CamCard:Digital Business Card

4.7 (90.6K)
164.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
INTSIG Information Co., Ltd
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for CamCard:Digital Business Card

4.7 out of 5
90.6K Ratings
3 years ago, CopilotJim
Saved my sanity!
When I got into the senior services industry I was amazed at the amount of business cards became part of my daily life. Coming from real estate I thought business cards were becoming less and less part of business life. But in this industry they multiply like dust. I have been paperless since 2010 and this avalanche of cards wasn’t working for me. I tried several solutions and none worked well until CamCard. Now I take a picture of cards as they come in, make sure the card reader read them properly. Upload into my CRM, and send an email to set a meeting, then throw the card away. Now, where ever I am, I have all my referral partners cards with me and can pull up or share at a touch of a finger. All I have to remember is first or last name, company name or industry and there they are!
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3 years ago, BklynSprngWtr
Just started using this card reader today so I haven’t tried searching for business cards or any of that but adding them was pretty easy UNTIL I went to add one but was apparently on my profile instead of the card scan section. I accidentally added someone else’s business card where mine should be. Simple enough fix, right? Delete it. Except NO! The “default card cannot be deleted” so I can’t delete that card until I’ve added a new one and I don’t have a business card! So now it seems I’m stuck with someone else’s information where mine should be! I can somewhat understand why this safety would exist, so ppl don’t accidentally delete their information, but wouldn’t they have a copy of their own business card? Isn’t it more likely someone would need to completely delete their information from their profile than they’d erase it and not recall any of their info or be able to easily retake the photo of, again, their OWN business card??? This has been frustrating, I can’t edit section by section, I can’t delete, this is annoying. If ANYONE knows of a fix plz help. But yeah, 3 stars anyway because I like what I was experiencing prior to this issue but I haven’t used it long enough to rate it any higher plus this silly problem is beyond frustrating!
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4 years ago, scttl123
I friggin LOVE this app!!!!
This app has been sooo handy for me. I love everything about. The fact that it dates when you received someone’s card, groups that you can make to bundle cards that were all received in one location, the ability to write notes on each card, the ability to search key words or locations or dates to locate a card. And he fact that it’s free is awesome. The ONLY little problem is, and it can not be blamed on the app at all, is that it sometimes is not able to read information off of a card correctly. I’ve seen this happen only with unique custom designed cards. I am CONSTANTLY telling people, anyone who will listen, about how awesome this app is and everyone is very appreciative of learning about it.
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6 years ago, Greyjeh
Excellent Product
Excellent speed and accuracy! Transfers faster and more accurate than and if using the business platform you can set up an automatic sync from all subordinates devices which will allow you to absorb their contact info yet not transfer your own. This app not only ends wasted time and mistakes in the data entry but holds the original picture of the business card, including both sides. The app also confuses to sync the contacts within to your devices contact... therefore if the app were to have a catastrophic failure your data is still in your devices. So as long as you back up your device regularly it will always be in your device backup! Can’t say enough about the ease of use and accuracy. Jh
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7 years ago, King45673
I have looked at MANY business card organizational apps and CamCard is by FAR the best I have ever found. It is much more accurate than other card scanners and it is very easy to edit any thing that doesn't scan correctly. In addition, it's user interface is VERY user friendly. The you can email or make a phone call to someone with the simple touch of their address or phone number. It is VERY customizable! I love that it allows you to have a picture of the business card, along with a name and their business, in the index. This app is free....but I would have gladly paid for this app (I DON'T meant to plant any ideas in the developer's head!). As SOLID 5-Star rating!!
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5 years ago, veryyygoodapp
Can’t share contact
Been using for two years but just noticed a bug. I cannot share a contact from iPhone contact list if it is originally created in CamCard. It will send in iMessage or email and the receiver can open it, but when they click create new contact from the options, nothing happens and it doesn’t show into their contact list. Only happens on contacts created through the app, the ones created directly in iMessage work just fine. Tried with several people with different versions on iPhone, same results. That means contacts I message to others cannot be saved on their phones. This really needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, Razzzie
User Beware!!!
