Cello Tuner

3.7 (164)
36.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Alvin Yu
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cello Tuner

3.73 out of 5
164 Ratings
10 years ago, Nitzna46769
Works well enough, but C is a bit off
This is the simplest tuner you could have. Think of it like a tuning fork. There's 4 buttons for the 4 strings. Press one of the notes, listen, and play the corresponding note on your cello. Adjust as necessary if it sounds too high or low. My only complaint is that the C tone is a bit off. If that's fixed then the app is worth 5 stars.
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5 years ago, zoe leiter
It’s a tuner for people who have an ear
It works great. Nice and fast - I use it every time I practice my cello. A big step up from a tuning fork. But it doesn’t tell you if your note is too high or too low- you have to be able to do that by hearing and comparing the sounds from your tuner and cello.
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4 years ago, Jahred lemon
Wasn’t bad at all!
It worked every time and I liked how sharp it felt to the touch as well!
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8 years ago, Lizzy Lou022
Perfect Pitch
This works much better than previous sites I've tried using. It matches great and I use it all the time before I practice!
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4 years ago, Senor Chester
Screen stayed blank???
I got this app so I could tune my out-of-tune cello. But when I tapped the notes nothing happened. The screen stayed the same as when I had first opened it. It didn’t even do anything as I played any notes. Please fix this.
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1 year ago, Thrynley
Waste of space
It doesn’t work. It’s still doing the same thing people complained about years ago.
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7 years ago, Dan labelle
Glad to have a way tune my cello Thanks
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5 years ago, PwentSmash
Just plays notes not a tuner
The expectation of a tuner is that it listens and tells you to go higher or lower. This just played notes and not well to tune by ear. I kinda want my $0.99 back
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8 years ago, Cellomazing
It did absolutely nothing, I played and played, taped on my screen over and over again yet nothing happened at all
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8 years ago, My2monkeez
Sounds nothing like a cello
Plays weird buzzing sounds for each of the strings. Sounds nothing like a cello. Doesn't listen so it's not a real tuner. I'm gald I didn't spend any money on this.
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3 months ago, SpikyViper3443
It won’t do anything
It’s just there as a picture Nothing is working Why
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8 years ago, I miss Melvyn
Doesn't actually listen
It just plays the notes. Doesn't help you get the pitch right like real tuners.
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12 months ago, Beeeeeeflat
Absolutely horrible
It sounds like a microwave
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5 years ago, mikayla alaya
1 star
It wasn’t the best one out there
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7 years ago, Sjbbbbbb
Not very good
The noises it makes are not cello strings!
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4 weeks ago, SallyBaddie
App does not work Help me
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12 years ago, Jedi JoEye
Great Reference Tones
I dont know what everyone else was thinking when they acquired this app, but apparently they expected something that would sound like a high dollar cello that would tune yours automatically. In all honesty, it sounds great for reference. You won't compose Beethoven's 5th on it, but if you're a beginner needing a reference tone for your open steing tuning its excellent. What else is cool, is that you can hit two notes simultaneously and hear both notes together. I love the way low register 5ths sound on this. I'm a guitarist transformed to electric bass, exploring cello and upright bass. Don't listen to the negatives on here, this app is worth the time to download
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13 years ago, -Harris-
I dont event play cello, i play viola. I got this app so i could help tune the others who actualy DO play the cello. It works fine. Its in tune, its got all 4 strings, and it helps you tune. Does it sound like a cello? Debatable. But cmon people, what do u want? Yoyo ma playing an A flat scale for you? Btw person some comments below me, its spelled disgrace. Maybe you should practice spelling and grammar as much as your cello.
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11 years ago, Peter is a pretty cool guy
Decent app
I like the app for its easy to use interface and no complications. I notice some people say that it doesn't even sound like a cello, but it gives you the right note to tune to (which is exactly what I needed). I would recommend it unless you want something more professional.
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14 years ago, kc7797
This is great but...
Great! My only issues: - I know a tuner doesn't have to sound like a cello, but it would help if it didn't sound so techno. - Playing the note should not be such a short time. I am just learning how to tune and it gets kinda annoying every time I stop to keep the note going. My suggestion for this issue: • Just keep it going until you touch it to make it stop! For a free app, it's pretty good! ( I would have been disapointed If I had to pay for this! )
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10 years ago, Denny-weny
This app I very useful. It doesn't tune your cello by it's self or tell you what to do but you can use it to know how you can adjust the pegs so you can tune your cello. If you say 1 star then you don't know how to use the app. It is very simple to use.
