2.8 (925)
120.3 MB
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Current version
US Customs and Border Protection
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.2 or later
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User Reviews for CBP One

2.81 out of 5
925 Ratings
1 year ago, roza arturova
so many people with small children have been stuck for a long time and cannot register. forces and means are running out. Please fix token200 won't let you take a photo
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9 months ago, Shooter0369
I just heard on the news no joke seriously is the current administration is now wanting a wall built ? Are you serious ! I’m glad this country has told the thousands of people who came here the LEGAL way that all that effort and following the rules patiently was all for nothing ! I’m a vet myself and this craziness is not what I fought for and we can’t figure out why military recruiting is at an all time low ! Crime and the overwhelming numbers are crippling our own citizens . Let’s fix us first then others or there will be no more us ! Wake up folks this is a national security issue ! God bless all of our border patrol folks and anyone else involved with trying to keep the drugs and criminals out ! Way to go administration to show your support for the help they are begging for and just turn your back like it’s nothing ! One day we should put the whole administration on the border and not just look but do what our great men and women are trying to do out there ! God bless
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5 months ago, Kot🥸
Hello, I'm waiting for 150 days in Mexico threatening my life, I can't come to the border because of extortion of money and threats from the Mexican migration police. Why don't you officially report that your application is not working? That asking for your asylum can cost your life? Why should people give their lives and all their savings to the corrupt country of Mexico? Why is there no official public statement about the current cbpone waiting periods? This game over the souls of children, men and women who find themselves in a difficult situation, you can declare that you do not want to accept people, PEOPLE themselves will never go to you after learning all the subtleties described above and will not expose their lives to such risks. Tell the truth. The truth itself will soon spread with or without you.
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1 year ago, stbov1989
A family of 4 people, after the update, we cannot enroll in Mexico City.
The application has not been working for the third day. Please speed up your update. After the last update 2.43 gives an error that I am far from the border, but the previous version gave me to look for dates from Mexico City. And today the 2.44 update was released, it's a nightmare how long it will last, why it's impossible to find dates after each update. We have to wait so many days and weeks to get a date . Please do everything possible so that everything starts working as soon as possible and you can enter your date without errors. A family of 4 people, after the update, we cannot enroll in Mexico City.
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1 year ago, Denek Diaz
Really bad to get an appointment
The app has several bugs that need to be corrected, in our case we are a Cuban family that was stranded in Mexico with 2 minors since December 29, there are 4 of us in total. We have been trying to get an appointment at the border for more than 10 days but it always gives a different error, we have even completed the entire process, and when we finish after capturing even the photo tells us that there is no capacity to serve 4 people. I think they should look for a mechanism to solve those issues or at least prioritize those who, like us, stay in Mexico before January 5.
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1 year ago, Yojacni
Save button from Profile does not work (Critical)
Steps to Reproduce: 1- Select Traveler 2- Select Air 3- Select Advance Travel Authorization 4- Select English language or any other language 5- Select Edit Traveler Profile (Profile Information) 6- Fill out first and last name 7- Press Save button Expected: _ A message indicating that the information was saved (optional) _ When I select again "Edit Traveler Profile (Profile Information)", the fields on the screen are filled out Current behaviour: _ No message shown _ When I select again "Edit Traveler Profile (Profile Information)", the fields on the screen are empty
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1 year ago, wisebudgetor
Bug alert: Version 30 doesn’t take photo!!!!
For those filing the Advance Travel Authorization by Air, the system asks to take a photo of passport and a photo of self. Version 30 is fine taking a photo of passport but doesn’t let one take photo of self. We had to go through a website to download CBP One version 29 (the previous version) so then the photo of self went through and we were able to submit it.
