machine. I’ve been planning on buying one for a while because I really want to see the history of my entries, but this is even better; no need to print it out and buy/waste paper adding machine tape. No need to even buy an adding machine. I know that there are other calculator apps which show the history in some inconspicuous location if you know the secret password and cross your eyes just so, but this one is so much more convenient. The history is up front and center without having to say the magic word. Well done!
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6 years ago, \TheBatman/
Simple App with Nice Features, but needs Ad Free Option
I like this more than Apple’s default Calculator. Since a recent iOS upgrade, Apple’s Calculator became less responsive. Installed Calculator HD, and enjoyed the simple design and the “History” feature. I can’t tell you how many times I forgot what I just calculated only to wish I had some sort of “back” button. A major draw back to this App is that it is loaded with ads. There’s a banner on the bottom, and a full screen ad pops up almost every time you load it up. I don’t want ads, and I’m willing to pay a one-time fee to get rid of them, but there isn’t any option like that. The developers also make another Calculator app, but that requires a monthly fee. I think that’s outlandish. I don’t want to pay a continuous fee for a Calculator. That’s ridiculous.
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8 months ago, Fitter Fred
Too many ads.
I’ve used this app four 3 years or so. I’ve come to the App Store to find a new calculator app to replace it. I don’t mind seeing ads on a free app but this has gotten out of control with multiple full screen pop ups that interrupt my calculations. I guess they need to make money but I read all these reviews about folks deleting the app and it seems to me they are going to lose more money than they make. If you are looking for a calculator app I suggest you scroll past this one and keep looking.
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2 years ago, Phineas Tolstoy
Good calculator, distracting ads
I have used this app for years. I understand the need for ads in a free app. IF the ads simply loaded at the bottom each time I launched the app, that would be fine. IF the price for no ads was a one-time, $1 or $2 or $3, that would be fine. But moving distracting ads? Not fine. But a recurring $6 a year fee? Not fine. I wonder, if someone pays that, then deletes the app later, do the payments stop? Or do they have to jump through hoops to stop paying for no ads in an app they no longer use? A calculator is a simple enough app, that I think I can find one with no ads, or with simple, non-distracting ads, or with a simple, one-time fee so I don’t have to see ads. Covering my keypad with ads, or having them constantly flashing in my field of view, is simply not acceptable. And asking for repeated payments to stop the ads, is simply not acceptable. It sort of reminds me of those street shakedowns: “hey, nice app ya got there. Be a shame if something happened to it. How’s $6 a year sound for ‘protection’?” Thanks for the app, while it was good. But I gotta go now.
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2 years ago, Deco madness
Should be named ad attack pro!
This app has some really great features. I’ve been using this calculator for many years but increasingly, serving up advertisements has become the main focus of this app to the point where every calculation is interrupted by an ad. I would gladly pay a reasonable price to own this app outright, but the only option the developer offers is a monthly subscription to avoid the constant ad attack. Since the app has become unusable, I will be deleting it and looking for a better alternative which may mean pulling my old Casio Scientific Calculator out of the drawer. I bought it, I own it, and it doesn’t insert ads into every calculation I try to make. What a relief that will be.
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6 years ago, Soo-gee
Just a normal calculator.
I just needed a calculator. They don’t seem to make them anymore. They are all so complicated. This is really easy to use. It keeps track of what you have recently done so you can your work while you are using the calculator. Kind of a safety measure if you get interrupted while using it. Cool 😊 It also has a scientific calculator for those who need that you can switch too that one if that is what you need. I really appreciate that they are separated. Thank you for thinking of all of us.
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4 days ago, The Music Family
Too Many Ads
Originally, I loved it. Now, I can’t stand it on my iPad. Why? Every time I use it, before I can complete a calculation, a pop-up ad appears. The ad covers the whole screen, and most of the time, you can’t find where the “X” is to close the ad. I am removing this calculator from my iPad today. Originally, an ad would pop up occasionally, and it was easy to figure out where you could touch to close the ad, If you weren’t interested in what it was offering. Below, you will find my original review, as I enjoyed it for several years. Title: Great app that Works as it Should What more is there to say? I’ve never a problem. No glitches, never crashes my iPad, and didn’t slow it down either. It is fast and efficient. Just works!
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5 years ago, LilaLou
I deleted because of an odd setting in app, that would not let me access said setting. Kept popping up as a “failed” attempt to access, when I would try to enter to delete my “remote profile” what ever the f that is even!?!? Most likely just another data stealing/selling tactic like MOST of these apps and OUR cell devices are!!! Simple exploits in the war of tyrants, wringing us dry of every last drop and reduced to data to be sold for profits! But hey I could be wrong, perhaps the developer would like to chime in and explain what the “remote profile” is and why it is even necessary for a GD calculator app on MY PHONE!?!? Lol (WHAT IS FREEDOM OF CHOICE FOR $5000!?!bahahaaa) And they could further explain why there seems to be a perpetuated bug that makes user incapable of changing this odd setting off!?!?
