Central Hudson Mobile

3.1 (209)
116.4 MB
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Current version
Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corp.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Central Hudson Mobile

3.1 out of 5
209 Ratings
4 months ago, DMZenergy
Unable to enter or upload pic for meters
I am unable to provide actual meter info for both gas and electric meters. On the mobile app, when I attempt to select a meter, no selectable options appear. So no way to continue to either upload photo or enter actual meter value. On the desktop program, I am unable to locate the ‘Enter a meter reading’ function anywhere.
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3 weeks ago, Bad App navigation
Not User Friendly, confusing,
In the process of attempting to find bills and or pay for bills, the process is tedious, not user friendly, and confusing. This app navigation takes time, is not self explanatory, and when accessing for example a bill, in the “billing” “Payment” and or ALL sections, and one selects a bill, you can’t make a payment directly on that that bill shown, one has to go back through other loop holes in the app, to find the bill to pay. Also, when looking up accounts, at first glance, it shows that accounts are at $0.00 but when diving deeper through the app system to find specific bills, it shows that actual amount paid and or due. But to get to this important information, one has to jump around the site to multiple areas in the app that say BILL, or Bill Payment, Or payment history. This is not synchronized in any way convient.
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2 years ago, 123MDL
App seems pretty useless
It does the very basics, but in all honesty for what you need to do it gets it done. The user Interface is a bit wonky and definitely need to work on the iOS App Store. The lack of features found online is what’s most shocking seeing how easy they would be to add. And the then again going back to the interface. It feels like it hasn’t been updated in years but I see it is receiving regular updates, there are issues like high contrast colors and unreadable text to pages that don’t move correctly on my phone based on how they are formatted. As well as the lack of customization for things like settings notifications etc. app really needs work for it to make sense to use as opposed to just logging on the website on your phone.
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3 months ago, Razek24
Can't login. When I press the app, a white screen comes up and doesn't do anything at all. I deleted it and redownloaded it, and still the same problem. I iust think Central Hudson can do so much better, but they make the choice not to. Spend some money on the app and make everything more transparent. I shouldn't have to look at the bill for over an hour to even come close to understand what and where the error is and when I call about it, you guys have no clue either or even how to explain it. Just seems like bad business to me, but again, I don't run a multibillion dollar company. Currently using iPhone 14 pro max with iOS 16.5.1
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4 months ago, Hchyisn
“Enter a Meter Reading” is broken
The “Select Meter” drop-down box does not show my electric meter. It doesn’t list any options at all. It appears this app update was released without being tested because there’s no way something this basic would have escaped detection. I had to use the website to enter my meter reading. I do like that you added an option to receive a text notification when it’s time to enter a meter reading but now I’m sceptical that it will function properly.
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4 months ago, Tech Crunchy
Meter Reading Upload Stopped Working
I’ve used the “enter your meter reading” option on this app since the beginning of the year (2023) with no issue. But now neither the photo submission or the meter reading submission are working. My account # and address are on that screen, but when I click on the “select your meter” field, the dial selector shows up at the bottom, but it’s blank. I ended up going onto their website and entering it there. Get it together.
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2 years ago, Drewrob26
Useable again!
The redesign of this app makes me want to use the app again! The mobile site was so much more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing for years. On top of that, feature parity was a big issue as well, with the app lacking greatly. Great job Central Hudson web and mobile programmers! -Former Central Hudson programming intern
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2 months ago, corende
I have downloaded the app and it doesn’t have a place to register my account and I don’t wanna continue as a guest because I am a long time customer.
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3 months ago, hizzleVig
Can not enter meter readings
Whenever we try to submit meter reading, we don’t even get an option to do so. Instead we get a “failed to submit uploaded photos” error. Except we haven’t even tried to upload any photos. When visiting the website, we get the same error. Very poor app and website when the functions don’t work. They just want to continue to milk every penny from you with their estimated bills.
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3 months ago, wr18r02
Login and password reset, of all things, are broken.
The app forced me to upgrade—it wouldn't even open—and after I did, it told me my login information, which I know is accurate, wasn't working. So then I went to password reset, and it said "an unknown error has occurred." This app has always been ugly and user-hostile, but it is now an absolute train wreck, and Central Hudson would be better pulling it from the store entirely. It is an embarrassment to them.
