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User Reviews for Calendly Mobile

4.86 out of 5
43.2K Ratings
6 months ago, Catomanski
My new favorite app!
I am a mental health therapist and I just started working independently. Since I can’t afford to pay for an extra scheduling/booking feature right now, I started using this app. So far I love it and I do not have a single complaint. My clients can book their own appointments based on my availability without all the back-and-forth and me having to do all the booking myself. I also have this app linked with my Google Calendar, and my other professional apps, so that when a client books an appointment it automatically updates to my calendar and makes that time unavailable for other clients to book in other systems that I use. So simple, so effective, and free! Again, I cannot say enough positive things and I will be recommending this app to anyone in need of a booking/scheduling app for professional or personal reasons! To the app developer(s)- thank you so much for making such a simple, effective, and affordable app and making my life easier. :)
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5 years ago, BootySnap
Love the service, need more event color selections
Letting clients schedule online has been amazing for my business us so I’ll give it 5 stars. Months ago we had more event color options and many users requested more customizable colors. One day out of the blue it changed without warning and multiple events were the same color or colors we would never choose and to make it worse THERE WERE FEWER COLORS. Many users post constantly that we want this changed to more options and it still has not been updated. This is my only complaint. My recommendation for additions would be if we could have certain team members emailed when someone schedules. For example if a meeting is scheduled with me, I would like the alert email to go to both myself and my assistant. If we have a team, then I would like it to go to certain team members and my assistant. Currently it just goes to whomever the meeting is scheduled with. If the feature is available, I have not found it yet. Most importantly, the Calendly team has a great product that positions your business as an up to date business by giving clients control and eliminating playing phone tag or emailing multiple dates and hoping it works. I’ve used Timetrade edits this and it just does not compare. I love what you do and where you’re going, but please. More event colors! 😎👍🏼
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5 years ago, LauraPayne22
My most used app!
I use Calendly to schedule my client meetings and it works perfectly! I travel a ton and I’m always in different time zones, so I can avoid so many back and forth emails when trying to set up meetings by just sending them my Calendly link! I’ve loved using the website, but having the app just made me love it more! I’ve only had the app for a month and it’s definitely my most used app on my phone. I have about 5-6 meetings a day and usually have back to back meetings, so it’s super helpful to be able to pull up this information easily on the app now without having to pull out my computer. I also love that the app automatically shows your upcoming meetings in your local time zone, so I don’t have to try and figure out the time zones that I’m in vs the time zones that my clients are in. I can’t believe that it’s free too! I get so much value from Calendly!
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2 years ago, Brianaweekley
An amazing upgrade to my current customer service regimen.
I started toying with Calendly a few weeks ago. I have gradually gained more knowledge and have used it more as a tool. I have to say that I'm very impressed. I'm a lawyer and am on the phone with clients all day. I usually have a list of calls and I simply go down the list and call people. Now, those people may be shopping or relaxing with their family or their doctors appointment so my calls may come at inopportune times. Calendly adds a level of professionalism that lets them choose the date and time of the appointment and be prepared. I think it's a great add-on. The interface is very professional and can be customized with your own logos, etc. I truly love this app and encourage everyone to use it.
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8 months ago, dlw-whis
Since I started using this scheduling application, it has helped me to organize my working schedule and plan ahead of time work schedules and special projects. The link makes it easier for clients to set appointments for each of the different services I provide giving them the ability to re schedule and or cancel the stablished appointment. I like the option that as soon the appointment is set it sends confirmations to both parties as well reminders about scheduled appointments. I highly recommend this app to anyone who works with clients and wants to organize n streamline his work flow efficiently.
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1 year ago, Ashgabat2257
Terrible customer service
Their customer service is absolutely awful, reached out to them a few weeks ago explaining that I no longer had access to a work email that my account used to sign up and asked for them to help me with access so I could cancel my subscription which came out of my personal credit card, no answer. Then I was charged the yearly subscription and I was able to recover my account after tons of googling and trial and error. Then I reached out to their billing dept to see if I could cancel my subscription and if I could have a refund since I was actively trying to cancel prior to being charged but didn’t hear back from their customer service. Still no response. I’ve followed up 2 times since with billing and customer service and STILL have not heard back. They also make it extremely hard to cancel and delete your acct. just scamming people out of money.
