CarShield Mobile

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2 months ago
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User Reviews for CarShield Mobile

3.29 out of 5
294 Ratings
2 years ago, 980&82
Car shield product
I don’t think it’s very useful since it’s always lagging! It easy to install and use if it actually worked all the time. Half the time it does not even know where my truck is. The vibration detector is also faulty after sitting there slapping the dash closing the door no alerts went off. Very annoyed and did not help the problem.
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9 months ago, Former Chstomer
Terrible! Delayed Response for More Money!!!
I had this extended warranty for my 2007 Jeep Cherokee starting November 2021 to May 2022. When the engine gave out, the auto shop called American Auto Shield with CarShield under the power train package & heard nothing back for about 2-3 months. I called & did not get passed customer service rep. When I asked to speak to the adjuster, I was told the adjuster only speaks to the auto shop. The auto shop called numerous times & could not reach the adjuster. Two adjusters had to visit the car in the shop with no word back for weeks about if the vehicle was covered. After a few months paying around $200 monthly, they decided they would not cover the engine cost over a ridiculous reason for the engine giving out; all because of some dirt. The adjuster reportedly left notes for the customer rep, but I was never reached out to. Only that the photos sent by the auto shop were unclear; not the photos were blurry or it needs more lighting just it’s unclear. It felt like after everything was provided to them, they were trying to find any reason not to cover the expenses for you. - Lack of proper communication & documentation of client notes in their recorded phone calls for training and quality assurances. - DO NOT fall for!! Spend your money elsewhere!!
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2 years ago, Horrible Roadside Provider!
CarShield Roadside Service, Worst I Have Seen!!!!!!!!!!
On Yesterday evening around 4:40pm, I call roadside assistance for help to recharge my car battery. It went great, they responded within 15 minutes. But, That didn’t solve my car problem. So I called at around 5:52pm for tow service and I requested a flatbed tow truck for my type of car. I was told someone will reach out to me with information on the tow service, never happen. I then called back at 6:15pm and was told my tow service was being worked on and someone will call me back with all the information. No one called, so I call back again ,and requested a flatbed tow truck, and about 45 minutes later, a different type tow truck came out I asked the driver what happen to the flatbed tow truck, he just put his truck in reverse and drove off. I then called back and asked what happened, and was told I should be lucky to get whatever came out to tow my car, and it was late most of the tow truck service were closing and it going to be hard to find someone to come out and tow my car. I was then made to feel like everything was my fault. It wasn’t until 11:43pm, that a flatbed tow truck came out to tow my car home. And on top of that I had to pay a out of pocket fees. CarShield Roadside Service Is The Worst EVER!!!!
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3 weeks ago, Baker714
First thing to know, CarShield has takin care of me with positive results. You can’t just go and put a junk car on contract and hope it will fix previous problems. Read it !! If you have a decent vehicle that has had all required maintenance, then this is great.!! What this says is if you can keep up with your maintenance schedule, this shows a determined individual that is being totally responsible for your vehicle to get the best life as possible.!! You see, I can’t run out and buy another vehicle so I take care of my car and it takes care of me.!! P. S I have a 2011 Chevrolet Impala LT. 105,000 miles on it, and looks great still. Morel of the story take care of your vehicle. Keep the maintenance in line. THANKS CARSHIELD !!! 🇺🇸= 🌎 - ☮️
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3 years ago, Angela Nichols
Car shield
Oh my God ,I was with Car shield about 2years and I never used it before ,but I always pay ..Few times I was late but I always pay ,however when it was time for me to get my car fixed they didn’t cover anything that they supposed to cover ., and the part for my car that they decided to pay for they only paid half of it ..The part with the label was only $400 and some change ,I still had to come out my pocket $120 .The total of my car repair was $1200 dollars. They only paid $349. No more,No less..My husband had to cover the other $700.. which wasn’t a problem but at the same time ,I was paying car shield. And top it off they made me wait another day before they even authorize the check to pay the people that little bit of money so therefore ,I had to leave my car at the shop an extra day on the day I was supposed to been getting it out..,With all do RESPECT....NEVER AGAINE👍👍
