Calling Card

3.2 (6)
4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Andreas Amann
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Calling Card

3.17 out of 5
6 Ratings
9 years ago, Raz ya
It works although the UI is very confusing
The app is simple and powerful but very confusing to use. Having said that it does what it should do. One problem it has is that it enforces a limitation that is not relevant for a while now of not allowing special keys like # to be added to the dialing rules. To overcome this, I simply copy/pasted a ‘#’ into the special keys field instead and it works like a charm.
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15 years ago, amosdad
Slow to load, clunky and there are free alternatives
Whats with the icon? Its tough to find it among others. The initial screen takes a few seconds more than Card Caller (Free) on my 2G iPhone. The rest of the interface mimics the Phone app from Apple. The long DTMF tones are very annoying - but no fault of the developer - Apple really needs to fix this. My low rating is for the slow response and the fact that there are free programs that do exactly the same thing. Thanks ViNo
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8 years ago, jb12eq23
Good app but...
Work fine but would be great if # symbol could be entered to Custom Number.
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8 years ago, Marcusking1967
Doesn't work
Doesn't work with IOS 9... and IOS 10
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15 years ago, Gracie916
A must application for those who use calling cards.
I have been using this “Calling Card APP” for over 6 months. When I first came across this APP, I couldn’t believe that there was an application that actually helps save you the time and headache for the trouble of using a calling card. I make quite a few calls every week to overseas that requires the use of a calling card (I use OneSuite) – Thanks to the “Calling Card APP.”, NO MORE writing the phone numbers I need to call from my contact list to a piece of paper. This APP does it all. I had a few questions when I first downloaded the “Calling Card APP”, but the creator/developer was quick and great with responding to all of my questions by email on the same day. Great support, along with great improvements over the last few months is what really made me want to write this review. ***Update – I notice after I downloaded OS 3.0, the calling card application now has an annoying pop up window that asks you to confirm if you want to make a call. After contacting the creator, he explained that it was an Apple’s decision– and we can help by sending a complaint to Apple directly on this. ***
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16 years ago, jhwd
Excellent App
For a long time I have wanted this feature on the various mobile phones I have owned. Long ago I had an Ericsson flip phone on which calling cards could be programmed. If you have not memorized the long distance or international number and can't read it of the phones address book while you are dialling the cards access numbers, this is the program you need. I have tried this app with OneSuite and it works exactly as advertised. I expect this to drammatically reduce dialling errors. If this app has problems with certain calling cards, I am sure those will soon be ironed out. There is quite some flexibility in programming the calling card (as it was on the good old Ericcson phone) so I expect that most calling cards already work. A nice feature might be a list of known card providers that the program knows to handle, in order to ease the entry of the card profile. In all, a seriously useful tool.
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15 years ago, Puya1
Super convenient
I haven't had a single problem. Works like a charm! I use Goldline as the calling card. It doesn't have any pin numbers. You just add credits to your account. The calling card application allows you to program all the steps you have to take when calling your card (dialing their number putting in pins, waiting for the usual info about how much credit you have etc..) and also allows you to save your favorite numbers - which you can get from your address book. When it comes to actually using the application, it's as easy as opening it, selecting the person you want to call from your favorites list and pressing call! That's it! I am using it all the time! it's like having a international plan but paying almost nothing for it!
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16 years ago, yarens
Works great!
It's amazing that this useful feature that as another reviewer pointed out used to exist on some cellphones years ago is now absent from all. This very flexible application returns it to the iPhone. I can now make international calls on my phone without paying AT&T's higher rates. Well worth 99 cents! (I had a stability problem with the initial version, but version 1.1 seems to have solved it, so I increased my rating to 5 stars again.)
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14 years ago, amteixeira
Very good, Apple should make it a standard feature
Excellent, covers a wide gap in the iPhone feature set. As a former PalmOS user, I expected the iPhone to have the same flexibility to dial long distance operator prefixes (which are always mandatory here in Brazil) and through calling cards. This app helps solve the problem, but I wish it could allow me to call from the address book directly. For now, it is an excellent workaround.
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14 years ago, abisen
Handy App With Some Shortcomings
It's a great application which works with many calling card vendors. Easy to use and flexible. But it cannot dial # or * which is a problem with some cards. Especially Google Voice. It also has long DTMF which is sometime irritating. Does not works for me as I use google voice and it requires dialling # at the end.