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1 year ago, drumfreak68
Pretty Useless App
Why does the App force me to provide bank account # and routing # as the ONLY method of payment option? Why can’t I use my debit card as an example like I can on your website? Other utility bill Apps give you CHOICES of payment types. I am deleting this and will only use the website. I was trying to save time and convenience by paying directly on my phone. Please join the 21st Century as soon as you can.
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2 months ago, assester836
App literally doesn’t function
Moved out a bit ago app worked for the first couple months and now never fully loads. I’ve uninstalled and such and nothings changed. Emailed them that the app doesn’t work with no response. Absolutely useless app. Just do it on the website. Which also often happens problems from what I hear. Lucky haven’t had one myself… yet.
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3 months ago, Fishbuck0312
Can’t do anything
Was forced to upgrade the app and when I log it it won’t do anything. Can’t even pay my bill. I click on things and nothing happens. Been trying to call them to pay and don’t get an answer as well. Looks like they’re trying to make money on late charges…
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2 years ago, caspish
The new update ruined it all
Navigating through the app used to be very easy but now it is more complex and confusing. Furthermore, the payment system is very ineffective and no one at Central Hudson seems to know of how to fix any issues that happen when using the app. Not very happy about this
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7 months ago, Marqlove
App will not let me put a meter reading in. Keeps glitching.
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2 years ago, Euro253
Redesign made app worse
This was a good app providing quick information about power outages and service issues. Now sign in is required before accessing basic information, the graphics have become worse and less navigatable
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2 months ago, cvenz
Can’t do anything
Just recently, this app isn’t working. When I open the app, it gives me this frozen-like screen. Can’t do anything not even scrolling. I used to use this app to pay for my bills, but now, i couldn’t. I hope you fix this.
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3 months ago, TNpkny
Don’t install latest version
Latest version is completely useless. Does not load beyond Home Screen and completely unresponsive. Tried deleting and reinstalling but no dice. Happened right after update was issued to fix bugs
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9 months ago, Vinay and Kavita
Not user friendly
Poor overall experience. The registration does not work and unable to link to our account. Called the tall free number and they had no clue and after going back and forth gave up on setting up online account.
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1 year ago, ho3a55trick
Just use the browser
It doesn’t show you your bill half the time. I have been double charged for a month multiple times. Remember when cenhud rates went up 40%? Coincidentally I got double charged. Bunch of crooks with a non functioning app
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5 months ago, Caniblezombie135
Don’t trust the app
If something looks funny call asap, the app doesn’t update your information and when it does it doesn’t tell you anything changes it just charges you more. The budget billing is a joke also
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2 months ago, Murray712
I haven’t been able to use this app since May. I can log in and see my account but then can’t view edit or modify anything. The app just appears to freeze. Get this fixed central Hudson.
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7 months ago, $$j
Where’s the logout option in the mobile app…it no longer exists and it’s not very secure to just close out of the account without the ability to logout!
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4 months ago, A-ron723
Staggeringly bad
To this day I don’t understand how it’s 2023 and companies worth over a billion dollars have such a terrible online presence. Invest in some coders to bring this non responsive piece of garbage to some sort of usability.
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4 months ago, MatthewEvan
App is completely frozen
The newest app update completely bricks the application. No one at Central Hudson seems to care—another sad example of how they treat their customers!
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3 months ago, brody8271 no tik tok
App not working
The app is terrible. It hasn’t been working for months. I have uninstalled and reinstalled still unable to use it.
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8 months ago, emmy3701
App selection
I chose English as my language selection but the app keeps it on automatic for some unknown reason.
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4 years ago, JojofromCatskill
Payment History
I would like to see payment history reflect the mode of payment. I signed up for auto bill pay but instead it shows payment by “agent” which I think refers to anything but auto bill pay.
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3 months ago, brittbratt0212
Opens frozen
App logs me in and then opens with the screen slightly tinted white and can not change tabs or do anything. Literally useless app. I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max running OS 16.5.1.
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9 months ago, irishguy742
Absolutely the worst
Your company continues to screw up billing and now you don’t even have an app that works? This is why people hate Canadians.
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4 months ago, Disappointed client 1
App freezes
App stopped working can’t enter meter readings can’t pay bills. Does absolutely nothing.
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4 weeks ago, Rtymike
Never can get on this app
I can never get into the app. Even after updates. Glitchy bad app.