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2 years ago, Em Crysis
CarShield the worst experience I had
I waisted my money a few times with two cars I put under warranty with carshield,the first car I made a claim on was my Nissan Maxima I got it tow to the shop all they pay for tow was only 125$ anything after that I pay,now Iam at the shop mechanic call CarShield tell them what wrong gave him the run around so I jus pay for it as time pass,and then I had a Ford truck it started up but it excellerating I thought it was the transmission the machanic at the shop said it was my transfer case I told CarShield they was giving us a run around for 4 months not fixing my car but taking payment,and when I change the starter on my truck they supposed to reimburse me like they said but never did,CarShield was a waist of my money never again 👎🏾👎🏾
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3 weeks ago, pjsyankees
First time experiencing using my car shield since I got it a month ago
So I have been hearing great reviews about car shield So I got it . My coverage says they cover covers all non Maintance . So after the month my ac unit went . It’s wear n tear it’s part of my coverage So bright to mechanic last week put in a claim And adjust came . As he’s looking at the car maid a comment to mechanic say he just put a claim in it’s only been a month coverage . So I was denied on one part the condenser . The comment alone up set me . So I disputed and adjuster still denied it . I feel like I was robbed bc of me only having coverage for month and adjuster maid a judgement call on me only having a month in of coverage . They also told the mechanic t see my service history which was only a oil change from last time I went there . So I feel like I was picked on bc of only having the coverage for a month . So now I have pay a lot $ bc the adjuster did not want to cover the entire parts and for condenser to have damage that was denied I would have to have front end damage on my truck which I do not have any damage
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4 years ago, Tiffany Hallowell
Ok Carshield!!
I love it the app has been updated I’ve been w them a little over a year now and I’ve only filed one claim it was super easy did everything from the app I have a Volkswagen so my parts were shipped so it took a little longer but I’m thankful they provided me with a rental I made my mom set her vehicle up too and she 63 years old and uses the app as Well so it’s very easy to understand this is serious peace of mind Thankyou Carshield for all you do!!
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2 years ago, IMadeAStupidMistakeAt25
Read the contact and as about manufacturers maintenance.
The only good thing about this service is that you feel security in that your car will be token care of. I believe that’s where they get people who doesn’t know car that well. Like they want the car to break down on you so they can help your car get the service your vehicle needs but they won’t if you don’t do maintenance. Why say “ $100 down is all you need we handle the rest.” End quote When so many little things in the contract prevent you from helping people like me that needs a car to commute. To be honest I feel hurt, I feel betrayed, and I feel stupid to trust CarShield. I gave you 2 stars because of the security of thinking this company will help me through my hard time with “$100” down. Turns out CarShield is grate at marketing and taking your money NOT TO HELP. Thank you for showing me don’t trust a commercial that shows on reruns of Murray 🫠. GOODBYE CARSHIELD!
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4 years ago, Huggybear24789
Don’t Do It
I had my brother and my friend tell me that they look for a way to deny claims but I didn’t listen. I went to one dealership they said they don’t work with them I had to pay $200 for them to tell me what was wrong, CarShield told me to take it to another dealership. After three days they ordered the part ready to put it on CarShield denied the claim again and I had to pay another $200. Ended up fixing it myself. Decided to give them another chance. $1000 and Six months later. I had another problem. They said that’s the one thing we don’t cover and I had the diamond package. Enough was enough. The money I gave them I could have just fixed my car myself. Worst experience ever.