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16 years ago, NeilJB
great card caller
I do a lot of calling to Italy and it is great being able to use this. It works great. My only wish would be to be able to use a voice command to activate my numbers so that I don't have to look at the screen so much to use it. Other than that, It is great. I love having the ability to choose the pause between dialing the card and then dialing the phone number. Thanks!! NJB
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15 years ago, AnkurSingla
The problem is getting to Contacts is Multiple Steps
Andreas The app is really good and it lacks a few things that need urgent addressing: 1) The first/landing screen should be contacts or favorites. There should be buttons below that give contacts, favorite, keypad, and settings like in the tradition Phone app. 2) There should be a provision to add "#" after the contact dialing. Currently, I can only add Pause before or after but no option for "#" key.
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15 years ago, Mashada
Works as it should
This app actually does what its supposed to do. Only tricky part is setting the right pauses, but that should only take you a minute or two to figure out. After that, watch the savings roll in. T-Mobile killed me last month - left me sweating bullets, but that was quickly fixed by this app.
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14 years ago, La Hewlett
Changes in the 1.8 version
As part of the new version you do not see a long list of numbers every time you dial, instead the name of the contact appears ending with via "callingcardname". I completely HATE this as it creates a new contact, there should be an option where you can turn this on or off. I DO NOT want a contact created when I dial, especially as the PIN number of the card will change when the current one expires. The other thing that has being happening is that I have to dial the number twice because the first time I will not hear the person on the other line. This happens every time I use the app, the first call will give me problems but the second one will be fine. Please fix this, I will raise my score as soon as these issues get fixed. Thanks,
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14 years ago, fflex
would give it 4 stars, if the dailing were a bit faster; 5 stars, if it worked with Google Voice
Pros: Solid, intuitive interface multiple cards quick access to contacts Cons: the dialing is very slow. Did not work for Google Voice (where you dial your GV number, then 2) Works well with my PhoneShark account
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15 years ago, rwmar74
This is the first time I felt compelled to write a review - the application works exactly as advertised and makes international calling so much easier. I tried the free alternatives first but none of them was able to match the ease of use and flexibility for setup offered by this app. Money well spent - great job!
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15 years ago, J Lien
Excellent App -saves money
Works very well if you want to save and use a calling card instead of paying AT&T Int'l rates for overseas calls. Makes it as easy to use a calling card as making a normal call. The developer is very responsive and is updating the app with improvements.
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15 years ago, EarsGhalore
Gets the job done!
Make a safe card call when driving or a fast call while at work! All I miss is option to add multiple PINS for the same card company, like the card selection, that would make it perfect!
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14 years ago, mmvv22
Very customizable, but missing # and * keys
This app can do everything I needed except for in "Manage Call Details..." I am unable to "Add custom number" where this custom number is a pound sign (#). I tried to copy a # into memory and paste it into the 'Add custom number' dialogue, but this seems to break the app (it won't place a call at this point).
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15 years ago, HaroonR
All-around EXCELLENT App!
Calling Card is very well designed, which is why it's one of my most frequently used apps. All the features make the app very easy to use and the local time at the calling destination is very convenient. Excellent!
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16 years ago, mephology
Excellent calling card application
This is an excellent application for people that use phone cards frequently. Great integration with the iPhone contacts as well as nice layout and design. The program is definitely worth the $0.99.
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12 years ago, instrumental lover
This is an excellent app, way better than many similar apps available from specific calling card companies. I have been using it for three years.
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14 years ago, ajgupta
Reasonably Good application
It is a reasonalbly good application for calling card dialing. However it could do with the following improvements: -If they could use short dtmf of 20pps dialing. - If one could dial directly from the Contacts Both these features are availabel in a similar application for Blackberry called "Berrydialer"
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14 years ago, Appleseeders
It ignores pauses
There is a bug as of today where it ignores the pause(,) making the extension numbers attched to the main number without the pause. Developer was super fast for the email request letting me know that it is going to be fixed soon.
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15 years ago, Andrew_Z
A must-have if you've got more than one calling card or use one card for multiple numbers. Excellent for everything from personal to enterprise solution.
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12 years ago, Dr J Dizzle
Works for me
I would give it 5 stars if it allowed me to select a number from favorites. Otherwise I have to sort through a thousand contacts. Also, when the call ends, the app defaults to a contacts screen. I would rather it go to the home screen.
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16 years ago, philpham
Works great for IDD Calling
I use this app for International IDD calling instead of for calling cards. It works flawlessly. Anytime I had questions of suggestions, a quick e-mail to the author and it was resolved quickly. Thanks for the great app!!
