Case Tracker for USCIS & NVC

4.8 (249.2K)
125 MB
Age rating
Current version
ImmiVision, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Case Tracker for USCIS & NVC

4.85 out of 5
249.2K Ratings
4 months ago, LeslieD_runs
App great and user friendly.
Very useful and I prefer it over some other options as it allow me to go directly to the USCIS website easily. It also doesn’t try to sell me legal advice every 5 seconds which is great. And the congrats confetti when different cases are approved is a nice touch. USCIS of course as a federal agency is awful and the waiting times for processing are inhumane and costs are crazy because it’s not federally supported but apps like this make it easier to check for updates. So thank you. Small change suggestion: Sometimes when I open it the sort order for my cases changes from how I left it so I get momentarily excited to see a green edge but then realize it’s not the one I’m waiting for to be approved and it swaps back to the other sort order with the unapproved one on top.
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1 month ago, Peggy7192
App is great, but the notifications will kill you
The app is great, and I had it installed because I was tired of refreshing the website every hour of every day. For any 1st generation immigrant the stress and anxiety and frustration of waiting for an update is obvious and overwhelming, and so I installed this app to stop myself from obsessively refreshing the website. It was great because it notified me of some good updates. However, these past weeks it keeps giving us notifications of taking the quizzes it now offers, while it’s probably a great feature for some, it is irrelevant to me and still every time I see a notification from this app on my phone I jump to the phone and try to open it, hoping it’s an update on my case. I am not sure what the developers are thinking about the reason of pushing these notifications on us, but it is making me to remove this app. I don’t have any extra nerve in me to keep thinking I got an update while it’s a feature or something, and to me it’s like the development team or the marketing got lost and forgot the name of this app and the real users.
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10 months ago, LuxuryInc
Amazing App Once Again!
Update: The app is running and is showing history prior to the past updates. The owner of the app is doing an amazing job hearing the poor complaints in order to better the app to stage of success. Great Job! Past Review: After recent updates the app isn’t what it used to be. It sadly went downhill which could be fixed. I used to love seeing the history of each case displaying the date of when the fingerprints were taken to when it go approved and so on, which that feature is now gone. I had to download another app similar to this one to check the history of each case. I don’t mind the fact that after the update everything was reset and had to add each case again but the history feature should be added again.
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4 months ago, LifeofPi22
Thank You for Being a Part of my journey
I found out that my naturalization application had been approved because of the app. I had gotten so frustrated by the wait that I gave up checking on it again and just assumed I would just never get my citizenship. Then I saw a notification on the app, and I checked it. It said my application had been approved and I rushed to check it online to make sure it was real. It was. It felt nice, like celebrating with a close friend. They had confetti and everything on the app. Thank you for being there. I recommend this to anyone who needs a trusted companion in your pocket checking your status in your behalf when you don’t have the time to.
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1 year ago, ArianaAzimi
Great application
I recently used the USCIS application to track my case number and receive important notifications, and I must say it exceeded my expectations. The app is incredibly user-friendly, allowing me to easily navigate through the process and stay updated on my application status. The tracking feature is top-notch, providing real-time information and eliminating any uncertainties. I was pleasantly surprised by the app's speed and efficiency in delivering notifications, ensuring that I never missed any critical updates. USCIS has truly created an invaluable tool for applicants like myself. I highly recommend this app to anyone seeking a streamlined and stress-free experience with their immigration applications. Well done, USCIS!
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1 year ago, Better digital processes
Use Tracker to Facilitate Faster and “More Informed” Decisions
As USCIS officials examine all of the information and supporting documents provided, this app could serve as a way to get additional/ clarification information from petitioners or beneficiaries. This can be designed to enhance (supplement and/or complement) the examining process, while still maintaining and adhering to the rights and obligations of both the USCIS and Petitioners/Beneficiaries. Most application forms and business processes were designed in the pre-digital era when more frequent “interaction” between government agencies and the public was either too cumbersome or would take too long. Today’s digital technologies provide many opportunities for getting the officers the granular information of clarifications they need in order to process applications and arrive at their decisions. “Customers” today are used to such multi-stage, complex interactions via digital channels, e.g. banking, e-commerce, health screening etc. Even if only a fraction of petitions/ applications are processed this way, it could free up officers to deal with less “savvy” customers in more traditional ways.