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1 year ago, frustrered
Error to confirm appointment
When we finally get to make the appointment at the time of confirming the appointment he says that he doesn’t have enough capacity for one people for one person no matter what day it is or what time it is it always gives a error please fix it is very stressful very frustrating I’ve been trying to get him to get an appointment with my two little girls for several months. I’m stuck in Tijuana and try every day to get this appointment. Please do something or go back to letting the shelters help us like it was done before
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1 year ago, JJ_YRN
App Problem/ Photo not capturing
I’ve been trying for the last two days to get my photo taken in this app for the Advance travel authorization. There’s always an error message. Unsuccessful/try again. There has to be a better way. People are desperate and can not get their approval until the photo is taken. What is CBP doing about this major problem? It seems like this has been going on for a long time and there’s no solution. I know 8 other people in Haiti experiencing the same problem. This is very disappointing.
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8 months ago, JA24.
Too much to fix
The long and desperate time you have to wait to get an appointment is very exaggerated. since currently there are no old records coming out but new records. It is also unfair that those of us who wait inside the places where we can order do not really receive it and people who are not in Mexico even receive it. I think they should take drastic measures with the application. In this waiting time, many of us are taking risks in Mexican territory. 🙏🏻
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1 year ago, zulenniss
Session Expired ERROR!
I have applied for some family members located in Venezuela for the Humanitarian Parole. When trying to send the information right after taking the picture the app throws an error stating “SESSION EXPIRED, TRY AGAIN”. We’ve tried over and over and nothing works… I have reached out to CBP through the website asking for help and guidance and no response has been given. THIS IS VERY strange, this app has never had issues like this before. I would really appreciate some help.
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1 year ago, Karlateresa98
App problem for Cubans
Hi, the app is not working for cubans trying to apply for the new Advance Travel Authorization. When you try to take your photo the app gives you an error. If you use a VPN trying to change your location the app takes your photo but give you an error when you try to submit the application. The error says that your information does not match with the information on USCIS.
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1 year ago, zmaguparole
URGENT Advance Travel Authorization Parole
(URGENT) My father created the account, provided the information necessary and scanned the passport and take the photo but when he tries to submitted the information says “The information can not be proceed. Check the date of birth and passport” we reviewed every information carefully and everything is correct. We already tried with differences phones and still no able to. PLEASE! I NEED HELP! My father’s process is been delayed because of this.
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1 year ago, Churri060121
Keeps appearing the same error after I try to send the information
I was able to enter my information and scan my passport and take my picture using a VPN since my internet in Cuba looks like it was blocking the website. After I submitted the request an error appear saying that my travel registration number was not correct and that I needed to correct my information with the USCIS. The information is correct on both sites. Please advise.
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1 year ago, tatie96
App malfunction
I have been trying to take a photo of myself for the past five days every time I click on “take a photo” it says “submission unsuccessful” without even letting me access the camera. when it finally let me through and I try to take the photo, it says session has expired log out and log back in. I keep on logging in and out it keeps on saying the same thing no matter how many time I try, please fix the app. Thank you.
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10 months ago, Draculazzz3
This app needs some details
The app has issues and have always had, it crashes unexpectedly, there’s error that appear randomly, one specifically and I can’t go through it unless I delete the app and download the app again. Why waste my time? This has occurred since two weeks ago, in the section of bus operator when I try to upload the bus driver. I’m obligated to use this method since it’s the only one for the work.
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1 year ago, Mssrpierre
This app is atrocious
The app has so many bugs that needs to be fixed. It shouldn’t be this hard to take a simple picture of your face for verification purposed. I’ve been trying for days to get that done and most of the time it is unsuccessful. When it finally allows you to scan the face; it tells you that the session is expired and closes everything. It does not make sense of how difficult this is.. please fix it
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1 year ago, _dolly_bell_
My mother has been in Mexico since January 5, and when she manages to do all the paperwork, she gives her an error (TOKEN200) and (PHOTO 300) she is only one person and tells her that she does not have the capacity to attend to one person. Please review the app and fix the errors. My mom has been in Mexico for many days without a home and without hope of being able to get there.
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1 year ago, Minardeh
No Travel Authorization
My family member in Haiti successfully submitted his information since January and he is still waiting to get the travel authorization. I’ve reached out so many times to CBP ONE and still nothing. At this point we don’t even know what to do anymore since the app clearly states it could only take up to 3 weeks, it’s been well over a month for my family member. Hope someone can help me out.