I have had this app for a few years and spent a lot of time scanning my cards, taking the pictures and completing the info to where I built a good database of contacts. Recently I have been trying to log in and the app would open, I could see the contacts and then it shut down. Unable to do anything... no option to update it or fix the issue so I downloaded the new version (which made no sense to me that there were two coexisting versions of the same app on my iPhone) and deleted the old one assuming that by signing in all my contacts would repopulate. I signed into the new one and all my contacts and hard accumulated database is gone. Not even my profile was copied. Shame on the developers! It almost feels to me like a purposely made attempt at getting people to sign for additional back up and cloud services. I don’t think I will continue using it. Unreliable!!!
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6 years ago, LivingThroughPrayer
I’ve been using CamCard for over 5 years both professionally and for personal contacts. It’s a wonderful tool for keeping prospective new business partners and customer leads, managing existing partners/customers, keeping personal notes about all your contacts i.e. anniversaries, important dates, spouses, children, etc., tracking your own personal contacts, i.e. physicians, coaches, teachers, favorite places, etc. You can also quickly shard your own business card with others from your phone without needing a stack of business cards handy! It’s GREAT when traveling and at events!! THANK YOU CamCard for such an effective organizational contacts management tool 😁
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5 years ago, Master-and-Commander
Business card reader
The application is just ok. Programmatically no better or worse than others. There are no noticeable bugs. I have been using this application for many years, and not until when you apply fixes, which actually was a upgrade in hiding, was I disappointed. My old basic product had no limits and no subscription fee. I was sad that you drank the cool aid by jumping on board with subscription fees. Well you can count me out as a customer. I prefer not to go through a shake down. For the non-US teams feel free to look up the idioms. You get only one star, if it could be lower it would. You guys screwed up a pretty good tool.
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5 years ago, AccessibilityWisher
A Life Hack
I rarely write a review of the apps I have but I must write for this one. I found this through a link on Pinterest for professional ladies like myself. I gave it my benefit of doubt. It nearly blew my mind to how effective this is because I usually have a stack of business cards that I haven’t once touched. I am also aiming to be paperless because I can’t tolerate that many papers in my home. This was worth it. I love it! The only beef I have is it looks for the card’s edges when it is already present. With today’s business cards being rounded, maybe this can update to accommodate the MOO cards. Other than that, I love this!
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6 years ago, Aces bill
Easiest way to capture and input business cards
I’ve been using CamCard reader for a couple of years now and it is an amazing product. Only drawback that I have found with this product is that you have to be in sufficient light in order for you to be able to get the information transferred to your phone. Other than that it is the absolute easiest way that I have found to capture and then put business cards without having to type them manually into my address book. I absolutely love this app and would recommend it to anyone.
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6 years ago, Aleimmouse
Massed up a really good app.
I had been enjoying this app for a long while and now after the apple iOS update is not working. Cannot open the old app to retrieve my cards. I did as the app developer suggested on other reviews and downloaded their new version of the app. I logged in which was an issue in it self and then it only transferred a few of my cards so I’m still don’t have the rest of them. The new app doesn’t have an ‘import’ function only export. Need to know how to get rest of my business cards. Also the new app has function issues. It has problems responding to my prompts. I’m really disappointed. I guess we’ll never be able to get rid of our paper cards because of this scenario.
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6 years ago, Paulrobe
I believe that “CamCard“ is one of the most valuable applications that I have for my iPhone. Not only does it allow me to collect all the cards that people give me, but it allows me a ready resource to be able to recall names, email addresses, and any special comments that I have about people that I’ve met in various meetings. I would highly recommend this application to anyone who wants to try to keep track of all of the context of they’ve made, especially in this day of meeting many people during many types of business applications.
