CE on the go Mobile

2.2 (60)
119.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Coast Electric Power Association
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for CE on the go Mobile

2.22 out of 5
60 Ratings
11 months ago, Jaxmirox
Decent app, poor execution
This app is decent. I can log in and pay my bill, but the functionality leaves a lot to be desired. For example, you can get caught in a loop. You click menu, account list, then my account, repeat. You can do this indefinitely. The menu buttons act the same no matter what menu page you’re on. The app is just clunky, for lack of a better word. Also, you get a message saying coast connect can’t be paid on the app, but I was never aware you could.
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6 years ago, OrangeCuse
Clunky, inefficient app
This app is in dire need of an overhaul. A user interface that is not very user friendly. Normally takes me about 10 minutes to remember how to navigate the menus and in which order to submit a payments. In order to bring my prepaid balance back to $25, you have to first make that payment followed by a separate payment to bring the balance up to a reasonable level. Your checking account number is partially masked with asterisks. A standard user would assume their account information is stored for future payments. You have to re-enter your account number for each payment. Don’t forget to actually SELECT the account you want to make a payment to. It’s not very obvious how to actually do that. Overall, the app is clunky and inefficient making payments a hassle instead of a breeze. There are many open sources for effective mobile app design. I suggest not settling on the lowest software development bidder next time.
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5 years ago, Useradmn
App made by novices..
1) app is constantly telling me to update to the latest version. Even after deleting the app and re-downloading from the AppStore, still the same faulty notification. 2) making payments here is a hoax. Don’t risk your service being shut off. I made payment one week prior to my due date and the app never transmitted the payment to Coast Electric. A confirmation number was given. However, Coast denies receiving payment. Just make sure your payments are via website or phone... not this rookie excuse of an app. 3) the UI and UX is horribly designed. My 3 year old could have done better. Maybe they should hire professionals to design an app properly. This app looks and operates like some high school extra curricular project.
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5 years ago, Addicting 1
Love this app!
I use this app to report outages, view the outage map to see how big the outage is, view my bill, and view my usage graphs to help me manage my usage. It is so fast and easy to do these things and it prevents me from having to call the office and speak to someone in a call center. I do not use this app to make payments because my account is paid by bank draft, so I have no opinion on the ease of use to do this.
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7 years ago, Mindy9119924
Just downloaded
I can never go from my email notification to the site, or text message to site for that matter! When I saw this app I thought it couldn’t be worse than that, however, I was wrong. I downloaded it and within a minute of logging in, was able to pay my bill just as quickly! I like this app already!
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1 year ago, TussalDog791
Why can’t I open it?
When I went to pay my bill on the app, it wouldn’t open! I had to go to website to pay. I need the app to see at a glance what my balances are since I have more than one account with CEPA. Please fix the app so I can open it. 🙏🏻
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1 year ago, Lil' bjt
Zero support for Touch ID login
This app used to work just fine. However, now the Touch ID login does not work. When you turn on touch logon in the options menu the app crashes and closes. When you try to reopen app, it crashes and closes. Only way to get the app to login is to delete the app and then reinstall. After reinstall it will work by only allowing the user to sign in using user ID/password.
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5 years ago, verahdjdjs
System maintenance
I swear if I didn’t need this app I would have deleted it a long time ago!!!! They are always always always doing system maintenance!!!! My power has gotten shut off multiple times because the app was shut down for multiple days because of system maintenance!!! It’s ridiculous no app I have ever seen in my life has ever had this much maintenance!!! Fix it or I will end up deleting the app!!!
