Call Control: #1 Call Blocker

4.5 (6.1K)
56.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Call Control, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Call Control: #1 Call Blocker

4.53 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Castle Builder 03
Call Control Is Delivering What It Promises
I’ve only been using the technology for a few days so far, but up to now I’m very happy that I dumped “HiYa Premium” for Call Control Premium...there’s a huge difference! With CC, when you look up & request a caller ID, you actually get an answer...Astonishing! As I said, it’s only been a few days, but I’m pretty sure I will be purchasing, “Call Control Home” in the very near future. If you haven’t yet, check it out! Unless you enjoy being scammed, spammed, phished, or spoofed. Wouldn’t it be nice though if your phone company would do this for you? Since that day will likely never come I’m glad CC is available to get the job done!!
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4 years ago, Alzeif
Very good even at the free level
Recently, I have been suffering from a really persistent spoof robocall that calls me 15-20 times a day. Desperate, I downloaded a few call blockers like Hiya and was unsatisfied because they were useless since they block nothing unless you pay. However, with the Call Control app they offered me everything I asked for even at a basic free plan. If anything requires me to up my phone security further, Call Control will be the first thing I’ll ever consider paying for! Also, it would be nice to be able to block more than 1 number by prefix since not all spoofed callers are neighborhood spoofs. You could allow free users to block up to 5 while paid users can get up to 25 or something depending on plan. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, 90ty
Not sure why I need a Facebook account
So I read the reviews and actually came here because of it but after installing the app I was asked to either sign in with a Facebook or goggle account. I never had to do that with any other apps that I had or with the ones that blocks unwanted calls. This may sound good but I don’t think I need to get an account on Facebook or google to do this. Very disappointed. I have yet to find an app for iOS that works to simply prevent robot calls, spams, telemarketing and spoof calls without jumping over hoops to stop these calls. On top of that, the calls still are coming through and I have to block them myself. What is the point in having the app if you have to do the work in blocking it and adding it to the enormous list that should have been there to block the calls in the first place.
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6 years ago, Jdjax2
Respond to emails quickly
I had a couple of questions and they do respond quickly to emails and they are helpful responses. The app seems to be blocking spoof calls since I have not gotten any lately and I was getting them every single day! The only negatives are the app has to be left open to work! Why? It’s very hard to leave it open as I usually use and close everything plus this window is always in the way ... also it’s a little deceptive between free and free trial. I now see it’s free for 60 days but many apps offer a lite version or offer one with advertising for free. Why not with this app? I probably won’t continue after 60 days... update to 4 stars after the developer response. If this app isn’t working for you, make sure you enabled it to block in your phone call settings because it works perfectly for me. Thanks
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9 months ago, Thorick 56
Fantastic app best for the money!!
Just what I was looking for using the community to get rid of spam. I also signed up for a (another) year. This is my second year. Spammers hate me. I have waxed so many spammers I’ve lost count. I have at least 3 spammers have devoted there efforts to clock me but never have. If you want to sleep good at night rest easy buy a year of call control and thank me for this review. see you on bagging the next spammer. Be real and be proud.
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6 years ago, Pinkie B
Good? Not sure what it's doing
I think I like this app. It seems to have blocked the numbers that mimic mine which are so annoying (thanks, Federal Government!), but for some reason I'm getting the same type of calls based off my old number as well. Unfortunately the app only allows you to block based on a single phone number, so it's not really effective in that sense. Other thoughts include my inability to verify exactly what it's doing. Not sure if it's actually blocking anything and can't figure out what options I have available in the lite versus paid version. It's also awfully expensive to subscribe to compared to other crowd-sourced technologies
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5 years ago, Landeh
Call Control Home
I use this but about 75% of telemarking still gets through till I manually block them on the phone app. Not sure how soon after call you have to push button on top of unit after receiving the call. Another problem you have to be within 5 feet of home unit for phone app to update recent calls and it takes about 5 minutes. The app comes with 5 identifying previous number options and then you have to buy more at .30 each. Pretty expensive since you have to use that option to identify previous callers as who remembers calls from past few days. That option should be included or make the app update every few hours from anywhere.
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6 years ago, Riley9256
Awesome app
I had Call Control years ago with my 1st Blackberry. When I switched phones I lost track of the app. After all these years I downloaded it to my new iPhone and was able to set up my paid version again. With help from their customer service dept. I’ve since recommended it to a few friends who have set it up. It’s already blocking a few numbers that have been torturing me lately. Thank you Call Control.