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2 years ago, SS Mike
Simply doesn’t work…
Just downloaded this app based on high reviews. Scanned my first card, took a couple minutes to actually see the card, scanned and didn’t get a single letter correct. Tried again and still failed. Tried another card…failed. Not wanting to give up I tried a third card and same thing. I have a brand new iPhone 14 and the app can’t utilize the camera properly. I can’t click the screen to manually focus on the card. Picture is taken and it’s blurry so no info is correct. Take the picture and it’s pretty clear, most of the info is incorrect. If I have to manually type in all the info on these cards I might as well just take pics and write it out myself. Skip this app, saves no time and simply doesn’t work.
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6 years ago, Dmamateo&haddie
Saved my life in time!!!
Oh my! A co-worker shared this app with me and it has changed my life! I had one of these random projects I needed to complete and had to enter over 200+ business card info into a spreadsheet. I had already entered 121 cards manually into and Excel spreadsheet when my co-worker shared with me that there is a program that does this. To my surprise it worked and served my needs. I scanned about 140 cards and exported it in excel. It cut down the amount of work time I had to spend on my project. Best thing EVER!!!!
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3 months ago, 1badSpeller
Started good
First of all I really liked this app. In fact I have recommended it to about a hundred people and was a big proponent of it for my customers, business associates, and employees. It worked moderately well at detecting the text on a number of different card styles. Now that I have been using this app for over a year it suddenly dumps ALL of the cards I have been scanning and without warning says I have no cards?! Needless to say I’m not about to upgrade to premium if you kill my entire backlog of data. How am I supposed to get this back? Doesn’t leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling.
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3 years ago, KenSzCT
Switched Application Model
This could be a really great application, if the OCR were improved. Be sure to check any cards you scan, don’t scan and pitch the cards. I also like being able to capture the front and back images. Then there is the “But” the developer released a CamCard HD app for a higher cost, then later decided to stop and switch to a subscription model. Fine if you want to do that, but return the cost for the app that disappeared. Also the annual fee is a bit high for features that were originally free, but have since been removed. It looks like there are a number of other similar apps to consider anyway.
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6 years ago, Addy111dffffffff
Great App
Best app to keep your contacts. I’ve been using it for years and has not let me down yet. Yes, the text recognition is not perfect, but it takes just a few edits and its ready for whenever you want to bring up the information. Much better than carrying around a fat wallet full of paper. Also, you can easily share the info once its correctly stored via text or email. Super easy. Great job guys. Almost forgot, cloud based so you have your contacts everywhere!
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5 years ago, DonRRTX
Nice app. Highly recommend. Saves my wallet from all those seldom used but necessary to have cards (AAA, AARP, medical, Hertz, etc.) Not always perfect data translation but easy enough to modify. I wish it could be added to the iPhone control center. Maybe a future rev (quick access like wallet). There is a widget but already have several widgets there and they are more for quick data review. Getting the premium even though I won’t ever even need more than the free 200. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, SS513
My personal assistant
This app is great. I scan my business cards each day and it automatically syncs with my contacts on my cell phone. I have two cell phones (personal and work) and having the CamCard app on both phones allows me to easily access my business contacts quick and easy. My favorite part is when a business contact calls either phone, their name and title show up on my screen. I love this little mini personal assistant in my back pocket.
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2 years ago, TriState3
I don’t know where else to get help but on this review. I’ve had this app for around 5 years. I’m in Constuction. I’ve had No problem and enjoy the app very much. until I lost my phone. I got a new phone last year and downloaded the app. And it only lets me sign in as a new customer. I lost all my hundreds of card to my customers and business contacts. Is it still in the cloud? Or is my life over.
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6 years ago, CardHound18
Bring Back The HD Version
This version is okay. Layout is okay but the HD layout was much(!) preferable. Scanning is fairly easy with this non-HD version. The OCR errors are no worse or better than any other scanner available. As with no many here, I lost a lot of cards when the HD version was no longer supported. Signing into my account doesn’t solve the problem of reloading my list of HD cards. They’re simply gone unless I view them via a browser connection. While not perfect it’s still about the best choice for non-business use but the HD version was definitely the best choice.
