CARFAX for Dealers

4.7 (264)
11.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for CARFAX for Dealers

4.7 out of 5
264 Ratings
7 years ago, 6Bay
Always works
Last update requires deleting and reinstalling new version.
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5 years ago, Vespan23
Great app but needs one more feature to make it perfect
The app works great and everything I just wish they would a feature that you can run the cars history report by the license plate not just the vin number that would make it so much easier for us dealers I know a few other of my friends that are dealers that would really appreciate this feature
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3 years ago, febper
No way of printing or emailing
The app works fine, just hate the fact that you can’t print or email it. If you need to show a customer you need to hand them over your phone which I hate the fact of doing that. This needs to get fix and give us that option.
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2 years ago, Jdlorinser
Scanner still doesn’t work all the time. This just isn’t right! We overpay all this money for Carfax and a lot of the times I can’t scan a vin on a car! I have to use any of the free vin scanning apps which marvelously and instantly scan a vin then copy and paste it in to the Carfax app!!!! This has been happening for years. Extremely frustrated.
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2 years ago, lui sal
Needs update
I LOVE the app… but one huge problem. I have to hand over my phone to customers when showing report.. why no email/print option?!!! It’s been years and no fix. I absolutely hate it. End rant
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9 months ago, jbcarco
Animation when opening
Animation when opening is annoying and unnecessary. Next update please eliminate so we can get straight to scanning VINs or entering data.
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4 years ago, AJLunaluna
No print or email option from phone
Works fine with scan, you just can’t print or email the report from phone after. You have to hand your phone over to customer. Stupid option
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9 months ago, jpfbh
Needs improvement
Seems crazy that I can’t print or email the PDF version of the report from the app. Makes it entirely useless to me.
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4 years ago, Hamed1963
Location for running reports?
Why would I want to give access to location when it has nothing to do with running a report?
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2 years ago, zaebaliuje2354
Can’t print from the phone and no way send as an email.
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5 years ago, jwayhaynes
Can’t print
Would be great if you could print or email report. Customer wants to see CARFAX and I have to hand them my phone? Get serious. HUGE OVERSIGHT
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12 years ago, Jreid1030
Numbers freeze
Very useful app if you can use the barcode scanner. My app or phone had developed a problem in this app only where the numbers freeze when manually entering a VIN. Letters work fine, but each number takes 10 secs or so to enter. Hoping there is a bug there that Carfax can fix.
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11 years ago, brian Haines
Scanner non-functional in latest update
After the most recent Apple update, activating the scanner crashes the device. I've tried deleting the app and re-installing. Same problem. When it works, the app is fine.
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12 years ago, Bobby.Drake
Great App!
Not sure what is going on with a lot of the haters on here. User error perhaps? I've had no problems with vin scanning or manual entry. It works exactly as promised. The ability to email and print from the app would be nice.
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10 years ago, Rmohio
Needs print option
I use this every day at work and I am baffled at what the reasoning was to incorporate the vin scan but leave out printing...their mentality is "I only need to look at it and for no reason ever would I need to print this out."
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13 years ago, Girlena76
Show me the CARFAX!
Love this app and the company! They have saved me from buying a POS on more than one occasion.
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12 years ago, VT1165
"there is a network problem connecting to Carfax" - for how much money we spend, in this day and age - this is such a disappointment. Currently in transit to action and I've had it! Switching to auto check today just because they're too lazy to fix their app!
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11 years ago, Hahahahahahahaha I win
The scanner works when it wants to which is almost never customers don't like to wait to see the carfax we have let our carfax rep know multiple times but nothing has been fixed it is way to expensive not to work
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12 years ago, Deerrrrango
Doesn't work majority of the time, it crashes almost every time I enter a vin. Plus the scan function doesn't work with the iPad. Useless app for me. I will just delete it and use the actual carfax website.
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13 years ago, RickW.
CarFax App iPhone 4
Great App iPhone 4 with firmware version 4.3 works every time.
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12 years ago, DealerDealerman
This app is never there when you need it. Works when it feels like it and enjoys crashing regularly. Carfax owes dealers a quality app seeing that we get ripped off paying for what I consider public information.
