Camera Timer!

1.8 (40)
8.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
nakhon phagdeechat
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Camera Timer!

1.78 out of 5
40 Ratings
8 years ago, MoPuck
So frustrated
I loved this app before the last two updates. Now it put the phone to sleep missing 90% of the photos I want it to capture. I use this for my business so it's frustrating that I waste a ton of time turning the phone back on.
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6 years ago, Southwest Akitas
Single Shot Work Around
I also had the problem of thinking I was taking multiple shot to later realize that only one was saved. The solution that I found was to turn off cellular and wifi data. This prevents the advertisements from starting. The ads seem to interfere with storing the pics. Hope this helps someone. Otherwise it works as expected.
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8 years ago, nmenegay
Love this free app for interval shooting!
I wish I had found this free app before I spent money on a few other paid apps that couldn't deliver this simple feature: taking multiple photos at a set interval. The max number of photos you can set up for his app is 30, which is a lot higher than another paid app that allows only 10!!
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7 years ago, mracrock
You Killed This App By Including Ads
I never write reviews, but you killed this app when you included ads. They pop up and disable the camera from the second picture on. This was a great app, but Billie Rocks is right: now it's worthless. Most of us would gladly pay the ransom to upgrade and eliminate the ads, if only to restore the functionality of this formerly fine app.
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8 years ago, Billie Rocks
Upgrade Issues!!!
Latest upgrade to this app is made it completely useless! There's no way to pay for this app and get rid of ads… Now ads pop up when the camera timer is running interrupting photo taking. The main reason this app was better than all the others is due to the multiple different ways I could set the timer; the space in between shots and the number of shots taken. Fix this issue! This app is worthless now!
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4 years ago, Scooby_dogg23
The ads ruin your photo shoot
The ads pop up in the middle of your photo session ruining everything. It would be one thing if they interrupted things but your photos and count down continue while the ads are playing. The ads cover the screen so you can’t pause your session.
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8 years ago, Losbear
does what it's supposed to
I like how you can set the delay and how many pictures to take. Has ads, which is expected with a free app. what i dont like is how the quality of the pictures is worse than using the built in ios app. i dont see a setting to change this anywhere, so i knocked off 3stars
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5 years ago, matticusitcis
Ugh!!!! Use to be good.
This use to work very simply. Was perfect. Now it starts an ad half way into your photo shoot, so it confuses you then it doesn’t even put the photos anywhere now it seems. So odd. They should just charge the .99 for the app and get rid of the ads and make sure the photos can be saved somewhere. Great user experience gone down hill
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7 years ago, truffuls
Why limit to 30 shots?
It should be unlimited or user specified number of shots
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7 years ago, jimlynnjulian
A couple of things keep this app from rising to the top of the pool. 1) pop ads during a shoot. 2) the actual shot occurs about three seconds after the end of he countdown.
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5 years ago, 7;))
Photos don’t save no more to camera roll
I guess with the last update when you take a picture it does not save it to your camera roll or put it in a folder anywhere on my phone I’ve checked every where.
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7 years ago, Cfrost13
I was having a nice hike with my boyfriend so I used this app to take a whole bunch of cute pics together of us infront of caves and stuff but when I went to look back at them they were gone..bc of ads and whatever else stupid reason. This app is trash.
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8 years ago, Wtfcameraapp
App was better.
App used to be pretty good. I understand that you have to use adds to make money. Not sure who had the bright idea of putting in during the middle of a multishot shoot that stops the shoot. Not very bright as it defeats the purpose of the app.
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4 years ago, GuyFromNC
Used to love this app, but now it is absolutely worthless. Ads interrupt picture taking and when it seems to have taken pictures, they cannot be located. Don’t waste your time with this app.
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7 years ago, Tim anemone
Ads disable app
This was a great app. When the ads were added it disables the timer after two shots. Please change this. I'd pay for the ad free upgrade as this was a great app but right now it's useless.
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7 years ago, davey4
If you are trying to take multiple shots an ad pops up after the first picture and stops further shots from being captured
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8 years ago, TJ66699
No good anymore
The upgrade is terrible!! Ads stop your photos now in the middle of taking pictures. This app is horrible since the new upgrade. I will be buying another app.
