Carrier 360 by J.B. Hunt

4.5 (11.1K)
130.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.1 or later
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User Reviews for Carrier 360 by J.B. Hunt

4.51 out of 5
11.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Edwile
Can be Improved
Here’s something that’s been truly bothering me using this app. And it’s a vexing issue: You look up a load based on a set of criteria. 100 loads come up. As you’re scrolling down you put an offer on, let’s say, load # 53 on that list of 100 load displayed. Once done instead of the app taking you back to where you left off on the list, that’s on load #53 where you made an offer so you can continue scrolling down the remaining 47 loads it instead takes you back to the beginning that’s starting back to load # 1. That’s time consuming; vexing and unnecessary. Furthermore, We have this app and it’ll be nice to make adjustments so all detention time can be dealt with within the app. 2 weeks ago, I make a request for detention pay for 8 hours and do everything that’s required but forget to put the in an out time on the BOL and I get denied detention payment. How’s that’s fair? How’s that even right ? And while on your app, I couldn’t write a feedback in the feedback section of your app. Had to do it here 🤦🏾‍♂️ Wouldn’t it be nice to do it directly within your very own app ?
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5 years ago, machinedevils
Deceiving crooks lie as mush as TQL 🤥🤥
I really do t know where or they get there numbers but when you put in an offer they will counter with a lower offer and the if you lower ur offer it gets much lower that tells you that it doesn’t matter what carrier you are we’re gonna take it and if you want it it’s at what we want to pay nothing more than just GARBAGE 🗑 yeah the app part is a novel idea but there’s others with apps and there not that big off a swindlers and deceitful as this app and the company behind it. And you get them them on the LIES because they’ll post a load on their app that’s 50% CHEAPER!!! and on the DAT load board has the same load from them at a price slight higher rate if I could put pictures on here I would so anyone with this would stay away. As per there RHETORIC it’s the same as everyone’s —( THEYRE ALL SORRY THEY UNDERSTAND THEY ALL APOLOGIZE BUT NO ONE DOES S💩T ABOUT AND NO ONE WILL. Keep in mind a load post on the board was at $1200 and on there app was at $620 u can do the math = $580 in there pockets.
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6 years ago, Layla Trucking LLC
So far so good
I’ve been using the app now for a while and I must say it’s one of my faves, no doubt! The negotiation for loads could be a bit more realistic due to the rushed delivery times or the weight and slow/dead states etc.. Also, the load info should be a little more detailed, the weight and dates for pick up and delivery times a little more accurate would help very much. Instead, sending questions on a certain load just takes more time. All in all a great App! Hope to see more competitive market rates.👋
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1 year ago, Big4theme
Need to Improve some Functionality
This apple work perfectly fine, but there is some functionality, which need improvement a lot, such as user can not able to edit the action which they have done already like I wanted to update the trailer drop again by selecting yes or no function but I am unable to do that. Once it is done, it is done. There is no way to go back and edit your action. This does not make sense if someone accidentally put something wrong and then at the same time if they wanted to change it, they cannot change it which is very weird because it is the same person who is editing.
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3 years ago, Apple people please listen
It works, no annoying phone calls!
J B Hunt made this app right! I have been using it for 4 months with no problems. They are happy to know where I’m at, I’m happy they don’t bother me with distracting phone calls. The one time I couldn’t login support helped me right away and it was late at night. If you forgot your password, don’t waste your time waiting for that email to come to reset it, call support. I think that’s the only glitch they have right now.
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4 years ago, knowburt
Re:Search for a load
It would be nice if the load search will go back to where I left always go back from the beginning and if you scroll like a hundreds of load,once you go back it’ll bring you back from the beginning of your search...
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7 months ago, jrdteuckdriver
Poor performance
Uploading documents depends too much on internet signal, the system should batch files when internet signal is poor (we deliver in sparsely populated areas and cell coverage is poor most of the time) and upload the necessary files when signal availability is sufficiently strong to upload the documents. Also, I have been told that uploading files must be done one page at a time. Tracking does not work for me, I’m a power only driver and have yet to see this function work for me. Assigning driver works sometimes, but most of the time it does not.