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3 years ago, AmazonPride
Enabling app
I have been using the app for a very long time... however after an update it turned itself off in settings. I tried turning itself back on to only get the message: “error enabling extension the data provided by callcontrol was invadid. You may try enabling the extension again, and if the problem persists contact the application developer”. Please help.
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5 years ago, Sharrkiesha
A few glitches
I’ve been using the apps trial period for the last six days. From what I can tell the app works pretty good except for the the last three days. I have received eight spam calls directly to my phone that was supposed to have been blocked by the app. Due to it not working at is full capability I do not feel is worth $9.99 quarterly, and I don’t know if quarterly means monthly but I don’t feel comfortable paying $10 for something that may or may not work it is for a month.
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3 years ago, 99226301
Really pleasantly surprised at how well this has helped to cut down on spam calls. My phone used to get blown up by garbage calls. Now I only get occasional robocallers/spam calls and as long as I report/block to this app, I can actually go a good little while without ANY garbage calls coming through at all.
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5 years ago, CobraBoss
Greatest app for stopping unwanted calls
Since installing this app all bogus calls stopped and now I have a piece of mind. I had Truecaller, but calls continued. As soon as I installed this app everything stopped and I can now sleep without the constant calls about vehicle warranties and other telemarketers. Wish the government will step up and start punishing these people.
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6 years ago, Audiobook Junky
One day left in my trial, so far so good.
iOs user. Installed it four days ago. Still in trial mode. Before I was getting minimum one call per day. Have received just two any bot/spoof calls since installation. It may we’ll be Call Control doing its job, but ios version can’t tell you for sure what it has blocked. I asked a question about this and they were really good about explaining it. I’m going from 3 to 4 stars.
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2 months ago, AlondoB
The Best Offensive line!
I been a LONG time customer. Grandfathered in. And one thing I can truly say about this app…it’s PHENOMENAL! No issues ever since inception (2008)! I been with these guys since the beginning and have seen nothing but a great service. They have honored the early customers their word of being grandfathered in to this day. Great app!
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5 years ago, Kmsunqueen
Awesome App!! Really Works!!
This is a great app and I would recommend downloading the app. It has already identified many scam phone numbers and the app will also identify where the call is coming from. I was getting so many of these calls nonstop so this has been a blessing in disguise!! Thank you very much for creating an App that actually works!!
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6 years ago, " Dizzy "
Short time using
I’ve only had the app for two days one thing I can add right now is that I wish there was a way to directly connect my call list to this app so that the number could be easily transferred but calls trying to remember the number and making sure that I have don’t put in a wrong number has been one of my biggest concerns right now other than that it seems to be working just fine
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4 years ago, zzzxxx$$
Useless for iPhones
Common sense and simple fact is that it is really senseless for iPhones. You have to manually enter the numbers you want blocked, which you can do on an iPhone without any application. There’s no record kept of what numbers were blocked by the application, good to have just in case it was blocking an important number by accident of a friend family or so forth, or to even see if it has been even blocking anything or working. A useless purchase for an iPhone user and maybe other users as well because of other features.
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2 years ago, Brother Skillet
I’ve only been using car control for a couple of days but are used to get at least 50 spam calls a day now a don’t get any just my notifications that they called so far so good I’ll give it five stars so far thank you call control…
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5 years ago, Davidtexasranger
Blocking calls
There are a.few call still getting through Some vulgar they are waking up at night should have IT people made keep a list of the calls to see who called and left u any money, might be a rich uncle who left you a lot of money. Say u entered a drawing an you won how could they contact you . I Hope you understand. Regards David I’ve had your app over a month now and it letting get there perverted calls say I applied for a job they couldn’t call me that I had gotten the job Regards. David Denton
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5 years ago, WaFa Hong
I am really trying to find out the difference between call control and Hiya . Call control only give a limit amount of lookup numbers with hiya there is no limit now I found both of them are not blocking all unwanted calls. Hiya is about 30% blocks call and I haven't seen call control block much better so call control show me how you are Much better please I need to know this before I upgrade and waste my money
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5 years ago, ComerB
Silence is Golden
Well I have only had the Call Control app for two days and I don’t remember getting one call from an unknown caller! So far so good! Well it has been about 10 days and a few calls a day are still leaking through but I was getting about 6 a day so it has improved.
