CDTA Navigator

1.6 (43)
49.2 MB
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Current version
CDTA - Capital District Transportation Authority
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CDTA Navigator

1.63 out of 5
43 Ratings
9 months ago, xo_daiidaii
Great App - I just wish there was a preview of the estimated schedule for the day
Amazing app especially since you’re now able to track the live location of the bus. It also is pretty precise on what time you should leave your current destination to be able to get to desired location on time. I’m pretty impressed. I would definitely love to see the preview of the daily schedules that way I can prepare my day in advance
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8 months ago, Nagapoollay102
Communication is key
This service is great I love it , it is so useful to me when I need to get from one place to another when there is no bus route to those places this comes in handy and lest inexpensive , one thing I will like to point out that I have experience when using this service is communication, I would love for the navigation app to have an option where by you can send a text or a call to the driver that would be picking you up , for eg , I would be at crossgate ctda bus stop waiting for the flex bus to pick me up but then I will receive a msg saying the ride was cancel by the driver that’s because the driver went to the other side of crossgate mall rd and I’m waiting by the bus stop so a send a text msg option would be great to let the driver know hey I’m by the CDTA bus stop side , or hey I’m just getting for the 114 , 12 , 10 whatever the case is so the driver doesn’t leave if he don’t see the person he picking up and then have to coming back at a later time he can just waiting cause the person let him know their 1 mins away that will save time .
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11 months ago, D. Habanero
2023 Update Has Bugs
The 2023 update enables customers to pay their fares and look up bus arrival times. The main problem is that the app’s GPS doesn’t work correctly. If you open the app to check arrival times for bus stops near you, the app will place your location several bus stops away. If you’re close to the end of a route, the app won’t list the last few stops and there’s no option to view all stops on a route. This is very problematic for buses that don’t often, such as the 737, which runs once every 2 hours. If you miss this bus, then you’ll be stranded for hours. Unfortunately, CDTA’s website isn’t reliable, as it incorrectly lists certain routes as inactive for the day. Until CDTA fixes the app and makes its website more reliable, make sure you also have Google maps installed to check arrival times.
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9 months ago, plaintiger
Better, but far from perfect
This new app is better than the old one but it still refuses to accept valid and correctly entered credit card information, and the infrastructure behind the app remains deeply flawed such that the app will tell you a bus is coming four times in a row without the bus ever actually coming, and the ETA for the bus moving out and out and out each time until you can't wait for a bus anymore and have to call an Uber in order to get to work on time, which it should be CDTA's responsibility to pay for. Neither does the app integrate with Apple's Passwords app, so instead when you want to log in, you have to manually switch to the Passwords app, search up your CDTA account, copy the password, switch back to the Navigator app, and paste in the password in order to continue. It's pretty obvious that the people at CDTA neither know nor care what they're doing vis-à-vis technology.
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2 months ago, chrissy1/2
I have been riding cdta for many years now and the one thing I can say is that CDTA sticks to their bus schedules which is very helpful when planning a trip or having to get to work everyday. I also appreciate the early morning bus routes I’m talking the 4:45am and 5:00 am bus routes I can’t tell you how helpful that is to those of us that start work early. I’m back on cdta after losing my car. I’m so blessed to have an express bus stop five feet directly from my apt or I can walk fifteen feet to the other street and catch the local 85 to and from work. I get to the supermarket with my shopping cart and back home so easily and I can depend on the bus schedule. CDTA is truly the best. Thank you.
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3 months ago, ProJedi1234
Poor Communication
The app has seen many updates and latest one gives it a slightly more modern look and feel. But it doesn’t fix the very poor infrastructure running in the backend. There is no way for the app to differentiate between a bus getting ready to leave and not even existing. This means that estimates are often completely misleading despite making you believe that it’s being tracked in real time. There should be significantly better reporting of these kinds of issues so that people can make alternate plans. We have places to be! Also, given the poor weather around here, this can also mean that you’re left in the elements while the bus just pretends to be one stop away. This can be both frustrating and dangerous given the conditions.
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4 months ago, carltongamble
If you need to get around the Capital Area try the bus
I use the CDTA bus to commute to work when I’m not working from home. I find it easy to throw some money on the car to get around. They have WiFi on the buses and have frequent stops like most major cities. If you need to go from Saratoga to Albany (or vise versa) there is a NX or Northway Express bus route, less frequent runs, more expensive but better tour bus style seating. The NX bus has some guaranteed stops incase you fall asleep on the drive. Lastly the app is useful for tracking your bus and tracking travel time.
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5 months ago, ekb062791
10 minimum
I wish there was an option to use electronic funds without having to have a full 10 dollars. Sadly, the world we live in sometimes I have money for the bus but not 10 dollars when it’s close to the end of the pay period! I try to budget but it would be helpful in those times of I could just add 1 pass or 2 with electronic funds :)
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5 months ago, Selimeri131
Crowded bus
The 370 gets extremely crowded where it is unsafe to ride. This occurs on 3:00-4:00 timeframe. People get on with strollers not folding taking up a whole three seats. Also there a lot people who use 2-3 seats. In closing, I feel the driver needs to do a better job to nurture a safe and welcoming ride. Thank you.
