Car Scanner ELM OBD2

4.8 (21.1K)
150.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Stanislav Svistunov
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Car Scanner ELM OBD2

4.79 out of 5
21.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Who8dapple
Own a car 1994 or newer, then you need this tool!
I’ve always worked on my own vehicles since my very first car, a 1982 Mazda RX7...if there’s one thing that I’ve learned from my experience, using proper tools always made any repair that much easier. This includes having access to a Chilton or Haynes repair manual, IF you happen to enjoy getting your hands dirty! But, owning a car can be mighty stressful when those check engine lights begins flashing and you’re dreading that trip to the car dealership. Well, thanks to the EPA and SAE standards for OBD-II, you can get the same information that your certified mechanics use to access from your vehicles onboard computer/s. You may not do you own repairs, BUT being informed why your check engine lights are on can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars by being educated ahead of time! This inexpensive WiFi OBD-II reader is the second one I’ve owned. My 1st (Different Brand) cost me several hundred dollars and doesn’t provide me the ease of use that this unit can! I can toss this in my glove box and have access to it in seconds flat...paired with your smartphone, you can access engine codes, see potential problems and solutions for less than the cost of an oil change. So what are you waiting for???
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3 years ago, Angelo kraus
Easy to use! Great for people who are not mechanics as well!
This app is amazing and well rounded for all types of users from professional mechanics to your regular vehicle owner. It is easy to use and offers tons of useful stuff for your everyday person such as fuel consumption, DTC Codes, emissions tests, etc.. While also offering in depth diagnostic tools such as a full list of sensor readings and live performance monitoring. It also gives a brief summary in understanding the interface of the different tools offered. I am not a professional mechanic by any means, yet it was very easy to understand and navigate through the different tools despite my lack of in-depth knowledge in automotive mechanics. I purchased the highest in app purchase for the app without hesitation due to the high quality design and ease of use even though for a regular fix it myself guy, the free version was more than adequate. The people who created this app have done an amazing job and I was more than happy to purchase the access to all the features in support of the team who created such a well built, well maintained tool.
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3 years ago, A Real Wrecker Company
Awesome app
Lots of options, relatively safe, developer does an outstanding job keeping up with updates. I use a micro mechanic Bluetooth dongle and even though the dev advises against this adapter, it’s all I had and it hasn’t missed a beat. That said, there are much better alternatives to a micro mechanic, I suggest you look for one. The hardware will fail (solder joints) sooner then later. This can cause very detrimental problems especially if your using it to monitor sensors while perhaps driving eccentrically and your adapter fails and shorts out your ecu. Hypothetically.... But the app is awesome, endless options, customizations, etc. great job dev and it’s totally worth the one time purchase fee. Most comparable apps want you to subscribe monthly. And if you don’t want or can’t afford to buy this app, it’s basically he same as a free app. Ads are tolerable, and only minor things are unlocked when you purchase but I really do recommend you buy it. This dev obviously put a lot of time into this app and continues to pushing updates regularly...
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4 months ago, UrOverlord
This is the app you’ve been looking for
I have never been particularly fond of the ODB2 reader apps for iPhone until this one. They are all either buggy, ugly, difficult to configure, or lack significant data reading ability. I’m not joking when I say I have downloaded and tested every single ELM ODB2 reader/scanner app available in the AppStore, and I come back to Car Scanner Pro every single time. I’m not a mechanic. I’m a DIY car guy with maybe two years experience, but I am a computer guy with decades of technical skills, knowledge, and a software industry background, so I speak from a unique place. There are prettier apps available and some that might be a bit easier to setup or use, but when I need information and I need thorough information that I can actually use and work with, Car Scanner Pro outshines them all. I’m done testing ODB2 reader apps. This is the one I’m sticking with. ⭐️5 Stars and 100% recommend.⭐️ 1) Download it. 2) Buy it. 3) Thank me later. 😂
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5 years ago, macxlab
Best OBD app I have found by far
Wow, great product! It is so configurable where it should be! This app obviously started from the ground up for usability and user experience, and it shows. This is NOT the typical big company offering that promises a lot and doesn’t deliver. I really like the sliding cost scale too (I paid the most because this app is so awesome.) - The adjustable size moving graphs of parameters on the dashboard is brilliant. - As a mechanic, every professional scan tool I’ve used for over 20 years offers an automatic listing of all sensors/PIDs, but until now I have not seen this basic functionality in any of the other apps I have tried; this app offers a live feed of ALL sensors in one list view and I am confident I am actually seeing all of the sensors. That is the most important feature for being able to set up and scan, without first getting bogged down in configuration and guessing how to set up a dashboard. I’d like to see 2 things added to this wonderful app: - The ability to see MAP and pressure readings in inHg. This is what I have gotten used to in the USA for vacuum readings. - A dashboard template that offered a list mode... many parameters on one screen, text based, title on the left, value on the right, just like the All Sensors view. Note to developer: the contact email on your website is the default WordPress email, and does not get to you. I am unsure where to contact you for any issues/comments.