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7 years ago, Foxliam
The best calculator app!
This calculator app is absolutely the best. You can do scientific functions or basic math it even allows you to use the memory keys. There is also history section that keeps track of all the calculations just in case you need them. End it also shows you in list form everything that you were typing in so you can make sure that if you make a mistake you can fix it fast. It’s simple and easy to use. I also really love the huge buttons.
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2 years ago, JS Town
Great calculator… but
It really was a nice calculator, it was my favorite until recently. There has always been an ad at the bottom of the display, which was fine. They recently started large pop-up ads that are very intrusive, and often make me have to restart the app. The only way to get rid of the ads is to buy a yearly subscription. Yep, that’s right, they want a yearly subscription for a calculator. I would happily pay a ONE time fee of $2.99 for a calculator app, but anything more than that is simply ridiculous in my opinion.
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4 weeks ago, Ellee27
Very Annoying Ads—Not Worth It
The calculator works well, but only after you run through a gauntlet of popup ads; however, trying to use the actual app can take more than a few minutes and sometimes requires closing & restarting. Once the 1st or 2nd popup ad interrupts use and slowing you down, the calculator becomes available. UNFORTUNATELY, this is when another popup appears that has no button for removal (swiping doesn’t work, either). The app must be closed and restarted, which does not always work and you still have to get through the new popups. This last popup starts after you start using the calculator. This was not the case for the first year or so.
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5 years ago, Jrsweny
Decimal place I can see, plz and thx
A decimal place I can see, that’s all I’m asking for in any of these apps, on any of the keyboards on laptops can we make the (,) and the (.) a little bit bigger not like the due date on my Visa bill in a 6 font give me a 14 -16 font (just for those two buttons, the rest of the buttons are fine, who cares if it’s a little bigger than the rest, that’s all I’m looking for, a basic calculator for my staff without the goodies because they’ll get confused. I’ll pay $4.95 for it, just give me a decimal place I can (*#:$) see and a (%) key, I don’t need (+/-). I’m not sorry, pizza shop kids fresh out of high school with terrible math skills don’t need a plus/minus button.
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3 years ago, Blondie-Locs
This app does exactly what I need done without the dizzying options that some calculators come with and without the overly disruptive advertisements. I’ve used this calculator for years having been disappointed with the bombardment of distractions on other calc. apps. This app stays on my home screen dock and is placed there any time I get a new device. Developers occasionally create apps that are worthy of being “Go To’s.” This is one of them. That about “SUMS” it up.😉
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9 months ago, fydvn
I guess I have to actually write something for the "send" option to light up...and it did, of course. Since I'm here, I might as well let you know, I've been using this app for 11 years and it works. However, when I was in college I had to download another app to do linear equations. That was the only time I needed a different calculator. Otherwise, this was/has and continues to do my "every day math" quite efficiently.
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2 years ago, Mreze...
Overtaken by ads
I’ve been using this calculator for years. All I really wanted was a calculator that showed calculation history and the option to backspace (instead of starting a calculation all over). This did both and did it well. Sure there were ads, but they were at the bottom and weren’t obtrusive. Not anymore. Now, it’s a constant barrage of pop-ups. Not just “one a day” or something like some apps are using (though even that is extremely annoying). No, this is EVERY time you start a new calculation. Why couldn’t you just leave it as is? Now I have to take the time to find an alternative to something similar to what you USED to have.
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8 months ago, Wingman301
Would give ZERO stars if I could…..
Such a terrible experience with multiple full-screen ads in this app every time I want to do a basic calculator function. This is so terrible that I’m removing the app and I will never purchase an app from this company. Yep! That aggregated!! Here’s a clue…..give basic function free with small banner ad at bottom of screen that doesn’t interfere in operations. For a small one-time fee, offer worthwhile advanced features. This doesn’t have you lose customers and have you sow frustration to point that people never want to buy from you! Im moving on to Sci: Pro Calc app which is free, offers many more functions that this app and has no ads!
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3 years ago, Mr. Remark
Cluttered = Confident + Comprehensive
At first I didn’t enjoy this app because it is visually cluttered/confusing. As I used it each day, I appreciate the storage area on the left side which can be fully deleted or delete individual calculations. I am on a 1200 calorie/day diet and I use this to determine the calories for each meal then transfer the result to another calculator. If I had to select only one calculator in the App Store, this would be the definitive one.
