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User Reviews for Call Recorder iCall

4.55 out of 5
15.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Mable Crist
Perfect applicationc
This phone recorder is more user-friendly than other programs. With one click, I can save the recording and access them at any time. The program does not need a lot of time to process the call. There are powerful speech recognition tools here. I use applications in business when talking to suppliers and customers. Thanks to Call Recorder iCall, I avoid unnecessary disputes and can defend my position.
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10 months ago, jmiff348
FALSE ADVERTISING- I just wasted $20
When you look at this app in the iTunes Store, the intro video shows that the “Contacts” button on your call screen is replaced by a “Record” button, and the app description also mentions “one tap” recording at least twice. Both of those things are entirely FALSE. When you receive an incoming call, you ACTUALLY have to answer the call… quickly flip to the Home Screen… open the iCall app… wait for it to load up… scroll over to the “Call” button (looks like a phone handset)… tap it… then tap the “call that number” message that pops up at the bottom of your phone screen (to dial iCall’s recording service… flip back to your incoming call… wait for your Conference Call button to switch to the “Merge Calls” function… and then finally (after what feels like an ETERNITY… tap that button to start the recording. I’ve tested it all multiple times, and it takes anywhere from 8-10 seconds to actually begin your recording… IF you got all of the steps right on the first try. By that time, your caller has already identified himself/herself (and most likely the purpose of the call) so you’ve missed out on possibly one pr two of the most important aspects of the recording. I wish that I would’ve read more of the reviews. Too bad I can’t get my $20 back. This app is worthless.
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3 years ago, D. Pen'a
Stopped recording 🙁
I was recording an important conversation with the car dealership about some fraudulent charges and wrong diagnosis of why the car wasn’t working properly. Everything went perfectly as far as our conversation went, I had them caught in luring and also charging for parts that never were installed and zi had it all on tape!....So I thought☹️I went back to listen to the the manager trying to studder his way out of one lie only to be caught up in another lie he had told. But to my total disappointment none of it was recorded. The app stopped working at 3 minutes into it and now I have to try and get it a different way. I don’t reccomend this app because for whatever reason it failed me when I was trusting that it was working. Now the luring manager has had time to realize all the ways he screwed up and I’m sure his story will change. I had the guy dead to rights and now I’ll probably have to end up paying him because my proof and evidence are gone. Now it will be my word against his instead of his words against him.
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10 months ago, piper_eden4
Needs some work. It recorded my call, but the purpose of my recording is so that I can go back through slowly and take notes. So upon replay, if I pause/stop at all, it resets it completely and then won’t play again unless I close out of the app and start over. And I can’t jump to where I left off. If I go back to my time stamp, and push play, nothing happens. It just doesn’t play at all. Very glitchy. So I have to start from the beginning and listen all over again before I can get back to the same spot. This is really annoying for a 17 min phone call. The whole point is to be able to pause and play again and it says that it has the ability to do that but the execution is crap.
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11 months ago, SantiagoNaranjo
This app is crap…. Really
#1: they offer zero support…. I’ve looked everywhere. #2: they force you to pay immediately upon download before you can even access their UI…. So there is no free trial. #3: it doesn’t work. The video for incoming calls makes it look easy to record calls. It’s not. You have to dial out and then merge calls together to get the app to record. The problem is every time you call out to their record line, you get disconnected immediately when using an iPhone. And there is no solution or support you can goto. Do yourself a favor and use Rev Call Recorder. Much more functional. Free to use. And the actually have live support that will help you!
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5 years ago, Mixedmediums
Complete Fail!
I got this because I had a very important series of phone calls I needed to record, in the next few weeks, without having to use an external recording device. I did a short (25 second) test call to be sure it worked. Shortly later, I answered the incoming call and proceeded to call into the number, then merge the calls. All seemed well... until the end of the 38 minute call! I opened the app to listen to the recording and was utterly aghast to find out the app stopped recording after only 25 seconds!! Throughout the call I had my screen on, and I could see the two calls, and I do not recall seeing the call drop. There is no explanation as to why this app failed! Thankfully there was a 3-day free trial; and I will not be charged for this!! PLEASE do not waste your money!