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3 years ago, LivingLBC
Best OBD Scanner On The Market! Oh and it’s FREE!!!!
I usually don’t do reviews, but with this app I had to. So many features on the free version that I can’t imagine with the paid version has, but I want to buy it just to donate to the developer(s). I have 7 different scanners I’ve compiled over the past 20+ years I’ve been working on cars and this app combined with a quality (Veepeak BLE+ 4.0 OBD reader) is the best OBD scanner I have ever used, period… Blows away the best $600 scanner they have at Autozone and gives the same information as my brother in laws Snap-On scanner, but I think this is quicker. You can tell the developer works on cars and really put some time and thought into this project. The dedicated help website has all the answers you could think of and guides to walk you through everything on this amazing highly featured app. All I can say is WoW!! Bravo Car Scanner
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5 years ago, IOS_dude
Great flexible OBD II tool works with new Veepeak BLE+
This app is free to try out and has the most features for a free OBD II tool, so it is worth trying out as there is no risk. It is very robust and flexible/customizable and works with various manufacturer devices. It works with the new VEEPEAK ODBCheck BLE+ (note the plus) reader I use on my Toyota Celica GTS. It lists all sensors on one page. The user interface may be simple (no fancy colors and icons and borders) but the program is solid and simple to use. You have to have the unit connected to customize dashboards which is not convenient but the customization level is amazing. This said, I ended up paying the developer the maximum optional in-app payment for the app. I can see a lot of thought and hard work was put into this app, but most importantly, I see it is constantly updated. This is very impressive and important to me. Keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, JTalbert
Amazing app
I do a lot of driving and wanted a HUD for my car. The ones avail seem to be hit or miss. So I bought a Bluetooth ODB2 adapter. I paid $10 for an app that was highly rated. Worked well. But customization was limited and confusing. Downloaded this. Free. Having so much fun with this app. Easy to use and customization is so easy. Wish there were more dashboard templates or the app will let you customize the template layout or make new ones. One suggestion is for dashboard backups. Would like an export option to let you airdrop it to another phone as I have this app on 2 phones right now. I exported backup file using iTunes and imported it and it worked. But would make it so much easier to share dashboards. I paid for the upgrade. Worth more then it costs. Try it. It’s free. Then buy it. Because it’s worth it.
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4 years ago, nate79dawg
App works really well, and gets updates all the time
When I started using this app, I really liked the customizable dashboard, as I currently use it in place of several gauges. The developer has since added quite a few more sensors that this app can read and display values for. Where I previously really liked the app, I now love it. I’ve setup a shortcut so that this app launches, connects to OBDII Bluetooth scanner, and then displays my dashboard when I connect my iPhone to my car via CarPlay. The only thing I would wish for is for the possibility utilizing a shortcut, so when I disconnect my phone from CarPlay it saves my data log automagically. This is such a small gripe, that I don’t care if it gets addressed, because the updates keep adding other features that are more important to me right now.
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7 years ago, Tazaholic4life
I tried atleast 10 apps, for a Generic ELM 327-wifi dongle, which was the cheapest I could find. This App, had the options that most apps had (standard) and then quite a few more. Apps ranged in ease, of Setup. But this app, was Simple, and was able to fund my cheap reader on it’s own. Without doing anything besides selecting it on my iPhones wifi. Which was something you do with all apps, until phone auto connects after first setup. Love the amount of stuff you can change with custom dashboard gauges. More then most the apps. Buy it. And I recommend buying an OBD reference app, that is make specific to your vehicle to go with whichever app you choose. Even store bought expensive scanners, are vague as hell when you look up the erroe codes. Fixed my car, and saved alot of mechanic guessing.
