Call Blocker

4.5 (1.1K)
86.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Call Blocker

4.54 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
4 years ago, the game master : )
Great app
I love this app because my moms phone is connected to my phone for some weird reason and whenever my moms friend calls my mom it happens to me too so now I can finally block them. First of all this is an amazing app because it is completely free! I didn’t pay anything to block anyone. Second, all the other apps cost money and I can’t get a job cause I am too young. Now I don’t have to get noisy call from my moms friends. Third, it is super easy to set up and block somebody or see if they are safe. And last but not least because since I play roblox on my phone sometimes when I get a call mid-game all the noise just completely stops and I can’t hear anything so I have to rejoin. This is very simple and not complex. If you got any problems this app will probably help you. I really recommend you this app. -With lots of care, The0neAndOnlyNoob
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7 years ago, The reba7
Exceptional App!!!
Love it 😍 This blocks telemarketers, 800 numbers, and my old boyfriend!!! 😁 Not only can you block calls but you can look up numbers - this tells me what's a scam before I answer, then I block their number, and I never get another call from them! Easy to set-up and within 2 minutes of downloading it was up and running with my contacts. It works fine on the free version, but the protection is way better if you go up in credits. But I really love that credits refresh weekly. You can keep going as a free user and if you don't have a lot of people to block free is probably more than enough.😁 This app is awesome!! PS: If you have trouble, check your level of protection!! I wish someone told me that after I downloaded this. You may need more protection than your level. I had to update to get what covered my needs. A tiny adjustment to personalize it, and it works like a dream!
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7 years ago, Roro$man
Every day I'll get calls from unknown numbers, and caller ids named "scam likely" and it was really annoying because I have to work and I don't want to turn my phone off incase a family emergency, so the spam calls always was a bother especially because it was a different number and location each time, but thanks to my mate who recommended me this app, I now barely get any spam calls! Any number i find suspicious i just block it. I even blocked my ex number lol! Definitely give this app a shot!
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4 years ago, Tiddie31
Better then Robocaller for me anyways
Looking for an app to block calls because after I updated my iPhone XR to ios14 my phone stopped blocking numbers even when the phone says they are. Found robo caller and it wasn’t even able to program with my phone. So I found this one and have had no issues since plus I would of had to paid 40$ a year for robo caller this one is free
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2 years ago, ksnsnsnszn
FInally!!! An app that does what it says without all the invasive questions and rhetoric! I’m in tears—was receiving scam calls every day from a fake law firm trying to perpetrate crimes! I tried getting help from T-mobile and they had me on hold for 5 hours and did absolutely nothing to help. Thank you!!
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7 years ago, Livin' & Lovin' Life
😳WOW😳 😳WOW😳 😳WOW😳 It really works!! I have no idea what I'm going to do with all the free time I'll have since I won't be busy answering bogus, spoof, spam, threatening, IRS, credit card companies (which I don't have), sheriff saying I'm wanted by the courts, calls all day. If you add up the time it saved me; I could've had another full time job. So, again, THANK YOU 😊‼️‼️
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2 years ago, Smrndn
Works great!
CallBlocker has been my life saver. I retired and the least I needed was my phone ringing over and over again with vendors and solicitors passing in my number to others to bug me. Since I installed Callblocker Those unwanted calls have vanished completely. Thanks guys
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6 years ago, daizyK
Internet calls
Does this app block the calls which are generated from the app like talkatone or any app which generates new number Everytime from any country? I am receiving calls and text from new number Everytime how can I block them? Please help
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5 years ago, Mheather96
Waste of time
I downloaded this app because it was one of the only ones with decent reviews, however, I see it was a waste of time. I am still getting 6-10 spoof and spam calls a day. I have added the numbers to the block list and guess what?? They are gone from the list! I have to keep adding them!! I have gone so far as to enable my do not disturb on my phone to allow only my contacts to reach me and these numbers are still getting through!!!! This app is crap!!
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2 years ago, lovemachine58
Call Blocker
So far; so good! Nobody of these numbers has called me back to hurt me; only evil people are still calling me because they are being paid to do evil! They will be destroyed by God Himself because the evil people who love to call others for money love death!!!