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16 years ago, ktwdallas
Nice app, finally able to call the states easier from Canada. Having to manually dial a calling card kind of makes the phonebook worthless, this corrects that problem!
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15 years ago, Tusher
Not a very stable software
Not a very stable software. Each time the software sends the number in a different rate (means, one time it will send the number very quick, next time it will send the very slow, you gotta wait until it finishes sending the number). Sometimes it sends wrong number. Then you have to restart the program.
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16 years ago, ENikS
Money well spent. Nicely filling gap in the native dialer application. I would suggest to add # and * to numeric keyboard. My card requires # after password and the number. Also in "call details" I would like to be able to add extra custom steps like extra pauses and numbers.
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16 years ago, Sal Banuelos
It was about time!
Great App, It was about time that some one thought about the need of a flexible and real solution for the Calling Card industry. I am very happy with it, works great! Saves me a lot of time.
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15 years ago, Capgrass101
Works great
Has saved me a lot of money. Frequently updated with bug fixes. Works with all the cards i have tried.
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16 years ago, FLGlenn
Calling Card Program...
This program would be useful, however not being able to enter the '*' or the '#' makes this program absolutely useless when 90% of the cards out there require these characters. If that is not bad enough, the makers of this program blame it on Apple's restrictions. Why not post this info as a disclaimer up front rather than finding out AFTERWARDS?
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13 years ago, maverbuj
It does the job well!
Performance should be improved. Other than that I use this app daily for work and personal calls with two different cards.
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16 years ago, vuzur
Finally! Bravo
Finally a calling card utility for the iPhone! I have been witing for this for long time. Great customer support! Took care of my problem in one day.
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16 years ago, Yorye
Save yourself 99 cents: Do Not Buy This App
It works 10% of the time with MCI and not at all with AT&T. The issue is the iPhone dialer, which the developer helpfully points out buried in small print in the "known issues" of his support section. He says he can do nothing about this. Luckily, it only cost me a buck. I couldn't find a way to give negative stars. However; -*****
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16 years ago, fortepianissimo
Works great - need to model after phone app
The app simply works - the UI is simplistic but it gets the job done. It would earn 5 stars if it can sport an UI that's similar to the builtin phone app.
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15 years ago, Ovedy
Very effective card management tool
Works well and has neat features. saves me money on int'l calls
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16 years ago, TajSingh
Delighted user
Have been waiting for this app for ages. Works perfect with 3 calling cards I use daily.
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11 years ago, Chris C$
May not work at all depending on the calling service used
The Call sequence feature to setup the steps for your card is great. Unfortunately, the developer does not allow you to specify a '#' or '*' as an entry. This will prevent you from using a service that requires a # at the end of the number before dialing. This would be an ideal app for WebEx dial ins or Skype To Go, but is unusable for that purpose as it stands. The developer should allow for all standard number pad input instead of limiting it. Overall, would be great as a feature added to a full contacts manager app.
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15 years ago, PipoMartino
Awsome app
Love it. No need to remember endless access codes. I use it all the time to call my friends in Europe
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16 years ago, Kkilmister
Love it!!
I have been using this app for a while and it works fabulously! I use an MCI card and have no problems.
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15 years ago, InteractiveDNAcom
Danger - AT&T charge me $859 for international Calls
I used this app. And everthing seams to work fine... The calling card tells you how much minutes left and so on... But, surprise! It by pass the calling card and it makes a true international call Be very carefull using this!
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13 years ago, The NaNa Bread
Still miss BlaCaDa19
It's great app for people who are missing their Blackberry , but it seems to be the best one for that reason out there !!!
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11 years ago, Wk5981
It doesn't work well with Skype to go
Skype to go requires dialing the # sign after the number and this application doesn't provide for that so it's a major disadvantage.
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14 years ago, Angelhelly
Does not work with OS 4
I loved this app. Works really well for what I needed. However, with os 4, it stopped working. It crashes when I try to dial. I hope they fix this issue, since it makes the app unusable
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14 years ago, MaanB
Works great, thanks!
Does exactly what I want it to do. I'll be using it a lot...
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15 years ago, diegogdiegog
No # sign permited after number.
After buying the app realized I couldnt ad the # sign after the number.
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15 years ago, Nirav vasa
Tooooooo good
The most amzing app I have ever used... Full points to the programmer.
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15 years ago, d.g.r.
Encountered Problems
Can not delete any entries, can not edit entries. This problem needs to be fixed before this program has any value
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