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4 years ago, OBDliterate70'
Scantool Software for wireless OBD-2
Everyone that owns an OBD-2 platform vehicle & an IPhone. Whether Mac/PC !, the 10-15$ on a vehicle Diagnostics plug-in will help regardless of your experience levels. Cost is around 1/10’th that of bringing it to a dealer. There's no real excuse not to have one, and learning more about your vehicle.M simple yet potent devices rival that of the 60K$ scanners brought in to the Dealerships for OBD-2 vehicles enroute. Similar to all Computerized platforms, the c is limited to the Software that runs it. This Software works very well & uses lingo all can understand quite easily. I’ve had no issues with the Software, I’ve 7 ScanTools; are > 4K$, down to 50$ & now one of these (12$). Verify your vehicle is an OBD-2 platform (Many-95+, Ford-96+.). Look in your manual. Will not work with OBD-1 Computers, only OBD-2.
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2 years ago, d33psix
Great app with some caveats
I really like this app. It’s very useful. There are some things I would rather be different. I would like to change the search engine that looks up codes. I don’t use Google for anything at all and it’s very important to me that I avoid it whenever I can. Also, there are extra settings/sensors and such that show up that aren’t part of my vehicle’s system. In other words, if my particular vehicle wasn’t even available as a turbo, why would that be listed on sensors and such? I wish it was a little more specific and showed when things are out of parameters. I must say though, for what it is it’s awesome. Short of buying a multi-thousand dollar computer it’s about as good as it gets. The ELM OBD2 device I got for like $12 on clearance somewhere (Micro Mechanic).
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2 years ago, Security Geek !!!
Great so far
Was chasing problems with my Pathfinder check engine light. A friend helped me find a cracked hose on bank one. While dealing with it I bought the blue tooth adapter. After trying several other apps I downloaded this one. The free versions seemed OKAY so I went ahead and bought the upgrade. So glad that I did. I have cleared 5 things that I knew felt funny or off for years. I was able to see and reset several codes and am amazed at how many things are working correctly now. The only down side that I can see is that it only has full profiles for 2 of my 6 cars. The rest I am just using the default for that brand of car. Still in the end I would buy it again in a hart beat.
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2 years ago, USAF Vietnam Veteran
Best and Easiest To Display Real-time Info
I have approximately 12 OBD2 apps. After 2 hours, I found this app to be the app I will use for my next drive to Ca from Tx. 1st the app retains the customizations (many). 2014 Grand Cherokee Overland with Hemi. I was able to display and place my transmission temperature prominently. So far the only incorrect display is Distance to Empty but that is on my instrument cluster. What is nice is how it stays connected while switching apps. Great job in creating this app. My desire for my next long trip would be to monitor 2 additional items currently missing in items selectable. Adding oil pressure should be simple as an option and oil temperature. That would put this app over the top.
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3 years ago, Telen1
I am using this up with the "MicroMagic as seen on TV"device that I purchased at half price from a local pharmacy about $10 and it works flawlessly as far as communication with each other. One thing I would like added would be the ability to turn the car off and have it automatically disconnected from my phone so the two don't communicate with each other when I get close to the vehicle after I am done driving a car and walking in and out of Bluetooth range. Make sure you disconnect through the app first then remove your adapter from OBD2 port. If you don't remove the adapter you could end up with a dead battery.
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5 months ago, dsummers99
Amazing app! Amazing price!
What an awesome app! I’ve been using the fusion one for several years but only had the enhanced diagnostics for my car and would need to pay $15 for any other model and that’d be only for that year. Then I discover this app while trying to help pull codes from an srs airbag module on a Corolla, not only did this do it when other apps wouldn’t but it did it for free! It even allowed for coding settings into the car through obd! And I got the lifetime subscription too to get the whole assortment of features even tho I didn’t really need it, all for $7! So worth it! I’m amazed and id recommend this app to anyone! Works well with the veepeak ble+
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4 years ago, Pro200X
Get this app.
The level of diagnostic abilities with this app is only limited to your experience with the system in your vehicle. There isn’t much this app can’t do as an elm obd2 scan tool. Honestly I’d be willing to call this a diagnostic tool over scanner. This app can monitor PID information that most people don’t even know exist. Likely a lot of mechanics out there that don’t know about as well. I have never found a better obd2 app. I really have tried them all. When I don’t want to drag out the big beast (snap on) this is a very close second for live data. The price is very low for something with the insane amount of capabilities and constant updates. This dev works hard to keep this up to date.