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3 years ago, sweetbluesun
Great service - bad branding
I want to say that overall I really enjoy using this service. However, I’m really confused about the ugly logo on my home screen. I feel like it was already a little generic - which was fine, but I feel like the product got cheaper overnight with the new logo. Usually when companies change the logo it’s to add less lines and movement because it feels more premium - this redesign did the opposite for me and I feel like the product just got cheaper. They changed the colors to more primary in the app as well which had a similar effect to me of maki g it feel like it’s harder to look at and use with higher contract between the white and the colors. I’ll continue using the service for now, but I’m disappointed in the aesthetic direction they seem to be headed.
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4 years ago, hoolamonster
Good WebApp, Lackluster Mobile App.
The mobile app has limited utility. Any expanded functionality directs you to the WebApp inside the Mobile App. Its not much more than a shell. Overall, especially taking into account the price, Calendly is over priced. The fact you cannot CC colleagues in an event type is silly. You have to CC them after the event is booked and then it asks invitees to reconfirm the changes to the event. You also cant really just set it and forget it. Ex: if you make a 30min event type with a grace period front or back, it will block out the next time slot preventing anyone from booking it. Every event I’ve created I had to manually enter times to maximize and allow for transition and meeting extensions. Calendly needs some direction. Once MS gets group bookings up and running again, I cannot see much use for this.
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2 years ago, bobbijo1929
Unavailable Times does not work for me
When I add the times I am unavailable it still lets my customers book. The first couple times I thought it was me forgetting to add my unavailable time. Once I realized that was the problem I logged on from a computer to add my unavailable times because that use to be the only way I could do it (maybe it was an app communication error) that’s not the problem either. I checked today and I have an appointment booked on the 4th of July when I know I did it from the computer the other day because I did not want anything booked like on Memorial Day. I logged in to double check and yes I am marked unavailable the full day customer were still able to book. So frustrating and stressful!I hope this gets fixed soon. I am trying find another booking app but can’t find anything as user friendly as this app.
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3 years ago, tklafleur
Great app and easy to use
I have enjoyed using Calendly. It’s nice and convenient to be able to send my availability via text and have people schedule a meeting. Since I use this to schedule everything it would be amazing if recurring meetings could be scheduled. I have a consulting business and some of my clients I meet with every week at the same time. Currently, I just remove that time slot from my availability so I don’t get double booked. It’s easy to do but a hassle to deal with because if I miss a calendar or forget to remove the slot, I increase the odds of double booking clients. Please add recurring meeting options
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4 weeks ago, Gil Cavey
Amazing and Powerful Software
As the host of a podcast, as well as the owner of the show, I do everything myself and using this software has made it so easy to schedule guest. I can be organized at the same time, professional. I can also use this link to set up pre-meetings or meetings with sponsors with just a click of a link and it automatically goes into my schedule. There’s a lot of things I have to worry about being an entrepreneur and running several small businesses, but this takes the scheduling part off of my plate. I love everything about it.
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5 years ago, JSJ5333
Love the app for scheduling multiple appointments
I’m a longtime Doodle Premium member and I just let my subscription lapse after encountering unresolved issues with the most elementary function - signing in! Luckily I found Calendly and it not only made managing multiple appointments a breeze, but it will add the events to my calendar. Suggestion: I appreciate that mobile apps often do not have the functionality of the desktop version, but please consider developing modifying the mobile app so that it does merely show an iPhone image sideways on the tablet screen. All things considered though, this is a robust and useful tool.
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2 years ago, JaredTurbo
Just the Beginning
I have High-functioning Autism. Planning and orienting myself in time and in my day is a constant challenge. Calendly is helping me reach my full potential. The ability to merge all my calendars into one schedule, so I don’t over-book myself, is invaluable. No other application offers this truly critical feature. When I was a younger, there were no tools to help my condition. There was no awareness of autism and it’s effects on executive function. With apps like Calendy, I’m taking my power back.
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10 months ago, IgorKas
Missing seemingly basic functions
My main reason for downloading the mobile app was to be able to quickly create “One-off” meetings. However, this iOS app does not allow you to change the name, nor add any virtual meeting integrations such as Zoom or Google Meet. So the recipient only sees “One-off Meeting” as the title, which looks very unprofessional, and it being added to my calendar with that title is completely unhelpful. Accessing the mobile Calendly site and using the more clunky interface in the browser gives you more options… Thats unfortunate. I’m happy to retract/revise my review once this feature (or lack of) gets addressed.