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2 years ago, Bee1787
Great app and developer!!! Backlog lifesaver
Honestly, I can’t say enough positive things about the app and developer. After an update there were some changes to the chart function that were less than ideal and I reached out to the developer and he was immediately in contact with me and made tweaks that worked based on my suggestions and feedback. This app is a lifesaver to track my case and large amounts of data during this horrible backlog and the developer is really responsive in making this a really useful tool for its users.
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1 year ago, MishellOK
Nice app!
Nice app so far. Great way to track your cases all in one place and get updates! However, one feature is missing. I used it a couple of years ago to track my first case. And it was nice to look up similar cases and see their HISTORY with timeframes of every step. And once someone’s case got closed, and people were getting their docs, I could see WHERE they got them to then understand the timeframe of MY USCIS office. It seems like they don’t store the history of every current case anymore (probably cause it’s memory consuming). They just save the history of your case on your phone, and that’s it. I get it, but still really miss that ability I once had.
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7 months ago, Guillen_21
Love that I have all my cases in one spot and not login into separate cases to check for status update. I have 4 children in I-130 and my Wife in NVC process now and to be able to have them on this app I’m very happy with it….. one thing, I’m not sure how much it updates on my wife online account it’s complicated and waiting for interview, on the app it still says waiting to complete payment process to continue with case. Other than that I’m very happy with the app and will recommend to everyone especially if you have multiple cases.
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1 year ago, r2d2vegas
380 times opened
It’s not actually because I love the app that much as I’m sure anyone going through immigration knows! It is however easy to use, I love the celebration when something is approved. The fact that you get monthly visa news bulletins let’s you know it’s still working and something is being updated even if it’s not your case. I’m also grateful that updates don’t require you to remember your password as I’m so long in the system that I’ve forgotten. It’s all good when there’s a happy ending. July 2013 to March 2023
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1 month ago, boum chagalakbdhbs
Great app
USCIS app has been an absolute game-changer for me! As someone navigating the complex immigration process, having all the necessary information and tools right at my fingertips has been invaluable. From checking my case status to easily accessing forms and resources, the USCIS app streamlines the entire experience. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it a breeze to use, saving me time and reducing stress along the way. I highly recommend it to anyone going through the immigration journey!
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4 years ago, Cyruss021
Awesome way to track your case
So easy to track your case now with only one tap! Just ad your case by its receipt number (or you can also log in to your USCIS account and transfer all your pending cases from there) and it saves it in there. It sends you notification whenever there’s a change in the status of your case. Also you can just check it once in a while too just to make sure everything looks good by just opening the app with one tap :) thanks a lot for this useful app & keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, Robert Kingsly
Very good App
This app is very good. It gives option to view multiple case number status for the entire family. All you have to do is just refresh the app so that it will get you the latest status. I was having issues and getting alert from this app, whenever there is a status update. So I have to go into the app and refresh it to see the latest update. I’m OK with that. In conclusion, this app is really good to keep track of entire family case status.
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4 weeks ago, DFF#
Case Tracker
It’s an amazing app. I didnt know of its existence until I applied last week to be the supporter of a cousin. It’s great to have a tool to follow up a case directly without the need to access an email or any other means of communication. Thank you for improving your services every year, for getting more digital. I already recommended it to many friends in US and will keep on recommending it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my opinion.
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5 months ago, @only1purpleangel
Great app!
I really enjoy being able to watch my case so closely. Its such a strain to not be in the know of things as you wait for this extremely important decision. I miss my husband so very much and having this app helps me to track the time and be aware of any changes immediately. If you're reading this plz pray for my husband and I to receive an approval and for him to come home really soon so we can build our lives and grow together. Thank you. Good luck to everyone.
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2 years ago, thonymirandz
Does the job.