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5 years ago, Wpetty19
Very disappointing
The take pictures from the app rarely works. The image is messed up and I have to resubmit. I can’t import images from other apps like Cam Scanner. When bidding on a load. I can’t talk to anyone. I ask a question on a load and never get an answer. After I book the load I have to download and look at the rate confirmation because the app does not show the pickup, PO, or delivery numbers. But I gives me all kind of disclaimers and requirements I have to agree too. If I am one minute late I can’t update the status. I have to call in. The automated check call says there is an error and I have to speak to someone but no one is available so call back. The app does not work if I am moving. I am the passenger in a car going shopping with my wife and I cannot look at loads because I am moving. When I look for loads, 360 is the last app I use. It is so user unfriendly and has so many problems, it is the last of 8 apps I use to find a load.
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5 years ago, Sharon/ Les
Not completely user friendly
Can’t assign a driver can’t add a driver I use Adobe to scan and store all my paperwork and it won’t let me upload them from adobe I have to rescan all of them again You can’t do check in check out times or do location checks At the moment it’s working like it should but it’s been so touch and go sometimes you have to go to the website rather then the app When creating files the pages are not separate they are all put as 1 and not showing everything
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3 years ago, CarondaKay
It works but....
It works as described and have had very little error messages. HOWEVER, please be aware if you run into a problem after hours or on weekends you are lucky to get a response. Moreover, you are quoted one price on the book now and then informed by the broker we are not authorized to give you the posted rate and give you a lower rate. If they update or change these two things we would gladly give the app 5 stars....
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2 years ago, Rayzfire
I’m still trying to figure this part out on getting paid and requesting it in the app it’s hard to get them on the phone always a recorded message say lave your info and they’re call you back . I have not gotten a call back still waiting
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5 years ago, Kay Thompson
This app could have easily received 5 stars if, 1, the loads that show up in the completed section didn’t come in backwards. When you open that section, the first load you should see is the last load completed. Not a completed load from a month prior. And 2, even though we are power only, we should be able to look through loads as well. Your technology does have the capability to pick between flatbed, power, and dry van loads. *just my observation* Thank you
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4 years ago, jeighjules
Could use a navigation feature. Most GPS will take you to the front door of stop, not to where trucks are going. It’s a slight issue. Outside of that, the app is very user friendly and super convenient. Only one that I’ve used, that has the invoice feature. That to me is an incredible addition.
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5 years ago, integrity safe trucking
More convenience and easy to use
But I have been in a trouble of keeping quit for no reason. And every time I return to the search page it doesn’t keep my last search history that means I need to retype the search information again. At last it will be better if it has the information of “empty miles” for the load I am looking at.
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11 months ago, James Rea carrier ID 850479
Owner operator
I’m sure this is app is very useful , and can provide you with limitless information, and even provide you, the shippers and receivers with an up-to-date pinpoint location of where the commodity or load is upon request. But for me a 57 year old male owner operator it is off with me some useful information it’s cost me a screen on my smart phone but someday I’ll probably get it figured out how to use this app fluently and it will probably make my life easier.
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3 years ago, My white dog
No support
It’s absolutely awful trying to reach someone for support while under a load. They don’t give you reps extension number so you just sit on hold in the pool. No one ever ever ever responds to email wether it carrier support or the rep themselves. I just don’t get it. Collecting detention is like chasing the devil. Even though the app tracks it you have to invoice them and they may or may not pay. Good luck reaching someone to help with that. It totally should be automatic since you’re using the app. But seriously there support is worse than convoy and Uber.
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3 years ago, ford og
Bills not upload
Would like some sort of phone call when bills are not sent due to app, tried calling about a load not being payed and no answer,
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2 years ago, Donovan1233
80% Works Great
6 months using the app and over all its Great. Only issues I have are with the GPS tracking on the trailers. 20% of the time it will not let you enter a trailer do to GPS saying it’s not in your location. Then you get to sit and wait for the call back to correct it. Usually doesn’t take long but a delay is still a delay.