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6 years ago, dawnthedogtrainer
Contacts are gone
I installed this app a while back and it seemed okay, although it wouldn’t save the contacts to my iPhone contacts. I didn’t like having them separate but I dealt with it. I recently went to try to use the app and it closes before I can see any information it contains. I went to the App Store and I was given the option to get the app... not update, but get. I installed the second copy onto my phone and it didn’t pick up any of the information from my first copy. Both app versions are on my phone but the one that has contacts in it I cannot access, so I’m afraid to put contacts in the new one. I don’t want to lose those, too! If the developers can’t offer me a solution I’m going to uninstall both of them and just use my camera and my iPhone contacts and forget about the idea of not having to type information in. At least if I type it in I can see it and use it! I can’t even view the contacts in the original app anymore. Be warned... it happened to me. It could happen to you.
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2 years ago, chrisbizowner
Errors every time
I have used the free version of this and thought it was clever. Now I paid for the full version thinking it would be amazing, but the truth is the technology being used to determine the text on cards is lacking. I have to manually correct every entry which defeats the purpose of the app. Even after I take the image 3 times to see if it gets better. The cards are brand new and very clear and I’m still correcting the data. The address is the worst. It doesn’t recognize the format and throughs the entire address on one line. If there is a refund procedure it would definitely ask for my money to be returned.
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3 years ago, John Gadget Guy
This is one of the most awesome and fascinating apps on my phone and it’s free. You can actually take an image of someone’s business card and it will OCR the card turning it into English and entering it into your contacts automatically. I’d recommend this app for any sales guy, business people who receive a lot of business cards. This is a go to quick and fast awesome scanner for business cards!
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1 year ago, Ump-57
Customer service is non-existent
I’ve been a paid Camcard user for nearly ten years. They changed to a subscription format which I chose not to participate. I later added Camcard for Salesforce which is a subscription service. I moved my business to a different CRM but forgot about the subscription. I’ve contacted Camcard 5 times through their support and email channels to attempt to move my Salesforce subscription to the premier. I have had zero response from them regarding this. I have received 3 marketing emails which is frustrating. Good product, but just don’t rely on their service.
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5 years ago, JSpencerHood
Incredible Sales Tool
The CamCard App is an amazing way to save and categorize your contacts and their business cards which includes all contact information crucial to conducting business in a professional manner. I’ve found simply by taking the pictures of business cards there could not be a more efficient, effective tool for networking and capitalizing on these contacts.
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5 years ago, bryand78
Great app - but annual charge to use it?
I’m a big fan of the app (5 stars) and happy to pay for good software, but really think an annual charge of ~$48 per annum is rather steep for just a card scanner. Hence the free app / no charge representation that many reviewers / websites show is misleading and hence the 2star rating. Like other products would be happier to pay a one time charge that is more reasonable (like many other apps), rather than a recurring charge. I am not a corporate user and while the 500 card limit is generous, I would rather buy a product and use it as much as I want / need, than to pay for it every month / year to perpetuity.
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2 years ago, Poker Frank
OCR issues and no AI
Do not get this app. It take longer to scan and correct all of the mistakes than it does to manually add the contact. There is limited AI. Every card I scanned placed the whole address including state and zip was added to the first address line. Address are scanned in all caps, annoying. Seriously, how hard can that be to fix the ALL CAP issue. OCR data is placed in the wrong fields. Honestly this app is useless. just useless. I read the other reviews and was shocked by how many gave this app a great review. And I was equally surprised by how long this app has been on the market considering a the issues and bugs it has.
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9 months ago, oldfartdeveloper
Couldn’t edit business card category mistakes
It could be that I just didn’t know what I was doing, but the business card scanner scanned the text excellently, but it made mistakes in assigning what categories they should be assigned to. This shouldn’t be a problem to fix, I thought, and so when it showed the initial assignments, I thought I could just edit them. Lo, although it showed the hover “insert” cursor over the text input fields, I couldn’t actually click in the letters to edit them. Odd, I think. Maybe I need to restart my phone or maybe there’s an incompatibility with the latest iOS revision, or …?
