Auto Parts Market

3.1 (133)
2.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for Auto Parts Market

3.09 out of 5
133 Ratings
3 years ago, RayoChandler
Picture opening issue
There is a problem when you get to list of junkyards that has the item. And you click the item picture and it loads loads and never open the picture.
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12 months ago, Tetrist
Fine app
My friend put me onto this app in 2017 and its the only one that works as well as it does, so WHAT ARE THESE REVIEWS! Complaining about some pictures!? It gets the job done. Go cry. What a sad thing this human race has come to all attacking a helpful app used by PROFESSIONALS because some noobs can’t see their pictures. Go to the junk yard with the part and check it out or call them. Freaking babies. At least it does the good work and sorts junk yards. And you expect more!? go do it yourself then
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2 years ago, Vakadee
Something not right with latest update
I just did an update and now the app keeps refreshing back to engine size menu when you touch to see a motor , please fix this bug was not present before update
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1 year ago, Sean B. from Westfield
When it works it’s great but, it hardly ever works
You enter the information you’re looking for and the search wheel just spins and spins. This was a problem in other reviews a year ago and still seems to be the issue now. Very rarely it will hit on a part but don’t scroll down or zoom in or it will reset back to your search entry. You’ll have to start over again. Very frustrating.
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1 year ago, Kworosz
Great source for buying used auto parts
Use this app all the time. Recent improvements make seeing images and results faster.
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1 year ago, da best reviewer !
Pictures and zooming in
App works pretty well except it has two major bugs. First, when you click on a picture the image screen opens up but never loads the image. Second, if you pinch zoom to make things bigger it will refresh the screen and revert to it’s original size. I’m using my mobile browser until the app gets fixed.
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3 years ago, TrumpisGod45
Poorly supported, Glorified website app
As other have noted I’ll list the issues.. *poor picture quality and loading issues with the App. *Theres no filter or Sort feature for COLOR, or PRICE! *Theres rarely ever any updates and the app is poorly executed. * Don’t expect app support or device compatibility. *Theres no benefit to using this app over the website. *Its concerning they put “CP” on the app, which is short for other things that they’re apparently ignorant of… I’ll let you Google that one. Dumb *APP CRASHES ALMOST ALWAYS! * HOLY FREAKING BALLS UPDATE YOUR FREAKING APP OR PAY SOMEONE ELSE MANAGE AND CREATE ONE FOR YOU BECAUSE THIS ONE IS PURE GARBAGE!!!
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3 years ago, zevlew
The honest review
Needs more functionality after you get to the list with the parts. Possibly a “sort by” button and a (choose color) option. Other then that the app is fantastic.
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2 years ago, true facts here
This app would be perfect if it functioned. Glitches, horribly managed, never updated, no customer app changes/requests are taken into consideration, clearly never look at reviews (you can see complaints of things that still occur and were posted years ago), no body panel color sorting function, trash and unusable app.
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7 years ago, Cory17389592
Great app
Very useful in finding hard to find parts that would normally cost a lot brand new. Especially when you're on a tight budget.
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2 years ago, imdoingyourma
App problems
Go to zoom in on the list and it backs its self out to where it ask what side you want and then it keeps doing it when you click on pick of car need to fix been going on for 6 months
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3 years ago, bscunningham
viewing picture works only 30%
on both phone and iPad, when pictures do come up trying to zoom on them will kick you back to search screen.
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4 years ago, AA12345bb
In search
When your looking at parts it seems to glitch on go back to the part search every time maybe check into an update or such.
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4 years ago, itskim-88
Needs an update!
Every time, I click on the parts pictures it takes me back to the search.
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2 years ago, Golden gtaplaya
It’s alright
It’s better on the computer but this does the job. Able to find parts I needed
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5 years ago, sslizhseneb
Crappy services
Crappy servers in hole company, this cheap people sell you off market part, and keep half of the money, so you should spend little more money on better part, instead waiting for weeks and just to find out you have wait more and speaks more money, so good luck all
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1 year ago, Blondeee24
Too many bugs
The app crashes a lot. It also freezes up whenever I try to open images of the parts.