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2 years ago, Leeburn22
Worst app UPDATE in the history of app making
Who was the genius who designed the latest update ? The previous version worked perfectly for years and was user friendly compared this JUNK update. Fire the guy who designed the new update he doesn’t know what he is doing. The app looks confusing, Doesn’t show Dead head miles. Interface looks like a it was designed by a 5 year old in a kindergarten project. If something is working DONT fix it. Bring back the OLD Version.
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5 years ago, @alita
Bidding & Detention Request
The app is great for faster route search although, when you’re bidding the bid alerts are not accurate and we do not get the option to actually accept or there are any instructions on how to do so. The down side is there is no option to submit Detention, as the brokers do Not reply back on that anymore. There should be more attention out to this as it is very disturbing not getting a response back at all !!
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5 months ago, lessthanfull
Almost useless and a hassle all the time
If I could give negative stars it would get 10,000. Much more trouble than it’s worth. App is mostly not able to track me, consistently fails to update check calls, doesn’t record accurate times when it does, often doesn’t contain timely information about the load which wastes driver time that is never compensated. I hate this app and will ultimately stop running for JBH because of this app.
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2 years ago, Mex-Texan
Truck driver
I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use this app. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it was limited to only five pages per time used. I had two additional pages from damaged freight. I simply took a photo of the first page and then added the additional damaged claims forms.
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5 years ago, old school and dissapointed
Needs Functionality / Bug update
For the most part the app works pretty smoothly and has great photo / document upload options. However it dose have some bugs. Load status updates often “fail to submit”. Also with the latest Apple OS update the “date / clock adjustment wheel” is no longer functional or visible to adjust arrival/departure times/dates. Messaging is clumsy and dose not offer push notification options and dose not update in real time. The loads could also auto fill most fields such as BOL, trailer, seal #’s to eliminate redundancy and save time. The ability to see more than one pre-accepted load would be a huge help in trip/time management. As well as direct link/login access to load board for OO’s. Look forward to updates!
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9 months ago, Yogi Cheetah
Tracking and In app signatures
Tracking keeps going in dark mode. Sometimes places are busy and people are rude at shipper and receiver so it's hard to get their in app signatures that feature should not be there if that is required then they should upload documents on their end which should show up in driver 360 app so we don't have to argue and request for document submission.
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3 years ago, 99SALEEN87
Great app. Still needs tiny bit more polishing, but as of now(2/7/21) you can pretty much do all the work here. Maybe in the immediate future you guys can add more features like nearby empties so that we don’t have to be calling in and requesting one all the time. Great app overall.
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5 years ago, mikir12
Need more user friendly
Instead of inputting from point A to point B I believe it’s easier for you to upload just in this app the availability of loads near you and most the time that I have dealt with this app that I find it just difficult and frustrating is that the app should just give you the closest load to you or your location.
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3 years ago, bahabobo
App works great
Step by step JBHUNT app getting better and better, much easier and most of the time all info is provided load, weight, address and pick up time and delivery so i am happy with bidding options. Thanks
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4 years ago, WParsley
Independent Owner
Most things people like are cause they understand them or the concept. I’m 50 years old , an not of this tech generation. So apps an working things on devices can sometimes be complicated for “me” until explained . I would like for myself an my 2 drivers be able to use 360 app efficiently. We’re not there can’t even get paid , could someone please just provide some guidance... Knowledge is Power ..... William Parsley
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9 months ago, Tony muntanna
Owner operator
I love it 360 carries is one of the best apps the only thing needs to working on it is lumber fee how can make it the process fast ( you can adding the fee to the apps so we don’t have to call in and waiting) thanks
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2 years ago, 1ChiBoi
They have their moments
Majority of the times they have great loads but customer services via email and phones calls are slow and terrible. Made great funds with this company too
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3 years ago, VT Keep on Truckin'
Unable to select and copy load information from phone
Wish the app was able to do that
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5 years ago, Cadillac 123
At first
At first the app was fine than came the update for the iOS version for my phone. Now I can’t open app to search for a load it goes to another page . And is asking for my carriers ID number I only been able to book 1 load off the JBHunt 360 app since this update smh........