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1 month ago, Pensacola DL
Cheap is what you get-BEWARE
No way to report issues, have to go through Apple to contact developer to report and developer has not responded in over a week. Randomly will stop recording during call and you won’t know till you go to transcribe/listen to audio clip. Transcriptions are worse than a 5yo dictated. Annoying pop up EVERY time you use app! No way to stop it, no way to give feedback. The cloud storage option always stores recording and transcripts on phone (iPhone app anyways). Not a big deal since the files are small and easy to move into iCloud yet still a bug. I’ve put in complaint, hope Apple considers this a scam and refunds my money. IF THE DEVELOPERS SEE THIS AND OTHERS ISSUES HOPEFULLY THEY WILL SUPPLY A SUPPORT EMAIL AND ACTUALLY FIX THESE ISSUES.
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2 months ago, Tosh907
Terrible Quality, poor service.
I downloaded this app to record some calls that would later need review. Testing this app out request you to put your card number in, the first call is free, yet you don’t know if it is working unless you test it. The test was terrible quality almost unable to hear the voices on the call. Regardless the next time I used it I was charged $7.99, the third time I used it was by accident (because you have to call a number third party style for them to record it) which $7.99. I will pay for those since I just wanted to be rid of the terrible quality app anyway. I cancelled my subscription after that, and 20 days later they charged my card again.
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3 years ago, MyStruggleBus
It started out well and simple. Unfortunately it became frustrating and complicated when the apps phone recording line kept stop during mid phone calls. Usually only recorded for either the beginning of 2 minutes or near the end of 9 mins. I have no clue why. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I noticed this when I using the app my second time. During my call with another the record stopped recording, I noticed because it didn’t show up on my call screen with the other number. So I needed to pause the conversation, go to the record app, hit record, and merge the call again. I had to do this several times over. I recommend the you should try a different app before using this.
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5 months ago, ALAM S25
This app stops recording mid-way
I saw a review from 2 years ago that claimed that this app would end the recording after about 3 minutes. I was unsure of this because of how long ago it was, but I really found out when I downloaded the app myself and found out that it ended my 20 minute recording at 10 minutes. This was very unfortunate for me because I was using this app for a school project and it let me down. No one has to believe this review, but please look for other recording apps to use because this one is not reliable. Thank you.
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5 years ago, AlciBumble
Doesn’t Work and Cancel on Apple
If you cancel your subscription from their app it doesn’t actually cancel it. (Reporting to BBB.) Being that it’s $40/mo it’s worth getting it does ASAP. I did the 3 day free trial and as it was “recording” the quality of the phone call was horrible. Clicking and cutting out, etc, but it was a very important call so I figured eh, it was worth it. After the call ended I went back to open and listen to part of it and it tells me I have no recordings. Wow! I canceled the 3-day free trial on the app (thought I did) and just noticed this morning that I was billed for it a SECOND week. I guess I missed it last week. I paid $20 to these people. For an app that doesn’t even work. It’s legit fraud.
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2 years ago, Clemmie Shanelle
Works great
I have used the Call Recorder App for business calls for over a year. The platform allows me to listen to the conversation again and ensure I haven't missed anything important. I love this app because you can turn on the automatic recording function here, and the system will process all incoming and outgoing calls. Thus, I do not have to spend time connecting to the system.
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2 years ago, Violet Jayme
Convenient and easy to use app
The most convenient app among similar ones. With the touch of a button, I can save the recording and play it back if needed. The program handles all calls without exception and is not buggy. Due to good speech recognition systems, I can listen to a conversation with suppliers or customers at any time and sort out problem situations. With iCall, I can stand my ground and get justice.