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7 months ago, Upstate Fan
Love the Navigator card because it eliminates the need to worry about cash for the bus. You can replenish through the app, which means no checking to see where you can buy monthly bus passes. Hopefully, they can find a way to add senior fares option to the Navigator. CDTA has come a long ways in terms of payment options and improving the rider experience.
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4 months ago, baileysbites
Miss the old version
It’s a good app, but it needs to have the off line version again. Sometimes I run out of data while I need to go somewhere and I’m unable to pull up my pass without data with this new version. The old version of the app, they had an off line version where you could still activate your passes without any data or Wi-Fi.
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9 months ago, Shmarlin
What a joke!
Terrible navigation on this site. I have an account set up and when I logged in there was nowhere to click to use pay as you go funds. Took me 10 minutes and then all of a sudden my active navigator funds shows up. I have lost money all of a sudden trying to board the bus and gotten the “oops something must have gone wrong” message several times. I have not once beeen awarded the free rides after a certain amount of usage. It’s a joke!
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8 months ago, JoeyToga
Latest version finally works right.
After an initial month of bugs, the routes, schedules, and days are properly coordinated. Service alerts are up to date, as well. Worth downloading.
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7 days ago, Misha110
Well worth it
I’ve been driving well over 30+ years and was afraid to take the city bus, due to my horrific experience as a teen. But now I take the bus everyday to and from work. Great in many ways for health and wellness and inexpensive.
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6 months ago, Chef_Jazz
Google Maps
Bring back the Google Maps schedule for public transportation. Literally waiting on a 7:20 bus route 353 Downtown, but it’s tell me the next one is in 34 mins. I missed one bus because of this stupid app and it doesn’t show accurately when it’s arriving. It’s 7:14, I missed the bus before the 7:20. The temperature is in the single digits and there’s no way to be messing with our health by the means of this inaccuracies from the app. Fix back the Google Maps!!
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3 years ago, resunw
For some reason the app card reads one thing but when I’m inside the bus it doesn’t I’m a swipe card monthly my card has money till the 22 of May but got some reason when i used it on the bus first ride it works but on the second ride it’s saying that the card it’s not good but it has the $65 dollars till next month
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1 month ago, OGProgressive
Good app
The app is good for the most part but the scan bar has some issues from time to time and the bus drivers get frustrated.
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11 months ago, Geoff_Smoth
New Update is a big improvement
The recent update adds a lot of useful functionality and is much more intuitive. Thank you for putting the effort in!
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1 year ago, take my info off your site
Not worth it
I don’t understand how you have a app that never works to put money on it for the bus pass. When you call the boffice for the navigator department it’s only open 9-5 Monday thru Friday. People have to load there passes all weekend too. So you have no help with the issue and they know its an issue. They give you a discount when you use the app for your bus pass but you can’t put money on the app . Make it make sense
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5 months ago, simon1234567890987654321
Arrival times are inaccurate
Every other time the app says a bus is supposed to come it just doesn’t. The app makes it appear like busses are being tracked live but this feature is clearly deceptive or broken as actual arrival times almost never correspond with what the app says. Another frustration for the working class. Also to add insult to injury tapping “report a problem” and “contact us” leads to a blank page lol
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2 months ago, Poindexter!!!
Happy FLEXing!
For the most part I have been delighted with FLEX. Good drivers, particularly the friendly and efficient Isaiah. I do wish some of the boundaries could be extended, at 69 even a mile on a hot day or a cold, rainy day can seem quite a hike. The pick-ups have been right on the money, but twice I got projected wait times of over an hour and that's not workable for me. I would be happy to pay a fee if it meant extending your zones some. Thank you for the excellent service.
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11 months ago, ninadpchaudhari
The new UI is fabulous!
The new UI overhaul is just awesome. It tells you the things that actually matter, the next busses and live location etc. I think they forgot to update the screenshots in the AppStore!! Lol
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6 months ago, Why it won’t let me post ?????
Hour and a half wait times
I used to use this bus all the time. I don’t so much anymore. Waiting a half hour is one thing but an hour or more is ridiculous. You have taken on more area clearly without a plan to handle it. I rather pay money than wait over an hour. Thank god I have other alternatives. Not sure who is paying you people but the need to reevaluate the contract.
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11 months ago, Christi1000
Can’t order a Flex bus.
I Live in Guilderland and have to take 4 buses a day. 2 to work and 2 home. Every morning the 763 bus going to Crossgates is 10 or more minutes late and I miss my connecting bus. So I decided to order a Flex bus. Nowhere on the app does it say that it only goes to certain stops. The app makes it sound like they pick up all over Guilderland. Not true. They got rid of my stop when they revamped Flex.