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6 years ago, tuyrh8tshy nathan
It's great when it works!
When it works, it's great! It automatically loads card information and updates it to me Google contacts. I love it. But then every once and awhile I see that it didn't upload the last bunch of contacts. Then I gotta go back and see what's missing and figure out why it didn't load... It's a pain. So far it's worked often enough and well enough to be worthwhile. If it's dips a little bit though, it's just easier to upload the business card contacts by hand...
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6 years ago, unhappy12345!@#
Impossible, but here it is
Cards have been bane of my existence.. drudge of entering them always put off then contacts go cold. With this, it’s like new life. 10 seconds. Just put card down, let camera focus and done! All info, even live link to website and touch to email them.. just like that.. on to next card. 1 enjoyable minute watching this thing go and I’m done! On to emailing. A pleasure.
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6 years ago, amandarealtor
Clean, classy, fast
Amazing, absolutely amazing. My coworker told me about this app and it’s a life saver. No more losing cards and it looks classy when I am exchanging cards and can scan it and then put it in my pocket when meeting someone else. The benefit of it being in your contacts as well? Unbelievable. I don’t get excited for apps very often. I don’t even write reviews but this one deserved a 5 star rating!
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5 years ago, wtfgroupon
The update and or premier does not work
I loved this app up until the last update . I gave them 5 stars before in a review but had to change it to 3 stars. Before I purchased premium, I could take a picture of a business card and it would load the card info into the information. Now I have to enter the business card information?! WTH ?! I am considering dropping this app if they can resolve the issue. I would go for app support but it is in an Asian language . Please fix the app so I can keep it.
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7 years ago, HoJoGo
Amazingly easy to use...
Intiuitive...accurate...excellent app. It was super easy to use within seconds. Over 11,000 5 Star reviews caught my eye and I gladly add myself to that list. I highly recommend this application. I can’t believe it was free. I would have paid for this. this app and use it in good health. The creators of this little piece of technology should be very proud of the work they put in!!
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2 months ago, AppStore Sleuth
Nonfunctional, misleading
Awful app, barely usable. Convolutes the cancellation process with support tickets even though it’s managed by Apple. Then once they charge your card they say take it up with Apple. There is an easy solution that doesn’t scam your customers on the first payment. Hyperlink Apple subs or show a dialog with this info instead of waiting for a support ticket response. It makes me wonder if that little delay is just enough to squeeze the 24 hour window for cancellation and charge cards at least once. Download any of the other thousand biz card apps that don’t do this.
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3 years ago, ksjahajdkfj
Bad update
I’ve used this app for years and loved it. Told hundreds of contact how great is was. But it started shutting off when I opened open it. I decided to delete and reloaded. Now it opens but have to pay ‘$50 a year to seem my cards. Lucky my iPad hasn’t been effected. I’m addition. Contacted by support this week. I was able to download the app again and skip the premium package. Signed in and retrieved all my cards and contacts. Thank again. I would high recommend this app if you are in the field and meet new clients everyday. I tell everyone this is the way to go.
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5 years ago, Joeji Brooks
Not sure yet
The first few times I used this I had to correct many thing after taking the photos. So, I decided I didn’t like it. However, a few days later I decided to try it again and the last three cards I did were almost perfect. Then this request for review option came up. I think it’s to soon for a review but it’s a free app and seems okay so far. Don’t forget to review the card 100% before saving.
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5 years ago, zorabies
Useful and Effective
Extremely useful to get rid of all those pesky cards that live in your wallet, drawers, etc. The fields are great in that it allows most every option and even a backside of the card. I love that it also saves a pictures. The auto generate mode doesn’t always work (mostly due to odd fonts, etc) - but it’s very useful as a benchmark to edit the information.