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2 months ago, Vanessav318
Fix the app
Can’t even login! I open the app and everything is just greyed out.
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8 months ago, Wbpf
Needs MAJOR improvements
Too many issues to name.
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6 days ago, Cecy19789
The app will not allow my to pay directly
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2 months ago, World Power
No good app
App is no good, it can’t be used. It’s not working.
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2 months ago, Mohammed hasan khan
Why is the app not working?
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8 months ago, mc_memey
Criminal Utility Company
This company is currently under investigation for price gauging and unethical billing practices.
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9 years ago, reviewer #5a
App is ok
This app has the basics but it does have one very irritating "feature". The app doesn't keep your basic data for when you report and need to monitor an outage. There have been two major outages in my area in the last two weeks. In both cases each time I left the app running but it did not keep my info. I had to keep putting in my phone and zip. Why??? It knows my account and address. This should be more than enough info to check status at my location. These are very basic app design points and failure to realize this irritates you customer when they are dealing with no power. If rural it may also mean they have other issues like no water. Your app needs to be designed from the customers point of view not yours. The customer already has no choice in delivery. Customer first attitude needs to be foremost in mind.
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12 years ago, Danny Peabody
Simple, effective app
This is a great and easy to use app from a small utility that allows you to make mobile payments, and more importantly - see current outage maps, report and outage, and check outage status. In my use of this app I have not encountered any errors or "bugs." As far as I can tell this app does just about everything that you could need from Central Hudson and I would highly reccommend that every customer download this app!
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12 years ago, Sephireze
Pretty Impressive
More than I thought it would be! Simple design. Easy to use. Very nice outage map. Let's you report an outage by pre-populating your info and let's you see estimated time til the lights are on. You can make a payment too--just wish we could do it with a credit card (so much easier than a bank acct #). Overall, I was impressed. Nice app for a small utility!
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12 years ago, Calypso Kid
Nice job CH
No more looking for phone #'s. Payment is super easy, no more having to go to the website and search around for the little tiny payment link and I'm really impressed with the outage info. Thanks!............A link to the daily Almanac would be GREAT!
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11 years ago, Luis Cypher
Needs a few more items
1- I have two account numbers. After login I can choose one from list for payment. I then have to logout and log back in to choose the other, why? 2-after Payment submit it said network timed out, try again. When I did it said payment already submitted. Is the payment really submitted, I did not get a confirmation screen. I logged out, logged in, submitted again. 3- there is no email confirmation of the scheduled payment. I pay the day I get e-statement and set date for two days before bill is due. App fails for me. Deleting and sticking with website.
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12 years ago, WordsOnFire
Great job, Central Hudson!
App is so easy to use...lots of information is easily and quickly accessible. Very user friendly! Will use this to do all future CH transactions!
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6 years ago, Kanayo18
Not compatible with IOS 10
I have used this app for a few years and its been great. Recently I have had to download a new version but I can't because it is not compatible with my apple device. PLEASE FIX!!!
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12 years ago, SouthPaw4242
Great job on app
They provide a great app to monitor service problems. They need to add more servers to support high usage. Can't wait for them to add more features.
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5 years ago, Hyvdhsfsg463845
Barely Functional
I'm not sure which is worse: the full website which won't allow you to login using Safari, or this pathetic excuse for an app which is basically a link to their mobile web. I'm surprised Apple let's them put this crap on the app store. But I guess this is the customer experience you should expect from a monopoly.
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7 years ago, 9742688447466
App crashes and glitches 3/4 of the time
Almost every time I use the app, it sits at a blank white loading screen. I have to close the app and restart it, sometimes multiple times. Once I've gotten the app loaded, sometimes it glitches at the main screen and will not show any information, so again I have to repeat the process.
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9 years ago, memyself & I
Garbage, with the millions of dollars this company has, they won't invest a dime into there customer service (who are always rude and unhelpful on the phone) spend some money on a app that's with this century. I only use this app because I hate calling and waiting on hold for 1 hr just to pay with a cc and can't even do it with this app. Total garbage.
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7 years ago, Badass_innocence
Please Fix
Used to use to pay bill and it was great, but since iOS 10 it crashes. Now I open it and it's stuck on a payment page for my last payment and that's all I can do with the app. Also... please let it remember bank info so I don't have to keep typing it in.
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