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1 year ago, CHT 333
Uploading paperwork
This app is good all except the fact you can only send in one document at a time even though it allows you to add documents it will not go through you literally have to send one at a time and wait for it to go through very frustrating ..
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3 years ago, Adarynoemi
Takes too long to get paid
These guys will not pay unless I call them and remind them and good luck getting through the phone they will have you on hold for hours at times and then hang up. Their priority is their drivers I suppose. Sometimes they will send Payment on time but for the most part bad service. Imagine arriving somewhere where you need to pay lumper: exactly as bad as you’d imagine!
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3 years ago, "Einstein"
Carrier 360 thoughts
I’ve been using this app since it’s rollout and it is convenient, however there are a lot of bug fixes that still need to be addressed. The app is unstable and the document upload feature is archaic just to name a couple.
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4 years ago, kadoyi
The app doesn’t recognize that BOL was send all ready
Still show that need documents send photo format doesn’t recognize so u have to scan and send as pdf. Jbhunt don’t wanna spend money to fix. Penny pinch
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2 years ago, Cuttyxx
Need to fix the bugs
It’s only difficult to upload your bills which could cause a delay in payment
Show more
3 months ago, Corlione- Napolione
App efficiency
I keep on receiving messages stating that is “Not Tracking”. Also, what is the point of the app if they check on us to see if we made it to certain location even though the location is set on “Always and Precise location “.
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2 years ago, Neewrayj
App is very useful and easy to used. The app makes everything easy for driver to handle trip to the end. With this app, u don’t need to phone call broker till the end of the trip. I love it.
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3 years ago, Google9647
Tracking not working, no Detention option on the app.
We been using this app for a while. There are few problems with it: Tracking not always working when using phone tracking. (not ELD). There is no option to enter Detention request.
Show more
2 years ago, lyte007
The op is Simple and easy, only problem is when you have to get. Hold of customer service it can be a waiting period
Show more
2 weeks ago, Callie28227
Great app. Simple. Straight to the point. Always communication via site & customer service. A1
Great site. Minimal phone time. Book easy loads. Great customer service when you needed.
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9 months ago, Biggs Ed
Universal Legacy
I really enjoy this app. It’s amenities the other broker app doesn’t. Such as facility amenities like overnight parking, restrooms, vending machines etc…… That’s very important when deciding if a driver can go in to a customer early or not.
Show more
10 months ago, H&f transport
The Brockerage are not good they don’t want pay detentions so if you see the customer is late just cancel it otherwise they don’t paid detention they hung up the phone on you
Show more
6 years ago, salliemae1928
Has been one of my primary sources to find loads. Since upgrade nothing works. Can it at least be put back like it was until bugs are work out?
Show more
7 months ago, Lola05357
Very important to minimize the numbers of wrong assignments PLEASE ON THE ASSIGMENT OF DRIVER TRACKING PROVIDER PLEASE CHANGE 360 from bottom of list to Top. That way it will minimize the numbers of wrong provider assignments ONCE 360 is now the current method. And yes working better
Show more
2 years ago, Mr1Day
Needs truckers route option on maps
Show more
2 years ago, AZAAlex
Like the software , even though it has some bugs of funcionality , the arrangement and information to book loads is excellent
Show more
3 years ago, Cupquake97
Easy to use!
Comfortable and easy to use. You don’t have to call to brokers, everything is there, just book and roll. Saving yours, brokers time.
Show more
3 years ago, Dispatcher01
Thought that Uber freight App would change the way other brokerages work sooner or later. But still, I’m surprised by how JBHunt caught up pretty fast . Efficient, organized, and user friendly.
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