I downloaded the app because I needed to check my USCIS case for my citizenship application and I have to say that I was notified of everything that immigration was doing on my case. From day one. (You just need to put the number of the first letter (receipt) you got from immigration and that’s all, you will receive everything in the app) I got notified, every review, every step, for literally everything. I highly recommend the app. It’ll make everything easier. Thanks
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3 years ago, "Milah"
Great 👍🏽
A lot easy to log into quicker access to your account and when you are approved it gives you confetti in red white and blue this app made it completely easy just wish the process of The CR-1 immigration process and wait time wasn’t so long and so complicated The wait time for the application To be approved is extremely way too long even before CovidPlease do better married couple’s shouldn’t have to spend the bigger part of their marriage separated...
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4 months ago, PrincessZoey
Notifications on Updates to Cases Status
Love the app but I am not getting any notifications of case status updates on cases. I need to login, then update cases and then see current status on cases. Why doesn’t it give the notifications/alerts when a case updates. Checked all my notification features on the phone to make sure I can receive them but I don’t. I did however get a notification/alert about the new visa bulletin but none for case status when several cases were updated. PLEASE HELP.
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11 months ago, MrNipTuck
Wife is getting green card
I am using this app to monitor progress on my wife’s green card petition (and various other associated applications). USCIS will supposedly email you when there’s an update, but the emails sometimes are not timely, which makes this app valuable. This app is a quicker way to check the status of your petitions than logging into the USCIS online account because that requires navigation to the website and two-factor authentication.
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7 years ago, MikyMouseOf2012
Upgraded app nice
Since started this application.. I seen this beautifully designed.. Upgrade never been let you down.. Keep up good work.. Few thing need to add if u can as priority date counting such as how far from priority day for GC... there is several in market such as GC card etc which calculate from visa screen and mention that 2256 days to go something like that ... since this is god of all USCIS update and features ... please add one more features than you are complete circle... have a blast day .....
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7 years ago, this_is_a_review_for_an_app
It works!
It works flawlessly, I use it it to track multiple cases all filed on the same day as my case to keep an eye on the processing and movement speed (the most unique and useful feature of this app). That feature had stopped working for a while in between so I contacted the developer. It took them some time to figure out the issue but they did finally respond with a thorough solution following which it has started working again!! 5 stars for functionality!
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6 months ago, RuiSLopes
Amazing App
I love how it keeps track of every case in a very organized manner, and if you need more details you can always open each case. Something I really enjoy is that you can use your case number and search cases that have numbers close to yours and see what their status is! And that’s awesome so you can kinda gauge how everyone is moving along. I downloaded multiple apps, but this is the only one I use
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1 year ago, Misho Shafik
Check case status with ease!
It’s easy to add different cases and do review the status for each. Once you click one of the cases you can see a timeline of the updates that happened to the case and the time since last update. Which are the main things I care about while checking cases. There is also options to see official estimate time and the monthly visa bulletins. Which is good to have. I am happy using case tracker!
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2 weeks ago, Good game IBKR
Very accurate
I used the app during my whole GreenCard process among with other USCIS sites and it was really helpful, I found this app to help me calm the anxiety the immigration process produced. If you are going through the process, download this app and plug in your numbers. You won’t regret it. My wife downloaded a similar app and overall this one had more specifics and it was more accurate. The other app would only show info like “documents received by USCIS” and it would stay there till the day after of the decision. This app will tell you “documents received”, change on state like “fingerprint appointment” Fingerprint updated, in process, approved, card produced, card in mail.. and that is what takes the anxiety away. Good luck in your journey!.
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9 months ago, Yilita92
Does not work!
Doesn’t work! It’s not activating me in real time. My cases were approved and it still shows up as processing. It only worked for one of my cases at the beginning. It decided to tell me days later that my case was approved. For the second case I’ve been refreshing the page and it still says that the case is in process after it’s been approved for weeks now. Update: I updated the app. It’s working now in real time. It updated my cases as soon as I updated the app.