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4 years ago, IstayhungryFl
Don’t waste your money
Please don’t waste your money with Car Shield . I had Car Shield for over a year. Each time Car Shield was taking my money directly out my account. When my car needed fixing. What ever was wrong with it was never covered up under my Gold plan. They NEVER paid for anything when it came to my car. I was always out of money with Car Shield. But yet and still they were taking 100 and something dollars out my account faithfully each month. And on top of that Car Shield didn’t reimburse me none of my money. Even though I never used their service at all! This company is a complete Scam if you ask me and I don’t recommend Carshield to NOBODY!
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4 years ago, CWindau
Super easy to use!
I have carshield on my 2017 Rogue and instead of keeping track of my paperwork I was able to have the app installed to my phone that way I never needed to ‘look’ for my policy. I use my phone for work so it is more convenient for me to have the information readily available for when I go in for repair shop visits! They even have a rewards section and I love that feature!
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3 years ago, Chase farmer
Car shield is absolutely terrible. My car was in the shop for what should’ve been 1-2 days for an hour and a half job but instead it was in there for a WEEK…no rental car no nothing. Myself and the shop had to micromanage and continuously call to get them to do their job. It took 2-3 days just to get authorized to do the work then they said the part would ship Friday and be there Monday, Monday rolls around and no part is shipped. When the part does get there, it is the cheapest most unreliable part they could find “new.” So in the end a 1.5 hour job took 7 days and I had no rental car for work. 0 stars.
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10 months ago, law do99
I was wrong to be nervous
I initially was nervous about this company as the reviews were not great. In the end, it took one day for customer service to work with my mechanic and get the approval for the issues I was having. I was back on the road in no time and Car Shield saved me good money on my repairs. Couldn’t have asked for better service. Thank you CarShield.
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1 week ago, Boo boo Mel
Battery dead
I just started with car shield they are amazing mind you I’m still not covered I had an emergency left my lights on they helped right away the text confirmation said and hr he came in 20 minutes I really don’t have nobody or family I really appreciated them can’t wait to see what life has to offer lol for the love of Mustangs
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2 months ago, ariel taskin
I recently had a problem with transmission on my Toyota Sienna. I brought the car to transmission shop and they made a claim to Car Shield. Within 2 weeks my Toyota was with the new or rebuilt transmission. CarShield paid the claim in full. I was skeptical before but they stood by their word. Maybe people have trouble getting a claim paid not in my case. Thank you CarShield
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3 years ago, EmeryCribb
This is been the worst experience I’ve ever had with a vehicle service. My car has been in the shop for four months. It took the adjuster over two months to even do my initial assessment so that repairs could even begin. Two months later the auto shops hands are still tied and I don’t have my car. This auto shop has informed me that they will never work with car shield again and many other shops informed me they refuse to work with them in my area as well. That’s why my car is 60 miles away in another city to be worked on.
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11 months ago, Wschris
Great coverage
They covered the part we needed, the labor, and even a rental. The process was straightforward and when calling in the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I was actually surprised how easy it was. The app itself seems a bit laggy but works just fine and is easy to navigate.
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4 years ago, BenJi724
The people that work in this company are not there for their customers. I had my car sitting in the shop for over a month now. The claim has been moving around their office. Its been pass around to three Adjusters. They don’t want to listen to what i have to say. They want me to move my car to another car repair shop and for all the manual labor and diagnostic that has been done to the car now i have to pay for it? Meanwhile its this company that is suggesting that I take the car to another shop:????
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1 month ago, you’ll mistake
Trying to be a customer again
I called Car Shield on third of April. I was expecting them when they said I have 28 days to be registered. I have the app the app keeps saying to update go to the App Store to update it. It doesn’t say update on the App Store shows that I am not covered and I paid $100, so I don’t know why it takes so long to become covered and it takes seconds to take my money off my card……
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4 years ago, heidhehb
Don’t believe the hype
That app is fine but if your looking to file a claim it’s pointless. I had this for 5 months and filed my first claim and got the run around. Can’t check the app to get any information besides what my contract number is. Trying to download my contract from the app and got a error message. Just be careful and check who they have for your insurance warranty company because they just sale the contract.