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4 years ago, VulgarDemise
The OBDII app for those who want ALL of the data and settings.
I’ve tried my fair share of ELM327 compatible OBD2 apps over the past 6 years ago, and this one is surprisingly comprehensive. A lot of other scanning apps on the App Store are fairly limited in their feature set, clunky when it comes to parameter graphing, or force you to use an expensive poorly supported custom OBD dongle to access their scanning app. All in all, this app is worth giving a shot! Keep up the good work DEVS!! Maybe one day you can even give us some of the hidden vehicle/manufacturer specific CANBUS features available on some newer vehicles (climate control setting, radio setting, window up/down control from the app)!!!
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2 years ago, Phoneposter
Great functionality for Toyota FJ
This device works great for my FJ. I have access to fuel consumption m data, and more senators than I can count. My only issue is that I have to manually connect each time, it does auto connect for a short time, running in to the gas station then coming back to drive within a couple of minutes or so for example, however for daily drivers getting in to the car I gave to manually connect each time with my iPhone. Is there a way to set it to automatically connect to my ODB-II device like my phone does with my stereo? It’s the only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars. Nevertheless I absolutely recommend this app for your vehicle. Totally worth the forever price.
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3 years ago, terry536
Fantastic app
I’ve used this app on a few cars and for each one I get really good reads with universal error codes. I had been using it for a while on a 1999 Avalon and when I put it on a new car I could not believe so many things it checked. Can clear the codes also to get rid of check engine light. I have a 2008 now and recently a rat chewed through a few wires. This app told me the exact cause and made it very easy to find the chewed wire. I think the time this app has saved me is well worth the few dollars I paid. I purchased the lifetime subscription as it is worth it to support the designers of a great program; thank you.
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1 year ago, ericbneverscared
Great for live sensor graphs!
This app (along with a cheap Veepeak Bluetooth OBD-II scanner) was exactly what I needed! Technically, I only needed the free version, but I bought the app in appreciation. My car only has low (blue) and high (red) temperature indicators (no gauge), so when the low temp light kept coming on unexpectedly (and sometimes the car wouldn’t start, presumably due to incorrect air-fuel mixture), it wasn’t immediately obvious that the sensor was bad. Using this app, I was able to watch the sensor produce questionable data (and it lined up with the lights on my dashboard). After replacing the sensor, the graph shows a nice steady reading (and I haven’t had trouble starting the car since). Thanks!
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5 years ago, Rmg2768
Great detail for HUDs and hybrid cars!
I came back to this after months, and was surprised to discover some awesome parameters to give me a live display of energy usage specific to my Prius. i configured one screen to show gauges for ICE, electric motors MG1 and MG2, HV battery, and both regen and friction brakes, all in the same units (hp). Low update rate of 2hz but still useful live data. Another screen has same parameters in strip chart format Another screen shows gauges with fuel consumption in several ways. This is more of a live dashboard display (10hz or more) and looks great on an old iPad mini (iOS 9) mounted on center console. A big green gauge shows my instant MPG! NOTE: the slowest rate sensor on the screen will limit updates of all gauges on screen. I believe this is an OBD limitation, not the app Some small requests would make this even better: - allow some gauges to scale backwards - e.g. range +100 to -100. This makes sense when trying to show battery recharge status - more layouts for iPad (6, 8, 10 up) - allow LED font for gauge labels - repositionable values for gauges Great app - thanks!
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5 years ago, Superherorockstar
It works
Tried out on a couple of cars and it worked great with my veepeak dongle so I decided to support the developer with a purchase. I’m happy that I could use the same dongle that I purchased to use with the beemercode app. Because I tried a few other apps that required a specific branded dongle. And being that I already had another dongle for my galaxy note that’s incompatible with the iPhone X I really wasn’t looking to purchase another one! And the best thing about this app is that it lets you try most of the features for free why not support the dev with a purchase especially being that’s it’s still half the cost of its most comparable competitor.
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3 years ago, dgoodstuff
Very intricate
It’s cool how many different parameters you can add or modify, I would love to know how I can set up like a Mach dyno within the app. I’m sure there’s a way but I just don’t know how to access or create it. I’d love to be able to see I’m just plain number how many horses I’m pushing and how many for ft/lbs of torque I’m making at every speed and rpm… maybe I’ll contact support to find out, otherwise great app, I paid the 6.99 for the full edition, I’ve spent more money on dumber stuff but this was totally worth it. Hopefully tech support reads this and gets back to me lol. BOTTOM LINE: Great app, easy to use, even the free version is great!