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10 months ago, The real Maureen
ADS are a distraction
This used to be a good calculator. Then they changed some things and using it are a big PITA. They moved the MC, AC, M+, MR, and M- buttons to the top and they were on the side. When using a basic calculator the eyes go right to the top so having those in the way of your eyes going to the numbers. The first thing you enter are numbers so why should those functions you don’t use be the in the way? The ads are a nuisance. When I open the calculator I do not want to see an ad first thing to purchase a premium version of this calculator. I want to use the calculator. I’ve put up with these changes long enough. Will be using another calculator instead.
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5 years ago, SamCfan
Slow audio feedback
I like this app and now use it instead of my old stand-alone calculator, and would prefer to deduct only a fraction of a star. The only flaw is that the audio feedback lags behind the actual keytouch just enough to be noticed. I can touch a second key by the time I hear the click of the first. This is confusing because I have to look up to make sure the first touch registered. I like having audio feedback, but may have to silence it unless future updates reduce the lag time.
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4 years ago, Awesomedude
Holy guacamole!
I am not exaggerating in the slightest this application has changed my life for the best. Before, I had trouble adding, subtracting, and dividing (I’ve always had a knack for multiplying so I’ve rarely had issues in that front) but since this app, I have been just absolutely crunching the he*l out of some numbers! This is so much worse than the built in calculator application. PS if Meghan is reading this congratulations on getting married last night! From nay love, Susannah
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5 months ago, asdfhjk, vdeerul
Basic calculator plus
I have enjoyed this app for several years. I only use the basic functions, but if you need more then it is available. Personally I detest algebra and have no use for scientific functions. Basic is fine for remodeling and landscape work. Keep up the great app! Really really recommend this app. Even without the premium it is GREAT! Thank you and a shoutout to the developers.
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6 years ago, Meliska:)
The calculator is the Best calculator you can ever find. You can do any math equation you could ever find. I like the history part because it shows you that you don’t does question and you can see if you already did it. You can even learned from it. Like your parents can’t give you a list of math equations. And you can first opened and then check if you did it The question right find out what you can do.🙂
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1 year ago, jcarolfi
Paying for ad removal on a basic app is greedy
Requiring users to pay a fee for iOS “Calculator,” may not seem on its face to be that bad, but the concept of trying to squeeze even more corporate profit out of even ordinary components demonstrates that nothing is exempt from greed and how even inch by inch the wealth gap widens when people with more disposable income can Lear away unwanted intrusions. Apple already controls all the software that can be used on iOS and asking consumers to pay an additional fee to suppress advertising on that software strikes me as an abuse of the privilege the company was given, presumably to keep their products malware free. It’s never enough, is it?
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9 months ago, Will Fellinger
I am so grateful that I am using my new Calculator and I hope that this will come very handy in me. And I hope that this is the best way I can use this all the time if I need too. And I have been using it with my phone to. It is very good to do that on my own time and is very good to keep and part of all of my records and receipts and checking. I am keep it that up and all it is good.
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2 years ago, Annecrazycatlady
Beware of ads!
This calculator is a fine app, and I use it all the time. The number buttons are large and the printing on them is clear. It works quickly for the very simple uses I have for it. Actually, the only things I don’t like about it are the ads on the bar below the calculator. I know that I have to put up with ads in order to get a free app, but they are as intrusive as they can possibly be, short of causing me to throw my iPad against a wall. The price I pay for frugality!
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12 months ago, L-L-Lala
The Ads are Obnoxious
I used to LOVE this calculator app. I am getting rid of this calculator app since I switched to a better one. This app was phenomenal until you guys went completely bananas with ads and pop-ups. I can’t get through a single combination without an ad disrupting the process. It’s especially frustrating when I use it while I work and it’s extremely time sensitive. I used to tell everyone how awesome this app is. Not anymore 😓 I hope the ads are revised. Of course you need them to make sense for your business, but the way they are coming up is awful. Maybe try a different approach?
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2 years ago, J. Snow dog
Used to be tolerable, but now it’s awful
When I got this app ages ago, it was good. It faithfully calculated what you needed, and then some. You could even perform some engineering calculations since it had trig functions, 1/x, and the usual stuff for a scientific calculator. It still does that, but as time has worn on, the ads have grown more and more intrusive, with pop ups that take up the entire screen and completely derail what you’re doing. I understand the need to generate revenue, but this is more ad than calculator and it severely interferes with your ability to do anything. I’ve just deleted this app and will not go back.