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8 months ago, Sexysnakeee
Very good
I’ve been using this app for years now and it hasn’t let me down once definitely would recommend
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2 years ago, tyra_26888
I always use this app instead of carrying around change. I never had any problems with the app.
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4 months ago, Unter_alles315
The is app sometimes “loses” passes when I’m trying to board the bus. They have always reappeared in a few hours, but it’s a major pain. Also, it has said I purchased my frequent rider pass in March of ‘20 for four years now.
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8 months ago, jon2218
Senior, veteran, disabled
There needs to be a place on the profile to bring in Navigator card info. With special needs and fare status.
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11 months ago, bubblebabyboy
Pay as you go glitches
Updates have helped, however twice this week the pay as you go malfunctions. This is very frustrating.
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2 months ago, GeeStackz Aplenty
Pretty good app the pay as you go feature is very convenient
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12 months ago, M@rv3n
At long last an update worth using the app for.
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2 years ago, Dave Swart
Can you imagine?
Imagine a transit app lacking the functionality to locate the nearest stop? Imagine a transit app lacking the functionality to show you a map with its lines/stops layered over it so that you can at least try to find the nearest stop yourself? Well stop imagining. YOU FOUND IT! Actually, what DOES this app do?
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5 months ago, cnkohgvbfsgyh
Where are the busses?
It would be great if the busses ran on any sort of predictable schedule. But that simply is not the case. If you can’t be bothered to have a schedule, at least the app should be helpful. But please be advised that just because the app says there will be a bus, that is not always the case. But who doesn’t love a guessing game?!
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2 months ago, Rad Raf
Scheduling and Tracker Barely Functional
This app is a glorified Apple Wallet for your digital CDTA pass. The buses arrive outside the scheduled times and half the time their location doesn’t get tracked by the in-app location tracker. Witnessed 13 people stranded by a bus that came 25 minutes early today.
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9 months ago, LuRodz
I love the app very much. It’s vary handy, and easy to use. I always have a few bucks in it, in case of emergency,an
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3 weeks ago, Haze24/7
The black female drivers are trash and they don’t do any better. 10pm the downtown Albany fire works ended. You know the 22 bus black female driver turned off the announcement speaker and kept on driving. Very spiteful I’ll violate/ curse them out all day every day no stopping at a red light. You think you wanna leave me at the side of a road the middle of nowhere
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5 months ago, Nonteah
GPS fails
Congrats the app doesn’t work well. Constantly losing accurate direction. Regularly having to get on multiple bus routes due to incorrect information from the app. Resulting in over charging due to app not collecting the number of trips made in one day. Miss information about times of bus routes. Live function for bus service tends to show no bus service available. App route schedule while using tends to freeze up and results in missing bus stops. App doesn’t let me know which side of the road to catch bus.
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10 months ago, AKTopicz
Been late to work every time because drivers are given a set queue list, if they are near a passenger they can’t pick them up ahead of someone like they used to be able to which needs to change.
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7 months ago, assface69696969
Love it
This app works phenomenal. Discounts on rides, live updates on bus locations and stops, rewards for frequent riding.... what is not to love 👍🏽
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10 months ago, E00800
New update and design looks great and was working way better then before but today for some reason its not showing any bus routes, only showing bike and Lyft, if I wanted a Lyft I would open up the Lyft app not CDTA. Now I got to wait at the bus stop most likely 25 minutes thanks to non functioning cdta app. Please fix!!
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5 days ago, luvgunz90
Up to date prompts
Easy to use
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3 months ago, Asshdignrbdjf
Flex Bus Left Me
I requested to be picked up by a Flex van today and it was supposed to arrive to pick me up at around 8. However the bus came an hour earlier and left before the time it said it would wait until, leaving me stranded with no way to get home.
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3 years ago, RC518
Crashes when trying to access my passes
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1 month ago, 836352839
Nice app
Could use some fine tuning, but it’s decent.
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7 months ago, wondy clave
Logging off
It’s a good app but it randomly logs you out sometimes and it’s annoying especially when you’re about to enter a bus and realize this.
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3 years ago, MsSlimchick
Dont bother to use this app especially if u only doing two ride every other day it will refresh always back to 3 rides and youll never get your free ride end up spending more money then you should have.
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9 months ago, Edwincruz11314
It takes so long for it to come and it’s always late. When you have to wait 2+ hours it’s insane. The system needs to get better. It’s appreciated, but needs improvement.
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6 months ago, risimg_nova6
Easy to understand and navigate
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2 years ago, BirdKat01
Payment isn’t working
I tried several times to buy the monthly bus pass, but every time I verify the payment it just won’t continue on to the next page.
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11 months ago, SonicSeanMurphy
App goes whacky at times
Usually on the weekends this app will give inaccurate information about buses and bus service.
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