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1 year ago, SWCA MnA
Appreciate and ..
Appreciate the automation and less steps in some ways and not in others. Great it integrates with Xoom so I don’t have to set that piece up, yet, miss Zoom auto in calendar that doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Also, doesn’t seem much has changed in last years, at least in free version. Could be more intuitive on mobile version with calendar set up etc. Would love autosave. If I’m interrupted in middle of setting up many days for open calendar and forget to scroll down to save, then I lose it all. Otherwise, happy to have 1 link where people can access my availability.. as I scale my business.:)
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5 years ago, crs7192
Easy to share on the go
Super easy to share my scheduling links on the go! Besides business meetings, I love using my Calendly link to schedule coffee and drinks with my friends. The app makes it so much easier to do this, since I usually want to send the link via a text. I only wish they allowed you to customize the auto text that pops up with the share button, but if that’s my only complaint, then I guess this is a great app and extension of the main Calendly product!
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5 years ago, Jeremy-in-CA!
Great app and website but issue with multiple accounts
Love Calendly. So much so I use it for a couple different accounts. I’m having an issue when I try to switch accounts that when I log out of one google account and try to log in to the other it automatically authenticates the last one and doesn’t allow me to log in to the new one. My work around for now is to delete the app and reinstall it but it would be great to not have to do that.
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2 years ago, Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt
Excellent except one thing
It won’t send alerts directly to my phone when I am booked for a meeting. I have to go into the app to check daily. Not a huge deal but what if I check just once or twice a day because I’m not constantly able to check the app and be “worried” about if someone booked with me. I email additional information and don’t want people thinking I take forever to respond to them!
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5 years ago, HHarrison28
Finally a Calendly app!
As a long time user, I have been patiently waiting for a Calendly app. It is so much easier to text or email my link when I am networking or remotely working. I find the cancellation and reschedule flow to be much easier on the app. Usually I am texting with someone with someone about a last minute change and having the accessibility on my phone makes a huge difference. Excited to see what features are to come!
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1 year ago, LGI Tom
Calendly has changed my life
I used to get out of balance…distracted and annoyed with what I began to call “The Scheduling Problem” … a common problem for so many of us in the new globally connected world … thanks to Zoom and other live video meeting platforms. Calendly has changed my life … Calendly has helped me, and keeps helping me solve The Scheduling Problem … without all the annoying “limbo time” of trying to find the “perfect” time for the time of our lives together in a meeting.
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2 years ago, BigFatIdiotAlbert
Awesome product. Nonexistent support.
Unfortunately there’s literally no way to get help from support. I’m a paid customer and I’ve sent them 3 support requests about the same issue and zero responses of any kind. This company (other than the sales department of course) is a black hole where if you have any problems you’re on your own. Update: I changed review from one to four stars because they did finally reply, although after I said I wanted to cancel.
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3 years ago, Taisiiabb
Bring back old logo
Please someone look at the logo and tell me it is not psychedelic logo lol. But if being serious, I really don’t think it corresponds to the company’s brand and now it is a big eye sore on my screen compared to old logo. Other than that, the app it useful for someone who has a small business and doesn’t want to spend time scheduling meetings with the clients. This app could use a bit more functionality but I guess it depends on the user and his/her business.
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12 months ago, Coach 777
Set it and forget it!
I love the calendly app. I am a business owner and mother of 15 children! I am always juggling many events, tasks, and meetings. The tools that are on the app help me to be efficient and productive with my time. In addition, the workflows allow me to nurture and connect with my clients on a regular basis. I love being able to set up reminders and follow ups and have the confidence that it is done. Thank you calendly for helping me SHINE! #americassupermom
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9 months ago, Ferb_smells_like_donuts
When Technology is Used for Good
Back in the day, people with jobs like mine would pay a personal assistant or secretary to manage my calendar or secretary. Calendly does the same thing for a few dollars a month—and better. So I figure Calendly saves me about $50K/year. Nice for me, easy for the people who want to meet with me, and my personal assistant gets a better job (because let’s be honest who wants to work with me?)
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2 years ago, Jaci.etc
Simply the best
This app is amazing! I have relocated myself to another country, my online clients have come with me and to figure out each different time zone from each client to meet my schedule was taking too long off my business hours. Now, I have time, peace of mind and mostly every single meeting scheduled in an organized and professional way! Cheers to that! Congrats, Calendly team for such great work!!