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4 years ago, Whitzbobbyjr
App. Update’s
Your app works really good on my car's but I’m not trying to write anything bad on my review but I don’t understand why you have so many updates. I also use 2 different apps and I never have updates on the other apps I understand you are making your app to run and work better then other vendors . But on all your updates I see no difference on the way it runs and I also check the status with all three apps I run, thank you very much for your time and if you have to keep running updates on your app that tells me you are very proud of your app, thank you, Bobby White Jr. Owner of: Whitetop WiZard research & reviews
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7 months ago, Jondoe2003
I downloaded a ton of free OBD2 readers, and this one takes the cake. I use it to monitor hybrid parameters on my Fusion like state of charge and current, as well as temps and MPG. I also bought a ScanGauge 3 but will be returning it and saving a ton of cash. The app graphics are a bit primitive, but this is made up for by a ton of customization options. Several data display types and you can set colors, visual, and auditory alerts. I bought it just to have the extra screen space where the ads were. It seems like you can do everything without buying anything.
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6 years ago, SeekerJones
Works Well
Followed the developers advice and purchased one of the ELM327 Compatible OBD-II Scanners recommended by the developer (VeePeak). Followed the instructions to ensure iPhone and Scanner connected via Bluetooth and was able to monitor everything in realtime. Car Scanner is very good app and the free version worked without a hitch, so I upgraded to the Premium Version so that I can save all data from the different times I use the app. My only request of the developer, which he's probably already doing this, but would be to include more of the specific Make and Model profiles that can be loaded in the Settings portion of the app.
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3 years ago, qcoming
Excellent graphs amazing functionality
I have used other apps and this app is the best. The software is well done. The options to add or subtract items for customization is excellent. I am using an Aermotor WiFi OBD2 adapter with my IPhone. It works great. I’m really impressed with the graphing capabilities. The graphs on my phone are really nice looking and are accurate with no lag. It’s better than my handheld scanner. Not being tied down by a cable is also very cool. I can unplug a vacuum line and see the graphs and data change on my phone. Excellent job Car Scanner team.
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4 years ago, Sean402
Demo features not in real app
I bought this and the plug in to read “Ethanol Fuel %” as it’s in the “Demi feature”. But it’s not a “Sensor” that’s available in the normal app or the “pro” app. It’s bait and switch. Get you to download it, think of I guess I have to pay to get that feature... Then you pay and it’s not there. The rest of the app looks good. But not what I need it for. Would like my money back or the demo features added... I see they responded with a BS answer. But I can’t reply to tel them they are wrong? Helpful... I can buy a $300 plug and play gauge that will read Ethanol Fuel % in the 2017 Camaro SS.... So obviously it’s not my car, but his app.... His app doesn’t even have the option out of demo mode, but it has others my car won’t read available... Why can I see them, but not the one I want. It’s bait and switch.... Just refund my money.
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8 months ago, Dirty110
Well beyond other OBD2 apps
This app have audible and visual warnings for data, and most importantly, supports a wide variety of OBD2 protocols that many apps do not support. It has a fantastic “auto” mode which will discover what protocol your vehicle is using. Example: older Toyota 1KZ-TE engine in a 2008 JDM Prado will not communicate with many apps, however this one discovered it and starting working right away. It’s more of an expert app and you can heavily customize and save settings. And the visual and audible warnings can save your engine. Logging is excellent too.
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3 years ago, Linus DaMinus
Love the app, Bluetooth connection is tricky
It took me a while to figure out that the Bluetooth connection was no longer auto connecting to my Micro Mechanic device since OS released iOS 15. Now, I have to go into settings and then connection and then choose the correct Bluetooth connection for my Micro Mechanic device. Once I do that everything is awesome with this app. It seems I have to do this almost every time I use the app. That could be something to do with the hardware I’m using. Prior to iOS 15, the app found the device on it’s own.
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6 years ago, mcheseter
Great support
I was able to connect to the Dr. meter ODBII with no problem. I did get an error when setting it up the first time an option popped up to send to developer, which I did. Sv was quick to respond. Once I started the car I was able to set it up with no further errors. I sent an email to the developer asking if there was away to have more than one car set up for things like fuel tanks size, # engine cylinders, engine size e.t.c. Something like a profile. Again he as quick to respond and said it would be added in a later update.