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1 year ago, Bahaa Awad
No notification at all
App does not send notifications if there is any update of cases. Every time I want to check my case, I have to open the app and refresh it to see updates which is somehow make the app useless. I can just open USCIS web and enter my case number then get 100% accurate updates. This app is only useful to keep record of your case number and updates. Maybe just keep a record of your case somewhere in your app “ex: notes” …. You get zero notifications no matter if your case status changed.
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3 months ago, Akfirbfj236472
Great App
The app is great. Best one out there. Simple to use. Minimally intrusive. Clear and concise. One con is that sometimes it doesn’t refresh the status automatically for days, requiring me to manually go check if I am anxious about a case that I am expecting updates on. But this doesn’t happen all the time, and most of the time it’s reflecting the latest status. Maybe adding a ‘last refreshed’ label can help with this.
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5 months ago, ultra876
Great app for reducing immigration anxiety
This is a great app for tracking all your US immigration cases! Question to developers - after the most recent update (roughly 23rd Jan 2024) the app no longer appears to be doing case update checks in background - I.e. the case update checks are only made if I request it while I have the app open. Is that an intentional change or is something broken with that functionality? Thanks very much!
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3 months ago, Avi Mathur
Undoubtedly best app for tracking case updates
I downloaded each single app out there to track updates for my case. This was the one to notify me the fastest (infact as soon as it happened) upon change in my case status. Recommend it to everyone out there who are tired of not being notified of their case status despite turning on the notifications in other apps!
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2 weeks ago, VicMayet
Great option to track cases
Totally worth it! Don’t get mislead by the bad reviews, your privacy is protected because the app asks for nothing but your case number. Updates are made in a timely manner and the only time it asked me to rate the app was probably once every 100 times I opened it. I am a very impatient person and this app did the job for me, totally recommend it!
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1 year ago, MRGPAN
Case tracker app
I like this website. The only thing that would make it better would be if you could see where your application throughout the process. In this day and age you would think that you would be able to track where your application is from beginning to end. It’s a long time from when your application is received to when you’re approved to not know anything about the status of your application.
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1 week ago, NewMe2015>
Case lookup outside of processing time
I have tried multiple times to check cases outside of processing time and the APP does not allow you to enter the date of application and therefore you can not proceed. After 70+ attempts via the app and online, there is no way to look up cases outside of processing time. Unfortunately when you call the customer’s service number, it sends you back to the website that is ineffective to give you update about cases outside of processing time. It’s been 10 years since my cases were approved and I am unable to verify the hold up because the APP will not proceed after you have entered the case #WAC
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2 years ago, N85825
Good with one shortcoming
The app is greatly beneficial for the community of USCIS applicants, but I wish it had the feature for notifying the user about their case upon any status update, Such as I-140 or I-485. Update: I still don't receive any notification regarding the status update that was made on my I-140 case yesterday. I just checked my USCIS account today and realized it from there. At least for my and my spouse's iphones, status update notification of this app doesn't work!
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1 year ago, Randomdez
Great app
I am in the process of waiting on my husbands visa so this app has come in handy. Since we are waiting it feels good to come to this app every day and check the status of our case. I trust it because I know many people that use it and it worked for them also. I also appreciate the bulletins. Finally, at the end of the day this app helps a lot with anxiety and desperation. Thank you.
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12 months ago, MasoodAzam
Updating popup keeps showing forever
This app is very useful and saves time check my USCIS case updates, but after latest update when I tap update, the Updating popups and never goes off. The only solution I found is to completely close the app and restart to see the case updates. I hope developers will work on this issue soon. Phone: iPhone 14 Pro iOS version: 16.5.1
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3 months ago, ttressegvjiffj
Peace of mind
When you know you can find out about the step by step mind and decisions about your status and this app does exactly that as well as news about immigration, then it’s worth check all the time and rating! I’m happy I found out about the great news on here before receiving the real deal in person!! Thank you.
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4 weeks ago, Pearl Jam Fan
Ads in a government app
This app does not provide any real useful information in my experience. It randomly gives notifications about all the “great things”… that USCIS is achieving and server updates which leads to disappointment in thinking that your case may have actually made progress. It does not even include the countdown timer (useless as it actually is) to when your case decision will be reached. On top of all that, it has advertisements… in a government app??? Isn’t that what taxes are for? App could use some serious work
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2 years ago, Marlhoe
Marvelous app!