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7 months ago, SteveJRule1
Game Changer
I’m an insurance salesman that talks with lots of people every day & who needs to set lots of appointment. I cannot afford to play play phone tag all day long with clients who want to schedule or reschedule. This application allows my clients to set appointments before they’ve ever met me and to do their own rescheduling when they’re schedule changes. it has been a true game changer for my business!
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1 month ago, N. Deere
Saves time and delays, and makes $$$
Working for myself meansI have to schedule my own appointments. Figuring out a mutual time would delay meetings for weeks. Now I let Calendly do it and I have Nikons the next day. Even better, all of my pricing info and payment links are in my calendar so there are no surprises and awkward asks or follow up asks for money. They do it all before we even meet. It’s WONDERFUL! Thank you.
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9 months ago, Jbirdrandom279753264895/5
Welcome to the New World of Scheduling
I’d seen other firms begin to use Calendly and was curious!! I thought it would be too complicated for my small firm to implement, but I was way wrong! In a matter of minutes, we were up and running! Now clients are able to book me directly and I am better able to control my schedule. Also, I love that I can build in a paywall for certain meetings!
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2 years ago, smolaw
Finally a competent scheduling app
I needed this app ten years ago. Finally here. An app that is able to determine my availability based on my google calendar— seamlessly! One suggestion: PLEASE make it easier to render oneself “unavailable” using the iPhone app. As it stands, doing this requires about 4 moves, none of which are entirely intuitive. Oh, and got to mention the extremely generous pricing policy. More than generous!
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2 years ago, Salquid
Time is a precocious commodity and anytime that you can get time back and use it to best serve you, that’s a win. Calendly has given me time back in my schedule. I no longer need to go back and forth between clients to find a time that best works for everyone. I simply send them my Calendly link and let them select the time that best works for them and done !! Thank you Calendly CoreFitinc
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1 year ago, Robbi K
overcoming multiple sclerosis
As a Grammy nominated artist, I’ve felt so powerful for so many years, but dealing with multiple sclerosis nowadays, is a challenge. This app is making it easier for me to keep dream dreams & connecting with my colleagues for podcasts Multiple Superbness. I use it on my little TV screen (my iPhone) as well as my iPad Pro. So far so great keeping my life’s purpose & business afloat!
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5 years ago, Joj91
Was walking my dog and remembered I wanted to change my availability for a Calendly event type of mine. Can’t explain the feeling of being able to make that change right then and there and not wait until I was back near my computer. Calendly makes scheduling so easy, and now that they’re mobile, I can’t imagine anything better! Thanks!
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5 years ago, #1jillyfan
Such a convenient app for scheduling on the go
Calendly’s mobile app is such a game changer! I’m a log-time user of Calendly and I love that it’s so easy to schedule from my phone now and I can just click to call clients right from the app. Now I can join conference calls when I’m commuting and share my link whenever I need to. So convenient! And I’ve experienced zero bugs so far. Keep I up Calendly!
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1 year ago, PONCH*
Terrific scheduling app/ program!
I utilize the website for scheduling meetings for my nonprofit and Podcast. Absolute time saver. Designed to an excellent standard with how you may plug in your personal and or professional calendars so new appointments do not conflict with what may already be on your schedule. Wonderful how you can utilize Zoom account.
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5 months ago, MickoConCarne
Great idea - missing some key points
So the concept and primary functions are great and easy BUT I feel they took the ball to the 5 yard line and dropped it. For example, if someone else, who also uses and schedules a meeting w you via their Calendly, it doesn’t get placed on your Calendly - this is a huge issue for a calendar app. It also doesn’t sync w Apple calendar. There are other little things too, but it’s too early in the morning to think….
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4 years ago, 23Bittersweet
Great but...
I loveThis app and have started using it pretty much for all of my calendar and needs. I love the idea that I can create an ad hoc meeting, send a link and it automatically populates on everybody’s calendar. Easy Peezy right? Well, the only issue I have is that I have an iPad Pro which I primarily use landscape mode. Calendly will not rotate to allow me to view my calendar entries and make edits in landscape mode. It stays upright...What’s up with that and can it get fixed?
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11 months ago, casenm44
Don’t expect this app to help with anything
I got this app because my campus was using it to schedule meetings/classes and I got it so I could keep track of said meetings/classes. Opening the app it gives you an option to create a meeting and gives the option for in person locations, not online and doesn’t give you the option to connect a virtual link to it either, you also can’t click on an email sent from someone using the Calendly app to add that to your calendar!!! This app was a waste of my time, I’d rather use a real calendar.