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2 months ago, Amy n c
This app works awesome
I have recorded calls for weeks, it doing great, but the only thing you guys need to do update the edit calls cause when they call is like 22 min I have tried to edit it and every time it kicks you off the app but other then that I love this app
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9 months ago, Inamandla
I am so disappointed in this app. I had a very mportant meeting today and I downloaded this app because I was in a rush without checking the reviews. I pressed record button and it started recording however after I finished my meeting it did not save it at all. I have synced the REC app with my iCloud and I cannot find it anywhere because the app did not save it. I did iCloud backup but the meeting I recorded is nowhere to be found in this app neither on my iCloud backup. I tried calling the customer number of the app but it rang and displayed “user busy.” I am so frustrated by this situation because I need the important information that was said on the meeting. I’m very disappointed in this app even writing a review it doesn’t allow me to upload my review🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Is there a way whoever is in charge of this app to help me recover the 40 minutes conversation I recorded?? because I really really need it.
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4 months ago,
Description is MISLEADING
this app is a scam,. definitely avoid. Description in the App Store is misleading. There is no record button available when you receive or make a call. One has to jump through hoops to record a call, which involves actually setting up a new call to To the developers number. I wonder why Apple hasn’t taken down this app yet for providing misleading information. Even if you download, just try it, you’re constantly pushed to subscribe to one of the premium plans and those screena are very difficult to get out of
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2 months ago, SpaceCatTomato
Can’t Access Recordings
I’ve had this app for about a year now and I used to love it. I would use it for calls with my grandparents, but as of late I can no longer access my recordings it just shows they are loading but nothing ever loads. If I try to record a new call after I hang up it says the recording is being processed and I will be sent a notification once it’s processed. However, no notification is ever sent. My subscription is active and I am being charged weekly, yet I cannot view any of my previous recordings or record any new ones.
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4 years ago, bbb3s
Can not delete or unsubscribe
I never even got to use this app. It might be OK if you have a planned phone call and it’s outgoing. Otherwise it seems to be tricky. I never figured it out. I tried to delete the app so I wouldn’t get charged after the free trial. There’s nowhere on any information that I could find that says unsubscribe or delete app altogether. I guess it’s not enough to just delete the app itself you have to do more otherwise you will still get charged. I emailed the company to tell them to please unsubscribe me. I’m not sure what else to do to get them to not charge me anymore.
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11 months ago, kellyfm
Possibly the most frustrating app I’ve attempted to use
I spent an hour researching options for ease of use, review consistency, transcription etc and settled on this one, only to find it wholly dysfunctional. The app would not allow me to get past its instructional window (to actually use the service), and while I appreciated “being reminded what to do many times), could never actually try it. I ended up trouble shooting for 30 min before canceling it and now I’m seeking a new app - again. Somethings clearly wrong. Very disappointed.
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2 years ago, Vincenza Stracke
Good app for forgetful people
Great app! The developers did a good job: they considered all the details that are lacking in other programs! The app helps a lot! I can always listen to the recordings. For example, if I did not understand something during the conversation or forgot the dictated phone number. With iCall, I can correct my lack of memory or inattention! Thank you!
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5 years ago, socalgal418
So so
I like the app for the most part. But I have not found a way to delete recordings from my phone once I no longer need them. Also, if I make an outgoing call and the conversation takes a turn for the worst there is no way to start the recording. I have to engage the app before dialing the call. Not always the best choice. I wish the FAQ had more information on using the app. But at least it does it’s job and recording.
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2 years ago, Full belly 1245
Love it and always will (but one question for the Dev)
I love this app and will always recommend it to my colleagues in the field One question, dev - what is the specific function of real world use case for the VPN feature in the app? Thanks
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12 months ago, DelilaErutan
Stops recording after a few minutes, unsubscribe times out
Tested it after downloading and it seemed to work. However when tried to use with irascible vendor the app’s call dropped and recording stopped after a few minutes. Very disappointing. Clicked to deactivate my subscription but the status still says active. When uninstalling, go a question if I want to unsubscribe, clicked yes, but the next screen says timed out. I hope I will not get charged after the trial is over.
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2 weeks ago, rsnke98
Don’t use this app requires to install a VPN which I did. Ever since I downloaded the VPN my iPhone started to work very slow, all the apps started being slow and or stuck. especially the Internet browser. I didn’t immediately catch on to the VPN causing the issues. but when I did I deleted the app and the VPN all my apps and Internet browser started to work well as usual. I believe the VPN is infected with malware also all the recordings take a very very long time to download and transfer.