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2 years ago, R2D2 Mr. Realadelphia
Carshield is a CERTIFIED SCAM
I had Carshield but I dropped it immediately! And they still was trying to take money out of my account. They kept calling and leaving me messages saying my payment was overdue EVEN THOUGH I dropped the coverage. A friend of mines had Carshield not only did they not fix his car they didn’t even get him a rental. ALL THOSE PAID CELEBRITIES AND PART TIME ACTORS who endorse Carshield on these commercials should be ashamed of themselves. ANYONE who’s has Carshield GET RID OF THEM!!! Unless they only treat certain people differently from others.
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Bad!! highly don’t recommend it
If there is less than one star, I would give it. You will pay too much monthly and they say you must pay for the engine teardown. Like you will pay almost half of the price. So, why we do this insurance. I called Jonathan, the adjuster, and he is saying there is nothing to do, like pay for the half or don’t fix it. I HIGHLY DON’T RECOMMEND THIS INSURANCE. It is like a scam, making you pay and when you need them, they will make you paying more.
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2 years ago, Pottermom70
App is ok - but CarShield itself is a joke. Buyer Beware
Had to take my car in for a check engine light - CarSheild had them jumping through hoops doing several diagnostics (which they now refuse to pay for) and want to use a rebuilt part instead of one with a warranty and won’t even cover another part. This has got to be the most pathetic excuse for a car warranty company I have ever seen. Once I get coverage from a really reputable company I’m saying so long to these crooks. Buyer Beware!
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3 years ago, Undervow
Everything I Need
I love the option to have all of my protection information accessible at the click of a button. No need to lug around paperwork. Thank you all for everything!
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3 years ago, riz@nyc
Be aware this is a scam if you read your contract and see what is covered you can understand only I repeat only engine internal lubricated parts are covered nothing else no sensors which is the most cause of malfunction or breakdown and when you try to cancel they will tell you it’s canceled but they don’t you will keep on getting charged so stay far far away please no one needs this crappy coverage parts that they cover are one in a million to breakdown so think about it
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3 months ago, B2Clean!
The app quality
The app quality is terrible. It’s always crashing, you cant get anything to open or download. You can’t ever get someone on the phone who speaks clear proper English. American auto shield has been a decent car warranty though.
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2 months ago, J Roc3474
Car shield
Total rip off side of 32 days ago for two vehicles the prices went up 43 more dollars on one vehicle. They called me 31 days after my policy which I could’ve canceled within 30 days different prices because they did not investigate my vehicle. customer service was very rude, when you called, can you make the payment? Can you make the payment with your card number?NO What is my policy?
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2 years ago, brock 17
Car shield was a waste of my money. Every time I tried to use it for repairs to my Pathfinder, it didn’t cover anything. My final straw was when my truck turned off and ended up needing numerous repairs. Car Shield was contacted and once again didn’t cover any of the costs. I immediately ended my policy with them. Don’t believe anything that’s listed in your contract because they’ll find a way to say it’s not covered.
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4 years ago, Cthulu_lunchbox
Very convenient!
This is great for keeping all of my information together. It’s got the phone number for claims and roadside, and the whole contract is there to look at. It’s the only thing I carry for my coverage now.
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3 years ago, hollybearryisndb
CarShield has made everything so much easier by allowing customers to download their app to their phone! It helped me out greatly when I was on the side of the road and needed road side!!
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1 year ago, gsgsva
Claim by America auto shield
It’s a good company knowing that your car is well taken care of, but at the same time my car literally has been in the shop for over 3 weeks and they still have not accepted my claim. It takes forever to get a hold of customer service and they tell me the same thing that it needs to be approved by a company they work with
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3 years ago, FierySirene
Beware, do not get Car Shield
I got car shield kept it for 6 months then canceled. They wanted to get the “refurbished” part. Basically used or from a junk yard. Not a new part. Said no, I want a factory part for repairs, so I had to pay for it myself. Then when I canceled beginning of December, they hounded me by phone, email and mail for my “overdue” payment. It’s getting to a point I am going to get a lawyer to get them to stop. Don’t get Car Shield!