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5 years ago, Rusticthrifty
Anytime an ad pops up it doesn’t record the photo- additionally you’ll take multiple photos but they don’t save to your phone. Don’t waste your time
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4 years ago, guititon
This used to be a great app
Now it doesn’t save the pictures. After reading reviews - it’s not just me. Too bad, it was a great app, easy to use and functional. Now it’s just crap.
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8 years ago, Jensuechiv
Waste of effort
Even though it's free, don't waste your time, the pop ups make it virtually useless and there isn't anything you can do about it.
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7 years ago, MelanieJade31
Ads stop camera
Doesn't take more than one photo because ads pop up and interfere with automatic timer.
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11 years ago, The Arty W
Not great.
This *used* to be a great little camera timer, but now since the ugly redesign it inevitably crashes in multi-shot mode, sometimes only two or three pics in. It seems like the camera really can't keep up with the timer. If you have the sound off, you (and your friends) might go to the trouble of posing for a minute or two without even knowing the app has crashed. There are better camera timers available.
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7 years ago, ThatsWhatCSed
Horrible for multishot
Ads make multishot impossible. Popups interrupt photo taking so only takes one photo no matter how many you set.
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7 years ago, Bianca Bison
Ruined. Useless. Literally.
Now that ads play, it's completely useless since they disable the camera. Unless I'm confused?
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8 years ago, eptrubbbs
Terrible update
This latest update basically rendered this app useless. Multi shot doesn't work
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2 years ago, laraidh Mordhun
Photos won’t go to library
How do I get the photos to go to the library?
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6 years ago, ThisAppSucks7
More like timer with no picture
Pictures don’t save. The reviews say it all 3-2-1 delete the app!!
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6 years ago, cxaria
An amazing app!!! Makes me look fabuloussss!!!😍😍😍
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8 years ago, KARRItheYOGI
Don't download
Horrible program. Ads interrupt any use of the timer.
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8 years ago, Chelseagc
So horrible now!
Ads ruin the entire series. Just ruined my events photos thanks a lot. FIX NOW.
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10 years ago, A-reija
I don't write reviews often.
I don't write reviews often but I decided that it was time to write one for this program. I used to love this app. The longer I had it the more ads became integrated into it and now today, I can't even use the app. The ad pops up as full-page and you can't click out of it because even when you hit the X it takes you to download the other app they're advertising for. I literally cannot get into the functions of this app any longer because of the ads. Every time I open it the same full-page ad pops up and I try and exit out of the ad only to be taken to the app store to download the app being advertised. Very poor form. After over a year of use I will now be deleting this app and finding a new one.
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12 years ago, HoreInYaEar
Simple and clean but lacking features
Does what I need it to do. It takes photos on a time, so it works! But some drawbacks. After you take the picture on the top right it shows a camera symbol and how many you taken so far but you cannot click that and view the pictures you have to check setting and photo album, also when you actually look at the photos in the app you cannot zoom and there is no social media support at all. If these things ate address I would have given the app 5 stars!!
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11 years ago, MetalSum65
Awesome app
This is one of the Very Best camera timers , after reading several of the other reviews it sounds like a lot of people really don't know how to use there IPhones , I have had this app for over a year, Big BFD if you have to put up with a pop up ad, and the timer has nothing to do with quality of the picture, it's just a TIMER, if your getting bad quality pictures spend more time and learn how to work your iPhone, Thanks for a Awesome Timer
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13 years ago, animargar
this app actually works reallyy great! it does what its supposed to, take the pictures with a countdown, and if you want, you can do the multishot. you CAN switch the back to front camera, and i know that bc thats the first thing i did when i used it. i definitely recommend it to anybody because of how easy and accurately it is to use, and its free (:
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12 years ago, Crkrjak2001
Works great!
The first 3 pix are sure to be a laugh! Works quite well. Doesn't start with the back camera, but the forwarded one. Doesn't seem to remember this when reusing. Polite chiming bell alerts you when it's about to take. Set timer delay in seconds between single or multiple takes. Gotta love the price!
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12 years ago, Lauren loves it!
I love it!!😍
This is a great app for those of u who like taking pics without their hands and far away pics. I have plenty of time to back up or do what ever i want to do at the time... For example i climbed up on my gate and set my i pod somewhere else i loved the pic!! Its easy to figure out too!! This app is awesome and to top it all off!- its free how much better can it get!!?? 😍lovin it!!