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2 years ago, Speedy Spikes
Great Diagnostic App
I’m the mechanic in the family, and it has proven useful. The app works with every car I’ve connected to using a Bluetooth OBDII scanner. I love seeing all the live data being able to diagnose problems that aren’t reported directly through trouble codes. I also love using the dashboard view to see live data in dials/graphs for an easy glance while I’m driving. It also has a mirror mode for use as a HUD when placed in front of your windshield. Overall, lots of great features. Love using this app.
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3 years ago, Oleksandr Iakymchuk
Amazing app 👍
I had the check engine light turned on and no dcan cable near me, so I had to call a dealer and paid for the diagnostic and fix. The issue was a not fully closed coolant expansion tank. After this case, I decided to get an odb2 adapter and start searching apps for it. I checked many apps, and this one is the best - it has many features, that others don't have. In case, if I had this software before, it can save me money on such a small issue. It's free, so I recommend everyone to give it a try.
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6 years ago, Jack in 2018
Excellent app
Even as free version, this app had excellent range of connections to the car's built-in sensors. Specifically my Mitsubishi Lancer auto transmission fluid temperature appears in this app; didn't appear in 3 other apps I tried. 2 weeks in, I opted to pay for the Pro version as a way to compensate the developer for job well done. That's your choice; you could just continue using the free version. But if you like something, I think it is good manner to pay for it, especially after having tried it for free and decided to keep using it.
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4 years ago, kjjohnson447
Great App but could be improved!
I really enjoy the functionality that they brought to this app, the gauge customization is great, and the extended manufacturer PIDs being pre-loaded is a huge plus. One wish I have for a feature is being able to set the alarm/alert to go off even when the app is running in the background. If I am using my phone for GPS while simultaneously running the app to check my transmission temp, I would love it the alarm was able to go offer regardless of whether I was actually looking at the OBD app or the Maps app. Hope to see this implemented soon! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Tdog da man
Love it.
Simple interface. And I was able to use it with my Carista. Tried it free for about a month. Loved everything but the ads, so I happily bought it. Months later, I love it even more. If you get creative, you can get some interesting results. I have a shift light and I was able to set the color and rpm for each light. I’m still discovering new ways to use this app. Developers: I would LOVE to able to see my current gear. I’d also be thrilled if I could monitor tire pressure. Add those two things and I’d say this is a 10 star app!
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5 years ago, Paulpsps
The Complete Dashboard for My Prius
Finally a complete sensor dashboard I can customize and use to record live data. My car has 597,000 miles now. The idiot “check engine light” is too non specific. I need to know if it’s on because my inverted pump failed or because the coolant valve is in the wrong position. I don’t want to be told my $1900 catalytic converter needs replacing when it’s really The ECM sending a false codes. This is my second one, I gifted my first one to a friend and may do it again if Veepeak can find an improvement to make!
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5 months ago, GKH Farm Solutions
Works well
I’ve had this scanner and also have the more expensive scanners for my vehicles I have for my business and will say with all the updates this far that this scanner works as well as the others and easier to carry with me being small so if an issue comes up I can check immediately what’s making my work vehicles run poorly or why engine light is on or just simply clean engine light codes
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3 years ago, BosleyBeats
Awesome and insightful
Have been using this product to help me gain quick insight to ODB2 and CANBUS networks/protocols and I highly recommend purchasing the Pro version of this product. Interface could use a little more polish; but the overall collection of features provided by this app is amazing. Especially the data recorder where you can output a session to disk and do offline analysis and graphing. This alone is worth its weight in gold. Thank you for developing this product and this contribution to the carhacking/engineering community. ❤️
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2 years ago, why the nickname?!
2011 Chevrolet Colorado
I have the OBD Link MX+ adapter. This app vs OBD Fusion vs Auto Doctor vs OBD Link(same as OBD fusion, built for the OBD link adapters) this app goes into more data than the others combined. Misfire data, transmission temp, even engine oil life. I don’t know why the others don’t work, however I can’t figure them out. I just paid for the forever purchase, the devs constantly are coming out with updates for this app which makes me confident there will be support for a long while!
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3 years ago, El sujecto
Great App!!