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1 year ago, r-c-h-l
Duplicate Submission Error
CBP One is so unhelpful. When you call, none of the representatives are willing to help and if you don’t have a surface level question than you won’t get anywhere. My beneficiary has not been able to submit his request because the duplicate submission error keeps popping up and no one has cared to help me. If I could give negative stars I would.
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1 year ago, Jane Eilleen
This app is very stressful. I tried to take my picture and the app kept telling me try again your session expired. I tried to do it on different phone still same problem. Sometimes the camera don’t even appear. I did everything on the form but the minute I get to the part to take my selfie it’s a problem. I tried so many time and it’s really frustrating.
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1 year ago, Raillie65
Profile error
It’s really impossible to save the profile information i think that should be correct very quickly
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1 year ago, chachepaw
This just torture.
There are more honest way to get people waiting. My girlfriend has been trying to take her picture and scan her passport for 48 hours straight out of desperation. I can’t honestly believe this is just a bug, please tell me this is not being done on purpose. She is literally hiding in a town where she has no family out of fear since I was granted parole myself. Please help!
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1 year ago, Railj1
This app needs to be updated
There’s serious problem with this app. It’s not letting you scan your passport. Always an error when trying to take your picture. Even after double checking your info, it’s telling you they are not correct.
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1 year ago, MarriNeeke
Error facial recognition
The app doesn’t want to submit anything after scanning the face. It shows green as if is ready to accept the scan, but then says that the submission was unsuccessful, please try again. Please fix. This is keeping thousands of people from moving to the next step.
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1 year ago, Anaelle7777
Please, help us and fix this error. My beneficiary has been trying to submit his info. After almost a week of difficulty to capture the picture, when the picture is finally captured it keeps saying that his RECORDS CAN’T BE FOUND. We reviewed and all info is correct. Please, fix that error. It’s been a week now and still not working.
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1 year ago, Mathson06
Not finding the case, etc. (I-134A)
Cannot find the case… check your info… etc. this has been going on for a few days now. How then should people complete this step to receive a decision regarding their travel permit? Is there any other way for people to scan their passport and send their picture to CBP? This is very frustrating.
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1 year ago, DDE4898
Update, the app has problems
When I enter the traveler, air travel section and try to save my first and last name in the application, I click the "Save" button but it does not save the information. This prevents me from correctly submitting my information to CBP. Could you fix this problem so that I can use the app correctly?
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1 year ago, danxatp
Last version is not working
This last version you updated is having problems,when Im going to submit the form for the Travel Authorization there is an error that say “Record cannot be found Please review your Alien Registration number, date of birth and passport number in your myUSCIS account to ensure the information is correct.”
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1 year ago, Clafontant06
Won’t allow us to take the picture
My brother who is in Haiti has been working on this for days. He puts in all the information but it doesn’t allow him to take a photo. When he clicks on take a photo, he gets a blue screen then an error message. It’s so frustrating that he is so close and can’t get to the next step! Please help!
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1 year ago, gitana0420
App does not work
I have 4 cousins that are approved, and have tried for 2 days to fill out the application and submit all of the information, and it does not work. It freezes when scanning their faces. They each have a different phone and we have even tried with a VPN and nothing works. We are desperate as they are stranded in Mexico
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1 year ago, Demamo
Unable to take photo
I’m a Haitian citizen, and I’m bot able to take a picture of my self. It keeps saying submission unsuccessful. Please try again! I’ve been trying for the past 5 hours at some point it advised to log out then log back in again, i did and i even uninstall and reinstall the app, it’s still not working for us Haitians
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1 year ago, LladyJo
Unable to use app to take pictures.
Please help us out, they’re are bugs that need to be corrected, we’re unable to use the camera to take the picture. Every time we see the camera we take the picture it keeps saying to try again. we try different phone same problem. Please fix
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1 year ago, JB💗
Error in app
Please fix the app. My family in Cuba is trying to finish up the parole process but it doesn’t let them. It keeps saying there’s an error. Please fix
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1 year ago, Name Shname
Please fix the photo errors
Having the same problems everyone else is. Can scan a passport but not a face. Why is this so challenging? Is it intentional? No one at CBP offices anywhere, in person or on the phone, can help. It seems we are all at the mercy of poorly designed technology and real live humans are powerless to do anything about it.