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10 years ago, robshaps
Please save your time and don't download
I never write reviews. But I had to waste my precious time to write one so I can save everyone from setting up a photo and then using such a horrible application. This app works 3% of the time. It's always crashing. You will waste your time setting up a shot, only to find out that the app has crashed and never took any photos. Also, the new thing is the advertisements that don't even allow you to return to the app. It throws you into the App Store to buy a game. You cannot return to the camera. Ugh. Done. Deleted.
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12 years ago, Beeblebrox
Feature-wise the app has potential. Quality-wise it can be marginal if you use the front facing camera which shoots at 640x480, which is essentially the equivalent of a 0.3 megapixel camera from the 90s. The iPhone 4 back facing cam is 5 megapixel so if you want decent shots, use the phone's back camera. This is not a deficiency of the app. The app could use more configurability in future versions.
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12 years ago, MTG06
Works as advertised and allows me to be in pictures because whenever out with kids I only had my phone. If possible can you make it able to go to photo album directly and go thru all instead of hobbling that option. If not I still just go out and back in thru albums. :)
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11 years ago, halo_30
Used to like it
The good: you can adjust the time before it snaps the pic. Audible countdown. The bad: intrusive ads are very frustrating especially when they pop up while you're adjusting the timer or just tapping the camera button. Variable lag between seconds makes you guess whether or not the picture was taken. There are more simple apps that do the same without the ads or lag.
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12 years ago, Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Camera timer is a great app because instead of trying to find someone to take your can use camera timer!! All you have to do is select how many seconds you want it to count down to and from, then pose, and CLICK! ..your picture has been taken! I suggest you get this app!!!...FIVE STARS!!!!(:
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12 years ago, JSkack
Works perfectly aaand free!
After stressing over which self timer app to get for weeks my friend suggested this one, and I downloaded it and took a bunch of pics within a minute! So happy! Shoots at the regular camera quality and saves into your camera roll, even does multi shot- all I could ask!
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12 years ago, Mafrieka
You get what you pay for
The multi feature changes itself on it's own, so if you set it for 10 frames w a countdown of 5 sec it'll change to 8frames w a ten sec count down. I also find it doesn't save half the photos. And it will pause on it's own or start taking on it's own. Overall, I find it frustrating but I still use it. It was free and I need a timer
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13 years ago, Jakelshark
Works well
It works as advertised. The option to use the front facing camera would be nice. It's annoying there isn't a shortcut to Photo Album to see stuff (exit app and manually open it). It's minor and the only real thing keeping this back from 5 stars The GUI is a little ugly, but that's personal preferences.
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12 years ago, Jason A. Hurley
Works Perfectly
It doesn't have any bells and whistles, but then, it doesn't claim to either. This app has a simple, easy to use interface, and does everything it claims to do perfectly. You can't really ask for more than that.
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13 years ago, S-WangA
Did what it needed but
Needs a feature to scroll through photos-when you want to look at them up close- instead of clicking each one individually to do so. But it helped me take a photo of myself for an assignment. Who would think I'd need an app like this for homework. So hah thanks for being FREE!
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12 years ago, Blondebomber626
Works fine.
Does what it says. Uses your regular iPhone camera and you can select a timer as well as how many pictures you want taken. Quit whining, the app is very useful.
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10 years ago, Danipinupstyle
Put warning about access to pics B4!
I took 2 hrs getting ready for a pin up shoot for hubbies eyes only and when I was done and wanted to check them out I received message that this app didn't have access to my camera roll! So where are the 126 pics I took?!!!!!! Grrrrrrrr
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12 years ago, Dee Whites :)
Life Time Memories for my Wedding Day😍
Had to come and say THANK YOU!! To the person that invented this app! 😍 I now have amazing pictures thanks to this app!! 😊💛🌟❕❕ *if I could give MORE THAN 5 🌟 I would** ( had everyone from my wedding download this app 😊)
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13 years ago, FD8717
It works like a charm!
Works amazingly and I LOVE the multi-shot feature! It let's me get in the moment and capture really good poses without having to push a button everytime!
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