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3 years ago, girl doesn't like this app
The bad app
This game will help you cheat well it’s not a game but it will help you so that’s why I’m getting a three star but it will also help you learn so that’s why I gave it to start well not exactly this game I don’t know why I keep saying game but this app is kind of boring so you might not want to download it because it’ll help you cheat if you’re just trying to do a math problem and you have your iPad right next to you then you will just go on this and cheat so that’s why I think this is kind of a bad app
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6 years ago, Vermont Biker
Easy, Effective & Minimal Ads
I don't need lots of bells and whistles, so this suits me fine. There are several extra functions available, yet they do not complicate the visuals I see. Being able to see my calculation history, and clear it when I wish, is very useful. This is a solid app. I have used it for several years, and have never found a need to look for anything else.
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10 months ago, RM-7
Forces you to subscribe….SCAM
I clicked to this calculator app to do a quick calculation, and it proposed that I subscribe for a 3 day free trial then it will charge me monthly…. Somehow in the quick sequence of buttons I tried to exit the app and reject the subscription…. It subscribed me anyways. I couldn’t easily find how to cancel until I got the email from apple about my “purchase”….. why in the heck would I pay a monthly subscription for a calculator. The fact that it used a “normal” sequence of buttons to exit the app as confirming my subscription payment…. I’d recommend people stay far away from this thing.
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5 years ago, Star-master
Good Calculator but Jam packed with ads
This would be a 5 star app without the tons of ads it is littered with. It seems every square inch of open screen is taken up with them. It also slows down the loading and operation. I have since switched to another calculator offered on the App Store. I realize app writers need to be paid for their work but all of these ads are annoying and unacceptable especially when there are so many other offerings. Perhaps limiting to a single ad might help the operation, create less screen clutter and speed up loading and operation.
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4 years ago, 88899995/87 druggcyg
Best app ever
It always gives me the right answer and it never ever glitches I was looking for an answer since I didn’t know the answer to it and it gave me the answers super fast I only have one complaint whenever you tap on the button it takes like two seconds to show on the screen but that’s my only complaint besides that amazing app
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12 months ago, Leah120120120
Love the app however.
I have had this app for a year or so. I just renewed a year subscription. I had to log off my phone and back on and even though it shows in my subscription it’s not recognizing that it’s a purchase. I tried the restore purchase it tells me an error happened to try again. Tried several times with no success. Love the app and use it daily but won’t pay another subscription. Disappointed.
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How I enjoyed using my calculator
My calculator helps me to do my math and science homework well enough to get me high grades from my teacher. I feel comfortable in using my calculator as I need to calculate problems and give the right answers for them .Honestly, I am glad for my calculator and I feel good with it.I enjoy using my calculator to do my biological research.
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1 year ago, Peanut9191890
Too many ads even with subscription!
This used to be the best calculator App. Now everytime you open it and try to use it I am getting an ad. I PAID FOR THIS APP… So why am I getting ads still? People who pay for apps are paying with the expectation that the ads will go away. I have been using this App for years and you never used to have ads. I need a calculator that records my past calculations, and also one that i can use it really quick for certain situations where I need to quickly get an answer. Will be deleting after this review.
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5 years ago, PetuniaBlue
Nice calculator
June 3, 2019 - Thank you for the recent update which corrected the decimal point. Really appreciate the calculator. This is a really nice calculator. Lots of extras; however, for my purposes - I only needed a basic calculator. My only complaint are the pop up ads which get in the way when I am trying to work. I don’t mind the scrolling ads at the bottom.
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7 years ago, Robin @ ArtFRONT
Great calculator but with ads.
It's an excellent calculator. I particularly appreciate the history function that let's you re-work or add in previous formulas. The advertisements do throw me off though and I'm definitely not used to seeing pop ups while working on math but I understand the need to collect $$. If I weren't so cheap I'd buy the full version with no ads. ~R.
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1 year ago, DdLouise
How do you unsubscribe?
I tried to use this App the other day, I was in a hurry, it would let me use the app unless I subscribe. Now I can’t find how to unsubscribe. I tried restore, and it says I didn’t make a purchase?!! But I’m getting charged for it. And the ads are still on the bottom of my calculator. I want to unsubscribe.
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6 months ago, Invisible Fitness Junkie
Developer needs to offer a one time purchase fee
I really like this calculator app. The ads can be a little annoying. I would actually purchase if the developer offered a lifetime one-time purchase fee. I am not paying any ongoing subscription fees forever so I will just put up with the ads I suppose for free. LOL
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7 years ago, Thuckand
How can I purchase for this app
This is the best calculator app i've ever used. Wonderful job, the memory is the most important part. Good job guys. I want to pay for this app because i'm sicking of Ads. Btw, when you use it as a side app on ipad, when click on ! icon and show Ads, it cannot be close (when in side mode), you have to switch back to this app, and hit X on the right coner for close. It's sometime drive me crazy.
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