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4 years ago, KjLo
Blocks your doctor and other important calls.
I couldn’t figure out why when the doctor kept calling it would go to voicemail and I couldn’t pick up the phone. Turns out because they call from different numbers they get blocked! While I appreciate blocking real spam calls, I don’t appreciate blocking the ones that I really need to hear from! No way to program them in as contacts because they often use different lines on their multi line phone.
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2 years ago, winebammer 76
Great for price
Been using this app for a few years now and up until past few weeks it took multiple scam calls a day down to 1 or 2 a week. As of last few weeks tho more and more are getting past call control. About 7 today alone.
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6 years ago, LoRonB
Doesn’t work as advertised — if at all.
Lot of problems. I bought the home Call Control Home because I liked that I could monitor calls from my iPhone. No way. The call log does not record calls, blocked or otherwise. Instead, it occasionally records gibberish— phone numbers with 4 digits or 20 digits; no actual phone numbers. And it hasn’t recorded anything for a week. So I have no idea if it’s doing anything. Also, it keeps shutting down so I have to unplug and re-plug it. I could go on but the bottom line is the home unit is garbage.
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3 years ago, Mirish117
This App is worth every penny. Since I purchased the subscription I haven’t had any unwanted phone calls or text from scammers, telemarketers and more!!. It’s a relief knowing I don’t have to worry about those pesky calls any more.
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3 years ago, Tryimg again
Basic Phone App Is Very Good - Land Line Unit Poor
If you have a land line and want to add “Call Control Home”, beware. The base unit “clicks” rapidly on incoming call. Should be silent. You’re continually waiting for the full ring. ALSO, the Blue Tooth interface with the iPhone is very poor. I have to lay phone on top of unit in order get it to sync. In addition have to put Apple Watch in the other end of the house as it interferes.
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5 years ago, Jenblablabla
Doesn’t seem to do anything
Reason I downloaded this was specifically to block spoofed numbers. I get several per day. Downloaded app, didn’t seem to decrease spoofed calls. I switched modes from block to identify so I could see if calls are getting “marked” as spam. I don’t see anything being “marked”. Don’t even understand where I would go to see that. I don’t even have a recent calls list anywhere in the app. And my recent calls list on my phone doesn’t show anything different. Deleting now.
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4 years ago, -=CMiller=-
No Need to Look any Further
I have sampled many other programs including Hiya, Robokiller, Mr. Number and more. After a few days of using each, I couldn’t find any reduction in SPAM calls on my iPhone. The calls came in waves, as much as 7 a day. I am happy to report that Call Control is an app that works. I have made the upgrade and am a paid member because of my satisfaction. The last SPAM call came in three weeks ago. When it did, Call Control provided a reporting mechanism so I could share the bad call with others. I highly recommend.
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7 years ago, Brandi Teel
Works great
I’ve had this app for a few weeks and completely forgot about it , I just saw it and realized I haven’t had any annoying calls in a long time. Especially the ones that spoof their number to look like mine. Love it.
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4 years ago, Arline-Boyston
Reporting to the database should be rewarded
By Actively helping build a better database with accurate detailed information we should get a free subscription service. Why should we pay for full service and use our ring few to help the community spam database for free? Any way to be a beta tester? Please consider compensation dating is for helping YOUR service. So far works well iPhone 7plus. Thanks!
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5 years ago, forbiddenfruitIII
Not a good blocker if we have to add numbers ourself.
Im going to delete this app and cancel my subscription due to the amount of work i have to do to get calls blocked. Im not going to add numbers into a list so i will not get calls. I believe that is your job if im paying 30 bucks ayear. Sorry bucko but trick is no good. I will continue with robokiller which works very well. Good luck and also your app is not the number one blocking app because robokiller has that title. Sorry.
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5 years ago, ThereIFixedIt
Call Control Home Landline
Just what my Mom needed for annoying calls. She doesn’t have to set or program anything. I can put any new startup robo company phone numbers on the blocked list using the cell phone app downloaded to my phone.