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2 years ago, Casbyby
Calendly tellling me when I work ???
I’ve been using this Booking service for about two months now finally decided to pay for it monthly with a subscription worst decision that I’ve ever done,Not only has Calendly been sending emails with incorrect time zones in dates to my clients but it’s been adding to appointment to my schedule regardless means troubleshooting my availability and regardless of the editing my availability there’s always An additional two appointments available that I do not have set in my schedule very upset highly disappointed extremely frustrated
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2 months ago, Laurel in Cedarburg
Reliable, simple, elegant!
Excellent app! Love the automations, simple interface, how well calendars sync and client time zones work accurately (had used another app for a while that didn’t work well), how I or clients can easily rescedule as needed, it integrates with Zoom, works on my website. Also, very reasonably priced. Only good things to say.
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2 years ago, JDlespaulman
A wonderful app for freelancers!
Calendly helps me keep multiple meetings organized with a variety of clients. Now instead of endless emails from people saying “Give me two or three dates your available to meet” I just send people my Calendly link and everything works smoothly without any hassle.
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10 months ago, Bamabama
Very Convenient and User Friendly
I put the app on my phone to schedule appointments on the go. I love it so far, I can schedule and reschedule, and see my upcoming and past appointments all from the app. It makes thing so easy to keep track of. I recommend using theCalendly app for scheduling on the go.
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2 years ago, PenyyLane34
Mobile App Designed for phone not iPad
The mobile app was obviously designed for a phone and not an iPad, when you open it up it is tiny and has a big black border around it. Even when you zoom in it still has large black stripes on either side and looks like it was made for a phone. It also doesn’t show all users in teams it only shows me my Calendly and I really need to see all users in teams. I deleted the app and will be accessing Calendly from safari as it’s easier and works better.
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4 days ago, Vella Smith
Automatead Aave time
This calendar has been the best app to help us automate and save time so we can get more done without wasting time with reminders or even connecting our prospects with our websites and information to help them be well-informed and prepared to meet with us at their desired times
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2 years ago, Jberezin
Fantastic app!!
I’ve been using Calendly for about a week now and it has made organizing my life soooo much easier. I would recommend this app to anyone looking to take the stress out of scheduling meetings. It’s very intuitive and you can personalize it however you need. I will be using this app indefinitely! 👍🏾
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2 months ago, Doc Molly
Never miss a meeting.
I have been using Calendly for years and it is amazing. Work with people over zoom all over the world and it makes arranging meetings in different time zones a snap. I also love that it integrates with my calendar and zoom. Fantastic application, highly recommend it!
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5 years ago, btc27
Thank You Calendly!!!
I’m always on the go when I need to setup a Calendly and now your app is here and makes it so much easier to pick my event and share it directly into WhatsApp and SMS and Email. HUGE time saver on top of all the convenience of managing my scheduling through the web app. Thank you Calendly and keep the great features coming!
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3 years ago, ignatius99
Everything works well BUT…
I’m a very satisfied Calendly Pro User. The service does everything I need with scheduling, follow up, integrations, payment. My main issue is that I could really REALLY use a native iPad app. I generally use my iPad in landscape mode with an external keyboard and trackpad. The Calendly app is iPhone native so it “works” but its small and only has portrait mode. Could you please make us a real iPad app?
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7 months ago, CrosbyL
Push Notifications Don’t Work
This issue has persisted through multiple versions of iOS, multiple new iPhones, and through multiple deletions and reinstalls of the Calendly app. Even though notifications are enabled for the application, they failed to arrive on the device with alarming consistency. This makes using this product in a busy and dynamic environment very difficult or impossible. Please look into this issue, I haven’t been able to resolve it with support!
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5 years ago, A The Great
Calendly is a lifesaver!
This tool has saved me countless hours arranging meetings. I meet with people from all over the world and manually calculating time zone differences was not ideal. Calendly takes care of all of that. Meetings are just automatically added to my calendar and clients show up at the correct time - no matter where they’re located.
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6 months ago, Meganeff
Useful app
App is very easy to use. Calendly offers a free service, which I love. I also think the premium features are worth it - text reminders to you & your client, accepts payments, and your branding. Highly recommend you try at least the free version.
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