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1 year ago, ivan11h
Does not have enough slots to accommodate families over 2 people.
Several clients, with families over 2 people, have been trying to get dates since last week and the app keeps telling that there not enough slots to accommodate the group. However for single people and couples there slots no problem.
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1 year ago, lisban FK
Supposedly the app should also work with Cuba numbers... which is one of the countries included in the new parole program and it's not like that... would you solve that please?
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1 year ago, qwekxr
Unable to take picture
This app is awful. It doesn’t allow one to take the real time picture required to obtain the advanced travel authorization form, for the humanitarian parole process. I have been trying day and night this whole week, but i keep getting an error message.
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1 year ago, MelRae1017
Glitches and unable to schedule times
Constantly glitches lags or doesn’t load at all. If it does load once you do the biometric screening it kicks you out or freezes. Gives error 400 or Token200 and so many more. It’s terribly developed or isn’t capable of sustaining all the people that need to use it.
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1 year ago, strokin440
I ask developers to enter a captcha before choosing dates, because of the big hype, people have created robots that automatically catch dates, and after being caught they resell the slots. Developers , please do not ignore my comment and take this issue seriously . it infringes on human rights. A person in this situation loses to a mechanical machine !!!
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1 year ago, Haitian frustrated
My sisters have been trying to take their photos for a week yet to be done it. They have access with the camera after trying a thousand times, faces scanned reading, boom “ your session has expired please log out and log back in” it’s frustrating. We need some held with this situation.
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1 year ago, Thailicilla
Version 3.0 with error
So whenever my mother in law that is stranded in Mexico tries to take the photo of herself the app throughs an error message. I tried it myself and it also happened. So apparently the new version has a bug there. It needs to be fix ASAP for those people that are just waiting on that.
Show more
1 year ago, Yaisiel Reyes
Does not comply with Federal Rules
Not only this app is controlled and operated by the government, therefore it limits it uses by a small group. Opens up appointments for literally 3 minutes when is supposed to be accessible 24/7. Limits the people who need seek asylum taking over how many can apply and when they will be allowed.
Show more
2 years ago, gdndjfjxcjxjzhBahahahs
A-Number Cannot be found.
We are trying to complete the request advance travel authorization, but it keep showing that the A-number cannot be found, the number is correct and the whole information match with the one on USCIS, please somebody fix this.
Show more
1 year ago, Meke3fe
App unable to find records
This app is so frustrating. It has been 2 months since USCIS approved our petition yet CBP one repeatedly errors out indicating that the “Record cannot be found”. Emails to cbp support have been un answered for over a month, no one takes responsibility. Worst US government application I’ve ever used.
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1 year ago, Philadelphia007
Big time problem with facial recognition
The facial recognition feature simply DOES NOT WORK. I’ve been trying to complete my parole application in order to get my travel authorization and I have been trying for almost 4 days straight ( day and night) and it’s almost imposible. Help is needed . Thank you
Show more
1 year ago, Merving2006
After capture the foto when I want to submit my information I can’t this message error persist « record cannot be found » whenever everything is correct when I revise my informations. What can I do ?
Show more
1 year ago, Sanchezeye
Terrible app! It does not work
Put one star to let me write the review but actually is zero star…Unable to take the photo, tried for days several, times in different phones, tablet (iOS, android)and nothing! This is delaying the whole process for a time sensitive process, it is unacceptable!
Show more
1 year ago, Alijo84
App is trash
If I could give negative stars I would. My family all got approved and are trying to flee violence in their country and this app and the photo section are all that’s standing in the way. This is ridiculous and devastating to every person spending hours trying to use it. Do better CBP.
Show more
1 year ago, cbolivar82
An error when they tried to take a picture
My beneficiaries tried taking a picture to submit a request for advance travel authorization but the app is getting an error when the app tried opening the camera.
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