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11 months ago, apodoquenoeste escogido
Tristemente no hay personal que puedan ayudar a los latinos. El app bueno. Pero si necesitan ayuda como servicio al cliente. No podrás no hablan español. Sadly there is no staff that can help Latinos. The good app. But if they need help like customer service. You will not speak Spanish. you will never have help
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4 years ago, chienbleau
Horrible app
I have never in my life tried to use such an inefficient app! This thing is a joke! I literally cannot make any payments from this app, every time i try i get “transaction denied” app constantly tells me to update or use “latest version” even tho none of those exist. And dont get me started on trying to navigate this cluncky out of date joke of an app! This is ridiculous
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5 years ago, BevvieJean
It keeps telling me I need to update, but there is no update
It keeps telling me I need to update the app in order to make my payment. But there is no update available. When I tried to link to support for help, that page says the page is no longer available. This is, hands down, THE WORST app I’ve ever used...or tried to use.
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10 months ago, Donziwill
App no longer supports
Used to use the app for coast Electric which worked well. Now it is useless since you cannot pay your bill through the app 🤷🏼 so what’s the point in the app if you have to go log into the coast electric website separately to pay your bill 🙄🤦🏼
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2 years ago, CherokeeRastaSpirit
Doesn’t work at all
Used to work just fine. Hard to navigate, but at least it worked. Now it won’t even open and it’s been nonfunctional for a few months now. . So frustrating for those of us who have opted out of paper billing.
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1 year ago, misspriss2002
Needs to be fixed
I haven’t been able to get into my apps for days. It keeps saying not able to communicate. I’ve checked for updates, none. I’ve deleted and redownloaded it like 3 times. No changes. So much for fast and easy.
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5 years ago, Jscairono
Had to re enter the checking account number every single time even though it’s supposed to be saved. Now...it doesn’t even give the option to pay by checking account now that the app has been “updated”. Makes no sense. Horrible app.
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3 months ago, 7784bax
Won’t open getting error message
What’s the use of an app if I can’t open it to pay my bill when I’m away from home or out of the country?
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11 months ago, nick84268a
DON’T DOWNLOAD No longer works (Aug 2023)
Open the app and it has a message that says “We can no longer take payments through the app. Go to the website instead.” Then the app closes.
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11 months ago, female problems
Worst app ever!
Can’t log in to change my information but they keep auto paying out of an account that is closed! Wake up! Coast Electric!
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1 year ago, Daniel Mottola
This app use to work well but now just crashes over and over when I try to get on it.
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2 years ago, ronvmc
Continually Crashes
This app is disappointing. For months I have attempted to log into the app only for it to kick me out. I have to log in online to view my monthly statements. PLEASE PROVIDE AN UPGRADE TO FIX BUGS!😣😖😤
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1 year ago, JD.HOGG
Please fix the app
It quit working a few days ago, I need to pay my bill. Fix it asap!!!
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3 years ago, fggvvb b
App is basically useless. Every time you try to use it they are performing system maintenance on it! Straight garbage.
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5 years ago, kensivels
Used to work great for making payments but now keeps telling me “Failed” and I have to call the hotline to make payments.
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1 year ago, Traw1221
App is pure trash and won’t even let me log in, no point in it even existing
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10 months ago, Psychops
Poor app
Cannot get this app to work. At all.
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12 years ago, XratD
Myself along with a couple coworkers downloaded the app thinking it would be great, all of which have since deleted the app. Works sometimes at the very best; random errors such as server maintenance and incompatibility come up more often than not. In 40 years on this earth, by far the worst company I've dealt with. I DEFINITELY THINK THE APP IS A REFLECTION OF THE COMPANY!
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12 years ago, BuRNoX
So far so good
You can see all past payments and bills.
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12 years ago, JW7374
Can't login
Every time I try to login a pop-up tells me : CE On The Go The version is not compatible Please click OK to update the latest version. : I click OK and it opens the app store and takes me to this app, the one I already have installed. 👎
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12 years ago, The best21553
It is a great app!!!
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2 months ago, Ferd 1K
Power goes out. I go to the app to report the outage on my cell, says I need to update the app. Update the app. Enter my username then enter my password. Hit done. App deletes my password. Try again. Same thing. Try again, same thing. Ok, I’ll enter the account number and then my password. App deletes the password. Pathetic
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