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3 years ago, twingo616
My records disappeared
The problem with apps like these is that there doesn’t seem to be a human attached to them in any way. I had a bunch of recordings, some of which had not been downloaded, and they simply disappeared. There’s absolutely no way to get in touch with customer support, I wrote a message on Facebook, to no avail. I would assume the records must be somewhere but there’s no one to help me. So if you’re trying to make recordings that you actually need to keep this app is useless
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4 months ago, Sbtiout
want to cancel subscription
This is a warning to everyone who thinks they’ll buy this for one week. The recording went well and I was pleased with the quality and ease of the app. After a few days, I deleted my subscription because I no longer needed it. Here’s the problem. The app makes it very difficult to cancel. I canceled my subscription and somehow it still “auto renewed.” How does something auto renew if you’ve cancelled it?! Very frustrated.
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3 years ago, M-Collins
All of my recordings were deleted and customer service doesn’t respond
I paid for a year subscription and after the last update every recording I had was deleted and never restored. These were extremely important and that was the whole reason I got this app. I reached out to customer service several times over the last two weeks with no response and no resolution. I will also be contacting the BBB about this.
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3 weeks ago, Yahoo Should End
Buyer Beware
The premise of the app is great. Finally, an app that can easily and reliably record phone calls. In reality, this app has spectacularly failed on both accounts. The app crashes half the time I use it and I never get back the lost recording. And the other half of the time, this app does not store the recording and it’s lost. I’ve spent hours attempting to contact their customer support, and they literally don’t have any. Do not waste your money and patience on this garbage app.
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3 years ago, tman big mow
Not sure where else to post this question does this app record automatically when calls are incoming or outgoing without requiring me to enter a passcode or complete any other tasks Are you able to selectively not record contacts
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8 months ago, Serofu
Not worth $0.05. Don’t waste your $
This app is not worth $0.05. Don’t waste your time or money. This app does not work seamlessly with the iPhone. In order to make this work, you must create a 3-way conference call between your caller and the app. This is done by dialing a phone number and merging that call with your call. Takes several seconds and does not always work. Plausible for outgoing calls but nearly impossible on incoming calls.
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2 months ago, poibii
Nightmare!! Do not download
I needed a recorded phone call so I downloaded this app. It seems straightforward. However, this app pretended to record the phone conversation and doesn’t have the capability to save it, even though I specified to save it on my iPhone. Also canceling your subscription to iTunes is not possible. It doesn’t even show up. If you get this app, you have to block it from your bank. at all costs.
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3 years ago, johnp13211
Lost all recordings
Worked great until this month, now will not save any new recordings and lost all of my previous ones in the app. Was able to find most of them in the files but new ones are not there.
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9 months ago, LilySofi
Merge call to record
When I made a purchase I was on the understanding that I would get the trial period. But instead I wasn’t, this is not an app I would like to use as it requires calling another number to merge the call in order for it to be recorded and worse yet there is nowhere allowing me to get refunded for my purchase that again I thought I would get the trial period before being charged. Not happy!!
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4 weeks ago, Alyhunny
Very obvious
It’s very clear to the person on the other line, as it tells them that you are in a conference call for both incoming and outgoing calls. I guess it makes sense, since you are essentially three-way calling when you merge calls to get it to record. Bummer…. Not to mention, it’s not really user friendly at all 🙁 I give one star because it works…. For the first two minutes…. 🤷‍♀️
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1 year ago, MykApple
Absolutely terrible. Lost an irreplaceable call
I downloaded this app to record a once in a lifetime conversation. The recording stopped after 1:39, while the call lasted over an hour. This app is useless. I will never get to hear that conversation again. Total piece of crap. I cannot put into words how angry I am and how cheated I feel in trusting this app to do THE ONE THING it’s designed for. Absolutely useless product. Don’t buy it.
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1 year ago, meowhls
Not as advertised
Do not use this app. It doesn’t work. Every time you try to call the number that it uses for you to connect with it says, all circuits are busy at this time. And then, when you do finally get it to go through, it doesn’t record!! It shows that it’s recording, but it doesn’t record the conversation.I wish I could give it a negative star rating.