I especially like the emissions test readiness feature. Emission readiness saved me from making multiple visits to mechanic only to find out that car still wasn’t going pass based on still having two incomplete tests, one of which was O2 sensor heater not ready. I have no DTC set for O2 sensor failure, but the readiness test revealed an issue with it’s heater. Pulled the upstream O2 and found the heater melted away but ceramic sensor intact. I purchased the Pro version after this trouble shooting experience. Worth every Penny of the forever license $6.99
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2 months ago, GregK Colorado
Simply the BEST OBD app!
I am not for a second being motivated or paid by the Dev to write this, nor have I any personal or professional connection to them. After trying half a dozen other apps to work with two diff OBD sensors I use, the verdict was easy…. Car Scanner Pro does everything intuitively & creatively at a level above the others I evaluated. They update it with new features, tweak the accuracy & speed ….at incredible value. Thank You CarScanner developer!
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2 years ago, Opened 15 seconds
First time using this and so it looks Great!!
First time using this app with my also new Veepeak OBD-II BLE+ It’s sweet! I’m not a mechanic but, I know enough to get most of these things fixed and if I don’t, the app directs me to videos and information on what to do. Weather it be something I can do myself or require a certified tech. So far I love it and I upgraded to the Unlimited version of the app. Thank you so much to the creators of this app and the folks at VEEPEAK!! From a musician point of view “You all ROCK!
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6 years ago, apta
No connection issues
I tried these 4 apps: OBD Auto Doctor, iOBD2, OBD2 Expert, and Car Scanner. The adapter I used is a Kobra Wireless that uses WiFi to connect to an app. OBD Auto Doctor connected successfully once but then couldn't get it to do so again after half a dozen attempts. OBD2 Expert was a no-go from the start since it wanted several $s to even get to the connection window. iOBD2 did not connect successfully. The only thing the app shows is a little banner while attempting to connect and then shows Connection Failure. Only Car Scanner was able to connect everytime and provided LOTS (183 sensors) of useful information about the car and, importantly, for free. Although there are very unintrusive advertisements on the bottom of the screen, one can upgrade to the Pro version for a donation varying from $2.99 to 4.99 - your choice!
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4 years ago, PnoenixPedro
Easy to use and works great!
I purchased a cheapo car scanner off Instagram that shipped from China and couldn’t find the link to install their app, so I got this one. I liked it so much I paid for the full version as a way of saying “Thanx!” to the developer. I have an ‘o7 Jeep Wrangler and if you’ve ever had a Jeep you know you’ll need to turn off your CEL often. Fast and easy to use with explanations of everything so save a trip to AutoZone, they won’t shut off your light anyways. This will :-)
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7 months ago, Squuaaaad
Only missing a couple things
Can you add 2 things. First, boost pressure minus ambient pressure or make the scale able to be offset (instead of the lowest value being ambient pressure for boost psi) and second, make it so we can display dashboards via CarPlay. There is another app in the AppStore that allows CarPlay but it’s new and doesn’t read anything on my truck (profile incorrect I think but there’s no way to change it) For CarPlay, I’d happily pay for an in app purchase after a trial that I can confirm it works. Thanks!
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10 months ago, Billygsims
Handy Pocket Scanner
Of course it isn’t a Snap On Zeus or Modis but it still is a very handy tool to have around the house or to take while buying a used car. It has live data and does the full OBDII scan. I have used it many times and was glad to pay $6.99 to the devs for the few options not offered in the free version. Definitely a good scan tool especially for a novice mechanic wanting to see why their CEL is on.
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2 years ago, yoyoer2005
Downloaded it to go with my scanner
recently bought a 98 Subaru and I knew it had issues. I took it to Orielys to put it on the scanner and I realized that I don’t want to do that every time the check engine light comes on. I bought a Wi-Fi type scanner and downloaded the app to see if I needed to actually pay for the features. I don’t mind a few ads if I am just going to plug the scanner in to run diagnostics. Amazing app.
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3 years ago, LVJerry91
Best OBD2 Scanner App
If you’re looking for a free scanner that can do more, give this one a shot. I’ve tried a few of these OBD2 scanner apps, and this one is by far the best. And that’s just the free app without any additional purchases. This app will not just download information from the various ECU sensors, but also the transmission, smart cruise control, parking sensors, power convenience features (power windows, power trunk, HUD etc.), AWD system, charging system for electric cars, and a lot more.
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