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2 years ago, J-NACE
Has a lot of bugs
Can’t view pictures. You just get the spinning wheel of death. And randomly backs you to the engine choice section. This has a lot of potential to be a good app.
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3 years ago, JT Magillicutty
Poorly Designed
Pictures may or may not load. Over-all design is not great. So glitchy and inconsistent it is hardly worth using. Just load the regular website.
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1 year ago, Dotybo333
Terrible app
Will not work on iPhone or iPad. If you click on a picture it will not bring them up. This problem has been around for awhile and they don’t seem to want to fix the issue.
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2 years ago, Sir GE0
Just use the website
When I try to view images they never load. Since it has been two years since the last update I will abandon this app just like the developers have.
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3 years ago, rick m1
Worst app I’ve ever seen on an iPhone
This app is not user-friendly it constantly goes back to the previous screen on an iPhone ,you can never get a picture to come ,up it gets hung up. Stick with the computer version
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3 years ago, nhgcjihv
Better off just using the website...
Viewing pictures seldom works. App resets and goes back to prior screen without reason. App is very aggravating so at this point I just use the website...
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4 years ago, Angry in Iowa
I used to love this app! However with recent update it’s almost unusable as it keeps blipping out !!! I can barely scroll through anything before it goes bonkers... Ugh
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2 years ago, Moncada6
Kicks you back to other pages
It kicks you back to other pages once your at a certain page by itself
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4 years ago, Mtechnic///
Useful app but needs to get tweaked badly
Opening source freezes half the time on listings w/o pictures and almost every time on listings with pictures, I keep on trying to use this app but issues remain several months into it,
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1 year ago, Brayden A Duncan
Come up with a better app logo
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3 years ago, Jsge0900
Please fix your app
The screen is so dang touchy. Don’t dare swipe to the right. Not even a little it it will take you back a page. Very frustrating. This is a really great app but virtually unusable on mobile
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3 years ago, djhight
Sent my request for parts out through this app. Received a call from Mercury Salvage in St Cloud, MN. We text and called to confirm my parts and order. Since I made payment they went off the radar. Crickets! Apparently this app’s network of salvage dealers aren’t vetted. Scammed me!
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4 years ago, 812duck
App crashes
App crashes or glitches back to search screen while I’m looking at inventory. Many people have commented on this issue, it needs a patch. When it’s fixed, I’ll change my rating
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4 years ago, oyeluckyoye
Keeps kicking me out of search
Whenever I’m searching it kicks me out from the search And have to start all over again. Please fix the crashing bug.
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2 years ago, morris hammer Davis
No stars
This app doesn’t have a converter how can you say you got every part for vehicles but not that can’t keep downloading apps that don’t benefit my vehicle
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3 years ago, Trademark111
Extremely buggy
If you zoom to much or scroll just enough your search gets reset. Super sensitive and super irritating!
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1 year ago, Tinkerinwstuff
Doesn’t work
Eternally loading; never shows the part
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7 years ago, Swall bhfuhiuf
This app crashes
When I open the app it closes immediately and won't allow me to use it.
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3 years ago, Dee8179907
Worst app ever
This app barely works it never loads the pics junk stay away needs major update
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5 years ago, ur system suz
App doesn’t even get passed the loading screen opens then closes out not working at all
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4 years ago, aivdd
Just updated to latest rev. Still crashes when requesting a quote. iOS 13.6.1
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9 years ago, Ebarnes696969
This app is fantastic. So much easier to do lookups on the go. I used to use the website 2-3 times a week. Now I will use the app for look ups 2-3 times a day. Thanks so much for this!
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6 years ago, TripleA07
Connection problem
I phone X app won’t connect to internet.
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6 years ago, Aes98
App Doesnt want to connect basically un useable
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9 years ago, Diggie2002
This app does what it says. Works very well. Not 'buggy' at all. Thank you!!
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9 years ago, n'asim
Thanks for great app. Hope more options in future.
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