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9 months ago, TeamPam58
Call Blocker
This app works fine, but there is a process of going to call list then and copy the number, then go to the app and search, then block if that’s what you want to do. Is there any way we could just go to the number and block it.
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1 year ago, philcwood
It’s OK
All of the numbers outside of my contact list just show a number. None have a company, individual name. Have not had any marked as spam or telemarketers. Just a number and possibly city. If there is no baseline identification in place it could take years of user input to make a dent.
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5 years ago, The bartender 7465
Calls have stopped
Recently had a phone update and sought out a couple apps because the calls from random scams were non stop. I’ve had none after downloading this.
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6 years ago, lov2krz
I’m a free user, for about a month, and this app has not blocked a single call nor identified a spam/ telemarketing caller. This app has given me access to 302 numbers in their dangerous database since I installed it in early March. I’ve used points to update the list but it remains at 302. I have hundreds of blocked numbers in the IOS blocked list but can’t add them to this app except one at a time. Very disappointed. To be totally honest I’ve tried several other call/spam blockers such as RoboKiller and Numbo which have not worked very well either. I’m not willing to pay for a service that can’t prove itself otherwise I’d have spent ~$100 so far. I have authorized the apps I’ve tried under the Phone settings Incase you think I can’t follow setup instructions.
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4 years ago, Also Disappointed Here
Stopped working, can’t email for support
Up until a few days ago the app worked okay, then suddenly it stopped downloading the dangers database information! I tried emailing for support but email keeps getting stuck in my outbox due to problem with the email address, typed in unknownphone on browser and it says server can’t be found! What gives? It’s as if you no longer exist! If this is a problem then the app is useless! I’m a premium user too!
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5 years ago, Upos
Love It
It comes with a profile that you install on your iPhone and then you can also look up phone numbers that you don't know where they came from. If it had ten stars I would rate it 10.
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6 years ago, Joe the French
I start to love this app I think I will stop getting those unwanted marketing callas or offers for different unwanted things in life I will see how goes in the next month according with friends they love it we will see it!!!!
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6 years ago, Pack animal
Just fun
I have blocked my wife and our kids. It worked like a champ! So, I blocked my mom and all my family. My phone is so quiet now. No more interruptions distracting me from playing candy crush! Dream app! Definitely get this!
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3 years ago, dachallng
Very nice
Keeps those annoying calls from coming. I would recommend it
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6 years ago, Deskjett6
Call blocker
I needed to find an app that would assists in blocking all these robo calls. Although it works in tandem with the my iphones built in app, this does work. I noticed it blocking a few calls earlier this week. I am still in the process of learning its features.
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6 years ago, manonfire2
Don’t call
Like this app works great ... hate the other app that are free but gotta pay for packages after the first free week it says free its not free. This app works great just what I need not another bill collector but to block spam and calls.
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5 years ago, vett45
Great app
Just started using it and calls have come to a stop for know will update again after I have used it for a minute
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4 years ago, Somadnow
Absolutely worthless
I don’t understand all these glowing reviews. This app does not block any calls. And when I try to look up suspicious numbers to report or block them, the same thing happens every time: “Error.” It doesn’t matter whether I quit out or the app, manually type in the number or paste it, nothing works. And I get woken up every day by spam calls in Chinese.
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6 years ago, pdavis201
Unwanted calls over and over
If this stops these calls I will be extremely happy!
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5 years ago, Skoozymfg
Annoying Calls
It has stop and blocked numbers that were always change but the same people
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5 years ago, lostboy1960
Call blocker
This app is great it stops all kinds of calling me also it was made for the poor people who have no money thank you guys and women keep up the great work
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5 years ago, iphoto2333
Call block
The app is very good and all blocked calls but I wish blocks more and tells you from any block calling their address or everything I just wish I had more blocking power
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5 years ago, Mzladylocks
It doesn’t work
I tried this app because I was getting a lot of unknown callers and telemarketers calling my phone. When I use the app and enable all the security, the telemarketers kept calling and the unknown callers kept calling me throughout the day😂 I was so disappointed because I wanted it to work, but it didn’t after paying my hard earned money this app does not work at all ☹️☹️
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2 years ago, Tubefixer
Sales calls😡😡
Thanks, I’ve been getting over 20-25 sales calls daily. Now all these are blocked.