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6 years ago, Gil05il
Upgrade version gone down from 7.42.2 to 7.30.0??
Not sure what is going on with this upgrade but looks like it is going back, not just the version number but looks like it is introducing ads to it and giving you to option to upgrade to a premium account to get rid of them. I think I’ll wait to see more reviews about this new upgrade.
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6 years ago, bmb9319
As a creative, not so great
This app works great with normal white background business cards. Thing is, as a photographer/artist, I get business cards that have colors and background colors other than white. The app has a hard time recognizing that. There for, I have a hard time scanning those cards and sometimes can’t. That is because the app tries to pull out the font from the background that it is trying to white out. Unfortunately, this app is no use to me when I really want it to be. 😔
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4 years ago, 1Goodjohn
I have been using this app for quite some time and just installed the newest version to work with IOS 14.3 It makes it easy to add a new contact if you have a business card you just scan it and verify information and edit if necessary and you will have both a copy of the card and the information in your contacts.
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5 years ago, SDGuille
Love it!
Have been using it for years and love the ability to save and organize all my business cards among any of my devices (app for any platform). It’s really useful to be able to see on the map where they are so I can just pass by if I’m close by for prospecting or touching base with existing clients. It also links to my CRM but changing to Dynamics so we’ll see how that goes... great app!
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5 years ago, musclemagnet
Saves time
I don’t normally use apps or any technology at all because I generally hate it, but this has been a god sent. Taking a photo is quick and easy and I learned to do that in first grade with a real camera. This app saves a lot of time especially for someone who hates to text and type-taking a photo is my speed. I guess you can guess my age I’m not a millennial!
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7 years ago, LTFOB
Just Lovely
Looks like I am in the same boat as everyone else that downloaded the update after the iOS update. Good thing I didn’t actually toss all of the cards I have received. I really hope they can get this fixed otherwise this app is completely useless. Their support is outstanding as well. I tried to submit a questions to them about this issue and it game me an error message, can’t send at this time please try again later. I thought about buying the full version but after hearing it has had the same problem I think I will just save my money.
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6 years ago, dnbrhcuwiqbchhd
Great app
It scans cards. Does somewhat of an OK job of capturing information. I have to edit it every once in a while but it is not too bad. It stores the captured info. It even copies that information to the iPhone. If that was not enough, this contact list is available online in case I lose my phone. It does a lot of good work when you consider that it is a free app.
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6 years ago, DavidWantz
Managing many cards: simple to use
I've used CC for over a year and could not do without it. People game their cards and watch as I scan them and ask, "Tell me about that. Does it work?" As I hand the card back, I show them how easy it is to use and edit. That is saves both the image of the card and populates you contacts is a great redundancy. A couple of glitches reading odd typefaces, but overall it’s a dream
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6 years ago, BorninBroward
You need to improve the OCR capabilities the advantages of the scan are negated due to poor OCR
I like the idea and. The photo of the card is good but it normally requires 10-15 minutes to straighten out the data and if you don’t do this it’s very difficult to do a search it’s easier to just fill in the data but I do like the photo of the card. You need to work on your character recognition or I’m going to look for a better program I apologize if you have a pay upgrade
Show more
6 years ago, GoudaMeunster
Pretty okay, useful, but room to improve
Decent App, well organized, but the text/font recognition algorithms need adjustment, and the edge recognition feature for cards could use some greater sensitivity. Other than that (which is huge because not having to go back and edit text is a big time waster when trying to input multiple cards), the app is well conceived and performs well.
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4 years ago, tommyc3po
Caveat emptor - buyer beware
Had paid the app price a few years back and contacts synced to Outlook. Kind of. Now my app was replaced with a new service fee version for my convenience. I guess my money is gone and it is assumed I should pay a monthly fee now. I feel this is unfair because my working version was taken away. The app worked fairly well when I had the capability to sync contacts. But the scanning was only really ever about 85-90% accurate. Just be aware, the terms are subject to change and you may lose access.
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