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1 year ago,
Calls Do Not Save
I used this app successfully for months, one day all call recordings were gone and future call recordings would not save wether they were added to iCloud or saved on phone. Extremely disappointing that I reached out multiple times to the developers and creators with no response. Still hoping for some sort of remedy, all calls were needed to prove ongoing harassment.
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1 month ago, Lifetakingbeast
10-20 seconds to begin recording
Fake pictures used in ad. You cannot record unless you open the app, call a random recording number while the caller is on hold then merge the call. All takes 10-20 seconds. By the time you want to record a call, the person would have already hung up. Junk app. DO NOT BUY. Don’t waste your money on a cash grab. I regret doing so.
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3 years ago, eclipze_x
Needs more Verification Options
Unfortunately they only use SMS to send verification messages to your phone. My phone unfortunately cannot receive 3rd party SMS due to my carrier. You guys should also have a phone call verification method where a number calls the number listed to verify that it is indeed there number. Lost a potential long time customer from this misstep.
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3 months ago, BURN$$$Y
What’s the point?
I downloaded this to record a 10-minute conversation for work and when it was complete, the recording is nowhere to be found. There’s a folder where the file should be, but instead it said it couldn’t upload to my iCloud and that’s that. Now I can’t complete my work, so just an all-around pointless experience.
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4 months ago, DukeofMemphis
Defective out the box:
I recently purchased a year subscription for the following app and right out the box, the app is not working when I go to dial the iCall application (as noted in the videos) after attempting multiple time to connect to the iCall number to start recording inbound or outbound calls; it always auto disconnects or states “call failed”. I have Verizon service FYI.
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9 months ago, Cedar Price
Not only did this service not actually work (kept saying there was an error with my phone number), when I tried to cancel the subscription, it would not physically allow me. Had to call Apple support to prevent myself from being charged $8 a week for a useless app. Do yourself a favor and just use voice memos.
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4 years ago, vraetay
Worked fine until the server error
I have loved, relied on and subscribed to this app for months but now I can no longer access any of my recordings because of a “server error.” I may have lost an important call I recorded yesterday. I can no longer access the records list, and have been unable to find a number or contact for customer service. This is unacceptable. Please fix!
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2 months ago, Roxy_6767
Does not download
I have several calls that I’m trying to download and it will will get to 61% and then it stops. You can only download the recordings if they’re less then 3 min. Sent an email to support and still have not heard back. These calls are very important and I can’t download them. Do not recommend this app
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3 years ago, bjustus88
Important phone call recording failed 26 minutes into it.
Needed to record an important phone call with an attorney and 26 minutes into a 40 minute conversation the recording messed up and stopped and I didn’t realize this until the end of the call. Not happy you guys can keep this app and I’ll keep my $9.99 a week
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11 months ago, Dana Sch
Would not recommend.
The instructions are super easy to follow. I followed the steps, and the recorder only recorded 10 minutes of a 38 minute call. When I went to playback the little of a recording I had, it would only play less than 1 minute of the file of which there was no audio at all.
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2 years ago, Bizanto
Unable to unsubscribe successfully
The app worked for me very well in terms of call recording. But when I didn’t need it anymore, I unsubscribed, but was shocked to my marrow when I found that I am still being charged for the last two weeks. It is a shame that these folks will make it difficult to unsubscribe.
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3 years ago, VibrantEnvy
I tried using this app to record why my insurance company is telling me damage won’t be covered when there’s literally a statute stating they have to cover the damage. The call keep hanging up every minute to two minutes! I had to keep recalling (hitting record) and some didn’t even get recorded. So bad.
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3 days ago, LOVEkitens😻
Drops and loses calls
I used this for one day. It hung up on my call after 9 minutes. Then I got it going again and recorded a very important half hour call. At the end, it said it was processing the call but just totally lost it and there’s no tech support to contact for help. This app cannot be trusted. Don’t use it.
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3 months ago, Shitscamfraud
The ICall app does not work at all paid 50 bucks for a year subscription and it won’t work. There is no phone call that I can make to have someone try to help me with it. I think this is a scam and it’s pathetic because I live on Social Security, and have not much money. Why does Apple let this happen? It’s fraud.
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