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6 months ago, Luckyheartz
Peace of mind
I have had this app for years and it has always delivered exactly what it promises. I can not do without this app and is the best purchase ever made. Thank you so much for continuous peace of mind. Sincerely
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1 year ago, Val-K
Old version better
Older version had way more control over who and what you could block. All I see now on screen is how I can up grade to next level… pffft . It won’t even show me if it’s even blocked a number or text (which it hasn’t blocked anything at all anymore) and my blacklist never crossed over. Disappointed!
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2 years ago, Sindeezee
Not sure it’s working
I feel like I’m getting more spam text. I hadn’t had any for awhile and was using RoboKiller. I started using this because it comes with my phone carrier now the spam text are starting again. I’m gettin 1-2 a day. It may be a coincidence idk. I’m going back to RoboKiller and see if they stop.
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5 years ago, klsunsurF
President sun and surf
The phone numbers you provided as blocking never came to my phone, not because you block them they were fictitious. I’ve never gotten phone calls from any number similar prior to having your service. I still received phone calls that we’re not blocked similar to all the calls I’ve been receiving and have to block by myself as I have been doing. Your service almost appears to be fraudulent.
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4 years ago, PictureLarry
Seems OK ¿
Downloaded from App Store for my iPhone 6Splus. Installed easy set up easy. I’m just not quite sure if it is doing anything. I leave it open all the time. One annoying call I get a lot I seem to get less of. I’ve only been using this for days. So far no one has called soooooo maybe it’s working...time will tell Day 3 and I’m delighted!
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3 years ago, fjfkdkdhfkfkc
Call control
Call control is such an amazing app. It blocks all the calls someone you blocked if they can still call you. This was very helpful!!!😁
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3 years ago, chuckeew
I’m Learning
I’m down to 8 or 10 calls a day that get through. That’s better than a week ago. I’m having trouble submitting calls to the app. Sometimes I just block the number. I’m learning.
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5 years ago, KrystylCorrine
Not what I’m looking for
This app doesn’t appear to block any calls on its own. Unless you block the number that just called you, you’ll still be receiving spam calls. And spam calls are never from the same phone number, they are always spoofed. I have a HUGE issue where I receive up to 7 spam phone calls per day. I want basically every call not in my phone book to be blocked.
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5 years ago, Trippin'withKate
Has drastically cut nuisance calls!
I have had this for a few weeks and it has cut down on the number of calls I receive on a daily basis. It is very good stopping robo calls and repeat calls from blocked numbers. I highly recommend this app.
Show more
5 years ago, az girl..
This is great.. I have been having fun calling some of them back and giving them a hard time to the point they hang up on me.. thank you so much.. there is nothing I would fix.. thanks Shelly.😂🤣😛🥳🤪🤪🤪
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5 years ago, PCR.1954
Like night & day
Before I had Call Control I was getting calls all the time from robots and telemarketers. Now I might get one call every few days. It’s made a huge difference.
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5 years ago, W E Burk
Bought pro license Call Control will not accept
Bought license key from StackSocial the license does not work have tried to manually input and copy/past fifteen times or more. Very frustrating. Maybe Ben or Victoria will fix quickly. Been a customer for years but this silly. Not a happy boy at all. Spent several hours on this want to uninstall and reinstalling Call Control but don’t want to lose all my blocked numbers on my iPhone.
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2 years ago, Richa911
Used this since the beginning
Used this since the beginning of time. Best call block app on the market.
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5 years ago, crushallhumans
Used to work great, now freezes on open
Been using the app for a few months now, but it recently has stopped working.
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5 years ago, Ziffel_Arnold
It does not work as advertised
I have been using this whole week when I find it’s blocking very important callers and put me in serious jeopardy. Someone has labeled emergency services as spammers Preventing healthcare providers and legitimate banks from reaching me. They put too many numbers I want on the spam list without verifying who that caller is. This didn’t cost much but I fully expect to delete it and never go back.
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5 years ago, MMarrocco
I am not impressed. I am still getting them every day at least five or six. I’m not sure why because they’re unavailable calls or unknown numbers and they’re still coming through I have to deny them but why are they still coming through?
Show more
4 days ago, Teke0105
I just happened on this and was amazed at the information it revealed. I kept reviewing the types of calls I had received. I love it
Show more
5 years ago, Boss lady 325
Excellent Call Blocking App
I’ve finally found a call blocking app that have 100% block all robocalls, scams, Caller ID Spoofing, telemarketers from ringing through my iPhone and going straight to voicemail. Thank you for developing this amazing app.
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