This app is just excellent and gives us updates on our case and every time we get a notification we are just excited! Fireworks pop around when cases have been approved and it is so appropriate the emotions. Thank you to this marvelous app! We often get reports and get updated through this app more than our immigration lawyer haha!
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3 years ago, Kimcita cerrato
Thank you
Thank you so much for a great app. You definitely streamlined a really stressful process. Keeping track of the immigration status was so easy and finding out that I did not receive a notice timely was everything. Today I finally got my green card and just wanted to express my gratitude. I hope many more continue to benefit from this app.
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3 weeks ago, my db bed fgb
A must have for visa applicants
I currently use this app daily to keep updated on my I 129-f application. Not only does it keep you updated on your progress but more importantly it keeps track of how many days you have been waiting. It gives you a sense that you’re making progress even when nothing is happening!
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8 months ago, Sandra madre
Waiting for tracker
Tracker, you have given happiness to many families, but happiness has not yet touched me, we will almost have the year, but I will continue waiting for you. and my bones. They can't stand the pain. I don't know if it's because of the wait or the fatigue, but I'll be waiting for your response here, tracker. I want to see my son. I give you 5 star
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4 months ago, RohitRohit
Constructive feedback
I love the app but it could be improved by refreshing itself automatically on the background. Otherwise you have to keep refreshing to check the latest status. It would also be nice to be able to be notified once there’s an update on any of your cases. Thanks!
Show more
1 year ago, b6343
Not too informative
This app is simply too basic. Does not provide the adequate information needed for k-1 visa information. Difficult to navigate due to the many ambiguous links that provide no valuable information to give adequate solutions for the inquiry a person is seeking. However it is the only app available. Too bad this site has nothing but limitations. The only real answers to any inquiries is the end results, unfortunately can take months or years.
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4 months ago, Kaidude1234
Very Helpful
For the USCIS part of the process, this app is very helpful and gives you updates right away. For the NVC part, it’s a little vague. The only change I recommend is having the app auto refresh and giving you notifications as soon as there is a change on your case. I noticed my approval an hour late.
Show more
4 months ago, Mlmm1975
Thank you
I really think it is a super necessary instrument for anyone who is processing any immigration status in this country, because it gives you the opportunity to know how your procedure is being developed and after seeing its approval it is good to see it to realize how fortunate it can be to be legal in this country that opened its doors for a better future.
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1 year ago, L@vingmee
IR1 visa
I keep using the app because my husband and I have been waiting a year for the Embassy in Ghana to schedule my husbands interview. This is a helpful tool. Hoping and praying he will get the interview this year. We have been married 3 and a half years. I’ve been traveling to Ghana since 2017. We are in love. We keep hoping he will be able to come to America this year.
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1 year ago, aqd14
Useful App!
Feature-rich app, intuitive UI, and freee! I’ve been using the app for a year and have had great experiences with it. I noticed, however, the app stopped updating the statuses in near-realtime like it used to do. I received a notification on my case update over a week late. Still like it though. Hoping this will be improved in the near future.
Show more
9 months ago, elena2394
Enjoyed this app
I used this app to track my n400 status, and it was great! I downloaded a couple of other apps at first but ended up using this one because of its ease and efficiency. Timely updates, user friendly interface and easy to share your timeline without showing personal information
Show more
1 year ago, Eymons
Great app
This app is great! It’s definitely very helpful and easy, instead of log in into the uscis account to see the updates. The only reason why I didn’t give 5 stars is because I didn’t receive notifications when is a change in the case, so this means that you have to keep checking to see the updates in case USCIS ask you for extra evidence or whatever is needed. I love it tho.
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2 months ago, Ledes123
with respect to this great country
would like to let you know that the case of Linda Tornez and her children have not been reviewed and it has been more than a year for a mother with two children who drink to be reviewed with many problems in Cuba, political, economic, etc. and I believe that Mrs. Linda Tornez should have her opportunity. to review your case, best regards and greatest respect, thank you
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