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5 years ago, mziwndgayrna dh
Doesn’t seem to do anything
This app seems to be complete garbage. I still get so many random calls from spam and automated messages that are obvious spam. When I check a number, every number I’ve ever checks stated “seems safe to answer”. What’s the point of the app if it doesn’t block it warn potential spam and says every number “seems safe”?
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6 years ago, Hounds11
Cell Blocker
Very user friends to use. Allows you to not only block but to warn other users of this App on I known phone call that could be dangerous.
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3 years ago, Psychic Mermaid
Quick and easy
I’m happy with this app! I copy a number I want blocked and it adds it right away. Great!
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5 years ago, Barbieann49
Call block.
Working absolutely 100% u don’t want to hear from your x boyfriend way to avoid unwanted calls . Ty I would recommend this to anyone . Ty Kristen
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9 months ago, darrinrussell
Broken basic functionality
Error attempting to link my Google account Error on searches of legitimate numbers Error on updating database of dangerous numbers This doesn’t provide me with a lot of faith of your product. Gave the app all the permissions it asked for. What gives? Running on Apple iPhone SE using iOS 16.7.
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4 years ago, SuzznAndi
Just downloaded to my phone
I’ll be able to give a real review soon. Easy to install.
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4 years ago, pjrvit
Seems to work
How do you judge? I get fewer questionable calls than friends and family. This is one of 3 such apps I use.
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5 years ago, Mrs Grier
Blocked Calls
It is so nice to not get 15 plus calls a day of soliciting. You can block them but whoever they are unblocks them. But with this app they stay blocked !
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5 years ago, JPStott
Unwanted calls
I was getting 10-15 unwanted calls a day, and with call Call Blocker, I am no longer bothered by them...
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4 years ago, tootsieron
Blocked numbers
I’m not getting as many unwanted calls since I have this app
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1 year ago, aljr6
Block call
Had it for a day and it does What the call blocker said it will do. I will keep it!
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5 years ago, perplelilox
I was using Mr Number until they decided to charge a fee. This app is free but every number I get they declare is safe, even the number I looked up on Bing that says it’s had nationwide complaints comes up on this app as totally safe. Two stars for blocking minus 3 for totally not recognizing unsafe calls.
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4 months ago, SonosBoerne
Very poor performance
Was good for a short time but despite its relationship with T-Mobile, it lets through dozens of numbers ALREADY flagged by T-MOBILE (!!!!!!!) as “Scam Likely” yet this app lets them through. What are we all paying for?!!!!!!!!!!! I’m most likely dropping it- their tech support and customer service don’t even respond to my polite help requests. CNET, Reddit and X need to hear about the very poor performance, especially solince it’s obvious, even when I keep the app 1) open and 2) updated daily it doesn’t talk to T-mobile.
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4 years ago, Create Prayer Culture
Finally an APP that can stop those nuance spam callers
Thanks for blocking those numbers that just keep being a burdensome.
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5 years ago, Genie McDay
Blocking calls
I have just received this Blocker, so I cannot really give an opinion right now. Thank you
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5 years ago, mimi7499
Just try it!
After getting this app, I receive fewer unsolicited calls if any at all. So far so good! Thank you!
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5 years ago, BigBattleBear
Best app I ever downloaded!
The title says it all. Worth just getting the free version, even better with the premium version.
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6 years ago, Barb C.
Great app for identifying spam and fraud phone numbers
Love being able to block spam and fraud phone numbers.
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5 years ago, Debbiecheeks
Receiving unwanted text from an unknown person and this was the quickest way to block them.
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4 months ago, LarDog DC 5
I like this app
I work on the West Coast and my company phone is from the East Coast. So I get calls sometimes very early in the morning and Call Blocker helps me.
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5 years ago, Mrjsw0446
Piece at last!
Was getting 20 calls a day from telemarketing, now my phone is silent. Thank you!
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