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7 years ago, jtownsend6
Scan don’t work now
After update scan part of carfax don’t work on my iPhone. Before reinstalling it wouldn’t even load. I can type them in... what a hassle while at a car auction on the go. WOW
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7 years ago, Haider USA
Car fax
Thank you it’s working good job Fox!
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12 years ago, Jasonhceo
Horrible app
From a multi-million dollar you expect at least a decent app. There are several third party ones that are better. Shame on you carfax
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10 years ago, Byrhm823
No AirPrint support
Can scan and receive the history not a problem. No AirPrint or email support. Huge downfall. Auto check allows me to print and send from my iPhone. But yet you charge a premium.
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12 years ago, ShayneGray
Why have an app if it shuts down every single time you try to use it? I have been unable to pull 1 CarFax on this crappy app!!! Take it down.
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11 years ago, GT-RDude
Still has bugs, Happy the SCANNER works!
Still has bugs, Happy the SCANNER works!
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12 years ago, steve@carreracoupe
Doesn't work 75% of the time
This app needs to be removed until it is fixed. It simply doesn't work
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13 years ago, Joebob11111
Needs slot of work
Needs to be more iPad compatible , little screen is a pain to see. Also needs to have the option to print the carfax from the iPad.
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12 years ago, Robstitzer
I enter a vin... Run a report .. Only to never be able to run a report because it crashes and closes. Not once have I been able to check a vin. Thanks for nothing carfax!
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12 years ago, M3ze
This app is so undependable, you will get stranded at auction if you count on it. Freezes up, can't connect to network and much more. Whoever sold them on developing this app is a great salesperson - whoever approved this app to market is a moron.
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7 years ago, arigear
Dislike new update
The only way the app lets you scan vehicles Vin numbers is by enabling location services. What do they need the information for???
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7 years ago, Adam 7787
Are you guys serious !!!!
I don’t know my password !! I have my account for 3 years now and I don’t know the password what you want me to do now !!! Is this for real ! Come on Now thats why I didn’t wanna update ...
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12 years ago, Odometerman
Horrible app
The scanner works most of the time but when I enter a vin it has a problem connecting to the server. All this money I pay to carfax and they can give me a decent app
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7 years ago, Reduced auto
Reduced auto solutions is one of the best car dealers in Sacramento.
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8 years ago, Angela60
Great app ! But it needs a print function.
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8 years ago, kevpresa
Vin scanner?
The Vin scanner is a great feature too bad it doesn't work hardly ever come on guys lower the sensitivity would you please
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11 years ago, Tiftduckhunter
I'm a new dealer and haven't used the app
How is it now? Is all working good?
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12 years ago, tbag89
when you kill the app it makes u log in again? even when u have keep me signed in checked. fix it ASAP
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13 years ago, carshow
For what I have to pay carfax, l expected MUCH MUCH better.
Scanner doesn't scan. Too many crashes. CARFAX could've done much better than this.
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6 years ago, ThumperMike
Poor app
You can hardly do anything useful with this app except for run actual reports. It desperately needs an update that will interact with Carfax Online.
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8 years ago, Bermudez0390
I'm not able to access any of my reports nor run one after the update. Please fix it.
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13 years ago, opportUNITY Development LLC
Tried to scan a few vehicles in the lane but the VIN wouldn't register. It read the VIN but wouldn't give me a report.
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11 years ago, Drewzilla4321
Nice but.....
Can't email the carfax to yourself??? What good is it in my phone??? I can't give my phone to my customer!!!!
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7 years ago, Bidonmycars
After updating, the app no longer even loads on the iPhone X. It just crashes. Garbage. Thanks a lot carfax.
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6 years ago, NikoleNikki
Can’t use it
No way to sign up. Only log in option for existing customers/dealers
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8 years ago, Don Brozz
Useless waste of time
Wasnt worth the time it took to download. Wont sync with existing Carfax account, no way to add reports run with this app to your existing account.
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11 years ago, MrSmith338
Cannot scan VIN!!!
After updating to V1.1 (using iPhone 3GS on iOS 6) the VIN scanner crashes every time. The app is now virtually useless! Very dissatisfied. Please fix now!
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11 years ago, Frustrated dealer
Not good. Scanner never worked. Removed after several days of "working" with support
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7 years ago, PSU 1Team
Most recent update won’t allow app to open
I have an iPhone 7 and the app won’t open now at all. WTH
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