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11 years ago, Eric E. <(^^,)>
It's actually alright
For a free app this is not bad. Sure it could use some more features and maybe sound better... But I'm in HS Orchestra and use this maybe twice a week. Every time I use it I'm thankful I've got it.
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10 years ago, Alligator584
Great app
Improvement: maybe make the tuning note last longer so you don't have to keep tapping it. Overall, I like the app and I'm to lazy to find an app better than this one ^_^
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12 years ago, Rzhhxjdjhfbbsjwjbc
Stop complaining
It doesn't matter what it sounds like, it does what it says it does, and the tunes are perfectly on pitch. Grow up.
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12 years ago, Popcentury2
Helpful and recommend it:)!!!!
This really helped me out. I play cello and needed a tuner so got this. It might sound a little fuzzy but u get the tune
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12 years ago, Pospisi
Ok , so I play the cello and thought that this would be fun but really it's useless...don't get it it's just a waste :( but I guess it would kinda be useful to teachers and people who know how to play professional cello.... But overall, it's a waste so take my word for it..! Bye! Happy Holidays! ;)
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9 years ago, Jess Rat
It's not magic
It Isn't supposed to tune your cello instantly only magicians and pay for apps can do that
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14 years ago, Jkreggs
Bad review = bad at tuning
Guys, the tuner doesn't have to sound like a cello... I usually tune with a whistle, but I lost it
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14 years ago, CaioBella15
It's a pretty good app. Useful too. It's not amazing, but in this case, u get what you pay for. Hey it's free so u have nothing 2 loose
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11 years ago, SuperBlobman
It's a good app for tuning unless you want to spend $10 on an app or go and get it tuned. It is good.
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14 years ago, Eskevar
So.... Whoever said it sounds like a screaming cow was right, but at least the cow is playing cello at the same time. Kind of useless but if your desperate it's worth it.
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14 years ago, catherine9i8790
Good app.
Whoever said this app snapped their string: it did not; you did. This is not a completely exact tuning noise, but works well if your cello is very out of tune.
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14 years ago, WhiteYoYoMa
Horrible it fluctuates and the sound quality of the real wooden instrument can't be sounded over these iPod or iPhone speakers this app is a waist of time take it from an expert I know I've been plating for 32 years and I practice my cello every day no matter what
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11 years ago, Snarkitty
Awful sound quality
This is exactly the app I want but the sound quality is so horrible that I felt compelled to immediately delete it. Which is a shame.
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12 years ago, Joey mahlciw
It's a great app for what it is, but it would be nice if they made it louder. I have my volume all the way up and if I'm playing the cello, I can't hear it at all.
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14 years ago, xMcxDrummerzx
This is a well working product used in the SF symphony.
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11 years ago, Good movie! Also, 1337.
The app is okay for tuning if you're terribly off, but the strings are a tad bit off and the interface is not very good 6.5/10
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12 years ago, Lulu bird10000
Such a good deal! I bought clear tune and I still like this better.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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9 years ago, Cello addict
Better than a piano
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11 years ago, Abbster484
The worst app ever!
At first when I read the reviews before I downloaded it I thought people were making stuff up, but they aren't this app is just a waste of your time.
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14 years ago, meatwad006
not very useful
not incredibly useful. should be able to tell if my cello is out of tune. and to the reviewer that mentions the SF Symphony, you should probably learn how to spell San Francisco if you want to sound credible.
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11 years ago, Sonitina
"Cello Tuner" Keeps me in tune at home and at class....
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14 years ago, Blowupfish
This is good, but the C sounds off. And it needs to hold out the note longer.
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12 years ago, Cello.player
I downloaded this app and it did not even work. The buttons would not even respond!
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12 years ago, Rivarola is sexy
It's good if u have a vary transfer ear like me but it might be harder for a beginner .
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14 years ago, Celloplayer159
This tuner works really good.
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10 years ago, Holymoo99
Waste of a download
Contains nothing but ads. Also has a picture of a cello. Will not help you tune your instrument.
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12 years ago, Cello player 1515
I don't like this app I checked it with my hand held tuner and it was sharp. I also didn't like the sound it didn't sound like a cello.
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8 years ago, Lally24:^l
It. Works. Like. Magic. Get. This. App. O. M. G. Now I finally know that my cello is in tune!a
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9 years ago, 55467853
The notes only play for 2 sec, not long enough to tune with.
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