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4 years ago, JarodWaid
User Friendly
This app is extremely user friendly. Even with all the different features a non-tech person can easily navigate.
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4 years ago, rogerndallas
Rip off
I used car shield my engine block cracked they would not cover the repair. Their tv ad makes it sound like they cover everything. When it happens they look for reasons NOT to cover the repairs. It costed me $4500 to replace the engine. The entire engine had to be replaced even though they wouldn’t cover it. They’re a rip-off. Their ads lie and mislead people. Don’t waste your time and money with them.
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4 years ago, Qweent
Awesome way to keep my policy!
I love being able to have my policy on my cell! Super convenient to access all my car needs right here! Just having it makes me feel secure!
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5 months ago, Carlhen4
Service records
This app is flawed. Tried to upload my service records and it wouldn’t do it. Also why do you need all the service records? If I’m paying 140 dollars a month, I'm sure you're getting your money’s worth. Had to email a bunch of service records to them. What if you don’t have any service records of you didn’t save all of them? Then what?
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2 years ago, Learned My Lesson Too Late
Huge Scam!!!
If you have Car Shield, do your research and cancel before you give them too much of your hard earned money. They’re current BBB rating is F, and 1.4 out of 5 stars. They will gladly take your money and then conveniently deny your claims for “preexisting conditions”. Google them and you will see that there is also a class action lawsuit against them already underway.
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4 years ago, per-silly-a
I’ve had the app for some time and it just keeps getting better and better. I don’t feel in the dark about my contract. I love what they’ve done.
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4 years ago, Beng11
Super easy
Very user friendly and simple to use. Way more convenient than always trying to find my paperwork.
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4 years ago, Iceberghov6ix
Great App
The apps is user friendly & makes it very easy when needing information on your policy.
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5 months ago, ali Almassoudi
Scam be warned
They charge over 100$ a months and when u have problem they will never fix your car they will always make excuses like they want oil change receipts for past 5 years and maintenance records since they year the car manufactured it’s big scam don’t make the same mistake I made.
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4 years ago, Hisgirl1948
My experience
I dealt with Mark Fellows and it was probably one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. What a delight he was. Felt very comfortable purchasing a plan for my vehicle.
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3 years ago, HadesSrt
I had a claim last so long we are in the new year now lol. Trust me they don’t want to pay for anything at all. Straight scam company. My SRT8 went in bad condition and I sent everything in but when it’s time to pick up the phone from dealerships they act deaf. Then will ask for more info on the vehicle. But I was canceling coverage and they were pretty much begging to not have me cancel.
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2 years ago, rhkotsvnkofs
Never use car shield
They gave my mechanic very low baller prices. So I have to pay half of my very expensive bill. They claim they cover all of the things that need to be fixed but that simply is not the case at all. I pay each month for nothing. Therefore I can not recommend this to anyone!!
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4 years ago, galacticdads
It’s great to conveniently have all my coverage information in one easy spot. With the update I can even start a claim from my phone. Very helpful.
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4 years ago, JRiggs19
Simple and Effective
Very easy to use app, everything you need is easy to find. Runs smooth
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4 years ago, antbred
Super Convenient
I love this app! Makes it so much easier for me to have everything in one place!
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1 year ago, Yupyupyupyep
Do not get this coverage if you are getting a used vehicle. They will claim any damage as “preexisting”. I was told I should have broken my motor down before purchase. Then they wouldn’t even tow it without me paying an extra $500. They got over $3000 total from me and never covered anything. Bunch of scammers.
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3 months ago, zho KB de
Spam for years
Never had to use the service. I ended my account in 2020 and still years later they are calling me and leaving voicemails. Multiple times I’ve contacted them telling them to take my number off their calling list and they never do.
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